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Originally posted by -bharti-

Beautifully explained,  i thoroughly enjoyed the fab5 fight, not in a mean way but something which was bound to happen with harshad alya dhruv triangle.   Except that i cant digest easily how manik takes it so casually nandini,s presence in his home,  not a hint of shock surprise or confusion.  Its as if she was supposed to appear disappear anytime anywhere with him Big smile 
and ooh YES how can i forget abhi nandini convo,  long time due, poor girl Ouch
Yes i also thought exactly that..he's so comfortable with her presence in his home...how she got in..the way she's hiding..nothing surprises him. He's just happy she's there. They are at ease with each other's touch..at ease with everything related to each other. They behave like besides them there is noone else in the room. They behave like they belong together. Are they already behaving like a couple and that too a married couple-the comfort level they share make you feel that. Will they have a live-in relation in future, since they are too young to get married and as KYY deals with all current youth issues. But Nandini's too traditional.  Why did they have to end the scene there specially when they will continue only after two days. 

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@lostmymusic, @charminggenie  so well-explained. Always a treat to read your sensible, rational, 'logical'Smile observations. In today's episode, could see the story shaping once again. All the characters, their issues-conflicts were shown. Cabir's reaction was just right and so real:Stay with your best friend and also call your ex-girlfriend. so genuine. Manik's response real again:They will understand. Subtle, spontaneous and genuine.  Loved it. Substantial episode.  But when it comes to Manik-Nandini scenes, their romance, it always feels less. Why don't they extend the show's duration to 40-45 minutes. 20-25 mins for Manan and the rest for the remaining cast and story. 

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Originally posted by shefni

well if there are posts like this for back to back episodes, it is so gonna be a happy place in Ky2 land and forum. Ditto that. It is a lovely post and reading it all gave me all sorts of good feels and vibes. Your post is no less lovely. Now back to the episode, progress progress everywhere.The story is finally moving forward and the changing dynamics are such a treat to the eyes.I am in awe with the writing, for it brings in such conflicts and contrast ,that pinpointing what is right and wrong is all smudgy. Yes..seems like it's been so meticulously written. All of them seemed right and all their reactions justifiable. There if i was all sympathising with Cabir and mukti, alya showcased that she be in  no less pain to be ignored.Her turmoil added with the guilt of betraying her own brother has taken a toll on her ,with the blood bond dominating the understanding friend .Bang on did it come out that the fab5 were no less cruel than harshad.If it was all a game of tit for tat , then harshad being the sole loser in the end doesnt sit well with her. Her situation I can understand..but Cabir and Manik landed in hospital but Harshad was in one piece even after Manik decided to teach him a lesson. As audience it is evident that harshad be the incarnation of vile and revenge, but for alya it was her brother who is now in the path of redemption. Harshad loves his sister nevertheless as once Mukti pointed out that the only real and positive emotion that he has is his love for Alya and I just hope that changes him in the future. I am so excited to know as to how this is gonna play out for the group and how long is it gonna be before we get a yaariyan wala group hug...though personally it does feel lame...sometimes. We witnessed their huddle no when they welcomed Manik after his discharge from hospital. Reminds me of the show FRIENDS. They always used to do that.
Nandhini and abhi scene was perfection.Finally prayers answered with somebody there to  listen to nandhu.How beautiful was it that the sight of stars didnt stir up disgust or hurt in nandhu but brought about a beautiful memory...finally she did associate it with some good happy memories.And her view about love , a dreamboat through the canals of venice, Love the metaphor-dreamboat through canals of Venice.nice well isnt love about the journey through mighty seas and raging storms. 'Its not love if it doesnt hurt" time to associate herself with that.She needs to realise that it's not the love that brings in all pain but the distance and refusal of it that is bringing in ruckus and despair. Exactly,  the distance from it is the cause of her misery. On the contrary, Love is the star to guide the lost and wandering lover through stormy waters of life.(reference to 'Marriage of True Minds'-Shakespeare's sonnet.) Quote: Love is not love, which alters when it alterations find or bends with the remover to remove: O, no! Love is an ever-fixed mark, That looks on tempest and is never shaken; Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks Within his bending sickle's compass comes, 

Manik has always found his anchor in nandhu through hard times, Very True again. and yet again, i give the same reference: Nandu and her love, the star to her ever wandering bark-Manik.[It's said that if a ship is wandering and possibly lost. it can find it's position by reference to the Pole Star] if not ,its some rash decisions that create even more problem.With none to aid, no surprise, that 'spot' had to be his saviour and the unintentional calling and cutting the call, fate has it's own twisted game. Cutting the call thinking it may have not got through but hoping that she would call back..aww..manikEmbarrassed .These two drive each other insane .And the last scene nandhu doesnt take nonsense, sneak into the house and have your spy glasses on *fangirlin her guts*, love has shed such new shades onto her.Hmm..soha is entertaining in this context , but in near future how is her character gonna shape up holds much interest for me.Is she gonna be reduced to meer pyschotic obssessed vamp or something lighter and merrier is to be noted. Oh please no, no obssessed vamp please. As if Harshad's obsession with revenge was already not enough. In any other show, don't care but not in KYY. Puhleez no. Let her be mature God. On the sidenote the way she calls nandini 'nans' is amusing I like the nickname-gives a friendly vibe. and manik needs to get a better security.LOL 
LOL LOL LOL Really, Gud one. He definitely needs to beef up his security for who knows how many Sohas could be out their to 'check out' their hottie, all assuming he's up for grabs. Embarrassed

Interesting, lovely and beautiful post. Liked the way you write. 

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Lovely post.
Fab5 mean everything to Manik but sadly Manik doesn't mean a thing to them..Cry.Ouch only thinking about themselves...Nandu too views love through rose-tinted glasses...Manik is truly alone. This episode was quite a revelation !

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Originally posted by lostmymusic.

Originally posted by charminggenie

Maisu makes a post , so that means happiness without any painDay Dreaming But if it doesn't hurt, it's not love LOL Painful, but true.

Dhruv- This has been my problem with him, in our head he is suppose to be the voice of reason , but of-late and probably in introspect , it seems all his actions were very immature. i commend him from taking a side, it is very natural but the way he approached it and doesn't show sensitivity towards Cabir or Mukti's issue makes me wonder if he is ever capable of looking at the bigger picture. He again tried to hush Mukti, save her but she doesn't need it . She was infront of her friends who are her family, so why will she need a cover. Now that one looks at it , Dhruv needs a lot of growing up still, clearly the heart-break was superficial and cut short his journey, he needs a conflict to come on his own. 

I think his heartbreak with Nandini did bring in some growth in him. I know I saw some marked difference in him post the rejection. But I agree, it's not enough for him. Dhruv doesn't have those "leadership" kind of skills where one brings in equation all the different factors and then come to a conclusion. Right now his heart is swayed by Alya hence his siding with her. And as was said about Dhruv, he really isn't shown as someone who's too awfully close with either Mukti or Cabir. His silent character from the initial days make it seem like he's in Fab5 solely because of Manik. There's no special bond that he shares with Mukti or Cabir on an individual level. After Manik, only Alya is the one he's gotten this close to. Hence he sees everything from her side and fails to acknowledge Cabir and Mukti's side of the story and their pain. And it's a perfectly human thing to do. We are not free of bias when it comes to situations where choices are to be made.  It's completely alright and justified of him to want to protect Alya from any kind of hurt and fix things for her. It's the first time he's doing such a thing so blunders like these are to be expected. Dhruv as a character needs so much more time to grow up. This situation is proof of that. And hopefully a chance for him to grow.
Dhruv used to step up for Nandini too in the initial days of their friendship and admiration. But Manruv are not the same. The way they used to sit on the stairs and have a heart-to-heart. And is Dhruv managing his attacks on his own now. When Manik was hospitalized, he was shown to be popping pill after his headache. I guess he's growing up and becoming independent, but I miss the expression of the affection that was there earlier between them, so much so that, I used to read posts about them looking more adorable together than Manan initially. But i guess, that with times. things change. They still are friends, but i guess their ways of expression have changed..something feels different. I guess, then they were kids and so much has happened that they had to start growing up. But why the distant vibe, the feeling that they are growing apart?

Alya- I see her point. It's blood. No matter what her brother did in the past, this ever hopeful girl will always fall for his manipulations because he is the only one left. No matter what they had , they still sought each other out alone in the house. He was an assurance. So it is good that all these years of pent-up dilemma that she has gone through has come out like this . She needed this otherwise somewhere she would have remained conflicted and guilty all her life. The accusations of her brother for betraying blood would have resonated in her ears. So whatever be the case, glad that she took it all out and didn't mince words. Heat of the moment, but she is desperate, she cannot see why it is so hard to forgive and forget this time, especially when they have given their own brand of justice too.

Alya's intentions are right, it's just the way she's wording them that she is facing such extreme reaction. She wants her brother a free man but expecting her friends to forgive him like the matter is over is something that can't be digested well by the victims of Harshad's antics. She was right when she said that Fab5 did pay it back to Harshad without holding back but she fails to see that the consequences of Fab5's actions weren't as severe as the one Cabir and Mukti have to bear. But the Alya facing them is Alya the sister, not a best friend. She went to them as her brother's attorney. She is two completely extreme things at one time. The side bound with Harshad by blood had to take over one day or the other. And no better way that a family crisis to test one's loyalty to blood...Very true. When blood calls, you have to answer.  Not that water has a poor consistency, it can be quite good, but Almost always, blood is thicker than water. Time teaches you that.  But you need both to live, to survive.

Mukti - She has also repeatedly fallen for Harshad's manipulations , till not so long ago this girl too was dependent on pills to numb him out. So I am on one hand glad that she is over it and can see through his lies, yet sort of disappointed that she coudn't see how badly caged Alya is in her brother's web. If it was pills for Mukti , it is blood for Alya.

Everyone is so consumed in their own pain or mission to properly register what the other is going through. It was always hard for Mukti to consider someone else's position, this even Abhi said about her. She's too busy in her own misery. And it really doesn't take a second to get her temper flaring. Plus, her temper is very harsh. She didn't give a second thought to Alya's position before calling her stupid for falling for Harshad's trick. Mukti only sees Alya the sister when she's blaming Harshad for her ruined state. But she doesn't recognize Alya the sister when Alya comes to her appealing for her brother. Tab she only wants Alya the bestfriend talking to her. She wants Alya to act according to her convenience, that's her way of surviving. But she has got to learn that humans aren't like that...they can be two things at once.
'Jab musibat aati hai to charo oar se aati hai'. It's very disheartening that the friends, the people who used to bail out each other, used to be each other's strengths, are all lost in their own miseries, overwhelmed by their own problems; unable to be there for each other. As a result all are suffering and all are suffering alone. That is the saddest part-all alone. It's good that they are all finding someone else from outside their group to lean on..guide them..help them..can happen only in fiction though, not in reality. In real life, you are all alone.
Yes Alya is a best friend as well as a sister. Humans play so many roles in their lifetime all at once..prioritising and trying to balance each one. But Mukti has only played the role of a lover and a friend. And after her betrayal, she has been only lived as a friend. That's why she tried to commit suicide when that one relationship that she was left with, her only world was put at stake. [just remembered Harshad saved her from doing that. Then it felt, that every cloud has a silver lining. But now it seems like the dementors are trying to suck out his soul. Alya, save him, like not from jail..but be his soul's saviour.]

he is bitter , he is wronged and he can never forgive Harshad. And I am glad he finally said it . That and also admitted that he cannot joke his way out , he needs his own respect , life and be his own person. I am happy he gave it back and didn't held back to Alya because he is not wrong, he is fair in airing out his hurt. He hasn't done it , he has been joking , struggling but he needed this. 
He also took it out on Dhruv, because he understands that Manik wil always side with Dhruv. For a moment he felt hurt, betrayed and frustrated. He called out on Manik's hands be tied here.

Cabir also has that added suffocation that his friends don't actually get his hurt. They saw the scars of his body and flared up. But they haven't registered the internal pain that he is going through by losing his two most beloved people one after the other. Heck, Fab5 haven't even so much as said Raghav's name in front of him, pretending that he didn't exist. Now they are sympathizing with Cabir for what his mother did to him but they don't understand that despite all this, he still loves and wants his mother very much. He jokes and humors them as a way to pass the day. But when he's all alone, things are bound to come crashing down on him. Add this to the way he was asked to let go of everything and release the reason for all his misery out of jail, he was bound to snap and lash out. He has every right to call Alya whatever because it's the first time he's taking it all out, he didn't want to hold back. But he still chose to walk away rather than stay, have a war or words and make matters worse. What hurt him the most was seeing Manik swaying towards one side. He was right in calling Manik out on that because he's really tired of being overlooked on an individual level.

That is the whole tragedy of life. That the people who love you are more worried about your physical condition than your internal pain. It can be annoying, irritating and really despairing. Sometimes your insides maybe screaming but noone hears that. But you can't blame them for it's difficult to see internal pain unless its finds some kind of external manifestation. But then you have to also understand that this manifestation is related to the internal hurt. And that can happen only if you are really tuned to that person and if you are not preoccupied with issues of your own. 
What you pointed out about Cabir, had felt the same way about Manik a few episodes back. Nandini was so concerned about his hand..his physical hurt while not being able to see how much he was hurting inside...pining, longing for her, desperately needing her. And that about her, must be annoying Manik. While Manik realised the extent of her pain coz she expressed it and it was before him to see that.  Unlike Manik's agony, which was not expressed before her. All he could utter was a single sentence, when she punched him: that he also went through the same pain. Only if she was able to sense his the extent of his internal hurt; coz if she felt so much for his external injury, had she seen him after Dhruv's revelation and post breakup, drowning his miseries with a bottle in his hand and his heart-wrenching breakdown, his scream of angst and extreme pain, there's no way she would have been able to ignore or not feel his pain. For how well she used to understand his unspoken pain, once upon a time, when he had lost his temper on knowing that she knew Cabir's secret. Still remember her words-Manik is in so much pain, even though he had not said anything about how he was feeling.  And then his voice,  his expressions used to tell her that he was worried and she never used to rest until she had found out the cause and eased his stress in her own ways. But now she is herself in pain and unable to look beyond  her own suffering.  
Cabir's reaction was totally justified. And again Ayaz walks away with the trophy for his potrayal today.  Your explanation of his behavior-very fair and rational.  I can feel that extra love for him when you speak of him[please read love and not bias]. Could be a wrong observation on my part but felt the strong affection and empathy for him in your words. 

He could sense the difference, he stood silent and let them shout it out. He was not taking sides, nobody asked for his opinion , nor did he forced his. TYet he could see them crumbing. This Manik is aware that his promise to Dhruv is all exclusive about him- it shouldn't be brought in when others are involved.  
Him sitting on the chair, made him suddenly seem too old, he was restless, confused and he needed his sanity which is what Nandini is his life. Nandini The light, the guide to help him navigate this helplessness, desperation and she is someone infront of whom he can share his worries, sadness and just break-down. This is why his finger stopped at her number. Rest fate handled.

Because that is Manik. He doesn't force anything, he knows when to speak up and when to step down that's like Parth that comes across in his interviews when it comes to KYY.  when it comes down to Fab5. He gets his family the best and knows how to handle them. But no one actually knows how to handle him. His everything is Fab5 and when his everything is going through a crisis, who can he turn to? It's a blessing and somewhat of a curse. Nandini was the perfect break for him. Two ears who'd listen to his problems with a neutral POV, a mouth which won't say empty words to sooth him but tell him what he needed to hear, an existence so far away from his everything but still like the air that he wanted to breathe. If he's no longer got her to turn around to, his suffocation wouldn't really allow him to live. Nandini is truly his sanity-someone whose presence keeps him sane in the most extreme and trying circumstances, someone who keeps him and his world NORMAL. She's his OXYGEN and how you can not suffocate without oxygen.

I loved , loved this scene. 
Nandini needed to confine it all in someone and hear a different perspective. Somebody from her side, who can break it down in her language. So when Abhi says love and logic are different , it clicks. She processes and then comes with her parents' impression of love. But thats the thing it is a memory , her impression , surely their love had it's up and down. Glad how Abhi too called out on courage, because you just don't give up if there is an obstacle . Especially Nandini, who has fought so hard to be where she is. She thinks it's been too painful, the fact is she is clouded by that night's memory to really rewind or take in the happiness she gets from his presence around her. She cannot define it hence she is confused about her inability to move away.
True, they were stuck in this impasse , they needed external voices to get the wheels churning,which is why we see Manik again reflecting on nandu's actions. She on the other hand is sub-consciously marking him as her own and he is allowing her. Somewhere they will talk and express it all.

Nandini only has her parents' perfect marriage as her reference point but she hasn't come to the terms that perfection and 'sab acha hai' is just an idea which doesn't exist in the real world. But still her parents were a different generation as her Chacha-Chachi. And that generation did have more share of perfect marriages than the current one. Usually for kids their parents marriage is the standard/the ideal relationship for them. Of course they might have their ups and downs or more so quarrels/arguements that Nandu and her sibling might have been shielded from, but nevertheless the lasting quality of it made it perfect and true love. For that which lasts is love, true love. She needs to be told that ideas about love and love in reality are two very different things. Agree..her idea about love..fireflies glowing..the theory although has proved true till now but still it's more like a fairytale. Abhi is the perfect person for that. Because he isn't just a smooth talker. She was surprised to see Abhi trying so hard for Mukti. But isn't that Nandini? Isn't that how she got close to Manik? By stubbornly refusing to take him on his face value and repeatedly addressing the good in him, isn't that how she got to see the Manik she so helplessly fell for? The memory of her repeated pain has made her forget all that. But she's now slowly being reminded of that, and I'm sure she'll get more flashes of this much needed remembrance. This love of hers with Manik is her way of growing up from the girl who clings to her parents' version of happiness and instead make her own definition of happiness and love. Only if her parents were there to tell her what was the recipe for their happiness things would have been easier for her, she could have benefited from their experience, but now she would have to find out on her own...through her trial and errors..by committing her share of mistakes and learning from them. But she still needs a helping hand, a guide which Abhi seems to be providing. Good.

Soha thing is amusing, I like how she sets up the game between these two. I like the way she always cheerful and smiling. Not Soha, but Jasmine. Soha, I still have to see her reactions on knowing that Manik is really, not even remotely interested in her. Then only her character will be unravelled. But yes, she is amusing. Her scenes with Manik turn out to be funny.

I like when they give sense to conversations, heartening to know that whatever we wish these characters to be , they are turning out to be more or less exactly like that. Bliss . 

Word to that. I was really so happy seeing such heartfelt conversation filled scenes today. Not much action but the much needed words taking the center stage today.

Fingers crossed and waiting for more such episodes

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Originally posted by piyu008

well said..i too loved abhini...i donno how long i have been waited for this moment..she was careless ,free..looks like she trusts him n vl be bff with him..hayee  i jst love abhi..(Manan is by default first choiceWink ) but abhi is really something ...m liking his positiveness Embarrassed..aaj use screen space de k CV's ne khush kr diyaBig smile

Is he related to Nandu? Did he call Nandu's chachi bua or aunty? The way they just land up at each other's home anytime, that's how friends are. They can come over without notice and from that informal action/gesture comes kinship and intimacy, and a growth in affnity-Apnapan. 

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