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TaaRey ff- My Love My Passion & Our Destiny Thread 1 (Page 37)

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Posted: 24 January 2015 at 9:30pm | IP Logged
Superb updt di Smile
Maza aa gya Big smile
Qa band bajayi h saare elders ne gang ki Cool
But it was very emotional Cry
Spcly taani's letter Cry
Itna acha likha di apne Clap hats off Clap
Waiting for next Smile

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Thankyou so much Guys!..

vrinda-fan, gudiya_taarey, Saku_taarey, pinkytekwani, -LoveTaaRey-, ggd30565, Gia_weirdo, Fairy..., Twinkle_TaaRey, Trisha49, Aarti_Taarey, uma_taarey, hiralluvtaarey, preety_1994, nikkypal, lalLY1234, coffeebeans--, taanitaarey, pinal_TaaRey, doll_dimple, sneharjun92, AshwiniPindoria, CharMarfan4ever, qwerty012, nagutaarey, Jasmine_ash, attraction, AriaNeci, Muskan_TR, sashaTR, Visk_Taarey, sanyataraiya, ONLYTAAREY, ROJA-TAAREY, taareymyjaan, amridhi, angel_taarey, TR_lovebirds, putti_taarey, _Cupid_, SaNa_sTaR, megha1996, anum_6, umatejesh, .Shanaya., meenu_taarey, R.sailaja, EternalStars., Rockingbhardwaj, urvisaini, velvetrose, NidaJavidTaaRey, sumana.shesha, divi_divyana, yoyoaishwarya, skfirdous, disha93, shamanbk, Humzy, Miss_Sparkles, pari_goyal, Missu_TR, monikasaxena05, Andy_Dynamite, Mon_tr, tamanna-azaan, hima_taarey, princess_tara, Priyanka.saha, raddhi, mishtypiya,Viji.Chandran, navk, FireFlies.

Loved your lovely comments. Thankx for supporting. It means alot.

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(Joined venture by me and aanchal)

It says, Time and tide waits for none, it was true for Taarey too, 2 years passed. In this 2 year Taani went for her MBA and to fulfill her dream of learning Bale  dance, yes learning because she was a girl who didn't want to become a world famous dancer or come into limelight, she never wanted to be a hard core professional woman; all she wanted in her life was a happy family. But as we know, we can never walk in life with our plans, and somewhere we agree or not, destiny has a major role in our life, it so happened for Taani also, in childhood she left her dream for Tauji, and when she was 16, cupid stroked her with his love arrow and when she was 18 she came to Mumbai, and totally passionately devoted herself to Rey, to Rey's love, but one blow from Rey made her to a soul less person, who had only duties to fulfill, she had no dreams, passion, and no hope for a future happy life. All she wanted now was too help tauji in his business, and let her brother Swayam fulfill his dream of dance, love and friendship, whereas the three aspects, she lacked miserably in her life. Rey, her love misunderstood her, shattered her dreams of a happy family, and friendship, she never had it, the persons whom she knew as her friend, were nothing but a bunch of selfish arrogant proud persons, living in their own world, where she had no entry.

Tauji helped her boosted her to fulfill her childhood dream, and she agreed to it along with continuing her MBA to prepare herself for helping Tauji in future. And with this two motives 2 years ago she came to Brazil, all broken but again destiny played a role, and like a speedy flash of fresh air, entered a girl named Sneha in her life, she was a native Indian girl, she was her roommate ,better flatmate and co partner in her Ballet Dance Academy. She knew everything about her, and she never mocked her with her past, all she did was to make Taani, do all sorts of crazy things, which students do in their college life, and which Taani, lacked doing. And for Taani, it was not a easy task to open up in front of a stranger, but Sneha with her love, with her friendship and care made it easy, in life first time Taani got a friend, with whom irrespective of her insecurities could open up, could share with her all her hidden feelings, they both became bffs and shared each and every details with each other, where Taani had tough times handling MBA course in morning, and ballerina dancing in evening, and for Sneha, she dream to become a ballerina dancer, she used to stay back in their flat and practice and used to make food for Taani, first time there was someone in her life who used to take care of her instead the vice verse which she did all her life  and in a very short time Sneha recognized the hidden love which she still had for Rey, locked up in some corner of her heart, with some hard iron chains and locks. Sneha knew that for Taani, it will take time to open the locks of her heart, and things cannot happen with a blink of eye, and she never forced her, cause she loved Taani like a friend, like a soul sister, moreover whatever she came to know from Taani, she herself was not sure whether Rey has moved on or not. And a little secret she had not disclosed to Taani, was she herself was in love with an Indian guy,by profession he was an event manager, who started a small company, whom she had met in social media only but because Taani has suffered in love, she didn't disclose it with her, as she thought it would remind her about her own failure in love.

With this life went on, on one side her friendship with Sneha brewed to an unbreakable bond of trust and love, and on the other side at the end of 2 years she once again passed with flying colours in her MBA. But the greatest achievement was the trophy in The USA International Ballet Competition. USA IBC, is one of the world's top competitions for ballet. Located in Jackson, Mississippi, this competition is attended by dancers from all over the world to represent their country for bronze, silver, or gold medals in a variety of categories of ballet. Both Sneha and Taani participated; though in singles they made themselves rank in the first 5 but in double championship they won the gold medal, there  concept posture dress everything was unique, they represented a form, which was named as Wild Rose...the picture went viral in social medias,

avoid the faces   

There were controversies as they represented Brazil being Indian, but they had no choice as they participated from that country, and their academy soon they were honored with the medals.


Last 2 years in India-

In this 2 years all thanks to Tauji, neither he gave Swayam any source to contact Taani, and neither she was visible in any social media. They have not even seen a glimpse of her. The video got likes more than expected, it became a hot topic, that 2 Indian girl had managed to gain attention and has been crowned with a prestigious award, they were being called as Wild roses in social media and this made the D3 team to have a look and after 2 years first time Rey, Swayam and his friends, saw just a video of Taani, which made them awestruck, dump fold, the whole D3 team the dancers, for whom a non dancer had no existence in their life couldn't even think of speaking neither they had words of praise, neither they could bad mouth her, all they understood was the level of difference, and that there lie no comparison. For Rey the video became the source of life, the energy to live his life once again,soon they saw the interview in you tube after wining trophy and medal it was only Taani's dancing partner who was answering she was not even in the screen and then suddenly her partner pulled her and they saw her in  formal on their laptop screen after 2 years

Her dressing sense, her style statement everything changed,she was no  looking like a real dive, not like the self proclaimed divas of St. Louis, Rey was admiring her on screen, confidence was reflecting from her appearance, but Rey could still find out the hidden loneliness masked in her broad smile but his thought was broken with his friends few words, yes it was one of the diva of D3 academy Miss Kriya Ghai...

K-They got such a prestigious award, but they know just only one form of dancing that his ballet..And they have lot to learn more...

(She was shut up by another  diva Miss Sharon Raiprakash)

Sh- haa hum saab kisi na kissi form mai specialized hai,but award kabhi nahii jitee, dance camp mai bhi we failed miserably, aur after wards we became professional, individuality, that we have lost long before, In India we are suffering so many hurdles to form a dance academy, we can't even dream off such an award..

( again it turned to a heated conversation, but then all was shuddered down when after two years, the brother hidden in Swayam spoke...when he screamed on the top off his voice, accusing everybody, along with himself that for them he had lost his sister, never could try to understand her, spare time to know her he even blamed Rey his bff to break her down, but one look at Rey stopped her when he saw he was not at all in this world, he was sitting staring at his phone screen, tears flowing from his eyes..and then his words stopped everybody)

R-Guys I want to stay alone, and Taani is not a part of you guys life, and to fulfill my promises of friendship with you all I have lost my life, still I am all yours, so please I don't want to even listen her name good or bad from all your mouths, your friendship has caused my life to move away from me, but she will remain in my heart forever, I don't know whether she will ever step in my life once again or not, but I don't want to ruin her memories so please excuse her name from your discussion, rather we have lots more to discuss about our own academy, moving out from us she has proved herself but have we reached to the first step of our dreams??

In these two years in India, D3 team has seen lots of ups and downs, then with Sharon's moms help, there bit of income and savings from dance ventures, they brought up the land for academy and started, they were suffering from sponsorship problems but then Kriya's rich boyfriend offered them with a huge help, but with claws that she will have 50% share of the academy, they had no alternatives but to agree. Competitions, craze of dance groups were increasing, and there tough competitor became an upcoming group called "The MJ Group". After this award winning news of Taani, although their life became busy in there academy, but still Sharon, Swayam, Vicky, Aashi continuously tried to get connected with her, although they knew where she is? But they were not able to track her address and they didn't even tried to find in a broad way as according to Rey 

R- She is happy there, being alone. I don't want her to be sad because of us. We all have already hurt her a lot. Not anymore. Let her live her life, and the rest I will leave on destiny, One day she may come back..Rest she is always there in my heart, I can feel her.

Time flowed and another 6 months passed, and then officially Swaron's engagement was fixed, date time and venue too was fixed, much against the displeasure of Swayam's family, but his dad gave the acknowledgement and the family had to follow, all thanks to Taani, because only after discussing with her Mr. Rishi Shekhawat agreed, unaware to everybody.

On the day of SwaRon's engagement..

Everyone was busy in arrangements, Sharon was getting ready when her phone beeped and there was a mail of Taani.  Sharon was damn happy to see that after lots of trying finally she got a hope. Sharon came out of her thoughts when Simmi, Neha, Aashi and Kria came inside, Sharon's eyes were teary.

Kria- Sharon kya hua? Why your eyes are teary?

Sharon(happily)- Taani ka message aaya.

Simmi, Neha, Aashi- What??? Really ?

Sharon nodded in excitement. Kria was not as happy as She knows when it comes to Taani everyone in gang is emotional, which she never likes at all.

Simmi- kya likha hai??

Sharon- Ruko sabko aane do.. Then I'll read.

Rey was getting ready, with  Neil and Vicky  running around him   fighting over a jacket,and Rey was getting irritated. After 10minute Swayam enters his room with a box. All looks at him."What? Why you all are looking at me like this?"said Swayam after founding that everyone staring at him.

R-What is in it?

Sw-Don't know but  it came from her!"
answered Swayam making everyone smile.

V-matlab it is from Taani? a stupid questioned asked by Vicky, all glare at him.

V-Let me open it.

"No! Let girls come!" said Rey and Swayam in unionism.

In evening everyone was in hall. Swayam was looking at stairs, waiting for Sharon.

It didn't got unnoticed by Boys and after sometime Sharon came.

"kesi lag rahi hu main?" asked Sharon, standing beside Swayam.

Swayam complemented her, Sharon blushed at that.

They both got locked in an eye lock.

Rey acted like he is clearing his throat, to bring them out their dreamland as all were staring at them. He himself was thinking of his Love Taani, as he was missing her a lot, her presence could have created a different atmosphere in the celebration, he was going wild in imaginations, when a voice broke his trance.

Bua- (Swayam's relative) dekha ma kaha tha na mene aapse, ye ladki ko koi sharam- lejaz nahi hai, dekho sab ke samne hi shuru ho gyi"


comment by Swayam's bua, was heard by Swayam, Sharon and Rey. Sharon felt very hurt.

Sw-Bua!! Swayam was cut off by Rey.

R-Swayam! Leave it. Let's start the engagement ceremony!.

All gathered and Sharon and Swayam exchanged the rings families exchanged other pleasantries.

Sw-Welcome to Shekhawat family,would being Mrs. Sharon Swayam Shekhawat!
whispers Swayam so only Sharon was able to hear it. Sharon blushes hard, but somewhere she was uncomfortable, wearing sari and different other obligatory of Swayam's family.

R-Congrats Guys! Rey said and hugged them both hiding his tears he knew Taani used to remain so excited in these ceremonies, but incidents went so, she didn't even attain Swayam's engagement.

After the family members left,

Sw-Guys Taani ne gift bheja hai!
said Swayam.

Sh-Taani ka mail bhi aaya hain! said Sharon making everyone happier.

R-mail m kya likha tha?  Asked Rey in excitement.

Sh-she congratulated us and asked about all the members and said she is fine but can't meet us.
Said Sharon, which made Rey hurt.

R-Sharon if you don't mind can I have your phone?
asked Rey, still having a hope that she must have asked about him.

Sh-sure! answered Sharon and handed over her phone to him.

He looked at the mail, handed the phone back to Sharon, then

R-Guys, I'll be back!  and left the room.

Kria tried to stop him.

Sh- Rehnedo Kria! He needs to be alone and We should leave him alone..


Rey was sitting on terrace of his house remembering his sweet memories with Taani, actually, the best memories of his life. Taani is not with him anymore. She is happy in her life. That's what he wanted for her, her being independent. But he wasn't aware of the fact that Taani do have dreams rather than being His only but then also her ultimate wish was to be with him, which he misunderstood but the truth was he never tried to understand her. But it was hurting him that in her mail, she has asked about everybody, congratulated Swaron for engagement, send clothes for them, but she didn't even said a word or rather asked anything about him, and her end lines was breaking him down, which read "bhabi, I guess after your engagement its Rey and Kriya's turn, convey my good wishes to them."

R-I know Taani, I was wrong! But I'll be never wrong in loving you. I loved you, I love you and I will always love you. How can u even think, that anybody can replace ur place in my heart, Rey is all yours and will always remain so.

Rey slept their only while admiring Taani's picture, on his mobile. Kriya was supposed to leave India and go back that night after Swaron's engagement, but it didn't mattered him .

Whereas in Swayam's house that night

Sh-Kria, have you taken everything which is needed?  
asked Sharon as Kria was leaving to New York with Raj. They have their flight in 3hours.

K-Yeah! But Rey kha hain?
He said me that he will come and drop us


Sw-Wait let me call him.

Rey wasn't picking the call as he was in deep sleep.

K-What happened?

Sw-Vo.. Rey is not picking my call!

K-Its ok.. He needs time and I think we should leave varna we'll miss our flight, unhee to time miltee hii Taani ke liya rona bahat jana hota hai.

Kriya left and went abroad accompanied by Rohan, as he decided to join the academy abroad.

IN SWAYAM ROOM after a month,

Sw-How can it be possible? Check once again! Swayam shouted on the manager of D3 Academy over phone.

Sh-Kya hua Swayam? Why are you shouting?

Manager-No Sir! Aapne jis project ke liye bola tha vo ab hamare pass nahi hain! Vo event M.J. Group ko mil gya hain."

Sw-Are you crazy? How can it be possible? Uss event mein humare sare funds lage hue the! How can it be a last momment change?

Manager-I really don't know Sir. I am trying to contact to Mr. Kapoor but he isn't picking up his phone

Swayam and disconnected the call. Rey came as Sharon called him, and entering he asked

R-Kya hua Swayam?

Sw-Hamari Academy ke sare funds chale gaye Rey. Mr. Kapoor ne last minute par humse vo event le liya. Hamara sapna kabhi pura nahi ho payega Rey! Hamara dream event is not with us anymore  said swayam breaking down.

Sh-What rubbish are you saying Swayam? said an angry Sharon.

Sw-Its the truth Sharon. D3 Academy is no more.


R- cool down swayam,humare  sare shares nahi lage the uss event mein only Sharon and Kriya ke shares was there , humaree shares  abhi bhi hai. Don't take tension Swayam kuch nahi hoga. We'll start a fresh. We have to make D3 Academy the best like before. You are with me na Swayam? And we just have to talk with aunti, and Kriya is our friend she will understand. Rey tried to make Swayam realize that crying is not the solution.

Sharon- But Rey, I don't think so, Kriya has changed, I have noticed...

Rey-No buts Sharon.. We have to do this.. And we can! Kuch nahi hoga, she will be with us, after all she is our friend.

All this conversation was heard by Swayam's bua and her hatred towards Sharon  increased even more as she believes in upshagun n all.

Bua ( Swayam's family member)- abhi tou sirf sagai hi hui hai tou ye ladki Sharon itni bdi barbaadi sath layi hai.. Pta nahi aur kitna sehna padega hamare Swayam ko iske vjh se.


Bua said in disbelieving and leaved from there, determined to broke SwaRon's relation.

To disperse the situation they left to their respective house,

After few days-

Swayam's dadi-Ye kya keh rahi ho tum?

Bua-Ha Maa! Dekho na ye Sharon kitni buri kismat layi hai hamare Swayam ke zindagi mein.

Dadi-hame kuch karna hoga! Hum iss baare mein Rishi se  baat karenge..

Bua said to herself "ab aayega maza.. Ye Sharon apne aapko kuch jyada hi smart samajhti hai na ab dekhna tumhe tumhara pyaar cheen lungi mein.. Aapne bhateje ke liye tumse achi ladki dhund kar uski shaadi tumhare samne karvaungi.."

Thought Bua Ji. Her evil mind has already done the damage and now it's in Destiny's hand what it had planned for tomorrow morning.



Time flowed and after that beautiful engagement memorable night things started taking an ugly note once again, due to Swayam's family's constant bugging, Swaron was almost on the verge of breaking their relation,  and one sudden day when all went to an uncontrolled situation she returned Swayam his engagement ring, they broke up, Sharon was unable to handle, the rituals and bindings of the traditional Shekhwat family, they took the decision, Kriya returned on the night of  Swaron's engagement with her fiance, there she opened her own dream academy, Rohan Manchada returned back with Kriya, Neha became busy with her regional films, she started ignoring dance, Simmi and Neil, was the selfish in the lot, they were not getting profit, and this issue was often raise up by Simmi, MJ was turning to be a threat to their popularity, Rey was acting stable but he was  broken from much before, from the day Taani left, and Swaron was pressurised with personal problems, though they professionally tried level best, but it was becoming impossible, another 6 months passed, Academy was facing severe financial crisis, Swaron and Rey was becoming helpless, Swaron's personal equation was hampering professionally a lot. Another 6 months crossed, and exactly after 2years 11 months, of Taani leaving them came the last hook in their coffin, when just after 6 months once again Kriya came back, they thought their friend came back to help them in such a situation but this time Kriya came back as Kriya Taneja,  she got married to her fiance but didn't bother to inform her friends or invite them, according to her they were bunch of loosers, she came and went on  accusing D3 team that for them her shares are suffering loss, and though she has sympathy for them financially but  business loss she can't endure, she accused  REY and Sharon the more that they can't handle their love life, she even said the most harsh words to Rey saying that Taani took the best decision of living him, or else Rey would ruin her future, as Sharon did with Swayam, they couldn't take it anymore, but there was yet stored for them, Simmi decided to go with Kriya, and took her 5% share, and by default Neil unwillingly accompanied her, with a loss of another 5% share of the academy, they totally went on with a loss of 60% share, time so came that they had to sell the academy to enquire losses.

Rey could remember only Taani's words, "mai aap ki gf hu Rey, I deserve your attention, friends are indeed needed in life, but personal relations are also quite important, dakna akdin aap ko fark samaj mai a jayega..haar baat jo aapki personal hai woh friends ke saath share nahi kiya jata."


In this one year- with Taani,

After completing her MBA and her award, Taani decided to return India to fulfil her promise and take care of Shekhawat Industries, though taujii gave her the option that she can have her career in bale dancing but she denied, she is a girl who never breaks her promise, but then Sneha came to her help, she said that she wants to go to India, and set up a small dance academy, taujii grabbed the option and then as decided Sneha and Taani, returned India, and settled in Shimla, there Sneha opened a small academy, though tauji wanted to help but Sneha denied, so tauji offered her to work as Taani's assistant in Shekhawat Industries, and Taani and Sneha used their  salaries which they got as working in Shekhawat, and their prise money to set up SKY BALLERINA DANCE TROOP, along with that  she was looking after the North Indian garment sector of Shekhawats, and their other projects, one day when they were in a mood of masti, that time Sneha disclosed that she has a bf whom she never met and that he is an event manager, and an ex student of Taani's college. Taani wanted to know about him, but Sneha was not speaking out,

T-Bol na St. Louis ka ex student kaun hai? Jisne meri frd ki dil churai hai

Sn- nops, I will not 


Sn- Actually I have not met him

T-you love him and you have not met him? Hows that possible..

Sn- Kiu tub hi to Rey ki videos dakh kar payar karne lagi thi...

T- (Became sad) But faida kya hua? I suffered a heart break...

Sn- But I still believe may be Rey is waiting for u..

T- Nahi Sneha, I was not made for him,

Sn- But Taani..(She was cut in between )

T-dakh calak maat ban, topic divert maat kar..Bf kaun hai bole ..warna cuttiii

Sn- achha sorry, actually according to him he was not a nice person in his beginning life, he has committed severe mistakes, but he says now he have changed, I love him surely, but I don't know should I trust him? He actually left St.Louis and joined a different college, there he completed his graduation, and now u know he is working as event manager...

T-Ok fine but meet him once,

Sn- Yup then I will call him here.

That night both drifted to sleep, next day Sneha's bf came to meet, both Taani and Sneha took a day's off and went to meet him, on the way Sneha disclosed that her bf knows Taani very well and when they meet he was none other than Shivam Kapoor. First Taani was angry, but later on all settled, but Taani was pleased with Shivam's honesty that he has hidden nothing from Sneha. They had a nice time, and on the evening during parting away Sneha asked Taani, in front of Shivam

Sn - So Taani should I give Shivam a chance?

T-yes you should, I agree that he led a bad life, but he have changed, so you should give him a chance.

Shi- So Taani, Is it not applicable for u too?


Shi- I mean even Rey deserves a chance..too


Sn- No Taani, I am sorry but he knows it all, and he knows another truth which we are unaware off, he lives in Mumbai, and being an event  manager, he is equipped with all information's, so it was me who asked him to find out,


and then Shivam said about kriya's marriage, Swaron's breakup, Simmi and Neil living them and that academy is on the verge of being sold.

Taani broke down and was crying, Sneha controlled her, Shivam asked her to come back, but she denied saying she needs time, and took a promise from Shivam, that he will not disclose anything about her to Rey, Swayam or anybody he meets by chance, even they shouldn't know that she is back in India from last one year, Shivam de parted, and then again a month passed in dilemma. Taani was acting strong but Sneha knew she has been once again broken, how much they have mentally tortured her, she still loves them a lot, for her Rey and her bhai's happiness matter a lot.


Here in Mumbai, with time everything was going out of control, Sharon was blaming herself, and her mother's few words were haunting her, "whatever you all do, the way you act, someday or other you will get your return, you all had ur respective love lifes passion, friendship  but you all have lost everything, and see a girl, whom you all considered as nothing but a shit, as proved herself by winning  an world famous contest, but see still she did not contact you all, did not boost her achievement, it is the punishment u all are deserving, because, you all have knowingly or unknowingly cursed a pious sole."Then and one fine day Sharon called Mr. Shekhawat, they talked for some time, she couldn't take it anymore.

That night Taani was in her room when her ph beeped an unknown number, as soon as she said Hello, the voice broke down, she heard the voice after 3 long years she couldn't control herself, and later after talking with Sneha next day she headed to Mumbai, Shivam was waiting for her in the airport, as soon as she saw her they shared a friendly hug,  and was waiting for her luggage, same time Rey and Swayam was in the airport, Swayam went there to receive, Rey as he was returning after attaining a meeting in Bangalore with some sponsors, suddenly he could feel a different breeze surrounding him, he became impatient, started looking here and there, when Swayam asked him, all he could say that he can feel Taani, Swayam's eyes was also travelling here and there but Rey pulled him back and pointed to someone all they could see was-

They froze to their places when they saw her after 3 long years, a different Taani, change in hair style, dressing sense, that too in India and that to with Shivam??? They wanted to go to her, talk to her, Rey wanted to hug her tight but why Shivam with her? Before they could decide anything a black Honda city came, and both within few minutes, left the airport boarding on it.


Chapter 5(A) Taani Sharon meet.

Chapter 5(B) Reyum confronts Shivam, TaaRey meet, Swaron's Shaddi (Re-entry of family)

Chapter 5(C) TaaRey Sizzling romance.

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sailaja. IF-Rockerz

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awsome update waiting for taarey meet

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raddhi IF-Rockerz

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Ok now this prt was emotional you shld have kept tissue paper for this prt I cried alot for rey he suffer alot in this year he not only lost his love but he slowly lost his Frd dance & everything Swaron break up Kriya ditch gang & Simmi nil went with Kriya Rey dream was broken all thanks to everyone in his life & he can't do anything taani make a BFF Sneha good Luv thr bond shivam is Sneha bf nice rey is sooo broken he have no one with whom he can share his pain shivam told taani Abt gang hmm reyam saw taani with shivam I just want to hug rey sooo tight he is all broken Cry this prt was too emotional I couldn't stop my tears thanks for PM waiting for nxt prt

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Res/ unres
breathe taking update :)
priya and aanchu once again you guys rocked. Thanks for long update.
You clearly mentioned what exactly happened.
Happy for taani and sneha :) nice friend not the selfish ones.
Rey feeling sad for poor guy, but is words not to back bitch taani was quite emotional.
Swaron engagement but breakup in same update :(
shivam changed into good one. Loved is convo :)

lot more to comment but dump struck with amazing update :)
waiting for TaaRey moments :)
precap seems so interesting :)
hope to see shivam sneha, swaron, taarey. :)
thanks for pm dears :)
update asap :)   

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Super ossum update

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nice update

continue soon:)

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Author: Taarey_Manan   Replies: 110   Views: 41989

Taarey_Manan 110 41989 29 June 2015 at 3:35am by FlawlessKhushi
Taarey fanfiction index .## my taarey corner ##.

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Author: taani.priya1997   Replies: 38   Views: 25352

taani.priya1997 38 25352 07 February 2015 at 3:50am by princess1926
taarey ss:- taarey made for each other

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Author: sangee_manan   Replies: 214   Views: 94594

sangee_manan 214 94594 31 January 2015 at 7:43am by Jasmine_ash
taarey and haunted house-TAAREY OS

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Author: --taareylove---   Replies: 90   Views: 24388

--taareylove--- 90 24388 30 June 2014 at 2:06pm by millllli

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Author: ...Jannat...   Replies: 404   Views: 85894

...Jannat... 404 85894 12 April 2014 at 12:04am by

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