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FF Ek ladki thi deewani si chap 35 on page 124 21/12/15 (Page 124)

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The sun was setting down and the cloudy blue white sky turns orange red in the west leaving its shining spark everywhere. This shiny rays of reflecting in the river ,looking like thousands of candles were floting on river.Shadow of big baniyan tree is visible on water ,on which there nest of birds .Birds were returning to their nest .A man looking towards the peek of mountains.It seems like he was waiting for someone to arrive.Everything was set,plan and people for execution of it.If something is delaying it is arrival of her.Dont know why she hasnt arrived??He clearlly mention everything then she have to... Jalal looked towards mountains one more time  and there she came calm and composed.No trace of any tension or worry ,grudges or guilt. Its unusual of her but demand of time.Jalal apporached her hoding a cloth in his hand.He starts tieing a turbun on her head.
Its nick time to execute the plan otherwise I'll explain you everything in depth he said fixing the knot from behind.
Its okay .I have full faith in you she replied
My soldier will signal you and you have to jump in this river he said while looking directly into her eyes.Dont worry we all are here nothing will happen to you.I assure you .He holds her arms lightly.Everything wil be fine now.Trust me.Jalal hugs her for a second and leaves the place immidiately.Jodha doesnt know what to feel.does she feel secure and safe or fear capture her mind.She is not a good swimmer.All she knows some basic thing which she learnt here.She looked towards the river.The water is crystal clear showing her own shadow in it.This river has many vortex which make it dangerous.On one side her heart want to  trust him completely.on the other side there is clearrly visible danger.She folded her hands and close her eyes to pray to her kanha to guide right path.Her heart was thumping hard in her chest like never before,it feels like it can came out any moment from the ribcage.She placed her hand on her heart and open her eyes.She listen a voice help
save the woman ...   she fall in ...she look around and find a soldier is signaling her to jump and without wasting a second she jump into the river.
Her head is spinning hard and vision is blurry .She closed her eyes and open again.She looked around its a room , decorated with beautiful ramayan and mahabhart period sculptures .There were torches hanged on four corners of room which is enlighting the room.A huge glass chandlier is hanging in the middle of room.Many  lamp placed in it falshing the light magnificantally.A round big size mirror is on left side having wooden frame around it .A small dressing table is adjoining the mirror.She is lying on a king size bed.She remove  duvate and tried to getup then she realise her wounds isnt healed completely.She looks for anyone to ask where she is but when she didnt found anyone. She tried recalling everything but ...all she can remember is the soldier signal her to jump in river.She tried hard to swim but cant save herself from swirl.She was caught in whirlpool.All she rember is her breathing became heavy,water start to enter into her nostrils and mouth.Her body was spinning with water waves.Her mind was chocked .Her continuous efforts to eascap is failing.Someone hold her hand tightly thats it..after that she didnt know what happened..How she came here ???what is going on ????she is unable to collect the pieces.she looks around and then in a mirror she watched her own flesh.She is in feminine clothing . Now everything is clear to her.Shanshah promised her to give a heroic farewell to Surya .Everything might happen like this.Shanshah create a scene at river.For whole world Surya jump in the river for saving a woman who fall in river accidently.He died while saving this innocent woman.He died a heroic death infront of everyone.Shanshah influences everyone to watch things from his perspective but...there were sign of confusion on her head
Some pieces is missing his husky voice came from behind,let me complete the picture.Yes it was according to my plan to shout for help.Your jump in manly attire is also planned.When you jump in river sun was already set so we took advantage of darkness.Only few people watched you from behind and that too when you were jumping.No one saw the woman.Its dark ,people shout for help ,they bring torch and came to help but till then Surya and the woman caught in swirl .They drowned in river.Jalal looked towards jodha she is listening everything attentively without arising any question in between  .When he paused she looked towards him.
Any other query he asked.
No,this is enough for me.Surya died heroic death.Trust of villagers didnt broke that is sufficient for my knowledge.
And what about you?? Question doesnt arise in your head how you came here???who saved you??? who changed your cloths?? where was I???what time it is?? where we are ??How I hide you from rest of the world??How we came here??why your whole concern is for surya ????Surya died  a heroic death thats it.Nothing matter to you except that..Nothing..
You promised me one thing today and you succesfully completed that.You fulfill  your duty towards me.You ensured me about my safety and here I am without any bruises.So why I should asked sundry questions.Its obvious you saved me and that common sense  is expected from me . If you are connecting my words with my anger than let me correct you I am not at all angry with anyone for anything.
Shanshah may I come in a voice from outside interrupt the conversation.
Come in
Shanshah everything is ready as per your instuctions.Shall we bring it??
Jalal's approval leads to departure of man.After some time he arrives with few other men holding plates in their hands.They placed everything on a side table and left.  
Now you are not angry on anyone,lets have dinner then we'll discuss anything further.
Jalal sitted infront of Jodha who is waiting for him to start.He opens the lid of food vessal and for her surprise there were many vegetarian dishes on the table.First is curry bowl filled with yellow coloured liquid in left(it may be dal she thought),beside of it there is another bowl filled with green vegetable  and an another bowl adjoining it having lots of oil flaoting over the basic curry (gatte) Jodha guesses everything by first look .Then her eyes roam over the right side of table .A plate full of round poori is nearest to her plate.Another plate is of chapati , a plate of rice . Three plates of sweetdishes placed in the middle of table and there is some other plates ,close to his side of table looked like some nonvegetarian dishes.Jalal took one bite and after that Jodha starts eating.She was fully engrosed in her meal that she didnt notice him till spoon fell on floor.She looked towards him.
Anything wrong???she asked
No ,everything is perfectly fine.
She continued with her meal and again look towards him and this time she catch it.He is having tough time in eating the meal as his right hand is injured and he didnt make it from his left hand.His hand is trembling sometime ,on other his grip on the food is loosing.She break one piece of chapati ,dip ino curry and forwarded one morsal towards him.he looked towards her with surprise.Earlier this kind of things is normal but whatever happened between them this is unexpected from her side.When he didnt responded to her move she starts withdrawing her hands .Jalal holds her hand  and eat the bite.She shifted her chair near to his.She placed some of his favourite dishes into the plate and she is about to take it to feed him.Jalal hold her hand .
No need to do this.I'll eat what you ..
We'll eat each of our favourite dishes.You love this like I love rajsthani food.Then Jodha help him to eat all his favourite dishes.Jalal looked towards her.She was trying to help him.Its clear from her clumpsiness that she didnt touch this dishes before.Few efforts and she make it.A gentle smile came on her face.
Finally I learnt it.How to eat this...she chuckled
Without eating it he said and a laugh echoed in the room.
Now he find out why its feels empty  without her .Why her place left empty in  this time span while many women entered in his life.Its like count of his increases but that fondness never happened with anyone,Whenever she is around every dead things comes to life.Life again feels life.The joy,tenderness,joy he feels with her in smallest things vanishes in his biggest achievment without her.There is calm in his mind ,anger and anxiety jump from window.At this moment he just wants to hug her and tell her how much he missed her in all this years.He wants to thanked her for putting full stop to the seperate lives for them.Thanks for coming back in her oldself but is it right to confess all this??There is many more things remained to put on place before  opening his heart.He has to restore her honour in Agra.She never complain about it but he ill treated her that day.He said many harsh words to her both in public and private beforing moving ahead in life its necessary to do something so nobody dare to question his queen.on the other hand villager's life  to be established again and apart from this its necessary to return to camp before sunrise.
Shanshah,what are you thinking?? Jodha said.
You are saying something???
Nothing,I am sleeping now she replied.
Jodha wait a minute.I want to tell you something,keep my words in mind.This is small fort on hill top.Down town is next stoppage of our journey towards Agra.Tomorrow all villager put their camp there along with my camp.You have to arrive their as my queen .I cant share my camp with you as there is chances of leakage of  our secret.Our stay is safe so I bought you here. I'll leave for the camp in few hours.
Shanshah ,I think you should rest for some time.You are saying there is time till if you wish please sleep for some time.It relax you.Jalal nodded and both jodha and jalal slept on the bed.Fatigue of war and then this stress to fix everything tired Jalal and he dozzed off but Jodha she is fully awake thinking her decision to return.She decided she wont return to him ever again but that one thought change her decision. I leave him but there is a culprit in Agra who is enjoying all luxury.Its Maham she turned the table for her.Her and shanshah's term was never this bad .He always respected her,listen her and that day too if Maham wont interfare she can explain him everything and whatever happened never happen.She is the one who safeguard Adham and trap innocent villagers .This is only two incidence God knows how many times she played with lives of innocent people.She is missusing her power and its high time to stop all this and show her what is her real postion. Agra I am coming.This time both game and players are mine.You wont find out Maham what is happening with you.I'll attack where it hurts the most just like you did to me.Everytime you pretend to be my side and tried to sour my relation with Shanshah.Its payback time. Jalal turns and his hand unintentionally touched Jodha's waist.She tried to remove his hand but coudnt do it.She looked towards him with affection.She wants to carresses to his face but stops her hand to moving further .and there is one more reason to her return which Jodha dont want admit in her thoughts.Today he is your door step ,asking for uniting ,if tomorrow he will not come back .She shut off the thought  and again look at him.You gave me biggest pain of my life but still I love you .I tried hard to hate you ,erase your images from my mind but not for one single time I became succesful.My heart never stop loving you and it wont .In every bad deeds of yours there is always a voice inside me who said you cant do this to me.You cant ...I dont know why you reject the offer of meeting me .Might be you didnt felt the same like before.May be your love  divided among your all wives .It makes me furious.I cant digest it that you are not only mine now.You gave my special place to many.When I was all alone ,you never face that lonliness. All this hardships of Ashram doesnt bother me like this sharing bother.You might be went to hunting with rukaiyaa,enjoy dance and music with other one,someone might give suggestion to court proceeding,someone might be good in poetry.Everyone has its own unique quality and you must praise them.Its their right to be with you but my heart doesnt want to accept this.May be you never miss me for a single moment.there were many to accompanied to you but for me you were only one for me .You didnt miss me but I missed you so much but Ill never tell you all this.Might be you will laugh at me Why my thoughts are flowing in that direction again and again???Why I am thinking about his wives ???I have nothing to do with them .I have to think about my realtion with him..Later sleep took over all worries of Jodha.
In the wee hours Jalal wakes up and find Jodha sleeping peacfully on bed beside him.She caresses her face ,kisses on her forhead and left the place.
A door knock wakes up Jodha in morning.She strech her hand in the air.Sunlight flashes directly in her eyes.Her hand help her to  made a barrier between the sun and her eyes.Then she understands whats going on .Sunlight were coming in the room from the window although the crtains tried to stopped it but fluent wind move the curtain forward backward and sun rays is coming.Its like they are playing hide and seek .For a moment there is shadow ,to the other there is bright sunlight.Jodha smiles while seeing this. 
Who is there???
I am Abdul .Shanshah told me to take care of you.May I come in??
I am sorry to disappoint you but I dont meet with random men.Please sent a maid so I'll tell her about my needs.
Okay Abdul said with a grin on his face.
Last night he was surprised when Shanshah came here all drenched with a woman disguised as man.At first he fail to recognise him but later his authorative tone remind him.Whole scenario is strange shanshah with a woman that is not strange but the lady disguised as man if her long hairs weren't present he didnt find out her identity.He was with shanshah for so many years.He was like childhood buddy to Jalal.He was more like a friend to jalal than a court nobel but this is unusual of Jalal.He was in battlefield and according to his source shanshah won the war and returning to Agra.His offering to help the woman and children is kind gesture but this encounter is completely off the charater .If Jalal wants to save this lady there is so many other options available.Why he took such  a nasty decision.When he was in deep thoughts shanshah went into chamber,ordered maids to help him.His instructions of food is also different.He ate vegetarian diet only when he is not feeling well so its definately for the lady.In all this one year this avatar of his freind is like never seen before.When he was in Agra to till date ,first time he is watching such gesture of Jalal .It gave him clear indication something happened when he moved to kabul .After his return so many things changed in Agra.Jalal was married with Rukaiyaa.He looks happy most of the time as Rukaiyaa is also Jalal's childhood freind and understands him well.Everything looks good from surface but sometime Jalal's eyes speaking else and his words are speaking else.He  looks lost somewhere.He prefer to stay alone on moonnights.He stays away from flowers like marrigold and roses.This things irks him.Abdul was sure something is missing in the tale.Jodha a word ,a name or more.A maid was punished hard by Rukaiyaa when she utter this word.It was shocking for Abdul that Rukaiyaa punished for this small thing.She is not like this and what about Jodha.What is this.What it has to be related to  Agra.He tried to find out and discover Jodha is the first wife of shanshah.She declared deportee.She was accused for interfaring in the state matter without having any right and proven guilty.She hurt shanshah extremly.Due to her betrayl to the kingdom her name,her discussion is a crime in  Agra.But Abdul cant believe it fullyThere is other stories too present.Amer her native place share close relationship with Agra.There relation is warm or this is too a show off.Amer people visited Agra oftenly for state matters.They provise facility to visitors at dargah Ajmer sharif and Agra senction enough fund to them.A militry troops always ready to fight for shanshah.They participate in many military operation with Mugal army.There a rajpoot batalian in the Mugal military force.If one close person is betray that harshly how can a shrewed stragist like Jalal trust her clan.On digging the matter further he stopped the prince and when he utter the name of Jodha .There was fire in the eyes of the prince.His fist were tightens but other men around him took him away.Few tales were of her death present among Agra folk bt shanshah punish the tellers and it misinterpreted as Jodha's discussion is a crime.Mahamanga and Rukaiyaa easily washed her everything from  Agra.A section of harem is banned for everyone,rumoured to be Jodha's place.Jodha this person is like a puzzle for Abdul..She is a deportee but her clan is most trusted in Mugal army.Her father treat Jalal like own son but her brother has huge issue with Jalal.Rukaiyaa and Maham's opinion is negative about her on the other side Bakshi bano and Hamida bano shares warm and loving thoughts about her.She is not present in Agra but her presence is still there in minds and hearts of people.Many people many thoughts but what about Jalal.This girl has something in her thats why she make it possible which rukaiyaa failed to so in so many years.Otherwise Rukaiyaa will be first wife.One day he gather all his courage to ask Jalal about his polarised behaviour towards things.On one side he punished people who discuss about her on the other side he favourored her people .Why things is like that and all this questions lead him here from Agra.
Ill find out are you the one??Abdul promised himself .
jodha put her feet on the floor but for her surprise today something is very soft beneath her feet.She looked downwards and there soft carpet on the floor.In all this year she forgot this touch of softness.She became addicted to rough earth  there was bay in the name of luxury sometimes.when this thing touch her she recalled where she belongs to and then a pronounciation hit her hard.
Begum sahiba the maid repeat again and again.
Breakfast is ready should we serve it???
No.I'll take bath first and they took her into bathroom.There wad aromatic candles burning around a roundshape bath tub which is fulles with luke warm water to relax the body and soul.All this remind her a forbidden world which belongs to her few years back.The same luxury ,royal treatment,maids were ready to serve her.Her every wish to be fulfilled any how.Specific food with perfect flavour .Elegant clothing beautiful jewellary waiting for her to adorn on her body.After ages she put bindi on her forhead although she always put sindoor and hide it in hairs but when she filled her parting with sindoor its different.Mangtika bangles,anklet,neckless and many more ornaments were present to enhance her beauty. The tickling sound of anklet when she move remind her days when she used to move cautiosly to avoid any sound. Yesterday when shanshah is here she didnt pay much attention to all this but now when she is alone she felt the difference.All this was not just things .Its much more.Its like returning her identity to her which lost somewhere in path of life.When she look herself in the mirror she failed to recognise herself.
you are looking very pretty begum sahiba a maid said.
Thank you Jodha replied.
Knock knock Abdul was again on doorstep.
Jodha asked the maid to enquire the matter.
Shanshah told him to show you a place in the morning .
Okay told him I am coming.Jodh wore ghunghat and came out from the chamber.There was a man in his mid twenty waiting for them.He was short in height having whietish skin colour.His eyes were small ,nose were wide all she can say is he is an average man.there were other soldiers is also present with him.His cloth is different from others indicating he is leader of them.He did salam to her and she greets him with folded hands.They start moving togher in a hallway.
You seems to belong from rajaputana.
rajputana have many estates .Some accept to come under Mugal kingdom and some are still struggling with our army.But sooner or later dream of our king to rule whole Hindustan will be fulfilled.
I'll pray for it and I hope he'll rule the heart of people here.
Our shanshah used to say those who rule from heart vanished in battlefield.
War is always cruel .War is more about strategy and death bound to happen there but after winning its most important to win the heart of public otherwise you are only an intruder.You 'll never became a king of public,you became a self claimed king whom his subject dislike.
Your ideology is contrarary to our our king.
I dont think so.Shanshah is supporting the people who lost their beloved in war.
But shanshah never support AMER in its low phase.
This sentence stopped jodha's step towards.  What Amer suffered???her worry can be felt from her voice and gave Abdul what he want .I was right she is the one.Firm to express her view yet sensetive.
Drought ...
Ohhhit realese her worry as Amer is used to suffer from it every year .She is hopeful someday they will be succeful to make a lake and this drought never hunt there dream afterwards.This will become a nightmare one day.Hallway is end there .
This way Abdul indicate towards downstairs.It looked dark and humid.Two torch is there and somewhere Jodha felt it risky to enter there.She asked the maid to bring the pooja thali and made some signs there.Its our custom whenever we enter a place like this we did this ritual.Jodha knew she was making a sign in case there is danger.After every two three step she cleverly leaving a sign.Abdul sense it .Wise not to trust anyone blindly.
They reach downstairs it was a inbuilt temple of lord vishnu and laxmi.Dust is indicating that no one worshipped here from long time but its essentials isnt destroyed either.Jodha asked the maid to bring broom and some cloths to clean the place.After clening marbal floor is shining.Jodha put diya all over the temple .It enlightens the place and there were tales of ramayan carved in walls which is clearlly visible now.Maids bought marrigold flowers from garden as per her insturctions.Jodha made garlands from it.Then jodha performed every rituals one by one and at last she sung Aarti and distribute prasad to one maid and ask her to distribute in everyone.When she reach near Abdul there was some lines on his forhead.
You can accept it as mere sweet Jodha said from behind.Abdul extented his hand and took it.I get it why you are unforgattable Abdul thinks.Jodha stays there for some more time.And when she return in her chamber there is someone waiting.When they look each other they wont beleive their eyes.Her eyes open wide and then became moist .Sight infront of her is least she imagine.In White embroide kurta and churdar,red turben on head ,his famous sword tied with wist and mojri in his feet and that familier  smile which she witness after years.She just ran towards him and hug him tightly.Both sujamal and Jodha cant express what they felt at the moment.Sujamal never thought he'll ever witness Jodha alive in this life when he saw her in same  attire which she used adore in Amer he felt he was watching a dream with open eyes but when Jodha hugged him reality hit him.Their eyes become teary.Jodha bend to take blessing of her elder brother .sujamal caresses her head.Jodha's tears flow today without any hesitation.Her heart is overwhelmed.She wants to meet her brother since long time.Its been two years Jalal married her suddenly and since then their was no meeting of brother sister.On her wedding sujamal isnt present in Amer and after that he didnt get a chance to meet her.Two years of seperation,two years of sad ralshabandhan,two years of his emtpy wrist, two years of their fake fights,two years of pain,two years of guilt,two years of grief,two years of sadness,two years of anger.There were many things to say but words were short . 
Bhaisa, she said in choked voice.
Jodha.I...I cant tell you ...
Bhaisa I missed you so much...
I too missed you jodha.We just left hope that we ever meet you again but shanshah always hope that one day you'll come back.Sujamal said very deep thing in brief but it didnt convey to Jodha in same way.
I am very angry with you Jodha .You didnt come to Amer ??
Bhaisa I thought...
What you thought Jodha??Do you have any idea what happened to us ??Bhaisa,...
Leave it I am not talking to you.Shanshah call me to come here so I'll talk to him only.After saying this Sujamal left her chamber.
Today Jalal returned everything to Jodha which snatched from her due to his one mistakes,due to some wrong decision,due to ill fate.Blame can be put to anyone but today he did a step for good.A step for their good future ,a step to mend their relatinship,a step to rectify what went wrong.Past cant be erase but bitter memory can be replace by loads of happy memeories.He took his first step.Many more things has to be done ahead but this step surely touch Jodha's heart like earlier.He return everything but his absence is killing her.She was waiting him to arrive.She was waiting to meet him again to clear all grief from their heart so that they can move on to  a new dawn.Many destination is waiting to reach them,many soorows and happiness is waiting in the life path.Many revealation is left ,many things left to confess but one thing is sure Jodha and Jalal at their best whenever they are toghether.When one is in pain other cant bear it.right ,wrong,true ,false it doesnt matter .the thing which is matter the most is company of each other.They cant afford the saperation . 

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yipee first

superb chappi dear
I was reading ur story from a long time and waiting when u will update next chppi
I love ur story a lot
and talking about todays chappi its mind blowing
finally jodhas role as surya got ended that too a hero's death
jodha is back in her Royal attire but from heart she is so far
jalal and jodhas eating scene was wow
then Abdul's description about what happen in Agra after jodhas departure is good
then jodha and sujamals reconciliation scene is really touchy
amazing chaapi
great work dear
continue soon

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thank god u updated dear
waiting for it so long
next time do pm dear

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155pari IF-Dazzler

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Lovely hapter...
Suryas death...
Jo reborn...
Loved it...
Update soon...
Make it fast...
Priyankaakdha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2015 at 7:36am | IP Logged
Nice chaptet .. But i dont want to end shrya end ... I mean i want jalal to know about jodha's hardship ... Usne kya kya saha ... She is all ready to forgive jalal .. But m chahti thi ki jodha jalal ko tab maf krti jb jala ko maham ruks ke bare m pta chlta ... But its ok .. Nice chapter .. Update soon
mamtasingla IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2015 at 8:19am | IP Logged
awesome update
finally purva you update after such a long tymBig smile jodha take a decision to come back in jalal's life but there are many things which have to be mendedCry sujamal came to meet his cute sisterSmile abdul confirm his doubt...update soon and thnks 4 pm

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deepa111 IF-Rockerz

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Finally u updated yar ..
Long time haan...
Nice update..
Surya's has a heroic end bt i dont want his end .bt let it b .
Jodha decided to come bck to ja life .
Bt i want that jja got to know what jodha went thru in this one yr becoz of his one mistake..
Abdul also cleared his doubt about her.
N jodha n sujamal met after yrs n cried out saying how much they missed each other...
ketaki1 Senior Member

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great update..
loved it..
plz pm next time...
i would like to see maham n rukaya face when they will come to know abt jo..
update soon..

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