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TaaRey ff- My Love My Passion & Our Destiny Thread 1 (Page 94)

bluesky10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2015 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
Like the update dear
Thanks for your wonderful update

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taareydewani Newbie

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Posted: 02 March 2015 at 9:31pm | IP Logged
awsum update dear
i love each and every emotion that you describe in this story .
i wont say much only i want to say that i have become the big fan of this story that i read it twice a day whenever i was upset i read this story at last i want say that your a awsum writer so never stop writing and taarey fans need writer like you who makes taarey alive in their heart and IF .
i am very thankful to for writing such stories.
pls continue soon i am waiting for update
pls update.

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sailaja. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 March 2015 at 1:14am | IP Logged
Update plz

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taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 March 2015 at 6:17am | IP Logged

Friends this time I did not get 90 likes still updated only for

(meenu_taarey) and princess1926 

as both of them wanted to read in between their exam, as they were getting bored.

But next time I will not update before 90 least this much I can expect after putting the hard work.

Thank u friends and readers those who liked and commented.


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 Chapter on next page.

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sailaja. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 March 2015 at 6:28am | IP Logged
Thanks for update

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taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 March 2015 at 6:31am | IP Logged


There was a serine silence, Aashi and Sharon brought coffee for the elders, neither could anybody talk nor could anyone accuse anybody, there are times when we realize we can never move according to our plan, it's all in the hand of destiny, relations one broken takes time to heal up, and when everything was having a positive change, once again everything shattered.


Now I understand why Taani was giving useless, bullshit reasons and calling our beautiful moment a mistake and was accusing me unnecessarily, just that I become angry and leave her, then when she goes with time I will accept Kriya. To some extent she was successful, whatever I feel for Taani, but that day I said those harsh words to her, and now I understand to what extent my words would have made her already broken heart shattered into pieces. I remember my own words-

"I really regret coming closer to you, loving you, 3 saal pehele I know all was my fault, but this time it is your fault Taani...tum haumera khubsuraat relation ko physical need ka naam diya, I will never forgive u. It's up to you Taani, think whatever u want to but for me, it was love not lust...during our relationship maine sirf tumse pyaar kiya hai tumhe kabhi use nahi kiya...but now u want to go away from me...then okay, go ahead, this time, I am breaking my every relation with u...I am breaking up with u Taani go and live your life, happily".

He once again opened her last letter and he read her words, his eyes were teary, those words, those apologies were killing him,

Dear Rey,

I am sorry, mai aap ko chor ke ja rahi hu, esbaar hamesha hamesha ke liya, mujhe maaf kar dena. This time I really thought that once again we will start a fresh with our friendship, we will try to understand each other and slowly we will once again be in relation. I am sorry Rey, I couldn't control my feelings, aap ka gifts, mumma (Rey's Mom) ka gifts made me weak, and I lost control over my feelings, this time I was taking calculative steps in our relation, but I forgot Payar mai calculation nahi hota. Aapne poocha tha na ki mehendi mai "R" kiu hai? Kya karu, "R" has been depicted and curved in my heart, bohot payar karti hu aapse, mujhe maaf kardena. I talked badly with u, accused u with things that u have never done, that u can never think of doing, that night whatever happened was a beautiful dream come true,  agar fault kisika bhi hai then its my fault, my destiny, aap ka koi dosh nahi hai, aap guilty maat feel karo, agar aap ko accuse nahi karti then u would have never allowed me to come.

Aunty ko sorry bol dena, mai unki beti nahi baan payii, unki bahu nahi baan pai, but I will never forget her till my last breadth, thank u Rey for bringing her closer to me, the few days I stayed near her, I felt her love, her motherly affection.

Usdin subha Kriya ka ph aya tha, she called u, because u were sleeping I took the call, she was apologizing, she wants to come back in your life, she loves u a lot, she wants to break up with Raj, and start a new life with u, with ur dream of Dance Academy, Rey aap ke aur Kriya ke dreams humesha ak thae, but my dreams were different, but now even I don't have any dreams, bohot saree responsibilities hai jo mujhe poora karna hai, In doing all this I think I can't be with u.

Kriya when understood that she was talking with me, she demanded an explanation that why I am with u at that hour of morning or may be night, she said I have seduced u to be with me, she even said that now because I am a dancer u and your frds are accepting me, It's ok Rey, I understand it says everything is fair in love and war, jab hum apne love ko kisi aur ke saath dakte hai we do react. But the fact is mujhe bhi lagta hai achanak saab ka etna sweet behavior, I don't know Rey, I may be wrong, mera socch galat ho sakta hai, but Kriya ki words are ringing in my ears, she said that if I would be the same old Taani, and if she wouldn't have moved on with Raj, you would have never excepted me, Rey she said I am and will always be your second choice, Rey I believe you and I neither want to question your Love but bohot akelii feel kar rahi hu...

Rey saach kahu I don't know what is right or wrong, believe me Rey cahe koi kuch bhi kahe I will never misunderstand u, your love for me, but the fact is if Kriya and others return in your life,(may be not in your life as your life partner, but as members of dance team) once again there will be a chaos, and I am insecure, I admit I have insecurity complex, that once again I may become secondary in your life, there will be misunderstandings, even it will lead to differences between me and bhai, Rey mujhe daar lagta hai, secondary bane sai, ssab ki life mai secondary hu.

Aap se duur rehena bardast karlungi, but aapke pash raheke bhi aap se duur rehena, aap ki ignorance bardast nahi kar saktii, I love u Rey, whenever I feel now my life will be a happy life saab bikhar jate hai, 3 saal pehele bhi this happened, Kriya could have come back to you in these 3 years, but just when I chose to be with u, I decided to start a fresh life with u, again my life shattered.

Rey that night whatever happened, those moments were the best moment of my life,eternally we became one and I am promising you, with those memories I will live my life happily in some corner of the world, and you live happily here.

Rey mere pash fir bhi tauji, taiji, bhai, bhabi,Sneha, saab hai, but she is alone, accept her in your life Rey, akele rehana bohot muskil hai, I know I understand her state, please Rey accept her, she needs you, even u need a companion. Kab taak akele rehenge??

I am sorry for coming in your life, and I am sorry for once again going away, Rey we can't live together it's not in our destiny, but I love u, and believe me Rey us din jo kuch bhi kaha maine, some because I wanted to make u hate me and some came out of my insecurities. I thought I will not tell about Kriya to you, but then I know you will not accept her, but please Rey give her a chance. Rey I believe if destiny wants us to meet we will surely meet if not in this life may be in next life, but Rey get it straight next life mai I will not share u with any one not even with ur dance, aap ko next life mai sirf aur sirf mera banna hai...

Jaane se pehele aap ko kuch gift karna cahati hu, accept kar lena, aap se kabhi kuch nahi manga, aj pehli baar mang rahi hu, I will be the happiest person, if u accept my gift, etna happiness you can give me na. I Love You Rey,

                                                                                                        Forever yours & only Your



Before going away also she thought for me, for us gave her everything to make our dream successful, but what about your dream, all your dream was to live a happily ever after life with me. Kriya was unknown to you but because she wanted to comeback in my life you left in silence, giving her a chance to get her love back, you are a totally selfless girl and Taani that's the reason I Love You so so much, you never thinks about your happiness,  But Taani I am not selfless, and I do think about my happiness, and my happiness lies in seeing you happy, whatever u act or try to portray, but the truth is  staying away from me you can never be happy, and I can't wait for next life, I don't have so much patience, I want you in my this life and all my coming life's ahead, I will make u realize that u are my heart beat, you can never be secondary in my life and  sweetheart I am coming, this time no apologies, no sorry, nothing doing straight away, I will force u to be with me, actually fault is all mine I give importance to your spoken words, and ignore ur unsaid words, caged in your heart, but this time I am going to listen only to my heart and my heart knows what your heart wants. But ha thora punishment banta hai, and I will make sure I will punish u but thora sa, so that u never make such a mistake, Taani kisi ke liya hum apna payaar kiu sacrifice kare, and this time I will make u understand.


He stood up from his place, rubbed his tears, and then said-

Uncle aunty I am sorry for whatever happened, Swayam, Sharon mujhe maaf kar dena, only because of me, every time she has suffered, I realize me staying near to her is the cause of her pain, but still you all are unaware of something major, and all I can say is me and Taani are destined to be together,  cahe kitna bhi koshish kare, kuch bhi ho jayee, how much we both suffer, but with every incidents, the love between us increases every passing second. There are complications which we have gone through in our relation, but no more, Swayam mujhe pata hai teri behen bohot jiddi, hai but you also know I am stubborn too, I am going to Shimla, aur mom(cutting him in between)

Mrs Singhania- Go and bring my daughter...(meri bahu ko ghar le aa...)

Mr Singhania-  Mr. Shekhawat, hope you don't have any problem in the relation,

(Before he could answer)

Sh-Swayam, time kaam hai, bohot tayariya karni hai, meri shaddi ke baad yeah pehela event hai, meri nanand ki shaddi hai, Bharat Vicky tum dono ko food sambhal na hai, Aashi you will help me in decoration, and ma (swayam's mother) aur kya kya details hai, mujhe batana, I will handel all.

(All broke down into laughter, she couldn't understand anything but then Mrs Shekhawat hugged her and said)

Mrs Shekhawat-  calm down beta I know you will handle everything, tum Shekhawat Khandan ki bari bahu ho, and Shekhawat Khandan ki ak lauti betii ki shaddi hai...I know, my daughter will handle everything.

Mrs Raiprakash was having tears she never thought her daughter will get such a happy family, the family which will love her daughter ignore her mistakes, and will allow her to live her life her passion yet teach her traditional values, all thanks to Taani, because of her , today her daughter his happy.

Mr Singhania- Mr Shekhawat, truly speaking your children are gem of gems, I know Sharon from her birth, she was immature, impulsive and egoistic, but your son has made her a better person, and your daughter has changed my son to a much better person, has taught him the value of family, taught him family responsibilities, we can never have a better daughter-in- law than your daughter, Still I agree that my son doesn't deserve your daughter, she deserves a better person, but I know she is the heart beat of my son, and my son is lucky enough that he is the life of your daughter, so officially I ask your daughter's hand, for my son, will u oblige us by giving her hand , and making her a Singhania bahu?


Mr Shekhawat- Singhania sahab, yeah saach hai, ki I never thought Rey compatible for Taani, but I also know, that no one can love my daughter more than your son, so even you oblige me, my allowing us to make Rey our son in law.

Both mens and the ladies hugged each other, in all this Rey was getting impatient, Swayam understood him, and then he said

Sw-papa, uncle aap log discussion baad mai karna, purii raat pari hai, I guess aj koi wapas nahi jayega, but please mere jijaji, is getting annoyed so let him go.

All laughted and then Rey making a grumbling face went to wards the exit, and then some one called him from back

Mr. Shekhawat- damad jii...Shimla is not a small town, address to lete jayo.

Later after having some food, Rey started his journey, Swayam repeatedly said that he will accompany him, but Rey ignored and Rey denied taking a flight as the timings were late afternoon next day, he can't wait for hours to meet Taani.

R-Swayam Please mujhe akele janee de, Taani nahi manegii ashani se, she is self less and above all she is insecure about our relation, she feels I will ignore her once again and that's the reason she shuts herself in shell, but I will make her realize I need sometime with her, this time may be I have to be harsh with her, hope u understand..Please Swayam, aj tera best friend nahi, aj Taani ka bf tujhe request kar raha hai

Sw- (Hugged Rey) nahi, mere bahen ki bf nahi, mere jijaji ko permission hai, ki woh mere behen ko le ayaa, pagal hai woh sab ke barre mai soch tii hai, I am telling you Rey agar na mane do thappar lagana, but ushe le ke ana, aab uski dard dekha nahi jata...really Rey kuch bhi karna, meri pagli, jhalli behen ko le ana.

R- I will Swayam, aab kuch bhi ho jayee, mai ushe le ke hi lautunga.

Next update only after 90 likes warna bhul jayoo

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sailaja. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 March 2015 at 6:46am | IP Logged
Very nice update taani letter was emotional har ek word make me cry finaly rey going to win her taani back famliy scene was nice waiting for next update and taarey meet

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Mon_tr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 March 2015 at 6:55am | IP Logged
mind blowing update
taanis letter was too emotional
convo between singhanias n shekhawats too nice
luvd d update
now egarly waiting for taarey reunion
hope kal talk 90 likes ho jaye

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