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FF Ek ladki thi deewani si chap 35 on page 124 21/12/15 (Page 23)

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Thanks for PM Purva.. 30B is a relief update.. Jalal's wounds have healed.. Jodha is back in action... but your teaser is interesting.. why is Jalal waging a war against the ashram area?? to vacate them so as to dig the lake?? please continue soon and PM me when u update... 

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Update soon
update soon
update soon
update soon
update soon
update soon
update soon
update soon
update soon
update soon
update soon
update soon

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Ja- Jo meeting after separation..plz update.

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sorry for being late.Jan 3rd week exam hai.loved the chap 30b.five days of hell means .maybe she got to know about jalal' s marriages or the reality of the society she is facing now.she is in man's disguise. omg she went to palace. learning fighting skill.matlab this update will be zabardast.looking forward for the face off.plz update more thing.I have completed reading ur other story mfl loved that too.

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Purvi sorry for late reply for 30 B atleast we got to know where is JO..

Sujamal brought Jalaal to Ameer in critical condition and who palace is  praying for his health, who hated him including Sujamal 1 day back..

It's very different that both have the same pain & miss JO, but still BM & Jalaal avoid talking about her..

It's good to see Jalaal fulfill JO wishes by helping Ameer creating a dream lake remove drinking problem.Clap..

Atleast we have tight security for Jalaal Thumbs Up As usual the person who enters know the palace each inch very well and also back side where security is less and entered into corridor very well without any suspect..

So Jalaal is in Guest room regretting about what has happened and also thinking about JO.. I liked the way you added Jalaal thoughts with 'Silsila' "Mein aur meri tanhai" ( I actually like amithji voice) ironically the person who Jalaal is thinking is very near to him, both are very near still couldn't see each other even though Jalaal can feel her presence...So there are 2 people who came there Jalaal & sujamal catch the person who came to steal the fruits, but JO escaped from there to the Forrest away from Ameer...

So JO came for the herb in Ameer palace & didn't meet anyone or inquire how they are...JO saw Jalaal or not ?  I liked the way you wrote how JO changed a lot and surprised Guriji also.. She is not old JO , but new Jo with determination, may be broken inside & have no ties with anyone..

So this guriji is her old guriji where that time JO send him away from Ameer .. I liked the way Guriji listen to Jo and also explained that before taking decision, she should send letter informing the king, before someone play the card now that's what happened... Also liked the way guriji said he wants to rectify her flaws & strengthen her...

So JO came till Ameer, but return back only not to shame his Father among Rajputna cloud.. So the soldiers knows that JO  has send them back, may be she will be alive and she suffered 5 days and wants to be strong & learn to survive in this world...

What happened in 5 days, she has tought time to escape from dacoits & also from other men, also may be got to know Jalaal marriage which could have broken her so much...

I liked the way JO surender herself and determine to change into a strong fierce warrior... She doesn't want to have a heart which give the pain & suffering and now Jo doesn't know that both Agra & Ameer are missing her and wants her...

Purvi wonderful update yaar  Clap especially this way, Jalaal who used to say that he is heartless has discovered his heart & it beats for JO but  now JO wants to be heartless & nothing break her...Thumbs Up

It's really wonderful way how JJ changed, and waiting to see strong fierce JO & what she is going to be do now ...

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Chapter 31

This practice area is welcoming you shaurya Guruji said

Jodha turns her head backward to look whom guruji is adressing but find no one.

I am talking to you my student.You requested me to not adress you from your previous name so I decide to give you this name.Jodha murmers her name again and again

I hope you like it and expecting from you to justify meaning of your nameGuruji said looking directly into her eyes.

I shall not disappoint you guruji ,its my promise to you she said confidentally.

She looks around and notices hustle of Aasharam is not as usual.

All went in woods to bring woodsticks so we can cook food in upcoming days smoothly .Here is your tools Guruji said handling her an axe.Jodha knows what is conveyed her .She knows what she supposed to do.She has to arrange a bundle of wodden sticks on her own and fulfill the requirement of Aashram.She holds the axe and leaves.There were bunch of questions in her mind when she was moving towards forest.How she will hold axe properly.How to cut a tree.She doesnt have any idea of this neither Guruji gave her any instruction regarding the same.She came in dense forest where sunlights were coming by cheating wide speaded tree leaves.She was searching a dry dead tree to cut as cutting a green tree is against morals and ethics.She is moving deep into the forest leaving marks on tree for her returns.She finds one man is cutting a tree.She focus her eyes on his postures and movement .He was standing beside the tree,holding the axe firmly in his hand and his legs have sufficent gapto support him to sustain the shock which his body recieve when he attacks.He was aiming and hitting at one point on tree continuously.Soon tree starts shaking ,its position is loosen and grip from the earth starts loosing.With further attacks tree was about to fall and that man leave her place immidiately .He ran in left direction from tree so its branch wont hurt him.After cutting it succefully.He came near the tree and cut it into woddent sticks of arm length.Now she know what she has to do.After vigrous search of two and half hour she find it.She reaches there and take position just like that man.She holds the axe firmly and tried to attack the tree but instead of hitting the tree she falls on earth due to imbalance.Her back hurts hard due to rocky surface.She tried again and after three four attempts she got the technique.Its looks so easy when she was watching him but its far more difficult to execute.She was hitting the tree with her axe.Her whole body perspired heavily still her target is far ahead to gain. She sits under the shadow of another tree.She looks at her hand.Soft skins of her hands redened due to heavy work .Her palms had marks of handle of axe.Sweat drops were falling from her forhead. She looks around there was no trace of any humans .She removes her turbon to allow some air to reach on her head.A ring falls in this process on the earth from turbon.Sparkle of stone caught her attention.She hided this ring in her turbon.She holds the ring in her hand.It was a rectangular shape gold ring with ruby stone in the middle.She turns it again and again in her hands.Afterall this is stolen to remeber someone.Someone close to heart.

Jodha Ill not wear it at any cost.It doesnt match my standard.Before he can argue more the stubborn princees fitted the ring in his middle fingure.

Look it perfectly fit in your fingure and in my opinion its looks like it is made for you only.It is looking so good in your hand.Shanshah please wear it for my sake.



What is happening here.I also wants to know a voice came from behind them.They turns to look back.

Pranam Ammijaan

Adab aamijaan

The graceful lady accepts their greetings.The sparkling ruby stone in Jalal's hand caught her attention.

Mashaallah ,What a beautiful ring she holds Jalal's hand in her hand admiring its beauty.It is looking so good and matching with this dress Jalal.Tell me name of jewellar.I too wants him to make jewellary for me.

Ammijan ,You find this ring attractive but someone doesnt like it a bit Jodha said rolling her eyes in surprise.

Jalal gave deadly glance to Jodha but she doesnt shut her mouth.

Ammijaan I think you should keep this ring and when Jewellar will come ,we will turn it into a feminine ring .Isnt it a great idea.

Its not at all a good idea.It looks great because I gave this ring my fingure otherwise it is not at all a good choice so you should drop the idea.

But Jalal...

I think its time for DEK.I should leave now.Jalal left the place in a hurry.

The beautiful memory moistens her doe eyes.She holds the ring firmly in her fist.She keep her hand close to her heart.Everything was so perfect with you .Imperfect things looks perfect with you ,ammijaan,rukaiyaa.I miss you...your care ,Ammijjan's concern,Rukaiyaa and Bakshi's friendly talks.I miss our warm relation,,your teasing and my giggling.You took away my soul from me.Jodha is not Jodha anymore.God knows what I am turned out .Its not me.Jodha left behind with you. She stays as such for few minutes then again starts her work.She tied the turbon again and holds the axe.She was attacking with full strength .Thoughts of past lingering in her head some good and some very bad and terrible.Incident which left deep scar on her heart.Things which shaken her badly.

Hit her...

Kill the witch...

She is wicked witch...
She cast black spell to the priest of temple...People were running behind her.They were bad mouthing about her and hitting her from stones.She was devasted completely.Her hairs were messy .Face was smudged in dust ,cloths were not on proper place,torn at some places.Blood was flooding from wounds freshly created by stones.

Please leave me...She was ranting continuosly while she was running.Tears were flowing from her eyes.Eyes were swallowed and red due crying.

She was running,running endlessly.She doent have sense of her cloths or hairs.Her footwear left behind in the hurry.She just want to escape.She doesnt know where to go .She just wants to run from them.They were mad in anger.She doesnt want to become victim of public outrage.People were following her .They just knew one thing they wants to kill her.They want to kill the witch which was unfortunately Jodha.They had various kind of weapons be it dagger or sticks or swords.She ran till she doesnt cross the border of that village where she took shelter.She went in temple of village at time of twilight as its not possible to move ahead.The eighty year old kind priest watched Kanha Idol in her hand and believes she is a person in need.He took her with him to his place.He gave her food to eat and palce to sleep.It was a small but peaceful place.That kind old man doesnt ask much about her when she said she lost her faimly in a disaster.At morning there was a knock on the door.She opens the door a tall ,wide middle age man waiting on door .He inquires about the priest.She went inside aand find out that the old man was dead.She was shocked with this.After some time waiting outside the man came inside and find a dead priest and shocked young woman standing beside preist's bed.He informs whole village about the same and after some time god knows what happened with the villageres.They attack her in group.Some pulled her hairs and dragged her outside the house of priest holdingher hairs.Jodha was clueless why they are behaving like this.There was enumerous hatred in their eyes for her without any reason as per Jodha.

She is the one who is responsible for our beloved priest's death.She cast an evil spell on him one man shout from top of her lung.

I listened from my grand father that witch first kill the most religious person and then kill everyone one by one.

I think she is the one who took shelter in nearby village and destroyed it completely.We will not let her do it here.

Hit her

Yes people hit her so she cant do this again

Jodha was shocked to react to this accusions.She never imagined in her dreams she was blamed like this.Before she could utter anything they starts hitting her from hands and legs.She was traumatised and terrified with this.She begged for mercy but they were in no mood to give her the same.She holds her dagger and warns them to stay way from her.At first they frightened a little but within a few minutes one young man throw a stone on her wrist and her dagger falls on ground.Now there is only one option is left and that is to run.Run for life.She run till she left them behind.terrified Jodha keep running till she doesnt loose all her stength.She doesnt look back .Sun was shining brightly there.It was a deserted place with no trace of trees or animals.It was dessert.Winds were flowing at high speed with sands .Her body experiance the heat in surrounding.Feets were burning due to hot sand.She looks around and find there is no one .That villager left far behind.Her head starts spinning and she falls lifelessly on ground.

Ahhh she screamed .Busy in her thoughts she hit her leg with axe.She checked out there was a wound on her left leg which is hurting her .Due to almighty'skindness its not a deep wound .Might be she loose her aim and hurt her leg.Axe was facing the earth near her.She looks around there is nobody to help her.She takes support of other tree to stand.She torn some portion of her cloth to tie the wound for stopping further bleeding.She tied the wound and then starts searching some herb to treat her wound and fortunately she was succesful in finding the one.She tied the leaves of herb on her leg.Previous version of Jodha might take bed rest till the wound doesnt heal but that is impossible for this one.She gather her whole strength and reaches again near the tree.It was facing the earth that is one thing for relief right now.She cut it into pieces and prepare a bundle ,tied it with a rope.She holds one edge of rope in her hands passing through her shoulder.She was dragging the bundle of wodden sticks.With great difficulty she became succesful in completing her task.Its evening already.she washed her hands and sits for eating food unlike royal food of palace they usually ate chapati without butter and chutney .Thats it in the name of food.She used to ate three four kinds of curry,dal,chapati,sweet dishes and many more to offer.She doesnt say a word about food and eat everything which serve her quietly.After that guruji called her in his chamber.She enters there after taking purmission from him..

Its going to be very difficult for you Guruji said.

I am not at afraid from difficulties.I take all this as challange.

He handed over a bowl to her.This is remedy for your wound it will sooth your pain and wound will heal quickly.Now you can go.

Jodha leaves immidiately leaving guruji in deep thoughts.He keep looking at her petite figure moving opposite from him.

Jodha keep doing work assigned to her with full dedication whether it is collecting fruits and herb from forest or taking care of cattles of Aasharam or grinding grains on manual grinder or cooking food.She doesnt complain of anything.Her practice session also going on parallelly.

Six days passed away Atga saheb reaches Amer with expert architect and one box of gold coins as per Jalal's instruction.At first he decide to send it alone but keeping issue of lumsum money in mind .He accompanied the troop.He wonders while he found Jalal injured.

Aadab shanshah

Atga saheb ,You here ...Jalal asked surprisingly.He sits on his bed .Daasi places pillows for supporting his back.

I thought its risky to send money without protection he replies politely.

Good decision.

Shanshah ,you injured...Jalal understands his intention to utter this words.

I fought with dacoits who robbed innocent trvellers and civillions of both kingdom and wounds is part of such kind of face off.Please call the architect so I can dictate him the work.

Sure shanshah ,just a minute.

Architact cameinside and Jalal told him whole thing which he wants him to do.After recieving his orders architect left the place and Bharmal with vidhyaji enters.They greets each other .Bharmal sits on the chair beside the bed.

Vidhaya checks his health .Improvement is more than I expected.Shanshah's wounds almost healed.Within few days his back will fine and he will be recovered fully.He handover some medicine and then ask permission to leave.

Architect arrived and as he find the proper place for lake.consturction will be start.Jalal said

Its your grateness .You are doing so much for Amer.We'll always be grateful to you for this.

Dont say this rajasa.

What I am saying is necessary.You forgiven sujamal for his deed ,it shows you are so kind and wide hearted.We behave rudely to you.we said so many things to you despite of all this you helped us.I dont know in what words I should say thanks to you.I am speechless.You finished terror of dacoits from Amer at first and now you are solving problem of drinking water.Today I promise you one thing whenevr you need us we'll always stands with you.I promised loyalty to you today Bharmal said with folded hand

Jalal doesnt say anything just keep his hand on Bharmal's hand.There was silence for sometime in the chamber then Bharmal leaves the place.Atga was clueless about the exact happening of Amer but one thing is sure a huge arguments take place here before this peace.He wonders about one thing.Whole day passed but there was no sign of Jodha.At the end of day he collect whole courage within him and ask about her.Jalal replies politely in one line She is not here Atga saheb and sleeps .Atga failed to conclude anything so next day morning he inquires with servants and then find out whole truth that Jodha is no more.One thing he feels strange Jalal dosent say she is no more instead of this he said she is not here.He failed to understands whats going on in his mind so he decides not to talk about her again.

On the other hand guruji notices Jodha continuosly.She was doing very well .whatever he taught her she listen attentively and he must say she is very good receptor.She was good at archery and her basic skills of sword is very good .With his guidence her skills were polishing .Everything was going smooths but whenever she was free she used to twist and toss the ring in her hand.Sometime she stare stars quitely in the night alone or sits quietly near riverbank.He tried to talk with her but everytime she refused or make excuse.One day Guruji decides something .He make Jodha incharge of Aashram and left for mathura for few days .When he return instead of staisfaction he had a disappointing look it doesnt get unnotice by Jodha.She finds it weird.After somehours of rest she knock door of his hut.

Prasad she forward her palm infront of him.This gesture doesnt expected by the old man.

I have to perform pooja so its better you'll come after this and he starts leaving the place .Jodha blocks his way.

Why you went Agra?she said looking towards his face.It stunned guruji.he looks at her face which had expression of concern for him.

I dont know what you are talking guruji tried to handle the situation.

You cant lie properly and in that front I can give ytou classes.If you tell me or not I know everything.Mani told me what happened in Agra.He refuses to talk with you isnt he?Guruji doesnt have answer for her query.He stays mum.

She came infront of him.Guruji why you went there ? I told you everything he doesnt want to say my face.Despite knowing everything you went there and now you are satisfied .He refuses to meet and that Mahamanga insulted you .

its not like that?

Fine than tell me what she did with you.Did she greeted nicely and offer you appropriate seat to sit ?Did she talk politely?Did she listen you patiently?

No ,I know all questioned had only one answer and that is no.Guruji i can tolerate evrything but not you disgrace.I cant bear it.I can live without him you shouldnt went there.I cant forgive myself because of me you suffered all this. Her eyes became teary.Its difficult to control her tears.

If you respect me that much than told me what is troubling you so much till now.Is it about that five days incidents?.

Yes to some extent.

Than share it with me as its necessary.

Jodha told whole day one's issue how she was called witch and ill treated by villager.When I woke up I find myself in a small room.There was a man and he told me he brings me from dessert.At first he behave like gentleman and I again became fool and trust him.At next day he toldme to come with him till market to help him in carry some groccery .I agreed.Later I realised he take me to slave market.He sold me ..I cant believed my fate .I was handcuffed.Being a princess and wife of king I was sold out in a market.And that was not for once but two three time.Every man wants to make profit by selling me on high rate.All that happened because of my beautiful face .Atlast one kind middle age trader brought me.He was a nice man in last few horrible hours.He toake me to his home.Treat me like his daughter.Later I find out that he was childless.After twenty years of his marriage he doesnt have a child.He judge me a girl from good background so gave me shelter but his wifegod knows how she misunderstood me .She thinks I was her competitor .She was jealous with my beauty she thought I trapped the kind hearted trader and brainwashed him.She didnt leave a stone to hurt me.She tortured me with her full strength in absence of trader.I was starved for one whole day.She didnt gave me water to drink or food to eat so that my beauty will be dulled.One whole day she make sure Ill work either grind grains manually or clean the house or wash the cloths without food or wter.Finally I get chance to run away from there and then happened most patetic part of my life I was caught by dacoits and I cant tell you what happened there.I save my honour with great difficulty guruji...I tried hard to forget everything but...Guruji was stunned after listening this

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Part two
Guruji and Jodha stay sitted as such for some time outside the hut.Few tears flows from her eyes .She thought she will keep burried this truth in heart but do not know why she shared everything with him.Somewhere she felt that warmth in him that he can understand her pain without saying a word from her mouth.He understand her sorrow if he didnt undersatnd it , he didnt went Agra.There face in opposite direction but they knoew what's going on in mind of other one.They didnt share a word neither its necessary to do so.Jodha knew whatever he did was for her reconcilation with Jalal but his effort went in vein.Spring has arrived ,flowers were blossming but when did her spring arrived.She accepted that he never came but somewhere a ray of hope is still alive in her heart.Someday this wait will over.Someday spring will came and autmn will get over in her life.She wipes her tears.

You watched him guruji ? how is he? how is he look? Jodha asked three consecutive question with a little pause and in a low voice tried her level best not to expose her vunerableness. Tell me guruji is he look the same.. Jodha realise her limits and shuts up.

Guruji senses the eagerness of wife in her voice to know about her beloved.He look towards her ,she is curious to know about him ,aware with the fact that he breaks all the ties with her.He didnt want to listen about her.He doesnt want to know about her whereabouts and she is eager to know about him.He looks towards her and she downcast her eyes with some kind of shame.She ingnored looking into his eyes.May be he will ask about this kind of behaviour and she doesnt have any reply to justify her action when she decided earlier no to be bother about anyone.

I didnt met him Guruji said with a calm in voice.

Jodha nodded her head and guruji stands up to move towards his hut.He went few steps ahead her voice from behind stopped him.

Mani told me they humiliated you .

I was not allowed to enter in palace and Mani thought all this an insult of me as king invites me and showed gratitude towards me.He never witnessed such kind of behaviour towards me.So he said that.I hope you got your reply .I dont want further discussion on this topic in future Guruji replied sternly and left the place with a thoughtful Jodha behind.

Guruji lied to jodha and he felt very bad for breaking his principle but what he told the poor girl who is already facing so much hurdles in life.He still remebered that incident which force him to visit Agra.He sent Jodha in woods for collecting some herbs and when she didnt returned till twilight he went to seach her.He found her near village admiring the scene of young couple.They were talking sweetly with each other sitting under the shadow of tree.He feels they were newly married and seems like visiting somewhere.With there talks he found out they were going to girls's parents for first time after marriage.As they left Jodha turned to leave and her face clearly indicate her carving for love.Her yarning to be with her husband.Unfortunately she didnt notice Guruji's presence but he gained right facts.All her to be strong woman thing is only on surface deep down her heart things wouldnt changed much.

He left the Ashram for Agra .He reaches Agra but its not easy to meet the king of Hindustan without any recommendation.He is helpless here as he doesnt have any contact with influntial people of Agra.He doesnt knew anyone.Unlike his Aashram Agra is well constucted city.Humans are more here than animals.Natural beauty was replaced by beautiful bulidings.He starts moving into the city .There were broad ways for movement into the city.He cross one road and he was in the famous Agra mrket.Agra market was well eastablished market.It had all kind of consumer goods .First was market of grossery every kind of grins wheet ,maze etc ,cerals were available.traders were busy in weighing goods.After that there was shops of pots and vessels.Than there were market of cloths.Beautiful colths were hanged on shops and after completing the road he reaches to a circle.From this circle he get clear picture of Agra fort.Without any preference he decide to go Agra fort.At gate he talked to gatekeeper and told him that he wants to meet shanshah .He has message from Jodha begum and wants to meet the king once.Gatekeeper told him to wait and after few minutes a lady in white cloths came to recieve him.

So you have message of Jodha begum for shanshah she inquired.

Yes he replied politely.They were crossing outskirts of fort and moving towards inskirts of fort.Huge,narrow big walls were left behind and open ground welcoming them.After passing the ground

This way the lady instruct him to move inside a wodden gate ,situated in left

They were in a corridor and a garden is clearlly visible infront of him.They reached in garden area.She pointed his fingure to a balcony where a couple was sitting comfortably.

Shanshah is there with his newly wedded wife Rukaiyya.I sent him letter about your arrival and Jodha begum's message.If he wish he will call you otherwise ...

Wazir E aaliya shanshah called you resham khan intruppted them.

How many times I warned you Resham dont interfare when I am busy in something important Mahamanga roared .Itgives shiver to resham khan.

I am sorry WEA Resham fell down on MA foot with shame and guilty.

That better.Next time keep my instuction in mind.

Yes WEA.

Both of them left.Guruji stands in garden alone.his eyes watches the movement around or stuck on the balcony mentioned a while ago.

Resham congatulates MA on her victory.Shanshah is not present in Agra and Jodha is not in Amer.It means her returns depends on their moves.If shanshah didntrevert to her message she wont returns.Infact her Rajpooti blood feels offended with this denial.They cleaverly framed another couple as Shanshah and Rukaiyya.Now after knowing Jalal's new happily married life, Jodha will burn in anger and jealousy.She feel hurt and cheated and MA will get peace with her agony.She wont Jodha's return happen in Agra.She will do anything for that.

Guruji stands in garden since morning.Sun at first was at east side it rises gradually and was on at its peak.Shining brightly on sky .Despite of cold winter guruji has sweat drops on his forhead.He was perspiring.Wind were cold and sun was hot and bright.He feels thirsty but no option to get water from anyone. Shanshah doesnt called him till now infact he left that balcony hours ago and now guruji doesnt has any idea about him.Sun was moving into west.Sunset a while ago.Guruji's feet starts aching due to standing there for hours.He sits for sometime and again stands up might be his figure caught attention of anyone.Stars starts appearing on sky one by one and no trace of his call.Atlast MA came with a letter.She handover it to guruji.Guruji check out it .It has official stamp of king but what was written in it is above from his understanding.Everything was written in Urdu.MA snatch the letter and read it for his understanding.

Jodha is a deportee of this kingdom despite knowing the fact she sent a messanger.Its my generosity I was not insulting you considering your age.Its better for you to leave this place as soon as possible.I said earlier and again repeating I dont want to meet her ever.Its better she stop sending people here.I dont has time for her nonsense MA read it loudly with sharp tone.Guruji doesnt like it a bit he left the place immidiately.He returned disappointed from Agra.He accepts its Jodha's destiny to be live alone.Guruji is still awake tonight breaking his usual rule.He thinks all possibility for Jodha's future.People came to learn from him and than left after completing their education but Jodha's case is different.She doesnt has a home to return and second she is a women .A beautiful women he cant protect her and hiding her true identity for long time is also not possible.One day or other her identity would be reveal.So many issues were there which is troublesome for both of them but solution is far far away from his reach.

Next day morning some villagers came with their cartwheel filled with wheet and other kind of grains.They greeted guruji and so does he.They offer him the grain and he accept it politely.He orders his students to put Grains in a hut.Jodha also helped them to do sobut her Rajpooti blood doesnt like this fact.Till now she distribute the things to commoners and now taking favours from others is an indirect attack on her self respect or some what hidden royal pride.She finishes her work .Guruji called everyone for their lesson.He sitted on a round shape sit made from soil and stones under a tree and rest sitted on ground.

Todays lesson is on cooperation.Life will be easy for everyone if we cooperate each other.Some of us has intellactual power and few have strong physical power.If we help each other it doesnt harm our dignity or pride.Neither we should feel low from accepting help from others.Royals doesnt need of help of commeners for normal things but simple and normal people live like that.Most of you are fromroyal and prestigious background so today's lesson is commoner accept help and doesnt feel shame when seeking helps from fellow people.This is their strength to fight with hurdles of life.

Jodha got her answer by Guruji' speech.She is commoner now so doesnt feel guilty if someone help her and doesnt delay in offering help.Days were passing normally.Jodha's dilemma was solved by guruji.Whenever she was in confusion or doubtful of something.Guruji was there to guide her path.His methods was rough and strict but end result is for good.Now she doesnt have any problem in doing any work whether it is collecting the herbs or chopping the wood or griding the graind.With support of guruji Jodha became so strong.Her swords and archery skills are finely polished now and with it she learn politics and gained knowledge of mythology too.Guruji usually send her in nearby village for spreading spritual knowlesge among innocent civilians.A bond is established between her and villagers .Guruji is relaxed now if he died in future Jodha will get a shelter there.Only her being woman is an issue that would be solved after passing few years.Her beauty will be starts dulling and he has confidence till than he will stay alive to protect her.An unbreakble bond established between Guruji and Jodha.Since morning prayers to evening prayers they used to take care of each other.Everything was going smooth till that day Jodha went in village to preech something to villagers.

A man owner of tall and broad figure bitting poor villagers from hunters.Jodha was horrified by this scene.As per her knowledge they are innocent and naive people.Forget about commiting they never imagine to do a sin then why they were suffering this horrible torture.He move his hand upwards to hit the villager from hunter but before it hit the soft back of poor people.Jodha grab the hunter tightly in her hand.

How dare you hitting these people she grinned.

You ,young man stay away fromour doings .Dont you dare to intrrupt official work That man said in warning tone.

Sharya Bhaiyaa please go fromhere otherwise you will be in trouble a villager said.

But Jodha aka shaurya stay as such.

Dont you get it you will be in trouble that man said again

Can you please tell me what they did so you are punishing them Jodha said angrily.

They are worshiping their God without paying tax That man said.

Taxxx Jodha said shockingly.She doesnt believes her ears.She didnt listen these kind of thing till date.Its shocking for her to believe the fact one has to pay price for prayers.Its basic right of everyone.she was about tocurse their king but...

Yes according to Mugal rule Hindu's have to pay tax for continuing their faith and as king of Malwa was defeated by Mugal army ,from now on you have to pay tax for continuing your faith.

After listening this she acknowledged fully with the facts.This place is under Mugal territory now and for practising her faith they have to pay price.Its disheartning truth .She cant do anything except paying for villagers.Breaking law and order means direct rebillion with large Mugal empire.Its lethal for everyone involved.She removed the ring and hand over it to that man.

I hope it fulfill their due to Mugal kingdom she said in a heavy voice.

Fine and that man leaves.This incidence gave a negative impression of Mugal in everyone.Jodha herself doesnt like but said nothing infact she was surprised with fact that he never interfare in her prayers.Never objects about practicing her religion than why this kind of differentiation with commoners.It surely swed hatred for him in norml public.Why he did that?She was lost in thoughts so much that doesnt realised when she reached AAshram.

You look tensed? Guruji asked.

She narrates whole incident to guruji and he became equally worried by this revealtion.Thier existance is on stake.They used to practice Hinduism and doesnt have enough source to generate money to pay tax on every call.Nowadays help from villagers also stopped as they were also suffering heavy tax burden and this subedar Adham Khan is demon in himself.He didnt show any mercy towards anyone.People was suffering and crying but no one was there to listen thier pleads.One day they decide to complain about him in Agra court .They collect money and send one man to Agra but very cleverly MA abolish all his allegation towards her son.She didnt let them reach to shanshah.At lower level she fifnshed the matter and their pledge remained unnotticed to the king.This ignite the fire in thier heart more.Life was suffering and burdening for peoples of Malwa.One day everyone was mourning for their life in village.Jodha inquires about the matter.Its not new of but what happened today and then she found out Adham khan kidnapped a village girl.This was limit of tolerance for Jodha.She cant bear this anymore.She cant watch it like this.She went Aashram in a hurry.She takes her sword and starts sharpening it on a rock stone.

Evil laugh of dacoits ringing in her ears .Their lusty faces were again reminded in her mind.Her hands and legs were tied by a rope.She was sitting on ground of cave burried her face on her knees.God knows how she reaches there.As per her memory she was running and then fainted .Might be they caught her and bring her here.Her cloths were tore from many places due to rash running.She looked at them with corner of her eyes .They were drinking liquor and talking dirty and vulgar about her.She felt so helpless .She cursed of being a woman.When drunken dacoits came near her and pull her hairs so her beautiful face will be visible to everyone.Her eyes were red due to crying.Tears were flowing from her eyes.She beg them countless time .She beg for mercy but they remained unaffected.He touches her delicate face with his index fingure and Jodha feeled pukeworthy.She feels disguisted.She spit her saliva on his face and in return she gets a tight slap on her face.Her soft white cheeks turned tomato red.Blood was starts coming from corner of her lips.Her gesture made the dacoits furious.He was ready to take revenge from her.He wants to teach her a lesson.

Kill this bitch after I used her that man shouts.

It ignite the fire in Jodha .She wants to get free by hook or crook.She starts talking politely and asked sorry for her behaviour. She convinced the dacoits for her being changed and willing to submit herself to him.When that drunken man untied her she takes advantage of situation.They were many but drunk .She was alone but fully concious.She snatch swords from one dacoits and then she did her best sword fighting till date.She hit them whenever she desired.Whoever came in her way she either killed himor injured him .She finally came out of cave but leader of dacoits came after her and then she hits him on his leg continuosly till he wont fall on ground, unable to move an inch.Jodha was behave like a manic on that time and today her eyes have same anger,commitment of destroying the one who is responsible for a girls's agony.Adham Khan be ready for your destruction ,your death is coming very near to you.She went to subedar Adham khan's residence.Guard and few soldiers tried to stop her and face the wrath of her.She went inside within a minute.Today she became a tigress,a wounded tigress whose wounds became fresh after this incidents.She watch her flash in that poor girl Meera.Its made her dangerous and lethal.She enters in Adham's room with a mbang where he was teasing and torturing the girl .Her chunari was in his hand and she covered her front from hand but failed to do so.

Adham khan she shouts..

Who are you and How dare you come here? the lusty man doesnt like this interfare in perfact haunting experiance.His pray was on bed ,helpless and he was like clever predator were haunting the naive deer.But this sudden entry disturb his pleasure.He was grinning but before he can do anything Jodha starts attacking him with her sword.He was very powerful and it was not easy to win over on him but Jodha was commited today that either she will die or win.She doesnt have option and this thought gave her immense courage.Anger which was burried from long ago was coming out today.He was her punching bag today.She attack on him from left ,right and corner.each incident of Adham's torture is flashing infront of Jodha whether snatching food from kid or banning the villager to take water from well or bitting them while they failed to pay tax on time..She just want to end .Enough is enough now Powerful and bulky man doesnt expect this kind of sharp and calculative move from a teenager boyHe doesnt expecting warrior skills thats why he fall on floor injured seviourly.Jodha gave the chunari to Meera .

Thanks sharya bhai.If you were not came...poor girl managed to say this in her sobs.She hugged Jodha tightly.Jodha caresses her back and head.She gave her that comfort with checking Adham khan continuosly.

I am here if you want to hit this rascal ,lusty beast.Meera goes near him and both Jodha and Meera hit him till he wont loose his conciousness.Both were punishig the man who thought woman is an object for pleasure.They were bitting the thought who want to disgrace and degrade whole womanhood.

Jodha hand over a needle to the girl .It contains world's most dangerous and lethal poison if you want to use and Meera without wasting a second prick the needle in Adham's body.Now he will die a slow but painful death.Its my answer to all your cruel act towards naive and innocents.Jodha thinks .Both girls than reaches to village and narrates whole story to everyone.She said she will not surrender infront of Mugal king at any cost.She is ready to suffer anything but dont want them to suffer.Jodha suggest them to leave the place as soon as possible.Soon Mugal army will came to punish them so its not safe to stay here anymore but no one agreed to do so.They decided to stay there and face whatever will come together.Head of village said Mugal kingdom is wide speaded and its no use to leave their motherland.Its possible they shift somewhere and quite possible that state also won by Mugals than whats there for them.Its better to face it now .If death will bound to come they will prefer to die here.

On the other hand Adham's loyal soldier find him unconcious and his body starts turning in blue.They give him basic antidote and ran towards Agra on their sheer horses.At Agra there was sadness everyone was praying for Adham and Jalal promise MA that he will punish the person responsible for this.Hakim came out from Adham's room and they ask about his health.

Attacker planned everything.He gave him very intense but slow poison.It is damaging his body slowly and Attacker hit on all his vital organs.This poison wont let his wound heeled and without heealing his wound its impossible to save him.Whoever did this is excellant warrior and has deep knowledge of antomy and pharmacology.Ill try my best but...

Jalal was super angry with this action.Adham khan has special place in his life.MA is his foster mother and he cant watch him weeping .She was crying badly and he decide to punish the one who is responsible for her agony and rebillion to Mugal kingdom.He will butchered this rebellion ruthlessely that no one dare to do it in future.He left with army tofinish this rebellion in all and one.First time he doesnt did peace talk.According to him punishment is vital and he is determind to give it.Jalal reaches near village and sent a letter for surrender.He said if they will handover the one liable for Adham's condition.He will sapre the rest but villager doesnt agreed to do so.They cant handover their hero to a villan.They will decide to fight till their last breath.Jodha looked towards the moon.Tomorrow as sun rise war will bound to happen.She wished this night will never end.She was so much excited for her first war but never thought it would turned out like this.She countless time wished to meet him once but never know they will meet in battlefield.Tomorrow she have to face him.She have to fight with him for this land who is sufferning from so long due to his men and policies.There is no point to aplogy to him or Adham as she feel what she did was absolutely correct.She doesnt want to betray her husband nor her land who gave her shelter in need.She will fight bravely tomorrow.

Sun rises and at first she did pooja for him being safe.He stayed alive .She prayed for his long lifeand after doing that she came out.Women and kids already sent to safe place in guidence of Guruji.Only kanha knows what will happen next.Everyone covered their face with a white scarf as per their plan.They were scattered in whole area,hiding behind trees and other structures.Jalal's army entered in village with full force.Jalal was leading from one side and Jodha is from other side.Jalal wa in her war armour filled with rage.His body language clearly indicating that he was angry ,furious and filled with extreme rage.His hand wont shake in killing anyone today.

Jodha looked at him and past rewind again

Marrying you is biggest mistake of my life.I dont want you in my life anymore.You are a troublemaker for everyone Jodha . I wish I can removed your chapter from my life..His words echoing in her ears.If you win today my chapter will closed forever in your life.Ill not give up till my last breath.You came to win and I am here to defend.Lets see who'll win this game where life is on stake .Lets see what Kanha planned for me.War started both parties were fighting bravely.Jalal's army was strong,poweful and huge infront of small troops of villagers.One by one Jodha's soldiers died and atlast Jodha and Jalal was infront of each other.For a second Jalal sense that famalirism but his mind doesnt allow him to flow in tempatation of woman.This moment wants his head at suprem not heart.Jalal attack Jodha from left she defend.He was attacking continuosly and Jodha was just defending.She was trying to make him furious so he did a mistake she took advantage.She was moving backwards but when she failed to do she starts attacking him .Both fighting with full strength .Their swords were shining like fire .No one wants to give up and at one moment Jodha failed to defend herself and his swords prick hardly on her right abdomen.Her balance loosed and she falled from horse.Her scarf left at side and she fall on ground at another side.Her face was fully exposed now and it shocked Jalal.Its none other than Jodha.His Jodha.Jodha looked towards the ground.She touches the soil of ground.Grab few inch of it in her hand apply it in her head.She doesnt had any regrets for her doing.She fought for right thing and doesnt have any remorse for loss of life.Death with honour and pride is much better than a insulting disgracing life.She looked around people are dead.No force is became succeful in breaking their unity,their love for this land and respect for women.All this started because of disgracing Meera and iend with near death of Jodha.In few hours she will be dead but she is happy.She is going to die like a true warrior.A dutiful villager.She is no more the careless and funny Jodha.This is the one who have guts to die for people whom she love.She closed her eyes in a satisfaction.

Note - I tried my best in writing this chapter.I hope you will like this chapter.I hope I fulfill you expectation.I hope you understan Jodha's turmoil.I didnt know hoe you will react .I am nervous and eager too to listen from you people.So reply fast.Is it worthy write up or not.

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