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FF Ek ladki thi deewani si chap 35 on page 124 21/12/15 (Page 54)

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update de do na di...pls...update plzzz...update plzzz...update plzzz...update plzzz...

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Chapter 32 part A

Jalal's breath was stuck in his chest for a second.His mind was paralysed with the picture infront of him.His sword falls on ground which contains blood of most important person of his life.He unknowingly lead her to death bed.Soldiers were cheering for their victory but he is biggest looser in this win.for a instance he doesnt know what to do.He remains as such, getting biggest shock of his life.Since past oneand half year he prayed for her return enumourous times.In his every prayer he prayed for her well being.He prayed countless time to meet to her just once and today his prayer answered by almighty but in a twisted manner.She was there infront of him but lifeless.Each passing second leading her to death.When he was leaving Agra he was sure Adham's attacker must be a strong warrior but never imagine its Jodha who did all this.He took an oath to kill the person and he complete his vow.He inserted poison coated sword in her body.He feels terrible about himself.He moves his head in disbelief for the events took place today.He blinked his eyes to make sure its his nightmare nothing else but no it was reality.Harsh and bitter truth of his life.He didnt had courage to go near her.She was in middle of many dead bodies and he doesnt have that much guts to accept the situation.He doesnt had courage to face his worse fear.His fear to lost her.If her breath wasnt there.If hhher heart stopped working...If she is already dead then what will he do.How will he live with this guilt.This is not possible.He wont let this happen.She cant go leaving everything like this.She has to live for him.He jumps from his horse and ran near her.Its just a feet distance but he covered that distance with great difficulty.His mind was filled with optimistic and depressed thoughts at same time.Its easy to say hope for best and be prepared for worst but when life of loved one is associated ,its hard to execute.He reach near the place which he can called live graveyard.His eyes search for her and he caught her ,there she was under a big Mango tree. Among several dead bodies in white cloths her body is clearlly distinguish by her long waivy hairs.He looked around buds were blooming on mango tree .War was over and now he can listen the melodious voice of ...If all this wasnt happened they can enjoy the perfect scenario according to her.She loved this season which we called spring.The season of romance ,season indicating that cold icy weather gone and now its time to enjoy some warmth.The season to welcome the hot summer which has mango in it.Mango the king of all fruit and thats the reason she waited for this whole year.Her everytalk has mention of this fruit at one or two time.Sometime he feels her life starts with it and end...No, this cant be happen.This tree joined them once in a bond which is unbreakable in hardship of life and it will unite them again.He still remeber two years ago how he tricked her and get married to her against her wish.Their fight and bet flashed in his mind.She was so innocent at that time ,that failed to understand his motive and when she get this she ran away.She never met someone like her before .Sometime she is most stubborn person in the world and sometime she became most understanding one.Whether be her attitude she always stay loyalist to him.She was with him every thick and thin.He remebered everything happened in past.No,This story cant end like this.It cant at this node of life.There are many more things in life which they have to share together.

He kneeled down on ground near her. she is lying on her stomach.Her back is facing him.He turned her body to face him.He removes her long wavy hairs from her face.She looks same like she used to look one and half year ago,difference is that today her mischief and bubbliness is nowhere to see.She has dangerous silence indicating the worse to come.His heart is beating rapidly and breathing become heavy.With great difficulty he control his himself and forward his hand to check her breath.A hand which never shake in entire life is trembling due to fear.He placed his fingures near her nostrils and one warm air releave all his anxiety.She is alive,breathing slowly and shallow but she is breathing .She is alive ,thats enough for him.Rest things he will settle by hook or crook. He checkes her whole body.Her cloths were soaked in her own blood.Her perfect white cloths merged with red stains.He notices she has many wounds on chest ,hands and arms which might she get while defending herself from his vigrous and lethal attack. Red coloured liquid which we called blood is flowing continuosly from her right abdominal part and why it didnt flow,he gave this wound to kill the attacker.At that time he just want to ripe off this attacker if he had slight knowledge of her ,being associated with this rebellion ,he will sort out everything differently.

Dont worry Jodha I am here with you.Ill settle everything.Nothing will happened to you.Jalal mumbles thing to assure himself while caressing her face.He very well aware of danger.Poison is working very drastically.Its starts affecting her respiratory system and if he didnt give her antidote on time than her muscles will starts straining,blood starts turning into jelly,either her blood supply stopped and breathing chokked or nervous failure.He plans this painful death for attacker.Jalal looks once again to her, than took her in his arms marching towards his camp.

At his camp soldiers watched their king coming with someone.Seems some soldier injured badly and king is taking him for treatment.They knew that Mugals is winner.Joy was in their heart but this gesture of king surprised them a little.Shanshah doesnt shown this kind of gesture till now.He simply ordered other soldiers to carry injured soldier in camp.Mightbe this one played an important role but his outfit and long hairs...Something is fishy.Thought were going on in different minds but Jalal without caring anyone's view move in his khema and called the Hakim.He lie down her on his bed.Hakim enters and wathed a woman severly injured lied on bed.She is struggling to breath.With each breath her chest move upwards and mouth opened automatically to gasp some air .Then her chest goes downwards than again upwards to breath.She taking breath from mouth with so much efforts it means her respiratory system isnt working properly.After watching the scene Hakim hurried near the bed and check her .Her pluse were slow and its dangerous.Blood were flowing from wound.Clotting isnt happened like it used to happen in normal healing process of body.

Shanshah ,she is critical. I think some poison is given to her.Blood is flowing continuosly ,clotting is not happening to wounds plus she is struggling to breath.

Hakim saheb I know about poison .Its the same poison you gave me to kill the leader of this rebellion.Please give her antidote. Please save her.

Ill do my best shanshah to save her.Please wait for sometime.

Jalal sits near her on bed,leaving sufficient space for Hakim to do his job properly.His eyes were fixed on Jodha .Hakim starts his job.He opens boxes of medicine .He is working attentively and hurriedly .He select some packets of medicine and starts working on it.Some helper was also present there with him ,preparing ointments to apply on wounds.

Hakim takes around an hour to do his job.His expert hands were working robotically on her body to save her.At first he placed something under her tongue and place something near her nostrils .After few minutes her body starts relaxing.Her chest is not moving up and down like before . He did stiches on abdominal area where deep wound occured ..Hakim were watching Jalal from sideways in between and there were so many questions on his mind.He never witness this kind of concern of shanshah towards a commoner.Her features and looks is competitive to princess.Is she really a commoner or...Hakim lost in thoughts and prick her wounds with force

Carefully Hakim saheb Jalal said with great concern.

I am sorry shanshah .Ill be carefull .


She is special to king that is sure .She is not a normal citizen.Hakim is sure about this one thing .He was doing dressing to arms and hands of Jodha.His work is almost done .Now his only concern is wounds on chest . whether he should examin her chest or not?He is gathering words to ask to shanshah but before he could speak up

Leave the medicine on table.Ill handle the rest Jalal said firmly and hakim leaves the place after doing a salute to king.

Takhlia Jalal said and everyone left.

He moves his hands to removes her cloths and

Shanshah I dont gave you permission to touch me.How dare you touch me without my will.I never thought you will do this kind of thing to me.You took advantage of my situation her words echoes in his ears.she said years ago.She put her life on stake .She jumped from cliff on that day .First he punished her and then she punished herself.What a missunderstanding was that?She thought she was drenched and unconcious so he took advantage and he thought she troubled everyone by her so called formula .Whole palace was mad at that time rubbing back and hand on piller.A smile came on his face.And aftermath is also terrible he locked her in isolated place for whole night and that nights was also windy and stormy .At that time he reached there she was also unconcious like today and he tried to manded his mistake but everything goes otherways . Only he knew how much efforts he put to convince her at that time.Thousand time he said that he didnt harm her pride.He didnt watched her like that.He didnt touched her and than she convinced.He didnt gave explanation to anyone till that time but Jodha she is something else.She brings out the best and worst from him.

Jalal examine Jodha's body.there was small cuts and bruises present on her chest and near rib cage.He cleans her wound and did her dressing.He coverup her like before without affecting her wounds with caution and care.Its complete night.Commotion is very low at this time.A dim lamplight giving required light at this moment. Jalal was resting on his chair.He doesnt realise when sleep tookover him.

At morning

Shanshah one soldier's voice break his sleep.He look around and he found a man is standing near temporary veil door ,waiting for his reply.

Yes he said authoratively

Shanshah Hakim saheb wants to check the patient.Is he allowed to come in soldier asked

Let him come he said.

Hakim checked Jodha keenly while Jalal is waiting for his reaction.When his checking process done .Jalal looks towards him and ask How is Jodhabegum Hakim saheb?this one question end all the doubts and thoughts in hakim's mind.

She is fine.Improving rapidly and if all will be fine soon she will get her conciousness back Hakim assures the king.Hakim leaves the place with some thoughts .He heard so many time about Ameri princess Jodha ,Shanshah's first wife after joining the Mugal kingdom.There were rumours that she is epitome of beauty and grace.She is uncomparable.He witness it today.Truely she is a beauty which cant be described in words.No wonder people love talking about her beauty.There were rumours that they loved each other to core and due to some unfateful incidents parted ways but all this is matter of gossip .Real truth only two person knew and he witness some shade of their relation today unknowingly.

At afternoon Jodha starts moving her hands and legs on bed.After few minute she became concious and open her eyes and find Jalal infront of her.He was standing near her bed.Their eyes met with each other.Her eyes had questions and his eyes had care and concern.Thousand of things were there to be said confessed and shared with each other.They were short of words today.Dont know where to start.Many changes happened in lives of Jodha and Jalal.For Jodha she grew up as individual ,she face so much hardship of life and to some extent she became brave ,strong and independent who can took her decision on her own.Things were changed for Jalal too.After her departure he married to different ladies for various reason than find out whole incident happened at his back , than went Amer , knew about her death and murderor dacoits than killed dacoits ,Amer and Agra built a strong bond ,he went to war and approximate ten months he spent at battlefield.Now many more estate are part of his kingdom.Many things were changed on Jalal's side too but one thing is same she has same impact on him like she before.Many things are necessary to talk ,issues to be discussed with maturity from both of side.Jalal doesnt know how will she react to him.He knew he said many harsh words to her which definately hurt her but dont know those words still hurt her not.

Shanshah ...Jodha's lips were trembling and mind was trying to collect the exact words to talk..She waited so long to catch a glimpse of him and here he was standing infront of her with care and concern whatelse someone need to live.He was near her to listen her thats enough.She was carving for this since she left Agra.His harsh words was not in her mind its like they wipe out in the rain of love and concern.Her eyes became teary and heart was overwhelmed with joy.

How are you feeling now,Is it paining a lot ? Jalal asked in one breath looking keenly on her right abdomen.

Before things were go smoothly.A soldier came inside in a hurry to inform something to Jalal but before he could say anything scum came out from his mouth and he falls on ground.Jalal rushes towards him and checks his pulse,he was dead.He went outside from his camp and find a huge hustle bustle there.His soldiers were agitate.Many were dead like the one in camp and many were lying on ground holding there stomach.Jalal was clueless about this sudden happening but Jodha immidiately find out the whole mattter.Afterall she planned this brutal thing.She recallled what she said in last meeting with villagers.

We all know Mugals has habbit of snatching and capturing .So we shall used this thing against them.We know we are less in number compared to Mugal army but our courage is bigger than them. Tomorrow we will fight against them and tonight we mixed poison in everything.We make sure that whatever they get should be dangerous and lethal.We know except the waterfall in forest these wells are only source of water ,so first we shall starts with this.Jodha through some packets in well.Than ladies made some snacks and sweets containig poison.All done she roared.They knew if they win they wont touch this and if they loose hungry and thirsty enemy will definately have it.If we cant live peacefully we wont let you take all this that easily.This was only thing is in mind of everyone.

Jalal rushed in khema of Hakim saheb.He was preparing something .His hands were working like never before.He hands were catching and mixing and grinding herbs along with his assitants.

Hakim saheb Jalal said

and before he left his work to salute him Jalal said How much time it takes to prepare medicine?

Just few more minutes shanshah then everything will be fine.Hakim said confidentally.

Jalal waits there impatiently.He always treats his soldiers like his own near and dear one.He knows war is brutal and costs lves of many but thats is part of warrior's life but he cant tolerate someone backstabbed like this.Many soldiers were already died when he reaches with medicine.Those who were alive get medicine and suffering like hell.After assuring that everyone gets the medicine ,Jalal returns in his khema.Jodha was resting there peacefully.She looks at him but doesnt inquires anything.Against his usual anger Jalal was calm and composed.He holds Jodha's wrist firmly but in that sense it wont hurt her and produce further damage.

Walking few steps with me ,I think wont be a issue for you Jalal said while helping her to stand on her feet.

I dont have any problem Jodha replied in equal tone.

Jalal takes Jodha to camp where soldiers whose condition is critical were kept.He examine Jodha's face and surprisingly there was no expression of regret.She has some concern and sympathy but no guilt.

They were moving while vivting each person personally.Asking their whereabouts.

Few years ago I met someone who cant see anyone in pain Jalal said.

Loss of life and damage is part of war.This things should be considered before starting a war .When a king enters in battlefield ,he very well know ,it costs lives of many Jodha replied politely.

But what about indirect attcak to harm other party this is not done.Faking something to opponent is cheating Jalal said with a little fury.

This is called war tricks and tactics.Only win matters in a war and only winners writes history because looser doesnt get chance to do so. Jodha again replied politely.

So you mean whatever you done is right.I can forgive you for rebellion but not for this You gave poison to my soldiers Jalal said furiously.

Let me clear your misconception Shanshah e hind.I dont gave poison to your soldiers.Infront of your eyes I was almost dead so there is no question of me being a culprit.Second thing everyone is suffering except Hakimsaheb ,you me and few soldiers .Why this happened ?let me guide you A village is on verge of war never prepares sweet dish to welcome the enemies but your soldiers failed to do sense danger.After eating they ran to drink water but forget arrangement to get water destroyed everywhere before marching into battlefield but your soldier again fall in trap.If your soldiers failed to sense the danger than what is my fault in it.Jodha said all this furiously than realise her limits.She calmed and composed herself and continue her talking.

You put allegation on me being a rebellion .Okay I except it .I revolt to some extent but when I revolt against you.Did I announced myself king of Malwa after killing beating Adham khan.Did I attacked treasures of Malwa with someone.Did I gave poison to your other soldiers?Did I kill all official present in Malawa suba.I think most of answers will be in no.I want to ask you some more question if you agree?Jalal was in deep thoughts and Jodha find it perfect opportunity to manipulate somethings into her favour.

You announce villagers deportees on what ground shanshah?Did they revolt against you? Did shaurya lived with them?For your information I cleared your doubt.Shaurya is not part of village ,he used to visit there.You declared them as enemy without listening their view.They didnt gave shelter to me but stuck in all this for no reason. They suffered alot due to your policies an at last decide to fight rather suffering more for no reason.

Please come with me I want to show you something because without proof you wont believe anything.They moved to place where war happened.Dead bodies were still there for Jodha's help.She identified some people and asked Jalal to remov their cloths.There were marks of hunter.

This year bumper income Ram gets fromhis farms.After paying land tax .he bought some jewels for his daughter who married this year and spent some amount on cloths and food but all of sudden a new tax generated and when he failed he get this punishment.There were many more examples like this.They walked few steps ahead there was a small temple which was sealed under Mugal stamp.Jalal was surprised to witness this.Why are you surprised shanshah e hind .This was sealed as per your order two months ago.They walked more and there is residence of subedar.

You can check anything with the help of register if we steal anything from here.

If you are not against me than why you gave poison to Adham khan?

There is limit of anything .I cant tolerate disgrace of women.sorry to say but Adham khan tried to disgrace a woman.

No, Adham cant do that.MA gave him very good values.Jodha you might be..

I knew it shanshah .I dont have any missunderstanding while judging him and you too.You all are equal .All rules is for weaklings .You dont punish the one who bullied innocent and why would you do that ,you did same thing one and half year ago .

Okay this is from my side .I tried my best to write as per your expectation.How is the final result only you people can decide.So please press the like button if you like it and dont forget to shar your views with me.Thanks for reading

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Part two
shanshah A voice intrupted Jodha and Jalal from behind and after listening it Jodha quickly turned her back and cover her face with cloth. Jalal looks behind a assitant of Hakim saheb waiting for his reaction folding his hands,eyes downcasting the earth.

What it is?Jalal said irritatedly

shanshah pardon me for intruptting you inbetwen but Hakim saheb told that too much walk in this condition make things worse.Wounds can be starts bleeding again assistants conclude.

Fine ,we are coming Jalal said.

Jalal and Jodha starts moving towards camp quitely.Neither Jodha utter a word nor Jalal.They were moving without looking to each other.Jodha burst out on him against Guruji's wish .He cleared so many time infront of her the situation from Jalal's perspective but she doesnt know what happened to her self control today.In her subconcious she thinks he is liable for her misery and that is result of this immature behaviour.That thing happened one and half year ago.Whatever happened is already happened cant be rewrite back Guruji told her so many times.So many times she tried not to keep grudge against him but again she failed.She flew in emotions.Telling whole thing happened in village all this months is enough what's the need to touch the string which only cause pain .She decided first she think than speak to him now on.No matter whatever be there differences ,grudges and hurts. He is king and a king should be respected like kings.He is not a commoner and she would keep the decorum .Jalal was moving, Jodha's accusion was running in his mind.There are some solid proof presented by her and he cant ignore them.somewhere something is wrong in the system.Jodha accused him for so many things which are beyond his knowledge.So many things are necessary to clear but discussing them while walking is not appropriate place.They reached the camp and moves towards their respective camp without exchanging a word.Jodha took her medicine and whole evning passed without doing anything.Due to medicine she dozed off in afternoon.Now nothing to do unlike her usual routine where she doesnt have time to think anything.I hope Guruji takes everyone at safe place.I wish my wounds heals fast so I can reach them to help .God knows how they were managing there.Only Five men and many women and children.Hey Kanha please keep them safe and give us strength to build everything again.I know it would be not like before.All married women are widow now.Girls and children are not so familier with this kind of things.Thoughts were running in her mind .She was so engrossed in her world that doesnt realise when sun set and dark night took place.Its midnight but lamp of Jodha's camp still on and Jalal decide to pay a visit to her.Jodha hears the footsteps on her doorsteps and became aware.She arranger her cloths properly in a sync to look decent.Jalal enters there.she folded her hands to greet him.She was sitting comfortably on bed with help of pillows and cushions.

Abhi tak jar rahi ho(You are awake till now) he asked

Aap bhi to jag rahe hai (You are awake too ) she replied

Mujhe aadat hai par aap to jaldi so jaya karti thi (I have habbit to awake till latenight but you used to sleep early) He replied

Wo din chale gaye.Ab pahle wali baat nahi rahi neend ne aankho ka saath chod diya hai (That days were gone now I didnt feel that much sleepy) .

Aap ko ... (You came ...) Jodha was hesitate at first but at last ask him directly aapko kuch kaam tha ,kuch poochna tha hamse (You came here for some specific purpose or want some more explaination from my side.)

Ab Milne k liye bhi vajah hona zaroori hai .Haalchaal poochne ka haq bhi nahi raha kya hamara ? (Now we need reason to meet Cant I came to just see you or asking your health.)

Hamara wo matlab nahi tha.Aap shanshah hai kahin bhi jane k liye aapko koi karan batane k aavshayakta nahi hai aur hamara adhikar bhi nahi hai aapko rokne ka ya poochne ka (No,I didnt mean that.Its your kingdom you can go anywhere .Who am I to stop you?)Her words were sharp but tone was low and polite.she doesnt sound rude from anywhere.All that was hurt in her voice .

There were silence from both side for few minutes.Jodha just replied him and doesnt start any further conversation.She kept looking everywhere whether it is lamp or bed or table but not him.She was calm and composed.Earlier if she doesnt please with anything or disargee with anything or angry with him.She express it fully infront of him.She doesnt take a minute to show her anger and keep repeating and ranting his mistake until he bend down.She has habbit to throw tantrum.She always shares angry glance to him ot try to trouble him and later give him chance to pacify her anger but now she is just keep quite.She doesnt complain anything .After saying that sentence in afternoon she doesnt say anything nor try to trouble him or giving angry glances to him.

Itna waqt beet gaya ,kaisi thi aap iss dauran (How were you in the period of one and half year ?)Jalal again take initiative to talk her

Hum to acche hi the ,hame kya hona hai (I was fine,what happened to me) she replied with minimum words.

Hamare baare mai janana nahi chahengi aap .Hum kaise the ( Dont you ask me how I was?) Jalal asked

Aavshyakta nahi hai ,pata hai aap prasan the .Apni saari sukh suvidho wale mahal mai naye logo k saath. Koi jata aur koi aur aata hai ,yahi jeevan hai .Raja ka jeevan virakt nahi rahta hai wahan bahut saare sahare hai kisi ko bhulane k liye (I dint need that.I knew you were all hale and hearty in your palace with your all kind of luxury .Company of new people wont give you time to think about anyone else).She replied looking directly into his eyes.Jalal taken aback with this revealation.

Jodha knew everything about his life but how?His quick mind trying to figure out all possible circumstances.Might she came Agra and concludethings on her own by overlooking.He needs answer from her right now otherwise this gap will increase more and more.Thousands of misconception she already build in her mind reagarding him which giving him shock after shock and God know what more is in store.

You came Agra?He asked her.Jodha doesnt reply anything.

She was trying her best to control her emotions but his continuous questions provoking her to say bitter.She doesnt want to talk and he is going on and on.Showering fake concern towards her.She knew everything what he did with guruji .What he replied .Guruji doesnt share anything to her but Mani told her everything and kids have much sharper memory than elders.They said things as such without manipulating anything.Might be Guruji defend him when she confront but truth cant be changed by his words.She at once forget her humiliation and insult but whatever he did with Guruji a sixty year oldman.She accept it he shoudnt paid a visit to his palace but he can denied at first intance.What is the need to trouble the oldman.He can say harsh word earlier too and let Guruji go but no he wants to humiliate him because he went there to favour her .Whole day Guruji stands in chill summer day hungry and thirsty and what he get at the end doesnt I said to Jodha I dont want to see her face than why she is sending message.This time I am letting it go but next time I wont forgive it.A volcano is boiling inside the girl.She was fuming in anger.Huffing and puffing due to anger.If she was capable to run she just leave this place but her inability making her frustrated.

Jodha I am asking you something? You came to AgraJalal stressed on each word this time.Jodha reply me how do you know about my whereabouts.

Jodha keep ignoring him.She was twisting and tossing a handerkerchief in her hands.She was tying knots on it and than untying the knot. Her complete ignorance doesnt go well with Jalal.He held her arms and shakes her to came out from her own world.

Look at me Jodha .I am talking to you Jalal said this time with a little fury.She looked towards him and than her arms .Her eyes were fix on her arms which he was holding so tightly.She was in pain but doesnt utter a word. Her eyes fixed there.Jalal looks towards her gaze and left her arms .There were marks of his fingures.Her delicate white skin has marks of his fingures .All area was red due to excessive force on her delicate arms.She caresses her arms softly with her hands.Didnt paying any attention to Jalal.When she was done ,she looked towards Jalal once and again starts looking sideways.

Aapko jana chahiye bahut raat ho gayi hai (I think you should leave now,Its already late ) Jodha said after a long session of silence.

Dekho Jodha hamara irada aapko chot pahuchane ka nahi tha (It didnt meant to hurt you,you knew it )Jalal tried to assure her but she is behaving like it doesnt matter to her what he say,what he ask.She starts toying with the cloths again and this time Jalal snatch the only thing distracting her from his talks and throw the cloth on ground .

Hum aapse baat kar rahe hai Jodha aur jab hum baat kar rahe ho aapko hamari baat sunani chahiye (I am talking to you Jodha and when I am talking you should listen to me)

Jodha looks towards him ,give him I am listening look.

Aap Agra aayi thi??( you came to Agra) he asked but the stubborne girl doesnt reply anything stay as such.

Jodha hum kuch pooch rahe hai javab dijiye ( Jodha I am asking you something ,Answer me)

Aapne keval aapki baat sunne k liye kaha tha .Waise to hame utter dena nahi chahiye parntu phir bhi hum aapko uttar dete haikyunki jabtak aapko uttar nahi milega na to apshanti se rahenge na hame rahne denge.Aap shanshah hai aap se judi har baat praja mai failti hai aur jab malwa aapki adhikar mai aata hai to shanshah aur unki begum k baare mai charcha to hogi .Aasha karte hai ab aapko uttar mil gaye honge aap santusht honge

( you only said to listen me . you dont owe my answer shanshah but Ill give you answer.Because if I I refuse you ,you keep troubling me till I wont tell you what you want to hear .you wont be in peace and neither let me live in peace till I replied .Its strange you want to know about my whereabouts and how did I knew about you.You are shanshah -e Hind and whatever related to you spread like wild fire among your subjects.Malwa also came in your region so I heard it from folks .I hope I gave you sufficient answer she replied furiously.I hope you have done here) she said.

No,I am not done here .Ill ask you things till I am not satisfied.ILl ask you where were you all this while .What you went through.What I went through.What happened in our lives in past one and half year .We will talk till all differences between us doesnt sort out Jalal said with equal fury.

I dont want to sort out anything.I dont want to talk to you further on anything.Infact Ill leave your camp as soon as possible.You saved my life I am grateful to you for that.You became my saviour for ...I dont know why you saved me but still thank you for that Jodha said.

You put so many allegations on me and now when time came to solve things mutually and reach to a valid conclusion .You are backing out from everything Jalal said firmly holding her hand.

I am not backing out from anything.Whatever things I said in afternoon has written proof.Adham brings Mugal farmaan ,you can see that.Oreders were given ,how,when ,and why I dont know and that is not my business.There is some fault in your system ,I just flashed a light there for well being of many.I said that things in hope that if things can be better by just a truth ,it should revealed.

I am not talking about that .Its about you Jalal said firmly

Regarding you I didnt said a word.You asked I replied.Neither I complain nor I put an allegation on you.Why would I?I was a mistake for you.You corrected your mistake,things end there.Please dont make it more difficult for me.

But Jodha...

everything is soured enough.Please dont damage it more.Whatever happen just happened ,I still respect you somewhere.Please dont ruin that thing also.Whatever you want to do ,you already done . Please spare me Jodha said with folding hands ,head bow down infront of him .Jalal decided to leave things as such as of now.He decides to talk her later tomorrow or day after tomorrow when her anger cool down a little.Right now she isnt ready to listen anything and might wont believe his words whether it came straight from his heart.He wished her goodnight and leave the her camp immidiately.Jodha folded her body .Her knees touching her chest and hand were encircling her legs.Her face was burried in her knees.Tears which were holded in eyes all this while flowed.She listen footsteps and wipe her tears ,looks towards entrance .Jalal standing there folding his hand around his chest.

Jaate Jaate baat kahna chahenge aapko ummid karte hai aapko smajh aayegi

Tere bina zindagi se koi shiquwa to nahi

tere bina zindagi bhi lekin Zindagi nahi

( I just want to tell you something ,hope you understand

Yes without you I dont have any complian from life but without you life is not life either)

Jalal came back in his camp which is infront of her camp.He ly down on bed but sleep was far ahead from his reach.There was time Jodha's talk doesnt end but now its like word is invincible from her dictionary.She wants to end all conversation with least possible words.If she was incharge she will do it by nodding her head in yes and no.She just close her inner circuit ,formed large and rockstrong walls so no one can reach to her.He looks infront.Light is coming from front.Lamp of her camp is still on which forming her shadow on white fabric of camp.She was still in foetus pose.Might be crying he murmers.

Kyun koi paas hai door hai kyun koi

Jaane na koi yahan pe

Aa raha paas mai ya door mai ja raha

Jaanu na mai hun kaha pe

His feet was covering the space of his camp again and again but this journey not leading to any where.Sometime he just few inches far to her when he move towards her camp and then again distance formed between them when he returns to other end.

Ye dooriyan In raho ki dooriyan

Nigahon ki dooriyan ,humraho ki dooriyan

Fanah ho sabhi dooriyan

On the other end Jodha was thinking again on her decision.She was became emotional fool once now its time to stay strong for her ground.Maybe he missunderstood the situation but ...Jodha notice a shadow moving forwards and backwards in his camp.He was restless and she knew it.He wants to talk her she knew it but her mind isnt allowing her to flow in the sea of emotions.

Kabhi hua ye bhi khali rahon pe bhi tu tha mere saath

Kabhi tujhe milke lauta mera dil ye khali khali haath

Thre was time when she was stands beside him in every thick and thin.When he left palace in so much anger that everyone oppose her decision to follow him but she did what her heart said.She tempt his anger at cost of almost losing her life.She helped him to accept tougest reality of his life while revealing her sorrow.But now situation is changed completely.Forget about sharing her pain she didnt bother to listen his point of view.He tried very hard today but disappointed at the end

Ye bhi hua kabhi jaise hua abhi tujhko sabhi mai pa liya

hairan mujhe kar jati hai dooriyan satati hai dooriyan tarsati hai dooriyan

Ye dooriyan

She changed so much .She adapt normal lifestyle like all his public do.She is like every next person .Simple and hardworking,struggling everyday for survival.earlier she was afraid of things but now she is fearless which distinct her from others.She is like other common people but different.

Kaha bhi na maine nahi jeena maine tu jo na mila

Tujhe bhule se bhi bola ye mai bhi chaoon fasla

Today she is not undersating that he loves her but why she will think that way.He is the one who claims to be heartless and he proved that.He was so harsh to her that time.He is the one who said her that she is troublemaker.He wish her chapter will vanish from his life.He create all this distance within them..If he knew that he is addicted to her he wont said all that ugly painful stuff to her.

Bas fasla rahe banke kasak jo kahe

Ho aur chahat ye jawan

Its her absence which make him realise his feeling.Her abscence made him insane.He was angry on everyone .He visit every women in his harem to find that charm.That smile on lips and mischief in eyes.That vivicious eyes and notorious brain planning prank everytime.she is rare species.Perfect mixture of naivity with ,mischieviousness ,undersatnding with negging ,caring,loving with troublemaker.He came at temporary cloth doorway of his campand for his surprise she was also on her door at same time.Theier eyes met for a second.This time she doesnt takeoff her eyes otherways.

Teri meri mit jani hai dooriyan

ghat jani hai dooriyan

Yedooriyan fanah ho sabhi dooriyan

He lloked at her with a determination.You were mine thats why I sealed the deal in Amer at first meeting and Now you are mine and I never let you go.

Next day morning

Jalal enters in Jodha's camp but for his disappointment she was not there.He checked everywhere but there is no trace of her .He inquired to guards and they were clueless like him.Might be she tricked them and runaway.She was done this act so many times in Agra and now she repeat all this again.Jalal's fist tightens and his jaw clenches.How can she do that?leaving him all alone again.Leaving him in miserable condition.All this years he regretted his words so badly and now when time came to redeem his deeds .She is not allowing him to do.Instead of giving him one chance to speak ,she just ranting her side and run away.

This is not done Jodha ,This is not done .You have to come back like you went Jalal said .He thinks something and then ordered his soldiers to search her.

Few hours later in forest

Jodha was resting under a tree behind bushes so no one can track her presence there.She very well know this forest and this is safest place to hide in the forest.Small rocky mountain at side and bushes around cant gave clear picure of anything.Her wounds was hurting badly but she was determind to reach the place where all remaining villagers and Guruji is there.Once she crossed that wooden bridge visble situated few meters away ,she will signal and someone will come to help her.Her strength was darined due to walking in this condition but staying with him under one roof means recalling everything again.Things which hurt her again.They were not meant for each other and should stay away from each other.That world doesnt belong to her.There is traps,tricks,dirty politics ,scams and plotting,betrayal,doubts nothing is there for her.In few hours she reached to a world where love,togetherness,understanding,friendship,humanity lives ,thats is her world.Perfect for her .Perfect to give peace to a burning and wounded soul.She listens whispers and she alerts quickly.

Hurry Masood shanshah is injured badly.We should find that herb and retunred to subedar's residence.

I got it .I hope shanshah will be fine soon .He shouldnt came in forest all alone other one replied.

When I watch him like that ,for one instance I thought we lost him but one hope is there .

This words Jodha heard and became worried.Her face became pale.He is injured badly.How he will get injured.How is he now?they were talking they almost loose him.Is he that ill?Thoughts were running in her mind .I should check it how is he?He was fine last night whether he came in search of me and get injured?or any enemy or betrayer attcak all of sudden ?what happened in few hours ?I have to find out.I just meet him once ,no it cant be call a meeting he is injured.I just watch him and then returns.Yes its fine Ill watch him and if his health was fine Ill return.Its not wrong at all.Yes this is fine . Hey kanha please help him,I just wish he was fine.I dont want him to suffer.Please heal his wound.Please make all this a should be a false news .He just stay safe.Jodha prayed to kanha for his wellbeing.she decided to visit him once.She take and u turn and moved towards the place which she left few hours ago.Soldiers watch her and smiles of victory appear on their face .There work is done.They followed her secretly as per shanshah's order.

Jodha's heart is filled with worry and disappointment.She was feeling very bad .She just want to watch him as soon as possible.She walk as fast as she could.Jodha reaches in village again but this time his camp isnt her destiny.She moves towards subedar's place.She doubted a little why he was here when his man is in camp?last night they were in camp .Is he unsafe there?Might be this place is more comfortable than the camp .She enters in the building and soldiers closed the gate.Jodha was lsot in thoughts doesnt recognise it.She went inside and her eyes were searching him.This place is little dark and lamp isnt litted.She feel weird and difficult at the same time to search him.Shanshah is injured and no one is around hows it possible.Whateve I just find him and than leave.She notice light is coming across from corridor.She went in that direction.She crossed the small corridor and there was a room whre a lamp was placed.A lamp was placed on a side window and she enters in the room to figure out he is there and for her surprise Jalal was standing there fit and fine.Nothing happened to him infact he is looking more fresh and relaxed than yesteday.For some second she became so much happy that he is fine but later without wasting one more second she lest the place.She reached to the gate of buliding but it was closed.She quickly realised all this is a trap thats why he didnt take any action to stop her.He just let her go like a lion allows a mouse to move here and there while clutching its tail in his pawn.It gives amusement to king of forest .So all this is act for his amusement.She was prey and he is predator again.I am biggest emotional fool .Why I am fall under his trap always.She knock the door again and again to open the door but her efforts went in vein.She shouts so many time to help her to open the door but for her disappointment his guards didnt pay any head to her pleads.Atlast she returns to place which she lest few minutes ago.She enters in the room and a rose flowers shower was waiting for her.The moment she enters in the room rose petals fall on her from celing.She was astonished.A flower shower is least expected at this time.Its not suitable for them to perform this kind of things right now.She was frustrated with his attitude.She march towards him.He was sitting comfortably on a chair ,having meal.She wants to burst at him but her principle doesnt allows her to do so.Disturbing a person having meal is a sin according to her beliefs.She stands as such without saying a word .He looked at her and gave a slight smile to her.Jodha just wants to pull his hairs.He was cheering for his victory.He was laughing at her cost.What he think of himself.

Shanshah e hind He said.

Excuse me she said

You said na .what I am think of myself so I replied to you he said

Is he reading my thoughts she thinks

No,I am not reading your mind he said

He is saying everything I am thinking.I should stop thinking further .

Yes you should stop thinking he said and offered her meal .

She just want to refuse him but before she conclude and say something but he cut her thought with his signature words

When you have an empty stomach ,denying an offer of meal isnt a wise choice.

Jodha looked at him.He was enjoying his meal.He is correct she is hungry and need food .All other thing is lethal here due to poison and not safe for her.Guruji and rest villagers is far ahead from this place and to reach there she need enrgy so she can cover the gap.At this moment accepting his offer is most appropriate option.She sits hesitantly on chair infront of him.There were dishes full of non veg items on table except twp three plate of vegetarian food.She was staring the food infront of her eyes.

I didnt knew you would join me otherwise Illl arrange a vegetarian meal he said

Liar her innervoice peep in .She was cursing herself for accepting his offer.He is enjoying her misery .Instead of saying a sorry or anything .He just busy with his meal .Bhojan k atirikt anya kary bhi avashayak hai (except food other things is equally important) she murmers.

Appne kuch kaha ( you said something) he said smilingly .

she nodded in no

Everything is going according to his plan.He trapped her,now she cant go anywhere against his will.The whole session during meal was quite.When they done eating,Jalal claps and a soldier came to take his order.

Call hakim saheb for dressing of begum sahiba he ordered.Soldier obeyed him and few minutes later Hakim came.

Jodha lyed on bed comfortably.Hakim check her wounds and starts dressing her wounds.

How is her injury Jalal asked

Improving but if she doesnt walk too much it will take less time to heal Hakim adviced

So travelling is safe for her or not?Jalal asked

If she doesnt walk it will be okay hakim said

She doesnt have to walk ,palquine already arranged for her Jalal said

Comfortable sitting arrangement wont hurt her wounds Hakim said while applying ointment on her wounds.Jodha hissed in pain.This ointment is giving burning sensation to her.

Soon this sensation will be replaced by soothing sensation Hakim said to Jodha while leaving the room.

I am not going anywhere Jodha said looking towards.

No one ask your opinion,we are leaving for Agra tomorrow and thats final Jalal said in a commanding voice.

Ill not go anywhere ,leaving my people suffering here alone.Ill stay here with my people.Ill not go with you to Agra Jodha said.

Your people ,so you are considering yourself a commoner right Jalal said looking directly in to her eyes and she nodded

Fine it will be more easy for me.I am king of this land and you are a civilian of my empire .I ordered you to come with me Jalal said authoratively.

You cant do this Jodha said in a low tone in a disbelief of his attitude.She didnt imagine he would turn like this over a night.Last night he was hell bend to listen her point of view.He was ready to talk and now he didnt care what's going on with her.

I already did that Jalal said with a winning smile.

Jodha stood up and stands up infront of him .She is controlling her feelings till now.She is behaving according to protocol but now he cross all his limits.He was using his power for wrong reason.

You are king that doesnt mean you will do whatever you want.

King always do what they want to

There is some rules and regulation for kings too.There moral policy and ethics which a king should follows.

King made rules amend them and if they think they can abolished them too and according to me I am not crossing my boundries over moral and ethics.What I am doing wrong Jodha,taking back my angry stubborn wife to home .This is not a sin or is it according to your new morals .Answer me taking back wife home is a sin ?Jalal said raising his brows.

Its not sin in general but here condition is different.You cant play with me according to your mood.I am not toy whenever you want you will take it and throw away when get bored.I am a living human being not toy who breath just like you.I too feel pain,happiness ,I too had my sorrow,cheers.I cant behave exactly like you want me to do. I have my priorities.I thought last night about all this and I reach to a conclusion that its not you and me anymore.Jodha said looking towards him .Her voice calm and composed.The day I eneter in this territory these people support me at every stage of my stay here.I laughed with them and cried too.We suffered together.I came here as a stranger and find my family in them.After this war many losses their life just because of me.They died because of me.Its my decision to attack Adham they were innocent.They doesnt knew anything till I dont reveal it to them and you ordered them to hand over me to you but I belong to Aashram .How they can hand over me and to some extent they were frustrated with your policies that their word go harsh and sharp but your main enemy was shaurya and thats me than why you saved me.Just because you recognised me as your wife .If its not me you let shaurya died na than why you are changing your decision?Returning with you means betrying the one who was besides me at every thick and thin.This villagers have families.There wives and children who has no support in this world.Now its my time to stay with them.I know you want to take me back by hook or crook but this not right.I cant abdadoned them.You want to take me at any cost but if I said to you return to life of kid's father or widdow women's husband .you cant do that na.Damage is already done now its time to repair.I am reason of this destruction to some extent and Ill repair it.I cant run away from my responsibilty.If you were at my place will you run away Jodha said.

No,Ill will not run away but its wont be easy to do all these .Crops were burnt,wells were poisoned ,huts were destoyed and settling everything without money and men are not easy Jalal said in an understanding voice.

I know Jodha said.

Its difficult for a commoner but not for a queen.Come with me .We will do it along afterall this is my people too.Its my public Jalal said in a suggestive voice.

System is corrupt already.Money moves from treasures of Agra but doesnt reach to needy people.When everything will be on place here Ill come back to you on my own.Then we will talk about us till than Ill wait for your help Jodha said

Jalal didnt said anything just hugged her and kissed on her forhead.

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Res..i knw u r a best writr..i m v.v. Busy
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Mind blowing Update yarr PurvaHug!!
Jodha's war tactic was amazing...
and she represent her side was awesome jaldi update kar second part i can't wait to hear Jalal's side..
Thanks for pm

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