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TaaRey ff- My Love My Passion & Our Destiny Thread 1 (Page 105)

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Posted: 06 March 2015 at 7:11am | IP Logged
Update na plz

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Please do update !!!

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taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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In Shimla:

Next day it was HOLI, the festival of colours Sneha was all excited to play Holi, it was her first holi, because being an Indian, yet born and brought up in Brazil, she has never seen the true colours of Holi, neither had got a chance to play. Shivam has called her up saying he is coming to Shimla for Holi but Sneha was sad seeing the condition of Taani, acting brave strong and too some extent heartless she has come back to Shimla, but her heart was still there in Mumbai with Rey, she left Rey so that he can start a fresh with Kriya, but the thought of Rey being in someone else's arms was killing her, moreover she knew how stubborn Rey acts when it comes to her, so he may not accept Kriya as life partner, she was confused the thought that Rey will be with Kriya was killing her from inside and Rey rejecting Kriya was making her happy but then how could she ignore how much Kriya accuses her but the truth is she too loves Rey and more than that if everybody comes back, Kriya Simmi and Nil, then once again Rey will be involved with friends and again misunderstandings, accusing each other will create differences between them, will kill the love and warmth of their relation, but she do wants to see Rey successful in life and then she thought whatever she decided was absolutely correct the property she has given to her bhai and Rey will help them a lot, with that they will be free no one can utilize them and blackmail them regarding finance, they will be free from all financial crisis and the rest they will achieve with their talent she was never doubtful regarding their talents, so once again with tears brimming in her eyes she looked at her laptop all the folders which contain Rey's pics, she was caressing them with her fingers cause she decided to go away this time forever from their life she never wanted to become a hindrance in the path of their success.

On the way:

On the way to Shimla near about 1.30 AM Rey saw a car on the side of the road, and then when the person asked for a lift with lots of disgust, because he didn't want a minute to waste before reaching to his love of life Taani, he parked his car and then when he saw the person, he was happy, it was none other than Shivam who was also going to the same destination to meet his love of life Sneha, both started the journey lost in their own thoughts about their own girls, Shivam was excited for meeting Sneha and celebrating their first holi, together he was constantly blabbering about whereas Rey was quite he knew how much Taani loves him, but her selflessness and her insecurities was not allowing her to accept him even after spending such a beautiful moment after that they were one soul but she was still insecure and though Rey was bit angry on Taani but then he knew it was all because of him because of his own deeds 3 years back she was pushed into the edge of insecurities which she is still unable to overcome, but now Rey was determined because he knew after whatever happened between them if he fails to bring her out of her insecurities she will destroy her life she will never move on she will never allow anybody to come near her or touch her, she will be left alone in her life and this he will never let happen whatever happens he has to bring her back, he was determined and when Shivam saw him lost he asked the reason, first time in life he felt Shivam more near to him than Swayam because after all at the end of the day Swayam was Taani's brother there are things which he cannot share with him, so keeping things to him he just gave a outline to Shivam about his equation with Taani that she once again left him and came back, he also said about Kriya's return and all drama.

Shi-Ak baat kahu Rey?


Shi- dakkh maine tujhe tab bhi dekha tha college mai when Taani did not step into our life you that time also fought with me for my deeds but in that fight it was  just for your friend, even Kriya was there too, your behaviour was just as friends fight for other friends, but I have seen the change of the colours the thoughts the way you behaved when I started manipulating Taani, for Taani you were insecure, tujhe haar waqt lagta tha ki u need to protect Taani from me, dekh Rey u did things for Taani that u never did for Kriya or other girls, I have seen the impatience in your face whenever Taani was with me, Rey jab I left u all and came back ultimately, jab Taani stood for u guys against me I knew at that time that you were in love with her, and Taani ke aankho mai humesha se tere liya love dikhta tha, I really wonder jo Rey saab ke dil ki baat samajta tha ushe Taani ki annkho mai payyar dikne ke liya etna waqt kiu laga?

R- I was always in love with her but yaar saach mai nahi pata mera ego yeah insecurity yeah kya tha that I took time to reciprocate her feelings, mujhe jealous feel hota tha whenever u were with her, but still I couldn't confess my love, maine kitna try kiya ki I will stay away from her, and to do that I have countless time hurt her, tujpe gussa ata tha and I used to take it out on Taani, Taani ko leke ajeeb sa insecurity tha, I always felt she belongs to me she can't be with anyone else.

Shi-Dekha Rey u gave the answer to your question that why after loving u so much Taani is insecure about her relation with u?


Shi-U knew from beginning that Taani feels for u, loves u but still u were insecure when I announced that Taani and me are in relation, your insecurities took a turn to anger and jealousy that even after I left u took time to understand her reciprocate her, then when u guys confessed u said u think Taani belongs to u, she can't be with anyone rather than u, and in this strong love, u have for her, u forgot that she is an individual she may have love and respect for ur passion ur dreams but she too have her own dream,s, and kya galat hai Rey if she had asked some precious time of urs, if she wanted to spend some exclusive time with u, Sneha ne mujhe jitna bataya hai I know you couldn't give her time and then a little bit time which u could afford her in that time u talked all about ur friends your dreams your passion, what about her Rey?

R-Shivam but now I have changed, 3 saal I was away from her, I realized my mistake, I knew I have hurt her, but yaar this time maine galti kya kiya, Mount Abu mai she said she wants just to be a friend, I accepted, and then throughout Swayam's marriage when u and sneha were spending some moments I so wanted to be with Taani, but still I maintained distance I didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable, but reception ke raath I couldn't control my feelings, but then she too lived the moments with me, and late night achanak Kriya ka call, tu bata esh mai mera kya galti hai, mujhe kucch bhi nahi pata tha, woh mujhe chor ke calii ayii, I know she loves me more than anything, but then when he heard that she wants to come back, she came back...couldn't she ask me once my opinion, mujh par etna bhi bharosa nahi tha?

Shi- She loves you, and you know that all I can say that kuch aysa kar that she comes out of her insecurities regarding her relation she has proved her capabilities in all sphere, just make her realize that as you are the best for her, she too is the best for u. Knowing that she loves u, u took time to reciprocate and after that un intentionally your actions have hurt her so much, and now when all things are falling in place, the news of their returned frightened her, its Ok Rey, she thought once again she will become secondary in your life, Sneha ne mujhe jitna bataya I feel u  both need time to talk out, u both love each other but need to communicate with words.

R-Shivam she mean the world too me, I will talk with her, I want her back in my life and aj agar mujhe dance chorna bhi pare I am ready for her that to.

Shi- tu fir galti kar raha hai, u wanted to change her according to ur opinion and thoughts, and her self respect was hurt she became insecure, and now u want to change urself for her, it will also hurt her, why don't u understand she wants to be with u neither by changing u according to her, nor by changing herself according to u, yaar maine Sneha se jitna sunha hai she loves u the way u are, just that she feels she comes in your life after ur dance and friends, make her realize that dance is your profession friends are ur strength and she is your life your heartbeat.

R-yup shivam I never thought ki the complication which I knew but couldn't solve you could make me understand so easily, thanks yaar for the help, waise tu bohot understanding ho gaya hai.

Shi-ha I guess payar ka side effect, Sneha is very egoistic, yet lovable and understanding, But ha both Sneha and Taani, may fight between themselves, but when it comes to third person hurting any of the one dono ma chandii ban jatee hai. So be careful.

R-Really they fight, mujhe to laga they can never fight.

Shi- araa nahi yaar they have issues, their topic of fighting is very different, higher level ki fights, like if sneha says dinner menu is pasta then Taani will say noodles, and will fight then while making up the fight Taani will say let's have pasta according to Sneha's choice and Sneha will say to have noodles, and will land up in another fight and end up eating something else.

(they both shared a laughter but then Rey was sad)

R- yup Taani ko saach mai ak frd ki jarurat thi jo mai kabhi baan nahi paya, thanks a lot to Sneha she was there when nobody was with her.

Shi- Ok aab seniti baate chor, we are almost 15 kms away; its morning and sooch Taani ko manayaga kaysee?

R-Sneha ki help lena parega

Shi-Bhul jaa, woh khud Taani ki esh harkat ke liya Taani ko suna chukka hai, she even said to me ki this time Taani unintentionally galti kar baythi, and when I said the same, that this time Taani was the one who was at fault, she fought with me, saying how dare I talk rubbish about her friend.

R-So aab kya??

Shi- idea, mai Sneha ko busy rakhunga you talk with Taani.

R-thanks yaar, but in turn tujhe Sneha ke saath romance ka mauka mil jayegaa waise even I want to make talk to Taani alone, I want to make her understand that no body has the right to come between our relation not even our parents, friends yeah our profession, mujhe ushe samjana parega, but on a serious note Shivam, lets have a hug let's forget whatever happened in past.

Shi-yes Rey we were immature hum sabne galti ki, waise I wanted to ask u,  is Kriya and others really coming back?

R-No, maine aur Swaron ne clearly bol diya hai, she has returned.

Shi-Even I guess that's better, or else u all will land up to unwanted complications.

R-that's my point shivam, Taani kiu nahi samajtii ki nobody, bloody no one else can affect me apart from her, I am just not interested in any one rather than her. If necessary I will spend my whole life without her but I will not allow anyone to come near me.

Shi- So this holi colour her with your love so much so that she forgets all her insecurities in your love.

R-Hmnn this time I am determined.

In Shimla:

Next day morning, Sneha entering with a plate of red gulal...(colours used for playing holi) but then seeing Taani shattered sitting on the bed she kept the plate on the table and sat beside her.

Sn-Taani, please wash ur face, u are crying from last night, forget it, last 1 week u are crying, agar etna payaar karti hai, chor ke kiu ayii?

T-Tujhe pata hai Sneha

Sn-Ha mujhe pata hai teri idiotic reasons, un natural thoughts. As much as I know galti teri hai, tune kayse us churail kriya ki batto par bharosa kiya?

T-nahi Sneha, aysa nahi hai, I know Kriya loves him

Sn-so what?? Agar kal I mean in future if a girl come and says that she loves Shivam, so what will I do, leave him, to start a fresh? I am sorry but it doesn't make sense Taani.

T-Sneha, tujhe nahi pata Rey loves dancing, woh saab kuch bhul jate hai, and I feel neglected tujhe nahi pata, I used to wait for him the whole day in Fire exit of college, he used to come 2 to 3 hrs late, and then he used to start all about his friends and dance, you Know na Sneha, Rey didn't knew anything about me, not even my favourite colour, mujhe kuch samaj nahi ayaa Kriya ne call kiya bola all are accepting me for dance,mujhe bhi pata hai ki dance is Rey's life even bhai anh Sharon loves dance so I thought may be she is right pehele bhi aysahi hua...I know I am wrong but mai kya karu..Rey ki negligence towards our relation towards me mujhe bardast nahi hota we will land up in fighting and it hurts him too..mujhe unhe aue pain mai nahi dakna Sneha..  (she once again started sobbing, Sneha took her in her arms hugged her patting her back she said)

Sn- But by this act of yours u are giving him more pain, I know Taani, mujhe saab pata hai, but then even u know na, he was regretting his mistakes, after 3 years he was dying to see you, u are still wearing the dancing girl pendant, you still have his gifts, Taani, Rey na galti ki, but u should also give him  time, Taani this time u started with friendship, aur jitney tune mujhe bataya u said he was not the first one who failed to control his emotions, you only said it was u who lost your own control.

T-galti ki maine Sneha, I shouldn't have lost my control, aysa karke I have given Rey more sadness, now forgetting me will become more impossible for him

Sn- Taani, galti kar rahi hai tu, agar tujhe forget karna hota then Rey wouldn't have waited for ur return, physically that time u guys were not close, then also he didn't forget u, tujhe lagta hai ki agar u both hadn't share the moment Rey would have forgotten u, he loves u as much as u love him, Taani thora sa selfish baan, thora selfish banne mai koi galti nahi hai, you love him and he loves u, bass baat khatam, don't allow third persons to come in between, 3 years back he made u feel alone because of third persons, and this time u left him alone thinking about third persons... aysa galti maat kar.

T-Sneha, kya agar mai unhe call karke sorry bolu then he will forgive me, Sneha I can't live without him, mai maar jayunga ...

Sn-But what if after reading ur letter, to fulfill ur rubbish wish, he is in relation with Kriya now?

T-Kya bol rahii hai tu? He will not accept her so easily, I know him, he loves me unconditionally

Sn-So jab etna bharosa hai Rey ke payyar par then why are u allowing you're in secure to step in, agar koi confusion hai bhi then instead of leaving him u should have talked with him, 3 saal pehele he planned the fake breakup without talking to u, and 3 saal baad u did the same, accused him, broke up with him without talking to him.

Tum dono ke dictionary mai payyar karna hai, but baat karna kiu nahi hai??

With Rey and Shivam:

This conversation was hard by Shivam and Rey, after hearing this Rey was broken he wanted to go and hug her tight but then Shivam stopped him saying to go according to the plan he himself made or else once again it will be temporary patch up and if something happens they will once again choose to stay away, after arguing a lot with Shivam and his own brain he decided to go with his own  plan, even he didn't want any temporary settlement, he wanted to rub all trace of insecurities from her heart, yet not hampering each other's individualities, and who knows better than him, that more than love in their relation aggression speaks more, whenever he becomes aggressive both end up in loving each other understanding each other more, the more he becomes aggressive towards her, the more she understands his feelings. So as decided they went with their plan and their sudden entry.

R+Shi-Hii girls...happy holi

(Seeing Rey Taani was shocked more than being happy..she couldn't register his sudden presence)

Sneha-So u came and etna late (but then looking at Rey) Tum Rey achanak..I mean..

Shi-U mean I mean forget and hear the good news.


Shi- Sneha, Taani Rey is getting married?

Sn+Ta- Kya?? (with shock and bit shouting)

Shi- Yes sweetheart Taani came back and she wanted Rey to be with Kriya, even Kriya was crying a lot, so elders decided that to stop all these complications of relations for once and all and like Swaron next month Kriya and Rey is getting married. Kriya bhi ana cahatii thi but then she is busy with marriage preparations.

(Rey was watching Taani, her actions, her moves her eyes, but before her eyes could well up in tears, she turned her back, but here our Sneha was uncontrollable.)

Sn- (moving towards Rey) How could u Rey?? You know what? still now I was saying Taani was wrong this time, but I guess Taani was absolutely right. You really don't deserve her, sharram nahi ayii so easily u moved on in a week, then peechle 3 saal se u couldn't forget her, yeah drama karne ki kya jarurat know what I just don't want to see your face, leave our house right now.

Shi-Sneha listen to me, just come with me...

Sn- I know Shivam, this time Taani made mistake but tum logo ko uski galtii yaad reheta hai, but uska payaar nahi, for Rey and her bhai she gave her everything, but u guys forgot that, and what u remember was her words...sharram atii hai mujhe still a minute before I was making her understand...

Shi- sneha listen to me (but he was cut in the middle)

Sn-You listen to me shivam..if ur supporting ur friend Rey in this crap...then u may leave... our relation is different but if u are supporting him then my friend needs me too, and humesha she has been alone in such situations, and I will not let her be broken this time.

Shi- ho gaya aab 2 minute ke liya can u come outside with me?


(Taani rubbed her tears she was feeling broken but then she knew it was she who initiated all these, and now if Rey is doing whatever she wanted she doesn't have any right on him, how much broken she feels for Rey she will once again act happy and mask her feelings, she will make Sneha understand too, but she will not allow Sneha and Shivam's relation to be affected because of her as no one knows better than her the pain of broken relation.)

T- Sneha, its Ok I am happy that Rey ne shaddi ka faisla kiya, I am really happy, and u go and talk with Shivam, he has come from such a long distance only to celebrate holi with u, its both of yours first holi... Just go

Sn- Taani don't act smart!

T-Sneha we will talk later but just for me go and spend some time with Shivam,  and shivam tu bilkul faattu rehega, aree fattu tu kiu khara hai, go and take ur baby doll, just go and spend time with her, baad mai hum saab holi khelenge...Go and Rey why are u standing like that, come sit and Kriya ko kiu nahi layaa I would have meet her.

Sn-Taani kiu ?? Kiu kar rahii hai aysa...tu kisee misguide kar rahi hai?

T-Sneha..Rey ne shaddi ka faisla kiya, I am happy saach kaha rahi hu it really doesn't matter to me...and Sneha if u love me, respect me, don't waste your first holi...please Shivam ishae le ja

She just forced both of them to go and pushing them outside she closed the door, but then she composed herself the first thing she needs to do is to hide her mental state condition and emotions from Rey and act normal...taking a deep breath she composed herself, and turned.

But she couldn't even move a single inch, she was already trapped on the locked door, his arms blocked her, he was dangerously closed to her, his intense gaze was penetrating her heart it was as if making her soul naked, where she couldn't hide any of her emotions as if she was an open book which he could read easily. She couldn't even look away from his eyes, they were hypnotizing her...then keeping his brown orbs in contact with her hazel brown eyes, she felt his warm breath on her earlobes, their cheeks were almost touching and she heard his cold yet sensational voice-

R- So, mai kisi aur se shaddi really doesn't matters to u?

(Once again keeping his penetrating gaze on her, he was waiting for her answer)


Precap- aggression, confession and romance unlimited...

(90 likes warna TATA BYE BYE...Love u guys)

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Mon_tr IF-Rockerz

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Its awesome
just live it

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Jasmine_ash Goldie

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Res/ unres
Di wth I mean y u stopped in middle I was reading curiously
But u errr now u am literally becoming  mad about next update.
Coming to this update u stole my heart.
From first to last
Loved SHIVAM and rey convo
In this update sweetheart is SHIVAM
Awesome the way he made realise the reality and what exactly should be done to earse taanis insecurity.
Sneha amazing the way she consolded and made TAANI understand that rey loves her more. And this time he should be given time and chance
But turned when SHIVAM said Rey and Kriya marrying she just turned to wild kitty
TAANI again ufff oh god why this girl doing like this :(
One thing correct their aggression shoes their love 
Hope to see next update full miss understanding clear and love should be followed
Thanks for pm di
Awesome fabulous update
Luv u
Next update pls do soon

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god dii!!!! aise jagah per bhi koi update end karta hai kya , no,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, plzzz di , not fair, okkk but yeh, AVERY HAPPY HOLI TO U

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wow awesome update
rey and shivam part nice
continue soon

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