Dare 2 Challenge: CIDians Jump Into the Anniversary Bandwagon (Page 87)

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Posted: 01 February 2015 at 6:14am | IP Logged
@Deba di,i watched ur VM why should CID end.
It's again one of ur best VMs...very well made...excellent work...Star

It was really painful to watch all those scenesOuchOuch
You showed each and every negative aspect of it...fw should watch this i want to forget all those dreadful scenes...DeadOuch

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OuchMy consolidated review for Team B:
1. @Deba,
a wow stack,
just missed golden era caps/ video ( background bhee sahi ), since challenge said story of friendship, I think I am missing that start of journey. It wd hv been Wowest Star.. Taking the story word apart and just looking at it as avi on duo friendship it is one of the best of urs ClapClapClap. This wd go to ur shop right? I wanna look at it now and then Big smile
2. @Vis,
I already posted a very detailed review of it. I am just ROFLROFLROFLROFL and wanna save it... Can you please upload in a central place or PM me Wink
3. @Abhishek,
Lovely color combo and u tried to tell whole story of the epi here. I felt the cap with that knife in hand and a close up of the culprit wd have been a great addition. But but but awesome episode and a big thanks for no close up of very much disappointed  Daya very obvious in siggie ClapClapClap
4. @Saman
Wowest ClapClap
This is the only fic that I could read without feeling Ouch about DS track. I was too carried away by old English. You rocked...ClapClap
5. @Deba,
About your story, writing skills: Clap Clap Clap
Loved that it was simple and glad that you added some light moments ( esp AT) Tarika reaction to Abhi blabbering were LOL. Awesome job as writer buddy Thumbs Up. Abhi trying to collect money behind the scenes was a great addition. But didn't Shera dad tell he doesn't need help with money Confused. Still Abhi attempt did make sense to me ClapClap
For the theme: Ouch Ouch Shocked Cry . I and Ravi took lot of effort to end it -ve and u ended it +ve Shocked

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bluetides IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 February 2015 at 8:44am | IP Logged
6. @bubbly
You captured it all wonderfully ClapClapCryCry
I hope ur last two lines come true and it wd be a bad dream forever...
abt theme: Shreya also started some feelings for Sid na... remember she was so happy on gift that she thought is from Sid... again next day she wd imagine Daya Ouch uff so tough to give any opinion on this assassination of character though. FW, u messed it Thumbs Down
7. @Deba
Cry Cry Cry true yaar Clap Clap Clap Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up StarStarStarStar
8. @Deba,
Where is mess part of it.Shocked I expected all YSPT, OTT overdose yaar ...
But the points u mentioned were great Big smile
9. @Ani
Loved it to core... just wonderful u sd write more buddy...
10. @himani,
what was that? ROFLROFLROFL a nuclear bomb with human hair nuclei. That was awesome...
bullying senior, a cool junior and an irritated genius what a combo...
thanks for special mention of how ACP sir wd look in college Embarrassed
Wonderful one StarStarStarClapClapClapClap

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DemonStar IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 February 2015 at 9:15am | IP Logged

All the challenges reviewed on page 83. Great work everyone. Clap Clap Smile Thank you so much.

Thanks to everybody for the lovely reviews too. Glad you liked my work. Smile

Visrom - I was originally thinking of having Harry Potter associated for Abhijeet sir. But I always found Bruce to be a more closer correlated character, so went with him. And Dr. Salunkhe's character is from those same films too. Big smile

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Twilight123 IF-Sizzlerz

Tu Aashiqui Banner Contest Winner
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Posted: 01 February 2015 at 10:11pm | IP Logged
Excited for the results...Big smile
MysticVibe IF-Rockerz

BollyCurry Visual Effect
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Posted: 02 February 2015 at 2:16am | IP Logged
everyone u guys such a brillient peoples... no words to praise u..
u stand up on ur challenges amazingly..Clap

p.s.. sorry cant review in detail due to some reasons..
gadhadada IF-Addictz

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Posted: 02 February 2015 at 5:30am | IP Logged


The Contest Really amazing and giving Us the Moment to Meet Some HIDDEN DIAMONS of Our Forum...StarStarStar

The whole Feedback are based on Post Owner Opinion, Likes/Dislikes...SmileSmile

A Big and Extreme Sorry if Anyone feeling Hurt with any word of Feedback...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I m little Confused that Why Some Participants having One Challenge, Some Two and Some More than 2...ConfusedConfused

A Big Thank you so much...Clap


@SHERYU... The Anniversary Party: Lovely Organized Party either it so much ORGANIZED SHERYU that You did not give a Single Minute to Current Team to Mingle with Oldies...Clap

Good Decor of Venue with Engaging Two Catering was really Zabardast...ClapClapWink

I found that in bit Hurry as U Missed Inspector VIKRUM and ANKUSH (Kissa Zehr Ka) and Dr. Bhatiya (case of Talkative Skeleton) from Early Era and Some Other too...OuchOuch

The Inclusion of ACP DIGVIJAY and Inspector SURAJ from Jail was Awesome Yaar...ClapClap

It's really Feeling Nice to again meet them All especially Few which are Badly Missing by Us...EmbarrassedClapClap

Yaar, why You Add Dr. SAMEER as He is Only for Helping Hand na and He is already Part of CID Delhi branch...ConfusedConfused

The Speech by Organisors also Lovely and Presize especially DEMONSTAR...LOLClap

Thank You so much for a Lovely and Memorable Anniversary Party...ClapEmbarrassedStar


No Promtion of TRIO from 17 Years: hahahah LOLLOL... it's the Best of Your All Stuff in this Contest Sheryu...ClapClap

The Hairs and Superhero Cracked Up Me ...ROFLClap

Awesome and Keen Look regarding All Points...WinkClapClap

Its Really a Laughing Buster Yaar...LOLClap

Thank You so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


Dream with Ur Husband/Crushes: hahahhaha ROFL... SHERYU, a Fantastic one...ClapClap

The way U Wrote Your Dream make it Feeling the Reader that it must be come True Yaar...EmbarrassedStarStar

Ur Flat Slipped Off from Your Foot remind Me Cindrella Day Dreaming... BTW, why U wore it again, might be Baray Bhai search You through it ...WinkWink

Ur Long Peacock color Gown shimmed in Light...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I Loved the Way U Portrayed Your Frustation and anger on your Last Alphabatic surname and Ur Hubbies Chosen by Others...LOLClapClap

Your Sad and long face when Sat on table gives me a Big laugh as well Hurts Me on Your Loosing Chance...Clap

BTW, who the Other Member which gives U such Pleasure and U Selected ABHI Sir... Tell Me...WinkWink

Awww, the Aaj Main ooper to Raat Bhar till Sajday... DJ really read Ur Mind or I say Heart...WinkClapClap

Daya Sir laughing cz He got that bus abhi bacchi Bed sy girnay wali hay... ahhahahah...ROFL

Awww, Mery Viewbie ka Dream...EmbarrassedHug

So Cute and Sweet...EmbarrassedClapClap

Thank you so much SHERYU...ClapEmbarrassedClap



@RESHMA... Grand Animated/Non animated Tag on CID Leads: Lovely Grand Animated Tag with CID Leads giving Simple and Soften Touch...ClapClap

Tag is Alright as it Not More Unique and New Baccha...SmileThumbs Up

Sorry about Small Criticism...Ouch

Thank you so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


Poem on Punkaj: Cute and Sweet wrapped in a Sugarcane...LOLClap

Very Cleverly U Using some FB Posts, Sugarcane and Other Indication...WinkClapClap

No Second Opinion about that U are One of Best Poet of Forum...StarStar

I Hope You dunt Hurt with My Small Criticism...Ouch

Thank You so very much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


Romantic Siggie on AT-DS Track: Very Nice Blending with Some Hazy Shades...EmbarrassedClap

Good Picture U were Picking for Your Siggie...WinkClap

Thank you so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap



@ANGEL... Forensic Experts Siggies: Lovely Effect by this Cool Blue Colour...ClapClap

Some Specific Marks really gives Good Feel regarding Forensic...ClapClap

Somehow Baccha, I cant get why U added VAIBHAV (is He a Forensic Expert), then DR.SAMEEER (He already associated to CID Delhi branch and DR. Salunkhy only taking Leave and TAREEKA also there, He was Only Helping Hand na), and that Dr which U took from Kissa Zehr ka is not Forensic Expert of CID Beta, he was Labortary Inchange CID Approached for checking Milk... (As in Query U must not Included 1998 Forensic Doctor so I skipped Dr. Bhatiya from Talkative Skeleton)...ConfusedConfused

Except that, Everything is Really Good...Clap

Thank you so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


Dr. Tareeka Siggie: Very Soften and Good...EmbarrassedClap

U Used nice Colors and Good Captures too...ClapClap

Anannanan... may I say anything abt Caption...WinkWink

I found U must Use The Girl... Next Door... Heheheh...LOLLOL

I Hope U dunt Mind My Comments, as its Used as INFO for You na...OuchOuch

Thank you so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap

Survi Left Abhijeet in Flashback: Cute and Sweet with Real Thoughts...EmbarrassedClapClap

The  Convo having Composed manner of Two Officers whereas the Woman also Leading Her Life with Her Daughter...EmbarrassedClapClap

Very Nice and Cool, Mature Stuff Baccha showing their Sooth Mental Understanding with some Naughty Flicks...ClapClap

Thank you so very much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


Daya-Sherya Romantic journey Siggie: I gave a Big Salute to U baccha...LOLClap

Either for Me it really Difficult to watch that Locket Pehnao Pic...AngryClap

I wanted to Kill Bhai on That...AngryAngry

U merge Pictures Nicely ...EmbarrassedClap

Use Nice and soft Shade and BG of Ur Siggie..ClapClap

A Big Thank You so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap



@BLUETIDE...  OS, TJI Leaving Abhijeet: I know after Reading Your Small Story on Secret Santa Game which You wrote for ANAMIKA that U are really a Good Writer...ClapClap

Here You showed Your Witty Stuff by Putting a Very SHOCKING Idea regarding that Leaving Stuff...WinkClapClap

The GYAN was Little Weird as Our Avishkari Dr. SALUNKHY working 5 Years for making a Device for Catching Signals either He made so many Huge Device with Accurate Calculation in 2 Minutes na...LOLLOL

But the Idea behind that Childish Flirt, U really Explained it Nicely...ClapClap

Its really a Good and Nice Laughing moment...LOLClapClap

Thank You so very much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


Paragraph on Jaywanti: wow... MAO Ideal Woman...WinkClap

I Like that Landing Moments and Some Smily Flicks...LOLLOLClap

Hope Mao coming out from that Idea Woma  Bharam Earlier...WinkLOLLOL

Thank you so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap



@DEMONSTAR...OS, regarding DS track ended in Sensible way:  ohhh, after a Long time I read something NON ACTION from Demonstar giving a Nice Feel...Big smileClap

Honestly I read it with Breaks as I can't Stand it for Longer Period...Pinch

Somehow the OS was too much Prolonged little Irritated Me as I want that This Stuff Ended as much as Possible...D'oh

But I Loved and Enjoyed the Surroundings which DEMONSTAR Portrayed rather the Main Issue...EmbarrassedClapClap

Loved the Small Leaf, Moon, Trees, nightingales, Frog, Fountains...StarStar

Its really gives an Aura of Literature at Few Points...EmbarrassedClapClap

Not Completely Convinced with Daya Sir Point presented by Writer but its OK...Thumbs Up

Its really Enjoyable if I read the Surrounding All over again either the Issue...LOLClapClap

Hope DEMONSTAR did not Mind my Small Criticism as Not Convincing with Daya Sir Point and also about the Length...OuchOuch

Thank you so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


Punch line and Suitable Title to All CID Characters: hmmm... Honestly I m Not much Enjoying It as DEMONSTAR only Restrained Himself in HP Series Characters...Disapprove

Some Titles are Really Lovable but there Details as per the One Series Character...Shocked

I Loved the Punch line Mostly Same Series Characters Not Appealing for Me atleast...EmbarrassedClapClap

I Like if U used Mixture of Other Legendry Movies/Films/Novel/Animated Characters...WinkBig smile

The Lamppost, Nik and Pankaj are much More Hilarious and Creative than Others...Clap

DEMONSTAR, its My Own Opinion and I m Sure that You did not take it in Wrong way...OuchOuch

You really did a Fabulous Job with All these Stuff...ClapClap

Thank You so very much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


Purvi ka Sangharsh: its really a Long Ride of Speedy Battle between Aliens with Humans...LOLClapClap

I really Like the way U Put the Plot of Aliens Attacks with Some Conspiracies and Controversies in Past handling by Govt...ClapClap

Somehow can't get why Purvi showing such Unusual Behavior Signs from Dhaba where news Channel Breaking that alien Attack News...ConfusedConfused

Then the DCP Call and ACP sent Purvi there was Completely Unacceptable either who Team was there including DUO...OuchOuch

You Completely Vanished Abhijeet Sir Character without any Reason...CryCry

I Loved the whole Alien Attack with Green Smoke and laser Guns...StarStar

Excellent Reaction ATS Done by Arresting Purvi and Interrogation...StarStar

The way Alien showed Purvi their Loyal Comrade by Rescue Her and Kidnapping Nirmal too was Awesomely Portrayed...StarStar

I Like that Team Still Favoring Purvi (shuker in FW, yehi Cheez always Missing hoti hayLOL) and DCP reaction when ATS and Other Forces Raided Alien Place that in Battle might be Purvi Shot as She is taking as Alien Ally...StarStar

I really Applause about the Info U gave by those Green Residue and Laser Guns through Salunkhy Sir Scanning...StarStar

Alain Escaping taking Purvi and Team Rescued Nirmal gave a Real Touch...ClapClap

Zoroganth Control over Purvi Mind and the way torturing Her through those Images gives a Hearty Enjoyment...StarStar

Purvi Character with all Those Difficulties U Put and presented Classically...ClapClap

The Meeting of Nirmal with Oswald in Open and Scheduled Venue was Not Upto the mark as already Nirmal Kidnapping Footages on TV and Zoroganth Escaping with Allies...ConfusedConfused

The Last Fight was Nice either Mastermind was Completely Shocking...ShockedClap

Aakash was Predictable in My View as after His Injury...WinkLOL

Thank you so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap

BTW, why U used those Brackets with Appreciation Views DEMONSTAR, U wrote a Story na , Not WU...ConfusedConfused



@ADITYA_ANJAN... Story where All Lamposts Playing Cops Role: Lovely Penned Down Beta...ClapClap

I Like the Plot and the way U used Every Lampost in Apt Cop Character...ClapClap

They trying to Mimic with the Gesture of Cops as well gives Cute Flicks...LOLClap

Story was also Good with Gripping Theme...Thumbs UpClap

Thank You so very much...ClapEmbarrassedClap



@PARII... Funny Scenes on Pictures:  hmm... You come up with Different Aspect...LOLClap

I really Loved the way U used the Actors Thought as per their Characters...WinkClap

Its really a Humorous Different Touch in Your Scene...LOLClap

Some Nice Flicks and Smiles too...LOLClap

Thank You so very much...ClapEmbarrassedClap



@ABHI_ANAMIKA... VM on TJI and Abhijeet: Really Lovely and Classy Job...ClapClap

The Song really Playing a Major role to Feel it Romantic...EmbarrassedClapClap

Technically It Lovely to Watch Those Transition better that Scenes...WinkLOLClap

The Heart Idea was Not Good but As U Tease Ur Challenger More so its Acceptable...WinkWink

Lovely and very Nice made VM...EmbarrassedClapClap

Thank You so very much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


Small Nok-Jhok b/w TRIO and Dr. Niyyati: Cute and Sweet Attempt...ClapClap

I Loved that U Showed that People Must Commented about Outlook and manner after Meeting Quite Long...Big smileClap

Small and Sweet Conversation between them...EmbarrassedClap

Thank You so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap



@ANJILI... Funny Scenes with Pictures: OML! ANJI... U did it Boss...ClapClapClap

What a Hilarious and Laughing Pictures U portrayed by joining these 3 Pictures...ROFLClapClap

The way Daya Sir talking in PK Style... hhahahaha...StarStarStar

The way U Knitted CID All Thread in that Conversation was Awesome and Wowest...Star

The 3 Bhagwaan with their Jaap...WinkROFL

You comeup Something really really Enjoyable...ROFLClapClap

It was One of Best SCENE coming as Funny Scene Writing...StarStar

A Big and Happy Thank You so much Yaar...ClapEmbarrassedClap



@VIS DII... Bureau Furniture's Conversation: WOW Boss...StarStar

Humorous way of Talking Furniture's...LOLClapClap

The Power Cut really Gives a Pleasurable Shock as I m also Thinking that "aisa bhi ho sskta hay kabhi"...WinkClapClap

I Loved that Darwaza Revenge...ClapClap

A Big Laughter coming out from My Throat...ROFL

The Chasing of Quillas and Innova was Really Classy...LOLClapClap

The Shower of Rain by Abhijeet Sir was also Cute...EmbarrassedClapClap

Thank You so very much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


Jayawanti Centric/Salunkhy Phasao/YSPT Chitrolay: its really a True and fast paced ride...ClapClap

Salunkhy Sir gets Clue, Interrogating J, promoted to ACP, got Her Fianc as sr Inspector, started Investigation, Vanished Clue, Kill SALUNKHY Sir on Spot, Engaging Cops, Pampering Her Fianc and Lastly reveling...StarStarStar

What a Terrific journey...ClapClap

The YSPT regarding J was awesome Boss...StarStar

Absolutely Unbelievable...ShockedClapClap

Thank you so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap



@DEBA... DUO Friendship Journey with AVI: Speechless and Stunning Siggie...Day Dreaming

The way U Manage the AVI Stack in that Background was a Commendable Job...StarStar

Spectacular One...StarStar

Thank You so very much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


OS on AT and DS Track: Really very Well Written DEBA...ClapClap

I must say U really Tried to give a Rush Flow which Not Embarrassed the Writer as well Reader to Read it...WinkClapClap

Either in that Insensible Tracks, I Loved that U showed Cops still Sensible as Daya Sir watching Discovery and Abhi Sir Sharp Attack taken Out Sach from Sherya either His Code of 143...ROFLClap

TJI Behavior was Awesome as She is really Tired of This Waiting (I Hope YaarSleepy)...Thumbs UpClap

You really did Excellent Job...ClapClap

Thank you so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


VM, Why CID Should be Ended: hmmm... its Nice that U tried to give them Some Written Scripts form too...ClapClap

The Disclaimer was Absolute Awesome...StarStar

The Starting with Exact Meaning of CID then Prolonged about what they are Missing and then End was a Classical Ride...ClapClap

Thank you so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


CP Case: Small, Crisp and Gripped Case U chose...ClapClap

Well Penned Down with Fast Pace...ClapClap

Thank You so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


Mission of Hag and Ware wolf: a Typical FWish Style Story...LOLClap

Duo Continued Fighting as Bullet has no Effect on Supernatural's but their Punches and Kicks does... hehehhe...ROFL

Very Nice that atleast in Dream RAJU included Wildlife Committee Members...WinkClapClap

Well Written Dream...ClapClap

Thank you so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


@SAMAN... DS Track in Shakespeare: OML!... Saman from anything else... I thoroughly Enjoyed it...Clap

At reading it I completely Forgets about the Core of that Story...WinkLOL

I completely Dipped in that AuraDay Dreaming... Enjoyed Every Dialogue, Feel, Emotions...EmbarrassedClapClap

I really Dusting those Salts tangled in My Long Hairs from that Arabian Sea Shore...EmbarrassedClapClap

The Public Woooing... Heheheheeh...LOLLOL

The Wedding cards with Wishes as Bro and Cheers...ROFLClapClap

The Lawyer... Sidharth...WinkClapClap

Yaar... U really Amazed Me with Your Work...StarStar

Its just Outstanding...StarStar

A Big Thank you so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


Nikhil Potter and Bureau of Secrets: heheeheh... really its Bureau of Secrets...Clap

I Like that attempt where S in Trouble...WinkClapClap

Sorry, But Saman I enjoyed that NEWSPAPER Most than anything in Story...StarStar

It was really Something Beyond My Idea...StarStar

The Nikhil as Potter really Digested with Hajmola Tons...LOLClap

Thank you so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


@ABHISHEK... Sherya Ka Shaitan: WOW, what a Terrific way U presented that Shaitan in Your Siggie...LOLClapClap

U almost Picked Every Frame and Placed it Apt...ClapClap

Its really One of Splendid Work...StarStar

Thank You so very much...ClapEmbarrassedClap

Khooni Mansion: hmm.. Nice Small J Centric Story...EmbarrassedClap

BTW, why Both Cops Slept after First murder looking Odd na Baccha...WinkConfused

Somehow the Background like Why they were there, the Reason of Culprit was with Inspector Roy and other Looking Much Real than the case Itself...ClapClap

But all and all a nice Small Story...Clap

Thank you so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


@PAPPIAS... Siggie On Life Goes On: WOW, Wonderful Siggie Baccha...StarStar

You really tried to Put All those Scenes where Life Pause for a moment and then Goes on...StarStarStar

Mysterious Blast, ACP giraftar, Satara mein Khoon, Behropiya, Lapata Larkiyaan, Abhijeet ka Inteqam...EmbarrassedClapClap

Just tell me from which Epi U hv got that Scene where Abhi Sir Falling and daya Sir grabbed and Sachin stand there put at Right side of Siggie...ConfusedConfused

Awww... So Sweet, Lovely and Cute...EmbarrassedClap

Thank You so very much...ClapEmbarrassedClap

@BUUBLLY... Poem on DS Track: OML! Fantastic Poem Baccha...StarStar

You are the Best Poet in Forum, No Doubt about it...StarStarStar

Reading Your Lines in that ISSUE giving Me Sooth and Smile...EmbarrassedClapClap

I remember that Song, PYAR KI EK KAHANI SONU, EK LARKA THA"...Dancing

Awww... So Sweet, Lovely and Cute...EmbarrassedClap

You really Put the Feelings of Them in Rhymic manner...Big smileClapClap

Just just just as Lovely as Rain Drops...EmbarrassedClapClap

Thank You so very much...ClapEmbarrassedClap

Poem on AT Track: its again a Fabulous Poem...ClapStarClap

Ohhh Baccha, where were U Earlier...LOLLOL

Either in Such Stupidly handling Tracks, Ur Poem Makes them Memorable...StarStar

Lovely way of showing Emotions with Cute Pause and Moods...EmbarrassedClapClap

U are a Brilliant Poet baccha...StarStarStar

Thank you so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap



@HIMANI... College Scene b/w ACP, DCP and Dr. Salunkhy: Awesome Stuff with Some Classy Situations...StarStar

Lovely way of Senior DUO to Tease the Bully named Chitrole...WinkClapClap

I Loved the Easy Go of ACP Sir and Restless Manner of Salunkhy Sir...ClapClap

U really Merged them in such way that Now I assumed All Three are Batch mate...EmbarrassedClapClap

Himani Baccha Come Up with More and More...ClapClap

U are a Talented Writer...StarStar

Thank You so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


AT Scene: ohhh Himani... U make it such Long Dream...LOLClapClap

Lovely way of Portraying Emotions...ClapClap

I Laugh on Doremone Door and that Pocket Size Door with Chocolate Land Sair...EmbarrassedClapClap

The End of Dream was So Classy...ClapClap

Thank You so much...ClapEmbarrassedClap


In Terms of Creativity in Challenges, the Contest really Lacks this Aspect except Some of Challenges...UnhappyUnhappy

But Yes In terms of Emerging Talent, this Contest gives Us such Amazing Rare Diamonds StarStarStar in shape of Brilliant Writers as SAMAN, HIMANI, BLUETIDE, ANGEL, RANJO, ABHESHEIK, ANAMIKA and ADITYA ClapClapClap... Some Spontaneous Funny Scene Makers like ANJILI and PARII ClapClapClap and Some Really Senior and Recent Members Awesome Work as SHERYU, DEBA, VIS DII, DEMONSTAR, BUUBLLY, RESHMA, ANGEL, ANAMIKA and Others...ClapClapClap

I m really Thankful for All These Creative Workers who gives Us such Chance that We all feel Proud to be CIDiens and associated to CID Forum of IF... Clap

Edited by gadhadada - 03 February 2015 at 7:11am

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Twilight123 IF-Sizzlerz

Tu Aashiqui Banner Contest Winner
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Posted: 02 February 2015 at 5:50am | IP Logged
OMG...GD Dear...thanks a lot for such a wonderful feedback...Hug Smile Smile
Heart attack to nahi aya na...Wink LOL
I salute to your patience boss...Star Star 

Love u yar...Hug Hug 

One more thing,i really missed u in the contest...Unhappy Unhappy

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