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Teri Ankhiyon Ka Waar..Jaise Sher Ka Shikaar[My 500th IF Topic] (Page 9)

Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 June 2009
Posts: 87316

Posted: 27 December 2014 at 2:58am | IP Logged
updated first page with best comments in pg 1 of foll Big smile

Aditi(best comments part 1 section)

Nisha(best comments part 2 section)

Nasreen,Dipsi,Elita(best comments part 3 section)

sara926 Groupbie

Joined: 17 September 2014
Posts: 151

Posted: 27 December 2014 at 3:01am | IP Logged
Congrats Nikki Di for your 500th postClap .loved it just loved it kya band bajai kk ki apse achcha ye koi aur nai kar Sakta haiClap.last night's episode was awesome with KK's entry .
And Karan sir looked so handsome in glasses meri toh death hi ho gayeeeEmbarrassed.
By the way trailer aisa hai suhaagraat kaisaa hogaLOLWink 

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Nehamak1234 Senior Member

Joined: 28 April 2012
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Posted: 27 December 2014 at 3:30am | IP Logged
Congratulations nikki on ur 500th topic n dat too on ur KK Clap Clap Clap
KK is in full swing these days...n no one is complaining Embarrassed
karan looked sexy wid those glasses Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

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apardh_ba IF-Dazzler

Joined: 05 October 2014
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Posted: 27 December 2014 at 3:51am | IP Logged
Congo for ur 500th topic and after reading bout how mny topics u hd made in this forum I give myself no prize for guessing that u really love YHM forum.
R8 yahaan hormonal loccha ho gaya hai Ishi ko kya pata tha airport pe uske conf ke baad ravan kumar romantic kumar ban jayenge. Nice post as always. Thanks for d pm.

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K.S. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 May 2011
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Posted: 27 December 2014 at 4:02am | IP Logged
hi nikki...when u said u will going to make 500 post on 4shows u mentioned..i prayed dat plz make on wish completed..
ya dat 'b' scene reminded me of baba's 'b' tucking scene...but it is starplus..with how much haq baba did it ..but our kk after marriage also dont get it is sanskari slot..
by the way nice post karu looks hot in glasses.

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melody23 Newbie

Joined: 09 September 2014
Posts: 39

Posted: 27 December 2014 at 4:26am | IP Logged
congrats di and nice topic

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 June 2009
Posts: 87316

Posted: 27 December 2014 at 4:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aishu_divan

WooohoooBig smileBig smile..Nikki babeBig smile..Yayy yayy yayyBig smile..Im so happy that your 500th topic is dedicated to YHM and esp to my darling KKBig smile..Im so happyStarStar..Congo shongo on your 500th post.PartyDancing.This is indeed an achievement..Hats off to you..ClapThumbs Up

thnx aishu...n yes evn am also super happy tht this huge milestone spl post of mine is on KK...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Im really enjoying the song in the bg.Big smileBig smile.You always post amazing songs in the bgBig smile..I sometimes get lost just listening to themEmbarrassed..And seriously you deserve all the love from YHM forum members.Big smile.You always keep us hooked with amazing postsSmile..Esp since Im a fan of K parivaar, your posts are really close to my heart..EmbarrassedHeart..So we should be thanking you for your awesome posts..Big smileHug

aww i feel extra happy when ppl specifically tell abt songs/topic titles...coz songs r EQUALLY imp for me just lik the scene(s)which inspire me to make thnx for lovin them n to all YHMians who hv liked my posts...n u hv alwz been one of the regular supporters of my posts...n i truly appreciate n value tht...THANK YOU...HugHugHug

You are on a KK rollBig smileBig smile..Im so so excited to see so many posts on KK.Big smile.and Im so glad CVs are giving more of his darshan in the sanskaari timeslot NikkiStarStar..Nikki Masoom and KK dont go hand in hand..LMAO..ROFL
oyeee...LAST TIME i am WARNING U...dnt u DARE take away credit from bhai n giv it to stupid CVs for KK or any K parivaar member..AngryLOL...Thank BHAI NOT CVs..LOLLOL...n yes this is the first time i hv made BACK TO BACK SO MANY KK posts...n i knw still 1-2 more to come this year...LOLWink...i tell u KK na poore saal mein jitna mujhe tadpaaya with his breaks b/w evry appearance,nw hes evn more affectin me with NON STOP appearances back to back..hes such an extremist i tell u...n thts lik me too...extremist..LOLLOL

LMAO.ROFL.what a brilliant idea..I wish CVs chould ghusofy into your brin and steal your ideas.Big smile.Exactly na..she could have just kissed himTongue..Bwahahaha LOLLOL..usse hi pata chal sakta tha..LMAO..ROFL Did you just say "B string"..BWahahahahaha..Cant stop ROFLingROFL..Besharam gutter mind activatedLOL..Nikki yeh scene sanskari timeslot ke liye kuch zyaada hi bold thiTongue..Im sure TRP aunties would have got a shock of their livesLOL..And pls see: KK was looking hawt in the goggles and I still cant stop swooning over him..EmbarrassedDay Dreaming
i want next time,KK to touch tht B string...LOLLOL...n thnx for likin my term "B string"...LOLLOL

Nikki..if that naughty smirk comes samjho KK mode is activatedBig smile..I was totally not expecting him today and he gave sudden darshanBig smile..When that smirk came I was like ab kya karne wala hai yeh bandaWink..And then he goes on and fakes about the x-ray glassBig smile..Actually for a brief second he also didnt know he will make bakra out of her.Tongue.And then his nazar fell on the "B string"..LMAOROFL.. I found that term so funny.ROFL.And you are right he doesnt need glasses to show his KK panti.Cool.Innately he always has xray vision just like you doTongueLOL..And he knows what buttons need to be pushed and in what order..Big smileTongue
i knw for a sec he din knw wht to do..bas hawa mein teer maar liya tha pehle sayin x ray glass...but luck ws in his favour so he got proof...LOLLOL...u see theres a reason y me n KK r made for each other n one among them is this-our common x ray vision power of our eyes...LOLLOL

Again Nikki, KK and serious dont go hand in handBig smile..BwahahahaLOLLOL..I loved how he asked her to come closer by saying "Idar aa".Big smile.Haila was that KPishShocked..I dint realise Nikki..Tumhara bhai hai toh youll know better..Lol.LOL.Nikki pehle KK ne KKSS ke cheezon ko haath lagayaWink..that time he had thrown it away seeing "Cheee"Tongue..PAr abhi dekho how he loves ghoodofy her stuff..Tongue.LMAO @ "EXPERIENCED"and "FRESHER".ROFL.Bwhaahahahaha..exactly ek dum aise attack karongi Ishu ke upar how will she be able to bear itLOL..And Nikki..KK will certainly be the reason for the death of me one fine dayDeadLOL..Tum dekhlena..Haayyee he was looking so yummy in those specsEmbarrassedBlushing..Seriously agar mei waha hoti toh zarror usse kha jaati.LOL.Aiyomaa..Kya horaha hai mujhe..Hormonal locha after seeing yummylicious KK in that beard+specsBlushingDay Dreaming..He was looking so damn killer..Cool.and those stares..Haayee ..meri toh death hi hogayi..currently my bhoot is replying to this post..LOL
IDHAR AA meri behna...LOLHug...i can SO FEEL UR STATE as tht ws the same haal while i ws takin caps...LOLLOL...hes such a MURDERER i tell u..AngryLOL...n uss din "chee" MK ne bola..KK ne DNT compare tht scene with this...LOLLOL

The way he sat in his prem chopra styleLOL..and checking her out from bottom first..LMAOROFL..I found that extremely funnyLOLROFL..Checking her from down to top.LOL.This was undoubtedly my fav kalakaari of KK that I truly enjoyed today NikkiBig smile..I cant stop watching it:StarStar

aah perfect avi...bas thoda speed kam karo...KK avis must be watched in SLOW MOTION..LOLWink.. n did u call him Prem Chopra?i thought he ws lik Ranjeet..."aaaeey"...LOLLOL

BANG ON Nikki..exactly target moved from North to SouthTongueLOL..when it comes to being subtle besharmi..TongueLOL..You are amazing..cant stop ROFLing..ROFLROFL
aww thank u thank u...see u the ONLY one who told this FACT which i also beleive i am a besharam ONLY at subtle level...but i donno y my frnz DNT BELEIVE me when i say i can NEVER BE HARDCORE besharam..OuchLOL...

LMAO @ your interpretation of the dialogueROFL..BwahahahahaROFL.."Ab Dilli door nahi"..ROFLMAO..The way he sat on the bed and was looking at her..It reminded of the song "Saalam e Ishq meri jaan"..KK was exactly sitting like AB and Ishu reminded me of Rekha..LOL

omgg hw did u remember this?epic...LOLLOL

LMAO..@ the bada wala EMERGENCY.ROFLROFL.Bwhaahahahaha.He was stroking his thighs for a couple of seconds..LMAOROFL.Nikki its  been 6 years na..samjha karoTongueLOL..Aankhein ha button nahi.LOLLOL.Haayeee...golden memories of green dress scene activated..EmbarrassedDay Dreaming
shit..i forgot mentionin abt he caressin thighs...i had noticed tht..but legs,eyes ke chakkar mein thighs kalakaari i forgot...OuchOuchLOLLOL...

omgg this is perfect yaar...i will soon use it...hv saved it...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Seeing KK near the doorEmbarrassedBlushing..Another round of fangirling and drool mode activated NikkiSillyDay Dreaming..He was looking so yummylicious in those specs and that killer wala dimple of hisBlushingDay Dreaming..Im telling u Nikki..mere death ki reason zarooor KK hoga..UfffBlushing..Mai marrjaawaa..Day Dreaming
he killed me too with his dimpled smile..!!

And another bouncer by KK "isse badi cheez maine aaj tak nahi dekha hai"..LMAO.ROFL.KK my love agar woh cheez ho bhi ya na ho bhi tum hamesha besharam the aur hamesha besharam rahogeLOLLOL..Teri yeh besahrmi hi jo hai jo mujhe bhi besharma bandaiya hai.TongueLOL.warna mai bhi Ishu ki tarah naive and dhakkan thi..Big smileLOL
omg omg WORD to ur last two lines..i sware evn i wsnt lik this...before meetin KK,i ws just 5-10% besharam...n nw he hv turned me to 200% besharam...AngryLOL

Thanks Nikki a ton for this KKlicious post.Big smileHug.I cant tell you about the immense pleasure whenever I get to read a KK post.StarStar.Ill be jumping up in joyBig smileDancing..And always have huge grin plastered across my face.Big smileBig smile.I thought Ill write a short reply, but I ended up writing a RamayanLOL..LolLOL..thats how addictive your KK posts are to me.Big smileEmbarrassed.Immense pleasure to read n reply.Big smile.Thank u Thank u Thank u and Congrats once again on 500Big smileHug
n i love love ur ramayans too...alwz epic fun to read...n am so glad u posted this in pg1 or else i would hv posted in best comments part 1 section...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedClap...thnx a ton yaar for lovin my post so much lik alwz..HugHugHug

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 June 2009
Posts: 87316

Posted: 27 December 2014 at 4:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aarohi26

oh god nikki di, seriously hats off to u. kya band bajaaya kk ka. truly awesome. seriousky kk ke abhi se hi yh haal hai to na jaane uss raat bechaari ishu ka kya hoga???. hats off to cvs, kp & dt for giving us epic scenes on ths sanskaari tym. hey di tell me one thng did kp bhai knew abt the real meaning of kk or not?? i mst say u should suggest him to read ur reserch on rkb's kk mode.

karan bhai ko i had told abt names of all k parivaar includin KK n the names r self explanatory...LOLLOL

thnx aarohi for commentin here n likin my post..SmileSmile

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