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Taarey-OS I Trust You

taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 10:31am | IP Logged

                        Taarey OS - I Trust You

A man was standing by the side of a window of his bedroom and from there was watching a petite figure sleeping on the floor, curdled to all herself in the cold of December, and he was remembering an one month old incident which could have turned his life upside down, could have given him the title of a criminal, could have destroyed his career, his as well as his family reputation, give him the title of a rapist, though he was almost saved by his lawyer, but still the accusation ,the eyes of suspect ion, would be on him for the rest of his life, but all thanks to the girl sleeping right there on the floor of his bedroom, he was freed from all accusation, court gave him clean chit, not only that the court declared monetary fine and 3 months imprisonment, for framing false allegation on him, top of that his lawyer filed monetary compensation against the rival company for demoralizing his character. But in all this still the question which was unanswered to him why she?Why did she protect him, and how could she trust him, that he was innocent? Still the incident is fresh in his mind, those accusing eyes, those taunts by media, but all thanks to her the same media now respects him, but his question was still unanswered.

The court room was having serine silence. The trial procedure was going on, and the Honorable judge has given a break of half an hour, after that the verdict will be given. It was a case of molestation against the leading business tycoon of the country and the victim was the PRO of his rival company. It was a clear case of rivalry.

Ok, so coming to the incident ,it was a really a black day in the dictionary of the business tycoon, from morning he was facing a lot of trouble, the mechanism precisely the electronic system of his office was a total failure, workmen were called and that day all of a sudden near about 7.00 pm in the evening after a hectic day when he was going to leave office, when almost all his employees have left, there came this women, Miss Sonali Chowdhury PRO of Roy Construction, with some business proposal. He was ready for denial, but the woman Sonali, convinced him to just go through the proposal, the meeting continued till about 9 PM and after that when they were going to leave, they discovered that cabin was automatically lock, a secured cabin which opens only by password was not accepting, at that time it was thought to be a simple mechanical fault, which the whole office was facing throughout the day, but as it says problems comes in without knocking, for him it happened to be so. Without having any other option they had to stay back in the office, and after that when his eyes opened in the morning in his own couch in his own cabin...he was shirtless...And Sonali was having torn clothes in her body, his head was paining badly, early morning some of his employees arrived, the situation was shameful, and when he tried to explain, no wonder the cabin door opened as soon as he punched the password, before he could understand anything Cops was called and he was arrested for molestation according to the verdict of Sonali. Yup the great Business Tycoon Reyansh Singhania was arrested, but his lawyer friend Swayam Shekhawat came to his help and to  prove his friend innocent, he decided to check on the CCTV foot ages, but that particular day no footage was found, again technical fault, clear case of sabots to frame Reyansh Singhania, though it was boon in bane that even Sonali couldn't prove her point neither could Reyansh prove his innocence. Swayam, being an efficient lawyer the handled the case,  it was clear Reyansh would be released under benefit of doubt, but the fact remains same, everybody would look at him with disgust, as all will think that being an super rich man he handled it and the so called becharii woman couldn't prove her point. But the tables were turned completely upside down, when in the next half of the session of court Swayam Shekhawat appealed to the Honorable Judge that he wants to call the last witness, to the box as he wants to prove his client's innocence, and walked in a young girl of 22 clad in a simple red cotton sari, with simple ornaments like a piece of an earring and a simple mangalsutra, without looking at anybody she walked to the witness box, confidence was reflecting in her appearance as well in her voice. According to her that particular night Reyansh Singhania called his wife for help, she came and though nothing could be done by her but the whole night she was in the office along with her husband and Miss Sonali Chowdhury, the difference was they were in the glass cabin and she was outside, she stayed there and in the morning she left for her maternal home at 6.30 am as her father was seriously sick, till then her husband was sleeping in couch and Miss Sonali in the adjacent sofa. After this it was easy for Swayam to prove that the staffs of morning shift arrived just at 7.00 am still Mr Singhania was sleeping so it was all framed and he also gave some adjacent proves to prove his point.

Well a wife saving her husband, what a big deal? But yes it was a big deal for Reyansh Singhania, cause he was married to the girl against his wish,  to fulfill some unknown promises made by his grandfather.  He had to marry a simple middle class girl grown up in some unknown town when girls of high society, rich backgrounds were ready to throw themselves on his bed, if not as wife as a one night stand too. It is not that he had slept with numerous girls, nor he was involved in any relation, but simply Taani was not his choice, he wanted his partner to be capable of walking with him side by side in the path of life.  And he never thought that a middle class girl Taani will support him in such a crucial point, on top he couldn't understand that how could she believe that he was innocent, why the hail didn't she thought the other way because truly she was not there in the office, neither did he call her, neither she was in his house, she was not even in the town. Rey didn't even inform her about the incident and she came to know from news paper and media. After Rey was married to Taani, his parents left for abroad, and he came back from Delhi to Mumbai with his newlywed wife. Yes she was her wife but he never introduced her to the world, not even to his friends, only his best friend cum his lawyer Swayam and his fiance Sharon new her as they came to the airport to receive the newlywed couple. But Rey never treated her as his wife, never allowed her to come near him, not even allowed her to touch his things, she didn't have the right to sleep on his bed right from the first day of their marriage, he instructed her to stay away in a very harsh voice, this continued for 2 months, just to avoid the curiosity of the servants he allowed him to stay in his room, and one day the news came that her father is sick, and admitted to hospital. He made all arrangements for her to go,  he gave his ATM card to her, instructed her to use it, whenever required and send her to her paternal home. He was relieved that now he can stay freely, and wouldn't have to bear the sight of the girl, but he never forgot that he was married and every 15 days he deposited enough money on her account but didn't bother to bring her back, even though she called and informed that the need was over. 3months passed ,she was staying with her parents bearing the taunts of her step mother and step brother and last month she came herself back directly in the court to save him, from then she is staying here, though she wanted to go back but some un recognized bond did not allow him to let her go. Now staying here she does all the work silently, she has never asked him anything regarding that incident, neither did she tried to create her importance, she didn't even give a single bite to the media after that case, though the media persons pleaded her.

Rey now understood that Taani was completely a different person, sensible, loving caring understanding, and now he really feels bad for the way he treated her, but though he wants to change his equation but he doesn't know how? His chain of thought was broken when he heard a mild sound as if she was blabbering something, as he went there he understood that she was shivering sleeping just over a mattress and a pillow and she has covered herself just with a bed sheet, he immediately takes the blanket from the bed and covered her, then went and closed the window and came to his bed, but laying on it all he could do was to stare at her and soon his eyes filled with crystal clear liquid, he was regretting the ignorance he has shown to her after their marriage, 6 months of his married life, he has not even glanced her properly, but from last few days he has seen she is really beautiful, her cream colored smooth skin, waste long hair, silky curls, her sweet voice, her perfect figure reflect her confidence, and her beauty is beyond description, he also came to know she was a brilliant student in college but because of the marriage she couldn't continue higher studies, even she has a pious heart filled with innocence. She was shifting in her sleep, she was still shivering, and now it was extreme for Rey, he couldn't bear it any more. He came down from the bed and sat beside her on his knees and called her-

R- Taani...Taani 

T- Hmm (Came a soft voice)

R- Bohot thand hai , come to the bed.

T- mai thik hu, aap so jahiya.

R-Dikh raha hai kitna thik ho...Come

T-Mai thik hu Reyansh...

R-(Kept his hand on her forehead) Itni sii baat nahi manogii...tum to merii haar baat manti ho na? Come..

(Rey held her hands and brought her to the bed and made her sit on the bed, went to the cupboard and brought a double sized quilt and sat on the bed beside her, she was looking down)

 R- kone mai kiu bahithii ho? u are still shivering come, Taani I am your husband , kya problem hai

( when he saw she still hesitated , he pulled her wrist and soon she landed on his chest, her soft hands were on his chest just above his heart, he hugged her tight, she was softer than even cotton and slowly he felt blessed when Taani  put her arms around his neck and embraced her, the moment he felt completed, though they talked nothing but the barrier was gone, Rey cuddled her more near his body and plastered her to himself  and slowly led down, with her in his arms, Taani's eyes were closed she was over Rey and first time she felt his warmth, she felt protected, and he pulled the quilt over them, there was some silence in the room, nobody talked after few minutes they were living the moment.)

R-Taani ...


R-Ab bhi thand lag rahi hai, are u still feeling cold?


R-Then sleep ...

T- woh pillow neeche hai

soon Rey pulled her down and now he was above her, he looked in her eyes ,she was sigh, but Rey held her chin and made her look into his eyes..both were staring into each other's eyes and then Rey removed the strand of hair falling on her face , Taani shivered with his touch, his cold fingers were creating an unknown feeling in her heart then she felt his thump rubbing her skin near her lips and then it landed on her lower lip rubbing it, she couldn't take it anymore she closed her eyes and Rey chuckled seeing her innocence he was feeling the same ,he knew Taani will not object for anything and his desires were exploring but he was sure until he talks with her , he will keep control on his feelings , and then he gave a warm wet kiss on her forehead and laid beside her pulling her in his arms and wrapping his hand tightly around her waist.



 R-Look at me (Taani looked at him, her face was pink due to a mild blush and Rey was having a mischievous smile) 

R-Hmm abhi bhi pillow cahiyaa?

She nodded and smiled and then hid her face in the crook of his neck...Rey cocooned  her plastering her body with his and then landing his chin over her head, soon both drifted to sleep in each others embrace and feeling the warmth, not only physically but in their relation too.

Next day morning Rey woke up and saw the beauty still sleeping in his arms, he felt really good felt completed, he slowly parted her from himself and made her comfortable on the bed, took all possible care that she doesn't wakes up, then stepping down he pulled out of his room all the temporary sleeping arrangements on the floor and headed towards the kitchen, then bringing 2 hot mugs of coffee, opened the window and as soon as the sun rays were falling on the sleeping beauty she stirred on the bed, she opened her eyes and her husband welcomed her with a warm good morning and handed her the coffee mud, firstly she was startled and remembering last night was feeling shy but then he came near her and sitting beside her said-

R-kuch pooch na tha Taani, Can we talk?(She nodded her head ,Rey came near her and held her soft palms in his hand and continued) Kiu Taani? Kiu jhooti gawahi di mere liya? Why did u tell lie in the court, how do u know that maine sach mai us larki ko molest nahi kiya hai?

T-I know Reyansh, aap aysa kabhi nahi kar sakte, agar aap ko aysa kuch bhi karna hota then u would have done with me...U did not like me, did not want a middle class girl like me as your wife, but as a girl u respected me, and when u can afford to get any one in your bed then why will u do such a cheap thing and more than that I trust u Rey, at that moment u needed me and as a wife it was my duty to be right beside u

(Tears were rolling down her eyes, she rubbed her own tears, Rey was feeling guilty and hurt)

I really trust u Reyansh, wus waqt aap ko meri jarurat thi so I came.

(tears were oosing out his eyes, the girl whom he thought was useless, was not up to the mark, regretted marring her, the same girl trusted her so much when except every person on earth was believing him to be a rapist, She proved that no one can become a better wife, than her )

R-U really trusts me Taani? (She nodded her head)agar yeah saach hai then why didn't u use the money I gave u, yesterday I got the bank statement, you didn't even use a single rupee?

T -You gave me being my husband but why I should use when u did not treat me as your wife?

R-Then why did u save me as my wife? (She was mum, she looked down, Rey squeezed her palm a bit tightly, she looked into his eyes and without breaking the eye contact he directly asked)

Do you love me?

(She couldn't answer crystal liquid overflowed her deep brown eyes, but her tears gave Rey her answer, he pulled her tight in his arms and hugged her tight she was sobbing, after some time Rey pulled out from the hug and made her look into his eyes, he cupped her face in his palms rubbed her tears though it was flowing  from his own eyes he said)

I Love u Taani...I Love u so much. Kabhi mujhe chor ke maat Jana, I just can't stay without you, maaf kar dena mujhe Please...

(Both were staring into each other's eyes but this time Taani took the initiative and she cupped his face in her soft palms, Rey kept his hands over her and slowly she kissed his eyesone by one and then his cheeks soaking his tears and said)

T-I Love you Reyansh... mai aap se bohot payar kartii hu

(There was no looking back, Rey pulled her in his lap, hugged her tight and then hiding his face in the crook of her neck in the silky locks of her hair, started kissing her shoulders, necks and then he laid her down covering her he hugged her tightly. His lips were working on her face and kissing every inch of her face. Then ultimately he kept his lips on her soft souffle pink lips he nibbled her lower lips, she was hesitating but then when she wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him, he deepened the kiss, getting her response, he insert his tongue in her mouth and he  explored every corner her mouth and then when both were out of breadth they broke apart. Both were on the bed Taani rested her head on Rey's chest, he held her protectively, and then both were living the moment)

R-Taani I really love u and thank u for the trust u showed on me I am really blessed to get u in my life.

T-I love u too Reyansh..

R-Nahi...aab Reyansh nahi...Rey bulao please..

T-Rey mai bohot khush hu I am really lucky that u came in my life.

R-Taani ak baat kahu, tumhari grades bohot acche tha college mai,maine dekha hai, you are just 22, Do u want to continue your higher studies...if so I will arrange every thing.. and if not, then come to office with me, maths mai tumharee grades bohot ache hai and tum to commerce ki hi student ho, handle the accounts of my company...sorry our company in this way whole day u will be near me and I will be tension free with the accounts and focus on other things..dono saath rahenge then same incidents can never happen.. Bolo do gi mera saath? Its completely your wish.

T- I want to join u, but (hesitating a bit) don't want me to come to....

R-Chup..akdam chup ( while ruffling her hair) u know Taani it was by mistake...I really want u love, not only as my wife in the house but also as my partner in success, whole world should know Reyansh Singhania belongs only to his wife Taani Reyansh Singhania..There is no place of any other women in my life. Promise me Taani you will always stay beside me.

T-I promise Rey I will always be there, but you have to teach me office work...

R-Your wish is my command love...but before that I want some thing ...tonight I want to see u in bridal ware...I want to relive the moment which I have lost due to my ignorance..I want u to give u all happiness that I made u deprived off...

T-Rey aj raat aap ko aapki wife jarur milegii and mujhe bhi aap ki payar ko feel karna hai...I want to be your wife in all sense.

With this they hugged each other once again, promising to always  stay beside each other in all circumstances and dreaming there happy life snuggled into each others warmth...Rey once again pulled the quilt over them and kept his lips on her soft ones and pulled her in a loving smooch.

 (Its a new year gift to my sister HIMA)

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Lavender_Luna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 10:33am | IP Logged

i love u sooo much
aapne mere liye itna pyaara os likha... 
khushi ke maare me rone lag gayi... 
you are the best thing ever happened to me... 

and aapne os toh mashallah...
it was beyond expectations...
chahe tr fans ko kitne saare dhakke lagey 
but you kno...
yeh stories ke wajah se we keep falling in love with them again and again
and me jitna bolu iss os k baare me utna kam hai
love u so much... and me hamesha aapke saath hu... 

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BeingFoodie. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 10:33am | IP Logged

di...this was so beautiful...loved it...

taani saving rey and then his realization was hearty...

taani trust rey so much that she lied in court...and saved him...

and after that all the taarey talk and hug were so heart touching...their confession was so simple and lovely...loved it...

Edited by FireFlies. - 26 December 2014 at 10:51am

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Muskan_TR Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Di seriously bolu...
I hv no words fr dis...

d concept,d beauty ,d depiction of feelings...

everything was just Mesmerizing

Can say 1 thing...

it was BESTEST OS I EVER read

thank u soooiii much fr such a beautiful OS :*

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Iman_taarey Goldie

Joined: 28 March 2014
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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 11:05am | IP Logged
aww so swt os
jst loved it
tani saved rey
their confession
their kiss
every thing is so special in their own way
only our taarey wid magic of ur writing can make it so damn magical
plz be writing such os

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Viji.Chandran IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 11:12am | IP Logged
awesome story...

taani's trust on rey s amazing...

loved it

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nagutaarey Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Asm os
well written
I loved it
taani's trust & taarey confession asm

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sumana.shesha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
Wow :)
Superb OS :)
Fantastic concept :)
Loved it :)
Happy New Year in advance Hima :)

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