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TaaRey ff- My Love My Passion & Our Destiny Thread 1 (Page 49)

taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 February 2015 at 4:23am | IP Logged
Thank You all for those who have liked and commented on the previous update, some comments were really long and my heartiest gratitude to those readers, it makes me happy and gives me confidence to write more, and encourages me to make my work better.

First  of all friends, I am updating the next part of this FF, Chapter- (5C) and I do remember my promise of a passionate romance between Taarey, but according to the story, it would come to the end part, after writing, it was coming to 14 pages in micro soft words, so we had to cut it down by default, as in last update many said that it was too long, some  said that, they were losing patience, this type of messages were filled in our inbox, so without any choice we are dividing the update into 5(C) & 5(D)...we are extremely sorry...I am really feeling sorry for Raddhi and Purva (twinkle taarey), because in the next update the two main scenes were contributed by them.

Moreover even I myself felt the essence of the story get killed if we loose interest in reading a long update.

So I have decided from now I will keep all my updates short.

A new banner of this FF by Vaishnavi Bajaj

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taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 February 2015 at 4:24am | IP Logged
(This update is mostly by Aanchal, and I have added some more, and friends, she is too sick, and while writing the first part of the update, yesterday she fainted having high fever, so please appreciate her effort with your comments.)


Equations were changing. In the mean time TaaRey became good friends. Sharon was not angry at Swayam anymore. Shivam wanted to marry Sneha, So he called his parents and told about Sneha and they too were happy, after all their Shivam had changed a lot, for good after meeting Sneha. He always talks about her only. All the time he has a smile on his face, thinking about her. Day before returning to Jodhpur, Shivam proposed Sneha on Mount Abu,for their marriage and she accepted happily. Taani was happy seeing her best friend happy and seeing Taani happy, Rey too was happy. Seeing his life happy, how can he not be happy? That's what he likes the most about Taani, In the smallest thing she finds her own reason to be happy.

They all came back to Jodhpur. Everyone was happy seeing their children's happiness, especially Mrs. Singhania and Mrs. Raiprakash. The reason for them to be happy was their children but without Taani it won't be possible ever. For Mrs Singhania, she started loving her as her daughter, and she was counting days, when his son clears all misunderstandings with her, and she can officially bring her to her house as daughter-in-law.

SwaRon's marriage preparations were going on. Everyone was busy with their respective work. But Mr. Reyansh Singhania was having his own personal work, to adore his Taani.  Mrs. Shekhawat was running behind Taani, to make her eat something but she was not ready to eat anything. She was busy but at last after pleading of 45minutes by Mrs. Shekhawat, Taani ate her food. Taani was making cute expressions and Rey adored her. Taani felt someone's gaze on her so she looked at the direction and found him staring at her with open mouth. Taani couldn't control herself and laughed. Rey too smiled.

In evening Mehendi Ceremony was there. All girls were sitting and mehendi was being applied on their hands. Boys were dancing and enjoying. Girls were hooting for them. All the elders were enjoying.

Swayam was stunned seeing Sharon in a white sarii and that too managing beautifully, when she joined her hands and stood in front of his daddi,

both daddi and pota (Grand son ie Swayam) was clean bold, all thanks to his little sister, who has completely changed the atmosphere.

Taani herself was also wearing a white Sarii, and was sitting with the other girls putting mehendi on her hands.


"Kisika name likhna hai apke hath par?" A girl asked Taani, she looked at Rey who was standing with the boys, enjoying. She nodded her head in positivity, as if answering some question in her mind and heart.

"Just write a R.." Taani whispered in her ear. Girl smiled.

She wrote R in her hand and Taani was smiling.

After Mehendi ceremony was over, Taani was sitting with Sharon when Sharon asked her to show her mehendi but Taani didn't. Sharon didn't force her much to show her mehendi to her. After sometime, all the girls were fed by their mothers. Sharon was more pampered by her two mothers, Mrs. Shekhawat and Mrs. Raiprakash.

In a corner Shivam was feeding Sneha. Swayam and Rey were standing, taking the support of the pillar. Taani was having tears in her eyes. She was missing her mother very much. She was missing, being pampered by her mother.

"I miss you Mom" Taani looked upwards and closed her eyes. She went from there to terrace.

This was not unnoticed by Rey. He was feeling very bad for her, So he went towards the food counter and took a plate and kept all her fab things in it.

"Mom!" Rey called his mother.

"Ha Rey?" Mrs. Singhania came towards him.

"Mom I need a favor!" Rey asked her.

"Ya.. say?" Mrs. Singhania replied.

"Mom woh, Taani haven't ate her dinner and she is on terrace.. I want you to make her eat something.. I would have gone but you know she'll feel uncomfortable"

Rey said the truth to his Mom and She just smiled at his son's care for his Love. She ruffled his hair, after years she has seen her son slowly coming back to life. Mrs. Singhania took the plate from his hand and went to the terrace.

Taani was standing on terrace, looking at the stars.

"Kya dhund rahi ho?" Mrs. Singhania asked from back and Taani looked at her first and then at the plate, which she was carrying.

"Kuch nahi!" Taani replied.

"Hmm.. firstly eat something.. phir We'll talk."

"Aunty, aap ne kiu taqleef ki, mai baad mai kha letii ", she replied suddenly feeling that Rey's mom brought food for her.

"Hmm, baad mai kha to leti, but mujhe meri betti ko apne haatho se khilana tha,", Mrs. Singhania said and made her sit on the stool, she fed her, Taani couldn't ignore her, just like as if her own mother she was feeding her, in between rubbing the extra food with  the pallu of her sari by her left hand,

"Tou ab batao" Mrs. Singhania said after feeding her two-three bites.

Taani was quite. She didn't utter a word and looked at the stars.

"Taani main bhi tumhari ma jesi hu.. tou batao kya baat hai?" Mrs. Singhania asked.

"Jab bhi mujhe Mom-Dad ki yaad aati hai tou I use to find them in these stars. Badi Ma kehti thi ki jab bhi essa lage ki you need a Mom tab tum mere pass aa jana.. main hu na tumhari ma.. but aaj Sharon ko Badi Ma aur Sangeeta Aunty ke sath dekh ke I wasn't able to control myself. Tou yaha aa gayi. You know Aunty jab bhi in 2 stars ko sath dekhti hu na tou mujhe Mom-Dad ki yaad aa jati hai.. vo log bhi esse hi thae.. hamesha ek sath rehte thae, bohot pyaar karte the ek dusre se, mai chotti thi but I still remember every night I used to sit in the terrace watching stars with my mom dad." Taani said, tears were rolling on her face.

"Tum apne Mom-Dad se bohot pyaar karti ho na Taani" Mrs. Singhania said. Taani nodded her head. She rubbed her tears.

"Rey se nahi karti?" Mrs. Singhania asked her making her mind divert from the topic of her Mom and Dad.

Taani was again quite.

"Mujhe mera javab mil gaya Taani, I am a mother and just I can read my son's unsaid words, even I can read ur mind beta, dakna ak dinn saab thik ho jayega, hum saab bohot khush rahenge" Mrs. Singhania said and smiled.

Suddenly Rey comes on the terrace.

"Not fair Mom" Rey says to his mother.

"Kya hua?" Mrs. Singhania asks him, making Taani eat one more bite. Taani too was confused.

"Aapko tou bachpan se hi beti chahige thi na.. ab tou mil gayi.. ab main thodi yaad hounga.." Rey says looking at Taani, who was laughing looking at his Mother's flushed face.

"Iss ladke ka kuch nahi ho sakta" Mrs. Singhania nods her head on both sides and holding his ears made him sit beside Taani, Mrs. Singhania was feeding both of them from one plate. TaaRey was exchanging glances with each other.

"Ahm-Ahm" Mrs. Singhania acts to clear her throat to bring them back to world.

"I need water!" Taani said.

"I'll go and bring water!" Rey says and leaves.

Mrs. Singhania goes to wash her hand, downstairs. Taani was looking at moon, cool breeze was coming on her face, like kissing her cheeks, and her hairs were flowing. Rey comes back.

"Taani.. Mom kaha gayi?" Rey comes and asks Taani, who was busy in her own dreams.

"Aunty has gone to wash her hands." Taani replies.

"I'll call her, wait!" Rey keeps the glass of water aside and was going back.

"Rey!"Taani calls him.

"Ya?" Rey stops.

"Aap hi pila do, bohot payaas lagi hai" Taani comes near him.

"M..M..Me?" Rey was shocked.

"Yes!" Taani says looking down.

Rey picks the glass, keeps his hand on her back head and makes her drink the water.

"Taani?" Suddenly Mrs. Singhania comes and was happy to see them like that.

"Ji Aunty?" Taani asks.

"I came to make you drink water but I guess there was no need to come back when Rey is with you!" Mrs. Singhania says, Taani and Rey blushes.

"Chale? Its late and its becoming cold too" Mrs. Singhania says and TaaRey nods, they all leave.


It was around 2:30am when Rey was passing through Taani's room and saw lights were still on.

"Itni raat ko Taani kya kar rahi hai?" Rey thought.

He comes out of the house and climbs to her room through the pipe. He was standing on the pipe when he saw Taani sitting on another window and looking at her mehendi in her hands, still in same white sarii, lost in her thoughts.

He jumps inside the room through window, ", purani adad gayi nahi, window mai baithi ho"

"Rey, aap yaha kya kar rahe ho?" Taani comes down from the window base asking her  

usual question.

"I wasn't able to sleep and then Tumhare room ki lights on dekha tou aagaya!" Rey says.

"But why from window? Agar kuch ho jata tou? Apko chote lag jati tou, Yeah haveli hai, Mumbai ka ghar nahi". Taani asks, and then she feels awkward remembering their past, Rey was watching her the same concern in her tone for him, but when he feels her uncomfortable, to distract her,

"I am The Reyansh Singhania.. esse kaises kuch ho jata? Aur tum ho na.. mujhe kuch hone nahi deti?" Rey says, raising his collars.

"What?" Taani shouts.

"I.. I mean.. tum meri friend ho na.. tou kya tum mujhe kuch hone deti?" Rey says after realizing what he said.

"Ok! Ab jao!" Taani says.

"What do you mean by jao? How mean of u Taani, main apni friend ke sath thoda time spend karne aaya hu and you are saying jao? How mean?!" Rey pouts.

"Rey rath ke 2:30 bje aapko time spend karna hai?" Taani fakes anger.

"Ok.. ok.. I'll go but on one condition." Rey says.

"Kya?" Taani asks.

"Mujhe yeh janana hai ki.." Rey says and comes closer to her,

"Ki..?"Taani takes step backward.

"Ki.." Rey takes some steps forward.

"Ki..?" She again takes some steps back.

"Ki.. tumhare hath par mera name ki letter kyu hai?" Rey says, Taani closes her eyes as she hits to the wall.

"Hum tou sirf friends hai, We are just friend... and friends ke name mehendi par nahi hotey..right?" Taani tries to avoid when Rey holds her hand.

A sound of something falling came. Taani got scared.

"Rey, koi aa raha hai.. please jayiye" Taani Says.

"Abhi tou I am going but I need my answer!" Rey said and leaves from there before anyone see him.

"Thank You krishnaji, Rey chale gaye.. varna unke iss question ne tou mujhe dara hi diya tha!" Taani murmured under her breath. After about 5 mins a message beeped in her phone, "Don't worry, your mehendi colour will be the darkest" her face was blushed reading the message, she was wondering when any no one noticed the "R" hidden in the design, how come it came to his notice.

Taani slept in those clothes only.

Next morning was a big for SwaRon. In evening, Taani was doing makeup of Sharon. She was not ready till yet. Sneha comes in Sharon's room.

"Taani, tu abhi tak ready nahi hui?" Sneha said hurriedly.

"Bhabhi ko ready karlu..then I'll go!" Taani replies.

"Sneha aa gyi na, you go and get ready" Sharon says.

"Ohkay!" Taani leaves from there.

When she came inside her room, her badi ma was standing there with 3lehangas for Taani. She was confused so she brought all for her.

"Badi Ma.. ye kya hai?" Taani asks.

"Tumhare lehenge!" Mrs. Shikawat said confusingly.

"What? Itne saaree??" Taani shouts.

"Mujhe kuch samaj nahi aaya.. tou-"

"aap sab le aai!" Taani completes her.


"Ok! Let me decide.." Rey was passing through outside, Taani saw him so she shouts, Rey looks at her.

One by One she tries all and Rey was telling her which one is good. Atlast he thumbs up on a blue one. Taani smiles and takes the yellow one and says, " Ok baddi ma I will wear this yellow one, its pretty"  Rey becomes sad, and leaves.

Taani was getting ready, she was wearing her lehenga,

Taani's lehenga (Thank You Raddhi)

When Mrs Singhania, came with a box, and was staring at her, keeping the box on the bed, she then helped her in putting the pleats of her churni, adjusted the dori of her blouse, and then combed her hair, just as a mother makes a daughter ready,and when Taani was going to wear her jewellery, she stopped her, and then made her sit in the dressing tool " jab your baddi ma, showed me all the lehengas, I was sure you will choose the blue one, cahe tum kuch bhi kaho yeah na kaho I know u love Rey, and you can never stop loving him, because  blue mera beta ka aur tumhara Rey ka favorite color hai, and when I went to buy gifts for Sharon mai tumhare liya bhi kuch laya tha, and don't u dare argue with me, meri beti ho tum and a mother has all right on her daughter, Rey ke saath cahe kuch bhi ho tumhara par mere liya you are like my daughter, and I am more proud of my daughter than my own son". she gifted her a beautiful necklace and earring, she herself made her wear it, taani was having tears in her eyes, she rubbed it with her pallu, kisses her forehead and then she left.

Jwellery gifted to Taani by Mrs Singhania (Thank You Raddhi)

In marriage Rey was sitting near the pillar. Swayam was sitting in mandap. Elders were standing near him. Swayam looked at the stairs and found Sharon coming down in bright red lehenga in with his sissy.

Swaron's marriage outfits- (Thank You Raddhi)

Rey was damn struck looking at Taani. She was wearing the lehenga which he choose. Taani and Sharon both were looking beyond beautiful. Taani comes and sits near Rey, she purposely sits beside him displaying her Mehendi,

And when Rey complements in her ears "Beautiful" She just blushes and looks down, "Mujhe pareshan karne ki adadat gayii nahi, and don't forget to give my answer (R) in your palm".She tried hard to control her smile and Rey was constantly giving her looks, making her consious but somewhere after years she was loving his attention.

Marriage rituals started. Swayam puts sindoor in her parted hairs, ties mangalsutra around her neck. They stands up and takes 7vows. After that they were one.


Next day they all reached Mumbai for Reception. Reception was in evening but till now Taani didn't know what she'll wear. Shivam's parents were also invited for Reception.

"Sneha!?" Rey knocked the door of Sneha's room.

"Come in!" Sneha says

"Rey tum yaha?" Sneha says lit bit confused.

"Ya.. I want you to give it to Taani!" Rey says handing a packet to Sneha.

"Why don't you give it to her?" Sneha takes the packet.

"You know it, she'll not take it!" Rey says.

"Ohhh...ya!" Sneha says.

'Tou tum usse ye de dogi!?" Rey asks.

"But mujhe kya milega??" Sneha says in a naughty tone.

"Tumhe main kya de sakta hu?'' Rey says sadly.

"Just kidding I'll give it to her, but yeah you can give me my bff's smile genuine smile back" Sneha says.

"Thanks, and your bff is my life, and one day I will surely give her everything she deserves.''

Rey leaves with a smile.

In evening, Rey was waiting for Taani to come but she wasn't reached yet.

"Kha ho Taani?" Rey thought. His eyes were closed.

Rey opened his eyes, hearing the sound of payals. He saw Taani and Sharon giving pose and Sneha clicking pictures. Their photographis session was going on, soon they pulled Swayam in it.

All the girls were wearing lehenga for the reception, but his Taani was standing infront of him in a white netted Sarii  with a silver blouse which he brought for her. Among everybody she was looking unique, simple yet stunning,  Sneha was then clicking Swaron's pictures.

She came towards him, "Hey!" Rey waved his hand.

"Hiee!" Taani smiles.

"Bohot pretty lag rahi ho!'' Rey compliments her.

"Thank You!" Taani says.

The reception was over. Guest dispersed, soon Sneha took Taani aside, saying she is going on a date with Shivam, and she needs her help to sneak  out, when they came to the garden hiding themselves, Taani saw both Shivam and Rey was standing there in front of their respective cars, before she could shout at Sneha, waving her Good Bye,  she went with Shivam.

T-"aap yeaha"

R- "Aj kuch jyadahi unique lag rahii thi part mai, bohot jyada pretty lag rahi ho"

T-Hmnn, I know your choices are always unique


T-Aap ko kya laga Sneha mujhe gift packet da gii and I will not understand, who has sent?

R-Achha, tumhe pata tha that I have send? Baat kya hai madam, aj kal bina argue kiya mere gifts accept kar rahi ho, u are writing my name on your mehendi, I guess we are just friends? (winking at her with his killer smile)

T-Mujhe andar jana hai, bye

(before she could run Rey held her hands and pulled her, she some how balanced herself holding the bonnet of the car

R-Waise my choices are always unique,( and coming close to her ears) I choose the best.


5(D)-Romance unlimited
Will be up after 90 likes and its already written.

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raddhi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 February 2015 at 4:35am | IP Logged
Amazing part love that taarey become best friend
In no time aww taani put R in her hand wah aww rey
Care for taani so much he send his mom to make taani
Eat dinner so swt taani & rey mom part of cute taani found
Her mom in rey's mom good taani allow rey to make her drink
Water wow yaar rey came in taani room at 2:30 wah rey know
Abt his R letter in taani hand i also want taani ans now hehe taani
Knowing took other lehnga just to tease rey aww my rey got upset
Chalo Swaron wedding got over rey gift taani a saree lovely saree
Taarey last part was awsm love it thanks for PM waiting for nxt prt

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urvisaini IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 February 2015 at 8:08am | IP Logged

Just loved it

Specially the way rey s mom bonded with taani and took care of her!

Continue soon 

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_khwaish_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 February 2015 at 8:16am | IP Logged
aww mindblowing update reyki mom kitni achi hai taani ko ek maa jaisa pyaar diya taani dress collection awsm taarey last scence awsm plzz next part update soon...

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Jasmine_ash Goldie

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Posted: 11 February 2015 at 8:34am | IP Logged
Res/ unres
di and aanchu again it was beautiful update.
You guys just rocked.
From starting till end i was like awww.
Most adorable was taarey scene.
They just perfect.
Let it be mehnidi scene, terrace, bedroom or reception lovely lovely lovely :)
at last taani and rey shared better equation.
I felt sad for taani, but when rey their y sad. Mrs.singhania is such a sweet heart.
Waiting for next update.
Aanchu you r really pretty cute doll. Thanks for giving beautifully and amazing update.
Di pls next update thoda jalidi pls.    

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Viji.Chandran IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 February 2015 at 9:07am | IP Logged
awesome update...

taani seems happy...

loved mrs singhania n taani scene a lot

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meenu_taarey IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 February 2015 at 9:09am | IP Logged
wow dii amazing update
i enjoyed this update 
alot means a lot
all the scene r meaningful 
here in the update
n each n every dresses
superbbb nice choice
nice mehandi...
plls   update soon n pm me
take care

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