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Shimla.. next morning.


Rajveer did you see Maan? Mona asked stepping inside the cottage after she searched Maan all over and her eyes still looking out for one glimpse but he wasn't there. She feared as there was no news  after Maan had walked out last night. Na.. but he'll be nearby Mona. Waise call Geet for breakfast poor girl hadn't eaten anything last night. Mona glared at Rajveer who made a sad face and said come on darling its not tat she is like your enemy or something. Mona snarled like a wolf at Rajveer but before she could back answer Rajveer Geet stepped out of her room all worn out.


Good morning Geet gave a small smile hearing Rajveer greet her but her eyes searched for. He isn't here Geet. Rajveer said seeing Geet searching for Maan but don't worry he will be somewhere nearby. Just give him time.  Rajveer was a better understanding person and though he knew Maan more than Geet he felt it was necessary to say something to her. Love is strong yet weak and when you stretch it, it kind of shakes or breaks. Geet could understand wat he was trying to say.  So as far as Maan is wrong you too are wrong and I think you both need to talk once you have calmed down or else Rajveer gave a sad smile and continued it would be too late to understand wat led to your pain Geet. She felt tears burning her eyes remembering the look Maan had given her before walking out of the room. He never cried in front of her but last night she was the reason he had tears in his eyes. She tried to blink her tears but they rolled downed without listening to her and seeing those tears Mona said with sarcasm as she found only Geet wrong its too late to cry Geet. Geets heart almost died but then Mona did not care for it karne se pehle soch lena tha... I wish.. and she saw Rajveer glaring at her. Chalo breakfast karo she wished she could say wat she had but then Rajveer would yell so she asked her to have breakfast but then Geet walked out wanting to stay alone.




Delhi.. KM


Hehehe Vicky tried controlling himself but seeing his Dadima laugh like a mad person, nevertheless  he burst into laughter but poor soul was smacked by his Dad Yash it's not funny.


Meri galati nahi hain. He retorted but Yash glared at him and then addressed his mother. Maa I did not joke so please stop laughing like a mad person. Savitri Devi hain aap and here m saying something very important so please behave.


Acha his mother suddenly stopped laughing and said with seriousness but I do feel you think m crazy old lady.. Hindi mein pagal buddhi right. Sarcasm was dripping from her words and her eyes narrowed at him as if he was a prey and she a dangerous predator.


It's you who think Maa not me Yash answered back. He knew or say he was cent percent sure he mother would be giving such a reaction to his decision but he had decided and he would do wat he planned. Pagal samajh rahe ho isliye tho Handa's.. ush kamine Dushyant Handa ke poti se mere Maan ki shaadi karne chale ho and you say you aren't thinking tat m mad. She reasoned her statement and Yash glared at her for using such language.


Its Geet Handa, her name Yash said with attitude and even you know wat she is Maa.  Savitri Devi narrowed her eyes pulling them together showing her displeasure without any hesitance tat does not change whose blood she is and it's the end Yash.. Maan bina shaadi ke reh lega but don't you dare try to hook him to tat Handa daughter.


You bet Annie titled her head hearing Vicky who was smirking with his eyes and ears on full concentration. Vicky was enjoying the confrontation between his Dad and dadima. Bolo you bet..


For wat Annie asked straightening her head and looking at her father and grandmother. Who will overcome whom? Dad or Dadima? Annie almost frowned and then said giving her cute angry glares aap Bhai ka mazak bana rahe hain.. wait let him come I will tell him how you wanted to bet.


Ab from where did bro come haan? Vicky was shocked. He knew his sister was dumb but at times like this she would be dumber then she was. I just asked you to bet on who will outcome whom.. ab yaha Bro ki baat kaha hain?


Yeh Bhai ki shaadi baat chal rahi hain na? Annie asked as if she wasn't sure on wat her Dadima and Dad were arguing. Haan tho.. and you see my dumb sis tats our Dad and Dadima who are ready to get each other's neck for it.


Will you both shut up Yash yelled shutting both who had turned quite loud now and you Vicky stop betting on ugly things.


Bro ki shaadi ugly kab ban gayi. Yash wanted to bang his head. At times he felt he would kill his younger son who though intelligent but when with his Dadima around he would speak nonsense making the situation worst. Hogi agar yeh Yash Maan ki shaadi ush handa se kare.. seriously Yash Savitri Devi said giving him angry glares did tat kamina Dushyant bribe you for it.. ya kahi emotional blackmail nahi kiya na.


Ohh stop it Maa.. why the hell you are against this proposal haan. Geet jaisi ladki milna impossible hain so please don't you try to bring unwanted...


Unwanted his mother cut him. She was hell angry now as her own son was going against her and seeing this Naina almost gasped coz this was the first time tat she was witnessing her MIL and husband arguing. She looked at Vicky and seeing him smirk at her made her conscious coz he knew she was enjoying this argument but somewhere she too was in favour of Yash. She really liked Geet and though never dreamt of anything like tat she would jump for this coz Geet would be perfect for her son and ever since Yash had told her about this last night she was ready for it but right now she wanted to enjoy the drama going in front of her eyes coz KM hardly gets to see the two poles of Khuranna family argue with each other.


Wat the hell is unwanted haan. Savitri Devi yelled dushman hain humare woh Handa and its my final word tat you will not even speak a word about this so called rubbish proposal for Maan. She threw unpleasant looks at Yash and tried to walk out but Yash stopped her then fine... 2 din Maa 2 days and you get me someone as better as Geet and I will stop thinking about her and Maan's marriage.


You challenging me his mother asked with sarcasm oozing out of her mouth. She once again narrowed her eyes not at all believing tat the son who never ever went against her was challenging for tat Handa. Yes.. its an open challenge.. 2 days you get someone as good as Geet and I will blindly accept her for Maan but if you fail then you do as I say.


Savitri Devi snarled growled like a wild beast. Her eyes spitted fire as she loved challenges and she knew how to win them. Get ready to lose to your mother Yash Singh Khuranna and trust me you will praise me all your life for the girl whom I choose for Maan. Yash smiled coz he too was confident about winning. They kept staring at each other as if they were two enemies and wanted to rip each other's skin unless they were disturbed.






Rajveer looked at Mona as she paced from one corner to another. It was about to be noon but there was no news about Maan and his phone was unreachable. She could have called KM but feared tat it would panic everyone and right now after attempting for the nth to call Maan and failing to reach him; her anger was just rising. Rajveer had tried all his ways to calm her down. He knew Maan was an understanding person and would not do anything wrong but as time passed he too start to fear.


Geet she was trembling but she tried her best to control herself. She had cursed herself to so many times and she even tried calling Vicky and Pooja but reframed from doing so as she could not give them tension. She only prayed for his safety trying to assure herself tat he was same.


Just ask her to get out from here Rajveer. Suddenly Mona barked in anger when her eyes fell on Geet once again. Her presence was only making her frustrated coz she feared for Maan her best friend. Mona..


No Rajveer Mona cut him before he could say anything. Fights are common Rajveer.. hum bhi tho fight karte hain but I never do wat she did.. how could she just break tat chain.. I still remember when he purchased it from his first success she looked at Geet with hatred and said how happy he was.. he had send me millions of pictures of tat chain saying it was his first gift from his own earned money and it did not take a second for her to break it.. yahi pyar tha kya uska. Mona could feel tears in her eyes and she wiped them. Rajveer knew how much Mona cared for Maan. He was the friend and brother she never had. Even after staying away they were close and right now he could understand tat she was scared and worried for him. Mona you don't.. but he could not complete his sentence as Mona's phone started to ring and seeing her weird expressions he was bit shocked.


Wat Mona's eyes turned wide in fear hearing the other person speak on the phone. She looked at Geet and anger coursed through her as if she was the whole reason for this disaster. Geet's heart stopped seeing the fear and anger on her face as if she knew wat it was but Mona ignored the fearful look Geet had on her face. She cared a damn about her when the other person on the other side was more important to her and held her breath waiting to hear if everything was right. Are you alright? Mona quietly listened and then hummed back something with her eyes still on Geet radiating anger but she ignored whatever looks she was giving her.


We are leaving right now she barked and ordered Rajveer get a car hired Rajveer or do anything but we are leaving right now and you she narrowed her eyes at Geet stay here and enjoy as much as you want.


Maan Geet asked with a soft murmur but Mona smirked with pure anger with sarcasm in her voice why do you need to know about him? kuch aur baaki hain kya.


Mona Rajveer glared saying is this the way to talk to her? Don't forget she is Maan's love.. his Geet.


I wish she wasn't and she stormed out leaving Geet in tears and Rajveer shocked with her behavior. You coming with us? Geet nodded as Rajveer questioned her after sometime.  Don't worry Geet.. Maan will be fine..


Rajveer Mona turned back as she wasn't far away the moment she head Rajveer coax Geet. Don't get so pitiful for her. Just coz of her she snarled almost like an animal wanting to strangle Geet right there just coz of her Maan.. forget it. I wish I never ever see you face again Ms. Handa.


Wat the hell is wrong with you haan? Rajveer was losing his temper. He knew Maan and Geet both were wrong but Mona only wanted to punish Geet and tat was unfair now. And where the hell Maan is haan? Wat did he say right now on the phone?


Tat he ditched his death but he wished he hadn't. Geet turned pale the moment Mona's words hit her ear drums. Her heart, mind and soul everything refused to work as if they weren't in her control. Her tears on their own burned her while her legs started to move backwards not wanting to step forward. Rone ka natak mat karo Ms. Handa or I swear you will never ever cry in future. Mona glared saying bahut shauq hain na.. you wanted to give him pain and here you gave him so why now this drama.


I.. did.. woh.. Maan..


Stop it.. just stop the hell before I kill you. Mona yelled not wanting to hear anything from him and trust me you are safe coz agar Maan ko kuch ho jaatha ush accident mein I would have killed you for it. Mona threw a disgusted look at Geet unknown tat she was cursing herself and wanted to die hearing her Maan was hurt I wish he would have never fallen for a girl like you Ms. Handa. kash Maan kabhi pyar nahi karta tumse but sadly I can't change tat and you know wats the biggest truth Mona wiped her own tears and said he will never stop loving you.. uski zindagi ho tum and even if he is angry on you he will be back to you... tumare bina jee jo nahi saktha woh and she walked out not wanting to stay a second near Geet.






Maan Yash was shocked to see his son coming inside the mansion as if he was attacked by someone. His whole body looked almost bruised and tired but there was not a single painful reaction on his face. Wats this son.. yeh sab Yash almost ran to hug Maan and Maan hid himself into his Dad's arms feeling safe from all the pain. Kya hain yeh Maan.. how did you get hurt.


Abhi sirf baat ched di hain Yash tumne aur dekho Maan ki yeh halat ho gayi. Dadima taunted from behind and Vicky glared at her. She shrugged off his eyes and ran to see Maan who was still in Yash's arms. Bolo na Maan.. how did you get hurt like this.


Kuch nahi Dad. Maan smiled sadly trying to hide his pain from his Dad. Kya kuch nahi hain.. and who is this man haan. Yash said eying the other man who was behind Maan. Dad calm down please. Maan said with a low voice feeling his Dad getting hyper.


Calm down Naina almost burst out hearing Maan. He is asking you something and you say calm down haan.. batao kya hua hain. How did you get hurt like this? dekho she pulled his hand grabbing it in his yeh bandage haan.. kya hua Maan.. please batao kya hua hain. She almost cried seeing his hands bruised with bandage covering his forehead and one hand. How did it happen?


Mom its just small.. main theek hoon baba. He cupped Naina's face and wiped her tears. I just met a small accident Mom aur kuch nahi.. ab theek hoon.


Accident Dadima growled dekha abhi tho sirf baat..


Maa stop it please. Yash tried to shut his mother but she had got a perfect way to shut Yash from thinking about the so called proposal even if she was worried for Maan. Why stop it haan.. isliye main keh rahi thi its not good.. why don't you understand Yash tat she isn't good for him.


Who isn't good for me Dadima? Maan asked but Yash shrugged it away as if it was a big matter but Maan could see his Dadima glaring at his Dad and growling like a wild beats.. Wats with Dadima haan and why is she so angry.. I mean giving you angry glares Dad aur yeh sab kya baatein ho rahi hain. Who is she and why is Dadima so angry?


Coz your Dad wants you to marry tat Handa girl.. haan wats her name.. haan Geet Handa and his eyes pooped out hearing his Dadima say it. His heart jumped with the news but simultaneously his body froze with the truth from Dadima. He tried to speak something but he voice started to stammer as if he was a kid who had difficulty in talking wat... I.. Geet.. se.


Shock laga. Maan nodded forgetting about his wounds and accident. Mujhe bhi laga. Dadima narrowed her eyes and said in a lethal voice as if her thoughts were dangerous and harmful for Maan but your Dad does not understand. Abhi tho sirf baat ched di hain aur tumara accident ho gaya. I swear if he gets you married with tat Handa your life will be destroyed but nahi who the hell will teach this mad crazy Dad of yours.


Destroyed.. Dadima meri zindagi Geet ke bina destroy hogi.. Babaji Maan looked up aap ne tho kamal kar diya... Dad wants me to marry Jaan... aapne tho.. sachi mein agar aap abhi yaha mere samne hote tho main jhumm leta aapko.. but thank you haan... thank you so much... yaad rakhunga main yeh gift. He wanted to jump and dance but poor soul had to stay with a sad look on his face as if he was shocked and wat not.


Maa aap pagal ho gayi ho. Yash said with a bit of irritation in his voice aakhir problem kya hian aapki haan. Why the hell you are against my decision.


Coz I don't like her and even if she is the last girl on the planet I will never let my Maan marry tat Handa. Dadima said with determination totally forgetting about Maan and his wounds but only concentrating on her son and wanting to shut him for once. Acha..then fine na.. isliye tho maine aapko open challenge diya hain.


Challenge? Maan questioned hearing but neither his Dad nor his Dadima answered him as they were busy in their glaring session. He looked over Vicky who grinned like a fool and said Dad challenged Dadima to find someone ass better as Geet Handa for you in just 2 days and if she fails then she would sit back and listen to his orders.


Wat Maan was shocked and his expressions were clearly visible on his face. Which means if Dadima fails you will be getting married to Geet Handa, Bro. Maan was speechless, he did not know wat to say but just stood with forlorn look as if he was abandoned in his own matters.   And you know if Dadima loses it wat will happen? Vicky grinned more eying Dadima who was now glaring at him as if she had deserted her earlier prey and thought of hunting him down but before that Maan stopped the so called hunting session.


Dad could you please give some money to the man? Yash looked confused hearing Maan. He eyed the man who feared and stepped back seeing Yash Singh Khuranna glaring at him. Dad don't scare him..its coz of him tat m here safe.. I lost all my belongings Dad so please pay him something good. Yash's expressions soften and he gave a good hefty amount thanking the man for saving his son's life.



Haan where was I? Vicky opened his mouth before his Dad would start all over again. Yes.. wat will happen if Dadima. The great Savitri Devi Singh Khuranna loses her challenge? Vicky stepped behind seeing the Hunter Devi all set to hunt him down but he had decided he would not let this opportunity go.


World war hoga hain bhai? Poor Annie opened her mouth at a wrong time and instantly was snapped by her Dadima. World war ka meaning pata hian tumhe? Annie pouted thinking tat Dadima thought she does not know wats world war. World was the biggest war between different countries Dadima and right now you and Dad looks like different countries to me. So maine poocha world war hoga kya.


Wahhh.. kya mast analysis hain Annie darling. Vicky winked at Annie. Though she was innocent dumb but sometime she too acted as smart and right now she was the best for him. Yaar ab 2 din tak entertainment ka dose milta rahega.. Khuranna v/s Khuranna.. Mother v/s Son/ Savitri Devi v/s Yash.. who will win the ultimate trophy and select bride for the one and one only Maan Singh Khuranna. Kya Geet Handa Khuranna ki badi bahu banegi ya Savitri Devi kick out karegi Yash ke choice ko.


I will Dadima said with attitude and walked out giving Yash a angry look. He smiled at her with but his eyes challenged her for winning against him and unknown to them Maan was grinning dreaming about his wedding standing right in front of his family. Vicky narrowed his eyes at Maan seeing him blushing and thought of disturbing his beautiful thoughts. Waise Bro.. would you really marry tat Geet Handa.. I mean tat so called Handa who is hot headed. Pata nahi Dad ne kya dekha hain ush Handa mein. Duniya mein itni saari ladkiya chod ke sirf ushe pasan kiya aapke liye. Maan glared while Vicky smirked  in a rueful way challenging Maan to retort back but he tasted none as Naina ordered Maan to rest and to tell them later how he met with an accident.




How could I haan.. kamine Maan tujhe tho zinda maar dena chahiye. Maan chided himself the moment he entered his room. How could you hurt your Jaan haan.. itni badi khushi ke baat aur dekho kamine tune kya kiya.. waha ushe akele chod diya aur ab.. how dare you hurt her like tat haan. He slapped himself like a crazy mad person unknown tat Vicky had followed him and the moment he slapped himself Vicky burst into laughter.


So is this all Vicky eyed Maan's bruises did tat lady Gundi hit you.. I mean dhobi ki tarah dho diya kya aapko Yaar shaadi ke pehle aisa hain tho shaadi ke baad tho aapko who langda lulla kar degi Bro. Vicky smirked taking a step inside and closing the door behind him mana padega Bro.. sach mein gundi hain aapki Jaan.. waise sirf bahar se pitaayi ki hian ya ander bhi.. sab kuch theek hain na.. I mean agar baad mein pata chala ki koi member impotent ho juka hain tho.


You sucking blood sucking monster.. teri tho main. Maan looked here and there and then picked the vase ready to hit Vicky but stopped feeling the weight of it. Acha kiya Vicky commented seeing Maan keeping the vase back maar diya hota tho shaadi cancel hoti aapki ush Gundi se. Vicky smiled and pushed Maan bit away and thumped himself on the bed. Waise wats the matter.. fight kyu hui.. and why did you leave her and come.


Maan sighed and settled himself next to  Vicky and told him everything tat happened. Ohh Vicky said after sometime and then propped himself on one elbow wanting to see Maan's face. Waise bahut bura hua.. but wat did you do to tat  Karan Patel.


Kuch jyada nahi..sach mein threesome ke liye do chaar ladko ko bheja.


Wat.. are you sersious Bro. Maan grinned turning on one side. Haan tho.. threesome karna tha ush kamine ko tho karne ka muaka diya...and I know the ones whom I sent were highly qualified.. pura threesome seekhya hoga ushe. Vicky could not stop laughing as he thought his Bro was the most decent man he knew but here he turned into a real monster. Vicky.




Wat will I do now.. Jaan is so hurt and when I got the biggest news I can't even share with her. Maan said with a low voice but why did she break the chain.. it was so special na... I hate her for it.


Good. Vicky said making Maan shocked. If you hate her then just go and tell Dad tat you will never marry Handa.. yaar ghar pe world war hone se bach jaayega. Vicky said with all seriousness and Maan became angry. He kicked Vicky's after shifting a bit almost throwing him out of the bed.


Bro.. Vicky rubbed his front member where Maan kicked him. Yaar aapki tho suhaagraat bhi hogayi hogi meri abhi tak nahi hui hain aur aap hain ki.. ish tarah koi marta hain kya..bache paida karne hain mujhe.


Really. Maan asked narrowing his eyes here m tensed and you are joking. Do you even know how ugly our fight turned? Wat if she never comes back to me.. wat if she.. but suddenly he turned serious why the hell m thinking.she can joke but once in a while I do tho she breaks my chain. Rehne de why the hell should I get tensed for her. If she wants me in her life and wants this marriage then she will come and say sorry.. warna jaaye woh.. mujhe dard diya hain na ab ushe..


Really Maan looked at Vicky and raised his brows you really don't care if she comes back to you or not.. aisa hain tho acha hain na Bro.. Tension hi nahi hain.


Pagal hain kya tu. Maan smacked Vicky on his head how can I let her stay away haan.. she is mine aise hi 10 saal tak pyar nahi karta raha ushe.


Abi tho you said you don't care.. Yaar ek decide karo. Maan asked him wat with his eyes you want her or not.. nahi chahiye tho keh do I will go and tell Dad tat his son does not like the girl he chose for you. Maan was almost on the verge to kill Vicky but he pulled his hand back just eying him and Vicky just smirked knowing wat he wanted but did not say anything. Waise woh sab chod tell me how did Dad agree for thi proposal haan and Vicky started to tell him wat had happened and wat their Dad did.


OMG.. you mean Geet's father too agreed.. yaar unke ghar mein tho blast ho juka hoga... Darji tho Mohinder uncle ka khoon hi kar denge. Maan over exaggerated his words almost visvaulizing Darji killing Mohinder. Woh tho hain.. agar yaha world war hui hain waha tho murder hona tai hain.. but right now the matter is how do we stop Dadima so tat she loses the challenge. Maan nodded as more than anything right now they had to stop dadima from winning as they knew her well. She was a damn Khuranna and would do anything to win the challenge.


Precap: Abhi tho Handa ka reaction baaki hain and Maan and Geet meet and Angry


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Next update only if i get 180 likes or else this time i will update after 1 or 2 months and with 20 pages comments.


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me first
omg maan ne to shock mai daal diya
he is not angry on his jaan n dreaming abt thwir marriage
but geet so tensed abt maan
waiting wat will happw when they meet

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Awesome update...

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Awesome update

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It's amazing. Omg maan accident, thank god he is fine. I think Mona is over reacting and hurting geet badly. I mean I know geet did biggest mistake but maan was also not right . so it's maneet matter, they would sort out soon but Mona is hurting geet with her words and making her guilty for her act. Maan is happy hearing that yash is agreed for his marriage with geet and wants to share this news with geet but he is hesitant after their fight. Waiting for next dear

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Nice updates

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awesome update
waiting for next update

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awesome update little emotional but whole lot funny waiting to see how geets family war takes place

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