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SW Symphonies-Silk Pouches and Horned Helmets on 147 (Page 123)

arshi21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2015 at 2:28am | IP Logged
This by far is the most well written chapter so far though there were better chapters with better content...but i loved the whole  building up of events in this one. Loved the flow.
I think flow is important when it comes to story telling and this chapter had a good flow :)

Loved raman and mihir's conversation and i can only imagine what oshita will do to her parents when she realizes why srikant visited her in the first place. :P

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Originally posted by ashu9

They are smitten woman Cry Get them married asap will ya Angry Angry Angry
Dont give me "you cnt force me dear " type dialogues.. I might kill u Big smile


Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by -Payal-

Originally posted by Nisha0604



1. Reading under the blanket
2. Scrambling to connect to hotel wifi
3. Stealing husband's data plan
4. Ignoring kids
5. Forgetting school starts tomorrow
6. Reminded of making daughter sing Carnatic compositions everywhereBig smile (Ranu)
7. Ignoring house guests
8. Trying to maintain a straight face while parents in same room
9. Reading while standing in line at Costco
10. Reading at desk (Sun shine)
11 THE ONLY GOOGLE EMPLOYEE READER I GOTClap, Jyoe... trying not to fall off the chair laughingBig smile
12. Ignoring chores Mom hands out (Columbia)



You forgot one: Ignoring the fact that I should be studying for boards. 

PS: I do one hell of a poker face. 
PPS: I am in love with R&B. Can I have him? BlushingROFL
PPPS: Don't answer that. I'll just tell myself he's mine. Kthx. [Ignorance is bliss.] BlushingROFL
PPPS: PLEASE leave an element of mystery around R&B. I prefer it that way. They're sexier when they are enigmatic. Blushing


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Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2015 at 5:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by arshi21

This by far is the most well written chapter so far though there were better chapters with better content...but i loved the whole  building up of events in this one. Loved the flow.
I think flow is important when it comes to story telling and this chapter had a good flow :)

Loved raman and mihir's conversation and i can only imagine what oshita will do to her parents when she realizes why srikant visited her in the first place. :P

Thanks very much, like I said... I could end it all in one part or drag it another 100
While I dont want to be TOO SLOW, at the same time I dont want to rush either... realization one day confession the next type...

It takes a while for feelings to transform...

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-AditiS Goldie

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Nisha, last update was what I was longing for.. just a small crack into R&B's mystery aura where we know that he thought abt II even when she is not around. obv he will never express, forget about saying it. but this indirect means was kewl Embarrassed

"A Suitable Boy" scene was nice. Srikanth seems to have everything, except for tht X-factor Smile

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Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

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Part 46
Lists & Books

Srikanth came by again on SundayEmbarrassed... II was startledShocked... she quizzed Amma "DOES HE HAVE NO FRIENDS?"Big smile
"Inge edukku varaan tiruppi tiruppi, innikki paada maaten, Why does he show up everyday I WILL NOT SING TODAY"Angry

Amma and Appa spun it like "His best friend in Delhi is getting married, he is unable to spend time with him, plus he is helping u with ur careeer so why not kanna"Embarrassed

She SULKED, for the sake of courtesy went with him to Delhi Haat, two malls... and had coffee at Taj Man SinghClap

It rankled her  A LOT... "I hope u guys DONT GET ANY CRAZY IDEAS.. Naan pannikka maaten kalyanam. I will not marry... (she didnt say ANYBODY... Phew!!Wink). Subbu dumped me a year ago
Oru varusham kooda aagale, Pongal weekend, he dumped me no? Its two weeks to Pongal Amma... its not even one year"Cry

Amma:Dump dump sollaade kanna (DONT SAY dump)Cry
II: WHAT DO U SAY THEN Amma? (her tears welled up, NOT AT THE REJECTION, but at the humiliation caused by it... the associated emotional drama, pity sympathy she received from family friends... coworkers luckily did not give a damn)Cry
Baldev said "Tu chinta mat kar tere liye maine 4 baniya ladke soch rakhe hain, tu haan kar main aaj raat ko bata karta hoon aunty se"LOL

She giggled between tears at the Daily Perk... "chaaron se kar loon?"'Embarrassed

Kyon nahi, jab aadmi do biwiyan kar sakte hain to tu kyon nahi? 4 aadmiyon se zyaada kamaati hai Iyer..."Clap
"Rakhoongi kidhar?" she asked
"Chadar thodi hai... apne apne ghar mein rahenge, you can visit them daily" She rolled on the Daily perk floor laughingLOL
"4 bache socho Baldev"
"Nahi yaar ATLEAST 2 EACH" he laughed
"I can tell u a easier way of getting rid of me, u moron, PREGNANT 8 TIMES?" she had laughed

"Appa please DO NOT GET IDEAS" she said coming back to the present, braiding her hair stiffly Sunday night... really cold look on her face... 
a look that could cause snow in Delhi...

Srikanth has not approached nor has anyone from that family... BUT as parents this prospect does excite us, yes... Appa was HONEST like IIShocked
"Natesam Mama is gold kanna" Appa began "U shud consider urself blessed to be even part of that family IF EVER SOMETHING COMES UP" Embarrassed

A fear snaked up from the pit of her stomach... at the thought of marrying... marrying and moving away...
She wasnt willing to articulate to herself what she would miss but felt intense fear of some sort...

Amma and Appa lied again... "Its nothing kanna... we will not take any decision without telling you first... he was here ONLY TO HELP YOU (LIARS)
You are SO SOCIAL AND SUCH AN EXTROVERT, he spontaneously showed uup today... there was NO MOTIVEEvil Smile

ALL THIS aAFTER sending her horoscope to Srikanth's parents in Vadodra(?)... II was unable to shake an uneasy feeling... 
While her parents were secretive for fear of rejection, they couldnt be too honest either with her at this point...Cry
she gave Amma a piece of her mind in the kitchen as she wound up for the night... Appa had already gone to bed in fear of her wrathLOL
Amma and Appa would later talk in bed... "If he agrees and things work out she may forgive us, if he doesnt agree, 
then this can be a weekend of "Oh a friend stopped by to discuss overseas career prospects for II"
"If he SAYS YES, she will blow up" Amma worried.
"WHY will she blow up... she is not dating any one, we have not rejected her love... 
she broke off with Subbu yes... or Subbu did I am sorry but she knows we would think about THIS some day ille? Madhu?
Amma nodded reluctantly "What if NOW was not the right time? Vishwa?" she muttered sadly
"WHAT IF NOW IS the GOOD TIME?" Appa asked... OPTIMISTICALLY CHEERFUL... and upbeatEmbarrassedClap

She went to bed Sunday night extremely troubled... she didnt know WHO to expect honesty at home from... Amma or AppaCry
she had NOTHING to hate about Srikanth either. NOTHING
Not his teeth, he did not burp loud, or pass gas... or pick his nose.. ROFLhis nails were clipped, his cologne albeit a lil strong was OK ish also

"I HAD NO IDEA I WAS GOING TO SEE YOU" he had said.. "If u knew what wud u have done?" she wanted to askEmbarrassedBlushing
He didnt allow it he was plundering alreadyBlushing... she turned in bed... clutching her churning belly... her toes clenched tightly to somehow 
control her express heart beats... she placed a hand over her heart and one over her belly
"Rakshasan" she said softly listened to how it sounded... she had whispered it on his neck... and chest.. and hair.. many many times
Alone in her dark bedroom it didnt sound the same...

WHAT IF Amma Appa are tricking you? she asked herself... there is a good possibility the guy may not be expecting to marry anybody his Periappa chose for him...Angry
He probably has a girlfriend in the Bay Area... a Ph D student or something...Embarrassed

II relaxed  a lil when that thought occured..
There is a thing called "keeping things in perspective" Accountants do that well.. however much their brains might be fried...Wink

OK fine... will make a Srikanth list she muttered... shaking and uneasy... a Rakshasan list was impossible there was ONE THING ON IT

1. Works in USA
2. Lives in the USA
3. Cheerful
4. Well informed
5. Understands women need a career
6. Very resourceful
8. Does not like crazy out door sports, only watches cricket and American  football
10. Shaves every day.. ermm.. doesnt have to..
11. Great for my career

2. Not 6'3"
3. Does not know French
4. WHY Shave every day?Embarrassed

Work was either dull or she was fighting fires, there was nothing in moderation... to say "they were not seeing eye to eye" would be an understatement.
Totally incompatible professionally, their egos many times NOT allowing them to see reason or logic... Baldev was HER voice of reason
R&B had none...
Just when Gurgaon deployment seemed to be moving forward... they began talking about which auto workshop to deploy it first... 
they requested, no demanded additional tests and reports and diagnostics on systems placed there... workshops typically employed 100s more... 
financial processes were way more transactional than a showroom, a car costed Rs. 4 lakhs, a new dashboard light switch costed Rs.118...
The volumes were 100 times higher... people in workshops typically less trained, less skilled... they chose Gurgaon due to proximity

To say it was a nightmare would be sensible
They had a workshop in Gurgaon, and in Mehrauli.. not to mention a few strewn around other parts of Delhi...
 she quit copying Mr Bansal in a bout of frustration, told Baldev about it, he nodded in approval...
She took her car EVERYDAY... no matter what Amma's emergency was, Amma's car was sold because it was too old, 
they hadnt gotten around to getting her a new one... she was car pooling with a Dhaula Kuan teacher when she could or she would take a chartered bus
II felt bad.. Appa did too Appa didnt have to go to work until 10, many mornings Appa would skip his pooja and give Amma a ride, losing an hour in the process.

Monday she again spent most morning warnin, convincing and pleading with Amma
Amma nodded understandingly, like she would do whatever II wanted...

She let Baldev handle the initial face to face meetings at the workshop... and chose the showroom instead... Ashwini was beginning to smile, 
they hired a contractor from  a Tata company and another one was expected to join soon in the next couple weeks

II started looking at initial deployment reports, the showroom was running two systems parallely, their run down broken down original and the KMPG version
She had audit experience... extensive audit experience so this was heaven for her

She carried his note in her purse... she looked at it when no one was around, examined the hand writing...
he had struck off one word and rew written it... CHOPPY FRENCH SPEAKING SKILLS
Rakshasan... just like everything about work... JUST COCKY
Sometimes HOW he wrote mattered to her, MOSTLY WHAT he wrote...

A Giddy teenager II?
Amma Appa have no clue.. here you are... receving notes in the study from some randome Punjabi Dude

On the personal front She was restless and unfocussed until...Thursdayish she went to Crosswords... next door to Daily Perk on the 5th and bought a book
"Everything Learning French: Speak, Write, and Understand Basic French in No Time!" by Bruce Sallee & David Hebert
Had it wrapped and sent to a certain someone on the 20th... 

Friday morning, a package awaited AT HER DESK
She decided it must have been CDs she ordered from Flipkart, opened it with a smile

It was a book
The Power of a Positive No : How to Say No and Still Get to Yes 
by William Ury 

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Next updateee...waiting jaldiii
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Joined work after a ten-day long break. Didn't do a thing except replaying the scenes in my mind on a loop. I earned cold looks from my boss. No work was doneCryCry just kept staring at the screen BLANK. 
Not to forget, I refreshed the page like a zillion times.

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