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TaaRey ff- My Love My Passion & Our Destiny Thread 1 (Page 117)

prtn Goldie

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Posted: 09 March 2015 at 11:33pm | IP Logged
Last update...shivam such a sweetheart!
And sneha s reactions too to wedding- nice

Pl update soon 

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anitasharma Goldie

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Posted: 10 March 2015 at 12:01am | IP Logged
Superb update
continue soon

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taani.priya1997 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2015 at 2:28am | IP Logged
will be waiting..

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Bista-anzana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 March 2015 at 8:01am | IP Logged
its okk dear..
u dun hv to b sry...

we will wait :)))))

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taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2015 at 12:50am | IP Logged

Its just a very small word to the immense love u guys have shown to my writing, this time it was really overwhelming..the love all my friends and readers have shown to my this ff particularly is beyond expectation, mainly the first few chapters I was not even sure u all will accept the characters or not...but then your love and trust answered it all...
Once again special thanks to all those who have liked and commented the last update.

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Thank You so much:

Now I just want to share a peace of news with all my friends and readers, its one of my small achievement, I am not at all a person with literature background, I am a hard core Biotechnology student but for me my this little achievement means a lot to me. I was only a Taarey Fan and reader of Taarey stories, HIMA was the first one who encouraged me to start writing, and once I started the list of encouragement continued, and with all your love I became a writer, I still doubt on it.
Ok, so coming to the news, u all know about the short story Aashiquii on Taarey which I wrote, where Taani faces an acid attack, that story of mine has been selected and it will be published in a All India magazine of Postal Department...and guess what it will be published in the form of TAAREY only.

And I feel all credit goes to all my reader friends, and Chapter 10 of this FF is dedicated to all my readers.

Edited by taani.priya1997 - 12 March 2015 at 1:26am

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taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2015 at 12:50am | IP Logged


R-So mai kisi aur se shadii kar doesn't matters to u?

Taani was looking down his penetrating gaze was making her uncomfortable, because she always get frightened when he becomes aggressive, yet she knows his aggression comes out only in front of her, she is the one in the whole world to witness the aggressiveness of the cool dude Reyansh Singhania and she is the one who understands him perfectly his aggression and frustration speaks his heart out and without any spoken word their heart to heart conversation is well understood by each other.

R-Kya hua? Chup kiu ho?Look at my eyes and say it doesn't matter to u if I move on with anybody, if I get married?

T-(still looking down avoiding his intense gaze) nah...iii

R-Kya kaha? I didn't get u?


R-Ok, so it doesn't matter u? Fine!! That's great. It does shows that even I don't matter to u? Fir yeah payarr ka natak kiu? Why? Was it that ur physical desires were so high that u used me? (Banging his fist on the nearby wall)

T-Rey!! Kya kar rahe ho aap chot lag jayegii

R-Stop it Taani!! Dare u show ur false sympathy.

Taani was slowly trying to move his closeness was breaking her down, but she wanted to be strong, she knew he was not purposely saying those words, his frustration was speaking out, she knew that this time she has made the mistake and the moment she realized her fault, she wanted to call him ask for his apology wanted to confess herself to him, but then destiny has always played cruel games with her, Rey came with the news that he is getting married, she was shattered she decided to swallow her pain and didn't want to create anymore problem in his life when ultimately he came to the decision of moving on from her, it was once she wanted him to move on but now when he is really doing so it was killing her from inside.

R-(Holding her arms tightly, bit harshly giving her pain) Bhagne ki koshish bhi maat karna, and why do u want to escape? Things are going on perfectly the way u wanted. It was always u who initiated such things, 3 saal pehele job hi hua you were upset, hurt with my behaviour, you were angry, I misunderstood ur feelings, your self respect was hurt, u decided to leave me and go, fine this much I accept, I have hurt u beyond repair and u decided to leave me I accept my punishment, but why? Why the hail did u bring Kriya back? Hum dono ke beech Kriya ka kya kam?

T-Mujhe laga she is more compatible as your life partner.

R-Tumhe laga, and u decided. Tum agar bina mujse pooche kuch bhi decide karo in our relation, it's absolutely fair agar mai kuch decide karu tumse bina pooche then it hurts your self esteem. Kiu Taani ak hi mistake dono ne kiya, but I got my share of punishment and what about u? Tum kaab se etna selfish ban gayii ho?

T-(with teary eyes) Mai selfish hu...aap ne mujhe selfish kaha...thik hai hu mai selfish

R-ha ho selfish, bohot selfish ho. You are a selfish girl, tumhe apna self respect self esteem dikhayi deta hai, 3 saal pehele maine ak galti ki, aj bhi tum mujhe maaf nahi kar payii ho. Aur jo galti tum karti ayii ho..u forgot that..bohot jyada selfish ho.

T-Agar mai etna selfish hu,( she was crying literally, it was killing Rey her tears were breaking him down but yet he knew that he had to maintain this harshness so that for once and all she comes out from all her insecurities, she claims her love) bhul kiu nahi jate ho mujhe? Mai bohot burii hu.

(While crying pushed him away from her forcefully and ran away near the window, her eyes were welling with tears she couldn't digest her Rey calling her selfish, she knew she had done a mistake but Rey being harsh to her, Rey deciding to leave her forever was what she couldn't digest)

And if I am not wrong u have already forgotten me, bhul gaye ho aap mujhe, and that's the reason u are marrying Kriya, go ahead in your life Rey, muj jayse selfish larki ki taraf don't turn and see, and maine aap ko nahi roka, go and marry her but u know what u could have given me the news on phone mere jayse ak selfish larki ke pass ane ki kya jarurat thi...  (Cutting her in between)

R-jarurat thi Taani. I came to return ur property, now I have Kriya in my life mujhe tumhari help ki rather sympathy ki jarurat nahi hai, she is a nice girl, we are getting married, she will help me to achieve my dreams, correction our dreams, she will be in my arms, the felling itself thrills me and

( he came near to her, he was facing her back, he held her waist sensuously and made her turn towards him, he instantly kept his wet lips on her shoulder and started sucking there, he didn't even allow her to understand what he was doing his sudden move made her speechless, she so wanted to be in his arms for one last time, she couldn't match his words with his action, slowly Rey left her shoulders and pulled her more near, plastering their bodies, their chest colliding and seductively in her ears he said)

tumhe pata hai na how I perform in bed tumhe saab kucch pata hai, after all we were physically intimated, and u too were brilliant in bed, tum caho we can continue it even after my marriage with Kriya, after all it's just a physical intimacy between us

(Taani was speechless in her dreams she couldn't think Rey will call their moments so, will term their relation so cheaply where as Rey was once again trying to put his lips on her shoulder, but gaining her senses, she pushed him roughly away from her Rey almost got hurt in the window pane, but first time in her life she didn't care about his pain)

T-khabardar Rey aap ko shaddi karna hai kijiyaa, I am not stopping u, but dare u term the beautiful moment of my life as physical intimacy. Please Rey merii jindegii ki sabse khubsuraat paal ko aysa naam mat dijiya...aur kitna hurt karenge mujhe?

R- aacha maine hurt kiya tumhe? Will u care to explain me how? Aj maine physical intimacy bola toh etna bura laga, Yaad karo Taani that day morning u were the one to call so, you were the one who gave such name to the beautiful moment we spent. And today when I am calling so, why are u feeling bad? Samaj ti kya ho apne aap ko? 3 saal baad u came back in my life, tumne kaha ki u have forgiven me, you wanted to be just my friend, I agreed I was afraid ki if I show my feelings to u then u may feel uncomfortable, saab se jyada mujhe daar tha ki if I show my feelings u may leave me once again, killing my emotions I decided only to maintain  friendship because on any cost I didn't want to loose you, but tumne mehendi mai mera naam likhe, mom ke saath u developed a beautiful relation, it was u who was showing signs of love relation once again, and that day ultimately when we crossed our limit I was happy because I know until u are confident about our relation tum kabhi mere etna karib nahi ayogii, u will never come so close to me until u were sure about your feelings, I woke up that morning with lots of dreams it was the best morning of my life but Taani u ruined everything calling it Physical Intimacy, and now I am just repeating ur words.

T- Stop it Rey please Rey, I beg u...please.

R- Kiu? I will not, u have to listen what u started, Why should I stop, I guess I am just repeating ur words, you have destroyed my life taking ur own decision, now jindegii bhar whenever I meet u I will call it so.

Saying so he turned away, he couldn't do it anymore, he has never intentionally hurt her so much, he couldn't see her red puffy eyes, but yet she didn't confess, she didn't speak what he wanted to hear, on the other hand tears were flowing from her eyes, the pain of Rey getting married to someone else, forever he will be away from her, was making her vulnerable first time fear gripped her heart that Rey was not her anymore, and she couldn't blame anyone it was all her fault the accusation he was giving her was so true, whatever is happening it was all because of her, he has compelled him to marry someone else she knew Rey was not happy with his own decision but he has pushed him to such an extent that he had no other option, still she didn't knew that everything Rey was saying was just so fake he can't ever marry anyone else rather than her. She went near him, held his hands in her soft grip and made him sit on the bed, she herself sat near his legs on the floor, still holding his hand.

T-Rey mai aap se bohot payaar karti hu, I love u Rey. (She kept her head on his lap, holding his palms still in her soft palms) 3 saal pehele when I left u, jab mai aap ko chorke calhi gayi thi then also I loved u, I have never stopped loving u, I can never do that. Rey mai bohot unlucky hu, mai aap ko humesha khuush dakna cahatii hu, please Rey don't bring property in between us, Rey saab ko pata hai ki I transferred my property on yours and bhai's name, but aap ko pata hai na Rey ki ak Indian larki ki saab se barri property uski ijaat woh bhi maine aap ke naam kar diya hai, and I have no regrets, Rey that was really the beautiful moment of my life, aap ne mujhe touch kiya I don't want anything more in my life, with those memories of your love I will live the rest of my life happily, those are the moments which I will cherish and treasure in my life still my last day. I know Rey this time I was wrong, aap ki koi galti nahi hai, but kiu Rey hamesha aysa kuch humarae beech ho jata hai, ki hum ak doosre se duur chalee jatee hai, Rey I admit I was insecure, mujhe daar lagta hai aap ki negligence ki, aap ke pass raheke bhi aap de duur rehene mai, humhare beech unnecessary misunderstandings se. Rey 3 saal aap se duur raheke maine bohot mahenat ki apne aap ko prove kiya, aap ko pata hai, 3 saal pehele even my own brother misunderstood me, bhai ko bhi Kriya aap ke liya better partner lagta tha, bhabi ne kabhi mujhe samaj ne ki koshish nahi ki, after these 3 years of separation all slowly started excepting me, bhai, Sharon bhabi, Vicky, Bharat aap ke friends ne mujhe acceptance diya, but Kriya ke phone ata hii mai bohot daar gayii thi, I admit I became insecure, and that's the reason I left u, mujhe laga saab milke mujhe aapse duur karde, its better ki I leave myself, and I lost u Rey, maine aap ko kho diya, aab aap kabhi mere nahi ho sakta, I am sorry Rey aapni Taani ko ak akhri baar maaf kardena.

Rey agar apne or elders ne yeah decision liya ki you are getting married to Kriya, I will accept it, bash etna request hai, ki Mt Abu mai humne jo friendship ki staring ki thi baas don't end it Rey, and please accept that property aap ki life ki success mai mera etna sa chota sa contribution accept kar lena. Aap ki payar sayad meri destiny mai nahi hai, but aapki friendship se mujhe duur maat karna, I guess aap ki wife ko etni se friendship se koi problem nahi hogii

(saying all these there was unstoppable tears streaming down her eyes, she couldn't hide it anymore once again she had lost him for her insecurities and this time may be forever. Rey kept his palms on her head)

R- Taani sab kuch kahe diya, tumhe agar meri shaddi Kriya se , I mean if u have accepted it then why are these tears in your eyes? Why are u crying?

(Cupping her face in his arms, bending down towards her)

bolo Taani, sirf meri friend baan ke rehe paogii, daard chupa logii? Bolo? Just tell me jab saab kuch maan liya hai, then why these tears?


R- woh?

T-Mom ki yaad a gayii, sorry I mean aap ki mom ki, aunty ki, uncle and aunty bohot khus honge na, aap ki shaddi ke liya, she had lots of dreams.

R-Hmn but the fact is she will be happy when she gets her desired daughter in law, dad will be happy when he gets her daughter in law who will make him proud more than his own son has ever done, jo bilkul bhi Kriya nahi hai.


Rey held are shoulders lifted her and made her sit beside him, himself resting his back on the bed post pulling her near him so that she can comfortably rest her head on his chest, he still held her hands in his palms.

R-Taani first of all jinhe mom bulati ho, unhe achanak aunty maat bulayo. She is as much as your mom as mine and you know Taani, she will never accept anyone apart from u as her daughter in law, dad will never depend and rely on any one even on me with his business, apart from u. Koi larki cahe kitni talented ho, mom ki dil mai tumhari place nahi le sakti.

T-aur aap ki dil mai?

Rey separated her from himself, cupped her face in his palms and made her look into his eyes.

R-Tumhe saach mai nahi pata? Do you really need the answer to your question? Bolo Taani? Tumhe lagta hai anyone in this damn world can take your place in my heart? Kabhi nahi. And coming to your property, Taani tumhe pata hai I am not a business man, I know it have lot of financial value and it will help us a lot for our academy but for me Taani it's just ur gift, and that's what increases its value for me, and is my dreams not yours? Kya academy kya mere success is only my dream; I guess jitna mujhe successful hona hai professional life mai much more than that it is your dream to see me successful, tum bhul kiu jatii ho Taani your presence in my life will give me confidence will boost me, encourage me  to be successful and presence of everything in my life and ur absence will destroy my life will ruin me. Taani how can even u think that I will return ur gift? Taani jab tum insecure ho gayii, when the phone call came, etn insecure ki u decided to leave me, but still u didn't forget to help me? Why because u can never see me bowing down in front of someone else for help. Tumhe haarpal sirf mere khayal reheta hai.

Taani you are always insecure about our relation galti meri hai ki 3 saal pehele with my deeds maine tumhe etna insecure kar diya ki u can't overcome it, tumhe lagta hai that u don't deserve me, but sweetheart the truth is, its me who don't deserve you, but then you know I am not selfless like u, I deserve or not is not mandatory, but the fact is I can't afford to lose you, kayse koi apne heart ke bina rehe sakta hai? I just can't leave without u, tumhe chor ke jinda rehena possible nahi hai mere liya, aab bolo will u go away from my life and leave me behind to face my death?

Putting her palms on his mouth stopping him to speak further.

T-Kya bol rahe ho? Aapne socha bhi kayse, ki mai aap ko kuch bhi hone dungii?

Rey slowly made her lay down on the bed on her back, and himself rested near her partially landing on the bed, pulled her in his arms, caressed her cheeks, removed the locks of hairs stick on her in her tears, rubbed the traces of tears from her cheek with his thumbs, she was just staring at him, seeing him close to her, feeling his gesture which had love, care, understanding and dependence.

R-Then you have to stay with me forever, kabhi sochna bhi maat mujhe chore ke duur jane ke baree mai, you will have to be with me till my last breadth.Taani u can never loose me agar tum mujhe kho do gee kya khudh jii payogi? Taani we both seperately have no identity, Taani and Rey alag alag kuch bhi nahi hai, humhare identity ak saath rehene mai hai, yyad hai u once said ki hum Taani aur Rey se Taarey ban gaye hai.

R-But aap ki shaddi?

R-Tum bilkul pagal ho(pulling her nose) tumhare bhabii tumharee Siren bhabhi and over possessive over protective bhai ne Kriya ko forever ke liya bhaga diya hai. Even Aashi and Vicky ne bhi kaam nahi sunayaa, and tumhari mom dad mujhe ghar se apne jindegii se nikal deta agar mai kisi aur ko unki daughter in law, precisely unki betti Taani ki place detti, and mai kya cahatii hu, I guess u know better.

T-aapne mujhse jhoot kaha, apne mujhe etna rulaya?

R- Ha Taani, I know ki maine tumhe bohot hurt kiya, specially when I gave those cheap names to our relation, when I called u selfish, tum jayse selfless larki maine aj taak nahi dekha, but Taani jarurrat thi.

Tumhe ak jhatke ki jaruraat thi, It's not that I felt happy doing all these, but agar nahi karta tum apni dil ki baat tum apna dard apna insecurities kabhi share nahi kartii. Taani when I came I heard you saying confidently to Sneha that I can never forget u, agar etna confidence hai apne Rey pe, mare payaar pe, kiu sweetheart why do u become so insecure, tumhare Rey ne jo galti past mai ki hai, kya tumse duur rehena ka punishment kaffi nahi tha? Taani it was me who was immature in our relation, aur maine tumhe immature socha , but Taani I, Swayam Sharon we all were immature to handle our relations, to handle the situation, but now I understand tum hum saab se jyada mature thi, then why these insecurities. I am all yours mai sirf aur sirf tumhara hu, Sweet heart u are my heart, mere life mai friends hai, dance hai but kya mai friendship niva paungaa, kya mai dance kar paungaa agar mera heart, mera dil mujsee duur ho jaye? Taani apne dil se haar daar nikal do, you come first in my life, there is no comparison of ur place in my heart with anyone else. Aapne sarae insecurities mujhe de do, jab bhi kuchh bura lage, talk to me, apne andar darrd maat chupayo, baat karo mujsee. (Placing a long wet kiss on her forehead) I Love u Taani, I Love u sweet heart, nahi jinna mujhe tumhare bina, in future we may see ups and downs in our life, there may be critical situation but if u ever decide to leave me, be sure Taani this time u will never get a second chance to meet me, the moment u leave I will kill myself, yeah koi dhamki nahi hai Taani, just I can't leave I just can't survive without u...Please Taani don't take anymore exam of our love...

T-Rey I am sorry, and I promise u Kabhi bhi I will not leave u, this time even I will die, nahi rehena mujhe aapse duur, Rey apni Taani ko ak akhri baar maaf kar dijiya, I am sorry Rey, I will never do such mistake, bohot payar karti hu aapse...I love u Rey. I Love u so much.

Tears were dwelling down their eyes Rey pulled her in his arms, he kept his lips on her eyes soaking all her tears, he slowly kissed her cheeks, her forehead, she kept her soft palms on his cheeks, she rubbed his tears with her thumbs, he held her fingers in her hand kissed her fingers and ultimately he pulled her in his tight embrace, Taani to held him tight encircling her arms around his chest she kept her head on the crook of his neck, Rey pressed his lips on her hair and rested his chin on her head, their eyes were closed, they were in silence and in that silence they were promising each other, they were promising themselves that whatever happens in future staying away from each other can never be the option.


PreCap- Romance continued, playing Holi some more promises, boys Vs girls nokjhok.

Ok Dhamki nahii hai, just that showing lots of love u guys have made me greedy...Wink so update just after 100 likes.

Now the next update i.e. Chapter-11, I will start it in the next thread, so if u guys want u are

welcome to send me edits and banners, and yes I am so happy that my first FF will soon enter

into next thread, and as I said before that it's an ff and the story is still on with lots of twist and

turns but just a glimpse that from coming chapters u will see that how Taani and Rey

overcome different vulnerable situations, staying together supporting each other being the

pillar of strength when any one of the two break down.

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meenu_taarey IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2015 at 1:32am | IP Logged
unres *edited*
hmmm so i m
first yooo

coming to the update
it was so touching chapter
rey gave so much tantrums
to taani to over comr
from her insecurities
i like it
then taarey talks
full on taarey i  this chapter
superbb chapter
n then last part
beyond awesomr too
n ya congo dii that ur
story is printing in 
good dii keep it up
n advance congo on
second thread of this 
good to know that in second
thread amid all odds
taarey stands together
update soon n pm me
take care..

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jahnvi_Patel Groupbie

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Posted: 12 March 2015 at 2:03am | IP Logged
This is soo amazing! ^_^
Great news...
N u really thanking us? :/
Like seriously?
Anyways...aaj not gonna scold :P
Sooo happy for u ^_^
N the main thing the story will be posted as it in TAAREY! ^_^
Ab story toh post karo :')

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