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TaaRey ff- My Love My Passion & Our Destiny Thread 1 (Page 22)

Nehavrinda Goldie

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Posted: 15 January 2015 at 1:33am | IP Logged
amazing update 
lovely romance 
and rohan flitering with taani 
i like it 
and update soon

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_khwaish_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2015 at 5:43am | IP Logged
update na dear plzzz..

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BeingFoodie. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2015 at 6:57am | IP Logged
bang on update...

loved it so much...

swayam and rey warning him was awesome...

taani heard sw and k talk...i think k was talking about rohan...and taani mu him as rey...

taarey kiss...Blushing

emotional update tha...

waiting for next...taani missing...hope vo thik ho...
.-Soumya-. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2015 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Superb di...
Luved the concept
Chapters were fab Clap
Taarey r getting hurt badly Cry
BUt deir romanceee...ufff Embarrassed Embarrassed
it was so passionate Embarrassed
JEalous rey LOL
Nxt part asap n plz do PM me Smile
Jasmine_ash Goldie

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Posted: 21 January 2015 at 5:55am | IP Logged
We want update
particularly i need yaar pls pls soon update
taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 January 2015 at 8:27am | IP Logged


As requested by Raddhi...

After that Taani, consciously distant herself from Rey, because she was sure, by going near Rey she will lose herself, whereas Rey tried his best to talk to her, Gang was happy that their Kriyansh was back, they always depicted good friendship and a great dance partner, Taani was now more sure about her decision, 3 months passed their exam was finished, after that Taani went to Jodhpur to stay with family, that to just informing Swayam when she was already in the train, another month passed, D3 was busy with their performances, and their future dream academy, another month passed it was the day of convocation when their result would be handed to them, all were afraid about their marks, cause they were busy with their dance future, parents were invited and by default Singhanias and Raipraksh was there after all they were the trusties, today Rey was excited after 1 long month he will see his Taani, Swayam and Sharon missed her too, but for others, as if she never existed, for Kriya she was busy with her life, Taani's presence or absence didn't matter to her a lot. All were sitted when entered the girl in a long traditional white anarkali Indian dress, with her loved Tauji, Rey's eyes were fixed on her, and as soon as she saw him, both their heart's skipped a bit, VP sir came to the stage, and with other announcements, The best Academic Student award was gifted to Taani Shekhawat, tauji was called to stage, in his speech he said that she was a brilliant student from a very tender age, teachers and other students to praised her, she was a toper with a first class, and in all these Rey was feeling proud, but a guilt, too empowered him, but yet it was just the beginning, Mrs Raipraksh congratulated her, Mrs Singhania, hugged her, blessed her, later all the elders decided to have lunch together. Even the youngers were invited, after all it was a treat for them for their graduation degrees.


The elders and the younger's together sat for a lunch after many years, it was in a open hut restaurant...owned by Singhanian.The big dining was there on one side was sitting Swayam, Sharon, Rey, Kriya, Rohan, Aashi and Vicky. Nil and Simmi  had better things to do, and Neha has straight away left for auditioning a bhojpuri Film, Bharat excused himself from the high class lunch, though Swayam and Rey insisted, and on the other side of the table was Mr and Mrs Singhania, Mrs Raiprakash, Mr Shakhawat, and beside him was sitting Taani. At the beginning the lunch was going on silently, Rey was stealing glances at Taani, Rohan tried to flirt, but one look of Mr Shekhawat made him transfer his glance from Taani. Ultimately the discussion of future life started, and then it went on-

Mr Singhania- So Rey you have decided to move on with your Dance Career?

R-Yes Dad.

Mrs Singhania- but what about business? It's our ancestral business , you should also give time for it.

R-So what mom, I have my life my dreams, my passion, and that I can't waste for the so called ancestral business.

Mr Singhania-never mind go ahead with ur passion I have no problem, but don't expect any financial help from me at any stage, and the ancestral property and business which you don't care about, has gave u the eligibility to dream about something unusual, as given u the opportunity to have a passion, because at the end when you wear designer clothes, use high speed bikes, use your personal car, credit cards  and sleep of peacefully under the AC of your room dreaming about your passion is all because of the so called ancestral business.


Mr Singhania- nahii beta, you are our only child, whatever we are doing is for u, your life is secured but that only...I have no money for ur passion, your food clothing living, I will always take care off...

Mrs Singhania- So Sangeeta (Mrs RaiPrakash) tumne kya socha hai? I guess Sharon ko bhi dance career lena hai...

Mrs Raiprakash- Kya karu Simran...You have Ranvijay bhai sahib with you, but mai to akelii hu, Sharon ke papa mujhe uski 5 saal ke umaar mai chor ke chalee gayee...aab Sharon ko support karungi...meri marji ho yeah na ho...koi option hai kya mera pash...Property ki jo income hai who mai Sharon ke naam kardungii...jayse cahee who use karee I will look after business till I am alive...and with that for my mental peace I have my social work.

(There was silence for few minutes, everyone was eating  ...only the sounds of cutlery was heard...and then the sound was broken by a phone call...It was a call on Mr Rishi Shekhawat's Mobile...all could hear his words.)

Mr. Shekhawat- Hello.. Okk fine thank you...

yeah ticket is confirmed,

Passport and Visa is also ready...

yeah she will join day after tomorrow...

thank u so much...

no no its necessary...

it was just a last minute decision from our side...

ha I told u watch her CDs and records...

She is genius. (he disconnected the call then looking proudly at Taani...)

Mr Shekhawat- beta my doll...You are all set for ur dream...but saath saath mera bhi khyal rakna...and now get set and go...

(Taani laughed mildly... and then..Consumed her eating...and now it was Mr Singhania..)

Mr Singhania- So Mr Shekhawat..waise to hum pehelii baar mil rahe hai...but business world mai maine khafii apke naam suna hai...aap ki textiles and shipping corporation to world famous hai..but I guess you are also troubling in the same boat..Swayam ka bhi business mai koi interest nahii hai...who will handle all this?

Mr Shekhawat- No I don't have any problem, Actually mujhe pehele se hii pata tha that my son is of no use when it comes to business...but I didn't want to accept it, but then I am the richest person among u all when comes to children...because mera pas meri betii kahene ke liya who meri bhai ki beti hai...but she is my real princess...and it was Taani who made me understand that I should allow Swayam to follow his dreams, and she decided that she will look after business if I spare Swayam to follow his dance career so last time before I left  I gave permission to Swayam from my heart, and Taani..Promised me to complete her MBA from business school Delhi, and will join business...

Swayam- Dad, that means last time before NDA when you came, from that time it was decided that Taani will join business...then why didn't u say it to me?

Mr Shekhawat- Did you have time Swayam to even ask about your sister?

Swayam Sharon and Rey looked at each other , cause the time they were busy making plans to make Taani realize about the importance of her career  , far before that she decided her future to take up business to free Swayam and follow his dreams. They were feeling the biggest fool ever, but then it was just the beginning...there was yet stories to be unfolded.

Mrs Singhania- Bhai sahib aap ki etni barii business Taani samhal payegii?

Mr-Shekhawat- Bhabi Taani ki baree mai aap loog janta hii kya ho? (Then looking directly at Rey) saab ko lagta hai, she is a emotional full and in this 21st century she has only a mere dream to become just a housewife,( then looking at Mrs Singhania) but the fact is meri betti ko apni talent boost karna nahii ataa...And then I decided that when everyone is getting a chance to fulfill her dreams, meri betti peecha kiu rahe...

Taani- Taujii rehene dijiyaa na...

Mr Shekhawat- Taani, tumhe baroo ke beech mai bolne ki and elders ke saath argue karne ki sanskar nahii milee when I am talking to aunty...why are u interfearing?

Taani- Sorry tauji...(Looking down)

Mr Shekhawat- Waise bhi Taani, it's high time saab ko pata chalee ki meri betii hai kya..Why I am so proud of u?..(then looking at Mr and Mrs Singhania) Taani jab class 11 mai parti thi who under 18 Rajasthan State team ki basket ball player thii...and woh  ak  saal captain bhi rahe chukka hai...

Vicky-Woah Taani, tumne bataya kiu mai..that time we were so puzzled humha sikhane wala koi nahi tha, Swayam and Rey was busy in their own world...why didn't u say?

Mrs Raiprakash- Did u all ask her?

Sharon- but mom usne kisiko nahii bataya...

Mrs Raipraksh- Yup, cause u guys never thought her as a friend, neither u guys even think that she can be capable of anything...

Mrs Singhania- beta Swayam, tumhe to pata tha...why didn't u say?

Swayam-Who actually auntie..

Mr Shekhawat- rahene dijiyaa bhabi, swayam busy rehata hai, bhul gaya hoga...but basket ball was not her passion, she used to play it like that, uskii actual passion hai bale dancing, bohot achhi bale dancer hai, basket ball court mai who bale ki practice kartii this skating ring pehen kar, but kiu ki mujhe dancing manjoor nahi tha,  and Swayam ki waja se I started hating the word Dance so, she stopped, fir eski dimaag main a jane kya ayaa..first year mai pehelii baar jidd ki ushe Mumbai ana hai, bhai ke saath rehena hai, I gave her permission, then last time when I came, usne kaha Ki she is sorry and she wants to go back after college, but then you all saw ki she graduated with first class distinction, and then I decided ki let her live her passion, so who ph call aya tha, Brazil ki massor bale Academy, mai Taani ki Cds bheja tha maine, and they accepted it, maine admission karha diya but she wanted to do MBA, and now  tonight she will leave, who 2 saal ke liya apne saapne puree karne jaygii, and saath mai MBA karke mera bhi sapna pura kare gii...I am so proud of her,  Rey Swayam ki taraf jarurat nahi...non dancer Taani ki bale dancing ki barre mai tumhara dost ko bhi nahii pataa...yeah dekho jab Taani 5 saal ki thi, uski bale ki pic, tab meri bhai I mean Taani ki mom dad jinda tha, and they were in Delhi. Maine album se liya hai pic,

(He showed the pic to everybody)

Pic of Taani when she was 5 by Raddhi

Rohan and Aashi-Congrats Taani, you are fabulous...

Taani- Thanks

K-Uncle but Brazil ki Bale Academy is very famous, they doesn't allow everybody to take admission, bohot talented hona partha hai to take admission there, I filled up the form but in first stage they rejected it.

Mrs Singhania- Kriya , beta what made you think ki Taani, is not talented ...may be she is far better than u (Looking at Rey)in all respect.

(Kriya looked down, Mrs  Raiprakash noticed the change in colour of the faces of the 4,and then said)

Mrs Raiprakash- kashh meri aura k betti hoti Taani jaysii...

Mr Singhania- meri bhi wish same hai bhabi ji, Mr Shekhawat is real lucky...

(But in this discussion, Taani slipped out, without any ones notice informing taujii. And  Rey was the first one to notice her absence, and when he enquired Mr Shekhawat informed that Taani has gone home to bring her luggage, she knew it and already packed it before coming to convocation, as evening 7. 30 is her flight and she is leaving for 2 years. She will directly meet him in airport as he will go with him, because she is going first time, and he will arrange her settlement over there. By saying this he adieu good bye to all and left for airport. After he went away Rey was the first one to break down, he couldn't even speak, his lips were sealed and tears were rolling down...the atmosphere was uncomfortable, and it was having serine silence. Then the silence was broken, by the entry of Raj Taneja- A NRI, from Italy, whose real identity is Kriya's Fiancee and Kriya was in live in relationship with him when she was abroad, and it was also revealed that Kriya will go back after setting the dance academy with his Fiance, and they will get married, Sharon was too much worried that Rey may face another heart break, but Rey remain unaffected cause then it was revealed that few days back when Kriya and Rey went for a date( according to everybody) it was not a date, it was just a dinner, where Rey said everything to Kriya about Taani, and Kriya said everything about Raj to Rey, the cleared there misunderstandings, and both came to the conclusion that both has moved on, and that there past doesn't mean anything to them, they are just friends, and the thing only that lies common between them is their passion for dance, and a dream to have their dance academy, and that particular night when she was sharing about their dream to Swayam, Taani heard them .(CH-2)Swayam was also astonished about the new found truth of Rey and Kriya, actually for Swayam it was a day of surprises, firstly so many secrets about her own sister, 3 years she stayed with her, but Swayam was unable to know her reality, neither he bothered, he was obsessed with his own dreams , with Sharon with the thought that is best friend need Kriya , his another best friend, and his own sister is not a proper match with his best friend and the best dancer, but then he was unable to see, that for Rey, the best partner could be no one other than Taani, even when he was wondering why all of a sudden his father accepted his career, when he was thanking Rey that because of him, his father understood the importance of dance, it was then just a joke, it was his little sister, who sacrificed her dreams, to fulfill his, took up the responsibility of business to free him from the burden, when all she wanted was a peaceful life in Rey's arms, she did it all, and they couldn't even recognize her capabilities, talents, they were worried about her future unaware to the fact that she is much more mature than each of them,  Vicky had tears in his eyes, repeatedly calling the girl as a non dancer, taunting her..Sharon's mind was filled up with guilt conscious, the girl who never got tiered calling her bhabi, far before she herself accepted her relation with Swayam, when she needed a friend, somebody by her side, all she did was snatching Rey from her, in the name of friendship and giving him the idea of break up...In the mean time Kriya left with her fiance, they needed privacy as they were meeting after 3 months, and when all were busy to understand what they exactly found out about Taani and how wrong they were in their assumptions, there self reverie was broken with the taunting words rather the depicting the true scenario of Mrs Raiprakash's words to Swayam.

Mrs Raiprakash- Swayam I know my daughter loves u, and truthfully u were never my choice, but I accepted u, because of my daughter, and as I said may be among parents I am the only one who will support u all, because I believe that children should be allowed to do whatever they want to, and when they land up in a mess then they get their own teaching, cause mere guidance is never understood by your generation, but regarding my daughter's choice I pity Sharon, cause when u don't know about the talents of your own sister, when as a brother u are unable to stand by her in her need, when u couldn't support her, then I wonder how will u stand by my daughter through thick and thin, because as a brother u are complete failure , then how will u pass as a life partner, but then it's all my daughter's choice her life, her destiny.

Rey was leaving the place in silence, cause he was blank, and he could, now do nothing to stop her, neither he wanted too, all he wanted to just have a talk with her before she leaves, he was remembering the last time they met, when they shared the first kiss, then also he was sure, that he will ask her forgiveness, and they will be back in relation, but now he was blank, cause there was many hidden truth about her life and all this depicted she is not really a girl which he knew, she is different, she is steady she is broken, Yes he could read her eyes, when Mr Shekhawat was telling about her with pride, there was no happiness in her eyes, they were blank, all she did in her life was she lived for others, Swayam's happiness, his father's pride, there traditional family, there family business, the only person in her life, with whom she was all herself, was him, and that he too misunderstood her, judged her with whatever he saw, failed to understand her heart, and today all he wanted was to tell her, that he will wait for her, till his life ends, if she comes back then he will be the happiest, but if she never returns, then he will wait for her in the next life, when he was proceeding towards the exit of the Restaurant, he was stopped by his mother, in the corner,

Mrs  Singhania- Rey, kaha ja rahe ho? Taani ke pass..jis larki se payar karne ka dava karte ho..You didn't knew anything about her...Do you still think that your love for her was strong enough?

R- I guess everybody will say I don't love her, but mom mai kayse apne dil nikal ke dikhau.. Ki I love her so much, Mom, I didn't understand her, and u know what her Krishnaji..has punished me for that..she is going away mom, and now I really have no words to stop her.

Mrs Singhania - Rey you wanted to change her, you thought  she is not up to your standard, but mujhe lagta hai, it is not she who don't deserve you, rather it is you who don't deserve her.

(Rey looked down then a waiter came to them and said-)

Waiter- Mem sahahab app logo ke sath table pai jo larki bahitii thi na white dress pehenke, uske haatho mai jo file tha usmai se yeah gir gaya, maine bulaya, but tab takh who chali gayii, mai aap logo ki table ke tarafh hi ja rahatha, aap mil gayee (something slipped from Taani's file, and the waiter was going towards the table to return, on the way he saw Mrs Singhania and gave it to her.)

 It was a piece of paper containing a piece of writing, Rey was in his own thought, his mother read it, and then gave a dry smile, and when Rey once again was going to the exit his mother caught hold of his wrist and gave the paper with a dry smile, and said that before going anywhere Rey should read it...The paper read-

Rey...(The Star Dancer of D3, the most wanted friend of friends and my brother's bff)

I fell in love...

You are good...Very loving...

Friendship... love... break ups... these are the very common blessings (and heartaches too) which each one of us long for...

You stepped into my life and my whole world became a paradise...every second I dream about it, nothing seems more perfect than this relation..Our relation...our blessed love... and then I become confident that nothing can do us apart... Our pure love... Different from everyone's love... Why? I don't know. But I just know, it is indeed

I start thinking my life with you... you also support me in making that castle of ours.. And I fall madly in love with you (maybe you too..) And then I don't want to turn back... I want to walk with you..Want to walk each step with you.. Everything seems beautiful..As if I was the Juliet myself and you My Romeo..And that we are reborn to unite again..Seems as if we'll be together for eternity

I fly so high, failing the clouds... leaving the birds behind..Making them all feel jealous... and I say and I shout "see, I  am so happy... I am the happiest in the world... and I'll be the happiest one forever... because I have YOU..My REY (which I thought that time was mine)... every creature above thinks me a fool... but I don't care... I leave them all far behind... and fly and fly and fly... and I am feeling like never before because you are with me... Rey with me...

But one day.. Something crashes.. Something falls down.. Something is shattered completely.. Something is striving for beating... and that is MY Heart... my heart, that just did an innocent crime...a crime which it could have stopped by itself, but it couldn't... a crime of falling in LOVE..

And now I am all alone... I become a heartless being... I don't get, am I living or am I dead... I want to cry and cry and cry..

Something sharp has got stuck in my heart... I try to pull it with all my power...but I am not succeeding... it's still there... I can't live with this ache anymore.. and I don't want to

Was this what I ever dreamt... was this what I ever loved..

Will this be what I'll be living my entire with... has my life ended... why I am suffering... just cause I've lost you? Now you are far away, far away from my life..

But... No... I'll move on... I'll learn to move on... I'll have to... You have moved on...You have got your first love back... then why can't I...

and with my trust on the "above" him my Krishnajii, I know I'll again be the same girl, I was.. A happy Me...(if not from inside) But then I will learn the art of masking...

I will not kill myself neither will I stop living, because if I do so, my own brother will call me selfish, will say that I have put his bff in a guilt throughout life...I know brother and his bff doesn't care for me...but I do...and Tauji, all he has his last hope, his life his business which he is passionate about now depends on me So here I come...A new Taani, whose best ability is to put on a bright make up...and A happy Taani.

 The last part of the paper was soaked with tears, after reading this Rey broke down in the floor of the restaurant, he was having a severe pain throughout his body, his heart was moving away, he screamed her name, all came running, all decided at least for Rey to go once and talk with Taani, but then Swayam said that the watch says, she has already left for the airport, first time even Mr and Mrs Singhania accompanied them to airport first time in all these years Rey was holding his mom's hand tightly seeking her protection, and the piece of paper written by Taani was near his heart, but then when they reached the airport, and steeped in came the announcement, " Air India Flight no B-378 to Rio de Janeiro-Galeo International Airport ,Brazil has departed".

Rey stopped in his track, and smiled...and then these words came out openly -

R- Congrats Taani, congrats my Jaan...You will one day become the best bale dancer, and the best business women ...and I will be your crazy fan, I am already your craziest fan..(and then looking at his dad) Don't worry Dad aap ko to business ke bare mai koi fikar karne ki jarurat nahi hai, I am not in business but aap ki bahu hai day she have to become Taani Reyansh Singhania...

All were having tears, but Rey's mom hugged him and said,

Mrs Singhania- I bless u beta, and I am sure, one day she will become yours, (but she was cut in between by Rey)

R-No mom I am her's...I belong to Taani, mom mujhe ghar  jana hai, I want to stay alone, and don't worry I will not harm myself, coz if Taani comes to know, bohot gussa karegii

And then he left alone, others too left for their own destinations, but all the truth that were revealed today, will they keep every body's life same as before, or Taani's silent departure  from their life is just the silence before a tornado??

That night Rey was standing in his bedroom near the window, the lights were off, he was looking at the night sky and the moon light was directly falling on the picture of Taani, framed in the opposite wall and he was looking at it without blinking his eyes and his heart was only beating  when all his thoughts was-

Near far wherever you are
I love you and I always have and I shall always love u beyond infinity and those stars

Some mistakes were made by me that broke you beyond repair but I'm also broken after breaking your heart
And all I can do is sit and stare at your photo on the wall I like those loving eyes staring at me.
But I miss u

I am sorry my love
I am sorry for all faults of mine
I was not there when I should have been

But one day shall make you mine
I shall wait for u
Coz this heart beats only for u
And I'm incomplete without u
I love you my love and I always have

If not in this life, then in life ahead,

But one day u have to come back

To complete me.

Pre Cap

3 years leap, entry of a new character and an old character (Both super positive..)


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ROJA-TAAREY Senior Member

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Posted: 22 January 2015 at 9:21am | IP Logged
Godd  didu m still crying..
Emotional update...
Plzz make them together...
Thank u soo much for update...
Plz update next chapter soon...
Plz plz plzzz

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EternalStars. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 January 2015 at 9:23am | IP Logged
Gosh priyu di!!Speechless!Shocked Ok first i was comparing this update to D3's 2013 storyline but then i stopped coz i realised this was completely different!Big smile D3 mein toh sab kuch rushed tha Taani ke exit ke the track was different.But i guess Palki planned to show alot more.Anyways aap kar rahe ho na unka incomplete job complete.Cool Though i still dont agree with every point in the story but I love and miss this taani!Cry Kya solid band baji hai ReYam aur baaki sabki.Star I loved taani's characterisation!Cool Palki maa ki yaad aagayi.Embarrassed Aap meri new palki maa.Star Rey!!Cry I love his determination.Star As i always say Rey ke pyaar ko kabhi tukra nhi sakte.Star He has made mistakes but his love for taani is and always will be pure and true.HeartStar Hope taani realises this!Ouch TaaRey toh milenge and she will be Mrs Reyaansh singhania.Star Warna Rey haar nhi maanega.Cool Glad he let her go..he proved again he truly loves her with his words and feelings.Heart Taani is heart broken..she is the same taani under this stupid mask.Ouch All because of ReYam..specially Rey!Angry Swayam gadha kaisa bhai hai.Angry Huh!Hope you make him regret like hell.Big smileAnd taani's letter and Rey's words toward the end literally amde me want to cry!Cry Both of them are broken..hope they mend each other's hearts soon..Broken Heart Aur kya likhu? I do not even know if i made any sense!Dead All i want to say is this story is amazing and realistic!Continue soon di.And trust me aap mere naye palki maa ho!CoolStar
P.S. 3 year leap!Shocked TaaRey itne time ek dusre se dur?Ouch Anyways chalo interesting che.Big smile While last two updates could somehow be connected to D3..This update onwards the storyy takes a new turn.Big smile And we love this turn!Star Update soon di!Embarrassed

P.p.s I still want a Taayam bond!Cry Please diii!Cry

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