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You aren't tat dangerous in real, you seem to look Darji. Mohinder commented with a grin seeing his Darji glare at him. It was almost night and the war between the two had been doubled up but neither back out from it. Darji had been in a shock  hearing about Mohinder's decision but later he was the predator who had turned violent and was in need of hunting his prey but every time he tried Rano or Pooja saved Mohinder but not this time. He eyed his rifle smirking evilly at Mohinder saying and you seem to be an easy prey for me Mohinder Handa... dekho weaponless in front of me and then Darji did wat he wanted to do since long.


Darji Rano's heart almost dropped seeing Darji point his rifle at Mohinder but there was not a sign of fear as Mohinder was smirking evilly the way he does when he deals with his competitors. Aap yeh.. will you kill him? Rano asked with fear while Pooja enjoyed it with a cup of coffee and a half eaten cookie in her hand. Will you kill him?


Shoot him.. I will shoot this bloody son of mine. Dushyant Handa roared like a ragging tiger wanting blood for revenge and right now Mohinder was his biggest enemy and he just wanted to end his life. But he is my husband.. Geet aur Pooja ke papa hain. Rano cried trying to save her husband who looked damn cool standing right in front of his death. Aap mujeh vidwa nahi kar sakte.. mere bacho ko..


Maa Pooja nudged her mother seeing her getting dramatic.  Why are you spoiling the entertainment yaar.. darji ne kitne saalo baadh apni bandok nikali hain.. so let him shoot one and enjoy. Rano was shocked and her eyes clearly proved tat she was one  who was scared seeing her FIL with a rifle while her husband glaring at his father with a evil grin and daughter enjoying the as  if it was the climax for some action movie. Abhi Dushyant Handa ke saamne unke hi dushman ke pote se unki poti ki shaadi ki baat karenge tho  kya woh mitai baatayenge... nahi na... so chill and enjoy.. let father-son do some action and then finalize who wins and who loses. Pooja winks at Rano and cheers her darji come on darji.. baja dho Papa ki.. himmat tho dekho inki..aapke samne apki Geet ki shaadi ush khuranna


Pooja. Mohinder glared shutting his daughter who found the situation entertaining mind your tongue and woh sirf Khuranna nahi mera hone wala Dhamaad hain..ish ghar ka jamai.. meri Geet ka hone wala Pati so show some respect while you take his name and you Darji  Mohinder focused his eyes on his father you want to kill me then fine.. bade maaze se karo par Geet aur Maan ki shaadi ke baad ok.


Zinda rahonge tho shaadi karonge na meri Geet ki ush duffer Maan se. Darji smirked with his evil smile but then it wiped off seeing his son giving a more devilish smile at him. Aah forgot.




Tat m your son.. Mohinder Dushyant Handa and jitney ziddhi aap hain utna hi main hoon and for your kind information weren't you the one saying few days back tat MSK is the best businessmen and a very respectful person.  Mohinder's smile was a living proof tat he had shut his darji but he too was evil and knew his way out. Kaha hoga but tat does not mean I let you marry my Geet to tat Hitler's grandson.. woh Savitri.. she is a bloody blood sucker.. khoon chuss legi meri bachi ki.



Vampire hain kya Darji? Pooja asked with a serious tone as if she really felt Savitri was a vampire is it why she is turns so red when angry.. yaar aisa hain tho we..


Shut up Pooja. Mohinder shut Pooja once again and stop watching those vampire movies and reading novels on them.. dhimaag karab karke rakha hain tera.


Haww Papa.. they are my favorite ok. Pooja pouted but then grinned looking back at Darji. Bolo Darji is she one of the vampires.. khoon chussne wali.


Vampire se bhi badi dyaan hain woh Savitri Devi and you he pointed his rifle back at Mohinder dhimaag se  yeh baat nikal hi do warna I swear I will myself hand you over to a vampire and enjoy while they suck your blood to death.


Shaadi be baad ya shaadi se phel dosti karenge aap aapki so called dyaan se Darji. Mohinder asked ignoring his threat with a smile kya hain na I don't want my Geet to have any trouble after you better mend your ways and tongue from now onwards. Darji snarled growling in anger I won't let you marry my Geet to tat Khuranna.. I just won't.


And I will.  Mohinder crossed his arms but then Darji loaded his rifle making Mohinder to almost grin seeing him. Load karne ke liye bullet ki zarurat hoti hain and bullets are with me Darji. Mohinder fished out the bullets from his pocket and showed them to his father. You were scared tat I would shoot you?


Na.. I was worried for HH.. kya hain na there was very antique show pieces here and I  don't trust you with your rifle so you see precaution to save HH. Darji's eyed wide hearing his son but before he could say a word Pooja yelled and then they saw her running and hugging Geet. Di you back.. Maa.. Papa Darji di's back.. dekho.


Aare beta Darji dropped his rifle and rushed to Geet and hugged her as if he was seeing her after ages. How are you darling.. theek ho na. Darji so lovingly cupped her face and scanned as if he was searching for any injuries and all and seeing this Mohinder rolled his eyes. He knew his Darji was so possessive about Geet tat even a scratch on her he would make doctor run on their toes.


Good Darji..aap kaise ho. Darji smiled and hugged Geet again hearing her soft voice. You back na.. so Darji all fit and fine.


Haan ab tho Darji Papa ko double energy ke saath shoot kar sakhte hain..kyu Darji. Pooja winked but Geet looked confused at them. Wat did you just say...and why will Darji shoot Papa?


You know di..


Aare chup. Darji cut Pooja before she would open her mouth kuch bhi bakti hain.. kuch nahi Geet. Darji turned and cupped Geet's face but she looked at Pooja for answers. Yeh pagal hain and you look tired baby.. chalo jaa ke rest karo abhi... and Rano  get my Geet's dinner in her room and I will feed her with my hands.




 Diii Pooja almost scared Geet with her loud voice. She had been staring outside the window but turned hearing Pooja but the moment she did she knew it was not good. Wat the hell did happen to jiju?


Kuch nahi? Geet said with a meek voice. Kuch nahi.. aap theek ho.. jiju ka accident hua hain aur aap keh rahi hain kuch nahi. abhi mujhe Vicky ne phone kiya tha.


Vicky ne. Geet raised her brows and Pooja realized wat she said in a hassle. I mean I had called Annie and Vicky picked it and he told me tat Jiju met with an accident. Di you all right Pooja asked seeing Geet just staring at her. You look like shit Di.. kya hua hain. Pooja reached cupping her face and Geet so much wanted to pour out but she did not. She could not let Pooja know wat had happened between them as it would stress her and she would leave everything behind and try solving her problem. Jiju will be fine di... he's superman you know na.. aur Vicky keh raha tha ki jyada injuries nahi his fine Di. Pooja tried to assure Geet thinking she Geet was worried for Maan.


Hmmm.. Geet just hummed back but then she saw Pooja smirking evilly at her. Wat Geet asked raising her brows seeing her little sister still smirking at her. Don't you want to know why I said Darji would shoot Papa?


You were joking na.


You think so and tell me are you so blind tat you did not see Darji rifle on the floor? Geet narrowed her eyes trying to think over wat Pooja said but she had not. There wasn't any rifle and why would Darji get it out?


Coz he wanted to shoot Papa. Pooja grinned even more confusing Geet. Pagal ho kya.. ya dhimaag ghaas charne gaya hain tera. Geet asked smacking her head but Pooja glared at her in anger chalo nahi batati kya baat hain... and trust me its your loss coz jo bhi baat hain woh aapke liye sab se khushi ke baat hain.. but I won't tell you now. Geet tried to hold Pooja hand but she walked away not giving a chance to Geet to hold her back but stopped on the door step I think I should tell you why Darji was about to shoot Papa.


Pooja Geet glared making Pooja to grin at her sister. Waise how about you and jiju start shopping for your wedding coz as far as I see Papa won't wait for much days... yaar kitni jaldi hain Papa ko apni badi beti ko Khuranna ke ghar bhejni ki.


Wattt Geet's voice echoed in her room making Pooja to cover her ears instantly. Yaar why the hell do you shout like tat bloody Vicky haan... Kahi abhi se tho team up nahi kiya na bhabi devar ne.


Pooja wat did you just say before? Geet asked climbing down the from her window seat repeat wat you said?


I said ki Darji wanted to shoot Papa coz he wants you to get married to MSK and Darji is against him.. but don't you worry.. Mohinder bhi Handa hain aur sunna hain ki Yash Singh Khuranna bhi yahi chahta hain... and you know  Khuranna Hitler and Handa Hitler are going to create havoc.. so main keh rahi thi ki jaldi se aap aur jiju shopping karo warna time nahi hoga and Pooja ran before Geet could stop and question her more and here Geet was shocked numbed and wat not. She could not even more after she hear wat Pooja said. It was like as if a marathon was going inside her and she was trying to calm it down but nope her heart was beating faster and faster not letting her even to calm down.




So how was your trip Maan and Geet? Yash asked taking his seat along with Mohinder. Geet smiled seeing her father who had accompanied her to KC but had left to meet Yash and she just sat in the waiting for him but later was called in the conference room and Maan was all unaware about it though he was aware tat Geet would be coming to KC today for work but not so early. He was shocked when he saw Geet enter but before he could say a word his Dad and Mohinder stepped inside.


It was good Dad. We did get to know insides of such project and trust me it will be an awesome success for us. Right Geet? Geet smiled at him and then at the elders. Right Mr. Khuranna and here's the detail study of it.. just a rough idea. Mohinder took the file smiling at them and then looked at Yash who too was smiling. You did say right Yash.. they do look good with each other.


I'm always right Mohinder. Yash said with a bit of attitude and Mohinder did not mind it coz he was thankful to Yash to make him see the goodness of this proposal. And since we are here why don't we get to some serious business instead of this boring business. Mohinder laughed smacking Yash shocking Maan and Geet with their cool behavior.


Aren't we here for the project Papa? Geet asked seeing them so cool. Off course not beta.. agar boring business ke liye hote tho main aur Yash aamne saamne khade hote ek saath nahi.


Ohhh Geet sighed leaning behind to relax. She was hell worried coz she wasn't prepared for anything when Mohinder suddenly told her tat they have to visit KC. And since you have been informed my Pooja about your wedding I wanted.. I mean me and Yash wanted to talk to you both together.


Hmm she hummed back in response but instantly looked up. She stared at Yash and then at Mohinder but there were busy and then suddenly she felt another kick and knew who it was who was grinning like a fool at her. She smiled at him and then turned her eyes back to Yash and Mohinder shocking Maan.


So you see we both Yash started to speak have decided tat you would be better as life partners to each other and for tat you need to spend some time together. Mohinder and Yash judged their expressions and just like them they too were serious with it. I know this must be strange for you Mohinder said but this is best. You both know each other not personally much but professionally you do and as far as we can see you are good together.


You don't need to explain Mr. Handa. Maan smiled hearing Mohinder trying to reason their decision. You and Dad would never be wrong in any decision and as far as my answer I m ready. Yash smiled, he knew his son well and would never say no to him (poor Yash kya pata yeh sab drama ushi ka hain) and Mohinder he looked for an answer from Geet. And wat about you Geet? do you agree for this wedding or not.


Papa you have never been wrong for me but you know Darji. Geet raised her doubts and Mohinder smiled at her. Come on beta Darji aaj nahi tho kal maan hi jaayenge aur waise bhi if you say yes and you are happy he would never go against it.. so relax and tell me wat you think about this proposal?


You are happy then so m I Papa. Mohinder stood up and pulled his daughter into a hug. He could not believe tat his daughter would say yes but she did and he was proud of her. Maan smiled seeing them and he was just waiting for them to get out so tat he could sneak and celebrate with his Jaan on their success.


Yash.. ab tho hum official sandhi ban hi gaye. Mohinder parted and widened his arms for Yash who willing came an hugged him congratulating on being relatives from business rivals. And since you both Yash said after breaking the hug have agreed for the wedding you can spend time together and get to know each other in all ways. Chalo Mohinder he said without getting his hand away from his shoulder let's leave the youngsters alone and haan aaj Lunch mein zarrur le jana Maan aapni honewali biwi ko


But Papa Geet stopped them before they could leave the Govt officials need a report on our trip and study by tomorrow so I don't feel lunch would be possible.


Ohhh Mohinder frowned while Yash almost pouted but none saw Maan who was sulking hearing his Jaan cancel the lunch date. Never mind you both can go for dinner but this is important too. So all the best and yeah make us proud ok. Geet smiled and quickly followed Mohinder as she had to speak something to him before he leaves as then she would not be able to have time for it.


Babaji aap thoda der wait nahi kar sakthe the... kyu bheja unh Govt logo ka call haan.. yaha humari shaadi ki baat chal rahi hain and abhi tak Jaan se ke baar baat bhi nahi hui.. grrr I hate you ok.. abhi tho mujhe ushe sorry bhi kehna hain.. maine bahut bura kiya na Jaan ke saath.. so please Jaan ka temperature thoda cool hi rakho aaj warna agar Lady Gundi jag gayi tho mera band zarur bajega shaadi se pehle.. ok.. stay with me haan...please..please please.. pretty please ok.



How many times are you going to taste the coffee Maan? Maan questioned himself after he once again tasted the coffee tat he had especially made for his Jaan by his hand and brought for her and tat too he even brought his own cup. Ab aise aise taste karte rahoge tho khatam hi hogi.. phir thenga dena Jaan ko. He chided himself and slowly stepped inside his cabin and the moment he did he was in a surprise to see his Jaan sitting on his chair and working.


Babaji aapne tho bina kahe hi baat maan li meri.. yeh tho mera sapna tha and it was only known to me.. aapne kaise jaan liye tat your Maan wanted to see his Jaan sitting on his chair and working.


He could not stop grinning seeing his Jaan like tat and he thanked Babaji for fulfilling his wish. It had been his dream and he always dreamed about it and right now it was reality.


Aise hi mere sapne sach karte raho babaji.. main na aapko bahut saare.. haan bahut saare laddhu dunga... you know na I just love them.. so I will share then with you if you make my dreams come true.


He stared at her for few seconds until he remembered about the coffee tat he was carrying. He once again scolded himself and then walked slowly not wanting to disturb his working beauty who looked just like the true Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khuranna seating on his chair and working. Coffee Maan placed his favorite cup tat he carried from his home to office today for his Jaan. Thandi hogi Jaan. He said slightly pushing the cup towards Geet seeing her busy in work.


 Mera favorite cup.. dekho its waiting for you to drink the coffee it has. You always say na you will drink coffee in my cup once we get married.  He stared at her for few seconds and then said  dekho I bought it today for you and coffee bhi maine hi banayi hian Jaan. Maan spoke again seeing her totally ignoring him and his words but next moment he smiled seeing her drinking the coffee but his smile faded hearing her business tone we need to submit this report to the Govt officials tomorrow Maan.


Wat he was shocked rather say surprised coz they had full permission for romancing and his Jaan was speaking about work.  Haan.. I just got a call and please we need to work on it right now and did not you hear when I told Papa and Mr. Khuranna in the conference room.


Sunna tha but Jaan.. we are supposed to spend time to know each other.. suna tha na tumne. She nodded with her eyes busy in the file and her lips sipping the coffee at times. Jaan.. baat tho suno meri maine...


Maan abhi nahi na please... Bahut kaam hain and you know our fathers would not like us lagging behind.. so please abhi ke liye concentrate karte hain report per. He simply nodded as he too knew tat his Dad neither her Papa would like them being ignorant about their work.


Coffee tho pee lo.. tumare Maan ne kitne pyar se banayi hian tumare liye and you just took one sip. He complained again. He had thought tat he would divert her mind from work but hell she was another MSK when it comes to work. Jaannn he stressed on the letter "n" calling for her pee lo na please... and tell me how does it taste.


Achi hain.


Sirf Achi he pouted and walked around so tat he could stand right in front of her. He pulled her glasses and forced her to see him. Gussa ho she shook her head for a no naraz ho she shook again denying his words phir baat karo na mujhse.


Busy hoon. She tried to grab her glasses but Maan pushed them away and cupped her face asking but more of complaining you did not ask me about my accident?  He studied her for some time and asked again are you sure you aren't angry Jaan?


Gussa nahi hoon baba and Papa aur aapke Dad the na waha so I did not ask and then I was so busy in work tat it just slipped out of my mind. She reasoned for not asking but Maan did not believe in her words. Tats not how my Jaan speaks to me. Geet just stared at him but then she turned her face seeing his eyes so intense. Then how does she talks... aise kya Maan... a..aap... ye..h..


Chi pagal ho kya. He laughed hearing her stammer in each word. Aapne hi tho kaha abhi tat your Jaan does not talk like so I talked in a different way. Geet grinned seeing him roll his eyes at her acting. Aur waise since when did MSK started sitting on his working table.. ethics bhool gaye kya.


Ethics ko goli maaro... don't you think we should celebrate our success? Maan made a puppy face but Geet shook her head changing the topic.  I don't think you would like anyone pointing fingers at KC Maan.


Ab from where did it come and who's pointing fingers haan? Geet slowly grabbed her glasses and wore them back so tat she could concentrate on her report no one but if you don't work on the report I would mention it clearly saying tat Mr. Maan Singh Khuranna isn't interested in the project so kindly take some action against it.


How mean of you Geet Handa. Geet smirked pulling the papers towards her tats business Maan and Geet Handa bhale hi bewakoof ya dramebaaz ho she knows wats good and bad. People may think she is egoistic and selfish but I don't care about it.


Wat do you mean? Maan asked getting all serious staring at her but she only looked into the papers. Geet I asked wat do you mean?


Nothing. Her plain cold tone scared him but he did not show it on his face. He grabbed the papers throwing it away and forced her to see him. Kya hua..  why the hell are you suddenly so cold. Aaj barso baad itni badi khushi mili hain.. Our father's have agreed for our wedding and you.. why the hell I don't see any happiness in your eyes.


I'm happy Maan.. very much happy. She said with a smile but just work pressure..isliye ajeeb lag rahi hoon main.


And should I trust you? Maan asked with a dangerous tone. Yaha m trying to find ways to get you talk to me so tat I can apologize to whatever I did back in Shimla aur tum.. yeh business leke baithi ho. He stared at her but she did not say a word in reply. I did not leave Shimla coz I was angry on you.. I was hurt.. just plain hurt tat you broke the chain.. but gussa nahi tha tumpar. I was very wrong in saying all tat shit but does it matter between us.. hum tho ek hain na Jaan.


Main gussa nahi hoon Maan. Geet said with a low voice m just tired from the trip isliye thodi off hoon. Maan just looked at her but did not say anything. He knew this wasn't his Jaan coz she was some different whom he did not know. You want to work na?




Then fine do it and don't forget to mention tat MSK isn't interested in the project so kick him out and he jumped down from the table and took few steps but then stopped, turned and next moment Geet was in the air and Maan walking out of his cabin without caring who the hell was seeing him coz he was sure his whole staff was watching his back and whispering seeing  Geet Handa in the arms of Maan Singh Khuranna but did he care now coz he had the full permission to romance his Jaan now.



Precap: Savitri ne haath milaya Dushyant se.. ab do dushmaan ke saath.. kya dhamka hoga.LOL



Do like and comment.


Next Update after 210+ likes with  20 pages comments.. so be quick and take the update.



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me first
geet to sad that she hurt maan
maan way to happy that he hit license to romance with his jaan n he will surely bring his lady gunfi bavk in action

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i can understand geet...
c was real wenever c was wid boundation..
bt now c feel c is not d one made fr maan...i mean all sopisticated n all
...i m one of firsts to comment..precap funny or scary cant say..
lovely update

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Amazing update
World war at hh
Get is behaving indifferently with maan
Due to what happened at shimla
So maaneet got lisence to romance with each other from their dads
Oh no savitri devi n dushyant handa joining hands
What are they gonna do
Continue soon

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Nice update
Geet is turning cold towards maan
Maan is not angry on geet

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Wonderful Update
Darji s n mohinder s fi8ing was Awesome 
So Maneet gt offcial permission :P 
Why is Geet being distant n cold towards Maan Confused

Maan is sooo sweet , he bought his fav. cup frm home only for his Jaan

Precap luks Interesting 
waiting for more

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