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TaaRey SS-tum hi ho (Page 9)

Iman_taarey Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -AnyDestiny-

Firstly sorry..
Main to bhool gyi thi ki mujhe isse unres bhi krna h..
Now coming to update..
It was vry good..
New ts..
Grt concept..
Awww TaNik..
Rey faint ho gya.. Shocked
Taani Rey ko punish karegi??
Exicted to know wat punishment will she give..? Big smile
Now I unresed.
U better update now..!

sorry cutipie Angry
acha meri adat lagae na bhulne ki LOL
glad u liked it
kal pakka update karugi
now m sorry Ouch

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Iman_taarey Goldie

Joined: 28 March 2014
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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 11:57pm | IP Logged
hi guys here i come with 2nd chapter n i m changing this ts to ss this chapter is dedicate my swthrt hiralluvtaarey guys m sorry if d chapter is borring coz i have wrote it 3rd time plz maaf karde na boring hua tu thank u for liking n commenting i have replied to comment in page 5-9 love u all n plz avoid one line comment plz ok now enough of my bak bak here u go with chapter

Chapter 2

In morring rey got up n was confussed to see himself in some other room he then he turn to other side n saw some1 sleeping waring monkey cap he got scared n shouted "bhoot bacho bhoot" by hearing his voice swayam who was warin monkey cap got up n saw rey whose eyes were red due to crying n hairs were full messy n got scared even he shouted "bhoot bachaoo" both of them got up from bed n started running n shouting "bhoot" "bhoot"

at same time tani came to kitchen n saw it was full messy she went inside but fell down coz of water n flour which was in container was spread all over her she got up n heard some voice n got scared she took one knife which was their n went inside the kitchen inside kitchen manik was searching for some food n made a mess in kitchen when he dnt got anything he started to do some experiments with vegitable in result all the veggies were on his her n some flour on his face he was doing something with knife when tani came n kept her hand on his shoulder he turn to her both saw each other n got scared

they both heard some1 shouting "bhoot" they saw each other n got scared n started running shouting "bhoot" "bhoot" "bachoo bhoot" they both came out of kitchen n reyam came out of swayam room running n shouting they four saw eachother taayam were facing eachother rey n manik were facing eachother "bbbhhhooottt bhagoo bhoot" swayam shouted n again 4 started runing in whole house for sometime they stoped n saw eachother again shouted "bhoot" n started running at last tani was tired she sat on sofa n saw 3 of them running she go irritated coz of voice n shoutd "stop" 3 of them stoped "are a tu tani ki awaz hai"said rey "kya bhoot tani ki awaz mai baat kar raha hai bhagoo"said manik all started to run again bt tani said "stop it a orginal tani ki awaz hai stop 3 of u" all stoped n saw at tani

"god now tell me kun ho tum sab " asked tani "manik "said manik when she came near him tani nodded n went to swayam "swayam" sawyam said "apne a monkey cap kyu peni hai"asked tani confussingly "vo mujhe raat ko cold lag rahi thi eslia"said swayam tani nodded n went to rey "rey"said tani without letting him saw anything both looked at eachother n got lost in eachother eyes tani heart broke into 1000 peices by seeing rey in that condition both came to sense by fake cough of swayam ROFL rey cursed swayam for braking his small moment with tani but soon he recalled his breakup a small tear escaped from his eye but he soon removed it befor any1 notice

"mai yaha kya kar raha hu " asked rey breaking d silence "vo kal raat tu ese fainted mila rood mai so a yaha le aya tujhe"said swayam pointing at manik "oh thank u" said rey to manik "ur welcome" said manik smiling again silence came in hall "i think mujhe nikal na chahia"said rey swayam nodded "vo mobile n key"asked rey "mere room mai hai"said swayam rey went to swayam room after he went tani swayam n manik sat on sofa tani remembered something n looked at mank n said "manik tu kitchen mai kya kar raha tha" " mujhe bhook lagi thi tu mai khane chalagaya"said manik "etni bhi kya bhook lagi thi ki tune mere kitchen ki a halat kardi" said tani angryly "huh oh hello madam raat ko kuch khane dia tumne ate hi plate me tere kuch asuo ke sath plan deke chaligae use hi pait bhar lu mai"said manik "tu mujhe nahi bul sakta tha kya hye krishnaji meri kitchen ki halat dekhu"said tani angryly "oh plz shut up"angry manik said "u shat up idiot kahi ka"tani said "idiot kun idiot"manik said angryly "tu"said tani "shut up both of u jst shup up" shouted swayam irritated "but bhai mera kitchen"cried tani "kuch nahi hua kaka saaf kardege abb chup donu chup"said swayam "idiot kahi ki/ka" tani n manik mummred rey came out from room "bye " he said n saw tani for last time but she was ignoring him

after rey went tani said "waise manik tujhe subha meri awaz malum nahi hue kya tu bhoot karke chilane laga""aree samaj na tere aur bhoot ki awaz mai kya farak bilkul same to same" said manik n ran to his room "youuu tu tu gaya mr manik shikhawat" said tani n strome to her room "in donu ka kuch nahi husakta pata nahi colg mai inko mai kaise sambha luga swayam bata tu tu gaya kaamse"said swayam n went to his room

after getting ready n having BF taanikyam (tani manik n swayam) were sitting on dinning table "bhai lets go"said tani angryly swanik(swayam n manik) got to kw she is v angry swayam looked at manik n manik nodded nt to worry "chaalee bhai"said tani again "ha ha chalu"said swayam 3 of them went down saw one white BMW standing outside tani smiled wildly n went near car n started to adore d car "kaisi lagi"asked manik both manik n swayam came near tani "ek dam mast hai"said tani n childis tone tani is v fantasy abt cars n manik v well kw that "acha tu a lu eski key tere lia laya tha"said manik "what yeh"jumped tani n hugged manik she tok d car key n sat in driver sit manik n swayam laughed at her n sat inside manik sat nxt to to tani n swayam back sit tani started to drive "so tani plan1 kya hai" asked swayam "plan one introducing manik n gang"tani said "hmm ok"said manik "bt manik ka bora naam to shikhawat hai na hame koe aur suchana chahia"sugested swayam "what abt kapoor"said tani "no ways"said maink "hmma malhotra"suggested swayam "haan a thikhai"aid manik "ok done said" tani till then reached collage

all in colg were shocked to see tani driving BMW n a new handsome boy with taayam ignoring them tani manik n swayam went to canteen they saw gang sitting in one table "plan1 excute"said tani swanik nodded al per plan tanik went to other table n swayam went to gang "whats up guys"said swayamn sat down gang looked at him n smiled then they looked tani n one1 sitting "aree swayam a tani ke sath kun hai" asked sharon rey who was not intrested in talk got in to talk he looked at tani tani n manik were talking n sitting closely which wasnt liked by rey "haan a kun hai tani ke sath"asked rey with pure jealous voice swayam said "aree vo manik rukko mai bulata hu use" he called manik manik came to their table n sat near swayam "a manik hai tani ka childhod bff" he introduced gang n manik "hi"said gang n manik to eachother "waise swayam tani yaha kyu nahi arahi hai i asked her to come but she said no"asked manik "vo kya haina manik tani is nt our friend n we dnt consider her also"said simmi hifi with vicky all excepy shareyam agreed manik god angry n was about to say something but swayam stoped him "ya right tani kisi ase waise logu ke sath friendship karti bhi nahi hai u kw yaha koe uski standard ka bhi nahi hai"said manik smirking swayam smiled at his answer vicky was about to saw something but stoped as he saw tani coming to them

tani came to manik n said "manik baby m so sorry mujhe jana hai as VP sir ne bulaya hai bhai app manik ko class room dekha dena mai duri der mai class ko ati hu bye" she was about to go but manik hild her hand n said "i wil miss u" " aww baby dnt worry mai jaldi ati hu il miss u too" saying so she slowly chase his check n from coner of her eye she saw rey who was looking damn pissed of by all this

after tani went even d3 left for RH n showed class room to manik in RH "what d hell was that did u se tani"said vicky "haan look how close she was with manik bara bolti hai i love rey abb kaha gaya love"continued simmi all except shareyam agreed "oh plz simmi vo tani ki life hai aur vo kuch bhi kar sakti hai waise bhi tani n rey ka breakup hugaya hai n its her choise n her wish"said swayam sngryly shocking every1 except sharey their "kya breakup kab hua"asked naha "kal" answerd rey acting normal but he only kws how much broken he is befor any1 could say anything tani came inside

"guys mujhe NDC ke bare mai kuch khana hai"said tani but was cut off by simmi "oh plz tani hum bar bar khachu ke hai ki hame ek non-dancer se dance ke bare mai kuch nahi suna"all except shareyam laughed but tani just smiled n said with attitude filled voice "god simmi plz dnt start us NON DANCER leature again bore huge hu yaar u kw a economics ke leature se bhi boring hai"all stoped laughing by her answer shareyam smiled at tani answer "waise i m here with a good news for u all as app sab a chate the ki apko ek dancer guide kare NDC ke lia as GS tu maine VP sir ko bola ki till NDC sharon will become GS i know u all r v happy"tani said no1 know how to react "n bhai u will be handling both CS n ACS duties till that" swayam nooded tani saw every1 shock face she went to simmi kept her han oh her sholder n said "i kw simmi ur v thankfull to but u dnt need to thank me i kw m great"saying so tani went out smirking swayam mentally laughed watching simmi face

"oh god was that tani"said rinni breaking the silence "she is so selfish yaar kal breakup hua n jst look at her not at all effected"continued nil "oh god nil tum logo ki problem kya hai first when she helping us u said dat non dancer thing n she is selfish bal bal n even now ur saying her selfish"said swayam irritatedly "but swayam just look at her kal uska breakup hua"said neha but was cut of by swayam "breakup hua tu kya tum log chate huki meri behan ek cone mai baith ke ro(cry) guys y ru after her so much i mean i kw meri behan depika ya katrina se kaam nahi hai eslia tum sab ko uski life mai kya huraha hai janne ka bahut shok hai but phir bhi jst leave her alone"said swayam shocking every1 further he continue "anyways m happy ki manik is back n tani has moved on from rey n m glad ki manik tani ke sath hamesha rahai ga"saying so swayam left every1 left from their only rey was left swayam words were ring in his ears "tani has moved on from rey" this scared rey to death he was scared to loss her "kya sach mai tani ne move on kardia no rey vo tujse bahut pyaar karti hai dnt worry jab use pata chale ga ki a sab tune uske lia kiya to vo tere pass vapas ajagi"said rey to himself


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Jasmine_ash Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 12:07am | IP Logged
Omg first part so funny :) I can't just stop laughing.
Ghost all where running ha ha ha
Superb part :)
Sibling fight cute one.
Poor SWAYAM going to be dead between Taani and manik.
Even though loggerheads manik so sweet he got hoh sis fav car.
Manik reply to gang hats off to him.
Prefect plan by trio.
SWAYAM answer to gang and Taani to simmi out of world.
Poor Rey scared but still determined.
Lovely cute and awesome update.
Thanks for pm :)

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MesmerizinArish IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 12:41am | IP Logged
Awesome update!
akira223 Senior Member

Joined: 23 November 2014
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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 12:50am | IP Logged
princess1926 Goldie

Joined: 25 March 2014
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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 1:12am | IP Logged
Awesowme update bulby...
Taani 's answer to simmi was jz too good..
Manik n Taani scene was nice as well
Finally swayam supported Taani..
Update asap
raddhi IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 October 2012
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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 1:13am | IP Logged
Starting was lol
Luv taayamnik bond
Thr is plan is good but
Kuch jaada nahi tha taani
& manik :/ anyways thanks for PM
angelshah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 1:25am | IP Logged
love taayamnik bond
love the way swyam answer everyone
loved it
cont soon

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