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Being a mother is an attitude *Updated* (Page 7)

-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 9:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Jwalita

Shagun showing love towards adi is the most irritating thing on this show. I hate how selfish and manipulative shagun is. 
I am waiting for the day when adi will talk back to shagun and question her false love and care. 
That will be quite something ..I hope the day comes where he just says something about her keeping him away from his loving family for her own selfish reasons... Let's see if the cvs give us that .

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remya1990 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Updated on page 1

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-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 11:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by remya1990

Lovely collage Gan, and wonderful wonderful post...
First of all sorry for being late to update. Thank you but  Hey no apologies please..I'm glad you could make time to post.

"The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother,you are no longer the center of your own universe.You relinquish that position to your children."
                                                                                                   -Jessica Lange
Ishita is the mother her, not Shagun and Shagun can never be. As you have quoted, "being a mother is an attitude". Apt quote Gan. I couldn't find an apt quote other than you have quoted. I loved that quote the 1st time I used it...and it's perfect in this I reused it. I love your quote too!

Ishita became selfless in a complete way when she became a mother to Ruhi...when she felt the tinge of motherhood when Ruhi was around her. Ishita's character itself is a selfless one, but she became more and more selfless when Ruhi came to her life. She for Ruhi, could ask sorry from her Adi and his biological mother.At the time she knew her amma's accident was done by Adi, she could only forgive him...the love for the child was much more to her... Very well put! And the day she got the notice from the court for the Custody case reopened, I loved her anger directed at Raman(I know she got a lot of bashing here for that)..because he was trying to protect his wife's name which jeopardized the security of his daughter...Moms are fiercely protective of their children...Ishita was a mom with her 'selfish' need to have her daughter in her life...Ishita has a mother's soul...even to Adi who has been always so rude and hurtful to her.

Now as much as Raman yearns for Adi's love, that much she too yearns...yes she does.

A mother was drinking at night purposefully, to show others that how much is she tensed for her that course of time she din't even mind to peep into the room of Adi...
The mother who was told that to keep a distance with the child as he is not comfortable with her presence couldn't resist herself from looking how is her children sleeping.
The moment the mother came to know her one child is missing and the other is tensed, she consoled her, settled her and without wasting any time she ran searching him. when she found him, she consoled him,brought him to his father, gave him medicines and settled him too. The biological mother dint knew anything... Yes that is precisely why I loved this episode as the CVs put the contrast between the two mothers so well! Kudos to them.
What a mother Shagun is...Ruhi too is her biological daughter, not a second has she tried to ask her "how are you Ruhi..."
She was busy making her son insecure to make her secure and in that course of explaining, she couldn't even had the patience what Adi was trying to tell her. He was constantly telling her that he did some mistake...but she never asked what was the mistake he had done. Not a second she thought or asked her son what made him to sleep near Raman, because at night he was sleeping in Ruhi's room. Shagun's narcissism has been highlighted so well...till now we guessed but didn't have a clear picture of how Shagun manipulates Adi's thinking, his insecurities...I even had thought that probably in her passion to climb the social ladder she's lost perspective that she's doing damage to probably the only person who she loves besides herslf...but the other day when they showed her monologue where she clearly was scheming to utilize Adi's insecurities to garner sympathy from the bhallas and yesterday when she was badgering her son who was already visibly upset about being 'charity case' and losing Bhallas' charity because of him not being a good boy...I could have samacked that woman if she was in front of me...and I'm usually a very calm person EmbarrassedLOL

This track is about Adi...Adi getting a new mother, Adi knowing what love is and Adi knowing what is right and what is wrong. Its the time for him to claim his mother...Ishita. Yes ..if only the CVs can tone down the Shagun melodrama a bit to yesterday's level...then this track would be a great one.

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nividances IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
This was great Gan! I think it reflects a lot of what this entire track is about. As much as I hate seeing Shagun in the Bhalla household, the Adi track is the one that I've been waiting for with bated breath. The contrast that we got between the two different mothers is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the mature content that the CVs can show in this track. I hope the maturity is maintained with the rest of the track and we get the deep, meaningful episodes of YHM that are the USP of this show.

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-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nividances

This was great Gan! I think it reflects a lot of what this entire track is about. As much as I hate seeing Shagun in the Bhalla household, the Adi track is the one that I've been waiting for with bated breath. The contrast that we got between the two different mothers is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the mature content that the CVs can show in this track. I hope the maturity is maintained with the rest of the track and we get the deep, meaningful episodes of YHM that are the USP of this show.

Hi great to see you after quite a whileHug Yes..we have been wanting this track for quite a while...and after Sat's episode I don't mind Shagun in the bhalla house if that lets open Adi's eyes faster...I know the logic to bring Sahgun and Adi back into the Bhalla house is not logical but of all the illogical things we have seen in desi soaps..this one I'm ready to put up with if the focus stays on Adi

@bold Amen to that!.

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avni_19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by GanBarunFan

Originally posted by avni_19

Originally posted by GanBarunFan

Originally posted by avni_19

RES :-)

Gan Di... Absolutely Stunning collagesClap Must say, the first one, a total contrast of who is a better mother! One mother who provides all the love she have and the other mother who poisons her own son with insecurities and scaring the little boy.  And the second one, the cute banter of Ishra...Embarrassed

A lovely episode today.. Enjoyed watching it! loved that cute papa-adi scene, his hug, and their flashbacks!

I hate Shagun to the core.. OMG!! She is not fit to be a mother. Truely Al Mighty did a mistake, atleast seeing yesterday's and today's episode , I felt so.. The way she was pouring poisonious words to Adi, it almost looked like threatening him to be a good boy or else we are kicked out! I was like Shitt!! what a MOM! Dead Using her own Son for her Benefits! Yuckk! Disgustinggg!Censored

Coming to Ishima-Ruhi scene, that was so blissful and beautiful. They look so real like real mom-daughter. The way Ishita talks to her , makes her sleep, carries her! I was in Awe seeing their scene! Embarrassed

Getting such a scene after the court fiasco!

I thought you would be making an edit on Ishima-Ruhi! But no pressureSmile

I total hated the way Adi spoke to Ishita but poor boy himself doesnt know what he is doing. He has completely lost his sense. Must salute Ishita's patience level. On one end, he is believing his mom and not moving friendly with Ishita and on the other end, he wants to be pampered by all.  But at the same time, Felt bad for him for the bed wet and poor boy changing the sheets and washing them! 

Last but not the least, IshRa Banter! It was ROFL scene! Raman pareshanofying his biwi with the X-Ray Glasses! LOLLOLLOL  Bechari Ishita actually believed it!ShockedLOL

Ishita commenting on his petu aage nikal gayaROFL Hilarious.. It was meant for Karan itself and not for Raman!LOLWink

They looked so real, I didnt even feel that was scripted! A reel-couple doing the Real-couple banter! It was way too realistic! I loved that approach of Cv's and kamal ke performance by KP and DTClap

I really wonder, does any forum member got a hubby like Raman! hahaha! It would fun if I am not mistaken!WinkLOL

Gan Di, I totally loved the quote you used here. So apt and fits for Ishita! 

I really wonder if women like Ishita existed in this cruel world! 

What was with the precap.. Apshagun with her cheap kaand! I really wish if Raman gives her an earful!Dead 

Hard weeks coming ahead after IshRa upcoming romance!

Good recap.. Yes it was a nicely balanced episode.. Even Shagun's drama made sense ... I agree with you.. Shagun I have no patience for women like her... Hats off to Anita.. I hate that woman because Anita makes it so believable... Even the actor playing Adi .. gautam I think.. His acting is better than what it used to be. 

About Ishita -Ruhi collage .. Today I wanted to focus on Adi .. Hence no Ruhi in the pic... As the episode dealt with Adi and issues related to him. And Adi's behavior today stemmed more from his embarrasment that Ishita would find out he wetted the bed... He tried to talk to his mom about it but she had bigger things to think about than dealing with her son's problems. Angry

KP and DT share great rapport.. And they are great actors the scenes come out looking natural . Yes the Petu comment was really funny... But that banter is so couple like ... 

That quote I first used when I made a collage about Ruhi and Ishita's 1st meeting.. I repeated it as it fit . 

Ishita the motherly kind.. Yes they do.. I have seen many... But the Shagun part is a bit too much.. That doesn't have any realistic reason.. It's just makes great drama.. Hence they turned her into that...let's see how far they stretch this... But honestly the woman in me wants Ishita to lash out once about Raman.. You know how she gave her about Ruhi.. Something similar ... Total JKR mode .. But this time fight Shagun Sirf Raman ke liye! EmbarrassedLOL

Yup, Anita is portraying it to T perfect that anyone can hate her very fast!Clap  Yup, Gautam has improved...more way to go for the little kid. Yesterday his expression was not really conveyed! Instead of getting frightened he was acting like he did some crime and trying to hide tht! It wasnt any embarrasment feel! My view!

Apshagun jaise aurat.. Nope I havent seen! hahaha! The world would end if such type of women also existed!

Regarding the edit, I have started noticing ur posts recently, say around one week.. so no idea about the previous posts. I wish I could read all of them! Unhappy Esp the initial ones, because they focused on more of A mother and daughter and u urself being a mother, (if im nt wrong) It will be really great to read those.

Ishita, the motherly kind I have seen but the JAAGAT MATA mode.. helping everyone and calling trouble for herself, that is something rare!

Jaagat Mata ki yaad ayi, What was with Suraj's Jagrata Headband.. LOL! that was hilarious!LOL If that was banded around his mouth, Ass-oak will stop dancing to his tunes! LOL  Acting like they lost some millionaire project!LOL 

About Ishita as a mother to Ruhi..I had made a post after the episode where Shagun tries to slap Ruhi...look into my index...they are there Embarrassed See I'm a lazy writer and a collage makerROFL I never write or capture anything until I have an idea what I want to focus on that day...(Usually i stick to one...IshraEmbarrassed) ...and I just write about that...I can't write a whole episodic review...that's too much to focus on...that's why the days there are multiple strong scenes..I get lostConfusedLOL People have complained over here that I dont have enough caps...but that's how it is ..I cant capture something (unless it's some really Ahem gesture by RKB Blushing) I cant relate to/ write about

@bold that part was CVs sleepy brain writing LOL

Achaa, chalo I will chk ur index... hehhe!Embarrassed Nah, i dont think u r a lazy writer! I think thts because real life is also important na.. so lack of time i would prefer saying!Embarrassed I knw episodic review is hard... sometimes Even i get lost if someone asks me to tell me what happened in the serial if they miss it out! And there were multiple strong scenes in one episode.. ohh thts too much to digest!LOLWink

ur Ahem post is very Ahem for us!Blushing  Even IshRa tooo!Embarrassed   

Someone mentioned about the intimacy level between ishra in ur posts... at the age of 27-28, being a virgin etc.. can't recall that post but I felt it so true! I stil dont get wts wrong with Ishita in getting into physical! hahaha! Drama again! Real life mei toh I dont think it can exceed long! Samjh gayi na meri baat!Embarrassed

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Eyes-Wide-Shut IF-Dazzler

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G!!! Finally home! Guess who is gonna get an angry letter from's Delta Airlines! I have never had such a horrid flying experience but I am finally home so on to positive things! I will take out my anger on Delta tomorrow morning Evil Smile
Haven't watched the episode yet but I will catch up with it tomorrow. Puttar is looking so cute and dorky in those glasses and I heart dorky yet macho dil goes mmm when I see him those glasses. Day Dreaming

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