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TaaRey ff- My Love My Passion & Our Destiny Thread 1 (Page 36)

sneharjun92 Goldie

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Posted: 28 January 2015 at 6:32pm | IP Logged
amazing part. loved it.
all past events of rey n taanis life described beautifully.
Sneha is first friend of taani but she is really true one. she took care of taani very well.
quotes which are said by taani n Sharon mom are good.
taani now back to Mumbai.
precap is nice.

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TR_lovebirds Goldie

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Posted: 29 January 2015 at 1:05am | IP Logged
Awsum update...
Happy for taani that she have a bff like sneha...
she won d contest... that was d tight slap on gang members face... who never thought anyone worthy enough infront of themselves...
swaron's engagement broke bcoz of swayam's family...
Feeling bad for rey... he lost everything bcoz of his so-called selfish frnds...
sneha n shivam r in love wid each other... Smile
taani is back in Mumbai and rey saw her with shivam...
waiting for taarey meet... hope taani will makes everything perfect like before...
update soon...

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.Shanaya. Goldie

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Posted: 30 January 2015 at 12:36am | IP Logged
I feel bad for the D3 team though. They are suffering so much. 
Interesting precap. I cant wait for TaaRey meet, SwaRon marriage and TaaRey romance. Big smile

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taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2015 at 11:18am | IP Logged
This update is mostly written by Aanchal, and I have just added some paragraphs and convos, and all picture credit goes to Jhanvi.

Chapter- 5(A)

Taani and Shivam sits in the car. Reyam were looking at her and they were confused as nor Rey neither Swayam was aware of Taani's arrival to India.

Rey- Swayam, am I dreaming?

Swayam- No Rey but it looks like I am dreaming.

Rey- matlab Taani sach mein?

Swayam and Rey looks at each other and said "yaha hai!".

Rey hugs Swayam. He was so happy as his love of life is back but he wasn't aware that for what she's back? But for now, he don't care about the damn reason. He was on the cloud nine.

Swayam- Rey chod, my neck..ahhh...its paining.

Rey loosens his grip and after few minutes they broke the hug.

Rey- Swayam? Can you believe it? Our Taani is back. She is back. My sweetheart is back for me.

Swayam- Rey, I can't tell you that how much I am happy to see her. But she was with Shivam! and I am really scared for this. What was she doing with him?

Rey- I really don't know Swayam, lets go home then only we can find out about all this.

Swayam- Ok! Lets go.

They both completed their work and leave to reach home. Swayam was excited as after whole freaking 3 years his sister will come to his home. The girl, for whom he frighted with others, while they were small. He was carving to hear "Bhai" from her. A brother is carving for his sister's love. On the other hand for Rey as if his life was back, he knew it would not be easy, but he was having a positive feeling, they on their way made a list of Taani's favorite food items, and all, and decided to go to Swayam's home, so after completing the meeting with some event management companies executives, they headed to home, and on the way decided to inform Sharon about the progress in the meeting.


Here with TaaShi [Taani & Shivam]

Taani- Shivam?

Shivam- Ya?

Taani- I want to go Sharon's house.

Shivam- Cool!

After telling Shivam that where she wants to go she became quite. Their journey was silent. Nor

Taani tried to talk, neither Shivam. After half-n-hour they reached Sharon's house. Taani stepped

inside the house and Shivam leaved from there. His previous deeds were not allowing him to

confront Sharon. He was guilty for everything he had done with everyone.

"I don't want to eat anything! Le jao yeh sab!" Taani heard Sharon shouting on the top of her voice.

Taani walked towards Sharon's room when Kaka came out with tray, carrying food for Sharon.

Kaka(shockingly happy)- Arre, Taani bitiya! Kesi hai aap?

Taani ( took his blessings and smiled)- Main theek hu.. Ye khana bhabhi ke liye hai?

Kaka- Ha! Sharon bitiya ke liye laya tha.. Par vo nahi kha rahi.

Taani take the tray from his hold and signed him to leave. Kaka kept his hand on her head, Taani

smiles and Kaka leaves. Taani took some steps inside the messy room. Everything was lying

here and there. After SwaRon's breakup, Sharon tried her best to forget Swayam but she always 

fail in it and she always looses her temper and ends up hurting herself.  Sharon's back was

facing taani.

Sharon(irritatingly)- kaka mene kaha na! I don't want eat anything. Please go!

Taani- Bhabhi, please kuch kha lijiye.

Hearing Taani's voice she looked back at Taani and found her standing with the tray.

Sharon(stands up)- Taani? Tum a gayii, I never thought tum meri mail ka jawab do gee? Aur

uncle mujhe sirf tumhara no diya tha.

Taani- Ha bhabhi! Mujhe Tauji ne saab bataya,

Sharon-  But Tum India kab aai? I was shocked when uncle gave me your no, and it was Indian


Taani- Pehle aap kuch kha lo then I'll give all your answers.

Taani keeps the tray on bed. Sharon sits on bed and eats her food. Meanwhile Sharon was

eating , Taani cleans the mess created by Sharon. After sometime, Taani too sits on bed and

keeps the tray aside. Sharon couldn't hold her emotions anymore. She hugs her tight and

breaksdown into tears. Taani keps her hand on her hairs and tries to calm her down.

Taani- Bhabhi please mat roo! You know aap rote hue ache nahi lagte.

Sharon(breaks the hug)- I am sorry Taani. I am really sorry. I know main bohot buri hu. Maine

tumhe hamesha hurt kiya hai. Kabhi bhi tumhe understand karne ki koshish nahi ki.

Taani- Bhabhi, vo sab..

Sharon( cuts her in middle )- No taani, aaj sirf main bolungi aur tum sunogi and you have to

forgive me. I know mene bohot galtiya ki hai, tumhe bohot hurt kiya hai, tum ek dancer thi aur phir

bhi tumhe ek non-dancer bulaya  but tum kich nahi kehti thi.. Jab tumhe ek sache dost ki

zarurat thi main kabhi nahi thi vaha. Tumne hum sabko apne friends mana but we all never did

that. Hum sabke liye tum ek non-dancer thi and ek non-dancer ke liye hamari life mein uss waqt

koi jagah nahi thi. But Taani hum sab galat the! Tum hamari life ka ek essa part ban chuki thi

jiske bina hum sab incomplete the. And ye hum sabko uss din realise hua jis din tum India chod

kar ja rahi thi.. Uss din tumhe rokne ki koshish bhi nahi karna chahte thae hum because we all

were the reason, you were leaving. Please mujhe maaf kardo Taani. Aur maine sabse barii galtii

ki tumharea aur rey ke beech mai akee.

Taani(teary)- Bass Bhabhi! Bohot bol li aap.. Ab kuch nahi.. Main unsab cheezo ke liye aapko

pehli hi maaf kar chuki hu..


Sharon- Taani ek aur baat! Ab main tumhari bhabhi nahi hu.

Taani- I know everything. But aap bhi ek baat jaan lo Sharon hi Taani ki bhabhi banegi aur koi nahi.!

Sharon- But Taani?

Taani- No buts no ifs and bohot ho gyi ye senti baatein.. No more.. Ok?

Sharon- Ok!

Suddenly,Mrs. Raiprakash comes and she was shocked to see Taani there with Sharon.

Mrs. Raiprakash- Taani, beta tum kab aai?

Sharon- Mom Taani abhi aai thodi deer pehle.

Taani- Namaste Aunty!

Mrs. Raiprakash was so shocked to react on anything. Firstly Taani came and then most

shockingly Sharon was smiling. For her it was more than 5months, when she saw her daughter

last smiled like this.

Mrs. Raiprakash- Taani, mujhe tumse kuh baat karni hai.

Taani- Ji Aunty!

Sharon- No Mom! Taani abhi tou aai hai.. No business discussions.

Mrs. Raiprakash- But Sharon..

Sharon( in siren mood)- Mom!

Mrs. Raiprakash don't want her daughter to become like before. After long time she was talking to

her like this, freely. No sadness, no tension, Nothing. A new or I should say the old SwaRon wali

Sharon was back.

Mrs. Raiprakash- Ok! Taani tumne kuch khaya?

Sharon- ohh! Main tou bhul hi gayi thi.. Taani kya khaogi? Main kaka ko bol deti hu banane ko.

Taani- Main tou aapni bhabhi ke hath ka bana khana khaungi.

Sharon (her eyes popped out of socket)- What?

Mrs. Raiprakash- Taani, you are joking right? Sharon n cooking? Impossible!

Taani- Aunty, now you are underestimating my bhabhi!

Sharon- Ya Mom!

Taani- Ha, tou chalo aap kitchen mein! Main aati hu.

Sharon(murmering under her breath but Taani heard it)- over confidence mein kuch jyada tou

nahi bol diya? Agar Taani nahi aai tou Firebridged bulani padegi.

Taani giggled hearing Sharon's thoughts. Sharon leaved.

Mrs. Raiprakash- Taani! Thankyou so much beta! You don't know what have you given to me!?

Taani- Aunty, sorry I am not getting you!

Mrs. Raiprakash- Taani tumhare jane ke baad bohot kuch hua.. Swayam n Sharon ki

engagement hui thi ye tou tum janti hi ho.. But uske tutne ka reason nahi janti.. Aaj D3 Academy

is divided into peaces.. Kria is really very clever Taani.. Usse sirf apna profit chahiye! Usne apne

shares le liye hai jiski vajah se Swayam n Sharon ke beech fights hone lagi.. Vo Academy baki

sab ke bharose chali gayi thi apne boy-friend Raj ke sath.ayii shaddi karne ke baad like a

business women, she accused Rey  and Sharan a lot,.and then your bua..

Taani(confused)- Bua?

Mrs. Raiprakash- yes Taani! Tumhari bua ne Swayam n Sharon ke beech misunderstandings

create ki thi..

Taani- But Aunty ye sab aapko kese pata hai?

Mrs. Raiprakash- Taani, beta tajurba(experience) naam ki bhi kuch hota hai life mein.. I have

seen the hatred towards Sharon in her eyes.. She never liked her.. You know ki I don't believe in

typical rituals but Taani kabhi bhi kisi bhi ladki ko kali rang ( black saaree) ki saree nhi deta..

Specially jiss ladki ki shadi hone wali ho..

Taani was feeling really bad for Sharon. She had faced very much during these 6months.

Mrs. Raiprakash- I know Taani ki Sharon mein attitude tha, vo kuch jyada aur kuch jaldi hi har

cheez par react kar deti thi but the Sharon I had seen in these 4months, you will not believe. She

loves Swayam so much ki vo ye tak bhool gayi thi ki that She has a mother too. Vo un logo ki har

baat bina kuch soche samjhe follow karti thi.. But when Swayam also leaved her She was broken

into infinite peaces.. She became quite.. She use be in her own world.. Never use to talk to


Taani was all in tears. For her she has only faced worst things but Sharon has also gone through

the worse things and the reason was her family which was making her guilty. Taani bend on her

knees and was crying. Mrs. Raiprakash was also having tears. She too bends on her knees and

calmed Taani down.

Mrs. Raiprakash- Taani, beta why are you crying?

Taani- Aunty, I am really sorry. Mujhe nahi pata tha ki itna sabkuch ho gya mere yha na hone par!

tauji ne mujhe kuch cheeso ke baree mai bataya, but so much I didn't knew.

Mrs.Raiprakash- Taani, Please Kuch karo! Sirf tum hi ho jo Sharon ki life, uski kushiyaan use

vapis de sakti ho..(she joins her hand) aaj ek ma tumse uski khushiya magti hai.. Please meri

beti ko uski khoi hui hasi, uske sapne jo vo bhool gayi hai usse vapis dila sakti ho..

Taani(she keeps her hand on hands and put her hands down)- Aunty, aap meri ma jesi hai.. aur

agar meri ma mere samne hath jodegi tou mujhe hurt hoga.. Kya aap chahti hai ki main hurt ho

jau? Nahi na! Tou please don't do this..And Tauji se meri baat ho gayii, and she discussed few

more things with Sharon's mom and ultimately said,

I promise you main Sharon bhabhi ko kuch nahi hone dungi.. I'll talk to tauji and my family, 

actually to tauji I have already talked a bit. They'll understand..when we reach, and Tauji too will

join us, he likes Sharon Bhabi.

Mrs. Raiprakash- Thank you, so much Taani.

Taani- Aunty? (she fakes anger and wipes her tears)

Mrs. Raiprakash- Acha sorry!

Taani- ab chale? Varna Sharon bhabhi yaha aajayegi..

Mrs. Raiprakash- Ya!


Taani goes to Kitchen and Mrs. Raiprakash leaves for a meeting.

Taani saw the kichten and then at Sharon. It was the worst sight she had ever seen.Some of the

vegetables peaces were inside the bowl of Wheat flour which was consisted lots of water and

Sharon was standing with her hand on her forehead, her hand was messed up with Wheat flour.

Vegetables were lying on floor. The door of fridge was half opened.

Taani- Yeh kya kiya bhabhi?

Sharon(hold her ears with a cute pout)- Sorry!

Taani burst into laughter.

Taani- Bhabhi!.. Awww.. So cute.. (Taani pulls her checks and take some floor and apply it on her nose)

Sharon (irritate)- Taani ki bachi!

Sharon also takes some floor and runs behind her and for little time they played like this.

Taani- Acha bhabhi abhi aap jao.. U really need a bath.. I'll clean all this then we'll make


Sharon- Ya, Ok!

After half n hour Sharon came back and Taani too cleaned the mess. Then Taani started teaching

cooking to Sharon. They both were enjoying each other's company.

Sharon- Taani lets go to shopping! What say?

Taani- but

Sharon- No buts! It's my order and you have to complete it.

Taani- Okay Mam! But we will buy traditional Indian dresses for u, and there's a surprise.


Rey and Swayam were Passing through Sharon's house, Swayam was continuously looking at

the main door of the house, and later decided that Rey will go and meet Sharon about meeting

later, moreover they were egar to return home to meet Taani after 3 long years,as decided they

were passing by Sharon's house, but  then the door opened autometically, and two beauties

came out.

Swayam- Rey stop the car!

Rey(while stopping the car)- What happened? Chal na mujhe Taani se milna hai

Swayam- Taani n Sharon, ek sath.

Rey- You must be kidding!?(he then looks at the direction where Swayam was looking.) Ye kab hua?

Swayam(happily)- I seriously don't have any clue.

Taani n Sharon sits in the car and leaves Reyam too followed them. More surprisingly Taani was

driving the car. Taani was talking on phone on blue tooth" main bhabhi ke sath mall ja rahi hu for

shopping, You meet me there", and soon they reached the mall.

Taani- Bhabhi, chale?

Sharon- Ya, but tum bohot smart ho gayii ho?

T-Ha Sneha ka asar hai, usne hie driving sikhayi,

On the other hand

Rey- Ye dono kaha ja rahi hai?

Swayam- Obviously girls favourite time pass SHOPPING.

Rey- Ok! Now?

Swayam- Jasusi!

Rey- Are you crazy?

Swayam- Yes!

Rey- Fine!

They all were in the mall. TaaSha were shopping and boys following them. When suddenly

Shivam enters.

Shivam- Hey Taani!

Taani(gives him a side hug)- Hey!

ShaReyYam were angry seeing him and Rey were jealous also at the same time.

Sharon- Taani, what is this bas***d doing here?

Taani- Bhabhi please calm down! Mene Shivam ko yaha bulaya hai!

Sharon- What?

Shivam- Listen Sharon-

Sharon(cuts him in between)- You stay out of this!

Taani- Bhabhi chill! Ek baar uski baat tou sunlo.

Sharon- Kya sunu main?

Reyam were just able to see their lips moving but what they were talking Reyam was not at all


Shivam- Sharon I just came here to sorry to you. I am really very guilty about my previous deeds. I

know jo mene tum sabke sath kiya specially tumhare sath was worst. Please forgive me.

Sharon looks at Taani and Taani assures her by blinking her eyes, she also tells her everything,

Sharon understands, that if taani has given her a second chance, then Shivam too  deserves a

chance when he has changed so much and then Sharon hugs him and Taani too joins them

Reyam were on the heights of jealousy.

Rey- Ye shivam ka bacha! I am gona kill him. (Rey moves towards them but Swayam pulls him

back and hide on back of a pillar.)

Swayam- abey mere gadhadhaari bheem shant ho ja.

Rey- Arre yaar meri Taani uss Shivam ko hug kar rahi hai aur tu bol raha hai main shant ho jau?

Swayam- Rey Taani meri bhi behen hai! And Shivam ne Sharon ko bhi hug kiya? Actually I am

literally not getting anything.

Rey- But vo meri girlfriend- (realized what he was speaking)

Rey- I want to go home. Main ye sab aur nahi dekh sakta.

Swayam- Lets go.

TaaShaVam enjoyed for some more time there. Reyum went to Rey's house and Swayam

accompanied him.



T-Shivam tickets laya


Shi- Yup Taani, 3 tickets, aur mai Sneha ko inform kar diya.Kal subha she will meet u both in

airport, Chal mai chalta hu, I have to receive her, tum larkiyo ki chakkar mai, mai driver ban gaya

hu. (Hugged both Taani and Sharon and left)


Sh- Taani hum kaha ja rahee hai?


T- Surprise bhabii!! Ghar  caliya, and humhe packing bhi karna hai.


They both reached home, and enjoyed packing, Sharon was horrified hearing the destination, but

Taani cooled her down, and assured her everything will be fine, just she should listen to her, She

informed that, she has also talked with Sangeeta Aunti, (Sharon's Mom) even she said that her

bff Sneha will also accompany her, Sharon came to know that from last one year she is in India,

with her bff, later when Sharon asked her about her clothes, cause she has not brought many,

Taani replied her by saying,


T-Bhabi fikar maat kijiya, Sneha laygii


Sh- You both are too close right?


T-yes bhabi, we know each other in and out, yet we respect each other's privacy, there should be

a borderline in any relation, and we shouldn't cross the boundary.


Sh- You are right Taani, It just hurts that the bond which we should have shared, we lacked, and

now after knowing about you, I really feel what I have lost with my stupidity.


T- Its ok bhabi, Better now than never.


Sh- Taani, tumne Rey ke barre mai kuch socha?


T-Bhabi, please I don't want to talk...I hope you understand.


2 days, passed Reyum was restless, Taani and Sharon both was not available, Raiprakash aunti

was not there, house was locked, they were total clueless, They had no idea about the girls,

Sharon's phone was switched off, and Taani's number they didn't knew. In these 2 days Reyum

stayed together, on the 2nd day night all of a sudden, Vicky came and then, he directly opened the

face book account of Sharon, and showed Reyum her status updates. They were in shock, was

an understatement, so let's see what they saw-

Sharon's Status updates- First time saw such a big house, rather haveli, Hope soon I become a part of it. 

Swayum- Arra this is my Jodhpur's House.

V- bashh daktee ja...Yeah to 2 days back ki update hai

Awesome Threesome having fun.

Taani's friend, the two amazing balerina dancers, just wayched them dancing and now Sneha is my friend too, she is an amazing girl.

R- Yeah hai kya? Swayam tere ghar walee Sharon ko bardast nahi kar sakte, and now Sharon in

Jodh pur, and status show they are having fun.

Sw- Yaar pucch maat, I am not understanding anything, Ho kya raha hai?  Taani India mai,

Sharon ke saath, her brazilian friend and partner Sneha with her, and now they are in Jodhpur.

And instanly came a notification sound...Sharon's  new status update.

Bedroom Mastii, sleeping time.

R- I will faint now

Sw- me too

V- Rukh ja before fainting, yeah dakh status update hone ke 1 min ke andar humharee purane

Shivam ke cooments" Sharon, have fun, but take care of my darling, missing her!!


Rey- Swayam, its clear nowTaani and Shivam are together, I have lost her

He was almost breaking down, had tears in her eyes,

Sw- Rey, tu mera jija hai, aur jija hiee rehega, don't worry, Taani cahe kuch bhi karee she loves

you, baat kuch aur hai, lets find out,

R- but kaysa?

Sw- Yup we have to think as for now By default Sharon kuch bolegii nahii

V- Idea!! Cheevam to Mumbai, mai hai na, chal ushee dhuntee hai??

Sw- Etni raat ko?

V-Dakh Taani aur sharon ko dakh ke mujhe barii positive feelings a rahii hai, so why not back to 

college days, kuch bhi karke ish shivam ko dhunte hai, Let me check his profile.

But in all these Rey was feeling alone, he could never imagine, that Taani is in Mumbai and for

once she did not see his face, for him either she has moved on, or may be he now means

nothing to her, but all he wanted was to meet her for once, look in her eyes because he knew one

look in her eyes, he will find out whats in her heart. On the other hand swayam could not beleive

his eyes, because he understood, taking Sharon too Jodhpur, and she is happy, that means his

family is also happy, his eyes brimmed with water because the little sister whom he always

under estimated did not care to tell about his personal life, that same little sister, has overcome

an impossible mission, all he wanted was to hug her tight, and being an elder brother he wanted

to beg for her forgiveness. Both the boys were feeling proud to have in her life, for one she was

his sister, and the other, for him she was his life, she has proved in all respect that she is the

one, who has the right to claim him as hers, but  is she give him the liberty to call her as his. Only

time had stored the answers.


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Jasmine_ash Goldie

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Posted: 30 January 2015 at 11:25am | IP Logged
Res / unres
di yet again you rocked.
Happy to see sharon and taani there scene were cute and lovable.
Most amazing part was sharon mom and taani convo.
Kitchen scene was funny.
Atlast Shivam apologised for his previous deed.
Reyam was burning with jealous he he he.
Swayam pov was quite emotional one.
I hope rey misunderstanding about taani and shivam gets clear.

But little disappointed di i was waiting for precap :(
hope next update taarey together.

Its was emotional and lovely update :)    

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princess1926 Goldie

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Posted: 30 January 2015 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
Awesome awesome..!!
Lovely.. Taani n Sharon r bffs now!!!:D
Sneha is in India!!!:D
ReyAm saw taani /.!!
TaaSha n Sneha in Jodhpur!!!!
Awesome pics!!! Update asap plz..!!!!
Can't wait to read more!!!!

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doll_dimple Goldie

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Posted: 30 January 2015 at 2:51pm | IP Logged
well written...very nice update
pls cont soon...   

Edited by doll_dimple - 30 January 2015 at 3:07pm

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Mon_tr IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2015 at 6:53pm | IP Logged
mind blowing update
taani made everything perfect
luvd the update
luvd d confusion of reyam.hehe

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