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Mohabbat ab nahi hogi - AR FF (Page 22)

Amna_xd Senior Member

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Posted: 29 January 2015 at 3:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nilusoni

Amazing part 
Armaan in ridhima  secret room 
Excited for next part 
Thanks for pm
Plz  ppm me for next part 

Continue soon 

thanks for liking it SmileSmile

Amna_xd Senior Member

Joined: 08 April 2013
Posts: 314

Posted: 29 January 2015 at 3:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SGROVER_WINGET

Awesome part 
Thanks for updating fast Amna 
Finally armaan knows the truth 
Loved it 
Continue soon 
But i need a calm explaination from armaan that y he left her n ridhima is not at fault yaar 
Armaan hi usko chod kar chale gaya n he is expecting ke ridhima ussey smile karke haste haste baat karegi 
Really now armaan 
But the part is superb 
Continue soon amna 
Take care 
Love u 

thanks for liking itSmile
it means a lot to me Wink

Amna_xd Senior Member

Joined: 08 April 2013
Posts: 314

Posted: 29 January 2015 at 3:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweet_tehs

Wow itni jaldi one more update.
I like the pace of the story as it is moving fast.
Thanks for the pm. And loved the small room part.

thanks for liking it yrSmileSmile
Amna_xd Senior Member

Joined: 08 April 2013
Posts: 314

Posted: 29 January 2015 at 3:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by palakajenian

wow u gave an update sooo soon
awsome part :-D
finally armaan ko sach pta chal hi gya i m soo happy :-)
loved how armaan himself probed ridhima to say the truth
loved armaan nd sarah bonding how sarah when had a bad dream she hugs armaan first instead of ridhz :-)
loved the small room its cute nd i really adores ridhz love for armaan
she says she hate but still is crazy for him :-P
i really like the way the story is progressing
but still confused why armaan left her if he love her soo much
do continue soon

i am very happy that u liked it...means a lot to me SmileSmile

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Amna_xd Senior Member

Joined: 08 April 2013
Posts: 314

Posted: 29 January 2015 at 3:18am | IP Logged
Part 12

A: bolo riddhima...kya tumhe abhi bhi kuch nahi kehna?
R: Armaan tum jao yaha se...
A: nahi riddhima...aaj me apne saare sawalo ke jawab le ke jaunga...
R: lekin me tumhe kuch batana hi nahi chahti...
riddhima tried to move out of his way and walked over to the door...armaan catched her in just two steps and locked the door and pinned her to the wall...
R: tum aisa kyu kar rahe ho Armaan...kyu aur mushkile barha rahe ho hum dono ke liye...
Without saying anything Armaan pinned her hands on the wall and leaned on her...riddhima was scared and confused both...she started pushing him and asked...
R: kyu kar rahe ho tum aisa Armaan...please mujhe jane do...yeh sab sahi nahi hai...
but Armaan leaned more on her and said...
A: aaj tum muh pher ke nahi bhag sakti riddhima...I will not let u play anymore with our lives...jab tum janti ho ke tum mujhse kuch chupa nahi sakti to koshish bhi kyu karti ho?
riddhima was shocked hearing this...before she could say anything she felt armaans lips on hers...he was sucking her lower lip and his hands wend around her waist...riddhima was too shocked with his behavior...she didn't respond the kiss...but then Armaan pressed her more into him and bites her on her lips and started sucking her mouth from inside...riddhima was losing her sense...she closed her eyes and wraps her hands around his neck and pulls him more into her...
Armaan started caressing her waist and then stared caressing her back...riddhima to started roaming her hands on his back and was getting more and more into it...after a long time they broke the kiss for the air and looks into each other's eyes...Armaan leaned further on her and said...
A: kya tumhe ab bhi lagta hai ke hamare beech me kuch bhi nahi hai?...kya tum ab bhi kuch nahi kehna chahti...kya tum enjoy nahi karti jab me tumhare itna close aata hu...bolo riddhima?
riddhima looks down and said in a low voice...
R: tum kyu kar rahe ho aisa Armaan...kis haq se tum mere itne kareeb ana chahte ho??...ise kya farq parta hai ke mujhe tumhare mere itne close hona aacha lagta hai ya nahi...saach to yeh hai ke tumhare koi haq nahi hai mujhpe...
Armaan leaned down further towards her neck and kissed her on her neck and said...
A: haq hai riddhima...because u r only mine...
he ten kissed her on her ear lobes and said...
A: haq hai because only I have the right to touch you...
he then moved his lips toward her throat and sucked her on her throat and said
A: haq hai because only I have the rights to be your husband...
he moved down to her breas and kissed her over her saree and said...
A: haq hai...becuase only I have the rights to kiss you on your body...
He then pulled the pallu of her saree down from from her shoulder and bites her everywhere and licks then the spot...Armaan then looked at riddhima and said...
A: haq hai riddhima kyunke only I have the rights to taste you like this...
he stands back on his feets and aigain captures her lips and said in between the kisses...
A: kyunke me tumse bohot pyaar karta hu riddhima...I love you and want to be with you...only with you...
riddhima opened her eyes hearing this...Armaan too broke the kiss and looked at her face...riddhima was shocked beyond limits of the happenings...she pushed Armaan and straightened her saree and moved out of his grip...
R: tum hosh me nai ho Armaan...jao yaha se...
A: whats wrong with u riddima...yaha me keh raha hu ke i love you aur tum keh rahi ho ke me hosh me nahi hu...
R:tum jao armaan ise pehle ke me kamzor par jau...
armaan grabbed her hand harshly and pulled her into him...
A: what the hell is wrong with you riddhima...tum submit kyu nahi kar leti ke tum bhi mere bina nahi reh sakti...
R: kyu kahu me yeh sab Armaan? take tum mujhe phirse chod ke chale jao...jasie 5 saal pehle...
A: nahi riddhima...
R: bas Armaan...me janti hu ke tum mujhse nahi balke meri body se pyaar karte ho...tumne mujhe kabhi pyaar kiya hi nahi...tabhi to tum us din sirf sorry keh ke chale gaye the...
A: aisa nahi hai riddhima...
R: aisa nahi hai to kaisa hai armaan...kya me..kya...wasn't i able to satisfy you?
A: shut up riddhima...just shut up...aisa kuch nahi hai...
R: aisa hi hai Armaan...me janti hu ke aisa hi hai...lekin ab me thak chuki hu...me nahi lar sakti ab aur...me janti hu ke tum mujhse pyaar nahi karte...lekin me kya karu...mera dil tumhare bina nah reh sakta Armaan...mene bohot koshish ki ke me tumhe bhul jao...lekin me nahi bhul sakti tumko...tum sirf mere dil me nahi balke meri ruh me bhi samate ho Armaan...
riddhima sank on the floor and started crying uncontrollable...Armaan also sat next to her and let he cry her heart out...he has to explain to her that it was just a big misunderstanding...he never wanted to leave her...if he hadn't got that msg on that day then he wouldn't have left her...but at first she has to cry her heart out...so that she can understand him later...
R: me janti hu Armaan...ke me tumhare kabil nahi hu...lekin mujhe bata do ke mere pyaar me konsi kami reh gayi thi ke tum mujhe chor ke chale gaye...tumhe pata hai ke tumhare bina ek ek pal mene kaise bitaya hai...aur sarah ne...me thak gayi hu apne aap se larte larte...me nahi reh sakti tumahre bina Armaan...kya tum meri ek wish puri karoge...me tumse phir kabi bhi life me kuch bhi nahi mangungi...
A: riddhima...please aisa kuch na kaho...tum jaisa chahogi waisa hi hoega...bolo kya chahiye tumko...
R: Armaan mujhe apna bana lo...please mark me as yours...please Armaan...me aaj ki raat wohi pal jeena chahti hu...please make love to me Armaan...please...mujhe pata hai ke tum mujhe phirse chod ke chale jao ge...lekin mujhe sirf aaj raat chahiye tumhari...me thak gayi hu apne aap ko manate hue ke tumhare hone ya na hone se mujhe koi farq nahi parte...please make me urs Armaan...
A: riddhima kya tum saach me...
R: haa Armaan...please itna ehsaan kardo mujhpar...
before riddhima could talk any further he kissed her full mouth and picked her up from the floor and laid her on the bed...
A: are u sure riddhima...we don't have to do this...
R: please Armaan...aur mat tarpao mujhe...nahi to me mar...
Armaan didn't let her complete her sentence and kissed her again...he gets on top of her and starts kissing her on her face...riddhima closed her eyes and holds on his shoulders for support...he then pulled her up and opened the hook of her bra and put the quilt over them self (rest u can imagine ;) )
Armaan pulled back from her and laid next to her...she put her head on his shoulder and made circles on his chest...then Armaan began the conversation...
A: riddhima kya tum janna nahi chahti ke me tumko achanak us din chod ke kyu chala gaya tha?
riddhimas smile faded from her face and she again become sad...she wanted to stand up but Armaan tightened his grip on her waist so she couldn't move a inch...
A: nahi riddhima...tumhare liye yeh janna bohot zarurui hai...
R: nahi Armaan me kuch nahi jan na chahti...mujhe nahi lagte ke me yeh sab sun paungi...
A: tumhe sunna hoga riddhima...me tumhe apni marzi se chod ke nahi gaya tha...
riddhima closed her eyes and laid her head on his chest as she wanted to hear his heartbeat...armaan continued with his story...
A: me 5 year ka tha jab meri mom is duniya se chali gayi...phir mere dad ne hi mujhe samhala...unhone kabhi bhi mujhe yeh ehsaas nahi hone diya ke wo akele hai ya phir meri mom mere pas nahi hai...unhone dusri shaadi bhi nahi ki...take meri step mom mujhe aake pareshan na kre...phir unhone mujhe London bhej diya meri further studies ke liye...lekin unhone mujhe nahi bataya tha ke unko tabyat kharab hai...wo nahi chahte the ke mujhe koi problem ho...wo akele hi Pakistan me hamari company ko samhal rahe the...us din mujhe papa ke PA ka msg aaya aur usme likha tha ke papa hospital me admit hai...aur unko tabyat bohot kharab hai...wo mujhe dekhna chahte the...aur me bina kuch sooch samjhe nikal gaya...tumhe uthane ka dil nahi kar raha tha kyunke tum itne sukoon se soo rahi the...jaise hi me airport poohcha to mera private jet tayar tha...pakistan me land hote saath hi I rushed to the hospital where my father was...was jake mujhe pata chala ke unko cancer hai...last stage aur koi hope nahi bachi unke bachane ke liye...unhone mujhse apne bemaari chupai riddhima...jab mene unko us bed pe lete hue dekha to jaise meri jaan hi nikal gayi thi...me already apni mom ko kho chukka tha aur ab apne papa ko nahi khona chahta tha...papa ne mujhse ek promise liye ke me hamare business ko samhalunga aur mujhe doctors se pata chala ke papa ke pas bas kuch hi hours bache hai...wo wahi pe meri aankho ke samne mujhe chor ke chale gaye riddhima aur me kuch bhi nahi kar saka...me bohot bura hu na riddhima...pehle mom mujhe chor ke chali gayi...aur phir papa aur phri tum bhi...mujhe itni jaldi Pakistan jana pada ke me kisi ko bhi inform nahi kar paya...almost after 1 month me jab wapis aaya London to mene tumko dhundne ki bohot koshish ki...lekin tum mujhe kahi nahi mili...mene har jagah tumhe dhunda...mene tumhara london wala ghar bhi khareed liya...aur har waqt tumhara intezaar karta raha...lekin tum mujhe nahi mili riddhima...tum bhi mujhe mere parents ki tarha akela chod ke chali gayi...me tut gaya tha...aur mujhe kisi ka sahara chahiye tha...to mera last option tha drinking...almost har raat ko me drink karta tha...aur phir tumhe imagine karta tha...kam se kam peene ke baad to tum mere saath hoti thi...mene tumhe bohto dhundne ki koshishi ki riddhima...saach me...
riddhima felt pure pain in her heart...how could she doubt the love of Armaan...the love of her Armaan...she will never forgive herself...just because of her stupidity they both had to face such bad times...and he wasn't able to live the moments with his daughter...just because of her...
R: Armaan me...
A: shhh riddhima...isme tumhari koi galti nai hai...agar tumhari jagah koi aur bhi hoti to wo bhi yehi soochti...
R: lekin Armaan...
A: nahi riddhima...please...
R: nahi Armaan...tumne mujhe itni baar batane ki koshish ki...lekin me hi kuch nahi sun na chahti thi...jis waqt tumhe meri sab se zyaada zarurat thi...me us waqt tumahre saath nahi thi...i am really really very sorry Armaan...kaash me we pal tumhe lauta deti...are me to itni buri hu ke me tumhe tumhari beti se bhi nahi milne dena chahti thi...I am really sorry Armaan...meri wajah se tum sarah ke bachpan me uske saath nahi the...meri wajah se wo jaan nahi payi ke uske papa kaun hai aur kitne aache hai...sab meri galti hai...i am sorry Armaan...me tumhare pyaar ke layak nahi hu...i am soory Armaan me saach me tumhare pyaar ke layak nahi...
before riddhima could talk further Armaan kissed her and put the quilt again above them and they both made love to each other till late at night...

Part 13

really hope that u all liked it...waiting for ur comments and likes
for PMs put me in ur buddy list...with lots of love AMNA 

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sweet_tehs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 January 2015 at 3:42am | IP Logged
Yay me first.
Amazing confession and love between them. Ab to Sab sort out ho Gaya. Ab Kay hoga aage?

Edited by sweet_tehs - 29 January 2015 at 3:52am

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nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2015 at 4:12am | IP Logged
Awesome part loved it 
Finally armaan's side of story is out
Excited for next part 
Thanks for pm 
Plz pm me for next part 
Continue soon 

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Mvinfff Senior Member

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Posted: 29 January 2015 at 4:13am | IP Logged
Awesome part! Thanks for PM!Smile

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