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Sadda Haq Season 2
Sadda Haq Season 2

VidArth Historical Story ||THE ARRESTING REVERENCE||

Jin. IF-Rockerz

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         "Could I hold the face of beloved once more?
      I would thank God until the day of resurrection."

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Jin. IF-Rockerz

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Dedicated to Moony. I wrote this in half an hour few days back. I though I'll proof read after I'll get siggy made but I havent yet. Please don't be harsh on me.

Chittagong, 1850

Celebrating the new annexation, Duke of Grey Rubel's family shifted to the same palace which was taken over and in whose hall the lavish English cocktail party is being thrown. The palace underwent a total revamp since their shift, the bright red embroidered drapes were replaced with soft peach netted ones, the lighting was drastically dimmed and scented candles took place of oil lamps. The chandeliers were specially ordered from Portugal and the furniture from Italy made up of rose wood graced their seating area. The party hall was adorned with exotic flowers that gave the candles a run for their money in aroma exhibition. But it wasn't the lavish decorum or free flowing champagne that high collar guests were eager for. All had only one question. Where is Duke Rubel's new wife?

And there she comes, regally dressed in impeccable red gown made of pure silk, low cut at her bust, which was frilled heavily at her waist and flowing freely on the ground. Her hair is molded into several oval knots and held firmly into a place by a matching broach and a picture hat. Holding the gown gracefully Dutchess Vidushi Rubel walked down the aisle straight to the Duke.

"My Lord," she said as she bowed down in his honour.

If only they hadn't knew beforehand that she is an Indian, they could have easily mistaken her as one among them. Duke Rubel took her hand into his. She could feel his warmness beneath the black lacy glove she wore and felt shy when he placed a kiss on it. She couldn't believe that she is now a Duchess. And for this she hadn't paid much price than manipulating and marrying a middle aged Duke who took over her kingdom, much against the chagrin of her family and honeymooning with him in Britain. Anything for survival and power, she sighed.

She wasn't quintessentially beautiful but her charm was magnetic. Strongly magnetic; having capacity to entrap the man in a quagmire on whom she wishes to lay her smoked with kohl hazel eyes. The other Dukes who were to make a mockery out of Duke Rubel for marrying an Indian Princess were now seething in jealousy. Her seductively swimming eyes, speech, grace and hospitality and humour and wit, already made half the men lust for her. Changing partners in the grand ball dance had them flying in clouds and at her feet psychologically at same time. And the most interesting fact, that she did not shiver or feel uncomfortable at their eye rapes. That challenged their male egos and made them want her more. And the one person who could make her shiver hasn't arrived yet.

She retired in her room when men were having a private aftermath. She was upset as she pulled down the pins in her hair and set her locks loose on her shoulders.

"May I have a dance with you my beautiful lady?" she heard a melting chocolate voice behind her. She didn't need to turn around to see the owner of the voice, for she knew him too well.

"I'm drained out on my levels Knight Kashyap. Better luck next time," she said without turning back and busy giving her hair a customary hundred strokes. But he noticed her catching his glimpses on the mirror for fraction of second and smirked.

Unlike the expensive silk and velvet embroidered waist coat and breeches of Duke Rubel, Knight Parth Kashyap has worn a long quilted cloak and a dagger swung at his waist. His hair cut short in military style. His sharpness of his jaw is visible under his sandpaper like stubble that always sets her spicy milked cheeks on friction when he bullies her with his sarcastic jabs.

"So I have upset you, my grace," he held his hand at his heart and said in courteousness. But chivalry is the last thing she needs from him. She had enough of that for the night and now she only wants him to sweep her off her feet.

"Indeed Knight Kashyap. If only you would kneel down and ask for forgiveness," she said raising from the chair and putting her comb on the dressing table. Her wicked hazel eyes were just the same as he saw for the first time few months ago. He came to Chittagong to collect the taxes for the Company when he was distracted continuous by the flashes of light. As he looked up he saw that they were reflections from her diamond earrings. And then he saw the eyes between those diamonds. He instantly knew that she wasn't lady-like as the other values and culture instilled Indian women. She was different, determined and deliciously dangerous. A danger which he loved to take up on himself in the form of sneaking into the palace at night. She recognized him instantly as she deliberated tried to gain his attention by flashing her earrings. What followed was a passionate intimacy between a Knight banished by his own people for working with British and a shrewd widowed Princess who needs a touch badly. And when two incomplete souls meet, it was explosion. No questions asked.

"Spare me the grace my lady, but I would never kneel down for forgiveness before you. If only I had to then it will be for rubbing my tongue over your..."

"God Forbid!" she closed her ears on his dirty talks and he made his way to the bed laughing his stomach out.

He threw his cloak and stretched his legs on Duke's bed as if it's his own. He looked at her in a devilish gaze that now made her shiver. She always made her way out of situations cunningly but if there is one man who is too clever for her it is Knight Parth Kashyap. That is what makes her adore him and adulate him.

"You are something else you know that?" he said in whisper.

"A lady who can sleep with a stranger within a month of her husband's demise and continues illicit relationships with him after getting married to a Duke for power is indeed something else," she said as she unhooked her gown and making it fall on the floor. Now only in her shimmy she went to the cupboard for a bottle of brandy.

"Power? I doubt that. If that was the reason then you would have picked up wine now instead of brandy."

"Whatelse it could be?" she said as she poured it in a glass.

"I would say security. Survival." He got serious. "You know Vidushi, we both are alike. You felt it is better to marry a Duke and lead a luxurious life than to get entangled in freedom struggle and I boycotted the double standard traditions for the survival. My own family, people call me a traitor. And they were right too. I know how many atrocities I committed against my own countrymen."

"What is wrong with you Parth? All this suddenly..?" she was concerned.

"Are we doing right?"

His question startled her. But she always believed ruling the hell is better than serving in heaven. And Parth is the one who made her believe it. They are sinners, conspirators, villains. While others are dying they are leading a lavish life. No she won't think of it. Nor she will let Parth's thoughts drift. They are each other's only thread of humanity. She kissed him coldly. Dizziness swept inside him and he had goosebumps. His aggressive little cat pounced on him wiping out everything from his mind and awakening the animal in him. Tearing off her shimmy he made an erotic turn bringing her now below him. Discarding his clothes he went aggressive on her and he encouraged her too. This is one thing she loves about him. He is insistent, unlike the other men she slept with who were ever so chivalrous on bed and she had to lie like a typical decent lady like a dead body. But with Parth she can shed all her inhibitions and give wings to her desires. She enveloped her knees around his waist and strived to bring him inside her. But as their skins brushed he retraced back, teasing her and making her faint in anticipation. He covered her mouth with his so as to stop her screaming on what followed next.

The candles in the room melted long ago, still they weren't done yet.

"Parth, why is this darkness today?" she said when on top of him. "May be this is the last time."

She jolted up, quivering, the wrapper that covered her back fell and she instead of feeling cold was hot with fear.

"Why did you say that?" she pulled his hair like a child.

"Ouch! It was joke, Duchess. Forgive me!" he said with a wink.

"It better be!" she warned him and slept on his chest.

His rhythmic heartbeats soothed her mind as she is convinced that she managed to distract him. But for how long?

The dusk fell and dawn broke. She is still on him and he is still in her. Yet they did not seem unseparable.

"Vidushi?" he called her gently stroking her hair.


"You ok?"

"Never been better," she said with a blush.

"I love you." He said finally.

She looked at him in a jerk. It wasn't a moment a happiness because she remembers a conversation few months back.

What am I to you?' he asked when he met her first time after she married the Duke.

'I will tell you when I feel I won't meet you again' she said indicating that they would continue their night escapades. He said that he would do the same in a challenge.

And he said it today. What does he mean?

"Parth?" and then it did strike her, "No, you aren't going to revolt against the Company."

"Because I'm in love. And love teaches you to be devoted."

"Then I don't want your love," she is in tears, "I would rather glory in your lust."

He kissed her forehead softly.

"Hey, don't cry. Send me as you'd send a hero. Kiss me goodbye. And if I come back alive, I will take you with me. And I promise you, I won't enter from the window or the backyard but from the entrance of this grand palace, doesn't matter how many challenges I have to face."

"You are crazy! You want me to elope with you. I will never do that!" she said sternly in tear eyes. She isn't a fool to depart with luxuries of a palace and power of a Duchess and wander in poverty and threat all her life. And Parth? Does he realize the consequences of running way with a Duke's wife?

"You will. Keep your reverence on me and don't break mine."

He stood up to go. She tried to stop him, pleaded with him, gave him all the logics and threatened him with sentences. But he seemed to make up his mind.

He pulled her close and kissed her as his last, but she pulled away.

"Get your hands off me you scoundrel! I hate you!"

"You don't."

"Oh I do. Hope you go to hell and get barbecued for breaking my heart and.. and.."

"Don't bother. I got the idea of your not so lady-like mind." He smirked at her tears and suddenly pulled her through her hairs violently and kissed her making her lips bleed as his last mark on her.

She tried to hate him, despise him for abandoning her for sudden charms of patriotism but failed. His love gradually arrested her out of her wicked worldly wishes. She changed for good and the last sin she committed was killing the Duke with overdose of opium cleverly shedding crocodile tears of misery infront of the Company. For all the reverence she had for Parth she couldn't let the Duke kiss her or touch her where Parth did. Sometimes she wished he should have just deserted her and not speak of taking her way so that she wouldn't know what happened to him. But since he did she had no choice but to swim her eyes at the entrance always, "I love you too Parth. And I'll be waiting for you."




 ---edited for grammatical errors. And proofread and PMs sent. If you like it comment and tell me you want any other story of your concept or genre. I'll pen down---



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shreyad27 Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 8:36am | IP Logged
Plsss post it soon m waiting :)
SangRegal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2014 at 6:31am | IP Logged
Squeee! I'm an absolute histofreak!!!!
update this quick yaar
shreyad27 Goldie

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Posted: 27 December 2014 at 6:43am | IP Logged
Haa plss m also waiting :)
sakina1267 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2014 at 11:03am | IP Logged
Me too waiting... do pm me when you update please
SangRegal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 8:19am | IP Logged
I loved it. 
The way you have described the characters,  the scenario,  the mood. 
Is perfect. 

will comment in detail soon.
aimy. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 11:45pm | IP Logged

What have you done,Tich???

I saw this update yesterday night,just before shutting my computer down. Thought will read it roughly once then and thorough reading can be done later.

Guess what? I was in tears towards the end. Is this supposed to make one emotional?? I don't know. And it was just a rough reading. I kind of got involved in the story w/o even knowing!

The lovestory of Princess Vidushi and Knight Kashyap is so surreal. There is something pure, something innocent about it. For the 1st time in my life,I believe the saying "Everything Is fair in love and war". Yes. Everything is!

I absolutely enjoyed reading this.

What is it going to be?A Short Story??

Thank you for this! :) 

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