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FF: Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi - Thread 4 :Link to Thread 5 on Page 1/142 (Page 103)

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cont soon...

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Why did you call me here? aur yeh kya chor ki tarah chup rahe ho? Pooja asked getting irritated with Vicky's nautaki. She had been busy with her assignment when she got a call from the so called Vicky asking her to rush to xyz hotel and right now he was truly behaving like a thief. Vickyyy she smacked his shoulder seeing him behaving weird and not replying her.


Kya hain he asked shoving off her hand tat rested on his shoulder in a dangerous way. Deekh nahi raha kya important mission pe hoon.


Would you be kind enough to tell me wat mission coz I was called for the same I suppose? Her sarcastic words got his attention. He turned and smiled at her sweetly pulling her cheeks. Ole mela bacha gussa hain.


Don't butter me up Vicky Khuranna. She glared slapping his hands with both of hers trying to get him straight but he was the most flirtatious boy she had met and fallen for. Its Vicky Singh Khuranna baby.. not just Khuranna. He corrected her and you know right now I feel very hard down there. He said eying his hardness and though not hard he pretended to be so coz you look hot and sexy in anger.


You pervert Pooja turned furious hearing hs shameless words while Vicky he cupped her face giving a cheesy sexy smile mela bacha gussa mat ho.. abhi batata hoon na main.


Bacha hoga tera baap.


Oye don't call my Dad bacha he smirked and then winked at her waise bhi wahi bacha tera hone wala sasur hain and the reason I called you is he grabbed her face again with one hand and pointed his other hand finger at a particular direction.




Haan Hitler's which means danger. Pooja looked at Savitri Devi and Dushyant Handa sitting at a table and having some conversation and by the expressions she could say it was not at all good. And we need to find wat they are up to..


You mean hum jasoos. Vicky grinned kissing her cheek yep and for tat we need to get into a makeover.


Make over. Pooja raised her brows seeing Vicky pulling out something from his bag. Cover you face with this stole and stick this mole on you cheeks aur haan yeh chasma bhi pehan lo. Pooja just gaped at him as if he was an alien while he pulled fake beard and moustaches and black goggles. Yeh kya hain Vicky aur..


Pehan lo... its necessary coz we are going too close to hear wat they are planning. Pooja nodded and started to do as he said and the moment they were ready Vicky grabbed Pooja's by wrist and walked at the closest table next to the Hitler's.


Priya Ranawat... are you joking Khuranna? Dushyant almost laughed but controlled himself as he knew where he was and he had a reputation to maintain. Tere ush duffer pote se meri Bhanjhi ki shaadi... you must be hallucinating about me saying yes right.


Dur ki bhanjhi hain Handa.. dur ki. Savitri Devi smirked showing him the reality which set Dushyant into a restless mode. So bokwas karna bandh kar aur meri baat sun. Handa glared at her and she smiled evilly leaning behind the chair and sipping her coffee enjoying its flavor. Neither do I she said after taking two sips of the coffee nor do you want this wedding tat our so called sons are planning so you see you help me with this proposal and I will get Rohit Singh marry your Geet. Savitri Devi smirked evilly as she scanned the expressions on Dushyant Handa's face and she was enjoying it. You agree to this deal Handa? She questioned again not wanting to waste time as she had only 2 days to get someone as better as Geet and she knew Priya Ranawat was the best for her Maan.


Rohit Singh.. The Rohit Singh who is part of your family. Handa asked getting startled as she wasn't ready to marry her grandson to his granddaughter but was ready to get Rohit Singh her cousin's grandson married to his Geet. Yes Rohit Singh  and I do know tat you would not say no for such a proposal handa.. So you agree to deal Handa.. help me with Priya and I get Rohit married to Geet... kismat wali hogi teri poti Handa.. Singh Pariwar se rishta naseeb walo ko milta hain.



You think I trust you? Dushyant questioned throwing Savitri out of her comfort zone and leaned behind to rest on the chair. Tujpe trust karne se acha main saap paalu Khuranna. She hissed just like a snake on his comment while Dushyant Handa smiled evilly at her reaction coz main ek baar saap pe trust kar saktha hoon but not a wicked witch like you Savitri Devi Khuranna.


Savitri calmed herself as she knew she could not waste time. She had to get him agreed to her deal even if she had to get his Geet into her family but tat would be a extended family  and said with a sweet smile there's no way to get out of this mess Handa. Haath milado aur chain se jee lo warna yaad rakhna Savitri Devi naam hain mera aur shaadi hui tho tumari poti mere ghar hi aayegi.. so you agree to this deal. She sniggered in a typical scornful way seeing Handa's eyes getting wide giving a dangerous glare to her.


Dhamki de rahi ho kya Khuranna? Dushyant snarled at her but she smiled sweetly saying soch hi lo.. kya hain na ladkewale hain so you see wat you want to do..


Aur agar Priya ne mana kiya tho. He asked making Savitri Devi restless coz she did think on it but she had no answer for it. And wat if I Priya agrees but Rohit says no... meri hi haar hogi na.


You need to trust me on tat Handa. Dushyant glared but then smirked saying I told you Khuranna main saap pe vishwas kar saktha hoon but not on you. So better you don't talk about trust hain as you don't know wat trust means.. zindagi mein ek baar trust karne kaha tha par woh bhi nahi kar paayi tum.


Don't you get personal here Handa. Savitri yelled as if he slit he heart and seeing the reaction in her Handa smirked evilly as if he won the biggest war. We are not here for tat and I would like to keep it on wats important now. She glared trying to control herself so you agree for this deal or not.


I do Handa  replied after few seconds but the moment I feel you are playing a game and  if Rohit says no I will make sure tat not only Priya but no girl marries your Maan and trust me main jhooti dhamki nahi deta hoon.


You don't worry about it... I just want Priya to marry Maan and Geet with Rohit and nothing else and this should happen within 48 hours Handa.  She waited for some reaction and seeing him smirking she knew he was ready for the deal. So this deal is up Handa. She forwarded her hand to close the deal and both shook it shocking poor Vicky and Pooja who were shocked and almost shaking hearing their grandparents dangerous planning.


Yara yeh tho dhamaka karne wale hain. Vicky murmured while Pooja she was frozen hearing whatever she heard. Pooja kuch karna hain yaar.. warna  gaye Bro aur Bhabhi ka pyar aur unke saath humara bhi.


Hmm she was still shocked not knowing wat to say while Vicky he was just staring at her until he felt movement from the table tat was occupied by the Hitler's indicating tat they were leaving. Pooja chalo hume jaldi action mein aana hain warna Bro aur teri Di ka band baja tho bajega but kisi aur ke saath.




Why are you so tensed Jaan?  Maan asked placing Geet on the kitchen slab of his farmhouse. Kaam hain na Maan.. we need to..


Yaar thoda tho romance ke baaremein socho.. waise why do I feel tat you have been attacked by my soul and tats why you are turning into another MSK now. She giggled a bit hearing him and seeing her giggle Maan felt at peace. Waise ek baat bata Jaan she narrowed her eyes seeing him smirk at her did the Govt officials really asked for the report tomorrow.


Hmm she hummed not really getting a proper reply to his question. I asked you something Jaan. He waited for her reply but then shrugged off those thoughts and washed some vegetables needed to add into his special pasta tat he was going to make for his Jaan. Since you aren't answering me why not you sit and watch me make pasta for you.



Pasta she asked and then her eyes looked at his hands tat moved swiftly while cutting the veggies into fine pieces. Yes pasta.. bahut din hue na tat your Maan hasn't made anything for you.. and since we got the biggest news of our lives I thought why not celebrate it your way. She flinched at his words as if she wasn't ready to hear them.


Where are you going? He raised his brows seeing her trying to step down from the kitchen slab. Maine kaha na you will not move and watch me while I cook pasta for you.


Office jana hain... there's work to do. Maan glared back hearing her talk about office and work. Yeah I know but that can wait but not me.. so sit down and watch while I make pasta for you.


I'm not hungry. She finally tried another way to move away from him and I don't like pasta.


Yeah I do know wat you like and wat you don't. Maan smirked as he pulled out the spices tat he had asked the caretaker of his farmhouse to get before he reaches. Ab if Maan does not know how my Jaan likes pasta then who will know.. waise don't you feel its weird to have pasta with all Indian spices in it Jaan.


Mujhe aapne pasta khana seekhaya hain but I don't like it bland the way you like isliye Maa se kehkar aisa pasta banati hoon main. Maan smiled sweetly hearing her getting back to her old self but then suddenly he saw a change of expression in her eyes. Hmm so you want to eat wat I want but main tho aisa pasta nahi khata na phir don't you think you are cheating my love.  She once again winched hearing his words and it did not go unnoticed by him. He stopped whatever he was doing and turned towards her and asked. Wats  wrong..  m ready to take any punishment for my sin Jaan but I want my Jaan back... Maan apne Jaan ke bina adhura hain baba.


Jaan Maan cupped her face and giving her a sweet smile after getting no reply. You aren't happy with this decision Jaan? She shook her head slowly taking his hands away from her face and said I'm happy Maan.. bahut khush hoon.. yeh tho humari pehli jeet hain na Maan. He smiled but he did not find deep happiness in her eyes.


Why are you away from me Jaan? He questioned directly not wanting to waste anymore time. He knew he was wrong for whatever he did but he was also ready to apologize and do anything to get her smile back. Why don't you slap me for wat I said Jaan? Dekho he pulled out something from his pant see I even got your chain back.. abhi yeh pehle jaisi ban gayi na Jaan. He stood up and hooked it around her neck not wanting to keep it away from her anymore.  I wasn't angry jaan just plain hurt aur itna tho haq banta hain na baba. He asked with tears almost threatening to fall down from his eyes. I did not mean to hurt you... it was all.. I


Maan she cried instantly seeing him getting choked with tears. She knew her Maan was tough from outside but when it comes to her he was so soft tat anyone could break him like wax. I.. woh.. main. She tried to open up but for the very first time she wasn't able to voice out wat she was feeling. She had some weird type of fear and pain and she wanted to lock it deep inside just for him but instead now she was hurting him badly.



I love you Jaan.. I can't stay without you.. He wiped his tears and folded his hands in front of her I beg you for punishment Jaan.. maar bhi daalo tho uff nahi karunga but don't be like this.. I want my Jaan back.. I want tat Geet whom I fell for not the one who lies saying tat we need to work on report. Her eyes wide hearing wat he just said. She tried to look away but he grabbed her face and forced her to look at him. Pagalo ki tarah pyar karta hoon Jaan but I'm the same MSK who keeps a tab on work and it did not take me long to realize tat you called in saying tat you will submit the report tomorrow when we still have about a week for it.


She was shocked and lowered her eyes feeling ashamed of doing it but she had no way. Why are you doing this Jaan.. wats wrong with you.. tum tho aisi nahi thi kabhi? He asked raising her face with his index finger wanting to see her eyes tat always expressed her inner turmoil but today he failed to see anything. Why aren't you eyes speaking to me? Aisa kya hain tat you feel distanced Jaan?


I.. woh.. main she tried but she could not and ran away after pushing him. She wanted to hide as words that she heard started to ring in her ears. She tried closing her ears but those words kept ringing making her more vulnerable.  Babaji m I so bad babaji.. kya mera pyar Maan ko maut ke kareeb le gaya... was Mona right tat I should not love Maan coz I don't deserve him.. m I so selfish  babaji... kya main itni selfish hoon tat I don't think about his feelings and make fun of him.. m I babaji. She cried hugging herself as she broke down remembering each and every word of Mona hitting her as if she was being cut by hot burning sword.


Jaannn Maan's pained voice reached her ears but she did not turn. She could not face him when she was so weak and not able to say a word to make him feel happy. She was lost and his wounds tat thought not fatal from the accident were only killing her second by second forcing her to believe tat Mona was true.. she indeed did not deserve him coz she sent him near the death.


Jaannn he cried again as he could not believe wat she was saying and how could she think like tat about herself. His legs felt heavy just like his Jaan's words tat pierced his heart. This wasn't his Jaan, his Jaan was fun loving who laughed and irritate him with her Gundi nature and this one was someone whom he did not know.


How could you he asked with hurt and his legs finally making move towards her. How could you think like tat Jaan? How could you he grabbed her through her shoulders forcing her to turn and face him. How dare you question my Jaan's love haan.. who the hell do you think my Geet is selfish.. he cried shaking her with force while she just stared with tears in her eyes. She was unable to face him but he wasn't letting her to look down or face away. Look at me Geet.. look at me while I ask you.


Woh she.. Mona..


Don't .. don't you dare take anyone's name. He yelled glaring at her. She is no one to make you believe her words.. tum meri ho sirf meri and my Jaan isn't selfish.. do you get.. she isn't the one who is responsible for my accident. He cupped her face not seeing her al broken it was just an accident Jaan... I lost my control on the wheel.. aur dekho he showed  her injuries  do you see them.. they aren't fatal... just minor scratches... I jumped out of the car before it would hurt me more Jaan and trust me it was my entire mistake.


No it was..


No.. not yours do you get. He yelled shaking her again with anger. I was hurt tat you broke your chain but it took me long to realize wat  I did Jaan but until then it was too late.. I was just 2 hours away from Delhi.. pata hi nahi chala maine car kitni fast chalayi and when I realized how sinful words I said to you I cursed myself.. I was just thinking of coming back to you when I lost my control but trust me kuch nahi hua mujhe.. its not coz of you Jaan and its only your love tat saved me... its you love Jaan. He wiped her tears but he could not stop his seeing her all broken. He mentally noted about having a face to face confrontation with Mona about this. How dare she says all tat to his Jaan... his Jaan was his life the love whom he had kept away from all bad things since the time he had fallen for her. She was his and he was hers and no one could part them away.


I love you Jaan.. I really love you and m sorry m so sorry for saying all tat shit.. punish me Jaan.. punish me but don't ever say tat you don't deserve me.. Geet ke bina tho Maan kuch bhi nahi na. He asked to sweetly cupping her face again tat he himself did not hear his own voice. It was just a mere whisper where he opened his heart for her.


I... sorr. But Maan did not let her complete her words as he smacked his lips on hers. He grabbed her by waist and deepened the kiss angling her in such a way tat would give him full access to her sweet honey filled mouth. He was wild beast as he kissed her coz this was one of those claiming kisses tat proved she was his and he was hers. Do you get.. you are mine. He parted and said pushing her onto the nearby wall and smacking his lips once again on hers. His fingers expert in unbuttoning her shirt wanting to feel her even more intimately. Do you get.. you. are. Mine. only mine he said into the kiss as he forced her up making her to wrap her legs around his waist while he tortured her lips with his wild hot passionate kiss grinding her hips into his making her gasp with his hot hardness.




Precap: Bhagam bhaag... kaun jeetega Hitler's ya lovers...LOLAngryLOL


Do like and comment.


Next update after 210+ likes with 20 pages comments... itna bada update deke bhi likes and comments nahi milte but views do increase.. so you wait until I get my quota coz this time I will be so lazy tat I will not update any of my stories until I get my quota.


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  wow yipee me  first to like and comment after long time..

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  wow lovely emotional touching very beautiful sensational update..te way pooja was annoyed with vicky ki nautanki but vicky want to do jassosi for his bro and bhabhi seeing wat tat hilters doing was lovely..opps really they are not less than hilters no no devils, planning to marry my maaneet with some one..opps my head is spinning seing they deal..te way vicky and pooja nearly fainted seeing they grandsparents ki deal was another pair is ready rohit and priya..te way my maaneet in farmhouse without knowing wat their hilters planning behind them..te way my maan want to distract sis jaan who was  silent and te way he making pasta but geet ki workcholic making him roll his eyes was lovely..te way geet feeling tat she is curse for my maan and my maan hurt with her breaking down and his anger was lovely emotional..te way my maan ki each words shows wat they meant for each other was lovely emotional touching..i had tears seeing their unconditional love..te way my maan just shutting her with his ,kiss and making her drown in his love was lovely touching beautiful..i love te update so so much ji

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Awesome update !!
I'm glad maan knows what geet was keeping inside !
Hopefully we get the old sherni geet back and the lovers win !!
Update soon !

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