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Teri Ankhiyon Ka Waar..Jaise Sher Ka Shikaar[My 500th IF Topic]

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
NOTE : I hv put background song for this VERY VERY VERY SPECIAL TOPIC..TURN ON ur speakers or use ur headphone to hear the song n njoy readin the post while listenin to the song tht i hv put in the background of this  post..CoolBig smile...

Helloo Ppl...Big smileBig smile...This topic is one of the extremely spl topics i hv ever made in IF solely coz this is my 500th topic  in IF..PartyPartyParty...5.5 years in IF,500 topics in 23 out of 33 forums i ws/is part of in IF,then among 500 topics 252 topics(includin this one)r episode related topics i hv made for 17 shows till date in IF- all these statistics r truly UNBELIVABLE for me when i look back at the journey i started frm my 1st forum-MJHT forum in 2009 to till nw in 2014..!! Am truly thankful to all those forums where i hv made posts which supported n loved my topics frm 2009 to till date..Big smileBig smile.. I hv to specifically mention two forums - MJHT & YHM forums coz its in these two forums,my majority of topics existed..For MJHT frm 2009 to 2014 i hv made 235 topics n for YHM i hv made 122 topics(includin this one)in this year 2014 alone..So my spl thnx a ton to MJHT,YHM forum ppl for the amazing amazing support u ppl hv givn to my topics...Thnx all...HugHugHugHug...

Now this topic is spl NOT ONLY coz of the reason said above...But theres few more too...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...This is the150th topic i am making this year in IF...DancingDancing...Before 2014,it ws 2010 where i had max no of topics in a year which ws 110 then...But now its 2014 where i hv made max topics-150 till now...In 2010,out of 110 topics,108 topics belong to MJHT forum n nw in 2014,out of 150 topics,122 topics belong to YHM forum..Big smileBig smile...

Lastly this topic is spl coz this 500th topic is on tht person whom i wanted to make my 500th topic in IF n thts my love KK of YHM...Party
Party...Once again KK u fulfilled my yet another wish..I badly wanted my 500th topic to be on KK n am so so super happy tht my wish ws granted with tonites epi...PartyParty...So thnx a ton KK...I LOVE U...HugHugHug...And bcoz i am talkin abt KK here..i want to mention one interesting fact abt KK's kalakaaris this month..LOLWink...With tonite's darshan of KK,he had actually givn a RECORD NUMBER of appearances in JUST ONE WEEK TIME in YHM...ShockedParty...!! From 20th Dec to 26th Dec,KK had givn his rocking appearances 4 times n tht too kinda back to back...PartyParty...I had alwz told KK ws just waitin for signal from IshRa...LOLLOL...And see jabse airport confession happened,KK hv come to YHM in such record manner spree..LOLLOL...4 times in a row n tht too just in a week time..ShockedROFL...These r the topics i made for KK for all these 4 epic appearances...CoolWink...
1)Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam..Pyaar Hota Hai Deewana Sanam!![20-12-2014]
2)Aa Tujhko Odh Loon Main!!![23-12-2014]
3)KK Hall Scene - Part 2[24-12-2013](**This ws not posted as topic**)
4)Tonites Scene-Glass Scene[26-12-2013](this topic)
Moral Of The Story - Some1's hormones r DEFINITELY goin EPIC OUT OF CONTROL n hence such more number of appearances.. ROFLROFL...

My "ittu sa" intro to this topic finally over..LOLLOL...Lemme finally move on to the topic..LOLWink...I hv used 25 "masoom" caps of KK took by me from tonites "masoom" KK scene..ROFLROFL...

Tonites epi ws literally going BLAH for me..SleepySleepy...And then finally came IshRa scene @bedroom..!! But again tht ws goin lik normal scene...ConfusedConfused...Kahani mein twist started when Ishu asked him to prove hes NOT drunk..LOLLOL..I sware the moment she said tht the first thought which came to me ws lik y dnt she go n KISS him...ans mil jaayega na if hes drunk or not..LOLLOL...And then i thought wht am i evn thinkin for this sanskaari time slot ke serial n tht too in sanskaari channel..OuchLOL..So i just brushed off my thoughts n went back to sane mode again...OuchLOL...Scene continued n IshRa sat on the bed...I noticed the string of Ishu's "b" ws peeping out..LOLLOL...I first thought blooper lik in past where v could see her this stuff peeping out..LOLLOL...But scene continued n camera ws baar baar zoomin at her "b" string which ws visible..ShockedLOL...Again my Gutter mind ws activated as i remembered a scene of another fav couple of mine-MaNan(Manik-Nandini of MTV show-Kaisi Yeh Yaarian)where Manik had actually tucked in the string of "B" of Nandini which popped out lik Ishita's,...LOLWink...So i badly wished Raman also to do similar thing lik Manik or else atleast some scene with tht "B" string involved...LOLWink...But then i realised KAHAN MTV aur kahan sanskaari star plus..AngryOuchLOL...So once again my wish wish banke rah gaya n i brushed off my thoughts again..SleepyLOL...But then mujhe kahan pata tha my wish ws ACTUALLY gonna be fulfilled n tht too in such epic manner n tht too by none other than by the one who hv alwz fulfilled my wishes-my love-the one n only KK..WinkWink...So i ws off frm G land n started watchin scene again with sane mind n thts when i saw this...ShockedLOL...

^^omgg THE MOMENT i saw this expression by Raman when Ishu ws askin since when Raman started using glasses to read,i so knew MY HERO-KK ws BACK n KK mode ws ACTIVATED in Raman...PartyParty...omg i really felt JAAN MEIN JAAN aa gayi types...LOLWink...I had evn forgot tht "B" string wish i had a few moments ago coz as alwz when i see KK i FORGET evrything else..LOLLOL...I ws just excited to see wht ws KK gonna do this time..LOLWink...

^^Back to scene...a normal IshRa scene paved way for an extra-ordrinary KK scene when KK answered the qn of Ishu with the idea popped up in his badmaash shaitaani dimaag...LOLLOL...He told her tht ws a spl glass manufactured by his company n speciality ws(as in his words) "X-ray glasses hai..sab kuch aar paar dikhta hai.."..ShockedROFL..omg omg KK..u said wht?X-ray?ShockedShocked...DEAD...DEAD i ws...SillyROFL..Jhoote..X-ray glass nahi X-ray EYES bolna tha..which is urs...LOLLOL...And tht EPIC FACT of ur eyes i hv been saying so many many times jabse u made ur entry in YHM in Apr 2014... And it took u so so long to finally confess it "indirectly" hi sahi?chalo der aaye durust aaye...LOLLOL...KK will wait for the day u will actually confess SACHAAI abt ur EYES n its kalakaari..LOLWink..!!

^^Back to expected Ishu din beleive his lie of "x ray" glass kahaani..LOLLOL...So he said he can prove it..But she ws still not convinced..So with this serious expression as shown in pic above asked her-"Lagi Shart?"...LOLLOL...Nautanki...LOOK hw he hv kept a serious face as if he hv said somethin extremely serious..But only v knw n so him ki KK ws GHANTA serious then..ROFLROFLROFL...Badmaash kahin ka..LOLLOL...

^^Back to scene...Ishita agreed to his bet n so he told her first "Idhar Aa" and they both were close lik seen in pics above...LOLLOL.. In entire scene the ONLY moment i felt there ws NO KK...NO RAMAN...but ONLY KARAN bhai ws this "idhar aa"...The way he said "idhar aa"-it tht ws purely in Karan Patelish trait...neither KK's nor Raman's essence it had...LOLLOL..Back to scene,he told her- "Agar mujhe aar paar nahi dikhta...toh mujhe kaise maloom..tumne andar black pehna hai.."...And hearing tht Ishita ws SHOCKED BEYOND LIMITS...ShockedROFL...OMG OMG OMG KK... wht did u say?JUST FCKIN WHT DID U SAY?ShockedROFL...Main dekh rahi hoon KK...Since ur first entry post IshRa confession,u r tryin to make Ishita aware abt ur real intentions slowly slowly...!! With evry appearance u r kinda increasin the level of makin her understand things..!!So now u finally felt tellin her things in evn more clear way without beatin around the bush?ShockedROFL...Gosh WHO TOLD U ATTACK JUST LIKE THT?See hw Ishu reacted... Baby tum toh thehre experienced ghoda but Ishu-shes still a FRESHER...Aise daraoge toh dnt u feel aage jaake u will hv to do evn more trainin sessions before u end up doin the actual one?LOLLOL...Wait a i got u...Chaalu kahin ke...More trainin sessions means u gettin MORE CHANCES to do ur rang birangi kalakaaris on her na which IS ur fav pastime...LOLLOL...Waah kya plannin hai KK...LOLWink...!! But baby...jitna this has prons utna it has cons too...For example..tumhe "KUCH BHI" feel nahi hua seein tht "B" string popping out?ErmmROFL...Bina kuch dekh ke HOW ur hormonal locha happens i had seen so many times in past..!! So tonite u actually went a step ahead by finally gettin to see some small "teaser"...So i ws actually lookin forward to see HOW ON EARTH u gonna REACT this time..ROFLROFLROFL...Yeh pranks n all ek taraf ur rangeen kalakaaris with ur diff body parts ek taraf..LOLLOL..So i ws literally waitin to see when will IT start n this time which body part u gonna USE to express THE LOCHA u had coz of BEING LUCKY to see SOMETHING SOMETHING n tht too on NIGHT TIME n tht too when ur aadha sense toh gaye kaam se coz of u being DRUNK..ROFLROFLROFL...Jokes apart...spl mention to the last pic above..DAMN Y THIS GUY HV TO KILL US WITH SUCH INTENSE STARES?KK tum na mera jaan kitni baar loge with such KILLER ATTACKS with ur eyes?This is y i hv givn such topic title...The way u attack just with ur stares with ur KILLER eyes r lik a LION attackin his prey...LOLWink...KK-U the DEATH of me..SillySilly...!!

^^Back to scene...Ishita almost got heart attack hearin abt X-ray glasses of KK..LOLLOL...And to add ghee to fire,KK said this-"Arey madrasan..Kitni bhi door chali jaao...(aftr a pause)Mujhe toh ab bhi sab kuch aar paar dikh raha hai.." omgg...ROFLROFLROFL..u r such a SHAITAAN to T,KK...ROFLROFL...Gandi Baat ko itni SUPER COOL andaaz mein bolna koi tumse seekhe KK..LOLLOL...But baby wht ws tht "pause" u took for completin the sentence?U thought i wnt notice?Mere Aankhein,Kaan,Brain-sab work in OVERACTIVE mode when it comes to u KK...LOLLOL...I so knw wht u ACTUALLY wanted to say or infact said in ur mind but said somethin else to her so tht she dnt end up in coma as u knw shes already in a state lik she had got heart attack...LOLLOL...And as insaaniyat still left in u,u thought of TWISTING ur words na..?LOLLOL...But lemme say wht u hv thought FOR REAL--"Arey Madrasan..Kitni Bhi Door Chali Jao...i will SOON see all for real which u r trying to hide from me DESPERATELY..Vo kya kehte hai-Haan..Ab DILLI DOOR NAHI.."..ROFLROFLROFLROFL...But KK-i HAVE TO SAY...Ur "Aao" @Rain Dance,ke baad if anything which took me to tht HORMONAL LOCHA level of "Aao" is the way u SEXILY told "Arey Madrasan" in tht above line tonite...oh god-KUCH TOH REHAM karo on weak  hearted souls lik me...AngryLOL...U kill me with ur kalakaaris,u kill me with ur words-in short u KILL me with ur mere presence..SillySillySilly... Waise KK..i noticed something..ur legs,ur fingers,ur eyes-hv STARTED showing ur REACTIONS on seeing SOMETHING SOMETHING i told in prev section above jiska mujhe intezaar thi...ROFLROFL...Lemme start with ur eyes...Aaj KK ke nazron ka target SOUTH tha..ROFLROFLROFL...Kyu KK-North ko dekh dekh ke bore ho gaye?LOLLOL...On D-day...oops..i meant D-Nite,i want to u to FOCUS EQUALLY on ALL DIRECTIONS possible...ok baby?ROFLROFLROFL...Now coming to ur finger...Baar baar ur POINTING TO SOMETHING-i donno if its my overactive brain makin me think or is it u ACTUALLY meant...tumhare finger ka direction-mujhe kuch aur hi lage...ROFLROFLROFL...Now comin to legs...Damn hv u decided u want to make ur legs kalakaari as ICONIC as so many eyes n lips kalakaari u hv did in past?LOLLOL... I ws STILL NOT over frm ur first ever leg kalakaari u did few days back in tue epi...N tonite u started doin the same lik then?ShockedLOL.. But yeh toh hona hi tha...Jo "trailer" tumne dekha kuch cheezon ke "bahar" aane se,yeh toh HONA HI THA...LOLLOL...Pyaar Ka "Meetha Dard" session started for u KK n ur OPEN CLOSE fashion mein LEGS ka slowly slowly shake karna in this scene i UNDERSTOOD..LOLLOL...Back to scene,hearin tht EPIC G LINE..Ishita ki toh tai tai phisss ho gayi thi...ROFLROFLROFL...She tried to cover herself n then started lecturin him in the least poor defensive manner..LOLLOL...So KK shut her mouth again by sayin this-"X ray glasses hai...Abhi bhi dikh raha hai.."..ROFLROFLROFL... Yes KK i can SO SEE u seeing SO MANY THINGS with ur X-ray EYES n IMAGINING so many things with ur OVERACTIVE HORMONES...ROFLROFLROFL...


^^Back to scene,Ishita ws still COMPLAINING hw can he do lik this n to which he says-"Arey aankhein hai..button thodi hai.." and she took shelter in bathroom to escape from KK..LOLLOL...Ok now my take on this scene..KK u r OFFICIALLY ITEM BOY of Tellywood...wht on earth ws the way u were sittin in THIS manner?ShockedShocked...I would hv IGNORED ur WEIRDO sitting position hv u not hv done the HIGHER VERSION of legs kalakaari...LOLLOL... But no..u did n so i cant ignore too..LOLLOL...I CANT help but remember those item girls trying to SEDUCE heros in item songs...And here i felt u were trying to SEDUCE ur HEROINE lookin at the way u were sitting n VIGOROUSLY SHAKING SHAKING UR LEG..ROFLROFL...KK-seriously kya karnewaale the tum?LOLLOL...Not tht i dont knw ans..But still-u knw na hw much i LOVE askin u "masoom" kostins..EmbarrassedLOL...My next "masoom" sawaal..Yeh ACHANAK se tumne SPEED kyu badhaaya to SHAKE SHAKE LEG?ErmmROFL...Bahut zyada hi EMERGENCY u felt?aww...MY POOR POOR BABY...LOLLOL...But still ITNAAA SAB KUCH hone ke baad bhi u STILL had some sense left in u to MORE ATTACK on her with ur next epic stmt with tht aankhein hai button nahi line...ROFLROFLROFL...This is Y i love u...My FIGHTER SHER...ClapLOLWink...And tht line SO REMINDED me of ur early days kalakaari-the green dress scene...LOLLOL...When u told tonite ki u hv eyes not button,i ws so lost in nostalgic feels of tht green dress scene as there too u had told SAME LINES lik tonite..Day DreamingDay Dreaming...

^^Now v enter the final set of KK scenes shown in tonites epi..Big smileBig smile..KK asked Ishu if she gonna stay at bathroom for whole night n for tht Ishu said yes..So KK told her-"Theek hai main chashma rakhke so jaata hoon...Kya pata kab tum bahar aa jaao.."...ROFLROFLROFL...Kitna jhoot bologe KK...chahe vo tumhare paas ho ya door...Ur khayali pulavs mein Ishita KAISI hoti hai yeh tum bhi jaante ho aur whoevr knws u in n out lik me also knws...toh BAHAANE mat bana...ROFLROFLROFL...Back to scene,hearing tht another kaatilaana one liner-Ishu got more scared..LOLLOLLOL...She told her she wnt come out till he stop usin it n she also asked him to tell his company ppl to STOP manufacturin such BAKWAAS "x-ray" glasses..LOLLOL...And for tht KK said-"Isse zyada kaam ki cheez toh maine dekhi hi nahi aaj tak...Madrassan ko dara diya... "...LOLLOL...Oh Yes KK...Yeh jo GLASS tumne aaj pehna woh SACH mein kaam ki cheez hai for u na KK aur KYUN NA HO isi glass ke wajah se first time u were able to give REAL TRAILOR of ur EPIC "masoom" thoughts abt her...ROFLROFLROFL...But trailor tumne wrong audience ko dikhaaya n hence u got ULTA reaction KK aka she got scared instead of being TURNED ON..LOLLOL...But no worries KK-lets hope Ishita will get converted to ur TARGET AUDIENCE type soon...ROFLROFLROFL...Back to scene,hearing tht all Ishita could say ws "shut up Raman"..LOLLOL...Aur bologi bhi kya Ishita...KK ko u can NEVER EVER defeate with ur words...LOLLOL..But u CAN TRY TO DEFEAT him or atleast give a kaante-ki-takkar to him with ur ACTIONS though,just the way he wish u to do to him,for him,on him etc etc...LOLWink...Back to scene,hearin her "shut up",all KK could do ws giggle n say to himself-"Paagal..isko bhi sach maan liya..."...Pagal toh woh pakka hai tabhi toh tumhare iraadon ka wrong translation pakad li usne n wrong reactions diye...LOLLOL...Back to scene n the series of KK darshans ended with this last line KK told himself-"Pagal hai ya Bewakoof..."LOLLOL...Pagal toh woh hai hi KK n reason i just told above n Bewakoof vo bhi woh hai coz she still thinks all this ws done by Ravan Kumar n NOT u KK..uff-ab bolo isko bewakoof nahi toh aur kya kahenge..AngryLOL...

So...finally done with my "masoom","sane" rant on tonites KK scenes...EmbarrassedLOL...Its IMPOSSIBLE to reach the level of KK...But i hv tried my level best to atleast maintain KK flavour for all KK kalakaaris ke interpretations i did here...Big smileBig smile...Nywz to conclude i can say though KK ws TRULY ON FIRE-all this started coz of his kalakaaris by his eyes...LOLWink..And hence i wanna dedicate this line from "Hookah" song of the film "Khiladi 786" to KK for his epicness tonite...LOLWink...

"Teri Ankhiyon Ka Waar...Jaise Sher Ka Shikaar"!!

And on a general note,i wanna dedicate this entire "hookah" song to KK...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..

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Originally posted by Ad_Mumbai_Girl

tune bulaya aur hum chale aaye
KK ko salam karne aaye re...

KK was unstoppable yday. It was like; which script,  what dialogues, where's the scene; sabki aaisi ki taisi. He was not bounded by any of it.

He came on his accord, looked uber sexy n maha classy, uttered his own lines, acted his inner emotions and created his own scene.  YHM was nowhere required PERIOD LOL

but main person to acknowledge today is definitely YOU Clap 
500 and still going strong.  Same enthusiasm, top quality n amazing passion for the subject matter. kudos to you! u r a rock star dear Hug

kash CVs tumse sikh le, how to maintain quality n crux of the creation  this consistently,  bass Smile

keep going Nikki; u r simply amazing in what u do!

Originally posted by ankita_sidana

This being your 500th topic in IF, thought of rplying this one frst. I know I am late for others but atleast this one on time...maybe. 

A big big congo for completing 500 topics di. Its a milestone you have achieved. Am really happy for you. People like your post and you truly deserve it coz you put your best in making them. Trust me, here am typing..have so many smileys in mind but simply cant make bcoz for that after copying this, I will have to proofread it which is not possible. But you...srsly hatss of to you...the patience you have and time you put in...typing is easy but then perfect pics, putting songs in the bg, making smileys, using different colours...all these take lots of efforts and you do it. A big congo for it and a huggie from my side.

As I always said YHM is the only show which will break your records of MJHT. Episode posts record is already broken and m sure total no of posts ka record will be soon in name of yhm. Max no of posts in an year..again a big no...its yoyr hardwork and i wish next year brings even more posts from your side. Target should be 200.

You and your love for kk. Aww...I know you so desperately wanted to make your 500th post on kk. You even gave that small scene of kk in same topic as different post so that your 500th post becomes special and how could your love deny your wish. Back he is to fulfil this wish and say happy new year to his beloved. And you had said...kk ko signal mil gya. And ghosh..he is so desperate coming back to back. I remember before I left, your post were contnsly on k parivar par jabse airport vala confession happened, kk ne sab k parivar vaalon ko piche krr diya. Only kk and that too everyday almost. Sach me hotmonal locha ho gyaa.I can understand how happy you are di. actually wanted kiss at that point. But its actually show that too on star plus and not some os we are reading...varna kiss jaroor mil jata hume. Anywaz...yeahh even i noticed that b but thought it was a blooper. Had no idea we were going to get such ishra scene. Srsly, such scenes remind me of actual mature story which I started watching. And I miss miss miss 11 pm alot during such scnes. Obvsly, knowing that it is coming on 7:30, I simply cant miss it but yess I miss watching yhm in dark room and silence at night time and spclly such scenes make me hate the decision of changed time slot. With on lights, and full chehal pehal at home, vo maza nhi ata srsly. I miss miss my 11 pm vala yhm. Cvs, chamnel whoever is concerned pls give me that yhm back. I beg you plss. carried away. Back to topic, I had no idea even ki it was going to turn out that way. But when Raman noticed it with that smirk, I knew it was tym for 500th post coz kk was back in action. Okk I know I am wrong sometimes in guessing and no one can know about kk better than you. But gladly, this tym even I recognized it was kk. Hehe..m surprised my idea was right. And this show Ky2, you talk about it in almost every topic. Wish I could watch it but this shortage of time. Anyway, xray eyes. Actually di, watever you said was true. Aapne to april me hi keh diya tha ki he scans her but he accepted today. Finally.

Omg..face se bore ho gya to niche se shuru. This kk, his hormonal locha is at its peak..bas sabar nhi ho rha isse. All he wants is to take her into his arms and use all his body parts for his kalakaris but damn this woman. Kitna sharmati hai, not at all ready. Bewakoof madrasan...kk needs to teach her alot before he actually comes out with his full action varna kisi ka to bura haal ho jayega.

And see this kk, his hormones are at new level. Or yeh jo new body part use kiya hai usne, yeahh I read it in last post, uspe bhi me zaroor bolungi..these legs. Omg he is using them also back to back...haha..poor ishita. Baby you need to be pure kkss to handle this bigdi aulaad kk varna kuch nhi hoga tumhara...attack vattack aa jayega tumhe.. hahaha. I so so enjoyed that scene and then this post by god. Really had fun. Maza aa gya padke.

And you dii...all I can say is a big pranaam to you. Kya kya analogies use karke kk ki kitni khichayi kar rhe ho vo bhi itne pyaar se. I mean uske real intentions bhi bata diye apne. That legs vali kalakari...aww..just awesum and the way you explained..mzaa aa gya. Itemboy of tellywood, seducing...mujhe to yahaan apke hormones bhi bilkul out of place lag rhe hain di. I bet I can imagine, what you were thinking...hahaha. 

Superb, lovely post. Really enjoyed Every bit of it. And the title..apt. Teri Akhiyon ka vaar jaise sher ka shikaar...though all are always good but I think this is one of the best title that I hav seen of your topics maybe bcoz it was direct attack on scene...Akhiyon ka vaar.

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Originally posted by Raatri

congo dear...
but im jealous...of ur tum maangti hoon...woh tumko de deta hain...
...for u nikki baby...ur KK is all going that u have a nice time...and drool over his kalakaris...of all kind...and of all part...from eyes, to hands to latest,,,,,his legs...Wink...
so tumhara...toh good actually gud actually happy new year ho gaya...
...and i just wish...ur love story...should grow like this for next few months too...and wish ki tum...apne KK se wish karo...aur woh uska poora kare...becoz if this happens...fayada hum logo ka hi hain...u will see ur KK and we will see our ISHRA...that we badly this so called sanskaar plot...

i will end the post with this for ur Luv:

...naam tera mere labon par aaya tha
...ho, maine bahaane se tumhein bulaya tha
...jhum kar aagaya KK 
...toh tu  hi bata ki ab main kya karoon...!

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Originally posted by N.R.Rona

Nikkii..a hearty congrats for this achievement n am too happy for the fulfillment of your dream ie 500th IF topic on KK..and i must say that it was an excellent n fabulous topic.. Tumhari eagle eyes... Shocked Embarrassed pretty much amazed on its sharpness.. Isiliye i wanna dedicate one song to KK..otherwise KK ka BBFy kara kara ke tum na usko aur besharam bana denge..pehle sharam ke koyi cheez na KK ki dictionary pe he hi nahin..isiliye dis song... "Bachke zara zara " from the film "Ladies vs Ricky Bahl" Kyunki tumhari teekhy nazar na...Maasha Allah..koy jawaab nahin.. Main soch raha hoon ki ishu ko bhi ek song dedicate karoon since appearance of KK is becoming regular... "Bachna ae haseeno..lo main aa gaya.." Tumhari aankhein aur soch..jis tarahh yeh donon ek doosre ka saath detha hain na..yehi tumhara sabse bada plus point hain..kyunki agar aisa nahi hota to itna mazaa nahin aatha.. KK na kal kuch zyaada hi aage bad gaya..bechara ishu..itna hone ke baad bhi apne pati ke is kaathilana roop se abhi tak waakif nahin hain..ek taraf se deekhoon to yeh bhi accha hain..kyunki kal use ek chhota sa heart attack hi huva hain..agar waakif hota to seedhe apne murukan ke paas chale jaati..uska to itna himmat hain nahin.. Magar na mujhe lagtha hain ki waakif hone mein kitna time lagtha hain na utnii time mein ishu na puri ki puri KKSS ban jaayegi aur yeh shaayad KK ko bhaari pad sakta hain.. From your words mujhe hairan iss baat se huyi hain ki tumhari soch KK ki leg kalaakari ke bare mein.. Kya soch hai yaar.. Clap Clap KK na uss glasses pe kuch zyaada hi handsome the na..jaise tumne kaha uska inn kaatilana looks na hamari jii lekar hi jaata hain..sambhal hi nahin paatha yaar..uska na voh smile,voh eyes n that sharp look main jab bhi dejhta hoon na hormonal locha hota hain..agar ek wink bhi huva kuch kuch ho jaata hain yaar...tum nahin samjhoge... Embarrassed Embarrassed Tongue Vaise na tumhari yeh topic bahuth changi thi..bahuth mazaa aaya yaar... Smile Vaise hi likha karo yaar aur hum mazaa lootthe rahenge.. Tumhari agle topic ka besabri se intezaar karungiii... Wink

Originally posted by _Dipsi_

Epic post as always Nikki..Clap

congrats on ur 500th topic..i was so so sure that itwill definetly be a KK spl post ever since the famous leg shakeBlushing..kal phir jab uske kadam lad khadaye i was hoping for KK ka itunnnsa apperence ..but sacchi my gosh still cant believe itni jaldi KK phir darshan dega..
This pic was like Blushing...KK ko nazar aagaya aapna fav cheeez woh bhi itnnne paas se..

waise preeeya KK ji aapko in X-ray Glasses ki kya jarurat hai...aap toh bina in chasmo ke ki 360 degree scan kar lete ho apni KKSS ko..tabhi toh unke size ki kafi aachi khabar hai aapkoEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Just when i thought ki aaj KK sirf apni JKR ko dara kar khush ho jayega ..came the Mini sa Leg movement ufff uff uffBlushing
yaar pehle ko bande ki sirf aakhen bolti thi..ab legs bhi Embarrassed

Originally posted by Elita

Congrats Nikki on your 500th topic in IF...ClapClapClapClapClap

And coming to KK...thumbs up  he surely is the entertainer of the year. No matter how the episode fares...the moment KK comes onscreen...the whole scene just lights up. His kalakari seems to have no end...have loved all his moments. Raman and his various shades are truly entertaining...   . This is how i am when he comes onscreen... 

Originally posted by -Red-Rose-

Yahoo!! Yipeee!!!PartyPartyParty
Nikki darling's 500th topic on IF!!PartyParty
Congratz on ur 5.5 yr journey on IFDancingDancingDancing
So proud to be ur friend!!Big smile
Love U dear!!Hug

U are so right..Kahan MTV & kahan sanskaari SP!!ROFL
IshRa are quite bold, i must say!!Wink

 Rocking post as always dear..Clap...i can feel their chemistry through ur posts!!Heart

Karan Patel has a beautiful smile!Embarrassed

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Bruce_L IF-Rockerz

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Feeling so lucky to be a part of your 500th topic Embarrassed

Nikhi, you are my Star

But this is nothing, as still there are many YET TO COME LOL

Topic, your darling if is taking G to another level with each passing day and you are no less. Clap ROFL

South, Item boy... what a choice of words Confused ROFL




Added Angry Angry Angry

Growth in character Theory 2 ROFLROFL

Always maximum he has laid his eyes on NORTH and BACKSIDEROFL
And those are starters ROFL LOL

But to see the growth in his character now, see the above pic.
His whole focus was mostly on SOUTH that night ROFL
And he didnt care when she restricted his view on NORTH, his favorite spot.
The reason is simple; NORTH are starters but SOUTH is the main dish ROFLROFL
He opted for main dish now rather just wasting time on starters ROFLROFL
He immediately came to the point rather wasting/spoiling the time in hand.
He has started working on his next goal, so that their story will progress
If he will just stick to old favorites, how the story will progressROFLLOL

What a character growth for progression he is showing from the time he got green signal from his karelaEmbarrassed ROFL
If he had continued doing OS with eyes on NORTH, then it was his character assassination.
But as he started doing OS with his x-ray eyes, fingers on SOUTH, so its a growth in his role ROFLROFL
We need to applaud him for this..Ganda aadmi ROFLROFL


He scared her with just few words and his views Shocked ROFL
She ran from there as if ran for her life ROFLROFL

What will she do when he will ...
PB and me have other theories which will come true LOL

But that chatter box deserves this for acting oversmart.
Poora airport mein chatter box bagaya usko aur peeta Ouch
And how he is taking his revenge LOL

Nice way to take revenge Tongue ROFL


Ganda aadmi aka Item boy is breaking all the rules of the so called sanskaari channel LOL

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itsme_aish IF-Sizzlerz

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WooohoooBig smileBig smile..Nikki babeBig smile..Yayy yayy yayyBig smile..Im so happy that your 500th topic is dedicated to YHM and esp to my darling KKBig smile..Im so happyStarStar..Congo shongo on your 500th post.PartyDancing.This is indeed an achievement..Hats off to you..ClapThumbs Up

Im really enjoying the song in the bg.Big smileBig smile.You always post amazing songs in the bgBig smile..I sometimes get lost just listening to themEmbarrassed..And seriously you deserve all the love from YHM forum members.Big smile.You always keep us hooked with amazing postsSmile..Esp since Im a fan of K parivaar, your posts are really close to my heart..EmbarrassedHeart..So we should be thanking you for your awesome posts..Big smileHug

You are on a KK rollBig smileBig smile..Im so so excited to see so many posts on KK.Big smile.and Im so glad CVs are giving more of his darshan in the sanskaari timeslot NikkiStarStar..Nikki Masoom and KK dont go hand in hand..LMAO..ROFL
LMAO.ROFL.what a brilliant idea..I wish CVs chould ghusofy into your brin and steal your ideas.Big smile.Exactly na..she could have just kissed himTongue..Bwahahaha LOLLOL..usse hi pata chal sakta tha..LMAO..ROFL Did you just say "B string"..BWahahahahaha..Cant stop ROFLingROFL..Besharam gutter mind activatedLOL..Nikki yeh scene sanskari timeslot ke liye kuch zyaada hi bold thiTongue..Im sure TRP aunties would have got a shock of their livesLOL..And pls see: KK was looking hawt in the goggles and I still cant stop swooning over him..EmbarrassedDay Dreaming

Nikki..if that naughty smirk comes samjho KK mode is activatedBig smile..I was totally not expecting him today and he gave sudden darshanBig smile..When that smirk came I wa slike ab kya karne wala hai yeh bandaWink..And then he goes on and fakes about the x-ray glassBig smile..Actually for a brief second he also didnt know he will make bakra out of her.Tongue.And then his nazar fell on the "B string"..LMAOROFL.. I found that term so funny.ROFL.And you are right he doesnt need glasses to show his KK panti.Cool.Innately he always has xray vision just like you doTongueLOL..And he knows what buttons need to be pushed and in what order..Big smileTongue

Again Nikki, KK and serious dont go hand in handBig smile..BwahahahaLOLLOL..I loved how he asked her to come closer by saying "Idar aa".Big smile.Haila was that KPishShocked..I dint realise Nikki..Tumhara bhai hai toh youll know better..Lol.LOL.Nikki pehle KK ne KKSS ke cheezon ko haath lagayaWink..that time he had thrown it away seeing "Cheee"Tongue..PAr abhi dekho how he loves ghoodofy her stuff..Tongue.LMAO @ "EXPERIENCED"and "FRESHER".ROFL.Bwhaahahahaha..exactly ek dum aise attack karongi Ishu ke upar how will she be able to bear itLOL..And Nikki..KK will certainly be the reason for the death of me one fine dayDeadLOL..Tum dekhlena..Haayyee he was looking so yummy in those specsEmbarrassedBlushing..Seriously agar mei waha hoti toh zarror usse kha jaati.LOL.Aiyomaa..Kya horaha hai mujhe..Hormonal locha after seeing yummylicious KK in that beard+specsBlushingDay Dreaming..He was looking so damn killer..Cool.and those stares..Haayee ..meri toh death hi hogayi..currently my bhoot is replying to this post..LOL

The way he sat in his prem chopra styleLOL..and checking her out from bottom first..LMAOROFL..I found that extremely funnyLOLROFL..Checking her from down to top.LOL.This was undoubtedly my fav kalakaari of KK that I truly enjoyed today NikkiBig smile..I cant stop watching it:StarStar

BANG ON Nikki..exactly target moved from North to SouthTongueLOL..when it comes to being subtle besharmi..TongueLOL..You are amazing..cant stop ROFLing..ROFLROFL

LMAO @ your interpretation of the dialogueROFL..BwahahahahaROFL.."Ab Dilli door nahi"..ROFLMAO..The way he sat on the bed and was looking at her..It reminded of the song "Saalam e Ishq meri jaan"..KK was exactly sitting like AB and Ishu reminded me of Rekha..LOL

LMAO..@ the bada wala EMERGENCY.ROFLROFL.Bwhaahahahaha.He was stroking his thighs for a couple of seconds..LMAOROFL.Nikki its  been 6 years na..samjha karoTongueLOL..Aankhein ha button nahi.LOLLOL.Haayeee...golden memories of green dress scene activated..EmbarrassedDay Dreaming

Seeing KK near the doorEmbarrassedBlushing..Another round of fangirling and drool mode activated NikkiSillyDay Dreaming..He was looking so yummylicious in those specs and that killer wala dimple of hisBlushingDay Dreaming..Im telling u Nikki..mere death ki reason zarooor KK hoga..UfffBlushing..Mai marrjaawaa..Day Dreaming

And another bouncer by KK "isse badi cheez maine aaj tak nahi dekha hai"..LMAO.ROFL.KK my love agar woh cheez ho bhi ya na ho bhi tum hamesha besharam the aur hamesha besharam rahogeLOLLOL..Teri yeh besahrmi hi jo hai jo mujhe bhi besharma bandaiya hai.TongueLOL.warna mai bhi Ishu ki tarah naive and dhakkan thi..Big smileLOL

Thanks Nikki a ton for this KKlicious post.Big smileHug.I cant tell you about the immense pleasure whenever I get to read a KK post.StarStar.Ill be jumping up in joyBig smileDancing..And always have huge grin plastered across my face.Big smileBig smile.I thought Ill write a short reply, but I ended up writing a RamayanLOL..LolLOL..thats how addictive your KK posts are to me.Big smileEmbarrassed.Immense pleasure to read n reply.Big smile.Thank u Thank u Thank u and Congrats once again on 500Big smileHug

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Albeli26 IF-Dazzler

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oh god nikki di, seriously hats off to u. kya band bajaaya kk ka. truly awesome. seriousky kk ke abhi se hi yh haal hai to na jaane uss raat bechaari ishu ka kya hoga???. hats off to cvs, kp & dt for giving us epic scenes on ths sanskaari tym. hey di tell me one thng did kp bhai knew abt the real meaning of kk or not?? i mst say u should suggest him to read ur reserch on rkb's kk mode.

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bscorp13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Meri nikki...Hug..a super awesome post maatey...aapke charan kahaan hai...LOL
Koi bhi angle nahi choda..360 degree bbb of your fav bakra n loveEmbarrassedLOL
isse better 500 post nahi ho sakta tha...isse better scene bhi nahi ho sakta tha for bbbLOL

Ok my instant reactions...LOL..i m sorry I have been grinning like an idiot ever since I read LU...and then after I saw scene...and then now after reading your postLOLEmbarrassed

KK ne totally lost case banaa diyaa..mere jaise sane insaan ko...sorry can't help it..this is from fan girl PB to mera sher KK. ...Embarrassed
for the unique item boy. .a few seduction moves ...dedicated only and only to you kk Embarrassed..hope you are impressed..I couldn't think of any better gift...actually I hv not been able to think at allEmbarrassedLOL

PS ...KK yaar...yeh sirf aaj ki raat ki baat hai okay. .me still sirf n sirf MUing okay ...this is just my aaj ka feelings overflowing...ROFL

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