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TaaRey ff- My Love My Passion & Our Destiny Thread 1 (Page 17)

sailaja. IF-Rockerz

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update na

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taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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A THANK YOU note for all my readers...

Thank you friends thank u so much for the overwhelming response u have shown to this ff.

Actually I was afraid and I was sure that this ff will be closed, as I will not get any response, because here u will see different shades in characters as I already said I believe people changes according to priorities and situations, no body is positive or negative as such, its situation according to which we work, and as regarding D3 our mind is set I thought u all will not accept changes.

But the love u all showed, I was surprised, readers who always give a 2 words comment also commented big, first I thought to dedicate this Chapter 2 to the reader who commented best but then when I again went through your comments once again, I really couldn't decide whom to dedicate as I was speechless...So this chapter is dedicated to all my readers.

So once again a big THANK U to all those who read and commented.


And now I am really afraid...that will I be able to meet up with all your expectations regarding this particular ff.

So one of my sweet sister and a great writer Aanchal Manocha ( IF writer- -AnyDestiny-) will help me in updates, but friends don't worry updates will be just according to my plan, and each and every lines of each and every chapters will be precisely discussed before putting up.
And if any one of u want to suggest something please PM me I will try to work on it.

With lots of hope...We are putting the next chapter...Please give ur precious big big comments.

Love u Guys


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-AnyDestiny- Goldie

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Hola People!

How's you all?
Hope fine..
Don't be shock actually, you guys would be angry more than shock..LOL  Main phir se ek story likh ri hu...ROFL
But don't worry this time I'll be active with this.. and my rest updates will also be soon..
Now stopping my bak bak here and coming to this fiction, as Priya Di said She was thinking to discontinue this ff.. But  she didn't as you guys supported her and I expect to all the lovely readers will support further too..Embarrassed
Love all,

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taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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Rey was completely broken, that night was the worst night for him. He was broken like a mirror whose broken pieces can never be joined. He was facing that phase of life, which is worst phase of anyone's life. But now, he just has only one motive in his life, to bring smile on her face. Her again and again saying that she loves him but can't be in a relationship with him was haunting him.

Same was with Taani, everything which she said was true but she can't let go one thing that she loves him more than anything in this world. She cannot live without him. That night was really a hard night for both of them.

Days were passing, Taani tried her best to ignore him and Rey tried his best to talk to her, to make her understand that he is really guilty for his deeds.

After 1week three more people entered their life. Rohan Raichand,  Aashi Gupta & Kria Ghai to mess-up everybody's life more. Rohan was completely a flirt and at the first sight he started flirting with Taani which wasn't liked by Rey and Swayam at all. They both become over possessive when it comes to Taani, Swayam as a brother and Rey as a lover.

Day by day everybody got busy in their respective work but Rohan was busy in flirting with Taani. Sometimes Taani aslo got irritated by his nonstop flirting. Rey and Kria had become good friends and they shared everything about their life with each other. In the mean time they once went out for a dinner, and, the news even reached to Taanis ears, all thanks to Simmi.

Gang was busy in practicing, this was the last time they were rehearsing, as after this within 15 days their exam will start, and all will be set for their new lives with lots of hope and aspirations. That particular day Taani came to the rehearsal hall (which she totally avoids) to give Swayam and Kriya the house keys as she wanted to go somewhere and will reach home late. At that moment discussion was going on, regarding partners as after the exams they will enter the professional life and everybody was having partner expect Rohan. Kria-Rey, Swayam-Sharon,  Bharat-Aashi, Nil-Simmi, Vicky-Neha. As soon as she entered, Rohan was the first one to see her.

Ro-"Hey  Gorgeous!"

Rohan started his flirting with Taani, and she just smiled at him and said.

T-"Rohan,  where's your partner?"

Taani asked him just to divert her and everybody's mind from that situation.

Ro-"Yahi tou hain!"
Rohan said making all confused.

"where?"All asked in unionism.

Ro-"Mere  samne!"

Rohan again answered and made everyone shocked because Taani was standing in front of him.

T-"M..Mee??" Taani asked gaining some strength.


T-"But I can't dance"

Taani said looking at Rey who was  very much angry with this attitude of Rohan, but then his words made him boil in jealousy and anger..

Ro-"tum etni beautiful ho, figure etnii achii hai, I am falling for u and I assure I will pull u to dance with my love, I can't think about anybody except u, as my partner in a sensuous couple dance."

Rohan's reply made Swayam and Rey go mad as he said about Taani's figure, about having her sensuously in the name of dance, moreover the fact that she didn't even oppose  him and then her answer was the last pin to the coffin.

T-"I'll think about your proposal"

Taani said and tried to leave from there, handing the house keys to Swayam, before Rohan could say anything else, not wanting the situation to become worst, but how could she escape from a possessive bhai's possessiveness.

Sw- Kaha jayogee raat ko ? Me and Kriya will reach by 7, tum kaha jayogii that u will not return, till then.

T- Aap se matlab? I am independent to go anywhere I like. I have my own life.

As soon as Taani left,  Rey caught hold of  Rohan's collars in anger, not knowing what he is doing.

R-"How dare you? How dare you think that you can dance with my Taani? How dare you to say about her figure... Stay away from her or else it will not be good for you!"

Saying this Rey left his collar and stormed out of the RH.

Sw- Rohan, u better listen to whatever Rey said, mark my words, It will end in a real bad note, if u don't stop flirting with her...she is my sister.

On the other hand Taani, left the rehearsal hall and ran to the fire exit, she did not like the way Rohan was cheaply flirting with her...but the think that haunted her was

Taani's POV-.

"Rohan was talking about me like that but nor Rey neither Bhai said anything to him. Why? Kya ek din mein Rey aur Bhai apni Taani ko bhool gaye? Kahi mene jo sunna, jo Simmi ne kaha vo sach tou nahi? kahi Rey and Kria?.. No! No Taani tu kuch jyada hi soch rahi hain! essa kuch nahi hain! ha!...But if it happens, then its OK Taani, tu aysa hee to cahati thee, ke Rey move on karee...but etni jaldi woh mujhe bhul jayengee"

Taani's reverie of thoughts was broken, when someone opened the door of FE in anger.

R-"Tumne kuch kaha kyu nahi usse? He was flirting with you and you didn't say him anything! tum itni badal gayi?"

Rey said taking out all his frustration.

T-"Badal tou aap bhi gaye ho na Rey, Aapne ek baar bhi yeh nahi pucha ki maine Rohan ko kuch kyu nahi kha? nahi na! kitna aasan tha na yeh kehna ki main badal gayi hu!" Go Rey aap ka payar aap ka intejar kar rahee hai".

She ran away after saying this leaving a broken Rey, . her words "Kya aap mujhe understand kartey jo main karu... Go Rey aap ka payar aap ka intejar kar rahee hai". Rey banged the wall in anger taking out all his frustration, blood was oozing out,  He returned to the RH, Kriya saw the wound in his hand.

K-Rey aap ko chot kaha lagii?

R-bash aysehee lag gayii.

K- Aap bohot careless ho, u should remember, u have exams in 15 days...then dance rehearsal sab flop karengee kaya? Jayiya ja ke medicine lagayee.


Rey left the college and was returning back home, all he could remember was last time when he got hurt, It was his Taani, without caring about others, without listening to the taunts, took him to the medical store, and while cleaning his wounds, nonstop tears were flowing from her eyes, at that time they were not even in relation, even one month back he rejected her harshly but then also her love for him was unconditional by the time he reached home...all he could think was-


R-"Tum sahi ho Taani mene tumhe kabhi samajhne ki koshish hi nahi ki.. hamesha tumhe for granted liya! isiliye shayad aaj main akela hu.. itne friends hone ke baad bhi aaj main akela hu.. zarurat hain tou sirf tumhari.. sirf tumhari!" said Rey under his breath, tears were rolling on his face."Come back Taani, please come to me, I am a lifeless soul without you".


When, that night Taani reached her home  she heard a girls sound from Swayam's room and she realizes that its Kria's voice and she comes more near to hear their talk.

K-"He and Me were gone for a dinner  last night." Kria said blushingly, making Taani shocked beyond zenith.

Sw-"Really? How was it?" Swayam asked.

K-"It was so amazing! You know what Swayam He too have a dream like me to open a dance academy, moreover he had forgiven me, and we talked so much about our future plans, I am so happy all is in its perfect place now"

Kria said, Taani was just about to cry thinking of the same dream which  Rey used to see, now she was sure that Rey and Kria had gone for a date. And whatever Simmi said was absolutely correct, she ran to her room crying her heart out.

Taani's POV-."How could you Rey? How could you?" Taani thought and got to her room. "Matlab kal raat ko jab mene Rey ko call kiya tha. About the file,. tou unhone call isiliye nahi utthaya tha kyoki vo apni girlfriend Kria ke sath the!" Aur us din jo bhi maine dekha sab sahii tha, fir apne mujhe jhut kiu bola apne Rey..Kiu"

Flash- back

2 days before, Taani was passing the Rehearsal hall when Kria and Rey were practicing for their event and Taani saw them just when Kria came crashing on Rey's chest, and both lost their balance and fell down. Taani's eyes were moist, seeing her love of life with someone else was like her heart was bleeding.

Unknowingly she took steps towards them and said "Rey" by which Rey looks at her and he can easily tell that how much she was hurt to see him with Kria. He stood up and was about to go near her when she ran away from there to the Fire Exit...Rey knew where she could be and followed her.

R-"Taani you misunderstood that it was just a.."

Rey was saying when Taani showed him her hand and was about to leave Rey again said "

Taani please try n understand".

T-"Kya aap mujhe understand kartey hain jo main karu? Aapne haar baar woh kiya hai jo aap ko thik laga, Rey mai thik hu, mai khush hu, aap ko aapka kriya mil gayee and u wanted this, mujhe explanation ki jarurat nahii hai rey, hamesha khush rehena...I  Lo...

And she ran away before Rey could say anything.


She was continuously crying, her brain was telling her that whatever was happening was absolutely correct, she herself wanted this but her heart was yielding, and the pain of her heart was oozing out of her eyes, but then her thought broke, when VP sir called her. After two or three rings she picked it.


VP- Taani vo jo NDC ki file thi na vo by mistake Rey ya tumhare pass tou nahi aa gayi na?"

T-"Sir, I don't have any file related to NDC." said Taani in a stern tone.

VP-"Can u do me a favour?"

T-"ya, sure"

VP-"I am sure the file must be with Rey! Can you bring that file to my home as all the trusties are having a meeting tonight so, that file is really urgent. I know it's not safe to call you at my house right now! But I don't have any choice! I called Swayam but he didn't picked and Rey's call is continuously busy! So,"

T-"Okay Sir!"

said Taani and hung the call and leaves for Rey's home.

Rey was busy in talking to someone that he didn't heard the doorbell which was pleading for his attention but the one who was ringing the bell was not at all in the mood of pleading n all. She was just angry because from past 15minutes she was ringing the bell and Rey wasn't giving a damn attention to it.

"Rey tou shayad ghar mein hain hi nahi! ab kya karu vha VP sir wait kar rahe hongey!"

murmured Taani. And then suddenly the door opened.

He opened the door; he did not expect Taani, at this hour of night, he was surprised then he was happy, he thought that his Taani, has returned to him, he was happy few minutes ago, he was feeling helpless, and when his mother called him, he broke down, he was sobbing like a kid, complaining his mother about Taani, that she is not talking to him, as if his mother will scold Taani, and they will be back to their love life, he even forgot about the wounds dried up in the back of his palm-

R-Taani, tum..andar ayo...

T-nahi...mujhe kuch baat karni hai

R-I knew Taani, you will come, and we will clear our misunderstandings...

(he held her hands and pulled her in and within a fraction of a second, she was in his strong embrace, time stopped for them, it was like decades ago they used to be in each other's arms forgetting everything, and now nobody had the guts to pull out from the hug, but it was Taani, separating herself, she said-)

T- Rey I have come to take a file, Vp sir ne aap ko call kiya tha but I guess u were busy, so he called me NDC ka file aap ke pas hai..Please give it to me, and I did not come for any personal reason,

R-Stop it!! Kahena kya cahati..ho? That we have nothing personal..Yaa Right personal batte ke liya Rohan is there na...

T-Yes u are Right Rey...thik jayse aap ki personal baato ke liya Kriya hai

R-Mujhe accuse karne ki koshish bhi maat karna, tum Kriya ko layii thi mai nahi...actually u know what forget it...I will bring the file.

Rey returned with the file and while handing it back to Taani, she noticed the dried up wounds in his hand, and as usual original Taani was back to track...

T- What do you think of yourself, Can't u be careful? Choot kab lagii..Yeah I know aap ko to pata hee nahi hai, aap to superman ho... Aap kabhi nahi sudharoge"


She took the first aid box and started nursing his wounds.Rey touched her cheeks and wiped her tears.

R-"Agar itni fikar hai to mujhe chodkar kyun chali gayi Taani."

She stopped nursing for a moment and looked at him. Their eyes met for a moment. She got up and was about to turn when Rey pulled her towards him. Her back hit his chest and she closed her eyes.

R-"Unless you answer me I am not going to leave you Taani" he said holding her.

T-"I have already answered u Rey Main apni future ko sudhar na cahatii hu...fir se dard sahene ki himmat nahi hai mujhe'

R-"Kya main tumare future ka hissa nahi hoon.. Am I not the part of ur future" he snapped without letting her continue.

T-"nahi ho aap Rey, mai nahi aap ko hurt karna cahatii hu, nahi khud ko, aap nahi samjhenge, whatever I am doing, it will be good for both of us Rey" she said with tears in her eyes.

R-Thik hai, I will agree with u but please tum mujhe samjhao, Ki hum ak dusre se alag hoke, kayse khush rahengee...Kya tum kabhi bhi kisiko etna payaar kar paogii jitna mujhe kartii ho? Kisi ko apne aap ko touch karne dogiii?

T-"I got to go!!!" and tried moving away but Rey held her waist and pulled her back to the exact place she was before.

R- Bolo "Yes or no?"kabhi kisi aur ki baho mai, yahii comfort feel karogee, jo mere bahoo mai patii ho?   Rey asked again to which Taani replied

T-"I don't know what you are are talking about!!!"

She again pushed him to go away when he again held her hand from behind. There backs were facing with each other and he was holding on to her hand, he turned her towards himself, pulled her in his arms, and then without wasting time took her to his bedroom, the room which was filled with her pictures. She had no clue that she would find her own picture hanging on the wall of his bed room.  While she was busy admiring this, he had already moved closer to her. She came out of her trance when she felt his hot breadth near her shoulders, She turned back, he pulled her by her waist, their bodies were plastered with each other

Rey looked at her, and wiped her tears and she just hugged him tightly. He felt an unknown sensation as the crook of his neck felt the touch of her lips...He was just wearing his sweat pants, he was shirtless and  her warm tears were burning his skin... Taani controlled herself, and now as she tried to pull from the hug, she found herself plastered with Rey's chest. She felt so peaceful here, close to him. Both of them were intoxicated, so close to each other after so many days, they were hardly in their senses. . Rey dipped his face in her neck, kissing her and feeling her. His hand on her waist slipped inside her top a bit, and he felt her silky smooth skin, and he felt her body shivering when he softly played on her belly with his fingers.

"Rey..." she moaned in pleasure; clutching his hair, with her soft palms, which made Rey insane. He cupped her face in his palms, and kept his lips on her soft souffle petals, he sucked her lower lips, while Taani was just numb and enjoying this heavenly pleasure, but Rey  wanted her to respond, his hand on her back went a bit lower, and patted her, coaxing her there persuading her to open her lips, she was unable to take it, and she slammed her lips on his, both enjoyed each other, Rey sucked her lips greedily, and tasted every corner of her mouth, and when he understood, Taani was falling short of breath , he left her. Their heads were touched and tears were flowing...but then when the cold wind, hit the curtains, the vase fell down, Taani realized their current equation...and soon she pushed back Rey and tried to run away...but Rey held her hand, he was facing her back...

R-I enjoyed what ever was our first kiss, It was my first kiss and yours too, cause I

know that u have never allowed any one to touch you and in future except me nobody can come

near u and believe me  I don't have any regrets, But tumhe lagta hai I don't understand you at all,

but u know what, I am sure still now you will stay away from me, try hard to hide your emotions,

and I will let u do it, cause now I am more than sure, nobody can stop us from becoming one, not

even u, how much u try, at the end u have to be mine, cause your hatred, your anger towards me

is much less than your Love for me...Bhagna cahatii ho want to run away from me...but

jitna jyada koshish karogee...utna hi mera karib ayogii...and I will wait till u realize, It may be

days, months, even if I have to wait for years I will do day you will also believe

Taani and Rey...are meant to be TAAREY..

( This update was a joint venture from me and
aachal )


Mr and Mrs Singhania meets Taani along with Mrs Raiprakash.

College life ends

Taani Missing.

(Sorry this chapter did not go accurately according to the previous precap, as I guess while writing some thoughts come in a flow,I thought instead of taking a leap of 2 months its better I give u a light how this 2 months passed in each ones life, but the next chapter will be exactly according to the precap)


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-AnyDestiny- Goldie

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Made a Banner for this story..Smile
Chapter Two updated by Di..
Hope you Guys will Like this..
Hit Likes and Comments..Smile

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..NeverGiveUp.. IF-Rockerz

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raddhi IF-Rockerz

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This was amazing man I Luv it soo much
Why is taani doing this why she is according
Rey & hurting herself plus rey in this but I am
Glad that rey will not leave taani & he want her
In his life back rohan flirting with taani openly Uff
This boy will get a punch soon but he can bring taarey
Close I hav this feeling Kriya & rey became Frd hm nice
But hope it's nothing more then that for both :/ taani think
KR are together ohhh shit yaar rey finally want his answer from
Taani I Luv how he didn't let her out aww rey room is full of taani
Pic so romantic yaar taarey hug ^_^ haaye rey kiss taani & taani was
Also enjoying it & she also kiss him now rey know that taani Luv rey more
Then anything per-cape is scary waiting for nxt prt plus TR romance thanks for PM

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Oh god atlast you guys not discontinued.
Thanks priya and aanchu :) aanchu as you said it was both shock and suprise dear.

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