zaya ss: mujhe haq hai(thread 2 *chapter 17 up(18/3)) (Page 11)


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Congrats on the new threadParty

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Originally posted by RUHANIKAA

<font color="#FF99CC">Congrats on the new threadParty</font>
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Originally posted by anaghazaya

Originally posted by iluvuzaya

Originally posted by anaghazaya

Mera res hai kya????
tumhe bhi madhu se darlagta hai
vaise bahut darr nahi lagtha but voh apna revenge ke liye zaya ko seperate kar deti hai ussse mai darthi hun baba
then if I do it..
Dhire bolo she is a antaryaami chudail LOL
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Originally posted by iluvuzaya

Originally posted by anaghazaya

Originally posted by iluvuzaya

Originally posted by anaghazaya

Mera res hai kya????
tumhe bhi madhu se darlagta hai
vaise bahut darr nahi lagtha but voh apna revenge ke liye zaya ko seperate kar deti hai ussse mai darthi hun baba
then if I do it..
Dhire bolo she is a antaryaami chudail LOL
Nahi meri priya
Chudailon wali harkath na karna
Sahi kaha antharyami hai LOL
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mein chudail banongi
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Hello guys..
A very happy new year to all..
Hope it brings prosperity and happiness...
So after a very long gap I have finally decided to update the chapter..
So meri bakbak khatam aur torture shuro.
Chapter 13
Aliya got out of the car and straightened her hair and dress so nobody comes to know about her earlier condition..
She wiped her lip gloss which now fully covered her lips area.. while zain smirked
Zain:aliya ek bar firse ho jaaye?
He said winking at her while she looked at him with her mouth open as she never saw such a bold zain..
Aliya: pagal ho gaye ho..
Zain: yes in your love
He smirked while aliya blushed..
Aliya: yeh lo tissue and wipe away the lip gloss from your lips..
She said passing tissue to him
Zain: I will not wipe it..
He smirked once again
Aliya was totally shocked what to do
Aliya:zain please wipe kar do before anybody sees it.
Zain: no..
He said now pouting
An idea popped out in her mind and now she smirked to herself
Aliya: nahi wipe karoge?
She moved towards him
Zain: nahiii
He said with surprise in his voice as aliya was moving towards him only
Aliya: nahi
She know pulled his jacket to bring his face close to her..
Zain: nooo
He shuts his eyes and was waiting when she will smack her lips on his
He waited for her soft lips but instead of it there rubbed a hard tissue..
He opened his eyes and saw aliya Wiping the lipstick
His dream of again to be kissed was shattered into million of pieces..
Zain: aliya tum yeh kya kar rahi ho
Aliya: wahi Jo mujhe bahut pehle karna chaiye tha..
Zain (to himself)
Kitni badi cheater cock hai.. dukha dediya..
Par kya karun I love her and will always love her..
He smiled to himself while she wiped the lipstick
After wiping she looked at him to find that he was lost in his dream world
Aliya:zain khahan ko gaye.
She moved her hand in front of his eyes to make him come back from his dream world
Zain: kuchhh nahi..
He smiled and aliya to smiled back at him
Aliya: bhudo ..
Zain: aur yeh budho tumhara hi hai
He winked at her
Aliya:ab chalo wink baad mein Karna and everybody might be waiting for us..waise bhi we are already late
Zain: aliya meri wajah se
Aliya: ab start mat karo..
She pulled him as she walked
Zain: ek min
Aliya: ab kya hua
Zain: ese nahi
Aliya: kya ese nahi
Zain: tum mujhe ese andar lekar jaogi..
He pointed towards his arms
Aliya: oops sorry
He leave her hand
Zain: its okey.
Ab ese chalenge..
He entwines his hands with her
Aliya: ab ready chale
Zain: chalo
They both smiled without breaking the eye lock and walked inside the villa...
The entrance was big just like in palace
The Villa had wooden furnishing and dim lights making it beautiful..
Small and cute plants on each and every corner of the Villa adding to its shine...
The hall was decorated beautifully with a banner "WELCOME ALIYA"
As aliya moved her gaze from his die eyes breaking the eye lock to the decoration she was awestruck..
She never witnessed such a beautiful moment in her life.aliya (without drawing her eyes): zain this is beautiful
Zain smiled seeing her happiness ..
Zain always make a wish in his prayer to keep aliya always happy and seeing his wish come true he could not stop himself to thank Allah...
Zain: Aliya this was not beautiful earlier but u added your charm and made it more beautiful..
Aliya smiled..
Aliya:tum phir se start ho Gaye
Before their kit kit could reach to another level everyone came and said in chorus"welcome aliya"
Aliya: thank u
Ghulam: are beta thank u kis liye.. tum pehli baar hamare ghar aayi ho..
Itni baadi khushi hai aur uske samne yeh kuch bhi nahi..
Aliya: uncle par this is too much.. u made me feel special
Zain: aliya yeh sab tumhare liye.. and regarding being special u r really very special..
He said cupping her face in his hands
Aliya: zain
She points towards the family
Zain looked and quickly removed his hands..
Everybody laughed while zain and aliya were embarrassed.
Nafeesa comes near to them
Nafeesa ( in soft voice)
Zain agar kuch Karna hai toh room open hai
She smirked making both of them more embarrassed..
And before they could speak anything a very chirpy and sweet voice made its way into the hall
Chachi chachi said little saif running towards her..
Aliya bend on her knees..
Saif came and hugged her making her to loose the balance..
Before her back touched the cold marble zain held her
Zain:aliya tum thik ho Aur saif tum..
They both nodded positively..
Fahad: saif smakal kar..chachi ko lag jaati toh
Saif:don't worry dad main apni girlfriend ko scratch bhi nahi aane dunga...
He said with a proud smile on his face making everybody to laugh while zain was burning in anger
Zain (to himself)
Baaki koi sharafat ki harkat tho sikhi nahi bas flirt karna Sikh gaya...saa nahi mera bhatija hai toh ese nahi bolonga.. han yeh thik hai faala tucha
Zain:saif beta jao apne fresh hoke aajao aaj party hai
Jealousy could clearly be seen on his face and aliya who saw it chuckled
Saif: nahi mein nahi jaunga.. chachi se bahut saari baatein karni hai
Nafeesa: saif chachi is here only she will not run away
Saif: okey mom
Saif left..
Nafeesa: aliya chalo we have to get ready for the party..
Aliya: okey bhabhi
She pulled aliya only to get stop ..when she looked what happened she saw aliya and zain hands entwined..
She smiled..
Nafeesa: aliya zain ek dusre ka haath chodege yaa ek saath saari cheeze karni hai..
Aliya and zain who were already embarrassed by their family now became more embarrassed and quickly left each other hands..
Nafeesa took her to her room to get her ready for the party..
Everything was ready .
Guests started coming..
Zain entered the hall in Hus three piece tuxedo looking handsome as ever...
His eyes were fixed on the staircase waiting for her love to come downstairs..
Fahad came and stood near zain and tried to catch his intension but all his effort went on vain..
Fahad Cleared his throat but dear zain was still looking at the stairs
Fahad: ek aur majnu aagaya..Allah iska kya hoga..bichare ko kon samjaye shaadi chewing gum ki tarah hai beginning mein sweet aur baad main tasteless..becahra fasne jaa raha hai.eska toh pata nahi bechari aliya ka kya hoga..Kitna pareshan karega.

Hearing name aliya zain looked at.fahad
Zain:bhai apne kuch khaha
Fahad (to himself)
Jab itni der se bula raha tha tab toh nahi suna aur aliya ka name liya toh dreamland se bhahar..mere Aur nafeesa ke case mein toh ESA nahi tha..par allah always bless them..
Zain: bhai bhai
He shakes fahad
Fahad: kya hua chila kyun raha hai..any problem in stomach?
Zain:bhai sop your nonsense
Fahad:aur joh tum karte ho kuch nahi
Before they got indulged into a fight saif came and said chachu meri girlfriend kab aayegi..
Zain: loh aagaya.. saif chachi ready ho rahi hai..she will come down soon..saif:okey chachu jab aayegi toh call me i am standing there..
He pounted towards girls group..and quickly ran there
Zain( to himself)
Sharam kar zain sikh apne bhatije se..itne saari girlfriends hone ke baad meri wali par line mar raha hai..besharam..and order to ese dekh kar gaya hai jaise meri nahi iski shaadi hone wali 20 din baad aur apni dulhan se milna hai..
Suddenly the light went off taking him out of his self talk show..
Then a spotlight made its way to the staircase and there she was .
In crimson color lehnga just like a fairy..
Their khandani jewellery making her to look more beautiful..
Holding her heavy lehnga from both of her sides she descended from the stairs..everybody's eyes were fuxd on her..
Zain quickly went towards her and grabbed her by her waist tightly showing to the world aliya is his private property which made aliya to blush at her going to be husband's jealousy and family member chuckled..
They both descended from the stairs just like a perfect couple..
Ghulam took the mike..
Ghulam:hello eveybody..first of all thanks for coming i threw this party not because my son succeeded in his project but because of two little foot that made their way first time in my house..
Yes my going to be daughter in law ..the one who brought a lot of happiness to my family is here for the first time..
Everybody clapped and aliya was spell bound..
Zain smiled looking to her and holds her hand again..
Ghulam continues:
My speech is not over yet..I have heard that Osman ji is a veey good osman shahab I would like to request u to sing a song..
Osman: arrre ghulam shahab yeh aap kya kaeh rahe hai..bittu tu bol na
He looked towards aliya who with pleading eyes request him to sing..
Ghulam passes the mike to osman and he starts singing..
His sweet voice fills the room..
"Kal tak joh nanhi si paari thi..
Komal si juhi ki kaali thi"
His eyes were filled with tears and so were of aliya..
The song finished and everybody clapped..
The function finished and zain took aliya to show her his room oops their room
They both entered the room
The room was wooden furnished with little decorations and beautiful..
Sofa on the corner and a large French window making her to see the large patch of greenery outside..
By the bed side lay 4 frames one of suraiya, second of ayat, third of osman and the last one which was comparatively big than the three was of her..
She smiled..
Aliya: zain your room is beautiful..
Zain made her sit on the bed and too sit beside her..
Zain: not mine but ours..
she smiled but tears made its way down from her eyes to her beautiful rosy cheeks.zain knew the reason of tears..
Zain: don't worry aliya after marriage we will both go and will live in mahuban for 1 full month twice in a year fir chahe log mujhe gharjamai bole na bole..
He said in a cool voice and aliya chuckled..
Chachi chachi said saif aloud entering the room..
Zain murmurs :pata nahi ese kaise pata chal jaata hai ki abhi toh romantic hone wala tha
Nafeesa:saif let them talk..aliya osman uncle is calling u as he is leaving..
And she leaves the room
Hearing this both of their heart got heavy ..
They looked at each other with teary eyes..
Zain: aliya i will miss u..i love u so so much..
Aliya:even i will too miss u..ab bas 19 days reh rahe hai uske baad mein pgir hamesha ke liye tumhari and yes i love u too..
She peck on his lips wiping his tears and he too wipes hers..
They both went down and bid a adieu to each to other.with a line in their heart thta this is the last imtehaan and they will be together how was it?
I hope u all liked it..
Don't forget to leave your comments as they mean a lot to me..

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Superb chapter ,Chota packet saif make me laugh , seriously abhi se haal hai Aisa na jaane hoga Kaisa ,continue soon!
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Originally posted by KitkitMkb

Superb chapter ,Chota packet saif make me laugh , seriously abhi se haal hai Aisa na jaane hoga Kaisa ,continue soon!
thanks saleha..
Saif is funny..
Joh yeh hogaya beintehaaa
I will

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