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Mohabbat ab nahi hogi - AR FF (Page 35)

Amna_xd Senior Member

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Posted: 04 March 2015 at 7:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by palakajenian

omg yeh arjun he is so rude nd arrogant ridhz ko kitna sunaya or kya kya bola use
how could he agar mere saamne hota to i swear usla murder kar deti Angry
or armaan omg kitna gussa karta h nd now ridhz know how to handle him
do update soon i m eagerly waiting
palak...itna gussa... Tongue

yaa...i'll upd8 soon...

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Amna_xd Senior Member

Joined: 08 April 2013
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Posted: 04 March 2015 at 7:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by gaurikajen

omg armaan anger is so bad 
bechari riddhima 
hate arjun
post soon

hhmm...i know...
yaa i'll do that soon :)

Amna_xd Senior Member

Joined: 08 April 2013
Posts: 314

Posted: 04 March 2015 at 7:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweet_tehs

Nice part.
Liked the roothna manana between AR.
Sorry for late comment n thanks for PM

thanx dear...m glad u liked it :)
yaa i''ll do taht soon :)

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sweet_tehs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2015 at 11:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Amna_xd

Originally posted by sweet_tehs

Nice part.
Liked the roothna manana between AR.
Sorry for late comment n thanks for PM

thanx dear...m glad u liked it :)
yaa i''ll do taht soon :)

Update soon. It's been so long.
Amna_xd Senior Member

Joined: 08 April 2013
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Posted: 07 March 2015 at 5:33am | IP Logged

Mohabbat ab nahi hogi

Part 18

during evening riddhima woke up and felt Armaan lying above her...his breath was tickeling her neck...and she loved the feeling...suddenly arjuns word came back in her mind...what did he said...yeah... "kya tum uski rakheel ho"...par ab jab riddhima uske words ke bare me sooch rahi thi to somewhere she know that he wasn't that wrong...why is she living with Armaan...she isn't married to him...that means that somewhere Arjun is right...but...nahi isme koi LEKIN ko gunjayish nahi hai...riddhima cant harm her relation with Armaan...wo nahi chahti ke un dono ke rishte ko koi bhi buri nazar se dekhe...uske liye agar riddhima ko koi bhi step uthana padhe wo uthaye gi...

with much difficulty...without waking Armaan up riddhima came out of his grip and stood up...she walked to the cupboard and took out the suitecase...all the time tears where coming out of her eyes...but she didn't stop her work...one by one she took out her dresses from the cupboard...her hands where shivering...she was looking every time at Armaan...she had the fear that he would wake up and would stop her...she knew that she has to hurry but kaise...uske feets hi uske saath nahi de rahe the...by now riddhimas eyes where red due crying...

A: riddhiiimaaa

Armaan shouted and sat on his bed...riddhimas dress fell out of her hand and she ran to Armaan...and sat beside him

R: Armaan kya hua...me yahi pe hu...kuch to bolo...

she hugged him and tried to calm him...armaan hugged her back and hid his face in her neck...he inhaled her fragrance and tried to calm himself...

A: tum kaha thi...mere saath kyu nahi leti hui thi...
R: wo Armaan...me...wo...
A: wo kya riddhima...
R: kuch nahi...tum batao ke tum aise chilaye kyu...koi bura sapna dekha kya?
A: ha riddhima...mene bohot bura sapna dekha...

armana hugged her more tightly and kissed on her neck...then he continued...

A: mene dekha ke tum mujhe chod ke jaa rahi ho...and then I tried to touch u but u wherent near me so I got more tensed...and...and...

Armaan couldn't talk further...he got tears in his eyes and tried to calm himself...just then his eyes landed on the suitcase...he saw that riddhimas dresses where in the suitcase...his grip on her got more tight...which hurted riddhima and she hissed in pain and said...

R: ahhh Armaan...mujhe dard ho raha hai...
A: tum kaha thi riddhima?
R: me yahi pe thi Armaan...isi room me...
A: aur tum kya kar rahi thi?
R: wo armaan me...me...actually...
A: actually kya riddhima...

Armaan came out of the hug and looked at her eyes which where red due her crying all the time...armana held her face and made her look into his eyes and then asked her...

A: tum apne kapre kyu pack kar rahi thi?...

his voice sounded very dangerous...

R: Armaan dekho...pehle meri baat suno...tum...
A: meri baat ka jawab do riddhima...

riddhima stood up from the bed and wiped her tears and moved againg to the fallend dress and picked it up...she put it in the suitcase and closed it...then she turned to Armaan...by now he was standing on his feet...and looked at her with an angry and confused look...

A: care to explain...
R: Armaan mene hamare rishte ke bare me bohot sooche...aur mujhe lagta hai ke...
A: tumhe kya lagta hai riddhima?
R: yehi ke jo hum kar rahe hai wo galat hai...

riddhima turned to the other side because she couldnt face him anymore...

A: what do u mean by galat kar rahe hai...saaf saaf bolo riddhima...
R: hum dono ek saath nahi reh sakte hai...me jaa rahi hu...and don't worry...me sarah ko tumse dur nahi karungi...wo tumhare paas hi rahegi...

Armaan was fuming in anger and grabed her by her arms and pulled her to himself...

A: what do u mean by ke tum mujhe chod ke jaa rahi ho?
R: tumne jo suna wo sahi suna hai Armaan...hum dono yu ek saath nahi reh sakte...
A: kyu nahi reh sakte riddhima?
R: amraan Arjun sahi keh raha tha...me kis rishte se tumhare ghar me reh rahi hu? na to hum dono ki shaadi hui hai aur na hi me tumhari biwi hu...to me kis haq se tumhare saath reh rahi hu armaan?
A: kya bakwas kar rahi ho tum riddhima...i love u...tum mera pyaar ho...
R: haa hu me tumhara pyaar lekin hamara koi rishta nahi hai...

riddhima pushed him back and turned around...armaan again went to her and turned her to himself...just in that moment riddhima fainted...she fainted in his arms and armaan panicked...

A: riddhima...riddhima...kya hua tumhe...plzz utho...dekho tum jaisa kahogi waisa hi hoega...plzzz wake up yr...riddhima...

armaan picked riddhima in his arms and drove with her to the hospital...outside she observing room armaan walked front and back...just as the doctor came out he almost run to him...

A: doctor...use kya hua hai...wo theek to hai na? koi serious problem to nahi hai na?
D: take a breath Mr. Mallik...apki wife bilkul sahi hai not to worry...bas dhayan rakhi ga ke unko ab koi tension mat ho...is halat me to bilkul bhi nahi...
A: is halat...matlab doctor?
D: yes Mr. Mallik...ur wife is pregnant...congrats...
A: kyaaa...aap saach keh rahe ho doc?...riddhima saach me...I mean...OMG...thank u doctor...thank u sooo much...
D: thanku mujhe nahi apni wife ko keejiye Mr. Mallik...and yeah u can take ur wife home now...

armaan liked the way how the doctor called riddhima his wife...the doctor left from there and armaan moved inside the room...he saw riddhima was awake and looked at him...just when he entered she turned her face to the other side...it somehow hurted armaan very much...

A: riddhima tumhe pata hai doctor ne kya kaha?
R: me janti hu armaan...
A: i am sooo happy riddhima...tum khush ho na?
R: of course me khush hu...lekin pata nahi mujhe nahi lagta ke jo kuch hua wo sahi hua...

riddhima talked in such a cold tone which hurted armaan...

A: kya matlab hai tumhara riddhima...we are going to be parents...again...its such a awesome feeling...
R: aise parents jinki shaadi bhi nahi hui hai...

that was it for armaan...he grabbed her hand and moved with her to his car...

R: armaan hum kaha jaa rahe hai...tum kuch bolo ge bhi?

but armaan didn't said a word...right now he was just soo pissed off...he drove to sarahs caretaker and picked her up from there...

S: kya hua mama...papa itne gusse me kyu hai?
R: shhh beta abhi kuch mat kaho...plzzz

sarah sat back in her seat and didn't said a word...armaan put out his phone and dialled a number...

A: hello...yes armaan here...is everything ready?...yeah we are coming in just 10 mints...and make sure that I didn't find any mistakes...if I find then I promise u that this will be ur last day here in this city...am I clear...

then armaan made another call

A: hello...ha me bol raha hu...ha me kal sham tak aa raha hu...and yeah make sure that everything is ready...yes wo bhi aa rahi hai...haa i will take care...love u...bye...

Armaan didn't find it important to answer riddhimas questening look...he just drove further till he reached a masjid...he came out and took sarah in his lap...then he opened riddhimas door and gaver her his hand so that she could come out of the car...she still didn't get it why they were here...they both moved inside the majid and went into a separate room...the room was beautifully decorated and in the middle of it was a curtain...and on both the sides where couches where they could sit...infront of the curtain was a MAULVI standing with quran in his hands...finally riddhima got what armaan planned...and she was shocked beyond limits...before she could say anything armaan made her sit on the couch and moved to the otherside of the curtain and took his place and said in a very serious tone...

A: Maulvi sahib aap shuru kijiye...jin logo ko yaha pe hona tha wo sab yaha pe hai...
M: ji zaruurrr...

(I actually don't know what the maulvi saab says before he ask the bride and the groom if the want to marry each other...sorry)

M: Riddhima ji kya aapko Mr. Armaan Mallik ke saath nikah qubool hai?

riddhima was still shocked to even react...when the maulvi asked for the second time she came out of her thoughts but before she could reply anything the maulvi asked for the third time and the riddhima said...

R: qubool hai, qubool hai, qubool hai

then the maulvi asked armaan and armaan also said...

A: qubool hai, qubool hai, qubool hai
M: Mubarak ho...aajse aap dono miya biwi hue...tah umar ke liye...

the maulvi congratulated them once more and then left the place...armaan and riddhima stood up and armaan took sarah in his arms...

R: armaan yeh sab...
A: shut up riddhima...not a word...me kuch nahi sun na chahta...

riddhima felt hurt because he showed her his cold shoulder...

S: papa yeh kyat ha?
A: my jaan...isko nikah kehte hai...ab me officially aapka papa ban gaya hu...ab mujhe aapse koi bhi dur nahi kar sakte...kabhi bhi nahi...ab chale ghar...
S: yeh papa...

sarah hugged him and kissed him on his cheek...they all went home and sarah went to sleep as she was hell tired...in ARs room

R: armaan I am sorry...
A: dekho riddhima abhi mera bilkul bhi mood nahi hai baat karne ka...so plz so jau...kal bohot important day hai...
R: armaan tum mujhse baat to kar sakte hona...plzzz mujhse baat to karo...aise mujhe avoid to mat karo na...plzz armaan...
A: gud night riddhima

armaan took his pillow and moved out of the room so he can sleep in the guest room...in the room...riddhima sat on the floor and cried very long...she didn't knew when she felt asleep...


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nilusoni IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 March 2015 at 6:51am | IP Logged
Gr8 part 
Ridhima's decision and armaan's decision both are right on their place
Wow ar got married
Armaan is angry and ridhima is hurt
Excited for next part 
Thanks for pm 
Plz pm me for next part 
Continue soon 

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sweet_tehs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 March 2015 at 7:47am | IP Logged
Excellent part.
Just loved ridhima confusion n  Armaan's decision too.
Finally Nikaah done.

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sweet_tehs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 March 2015 at 7:48am | IP Logged
N finally you are back too.

Missed the story.

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