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Metis Viewbie

Joined: 30 November 2010
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Posted: 26 January 2015 at 7:02pm | IP Logged
These challenges remain:

Originally posted by KhotaSikaShreya

Task for DemonStar (from visrom)
I challenge Ravi aka DemonStar to write the written update of an episode named Space Mein Alien where Purvi is possessed by an alien (aliens can act weird but they need not always be evil).

Task for pappais (from ..Himani..)
You have to make a siggy exhibiting the tensed moments ( famous ones) that prevailed in CID once with the happier ones that followed, alongside.

Task for ...Pari... (from aditya_anjaan)
My challenge is that you have write something funny using these photos. You have to start the story from pic 1 and end it by the pic 3.


  1. Write a poem on Pankaj - Minimum 10 lines, no maximum limit, hindi or english language. Wink
  2. Write an OS on Abhijeet leaving Tarika. Wink
  3. You need to give a punch line along with a suitable title to the every present cast and have to relate him/her to a character (from a movie or serial or play or a novel character) with whom you think CID characters share a close resemblance and which qualities of them make you think so. Tongue

DemonStar IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 March 2006
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Posted: 26 January 2015 at 8:02pm | IP Logged
I'll finish the tagline task soon. Stuck with a writer's block regarding my individual challenge. Ouch
bluetides IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 February 2014
Posts: 23267

Posted: 26 January 2015 at 8:52pm | IP Logged
here is OS for team challenge Abhi leaving Tji - my version of overdose YSPT...
I wish it's more funny and less shorter than this...
Please feel free to improve it

A lonely house, Past midnight

A person was working on something, surrounded by many book, papers, research journals, many equipments and charts. He was recording readings from a machine into table, feeding them to a computer. After readings are entered, he started working on them. His facial features show determination and some tiredness. After couple of hours, he shook head in disappointment and banged on the table to indicate that he could not find what he wanted to. He looked at clock which showed 2:45 AM. " ab toh sona hai" he sighed and moved to other room after locking his lab properly.

Next day morning, CID forensic section

Forensic lab was busy as new case is reported. CID cops found no body but a lot of blood in a house which indicate possibility of murder. Dr Salunkhe and his two assistants Dr Tarika and Dr Vaibhav were busy analyzing blood samples. Their work was interrupted as ACP Pradyuman, Sr Inspector Abhijeet and Sr Inspector Daya stormed in.

ACP sir: "kya salunkhe kuch pata chala?"

Dr salunkhe: " haan boss, ab tak ye pata chala hai ki is khoon alag alag insaan ka hai"

Daya: "matlab doctor saaab, ek se jyada log ghayal hue ya phir unka ..." his last words trailed off as Dr Tarika interrupted.

Dr Tarika : "nahi daya .."

Abhijeet turned his attention to Dr Tarika.

Abhijeet: "wah Tarika jee, aap humesha kuch suraag toh dhoond leti hai humare liye... vaise kitna kaam karte hai aap, aap ko toh thora aaram karni chahiye"

Daya bit his smirk while ACP sir shook his head and looked at Dr Salunkhe, with many questions and "hey bhagwan" expression in his eyes

Dr Salunkhe (almost jumped on): " bhai saab ye Dr Tarika jo bhee karegi, meri guidance me hee na karegi, thora tareef muse bhee dedo"

Abhijeet: "arey kyon nahi doctor saab, aap .. aap ko koun nahi jaanta"

This irritated ACP sir even more and Daya suddenly found walls fascinating.

Dr salunkhe (joy tone): " hai na phir karo mere bhee tareef"

Rest in the lab chuckled at his innocent acts and suddenly

ACP sir: " hogaya, ab case ke bare me baat kare?"

Discussion turned back to business and it is reviled that the blood is obtained from blood bank and further investigation leads to arrest of gang who used to sell stolen blood from blood bank for money in black market and used the house as their storage. The gang is handled to local police.


Dr Salunkhe residence, 8 PM

A car stopped at gate. Security guard came out, verified the guest and opened the gate after saluting. ACP sir got out of the car and rang bell. Once... Twice... thrice no response

ACP sir murmured while taking out his phone: " Muse khana pe bulaya aur ye kaha reh gaya"

Door opened just in time as if answering phone. ACP sir entered the house and looked around. He found bag of fresh vegetables on dining table and no signs of cooking. ACP sir raised his eyebrow with a smirk.

ACP sir: " Kya salunkhe khana tayaar hai, bari khushboo aarahi hai kitchen se. Kya bole the tum aaj subah, bhendi ki sabji nahi kuch kya thaa wo bahe?"

Salunkhe sir knew he was caught and in low tone: " paneer makhani "

ACP sir: " haan ready hai na "

Salunkhe sir: " wo wo kaam me busy thaa , socha baad me kar loon ga phir ..."

" bhool gaya, haina " ACP sir completed sentence while moving towards refrigerator to grab a bottle of water. Then ACP sir noticed that there are no other vegetables, left over curries etc in fridge and all he found was a bread packet and some fruits. It was obvious that Salunkhe sir was not cooking properly and always buried in work. A wave of pain passed through the rigid face of ACP sir, his smile turned to sad one as he looked back to the disappointed face of his friend.

ACP sir in anger: " Salunkhe, kya hai yeh? theek se khana nahi khayega toh tabiyat kharap hogi na, bacha thodi ho ki koi tuse yeh sub bataye?, khud doctor ho na"

Soon he changed his tone to naughty one,

ACP sir: " agar chutti leni hai toh pooch lete, chalo, ab aisa muhn latkakae kyon khade ho kisi restaurant pe chalte hai, aur bill tu dega "

Salunkhe sir jaw dropped to floor as he knew bill will be very heavy, but he had no choice after all he was supposed to be the host. ACP sir arranged vegetables in refrigerator while Salunkhe sir changed his T shirt, closed room doors and ready to go.

ACP sir: " purse aur money mat bhoolna"

Salunkhe : " haan haan liya hoon aur bill mei doonga ab khush?"

and they moved to nearby eatery place. They had good dinner while chatting and came back home as ACP sir left his car at Salunkhe sir home. Salunkhe sir made a cup of green tea for both while, ACP sir made himself comfortable on deewan. While they were sipping tea, ACP sir kept looking at a room and asked

ACP sir: " Salunkhe, kuch progress hua?"

Salunkhe sir needed no explanation about what is in question. He sighed and said,

Salunkhe sir: " we are almost there Pradyuman. aur thoda sa mehnat karna hai aur poora hojayega. Maine ek recent research paper ko mangwaya hai, usme bahut kuch information mila jo kaam ka hai. darasal mei wahi paper padh raha tha"

ACP sir nodded in agreement and said" ab mei chalta hoon, apna khyal rakhna"

Salunkhe sir nodded and a tiny smile appered on his face on the concern that sounded in rigid voice of his friend while he said " khyal rakhna" . ACP sir left and Salunkhe sir closed door with murmur " yeh aadmi toh kata meetha hai" smiled and said " gudbud hai " and let the smile spread on his face.

After few months,

Salunkhe sir is working on his lab with a system board in front of him and taking some readings from machine adjacent to it, while adjusting some dials at various other machines. A wave of joy spread over his face gradually as his eyes went over the readings. Finally he got up with a big "eureka" escaping his mouth and started jumping with extreme joy. He dialed ACP sir number and barked into phone as soon as call was taken " Pradyuman, success, success, I did it ". On the other side, ACP sir face lit up on hearing such a celebration over phone, he said happily as " wah bhae congrats, mei abhi aaya" and headed towards Dr Salunhe house right away.


Next day morning. Forensic lab

Forensic lab is looking crowded with presence of all CID officers excited about the new equipment, which is just a system board with much wiring and some reading machines attached to it.

ACP sir cleared his voice to get every ones attention: "Our mission for today is to track a person/gang and take into custody alive. This new device invented by Salunkhe will track signal and lead us to where they are hiding. He/She had been eves dropping our forensic lab using a hidden micro phone and this machine helps to detect where the signal is being received. Here is the plan. Team will divide in to two. Salunkhe, you will be involved in conversation at lab along with Daya, Tarika and Freddy. Make sure that you keep the conversation very interesting and as if you are investigating on very serious case. You got script ready right?" he paused. He got "Yes" as reply from all four. " Sachin, you will sit in that sound proof room, keeping eye on the indicator and keep updating me over phone if indicator is still on, that indicator tells that micro phone is active and someone is listening ", Sachin replied " yes sir", " Abhijeet, Purvi, Nikhil,Pankaj and Shreya, You will join me and we catch the culprit. Keep guns loaded, wo log khatarnak bhee ho sakte hai, and we plan to catch them alive. Don't shoot unless absolutely necessary. There could be more people behind them" he finished. All officers said " yes sir".

Freddy murmured in Daya ear: " Sir, yeh kaam karega na?" He is too skeptic on the flimsy wiring that looks so fragile " ek wrong wire toh urr gaya mehnat" he continued.

Daya murmured back: " doctor sab se pooch lo" and put on innocent face. Freddy nodded as no and Abhijeet who was close by smirked. Suddenly, indicator light that went on. ACP sir left with team immediately with equipment.

Salunkhe sir started : " Daya aaj mujhe ek bahut khas baat pata chali hai"

Daya : " wo case jo bahut high profile ki humara code X wali , hain adoctor sab"

Salunkhe sir: " haan wahi"

They continued the conversation and Sachin was observing the indicator. Fortunately it was on. 20 minutes passed and CID team could locate the house which they suspect as place of culprit.

Abhijeet: " Purvi aur Nikhil aap log yaha gadi me rookna aur nazar rakhna"

ACP sir: " Abhijeet, this house has one main door and one rear door, I will go to back door with Shreya. Tum aur Pankaj main door se jana"

They attack as planned, there was just a man and his assistant inside house and they were totally not prepared for the attack. It was a lost battle for the culprit and he and his assistant were arrested. Abhijeet called Daya to inform they can stop the play at Forensic lab. It took another 20 minutes to bring culprit to CID bureau confession chair.

ACP sir: " kya naam hai tera"

Man laughing madly : " Amar Dr Amar.. I am the best scientist in the world. I invented a new a brand new frequency, I am a great scientist a great scientist"

Salunkhe sir: " dimag ki halat theek nahi hai iska, CID me kyon rakha wo instrument?"

Amar: " I wanted to test my experiment and also prove to world. When I presented paper no one belived that such a thing existed. All thought I am mad. So I planned. I made a converter to convert audible sound waves to my new frequency and another converter to get signal back to sound wave. I wanted to listen some investigation parts so that I could reveal to public that I got this insider information through my new waves. Par.. par panch saal se kuch hath nahi laga. Aaj kuch hath lagne wala tha aur"

Abhijeet: " hum aagaye kyon" completed.

Amar: " haan par kaise?"

ACP sir looked at Salunkhe sir and both smirked.

Abhijeet: " ye humare Doctor sab jo hai bahut amazing hai. He found a tracker to track the new high frequency signal aur..."

Amar jumped with joy: " matlab Salunkhe, salunkhe jaante hai ki I found that new frequency"

Salunkhe sir: " haan, you found it. Relax , relax", he said with a bit concern on mental state of Amar.

Amar was taken to custody and Pankaj could not hold it any longer. He finally spoke

Pankaj: " sir, par panch sal se kuch haath nahi laga ise, kaise sir?"

Dr Tarika blushed, Daya smirked and looked at Abhijeet with raised eyebrow, Abhijeet shook his head.

ACP sir with a naughty smile: " wo aap ka Abhijeet sir se poocho"

This confused every one more except ACP sir, Salunkhe sir, Abhijeet, Daya and Tarika.

Salunkhe sir: " muse ye tracker device banane me panch sal lagi, par maine wo indicator tabhi banaya tha"

ACP sir: " That indicator lights up when the new frequency signal is on"

Purvi interuped: " Sir, how did we know about this new frequency signal?"

ACP sir, nodded at absolutely right question: " We have signal jammers activated in building, Right. They were meant to track if someone is tapping our phones. These jammers found the signal, but were not able to stop them or track them" , he explained.

Salunkhe sir: " We knew that signal is high at Forensic lab, and we installed the indicator in forensic lab and jab jab indicator on hota tab..." he paused passing a naughty glance towards Abhijeet.

Abhijeet was too shy as all eyes fell on him and he chuckled, cursing Daya who was showing all his teeth by now like a colgate ad.

Looking at Daya he murmured " idea sahib ki thee aur phasa diya muse"

Freddy: " tab kya doctor saab", He absolutely understood what was untold. But he is taking revenge for all threats Abhijeet made in past regarding bahbiji

Salunkhe sir: " aur kya Freddy, ye Abhijeet sir mere lab ko teenager class room bana rahe the bus", he concluded.

Everyone broke into loud laughter and finally Abhijeet had to speak

Abhijeet: " wo ..wo kuch toh aise hee baat banana tha taki investigation details nikal na jaye. Hum ne socha bus kuch din ki baat hai par " taunt tone " panch sal lug gaye na"

Pankaj : " matlab sir.. ye lab me jo .."

Duo together " YSPT ... Yeh sub plan tha"

Nikhil: " Longest YSPT of CID history sir"

After some chatting, all officers are back to completing file work of various cases, while some left to have a cup of coffee. Freddy approached Abhijeet who dumped his head in pile of files to avoid teasing glances from his friend who kept pulling his leg as " kal se kisko Ji bolo ge?" etc.

Freddy: " Sir.."

Abhijeet: "Kya?"

Freddy: "Sir wo wo aap Tarika ko dinner me bhee bulaya tha wo bhee akele"

Now Daya is extremely interested in the file that's in Abhijeet hand and came to them with a wide smile.

Abhijeet: " Freddy, wo Tarika Ji ne hand loan lee thee paise aur wapis hee nahi kee . Sab ke samne toh nahi pooch sakta na"

Freddy raised both eye brows.

Abhijeet sarcastic tone: " ab khush?" to both Freddy and Daya.

Daya made innocent face: " boss, forensic chalte hai, naya case ke bare me kuch na kuch pata hoga TARIKA JI(stressing) ko"

Abhijeet shook his head and murmured ye YSPT plan toh khatam hua par ye Daya muse zindagi bhar chedega.

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Posted: 26 January 2015 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
Fantastic BT, maza aa gaya padhke...nicely written Star Clap .. Btw rakhi kidhar gaya Wink ?

Bhaiya, thank you Big smile.

Resh : hehehehe..sochungi ROFL .

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Reshh16 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2015 at 1:28am | IP Logged
Lovely OS BT!! ClapClap Waaf.. mazaa aaya!! Star
Angel..Looking forward!Big smile

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Metis Viewbie

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Posted: 27 January 2015 at 5:46am | IP Logged
BT that was totally awesome! Clap I'm adding it in!

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bluetides IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2015 at 7:47am | IP Logged
awe Shocked
Thanks for liking it everyone Embarrassed

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bluetides IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2015 at 7:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ANGELICEYES

Fantastic BT, maza aa gaya padhke...nicely written Star Clap .. Btw rakhi kidhar gaya Wink ?

Bhaiya, thank you Big smile.

Resh : hehehehe..sochungi ROFL .

I wanted add a scene where DCP sir send "amazing YSPT " message cake and a note saying " Daya, you are next" Wink. par socha lengthy hai already so dropped
Rakhi ka season nahi na bazar me nahi mila LOL

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