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Mohabbat ab nahi hogi - AR FF (Page 3)

sweet_tehs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 2:03am | IP Logged
Very nice story. Plz continue soon.

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anne_01 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 10:48am | IP Logged
Hey ...
Superb part. .
Waiting for next update !
Continue soon...
And please pm me ! :)

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Amna_xd Senior Member

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 3:54am | IP Logged

Part 3


Arjun stepped inside the room and saw Riddhima was looking at him with mixed expressions...she looked happy, relieved and at the same time disappointed...Riddhima finished her preparations and walked over to Arjun


R: Mr. Mallik...its nice to meet you...my name is Riddhima and I will be leading this project...its an honor for or company to work with your company


Arjun: Miss Riddhima...i think u misunderstood something...I am not Mr. Mallik...I am his PA...Mr. Mallik will be her at any moment...oh here he is...


Riddhima turned around and was shocked to no limits...Armaan was standing in front of her...the Armaan Mallik...her Armaan...her first and last love...the person who showered her with lots of love and then snatched everything from her...betrayed her and left her all alone in this cruel world...the person was standing right in front of her...she couldn't believe her fate...


Here Armaan was feeling the same like Riddhima...he saw her after 5 whole years finally...now he got his achievement after waiting for so long...he wanted to take her in a rib crushing hug...but he had to control himself...he tried to read her expressions but he couldn't figure out anything...all king of emotions were playing on her face...now he know why he felt so good here...why he felt that riddhima was near him...finally he got all his answers...

Armaan moved forward to riddhima...he wanted to talk to her...to touch her...to take her in his arms...even riddhima moves forward to him...they both were inches away from each other as suddenly the door opened and riddhimas boss came in...he saw the both and moved to them


B: Mr. Mallik may I introduce u to miss Riddhima...she is leading this project and will be always at ur service...and riddhima this is Mr. Armaan Mallik...the owner of AR Company

A: Riddhima...?


Armaan wanted to know her surname...he wanted to know if she is married or if she is still waiting for him...he spoke her name with such an authority...that shiver run down riddhimas spine...


R: Riddhima...just Riddhima...it's nice to meet u Mr. Mallik.


Riddhima talked to him in a cold tone...he wasn't surprised at all...he knew that this must me coming...

A: The pleasure is all mine

R: If u don't mind Mr. Mallik...can we start the conference?

A: With pleasure Miss Riddhima


Riddhima moved to the front and started with her presentation...all the while armaan was just looking at her with intensity in his eyes


Armaans POV

akhir tum mujhe mil hi gayi riddhima...kitna dhunda maine tume...me bata nahi sakta ke har ek pal jo mene tujhare bina guzara hai wo kitni badi saza thi meri liye...har roz ek nai mout marta tha me...lekin ab bas...ab tum aagai hoo...mujhe mil gayi ho...ab me tumhe kahi nah jane dunga...bilkul bhi nah badli tum... aaj bhi bilkul ki bilkul waisi hi ho jaisi thi...lekin tumhari aanko me mujhe ek kami nazar aati hai...wo sparkle nahi hai...jinke saath tum aur bhi khoobsurat dikhti ho...mujhe aaj bhi in aankho me apne liye pyaar nazar aata hai riddhima...me janta hu ke jo mene kiya uske baad tum mujhse nafrat karna chahti ho...lekin me tumhare dil ko tumse zyaada janta hu...tum chah ke bhi mujhse nafrat nahi kar paougi...lekin isliye take tumhara ego hurt na ho...tum sari koshish karogi...mujhse nafrat karne ki liya...mujhe hurt karne ke liye...lekin shayad tum apne armaan ko nahi jantii...wo jo bhi chahta hai...wo usko milke hi rehta hai...aur ab mera sab se bada aim to tum hi ho riddhima...aur me tumko har hal me apna ke rahunga...ab hum dono ke beech me kabhi koi nahi aa sakta...khud khuda bhi nahi

ufff tumhari yeh gusse se bhari badi badi aankhe...kya kahu...aaj bhi me inme kho sakta hu...tumhe saach me khuda ne bohot fursat se banaya hai aur wo bhi sirf mere liye...sirf tumhare armaan ke liye riddhima...soon to be Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik


Riddhima moved forward to armaan and sits opposite him and started looking at him...everyone in the room was looking at her...she bent to armaan and kissed him on his forehead...then on his eyes...on his nose...she was inches away from his lips...suddenly she felt shame and stood up...she wanted to go back...armaan held her hand and stood up...he walked to her...he moved as close as he could...no air could pass away between them...he held her head and closed his eyes and moves forward to kiss her...he was just inches away from her...


R: MR. Mallik...what I am trying to say is...


Armaan came out of his daydream and looked shocked at riddhima...now he realized that he was just daydreaming


armaan knew which affect he has on riddhima...she always melted whenever he looked at her with such an intensity...and exactly that was happening...riddhima was felling hell nervous...she knew that armaan was just looking at her...he wasn't concentrating at the presentation at all...he was too busy at observing her...she didn't liked it at all...every time when she turned back them armaan was looking in her eyes...she just hoped that this will end soon...she couldn't tolerate it anymore...she has to go out of the room...Finally when she finished her presentation she turned around and asked armaan in a formal way but with a cold tone


R: So Mr. Mallik...did u liked it? Will you accept the deal?

A: No Miss Riddhima...

R: Excuse me??


Riddhima was hell shocked...how can he not liked the presentation...she worked on it more than 2 moths...but still he didn't liked it??


R: May I know the reason Mr. Mallik

A: I didn't like it Miss Riddhima because I LOVE it...and I really mean what I say...I LOVED it...


Armaan looked in her eyes and did not even blinked for a second...he could see the shocked face of riddhima...She knew that he meant her with that...


A: I would be more than happy to do the contract with u...and u Riddhima...

R: Thank you Mr. Mallik...we promise we won't let u down...now please excuse me...I have to go to my cabin


Before Armaan could say anything...riddhima ran to her cabin...

Here armaan looked at the boss and said

A: Now the deal is fix...and I really hope that I didn't make a mistake by selecting your company

B: Thank you so much Mr. Mallik...we won't let u down...we promise...

A: I want Miss Riddhima to handle this personally...no other employ...am I clear?

B: Yes of course...Riddhima will be more than happy to handle it

A: Arjun...get the paper ready...now excuse me...i have to talk to Miss Riddhima about some information...where is her cabin?

B: The secretary will tell u Mr. Mallik


Armaan also left the conference room and head toward Riddhimas cabin...in front of her cabin...he heard her crying...he couldn't understand what she was saying...but it was paining him to hear her sobs

Riddima got into her cabin and started crying...

R: Kyu armaan...kyu aaye tum mere samne...me tumkko bhul jana chahti thi...phir kyu aaye ho tum...yeh dekhne ke kya me tumhare bina zinda hu ya mar gayi...kash ke me mar gayi hoti armaan...mujhe zindagi me aaj se pehle kabhi itna dukh nahi hua jitna aaj hua hai tumko dekh ke...bohot dard ho raha hai armaan...bohot dard ho raha hai...me nahi janti ke allah miya aisa kyu kar rahe hai...lekin me sirf itna janti hu ke tumhare wapis ane se mujhe kahi zyaada dard hua hai...itna to tab bbhi nahi hua tha hab tum bina kuch kahe mujhe chod ke chale gaye the...kyu aaye ho tum wapis armaan...mere me himmat nah hai ke me tumhara samna kar pao...aur na hi itni himmat ke tumhare samne hote hue bhi tumse dor rahu...ye kaise ruswayi hai armaan...mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha


Riddhima went to her table and took Sarah's pic and started crying more loudly...then she heard a knock on her door...she quickly wiped her tears and put Sarah pic back in the drawer


R: come in


Armaan came inside her cabin...and saw her red eyes...he knew she had cried...wasn't she happy to see him?


A: Riddhima tum...


Riddhima shot her head in the air looked at him in disbelief...what was he doing here...shouldn't he be with her boss right now...why the hell is he standing in front of her? Riddhima controlled her emotions and tried to act professionally


R: Mr. Mallik you here? Shouldn't you be with my boss right now and discussing about the deal?

A: let it be my problem riddhima...first of all tell me why were u crying?

R: Mr. Mallik I think you should leave now...my boss must be looking for you now...

A: Riddhima stop this drama and tell me straightly why the hell were u crying...did something happened...or did I say something wrong

R: Please Mr. Mallik...don't embarrass me...I was not crying...it's just something went into my eyes...i was just trying to get it out...I am sorry to ask but can u tell me why you are here...do u need any information about the presentation?


Armaan was by now fuming in anger...how the hell can she ignore him like that and what does she mean by calling me all the time MR. MALLIK?? Armaan closed her door and moved toward her


R: Mr. Mallik what r u doing?


Armaan didn't answered and just moved further in her direction...Riddhima was getting tensed and start moving back...


R: Mr. Mallik please stop...i said stop..


But armaan didn't listened...he had waited enough...he wanted to take riddhima in his arms and wanted to vanish all her problems...he moved further...now riddhima was pinned between him and the wall


R: Mr. Mallik if u won't move away I swear I will shout...and I mean it


Riddhima was getting tensed time by time...because she know that armaan was affecting her but she wont get weak this time...armaan grabbed her by the shoulders...he pulled her toward him so that ho air could pass by...


R: Mr. Mallik what are...

A: Shut up riddhima...just shut up...


He put his hand on her mouth and got more closer to her...there was no space for air to pass by...riddhima was losing her control and she knew it...He was looking hell dangerous with his bloodshot eyes

i hope that u liked it.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

for pms put me in ur buddylist Smile

lots of love AMNA Heart

Part 4

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megbans Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 5:18am | IP Logged
awsume part amna...
loved it...
love the way armaan showed his right on riddhima...
hope AR could back as one soon :)


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nilusoni IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 5:40am | IP Logged
Awesome part loved it 
Finally armaan and ridhima met eachother
Excited for next part 
Thanks for pm 
Plz pm me for next part 
Continue soon 

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Ruppkotha Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 8:04am | IP Logged
Thanks a lot for the pm

Comment for part 2
Armaan to yaha tough kind guy hai...
Then what is that cosenova fasinco...
ohoio yeh kahani me kya ho rhi hai
I mean its all just misunderstanding
i mean actual me hua kya thi...?????
really the song suits perfect
like it

Comment for part 3
i was thinking armaan hi hogi that new one
Here to arjun comes & riddhima misunderstood..
their emotions described so well
& that dream sequence i loved it whole
then armaan's comment about the presentation was superb
then their interaction at office cabin..
i thought wo log baat karle tab shayed problem thodi si kam ho jaye
suspense me chod di yaar
Ab kya hogi,...

Update super soon...

& last but not the least


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Joined: 02 July 2013
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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Awesome man 
Too gud 
Perfectly written 
Waiting for the next part 
Sooo gud yaar 

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lashyyy Goldie

Joined: 13 July 2014
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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 10:02am | IP Logged
hey that is a absolutely superb part loved it.
part 2 is also nice sorry for late comments both the parts is amazing. loved both in second part armaan side story is showm and its really touchy. destiny plays iys role nd they both r infront of each other again.
loved the scene where armaan feels ridhz presence nd vice versa.
loved their first meet nd their reactions. specially armaans his possessiveness, love nd the way he show his ri8 on ridhz. everything is superb .
do continue soon nd thanks for the pm

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