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bluetides IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2015 at 7:21pm | IP Logged
First chapter:
A lonely house, Past midnight

A person is working on something. He is surrounded by many book, papers, research journals, many equipments and charts. He is recording readings from a machine into table, feeding them to a computer. After readings are entered, he started working on them. His facial features show determination of finding something, while he is exhausted too. After couple of hours, he shook head in disappointment and banged on the computer table to indicate that he could not find what he wanted to. He looked at clock which showed 2:45 AM. " ab toh sona hai" he sighed and moved to other room after locking his lab properly.

Next day morning, CID forensic section

Forensic lab is busy as new case is reported. CID cops found no body but a lot of blood in a house which indicate possibility of murder. Dr Salunkhe and his two assistants Dr Tarika and Dr Vaibhav are busy analyzing blood samples. Their work is interrupted as ACP Pradyuman, Sr Inspector Abhijeet and Sr Inspector Daya stormed in.
ACP sir: "kya salunkhe kuch pata chala?"
Dr salunkhe: " haan boss, ab tak ye pata chala hai ki is khoon alag alag insaan ka hai"
Daya: "matlab doctor saaab, ek se jyada log ghayal hue ya phir unka ..." his last words trailed off as Dr Tarika interrupted as
Dr Tarika : "nahi daya .."
Abhijeet turns his attention to Dr Tarika and says,
Abhijeet: "wah Tarika jee, aap humesha kuch suraag toh dhoond leti hai humare liye... vaise kitna kaam karte hai aap, aap ko toh thora aaram karni chahiye"
Daya bites his smirk while ACP sir shook his head and look at Dr Salunkhe, There are many questions in his look
Dr Salunkhe jumps in : " bhai saab ye Dr Tarika jo hee karegi, meri guidance me hee na karegi, thora tareef muse bhee dedo"
Abhijeet: "arey kyon nahi doctor saab, aap .. aap ko koin nahi jaanta"
This irritates ACP sir even more and Daya suddenly finds walls fascinating.
Dr salunkhe in joy tone: " hai na phir karo mere bhee tareef"
Rest in the lab chuckle at his innocent acts and suddenly
ACP sir: " hogaya, ab case ke bare me baat kare?"
Discussion turns back to business and it is reviled that the blood is obtained from blood bank and further investigation leads to arrest of gang who sell the blood from blood bank for money in black market and use the house as their storage. The gang is handled to local police.
yaar batao kaisa hai... honest opinion plz.. my first time writing a story Shocked
shrey, add funny parts...
next chapter is Salunkhe succeeds in inventing the machine and CID team finds the culprit
Last chapter reveal that AT track is YSPT
looks ok? Confused

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Athene Viewbie

BollyCurry Director
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Posted: 21 January 2015 at 7:46pm | IP Logged
^ I think it's great for a first time BT. I loved this line especially "Daya suddenly finds walls fascinating". LOL

Just one correction. For this dialogue: hai ki is khoon alag alag insaan ka hai.
I think you mean hai ke yeh khoon alag alag insaan ka hai.

Other than that keep going. The flirting was hilarious.

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Reshh16 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2015 at 6:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Reshu16-

Writing what came to mind at random.. Tell me of this is ok or should I make it serious?

Funny as some facebook posts,
Earlier a spy to see all coasts
Soon loyal and funnier he came
Though his jokes aren't worth a sugarcane

Walking as though a pumpkin rolls
Talking like the croak of frogs
Yet a simple and kind fellow from inside
His funny bond with Freddy-put it aside.

I'm seriously unable to think of more LOL
Athene Viewbie

BollyCurry Director
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Posted: 22 January 2015 at 6:30am | IP Logged
^ How about his being scolded by ACP sir and being joked about by Daya and Abhijeet (like when Abhijeet banged the key ring against his supposed defense against the headless ghost)? LOL

You just need 2 more lines to meet the minimum requirement. Wink

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Posted: 22 January 2015 at 7:11am | IP Logged
The Duo OS will be up by saturday night..
Athene Viewbie

BollyCurry Director
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Posted: 22 January 2015 at 8:09am | IP Logged
Past officers OS finished. Comments please.

The Anniversary Party


Super Fast Event Planners Office, December 20th, 11:10AM

Shreya ran into her colleague's office. She said, "Haan Sree?"

"Yaar boss ne ek naya event diya hai lekin meri team bahut busy hai. Kya tumhari team le sakti hai?" Debasree asked.

"Haan bilkul. Kaisa event hai?" Shreya asked.

"Anniversary party. Commissioner sir CID team ke liye ek 17th anniversary party organize karna chahte hain. Aur unke strict instructions hain ke saare purane CID officers ko wapas laana hai," Debasree explained.

"Kab ke liye?" Shreya asked.

"21st January," Debasree replied.

"Forensic doctors ko bhi wapas laana hai?" Shreya asked.

"Nahi. Unka koi zaroori nahi hai. Lekin saare officers ka aana zaroori hai," Debasree replied.

"Done," Shreya agreed.

She took the file that Debasree handed and ran out again.


Super Fast Event Planners Office, Boardroom 1, December 20th, 12:10PM

After reading through the file, Shreya looked up at her team. She said, "Guys sab se pehle toh hume yeh jaana hai ke CID ke saare purane officers kaun kaun the aur phir unhe dhoondna hai, unse baat karni hai, aur unhe kisi bhi taran convince karna hai ke iss party main aayein."

"Main research karke saare naam nikalta hoon," Ravi said.

"Phir main aur Angel saare paate nikal lenge," Bluetides said.

"Aur main party ki tyariyan karna shuru karti hoon," Reshma said.

"Reshma tum aapne saath Pari, Ranju, aur Anjali ko bhi le lo," Shreya said. "Main Ravi ki madat karti hoon."

"Done," Reshma agreed.


Super Fast Event Planners Office, Boardroom 1, December 22nd, 10:05AM

Ravi came in and said, "Saare naam mil gaye hain. List kafi lambi hai lekin."

"Koi nahi. Bolo," Shreya said.

"Okay. Pehle hain DIG Baldev Raj. Phir ek DCP Surendra Pal aaye the. Unke tasveerein mil gayi hain. Phir DCP Dipanker. ACP Prithiviraj aur ACP Digvijay bhi hain. Uske baad males main hain Rajat, Viren, Vineet, Rishi, Jayant, Vivek, Suraj, Sudhakar, Kavin, Dushayant, aur Karan. Do teen aur officers the lekin unke naam kabhi pata nahi chale. Aur females main hain Asha, Kajal, Lavanya, Kaveri, Muskaan, Divyana, Priyanka, Anushka, aur Mridula. Forensic doctors ke naam bhi laaya hoon. Woh the Dr. Vrinda, Dr. Nyla, Dr. Anjalika, Dr. Niyati, Dr. Sonali, Dr. Alka, Dr. Vaibhav, Dr. Sameer, aur Dr. Amrita," Ravi said, reading off a sheet.

The 7 team members looked stunned at all the names that Ravi had taken. Anjali asked, humorously, "Woh paanchwa naaam kaunsa tha phir se?"

Ravi scowled as the other 6 burst out laughing. Then Shreya said, "Okay ab inhe sab ke paate nikalo aur sab ko phone karne main lag jao. Yeh sab aane chahiye."


Super Fast Event Planners Office, Boardroom 1, December 28th, 1:45PM

Reshma said, "Err...Shreya ek problem hai."

"Kya huya?" Shreya asked.

"ACP Digvijay aur Suraj jail main hain. Aur woh ACP nahi raha," Reshma commented.

"Aisa karte hain jail se special permission lete hain unn dono ko bhar niklane ke liye ek din ke liye. Ab Commissioner sir chahte hain ke sab aaye toh sab hi sahi," Angel suggested.

"Cops ke beech criminals. Wah kya baat hai!" Shreya commented, laughing.

"Chalega. Dono criminals ko cop treatment milega," Anjali said, laughing.

Ravi got off the phone and said, "Okay saare forensic doctors aa rahe hain. Maine abhi Dr. Vaibhav se baat khatam ki hai aur woh bhi aa rahe hain."

"I got the DIG, the 2 DCPs, and the 2 ACPs," Ranju said.

"Aur maine abhi Asha ko bhi confirm kar diya," Pari said. "Mera final approved list hai Asha, Kajal, Roma, Lavanya, Kaveri, Muskaan, aur Divyana."

"I booked a banquet hall for the celebration," Reshma said.

"Aur main catering dhoond rahi hoon," Shreya updated.


Super Fast Event Planners Office, Boardroom 1, January 15th, 2:11PM

"Sab tyar?" Ravi asked.

"Haan. Bas ek baar sab aane lag jaayein toh hotel main theda denge," Reshma said.

"Shreya kahan hai?" Anjali asked.

"Last minute pe caterer ne backout kar diya. Toh woh ek naye caterer ko dhoondne gayi hai," Angel replied.

"Chalo koi baat nahi. Abhi 6 din hain," Ranju said.

"Haan lekin jitna late book karoge utna zada charge karenge caterers," Pari said.

"Caterer koi zada charge nahi karenge kyun ki ab do caterers book kar diye hain maine. Dono ko alag alag cheezein de diya hai taki dono ke paas zada naa ho aur woh back out naa karen," Shreya said, coming in.

"Toh ab sab tyar hai for sure?" Ravi asked again.

"Done deal boss. Ab hone do anniversary party," Reshma said, for the team.


Blue River Banquet Hall, January 21st, 6:10PM

The 8 looked at each other nervously. They had realized as they stood here that this was the first time they had organized an anniversary party for cops. And that too by inviting so many past cops back. Now the guests were going to start arriving and they had to be sure that everything would go well.

As if in answer to their thoughts, the door opened and the current CID team slowly walked in. Shreya whispered, "Here goes nothing."

And then the guests started arriving. Dr. Vrinda and Dr. Sonali were first to arrive. They were chatting amicably about their new roles in their respective cities. They were followed by ACP Digvijay and Suraj who were led in by 6 police officers. The police officers stayed at the door as ACP Digvijay and Suraj came forward. On seeing them Dr. Sonali and Dr. Vrinda's faces tensed. Dr. Sonali said, "Yeh dono yahan kya kar rahe hain? Maine toh suna tha ke inhe dono ko jail ho gayi hai."

"Well phone pe mujhe kaha gaya tha ke Commissioner sir sab ko laana chahte hain toh isli yeh dono bhi aaye honge," Dr. Vrinda replied.

The tension lifted from their face as Divyana came in. She shook hands with both and introduced herself. Dr. Sonali asked, "Tum abhi kahan pe ho?"

"Maine police force chor diya hai. Actually main ek private detective ban gayi hoon yahani Mumbai main," Divyana replied, smiling. "Aur aap dono?

"Main Delhi CID main hoon ab," Dr. Sonali replied.

"Aur main Delhi CBI main," Dr. Vrinda replied.

"Acha isli aap dono aise baat kar rahe hain jaise aap ek doosre ko bahut samay se jaante hain," Divyana said, understandingly. Then she changed the topic and commented, "Waise decorations bahut ache hain. Yakeen hi nahi hota hai ke CID ko 17 years ho gaye hain."

"Yakeen toh hume bhi nahi hota hai. Time kaise guzarata hai," Dr. Sonali commented, happily.

"Yakeen toh mujhe bhi nahi hota hai. Aise lagta hai ke kal hi CID ko chora aur aaj CID 17 years celebrate kar raha hai," Kavin joked.

"Kavin humne sach main CID ek taran se kal hi chora hai. Saal ke shuru main hi toh gaye the," Dushayant said, seriously.

"Dushayant please. Yahan toh thoda sa maza kar lo," Kavin pleaded.

"Kyun? Kya Dushayant bilkul bhi maza nahi karta hai?" Divyana asked.

"Nope. Bahut hi serious rehta hai," Kavin replied.

"Yeh toh bilkul meri taran hai," Rajat said, coming into the conversation as he entered the hall.

Reshma leaned over to the team and whispered, "Yaar aisa nahi lagta hai ke Rajat aur Dushayant ek se hain."

"Totally," Shreya agreed, in a whisper.

"Par yeh dekho. Vineet aur Vivek ne entry maar li hai. Ab atmosphere jamega," Angel whispered.

"I can't wait to see what will happen when DIG Baldev Raj, DCP Surendra Pal, and DCP Dipanker enter," Pari whispered, curiously.

Meanwhile back in the cop conversation, Vivek was saying, "Aur hum dono ab ek saath lag gaye hain Agra main."

"Mental hospital main?" Kavin asked, jokingly.

"Nahi Taj Mahal main," Vineet replied, equally humorous.

"Taj Mahal main kab se previous CID officers ki zaroorat par gayi?" Anushka asked, entering the conversation. It was hard to tell if she was joking or serious.

Not one to take chances, Vivek replied, seriously, "Jab se joke karna band ho gaya."

"VIVEK!" Kajal exclaimed, entering the party and scanning the hall.

"Kajal? Oh my god! It has been so long!" Vivek exclaimed.

The 2 hugged like friends and then Dr. Nyla seized the moment and gave them a bear hug. The 3 separated, laughing, as the others looked on with a confused expression. Vivek explained, "Actually hum teeno ek saath the CID main ek point pe."

"Mujhe maat bhoolna," Dr. Niyati said, smiling.

"Aap ko kaun bhool sakta hai Dr. Niyati?" Vivek asked, smiling back.

"Bhoolna chao bhi toh main bhoolne nahi doongi. Abhijeet ko kaha tha ek baar ab tumhe kehti hoon. Vivek main tumhe choom sakti hoon iss baat pe," Dr. Niyati said, raising her eyebrows ever so slightly.

Vivek and Kajal burst out laughing as the memory of Dr. Niyati flirting with Abhijeet came back. Rishi came in at this time to hear the laughter and asked, "Kya meri entry pe hansa jaa raha hai?"

"Bilkul nahi," Kajal replied.

"Haan yeh log purani yaadon pe hans rahe hain," Dr. Sonali supplied.

"Waise yaadein toh hamari bhi bahut si hain," Suraj said, trying to enter the conversation.

But no one replied somehow sensing that Suraj and Digvijay weren't good to talk to. Dushayant continued the conversation as if Suraj had never spoken, "Kavin yaad hai hamare pehle din pe kya huya tha?"

"Kaise bhool sakta hoon. Main ek hijacked bus ke upar char gaya tha aur undar kud gaya tha," Kavin said, smiling at the memory.

"Aur mere pehle din pe maine ek aadmi ko shoulder pe goli maari thi kyun ki main usse sirf disarm karna chahta tha, marna nahi," Jayant said, entering the conversation.

"Woh baat toh koi kabhi nahi bhool sakta hai," Viren commented.

"Waise Lavanya aur Kaveri abhi tak nahi aaye," Vivek mused.

"Hum aa gaye!" Lavanya exclaimed, making an entry at that exact moment.

"Kya hum main se koi kehta phir entry maarne wale the?" Anushka asked, jokingly.

"Nahi bas timing hi kuch aisi hogi," Kaveri said, smiling.

As the conversation continued and the cops entered, Shreya said, "Guys shouldn't we make a mention to those 4 CID officers who passed away in the line of duty?"

"Sab ko aane do phir," Ravi suggested.

"4 kaun?" Reshma asked.

"Actually main jab naam dhoond raha tha toh mujhe 4 aise officers ke naam mile jo duty pe maare gaye. Tasha, Aditi, Daksh, aur Roma," Ravi replied.

"Main bas soch rahi thi ke kyun ki sab aise CID ki anniversary celebrate karne aaye hain toh unke naam bhi lene chahiye," Shreya mused.

"Ah yeh dekho. Sudhakar, Muskaan, aur Priyanka aa gaye," Pari said, changing the topic.

"Toh kya huya? Asha, Mridula, Karan, aur ACP Prithivraj bhi aa gaye hain," Ranju said.

"Matlab ab bas kuch doctors aur 2 DCPs aur DIG bache hain," Shreya counted.

"Oh I forgot to tell you. Dr. Anjalika aur Dr. Alka ne cancel kar diya hai," Reshma said, suddenly. "Unhone aaj subah phone kiya tha aur kaha tha ke woh aa nahi payenge."

"Boss Dr. Vaibhav bhi nahi aa raha hai," Bluetides said, speaking for the first time that evening.

"Aur Dr. Amrita?" Shreya asked.

"No updates," the 7 commented.

Then DIG Baldev Raj and DCP Surendra Pal came in. A few moments later DCP Dipanker entered as well. Now the entire team was here.

At this time, everyone slowly divided into smaller groups as the conversations all took different turns.

Vivek, Dr. Nyla, Dr. Niyati, Kaveri, Lavanya, Kajal, and Vineet had broken out to hold their own discussion on their time in CID. While Vineet, hadn't worked with any of the former officers, he and Vivek had become good friends and thus he had joined their conversation.

Vivek asked of Kajal, "Tasha yaad hai?"

Kajal said, "Usse kabhi nahi bhool sakti hoon. CID main meri best friend thi woh. Aur sach sach kehna. Tum usse pasand karte the naa?"

Vivek looked away and then replied, "Haan. Karta tha."

"Kya huya tha Tasha ko?" Vineet asked.

"Ek criminal ko pakdte waqt usse goli lag gayi thi aur usne hospital main dum tod diya," Vivek replied, in a sad voice.

"Yeh sab toh hota rehta hai," Dr. Nyla said, putting a comforting hand on Vivek's shoulder.

"Waise Lavanya tum abhi bhi macho woman ho yah thoda sa badli ho?" Kaveri asked, changing the topic to a lighter tone.

"Main kyun badlun? Badlana toh criminals ko parega," Lavanya said, confidently.

Kaveri and Vivek hid a laugh at that. Lavanya asked, "What?"

Vineet supplied, "Woh dono tumhare confidence pe hans rahe hain."

"Confident hona koi buri baat nahi hai. Aur Lavanya toh bahut confident hai," Dr. Niyati commented.

As this discussion was going on here, Asha, Dr. Vrinda, Viren, Jayant, Mridula, and Sudhakar had broken out into their comfort group. Asha had worked with all of them and thus knew how they were doing now. This group was a more serious bunch. They were discussing cases they had had in the previous few years in their new roles.

Jayant said, "Aur do saal pehle Delhi main ek bahut baara bawal ho gaya tha. Dr. Vrinda aap ko toh yaad hoga."

"Woh case kaise bhool sakti hoon. Ek aadmi ajnabee logon ko maar raha tha," Dr. Vrinda said, remembering the case and shivering slightly.

"Kya? Lekin kyun?" Viren asked.

"Usko mental problem thi. Usse lagta tha ke sab log usse maarne ke liye aa rahe hain," Jayant replied.

"Yeh toh bilkul waise hai jaise last year Chennai main huya," Asha commented. "Ek ladki ne aapne parivaar walon ko maara, phir aapne neighbours ko, aur phir unhe logon ko jo uske ghar aate the. Bees logon ko maara tha usne isse pehle ke woh pakdi gayi."

"Waise Asha tum Chennai main kam kaise kar rahi ho? Tumhe toh Tamil nahi aati hai," Mridula asked.

"Kam ho raha hai Mridula. Wahan pe kafi logon ko Hindi aati hai. Aur waise bhi CBI main Hindi main language hai. Aisi koi requirement nahi hai ke Tamil bhi aani chahiyi," Asha replied.

"Sudhakar tumhara kaise chal raha hai?" Viren asked.

"Thik chal raha hai. Woh baat nahi hai jo yahan thi lekin Pune police force bhi thik hai," Sudhakar replied.

"Tum toh Pune main hi ho. Kabhi bhi wapas yahan aa sakte ho. Hum log toh desh ke kone kone main chale gaye hain," Mridula commented.

"Haan lekin parivaar wale wapas nahi aana chahte hain. Toh kabhi yahan aa nahi paonga shayad," Sudhakar said.

"Kum se kum sab se milne hi aa jaaye karo," Asha said.

"Woh toh hum logon ko bhi karna chahiye," Jayant said.

"Of course karna chahiye. 17 saal ho gaye hain CID ko. Yakeen hi nahi hota hai. Aur ek baar humne CID chor diya toh wapas mudh ke dekha hi nahi," Asha commented, both happy and sad at the same time.

"Ab toh main contact main rahonga. Itni asaani se chorne wala nahi hoon," Viren said, determinedly.

The girls were having a different conversation. Muskaan, Divyana, Priyanka, Anushka, and Dr. Sonali were discussing life and, surprisingly, things like fashion and entertainment.

Muskaan asked, "Divyana tumhara kam kaise chal raha hai private detective ki taran?"

"CID se toh better," Divyana replied, a little coldly. She had yet to forgive Muskaan for taking credit for something that she had discovered.

"Dr. Sonali aap ko last weekend ke Star Guild Awards ke baare main kya kehna hai?" Anushka asked.

The 2 worked together in Delhi CID so were comfortable with each other. Dr. Sonali replied, "Anushka mere hisaab se ache the. Lekin mujhe aaj kal award shows itne pasand nahi rahe."

"Aisa kyun?" Priyanka asked.

"Kyun ki koi bhi ache kapde pehen ke nahi aata hai. Sab ajeeb se kapdon main aate hain," Dr. Sonali said, laughing.

"Aisa toh kuch nahi hai. Bahut se log ache kapde pehnte hain," Divyana objected.

"Haan pehnte hain. Males pehnte hain," Dr. Sonali said, still laughing.

"Ab obviously aap ko toh yehi dikhega," Anushka joked.

There was an all boys group as well. Rajat, Rishi, Kavin, Dushayant, ACP Prithiviraj, and Karan had separated to discuss the grand way CID's 17th anniversary was being celebrated.

Rajat commented, "Waise ek baat notice ki? Hum sab toh yahan pe hain aur abhi ki CID team sab ek saath bhete hain wahan. Aur hum unse mil bhi nahi sakte hain."

"Lagta hai kuch aur surprise planned hai abhi," Kavin replied.

"Pata nahi aur kya kya surprises planned hain. Pehle hi jaise surprises kum the. Jab phone aaya tha toh maine sab se pehle yehi socha ke yeh koi prank call hai. Main CID main ek case ke liye tha. Aur phir bhi mujhe phone aaya," Rishi commented, looking at the event planning team.

"Tum toh phir bhi ek main officer the. Main toh hamasa peeche hi raha. Phir bhi inhe main yaad raha aur mujhe bulaya," Karan commented, sounding slightly proud at having made a mark.

"Main bhi surprised hoon ke unhone mujhe bulaya. Main toh aise waqt pe CID ka ACP bana tha jab sab ACP Pradyuman ke saath khade the aur mere khilaaf bhi ho sakte the," ACP Prithiviraj said, peevishly.

"Waise Kavin tumhe aise kyun lagta hai ke kuch aur surprise planned hai?" Dushayant asked, suddenly.

"Bas aise hi. Jis taran se woh sab upar bhete hain, aur event team unke aage khadi hai usse yehi lagta hai," Kavin replied, thoughtfully.

"Nahi bhi hai. Tab bhi woh unhe seats ko deserve karte hain. Hum sab toh aaye aur gaye lekin unhe main se kuch officers toh 17 saalon se wahani hai," Rajat said, praisingly.

"Aur nahi toh kya. ACP sir, Abhijeet sir, Daya sir, Freddy sir, aur Dr. Salunkhe sir shuru se wahan hain," Karan agreed.

"Aur chahiye kuch bhi ho unhone sab ko bulaya. Kisi ko nahi chora," ACP Prithiviraj agreed.

Suraj and Digvijay were fighting, meanwhile. Suraj accused, "Yeh sab tumhare wajah se huya hai! Tumhare baaton main aa ke main CID main daraar peda karne chala gaya aur aaj jail main hoon aur yahan bhi koi baat nahi kar raha hai mujhse."

"Meri wajah se? Acha? Tumhe promotion nahi chahiye tha? Tumhe CID ka ACP nahi bana tha? Kam tum karo aur bill mere naam pe phado?" Digvijay exclaimed, angrily.

"Jaise mujhe ACP Pradyuman se purana badla lena tha. Jaise mujhe DCP bana tha. Jaise mujhe galat kam karte huya pakda gaya tha," Suraj returned.

Finally, DIG Baldev Raj, DCP Surendra Pal, and DCP Dipanker were standing in a corner quietly, smiling. They had been there in the beginning when CID had first started and now CID had come ahead 17 years and was entering its 18th year and still going strong.

Shreya checked her watch and said, "Guys 7 baj gaye. Aage bhadiyan?"

"Haan," Bluetides agreed.

Shreya, Bluetides, Ravi, and Angel climbed up onto the stage. Shreya took over the microphone first and clearing her throat said, "Hello everyone."

Then she waited as the conversations died down and everyone turned to look at. Suddenly realizing that she was in the limelight, Shreya handed the microphone to Bluetides and said, "You speak."

Bluetides hissed, "Me?!! Are you crazy? Angel yeh lo tum lo."

Bluetides thrust the microphone into Angel's hand who played around with it like it was a hot potato and said, "Forget it. Main kuch nahi keh sakti hoon. Ravi bhaiyya aap bolo."

She put the microphone in Ravi's hand who looked at the 3, sighed dramatically, and then said, "Aaj hum logon ne aap sab ko yahan isli bulaya hai kyun ki CID aapni 17th anniversary mana raha hai aur aapne 18th year main kadam rakh raha hai. Aap sab kabhi naa kabhi CID ke inhe 17 saalon main unka hissa the aur isli aap se acha kaun hai jinke saath CID maana sakte hain."

Hearing Ravi speak, the other 3 got confidence. Ravi handed the microphone to Angel who said, "Lekin saath hi saath hum unhe char officers ko nahi bhool sakte hain jinhone line of fire main aapni jaan kho di. Toh chaliye ek minute ka moun karte hain unhe char officers ke liye. Tasha, Aditi, Roma, aur Daksh."

She handed the phone to Bluetides and then everyone fell silent for a minute to remember these 4 great officers. After the minute was over, Bluetides said, "Aur aaj hum sab ne aap sab ke liye yeh party organize ki hai. Lekin aap log soch rahe honge ke yeh sab CID officers yahan kyun bhete hain."

Bluetides handed Shreya the microphone who finished, "Woh isli kyun ki pehle Commissioner sir inhe sab ko ek medal present karna chahte hain aur phir...ASLI PARTY SHURU HOGI!"

With that the 4 came off the stage and the Commissioner came on. After presenting all the officers with a medal, the dinner came out and the party began.

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Wow!! Its wonderful Shreya di Star .. Hot potato LOL ..

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Okay I've put my story in. Big smile

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Ajeeb contd (Invites only)

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Author: d-_-b   Replies: 403   Views: 35718

d-_-b 403 35718 6 days ago by mitthoo
~~Himu ki Biwi Kon#3 ~~~(invites only)

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Author: RatiTheAngel.   Replies: 542   Views: 6694

RatiTheAngel. 542 6694 29 April 2015 at 12:23pm by RatiTheAngel.
Smoke and Water: Where Fire Meets Storm #5 (Invites Only)

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Author: krystal_watz   Replies: 1188   Views: 49677

krystal_watz 1188 49677 26 March 2015 at 1:43pm by grounder
Telugu Allari Mooka : Strictly Invites : Thread Nine!!!

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Author: jduke   Replies: 1175   Views: 36964

jduke 1175 36964 08 January 2015 at 9:59am by diyadivya
|:| Fevicol Se Team .Team A |:|NextTask-5 June

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Author: -Muskii-   Replies: 158   Views: 9741

-Muskii- 158 9741 15 July 2013 at 8:38am by Dhoxi

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