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TaaRey ff- My Love My Passion & Our Destiny Thread 1 (Page 6)

Humzy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 3:43am | IP Logged
lovely concept and cs
sounds interesting 
continue soon

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Rockingbhardwaj IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 3:49am | IP Logged
sounds cool

update soon

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Princess_Pataka Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 3:55am | IP Logged
awesome character sketch
aall the best for ur 1st ff

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anum_6 Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 4:11am | IP Logged
V nys concept n different

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Iman_taarey Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 4:34am | IP Logged
awasome intresting concept
plz continue soon
plz plz.plz

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taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 4:58am | IP Logged


In the rehearsal hall-

R- How long Swayam? How long she will behave like this with me, she is not talking with me, she is not answering my phone calls, not even looking at me and why the hail did she resign from her Post, and that too she didn't bother to discuss with us.

Sw- Yeah Rey even I didn't knew about her decision, today I came to know when the students of the college was pleading her to re-think her decision, we all came late, and were unaware about the open assembly VP-Sir called in the auditorium.

Sh- But even being AGS, CS and ACS, VP-Sir didn't inform us about the assembly, and she is given the title of best GS award.

R-That's my point when she has proved herself that she is efficient then why such a random decision...and nowadays VP-Sir...doesn't even inform us ...if he would have let us know then we could have...convinced her..

(His voice was stopped when he saw Mrs Sangeeta Raiprakash entering rehearsal hall,)

Mrs. Raiprakash- Hii Guys

R-Hii Aunty..

(Sharon went and hugged her mom, Swayam too greeted her, she knows about Sharon's relation with Swayam, though she is not too happy with it but she respects her daughter's choice and independence.)

Sh- Mom you didn't inform you are coming.

Mrs Raipraksh- beta I came for honoring the GS being a trusty member, but I have informed kaka of my arrival, but do you have time to think about others except yourself, you know what, I lost your dad when you were 5, I brought u up as a single mother, I have never stopped you from anything, but being independent and being arrogant is not the same dear, and Rey what were u just saying that VP-Sir didn't inform you guys, and what made you think that being the VP of the college he have to inform you all. The notice of the assembly was on the board, all students read it but u guys missed , don't u all think holding post like AGS,CS and ACS, it's your height of  irresponsibility, not being present in the general assembly, where the GS of the college was honored not only that from previous few months college authorities are pissed off with the dance team, in all possible ways u guys violate college rules, what did u all do when the bashing statements regarding your GS was going on in college website comparing your GS with Sharon,  Rey your personal relationship with save the reputation of the college we management had to block the site and remove those serious in life guys, dance is your passion, and future profession and I know you all are the best in it, but remember you can be excellent in something but on the other hand you may lack knowledge in other matters... never judge others on your excellence.

Ok so actually I came to meet you all, specially my princess Sharon, as I have to leave today, and Swayam - you should be proud your sister is a real gem. Sharon takes care and keep informing me about your health. Rey once in a while call your mom, Simran (Rey's mom and Sangeeta's childhood friend) sometimes really get worried about u.


Rey broke down completely, Sharon was also bit sad, and so Swayam decided to arrange a dinner in honor of her sister, and a proper try to help the dance team members to mend their relation with Taani and to apologies her, specially for Rey, as he was suffering the most, the guilt was eating him up. As decided all was informed, all were excited they decided to buy gifts for her, and all became busy for the party. Rey too decided to talk with Taani, and was determined to sort out everything tonight and to get her back in life. In short all were excited about the dinner party.

PARTY'- Yes party for all but for the one who is broken beyond repair...will it be a party for her?

Can mere costly gifts and series of expressionless sorry is enough for a person whose existence, trust and expectations have totally shattered?

Should we break something to such an extent that it can't be repaired anymore?


Tayaam's House- That evening around 4.30 PM,  after college. (Taani came before as that day she got a off from VP-Sir after the assembly)

Sw- Taani...Taani

T- Yes bhai...

Sw-(Hugged her tight) Congrats Dear...You were awarded with the best GS award, I am so proud of you, but tumne mujhe bataya kiu nahi...and why did u resign?

T-Its ok bhai, and yesterday you were busy in partying with your team for wining NDC and then you came late, and waise bhi just a small award in college , not as big as wining NDC. And regarding resignation, I have talked with VP Sir, there are no more events, only some exchange program-me students will be arriving, that also I have arranged, regarding their accommodation and all, and just 2 months left for final term, for college to get over, and bhai I am not an extra brilliant student who can mange dance, or other extra co- curricular activities with studies, so now I need to concentrate on studies.

Swayam understood the deep meaning of her polite words, but decided to ignore her, as he was bit determined to make things clear by tonight and moreover he knew whatever she said was because she was hurt and they do have a fault.

Sw-But maine kitni baar bulaya, but you did not come to the party yesterday which we had on Rey's house, everybody was missing you a lot...specially ..R...

T-(Cutting him in between) Bhai it was an exclusive party of dance team, and don't forget I am not its part...

Sw- Achha but today there will be a dinner party tonight, in our house, on the honour of my sister, and all are invited, so get ready.

T- All? Means your dance team... (Again a soft smile) not many members, its ok I will cook...

Sw- but Taani, we can order

T-No bhai...adat hai mujhe, chachii, bua , ko help karti thi,  jab Jodhpur mai rahetii thi...waise bhi this dinner will be...leave bhai..You go and take rest I will manage.


After few hours, all arrived Swayam went to open the door, all rushed in, but Taani didn't bother to come outside, all settled down, Rey was the 1st one to enquire about Taani, and Swayam informed that she is preparing the dinner, all were shocked to hear, that Taani can cook for a dinner party of so many people, exception was Rey, he knew about Taani's cooking skills as he had ate before, and now Rey was extremely sure that Taani is cooking as he will come, he was confident that though Taani was hurt, and was not talking to him but no doubt he loves him, and today he will make  up everything, and he was even proud, that though Taani has resigned from her post, but she has proved herself, and he was happy that the reason of her success was him. But still he was bit hesitated, that when Taani knew that whatever he has done it was for her good, then why is she not accepting it and forgiving him. His chain of thought broke when -

Simmi- I don't understand, when Taani is so efficient, why do she do such middle class things like cooking and all...arghhh... means cooking...

( But before anybody could stop her Taani entered, with the mugs of coffee and yup he heard it all, he looked at every body and then her eyes stopped on Simmi, gave her a small smile, and handed the coffees to others, and then-)

T- Simmi, cooking is not a middle class thing, rather food is that for which we survive, and nowadays, it's a part of studies, and we have quite a number of world famous chefs from our country, and mothers cook for their children, whatever class they belong, a women can cook in a modular kitchen, in a kitchen of a 2bedroom middle class flat, or even in a footpath to feed her hungry children, I can understand, you may lack knowledge in other fields except dance and fashion, but u should be updated with info's or else any time any person can do anything to you, to make you realize about your hidden potentials.

Swayam, was bit conscious now, as he understood that today Taani was in a no nonsense mood, and if something happens the tables may turn and this uniting dinner idea, may become the most dangerous step of his life. Even Rey looked at Taani, though it was said to Simmi, but the hidden sarcasm was not unnoticed by him, which was exclusively for him. But Sharon to change the atmosphere pulled Taani beside her and congratulated her with a beautiful designer outfit, a outfit neither she will ever wear cause she is not at all comfortable with such short dresses, but who cares, all hooted cause it's a real expensive gift, followed by different gifts, and at last Rey handed her a bunch of Red Roses and a chocolate box, she took it smiling, Rey was really happy, as when she has accepted the flowers, she will soon return to her. After a session of chitchat, they headed for the dinner.

In the dinner table all appreciated that Taani was a nice cook, but something made Rey a bit uncomfortable, as Taani cooked Karahi Paneer, and he was the only one who hated paneer in the group, Rey felt a little bad, he remembered one of their convo, when one day he secretly took Taani for lunch in his house.


R-Taani, khana pasand aya?

T-Hmm Rey bohot, but paneer hota then it would be awesome.

R-Taani mujhe na paneer bilkul pasand nahi, shaddi ke baad tum paneer nahi banaogee...I hate that.

T-Achha baba nahi banaungi...and agaee se aap ke liya mai khud bhi paneer khana chor dungii...khush?

R-But Taani, tum kiu chorogii...

T-Rey aap ke liya kuch bhi kar saktii hu, I love you Rey, You matter to me more than anything in my life.

Flashback ends.

After serving everybody...Swayam asked her to sit down, and have dinner, Rey was looking constantly at her and then he denied the paneer when Vicky asked him to take, stating that, he hates paneer, Swayam said Taani about Rey's dislikes for Paneer, she went to the kitchen and brought a bowl of malai kofta, and while serving to Rey said-

T-Bhai as a host I know that one of my guests dislikes Paneer and I have prepared the alternative too, but there is other guest too, and majority Panner had to be made, you like, Sharon bhabi likes, Aashi like, and you know I love Paneer...

Rey's eyes were already moist, all started eating ignoring everything as it was not a great issue for them, and after dinner was complete all were in the living room, and Taani went to bring the sweet dish, Rey was sad, but he was sure that the sweet dish was Kheer, as Rey loves kheer that too cooked by Taani, but again a surprise it was gazar ka halwa, and now Rey couldn't stop himself, with moist eyes he will say-

R- Taani, in last one month, you forgot everything, etni duur chali gayii ho, that u forgot everything about me, you forgot my likes and dislikes,tum mujhe bhul gayii ho Taani.

She settled down in the sofa and looking straight in his eyes she started, all were there; she decided to confront all, as it was indeed needed before she takes her step.

T- Koi bhi larki apna pehela payar nahi bhul saktii Rey, apne pehele payar ki haar baate, har pasand, na pasand, nothing does a girl forgets, and I am no exception, mere liya aap mere pehele payaar pehela crush, aap sabkuch tha, actually aap aab bhi ho, nobody sitting here knows that Shivam and I had no relation, but u know right Rey? Maine kuch bhi nahi chupaya aap se, kiu chupayu? Mai apne potentials weakness sab kuch aap ke samne rakha tha as a open book, but you did not have time to read the book, you even did not get time to turn over the pages. For you, your friends, your dance comes first, but for me my love, my family comes first.

Rey I was just 7 when my mother committed suicide, as my father fled away with some other woman, Tauji brought me up, I respect him, and I will maintain his trust throughout my life, Maine aap k oak dance karne se mana kiya tha, I didn't want to separate you from your passion, I said just because at that moment Tauji was here, and he was already upset with bhai and I didn't want to upset him more, cause if he would have asked me to broke up with u, I would become helpless, because neither can I disobey him nor can I survive without u. I Love u Rey and will love u forever, but we can't be together, cause we are not compatible. Relationship mai trust hone ke jarurat hai and u didn't trust me; It's not that I want to be a plain housewife, but ha a happy ever after family was what I craved for from my childhood, my own family, my husband, my children was all that was more important to me, and my career, well that I could have thought of anytime, bohot saal baad maine apne life mai love mehesosh kiya tha,I do had a family but for them I was a responsibility, a sympathetic child who has lost her parents, but aap ke payaar mai, maine aapne aap ko kho diya tha, but that doesn't mean, I was an aimless irritating shit...which u and Sharon bhabi thought. Mai to aap ke baree mai sab kuch jantii hu, kya aap jante ho mera favourite colour kaunsa hai, mujhe kaunsi actor yeah actress pasand hai...Kuch nahi jante ho, aap ko lagta hai, ki aap ne mujhe responsible banna sikhaya hai...but u know what responsible to mai pehele sa ee tha warna aapke reputation bachana ke liya kabhi shivam ke saath apna naam jor ke apne aap ko badnam nahi kartii.. aap ko comfortable feel karwane ke liya basket ball match se pehele jo kuch bhi humara bech hua tha, uske liya aap ko kabhi blame nahi kiya tha, mai responsible hu yeah nahi sayad no body present here knows better than u,.you know what Rey my fault is dance mera passion nahi hai, but aap mera passion ho.

She was having crystal clear tears flowing down from her deep black eyes, Reys eyes were moist, he was speechless as he couldn't oppose any of the words she was speaking, he knew whatever he was telling was blind truth. Swayam and Sharon were also feeling miserable as they could understand that Taarey's relation was not a mere GF-BF relation, there was much more into it which they were unaware of it. But her next words made every one rooted to their place, devastating and speechless.

T-Hum kabhi relationship mai nahi rehe sakte...because I don't qualify the criteria's, a girl should have to be your girl friend. And there where I went wrong...I thought to be your GF all I require is to love u and that I do from the core of my heart, I love you more than anything in this world. But-

Your Gf should also be the friend of your friends, The Dance Team. But you know Rey, Shivam bohot buraa tha but he was right in one thing, (Looking towards the gang) remember guys, jane se pehele he said, that agar koi cahe bhi  sachhe dil se to become friends with you all, you guys don't except him/her, if the person is not a dancer, and he many times manipulated me but one thing he said correct that you guys tolerate  me just because I am Swayam's sister, Kiu Rey aab ne bhi to kabhi yeahii kaha tha? (Rey was looking down, he couldn't meet her eyes) and last few month you all tolerated me because now I was Rey's gf along with Swayams's sister. But truthfully speaking any of u did not like the fact that Rey loved me.

Your Gf should be a dancer. Even I don't qualify that. And that's the reason I can't be your gf.

Swayam - Aysa nahi hai Taani...

Taani- To kaysa hai bhai? Kya baat kar rahe tha aap, Sharon bhabi se NDC ke 2 din pehele, raat ko rehearsal hall mai, I will quote, ok fine let me tell u -

" Rey ne galat decision liya, Taani bohot sweet hai but Rey ko to Kriya jaysii larki ke saath hi relation mai rehena cahiatha, Sharon, tum logo ko nahi pata, I have still contact with her, She left us as she was forced to do by her mother,...I feel kash woh hotii..."

Sharon bhabi's answer- " Swayam kiu na hum Rey ko bata de, then he will forget Taani, and we can ask Kriya to come back, after all Kriya was his fast love..Kitna achha lagta hai, dono ko ak sath dance karta hui, Just made for each other"

Sh+ Sw- We are sorry Taani, it was just a convo,

T-No need to be, Sharon you are a confident girl, you never take wrong decision, and I guess everyone over here believes that, tabhi to bhai ne apne relation ko le ke mujhe trust nahi kiya, agar mai unki apni behen sayad baat alag hi hota...let it be, whatever u and bhai said I think, all will agree that Kriya is made for Rey, Taani nahi...kabhi nahi...

(With this she was crying, nonstop able, Swaron was shocked, that she heard it all, and Rey he was helpless even the news of Kriya didn't matter him, cause all he wanted that after all this Taani, shouldn't leave him, today he actually understood that how much he loves her, and how much she has suffered for his ignorance. Taani rubbed her tears, and then she continued-)

Bhai, aap ko yaad sham ko mai kuch exchange programme ke baree mai bata rahi thi, so next week 3 students are coming to our College,

Miss Aashi Gupta from Srilanka,

Rohan Manchanda from London and

Kriya Ghai from London.

There was serine silence in the living room, Bhai maine apke diary se number lekar baat ki hai, I am sorry, but I had too, I know Rey feels whatever his friends, specially u and Sharon bhabi say is always correct, therefore a clear conclusion which I arrived was even I guess Rey feels the same. College was providing accommodation for one student, financially the girl from Srilanka is weak, but she is talented, so college is providing accommodation to her, Rohan Manchanda is quite rich, he will arrange his own, and for Kriya I have cleared the guest room, and after 2 months when our finals get over, I will go, then after that she can stay in my room.

Kya hua guys why are u all sad? Aap logo ki dancer friend is coming in just a week, Plan for her welcome, Bhai your best friend your Kriya is coming back, Your two best friend your Kriya and Your Rey will be back, your Kriyansh will be back and your love your Sharon is with u, what more bhai, Enjoy,

Rey, your dance partner, your first love, precisely your love will be back...Aren't you excited.

R- Taani...kiu punish kar rahi ho...kiu?...kiya maine galti, but etna bara gunha kiya tha? You know I love you, saab bhul gayii, baas mera jo baate tumhe hurt kiya woh yaad hai, but jo sapne humhe dekha tha woh bhul gayiii.

T- Rey...nahii bil kul nahi...I love u Rey (both were having nonstop able tears), but Rey woh sapne can't be fulfilled, at least not in this life, mai dancer jo nahi hu...Be happy in life, I wish u all success, krishnaji humesha aap ko khus rakhenge...after saying this she came near Rey and kissed his forehead and with tear filled eyes said..mujhe pata hai Kriya aapko sab kuch bhula degii....(and then she runned to her room but before that stopped in her track and said-)

Bhai, kitchen mai kheer rakha, please Rey ko khila dena.

With this she runned to his room, and cried her hurt out, but ultimately she did it , she brought everything to their accurate places, Kriya will be back , she was sure may be Rey will just now not except her, but slowly he will be with Kriya as his friends will make sure to bring his happiness back, and all she wanted was Rey's happiness, her bhai's happiness and somewhere she was sure that going away from them was the best solution.

After this all with a heavy heart went to their house and for Rey, he broke down in the arms of swayam, sharon was there to support him, but who was with Taani?? According to Simmi and Nil, she is creating her importance,...all have their own POV...

But when Rey ultimately decided to go , Swayam brought the bowl of Kheer.

R-Aab  jindagii mai us din kheer khaunga, jis deen teri behen, meri Taani apne haatho se , pass bahate kar khilayagii...


Precap- 2 months leap, Kriya returns, exam over, the steeping stone of academy kept, all in respective places...But Taani???



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.PixieBunnie. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 5:11am | IP Logged

di..beautiful...this was so so beautiful...

sharon's mom advice was true...they need to focus on other things too.

and taani's pov...her talks were so damn true...u just made me cry...each and everything was true..

and the confidant taani which we wanted to in d3 i m sure u will show us...actually she is but show me to kabhi dikhaya nahi...aap zarur dikhana...

simi...mujhe to vo show me bhi pasand nahi thi...and cooking middle class thingy...stupid girl...

rey nevr understood taani ..he deserve this...

waiting for next update.

Edited by FireFlies. - 28 December 2014 at 5:32am
Muskan_TR Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 5:24am | IP Logged

Di u made me speechless...
so phle se short comments keliye sorry...

coz aage bhi agar aap sach ka saamna karate rhe to mein kaise kuch bolungi

coming to update...
it was just RIGHT..
Watever taani said wsz ry8...

every1 do HV their POVs...
n in dis grp every1 hv a DIFFEREMT POV

Waiting fr nxtt

Edited by Muskan_TR - 28 December 2014 at 10:31am

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