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TaaRey ff- My Love My Passion & Our Destiny Thread 1 (Page 53)

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Posted: 04 February 2015 at 7:55am | IP Logged
Continue soon 

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Please update sooonnn!!!!! Waiting for 5B and 5C...taarey meet and taarey romance

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Hey read chapter 4 now awesome update! !
Rey is jealous. .
Shivam and taani bonding.  .
Sneha and shivam. .(lavin and sneha real wala)
Real wali feeling aa gayi

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Everyone life took a 360 turn in those 2yrs n 11 months
Many people realized their mistakes 
Happy for taani 
She has achieved a lot in her life in a short time
Shivam is sneha's boyfriend
Taani back to Mumbai 

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update na

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Originally posted by Gia_weirdo

Everyone life took a 360 turn in those 2yrs n 11 months
Many people realized their mistakes 
Happy for taani 
She has achieved a lot in her life in a short time
Shivam is sneha's boyfriend
Taani back to Mumbai 

Check pg 45 chapter 5a I guess u have not read.
taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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Happy Rose Day Friends!!


joined venture from me and Aanchal.

Taani, Sharon and Sneha were enjoying leaving three people in tension.

Rey, Swayam and Vicky were discussing about how they can ask Shivam about the girls. Rey was on the heights of anger. Shivam's comment on Sharon's status made his heart sink. For a second he accepted that Taani had moved on but after watching Shivam, back in her life made him come back to his senses. He was letting go his love, his passion, his possession so easily, but not anymore, he will get her back in his life, he will mend her broken heart with this determination he tried to sleep with the dream to make Taani realise his importance in her life. But then his past once again came in front, and he realized that once again he is going to commit the same mistake, by taking decision of her life, rather with lots of pain he decided to let her live her life, he try to make her understand how much he still loves her, but the ultimate decision will be hers, but still he couldn't digest the fact that his Taani, belongs to someone else.

Next Morning, Swayam and Vicky woke up but Rey wasn't there. He was not in the washroom even. Then Swayam realized where he could be? From last 3 years whenever he becomes unable to control his emotion, he misses Taani, his destination remains to a single room (his little sister's purple room) in his own house, even when Taani left them, he didn't allow Kriya to live in her room, till the day she was in India, she lived in Swayam's house guest room. After Taani left, Rey didn't allow anyone to enter her room, he has brought her left over belongings to his own house in his own bedroom, but then he locked her room and whenever he is in inner turmoil, he goes there he has confessed Swayam, that he can feel her presence her smell in that room. Swayam  never questioned his love, because he has realized that though he thought Kriya was perfect for Rey, but with time he had realized that no one in this world, can take his little sister's place in his friends heart, the thought of Shivam in her life, was even killing him from inside, but the fact that they themselves had lost the right to interfere in her personal life, the girl whose everything started and ended with her bhai and Rey, is now miles apart from them not only physically but emotionally too, the distance she has created with them, they wonder whether in this life they can overcome. But again she is with his love, she is with Sharon, she has taken Sharon to their ancestral home, the connection between Sharon and his little sister, which he tried his level best to develop, but which somehow never happened, and now suddenly after 3 years she came back that to too meet Sharon was somehow giving him some positive hopes, but the fact that now they were professionally personally surrounded with so much negativity and back stabbers was not allowing him to keep his hopes high, thereby as decided he and Vicky, went to his home.

Swayam came at his home and check her room and found Rey sitting on a corner with Taani's photo in his hand. His eyes were teary seeing the view in front of him. His best friend is in the worst condition of his life.

Swayam- Rey..!

Rey looked at him and stands up. He runs towards him and hugs him. Swayam tries to control him.

Swayam- Rey.. please control yourself..

Rey- Nahi ho raha Swayam.. Nahi seh pa raha hu uski ignorance..

Swayam- Rey, You have a believe na that You'll get her back in your life.

Rey nodded. Swayam wiped his tears.

Swayam- Then get up and chal.. Bring your Taani back for everyone's happiness. And I have a strong believe that she too loves you.

Rey- I will Swayam. I will. But promise me, if she has moved on, we will not tell her anything. I want her to be happy, I want her live her life the way she wants it, and if she is happy without me, I accept. (he had tears in his eyes)


Shivam(on phone)- Ya! I am coming.

Swayam, Vicky and Rey were following Shivam.

Swayam- Ye kaha jaa raha hai?

Vicky- Kahi Jodhpur tou nahi jaa raha?!

Swayam and Rey glares at him.

Rey- Shut up Vicky!!! And focus.

Swayam and Rey were at back and Vicky goes to Shivam.

Vicky(knowingly hits with Shivam)- Eee dekhai nahi deta kya?

Shivam(balances himself)- I am sorry! Really Sorry..

Vicky- Shivam tu?

Shivam- Vicky?

Vicky- Sale tu yaha kya kar raha hai?

Shivam- Vo.. just kisi kaam ke liye aaya tha..

Vicky- acha sun mujhe tujhse kuch kaam hai.

Shivam- Kaam? Mujhse?

Vicky- Ha!

Shivam- kya kaam?

Vicky- Side mein aa na yaar..

Shivam(confusingly)- Okay!

Vicky and Shivam comes aside and then Rey and Swayam comes. Shivam was shocked to see them.

Shivam- tum log?

Rey- See shivam we don't have time to your  such stupid questions.

Swayam- Just tell straight forwardly what relation you have with Taani?

Shivam(confusingly)- I.. I don't know what are you guys talking about?

Swayam- See Shivam don't lie.

Vicky- We know ki tu hi tha jo Taani ko Mumbai laya tha!

Shivam- Guys essa kuch nahi hai!

Swayam- Hamne khud usse tere sath dekha hai! Bol kya rishta hai tera Taani ke sath?

Rey grabs him from his collar and says him in a dangerous tone.

Rey- Sidhe Sidhe bta de varna I know how you will open your mouth. Bol na Shivam, is she is in a relation with u, please bolde, dakhe I will not come in between her and your  relation, bash ak request hai, uska dil maat torna, jaise maine tora tha, she is sensitive, bohot payar karta hu ushe, please take care of her, please yaar..(he was looking broken).

Shivam- tumhe lagta hai agar main tumhe esse bta dunga tou forget it. First of all leave my collar, I am no more a college guy, and even u guys are not, Rey tumhe kya lagta hai, Ki Taani is in relation with me? How could u? You call yourself her lover, you claim to love her, but have u ever tried to understand her, college mai u always misunderstood her according to my manipulation, but I could never make her understand that u are wrong, she was never ready to hear a single word against u, then when I left, I thought u guys are in relation, but later on I came to know, that u again misunderstood her feelings being in relation with her and she went away from u all, Rey, Swayam tum logo ko kiu lagta hai, ki haar koi tumlogo ki according react karegaa, kiu har waqt, without understanding her u judge her? Jo bhi ho I thing is confirm neither u deserve urself to be her love, and neither u Swayam urself as her bhai.

Shivam then tells them everything about Taani that she came back with Sneha, his girlfriend one year back and when Sharon called her for help, she came to Mumbai to help her to mend her relation with Swayam and her family. Everyone was shocked.


Rey cahee kuch bhi ho jayee, apart from you she cannot love anyone else in her life, she have locked her feelings deep down in her heart, Sneha tried a lot, but she is not ready to give chance to any other guy in her life, and that's the reason, Sneha hates u all so much, being apart from u all for last 3 years she still loves u and her bhai, but now she has learnt the technique of masking her feelings.

Swayam ask a sorry on everybody's behalf, they shares a friendly hug, even Shivam ask their sorry for his previous deeds, Shivam informs them that he has his own event management company, and later on before leaving he pulls Rey in a hug and then he says, "Rey aj bhi she loves u, but I know she will not accept easily, but sirf tu hi, ushe fir se purani Taani bana sakta hai, but this time, not by distancing urself from her, rather, going near her, try it friend".


Swayam gets a call so comes aside, Vicky was wondering about the turn of their lives, and Rey was lost in his own thoughts.

Rey's POV-phir mene tumhe misunderstand kiya Taani.. phir se.. How could I have think about your character like this? How could I question your love for me? I know whatever distance is between us, but u can never stop loving me, neither can I, Once again I was wrong aur tum phir ek baar sahi nikli.. Apno ke liye kuch bhi kar sakti ho na tum.. And you always proofs that I was wrong..but kya mujhe ak baar second chance nahi dogii, kya mera haar wrong apne love se right nahi karogee, agar Sharon ko, apne bhai ko chance de saktii ho, kya mujhe nahi do giee? Do I really don't deserve you?

Swayam- Hello!

Mr. Shekhawat- Ya, Swayam?

Swayam- Dad Taani India mein hai.. aapne btaya kyu nahi ki vo aa rahi thi!

Mr. Shekhawat- Pehle tum meri baat suno! And am I wrong in not telling you about Taani, how does a looser like her matter u and ur friends, leave it Swayam, let's not get into this, I am happy that at least my would be daughter-in-law realized her importance, and surrendered in front of her, which I expected from u.

Swayam- Dad...

Mr. Shekhawat- Listen,  maine  tumhari shaadi Sharon ke sath fix kar di hai, Mrs Raiprakash, and Mr and Mrs Singhania, will arrive in 2 days, all thanks to my daughter Taani, who has sought out everything, and the date is in next week, bash aab tum and tumharee friends, a jayoo, waise kaam bohot hai, but Sneha, Taani's friend is looking after preparation, just  you come and oblige us getting married.

Swayam(shockingly shouts)- What???

His eyes were widening in shock but after few seconds he was having a dashing smile on his face.

Dad- Ha! Aur koi sawal nahi.. tum yaha jodhpur aa jao!

Swayam- Ok!

Swayam disconnects the call and comes and hug Rey tightly. He was really very happy. He was getting his love back in his life. And that his sister has made an almost impossible event possible, returning his love back in his life.

Rey- Swayam, kya hua?

Swayam(broke the hug)- Rey, I am getting married!

Rey- What?? with whom??

Swayam(blushes)- Obviously, Sharon!

Rey- Really??

Swayam- Yes!

Vicky- congrats dude!

Swayam- Guys jaldi chalo we have to go to Jodhpur.

Rey- Ha ha meri Best friend ke majnu.. chal..but yeah miracle hua kayse?

Sw- jyada nahi pate, but Taani I guess she has done it, aysa kuch dad ne bataya, and Shivam ne bhi to kaha ki they are there.

Trio packs their bags and leaves for Jodhpur. Swayam and Rey were very happy. Swayam told everything to Rey about Taani, which his father told him, Rey was having happy tears for his friend, and he was happy he will see his love closely after 3 years, and maybe he will get opportunity to bring her back in his life. He was having positive vibes; Both are going to get their love back in their life.

Rey(thinks)- I am coming sweetheart. Your Rey is coming. I promised I will get you back in my life and that day will come soon. I Love You Taani.

Swayam(thinks)- I am sorry Sharon. I know I was wrong in judging you. But I will win you back, before marriage, and I will also win back my little sister.


They reaches Jodhpur. Driver had come to pick them. They reached home.

Mrs. Shekhawat- Arre Swayam? Tum aa gaye.

Swayam( takes her blessings)- kese ho ma?

Mrs. Shekhawat- achi hu! Tum sab apne rooms mein jao rest krlo.. main khana lagwati hu.

Swayam- ji ma!

They all fresh-n-up. Rey was sleeping as he hadn't slept whole night. Vicky was having his lunch and Swayam was talking to his Mom.

Swayam- Ma, Taani kha hai?

Mrs. Shekhawat - Vo Sharon aur Sneha ke sath bahar gayi hai, Sharon's wedding outfit dena than and  go  and ak baar meet every body, daddi se mil lo, and be polite in meeting, Sharon ne saab ka dil jit liya hai, Taani ne kya pata Sharon ko kya shamjaya. usne ghar wallo se baat ki, saab shaddi ke liya kitna khush hai, aab tu jake kuch spoil maat kar dena, samjha?

Swayam- Ok!

Suddenly Sharon, Sneha, Taani arives.

Sharon( not aware of Swayam's present in Kitchen)- Maa! We enjoyed alot..(hugs her from back) people here are so good, and u are the best ma

Swayam(raises his one eyebrow)- Really?

Sharon who was hugging Mrs. Shekhawat realizes that Swayam too was there. When she looks at him he smiles and he blushes. All was noticed by Mrs. Shekhawat. But Sharon ignores.

Mrs. Shekhawat- Aww.. Mera bacha.. jao fresh ho jao.. I'll bring something for you guys to eat.

Sharon- ok!( she leaves angrily )

Sharon comes outside and goes to her room, ignoring Taani was calling her.

Sneha- isse kya hua?

Taani- pata nahi.. main dekhti hu..
(she goes behind her)

Sneha- ok!

Swayam comes out of the kitchen and find an unknown girl.

Swayam- Aap?

Sneha- I am Taani's friend, and an associate of Shekhawats.

Swayam- Ohh... Hi! and a award winning bale dancer too.

Sneha- Hi! aap logo ko kya sirf dance ke barre mai sochna hota hai?

After that, there was an awkward silence which was broken by Mrs. Shekhawat. She called Sneha inside and said that Mr. Shekhawat was calling her for some discussion.


Taani was going to her room when she found Swayam's room opened and looked inside to find Swayam but she saw the most cutest scene ever, Rey sleeping with open mouth, holding a pillow tightly near his heart. Taani became jealous of that pillow. She stepped inside the room and came near him, touched his hairs. She was having tears in her eyes. She was seeing him after freaking 3 years. Only she knows how much she missed him. The love for him has increased by this separation. She couldn't control herself anymore so, she left the room.
Swayam was outside witnessing everything. But he was quite. When she came out, he hides. She ran to terrace. Swayam too followed her.

Swayam- Taani!

Taani(realizes her Bhai's voice)- Bhai? (Looks back and found him looking at her. She runs towards him and hugs him. Swayam too hugs her back. After 3 years he saw her.
Taani wipes her tears) Bhai, aap kab aaye?

Swayam- Taani, mujhe btaya kyu nahi?

Taani- kya bhai?

Swayam- Ki tu ek saal pehle hi vapis aa gayi thi!

Taani( shocked )- aapko kese pata?

Swayam- I asked something! Itna bhi trust nahi hai apne bhai par? Itna dur ho gayi ki apne bhai ko kuch btana zaruri bhi nahi samajhti..? Na jate hui apne bhai ko bataya na lautne ki khabar die, Comimg to Mumbai, u stayed with Sharon, but kya ak baar mujsee milna ka maan nahi kiya?

Taani- Bhai, essa nahi hai..

Swayam(cuts her)- tou kesa hai? Itni badi ho gayi ki khud ki khushiyoon ko chod kar har kisi ki khushiyoon ko usse dene ki koshish kar rahi hai?

Taani- Bhai ek baar meri baat tou suno!

Swayam- Nahi, aaj main bolunga aur tum sonogi!
Kisi ko nahi btaya ki tum ek dancer ho, not even me! Sab tumhe accuse karte the aur chup chap sunti thi.. kyu taani kyu?

Taani- Bhai kabhi aapne mujhse pucha ki main kya chahti hu? Kabhi nahi bhai.. never.. aapke liye apki behen se jyada vo log important ho gaye jinhone ab aapko kuch paiso ke liye chod diya. Kabhi mere baarein mein socha?

Swayam- I know Taani ki maine galati ki hai.. but I wasn't aware ki tum itni hurt ho jaogi mere un baato  pe ignorance se.

Taani- Bhai kya gussa hone ka hak sirf apko, Sharon bhabhi ya Re.. (she stops in middle) ya.. ya.. apke bff ko hi hai?

Bhai unsbke pass vo sab tha but mere pass koi nahi tha.. jinse bhi umeed thi unhone mujhe backstab kiya.. tou kisse batati main? Aap busy thae in your life with Sharon bhabi, with your love, and jishe maine aapna life samjha, mujhe lagaa woh bhi mera sath busy hongee, but I never understood, that I don't deserve love in my life, mom dad left living me alone in the world, its Ok bhai, now no hard feelings, I have moved on, all thanks to tauji and Sneha.

Swayam- I am sorry for that Taani.. I know meri un cheezo se tumhe hurt hua hai but tumhe bhi apni khushiyaan pane ka haq hai. Kab tak dusro ki khushiyoon ke liye jeogi?

Taani- Bhai main khush hu.. meri khushiyaan aap sbko khush dekhne mein hain.

Swayam- dekha mene Taani.. kese tum ussai aaj bhi utna hi pyaar karti ho.. I know Taani uski wish ki khatir tum hum sabko chod kar challi gayi.. vo chahta tha ki tum apni life mein kuch bano. Sirf uski wife banna hi tumhara dream nahi tha. Par uski galati ki saza aur kitni bada hoga Taani? Teen saal.. 3 blody years.. essa koi bhi din nahi hoga Taani jab usne tumhe yaad nahi kiya hoga.. essa koi din nahi hoga jab vo tumhe yaad karke roya nahi hoga..Mat do itni badi saza ussai Taani.. he can't live without you.. He is a living a lifeless body.. jo sirf tumhare pyaar ke intezaar mein jee raha hain..

Taani- (With a dry smile) Bhai, aap ab bhi unhi ki side le rahe ho.. uss waqt bhi aapne apne friend ka sath diya tha mera nahi aur aaj bhi aap yahi kar rahe ho.. aur iske baad aap mujhse puch rahe the ki maine aapko sabko kuch kyu nahi bataya? Essi vajah se bhai.. kyoki aapko baata kar bhi kuch faida nahi tha.. You never thought how painfully I stayed all these years, you are still worried about the pain your bff went through, but still now u are not bothered about my pain bhai, Aur apne bhi tou nahi btaya Aapke aur bhabhi ke breakup ke baarein mein. I know apke pass mera koi contact no. Ya kuch bhi aur nahi tha.. Sharon bhabhi ke pass bhi nahi tha phir bhi she tried and I came in contact with her. Bhai where there is a will there is a way, Agar Shivam aur Bhabhi na hotey tou mujhe kabhi kuch pata nahi hota. All thankx to you BHAI!!!

Taani said pressing the word Bhai and leaved from there. She was broken into infinite pieces. All she wants is some attention towards her and wanting some time or attention from her brother is not a big deal.All this conversation was heard by Rey. When Taani came near him he was awake, feeling her so close to him how can he sleep. But when he felt that she has gone so he walked up and ran behind her and then he heard everything. He was feeling miserably guilty. A brother was letting go his baby sister far from himself  just because of him. Today Taani didn't trust Swayam anymore because of him. He can't even imagine that because of him Taani will question his brother's love for her.Rey broke down into tears. Swayam was standing there all in tears when he heard someone crying he runs there and saw Rey crying madly. He hugs him.

Rey- Meri vajah se aaj Taani tujhse bhi nafrat karti hai Swayam. I am sorry Swayam

Swayam- Nahi Rey, I am sorry.. mujhe tere aur Taani ke beech ka topic nahi utthana chahiye tha..mujhe 3 saal pehele bhi tum dono ke beech ana nahi cahiya tha, and aj bhi nahi.

Rey- Essa nahi hai Swayam..

Swayam- No Rey. I promise I'll never come in between you guys. She being my sister brought my love back in my life, and what did I do? 3 years back I was responsible to some extent snatching her love from her life, and today I wanted to bring her to u, but I forgot to bring u to her. But now I promise, I will not interrupt both of ur relation, but I'll pray to God to give you guys every happiness in life. You guys deserve each other. but still Rey this time I wan't to give importance to her decision.


Next day Sharon's Mom and Rey's parents arrived, and also Shivam arrives there. All elders were busy with Pandit Ji. The date of SwaRon's marriage is being decided. the brides parents and relatives were staying in some other palace. Shivam was responsible to handle the events of marriage, Mr. Shekhawat gave him the contract.

Rey, Taani, Sneha, Shivam and Vicky were sitting in a room. It was 3 days theboys have come to Jodhpur, Sharon was still not talking to swayam.TaaRey and SneVam were exchanging glances with each other. Vicky was looking at them. Taani did not talk with Rey, she was behaving normal, she was not ready to lose herself, but however after lot of arguments Rey was capable in making friendship with Sneha, and then Rey decided to stay near her but not to impose himself on her, rather give her some time.But as soon as he comes in front of her, everything he wants is to get her back in life.

Vicky- Guys, apni Love stories baad mein badana pehle Siren se Swayam ko bachao.

Taani- I think hame unlog se akele mein baat karni chaiye. What say?

Rey(smiling madly)- I agree.

Taani glares at him.

Shivam- No! Vo dono kabhi nahi manenge.

Sneha- Guys, Lets send them on a date..?

Shivam, Taani, Rey, Vicky- No ways!!!

Sneha- par kyu?

Taani- Bhabhi will eat Bhai..

Sneha- What rubbish?

Vicky- Rubbish nahi, Taani sahi keh rahi hain.. Swayam zinda vapis nahi aayega.

Sneha- Tou hamare pass koi aur option hai?

TaaRey, Vicky and Shivam- No!

Sneha- Then  its decided Swayam and Sharon are going on a date.

TaaRey, Vicky, Shivam(thinks)- Save him..


In Hall, Swayam and Sharon both were with Bua.

Bua- Sharon, mehendi  mein koun sa lehenga pehnogi? ushae mai final stiching ke liya bhej dungii.

Sharon- That pink one is better, buaji...or else aap batayo

Swayam- No, that Red one will suit you.

Bua (angrily)- Kisine tumse pucha? Tumharii choise is yukk, jindegii mai ak kaam sahi kiya choosing Sharon, and Sharon tumharee choices etni classy hai, how did u choose this Bandar?

Swayam- But I was just giving suggestion and

Bua- No need.. You wear this pink one.Sharon beta

Sharon glares at him and leaves from there, showing thumbs down.

Swayam(dreamingly)- Kitni cute lagti hai jab Sharon apne Siren mode par aati hai..

Bua- Kya?

Swayam- Kuch nahi.(his self thought).hows this possible, Bua is taking Sharon's side, I guess who is heavy on whom, Taani on bua and Sharon, yeah Sharon, yeah Bua, akhir ho kya raha hai, Jishe dekho mujh paar baras raha hai? In college Taani and Sharon never gelled up, Bua and Sharon was north and south pole, and now all are like family and me Bandar?? Impossible


On the other hand every one decided to have a trip to Mount Abu, where Swaron could spend time, next day they decided to leave, Swaron, Taarey, and Sneham( Shivam & Sneha) whereas Vicky decided to return to Mumbai, to bring Aashi, Neha and Bharat. In Night, Taani was doing something in her room, packing bag for the trip, when Swayam came in her room.

Swayam- Taani..?

Taani- Aap?

Swayam- Mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hain?

Taani- Boliye..

Swayam- Taani, I am sorry. I know I was wrong. The thing by which you leaved us was repeated and this time I have again hurt you, but little sis this time all I wanted to bring you both closer, I know you still love him, I know u are incomplete without him, but I promise I will never interfere again in both of your lives.

Taani- Its ok Bhai!

Swayam- Tumne mujhe sach mein maaf kar diya? Did I really get my little sister back?

Taani- Ji bhai..


Swayam- Taani, my sis I promise from now u can count on your bhai, and your bhai will never disappoint u, will never leave your side in thick and thin, and thank u a lot for bringing my love back in my life, but yes as a bhai, as your bhai, and not as anybody's bff but just being your bhai, I will try my level best to bring back love in your life, Baare bhai ka haq hai yeah, and you can't denie by brotherly rights.


Taani- Bhai aap sudhrogee nahi, but I love this bhai, I Love u bhai I missed u


Swayam- I love u too my cutie pie sister, I missed u too, aab shaddi mai maja ayega, and ha aab forget ur bhabi, just remember tum dulhe ki bahen ho?

They hugged each other, after a long time the brother sister spend a quality time, teasing each other, packing things together for the trip, sharing incidents from childhood. All these were noticed by Sharon, Rey, Shivam and Sneha. Sneha had a mischievous smile, when all looked at her, she ignored but a plan has already cooked up in her mind.


Next day all headed to Mount Abu. Everybody reached the Shekhawat Cottage in Mount Abu, and just as they reached Sneha started her tantrums that she instantly wants to go for sight scene, Shivam by default has to go with her, but the fact that the place was unknown by them except Swayam and Taani,  so one of them has to come,  and one has to stay back instructing the servants about clearing, lunch dinner and etc etc, and obviously Swayam was taken along with Sharon, winking Taani, that she is taking Swaron so that they can spend time together, unaware to Taani, that the wink was not for her, rather for Rey, as it was pre planned between the two, as Sneha really wanted her bff Taani to get love back in her life, she has understood that Rey truly loves Taani, after talking with Rey, and now she really wanted to give Rey a chance, but she is one who knows Taani and she knows very nicely that Taani will react negatively if she is directly asked to talk with Rey.  It was late evening still they didn't return; obviously they had other plans, and Taarey was alone in cottage, Taani was sitting in the garden and Rey came beside him, and sat on a rock and initiated a conversation. They were talking after 3 years.


R- So how's life?

T-Fine, busy life...aap kayse ho? Sunna hai ki academy is facing problems.

R-hmm kuch problems hai, aur mai kaysa hu? I guess you know the answer.

T- hmnn business mai problems hotahie hai (avoiding the other part)

R-Maine tumhara dance ka winning video dekha, you were perfect in all sense.

T-Hmm but bale doesn't fall as a type of dance category, yeah dance nahi hai Rey, it's a form of gymnastic blend with music, it's not a form of typical dance, I can never be a dancer.

R-I know but still a person who is a bale dancer can always master in other forms too. And u can do it too.

T-but mujhe dancer nahii banna,

R-Hmm, tum to bohot kuch handle kar rahii ho, business, bale troupe with Sneha.

T-Aap ko kisne bataya?

R-kuch edhar udhar se, kuch tumharaa naya frd Shivam se and rest Sneha sa.

T-Sneha, yeah larkii can't keep her mouth shut

R-Hmm Sneha is really yours  great friend,

T-hmm, bohot support kiya hai, she was there whenever I needed her.

R-Yup, jo kaam mujhe karana tha, woh..

T-rehene dijiyaa Rey I don't want to talk about past

R-Ok, fine you don't want to talk about past, but is it that you don't want to talk to those persons who were there in your past.

T-I can't understand what u are saying.

R-Is it so Taani? You are not so dump, its fine u don't want to talk about past, but what about present and future, what about us Taani?(with tears in his eyes)

T-Us!! it was never there Rey, in our relation it was only u, u wanted u confessed ur feelings, u wanted u went to Goa ignoring me, U wanted u were with ur frds , u wanted to meet me came to my room at 1.00Am, you wanted to cancel lunch u did, u wanted to compensate our lunch date with a 10 mins dinner, u did, u wanted to support ur frds against me, u did, u never thought the reason of my reactions, u didn't have time to think about me, my needs, my expectations, the day first time I wanted you to ignore one dance event for me, actually for us, you thought me disgusting, irritating, u wanted me to focus on career decided to fake a break-up plan u did, where was I in the relation Rey? I was never there I never existed in our relation. Rey relation needs equal involvement, equal understandings and equal sacrifices, Kya humara relation mai apne kabhi mujhe koi baat pai involve kiya? Kya mujhe understand karne ki koshish ki? Kya kabhi sirf mere liya koi sacrifice ki? Rey aj 3 saalo baad I don't want to blame u for anything, but, leave it Rey let's not talk regarding this, Coffee peyenge aap?

And she stood up to go, but then she couldn't move he has held her wrist, he too stood up, he was having tears but her eyes was dry, but by looking at her, he was sure, those eyes were a sign of severe drought before a flood breaks on. She looked down slowly.


R-Maat jayo, Taani, kuch daar ruko mere pass, I know I have done a lot of mistake, always I took you for granted, but Taani, my love for u was always true, I love u and will love u forever, mera aankho mai dekho Taani, Can't u find love in it? Taani look at me, tum kiu aankhe chura rahi ho? Jindegi mai galtiya maine ki hai, I should be ashamed of looking at u for my mistakes, but here u are looking down, u know why, because u know nicely that if u look into my eyes, u can't control ur emotion u can't control urself from expressing ur love for me. Please Taani ak baar kaho na that u still love me.(Holding her both arms by now)

T-Rey, please leave me, and why don't u understand that I don't...(she stopped hesitating to complete her words)

R-That u don't what Taani? You don't love me, even tum kahae bhi nahi pa rahii ho that u don't love me, Taani your hands are shivering on my touch, till today ur body reacts the same way as soon as I touch u, kiu Taani don't I deserve a second chance ?


( he was having tears in his eyes, Taani slowly kept her palms on his eyes and rubbed his tears, after 3 years they were so near to each other, but there are certain wounds which we love to feel the pain from it, rather than healing it, and same was happening with Taani, she loves Rey, can't see him in pain, but even can't heal it, because she is still afraid that if she tries to heal his wounds, her own wounds which have somewhat dried in 3 years , may start bleeding once again, and she was sure that those wounds of her would not be healed because she still lacked the trust factor on him. Rey held his both hands, and kissed her palms, and then holding her waist, pulled her into him)


R-saab kuch bhul jayo Taani, just tell me one thing don't u miss me in your life?, Taani not for me, forget that I want u in my life, what do u want in your life, Taani, I am sure, u can't allow anyone to come near you, you can't give my place which I have in your heart to anybody else, then why Taani, why can't be we together, Bolo na Taani, what do u want?(cupping her face in his palms)


T-(Pulling herself out from him), Yehii to nahi pata Rey, ki mai cahatii kya hu?  I don't know Rey what I want in my life. I was 7 years mom and dad died, papa used to traine  me in bale, I used to love doing it, but Tauji brought me from Delhi to Jodhpur, after their death, Mom ak classical dancer thiee, but with their death everything ended, In jodhpur I saw girls are treated in different way, I even started following it, kisi ko taqleef dena nahi cahatii thi, lagta tha ki already they are bearing me, so never told anyone about my likes and dislikes, and slowly I myself started forgetting, tauji asked me to join basketball training in school, he always wanted a topper, ban gayii basket ball player  then bhai Mumbai chala gaya there was war in the house with him taking up dance as a career, so never told tauji that mujhe bale karni hai, actually bachpan mai bhi dad cahate thae ki mai bale dancer banu, mujhe achha lagta tha,  but then I never voiced out, then bhai started sending videos of his and his group's performance, first time in life I did what I wanted to do, I wanted to go to Mumbai, yes Rey to meet u, videos dekh kar aapse payaar ho gaya tha, tauji approved going to Mumbai, not for my wish, but he instructed me to keep a check on bhai, but u know Rey, did I ever stooped bhai from dancing, no because I didn't want bhai to sacrifice his wishes, fir aap se khud ja ke apni dil ki baat boli, bachpana tha, you rejected then with time it was you who came and confessed ur love, mujhe laga aab mujhe kucch bhi nahi cahiyya, aap ko dance karne ke liya roka tha, just that tauji ko pata na challe, bhai ko bachane ke liya maine decide kar liya tha that I will take up our family business,  but u judged me wrong, ha Rey mujhe bass apki wife banne ki cahaat thi, laga tha, mom dad ke baad sirf aapko khul ke bol sakta hu apne dil ki baat, apne dil ki haar cahaat, aap ko khona nahi cahatii thi, but apne bhi galat samjha, fir tauji ko realize karwaya ki bhai ko woh karne de  jo woh karna cahatee hai, tauji ne promise mangii ki then I have to handle business, and bale, woh to tauji ko prove karna tha ki I am better than bhai, so he allowed me, trophy jitney ke baad bale chor detii, but Sneha ne allow nahi kiya, she said to handle both, aj bhi woh mujhe help karti hai in business, and in between all these I forgot Rey what I wanted in my life, mom dad ki princess banna tha mujhe, but they left me, when I got u, I thought now I can be myself in front of u, in your arms, I can live my entire life, but Rey, nahi malum tha ki aap ko ak dashing ambitious gf cahiyaa tha, aj mai business woman hu, bale dancer hu, but ak mom dad ki princess nahi baan payii, apne bf ki jindegii nahi baan payi, apne bhai ki ladly behen nahi baan payii, tauji ke liya mai winning trophy hu, jishe dikha kar woh saab ko jealous feel karwate hai, but uski betti nahi baan payii, apne sahi kaha tha Rey I am a big looser...


(she couldn't complete her words, she broke down into tears, she was crying pathetically, Rey forgot everything he was filled with guilt, but he didn't have the opportunity, to cry on his guilt, but the girl right in front of him, was broken she was a broken doll after achieving the so called definition of success in her life, she had no body to be called her as her own, Rey gathered her in a hug, he held her tightly in his arms, near his chest, she didn't protest, she was crying, Rey slowly took her inside the cottage, made her sit on the couch, gave her water, when she drank it, she realized she was too near to him, she fringed to move, Rey didn't allow he held her face in his palms, rubbed her tears and kissed her eyes, then kissed her forehead, slowly pulled her in his arms and then keeping her in his embrace said)


R-Taani, I will not say sorry, because the pain u have gone through in your entire life, is nothing in front of a sorry, I always thought u to be immature, but mujhe kya pata tha, ki hum saab se jyada strong  tum thie, mature bhi, but today I don't want to talk about others, neither I want to talk about our relation, all I want to say is forgetting everything can't we be friends, I just want ur friendship, Taani mai tumhe kishi bhi relation mai force nahi karunga, but ak chance in friendship I do deserve, and with time I want to be ur another bff, and in future, if sometime u think that tum tumharee yeah bff se alag ho kar nahii rahe sakti  ho, then that day u will find me as ur bf too. That day u don't have to voice ur feelings, jaha bhi raho ak call karna your Rey will be there, till then be with me as a frd, contact maat torna, fir se kahi gayab maat ho jana, do whatever u want to, stay wherever u want to, I am not saying stay with me, but at the end of the day ak ph call, I guess etna to kar hie sakti ho mere liya, please, apne frd ke liya,Taani, its true I love u, and it is also true that u love me,tum kaho yeah na kaho, I know it, and I will wait for u, until u accept me in your life, and the day u accept me I assure u I will allow u to live just the way u want to, Taani tum apne mom dad ki princess hona cahati thi, I can't bring back ur mom dad, but believe me tum meri princess hamesha raho giee, I love u, I will love u forever, but right now just be my frd.


(She smiled, in her tears, Rey didn't want a answer from her, cause her smile gave him his answer, Rey was happy that she accepted his frdship, it matters a lot, he wanted her to be free from all bonds, he didn't want her to pressurize, and wait for proper time, to take their relation forward, this time he wanted to make things perfect and so to change the mood he said)


R-let's start our friendship, with a cup of coffee. Kya soch rahi ho? (She was quite, he continued) Kiu coffee ki naam suntae hie, kuch yaad agaya, but u are not allowed to think princess, oops my dear friend, and we are just frds right?


T-Rey aap kabhi badal nahii saktae.


R-cahatii ho ki mai badal jayu? I guess no...kaha ja rahi ho Coffee bana ne? Nahi we are frds, so u sit and watch TV, I am going to prepare coffee, aur en gadho ko puuchho ph karke kaha rahe gaya, pata nahi tumharae bhabi ne mera frd ka kya haal kiya hai?


By saying this both busted into laughter.



Precap- Swaron's shaddi (wanted to add here but then it's already 14 pages) and Taarey's passionate romance...


Don't know what u guys are thinking, but it was needed to show Taayam's relation mending before Taarey's and in reality we know things don't change all of a sudden.




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Yippee !! Me first :)
Wow :)
Amazing update :)
Very emotional too !!
Beautifully described :)
Loved every bit of it :)
So Taarey are friends now :)
Waiting for their romance :)
Update soon :)
Thanx for the PM :)

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