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Arshi SS ~Anmol~ Thread 2 link posted pg 134 On 6 May '15 (Page 74)

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Previous : Chapter 10



Part 11 :


Both Arnav and Khushi are feeling an inexperienced happiness. They are feeling like they are flying in air. Khushi for the first time feeling alighted, light hearted, feeling like above the world. She looked at the man, who is driving with a beautiful smile on his face. Suddenly she felt immense affection towards this man. She hugged him from back and kept her cheek on his nape. Feeling her sudden hug Arnav stopped the bike and looked back


"Khushi, are you okay?"


"Thank you Arnav Ji..." Khushi said without moving from her posture.




She pressed her cheek towards him and tightened her hold. Without saying anything Arnav stopped his bike on an isolated roadside. When he stopped the bike, Khushi got down and waited Arnav to park the bike and stand. Arnav held Khushi's shoulder and looked in to her wetted eyes


"Khushi..., are you... are you okay?" asked Arnav with so much concern in his eyes


Khushi hugged him lightly again and nodded her head


"Thank you Arnav Ji..."




"For being my friend, for being my support, for understanding me, for accepting me as whom and what I'm and thank you for everything" she whispered, trying to make him understand her gratitude


And, understanding her feelings he held Khushi in his arms and leaned on the bike to give her time to be normal and to come out from her emotional state


"I never guessed that I would have a great friend or a man in my life. Thanks you..."


"Then I think you never met a real man in your life"


Khushi looked at him surprisingly. Arnav winked at her with a naughty look in his eyes. Khushi smiled at his childish behaviour. Arnav looked at Khushi's smiling face and felt happy for being the reason for her smile. He said holding her hand


"I want to see you smile always. I wanted to be the reason for your smile. Khushi... I want to tell you one thing. The one thing is that - I think you already knew about it - my anger. Khushi I get angry very easily and I will be very worst in my angry state. In future, if... if... I shout at you in my anger or if I went out my anger on you without your mistake, please be with me. Don't be upset and sad. If you don't like me to shout at you, then you also shout at me or scold me or beat me, but please don't leave me Khushi... I need you in my life"


Khushi, putting her other hand on Arnav's hands which are on her hand, said "I never will feel bad Arnav Ji, because I think I know your original self, I think I know what you are, I think I know... I mean... I... I can understand your... your love for me. I won't feel bad"


Smiling at Khushi, he looked at his watch and said hesitatingly "Khushi... do you want me to leave you in your house?"


Khushi looked into his eyes for some time and said "What do you want to do?"


"I just want to do that what YOU want to do" said Arnav


"I just want to do that what YOU want to do" said Khushi smiling at him


Looked away at his right and look back at her while tilting his head slightly and raising his eyebrow, he said "Don't Khushi... don't say that... you don't know what I want to do. Trust me... you never wants to know... you can't hear..." he said winking at her


Khushi's eyes and mouth are widening in shock. She looked away understanding his meaning, a deep red adoring her cheeks. Smiling Arnav hugged her by side ways and said "Don't worry sweet heart... I won't strain you or hurt you more" he tried his tease little more


Khushi closed her face with her palms to hide her blush in front of him. She is surprised of her own reactions for Arnav's words. She never knew she will react like this for one man's words after whatever happened with her. But it felt right to her... Laughing loud Arnav held her little tightly and said "Relax... Khushi... relax..." he changed his tone to let her relax... once she relaxed and looked at him he said "By the way... Khushi... what are you thinking when I say those words? Umm? What did you think I want to do with you?" he just wants to tease her more. She looked at him with wide eyes and red colour creeping on her cheeks again. Seeing her expression Arnav also widened his eyes and said gasping "Huh... don't say that you were thinking that we both..." Khushi's face was full red by now "OH god... Khushi... I never knew you have a gutter mind... oh My God Khushi... you... you..." Arnav is not in a mood to leave her. He loved her reddened cheeks and shy smile in her eyes. Uh... man... I love her' he thought


"Arnav Ji, please..." she hid her face in his chest while closing her face with her palms.


Arnav hugged her back laughing loudly


"I love you Khushi... I love you so much... Oh God... I love you so much..." he kissed her top of head and held her in his hug. For some time they both stayed like that, living the moment and enjoying the feel and feeling each other. Then he said again "Khushi... I'm asking you again - what do you want to do now. Do you want me to leave you in your house?"


"For once, can't you do what you want?"


"I want to... but I don't want to make you uncomfortable"


"I will never be uncomfortable with you Arnav Ji... I don't want to go home now. I just want to spend some more time with you before we call it a day. Can we? Or do you have any work?" she can understand him at least this much. She knew, he wants to spend some more time before leaving


"Oh god... Khushi... that's what I want to do. I just want to spend my time with you as much I can. Frankly I just don't want to leave you now and want to take you with me now, of course by marrying you. I just need you in my life. So, as we both want the same, where do you want us to go?"


"I'm not that much aware of the good places Arnav Ji. Take me wherever you want, I will come with you" her small words left a strong impact on his heart. Holding her hand tightly he hopped the bike and drove towards the place he like much after making sure Khushi sat comfortably on the bike




"Arnav Jiii..." shouted Khushi making Arnav stop the bike in a jerk


"What's wrong Khushi? Are you okay?"


"Of course I'm fine... what would happen to me?" she is confused


"Then why did you shouted to stop me?" now he is confused


"Woh..." she showed her hand smiling sheepishly


He looked at the side she is showing and turned back to see her face.


"For that you shouted like this?" he asked


She nodded her head


"Unbelievable..." he muttered


"Please Arnav Ji... It's long time I ate ice cream... please..." she pleaded with childlike face making him melt


"Fine... let's go..." he took her inside the parlour


"Which one you want?"


"ONE????" she almost shouted


"What the!!! Why are you shouting like that again, and again...? What's wrong with your?"


"Are you saying I'm allowed to eat only ONE ice cream? Bau Ji always gave me so many..." a slight watery layer formed in her eyes


"No Khushi... I didn't mean to... I was just casually..." sighing deeply he said "Fine... eat how many you want. What flavour you want to eat?"


"Two of Vanilla and each one of other flavours" she smiled brightly looking Arnav, making him worried. But controlling his concern, he ordered the ice creams for both of them.


"Look, bring all the ice creams in smallest size you have here. And pack all the flavours in mini family packs, okay?"


Waiter nodded his head and left from there to bring the almost 9 flavours.


Khushi immediately started eating her ice creams one by one. She started with one Vanilla and continued with others leaving other vanilla for the end. Arnav never expected Khushi to eat these many ice creams at a time. He looked at her completely amused.


"Khushi... Umm... You... I mean... eat..."


"Ha... ha... patha hain... I can understand... yes, I eat much, but not all the time. I love to eat when I was so happy and I want to cook when I'm sad"


"So, now you are happy?"


"Of course I'm... thanks to you..." she said holding his hand.


Later Arnav tried his best to talk with Khushi, in other words he tried to make her talk, but she is completely engrossed in eating her ice creams. Little frustrated with her eating, he tried to hold her hand.


"DON'T DARE TO TAKE MY ICE CREAM" shouted Khushi startling Arnav. Arnav is little taken aback at her sudden outburst.


"Khu...shi...???" he looked at Khushi little shocked


Understanding where she is, with who she is and what she is doing, Khushi looked around and then looked at Arnav.


"I'm sorry..." she said sheepishly feeling embarrassed. Arnav looked at her amusingly


"Do you really think I'm taking your ice cream and you got angry on me?"


"No... I... I... actually I will get angry if anyone disturbs me when I was eating, I mean I feels like they are snatching my happiness. So, I lose my control and... I'm sorry"


Arnav laughed out loud seeing her expression and reddened cheeks.


"I'm sure... my life will be challenging journey with you. I can't wait more to face those challenges" he said slightly teasing her. After that they both talked and smiled at their heart content. Later they left from the parlour towards the place Arnav wanted to take her.


Later when they reached the outskirts and a small hill like place, Khushi was mesmerised by the beauty of the sunset. She lost herself in enjoying the sunset, where Arnav lost in the beauty of his soon to be wife. They sat there for long time talking nothing.


"This is amazing Arnav Ji... I loved this place"


"This is my favourite place. I used to come here, whenever I feel frustrated with office work or whenever I have to take an important decision. It helps me a lot. This is so serene. I feel at peace" said Arnav looking at the sky where sun took his leave


"I can understand, it's really so serene"


After sitting there for some more time, Arnav led Khushi towards his bike. He hopped the bike and going to start, but stopped by hearing Khushi's call. He looked around to see her calling him from some roadside shop.


"Khushi what are you doing there? Come we are getting late" he shouted back not moving from his bike. He couldn't understand how she went to that shop in this few seconds. Khushi came back and pulled him with her to that particular shop


"Bhayya Ji... two plates of golgappe"


"No Khushi... we are not eating here" he whispered in low voice only to her ears


"Why not?" Khushi looked at him with confusion


"It's won't be good if we eat here" he is hell worried about Khushi. From the morning she is eating a lot. He doesn't want Khushi to fell ill.


"No... we are eating"


"Khushi... till now, you ate a lot. I don't want you to fall sick. We can go out another day and eat all these. But for today... please..."


"Don't worry Arnav Ji... it's just mint water... it won't do any bad to my stomach" saying this she took the plates from the vender and gave one plate to Arnav and started eating. Arnav is beyond amused seeing her capacity of eating. He couldn't stop his smile seeing this side of her. He remembered Bua Ji's words She is not what we are seeing now. She was a bubbly, cheerful, intelligent, helping and easy taking girl' and good eater too - he thought smiling slightly. He silently thanked the God for bringing her back.


After finishing golgappes, Arnav led her towards the bike holding her hand, not to want her to fly to some other shop. When he started the bike she heard her again




"Not again..." he muttered. He is just surprised, not irritated


"Arnav Ji... woh... chan..." she looked at his serious face and continued "Koi bath nahi... we can eat them later I mean another day too... it's lllate Arnav Ji... we should be g..g..going... haina?" she smiled at him sheepishly and hopped the bike


Arnav couldn't understand what just happened. He shook his head smiling at her antics. After peaceful ride on bike with her mutterings, they reached Khushi's house.


"Good night Khushi... I will miss you... I love you..." he said looking at eyes


"Good night Arnav Ji... I will miss you too..." she said, Arnav didn't expect more than that. He knew she needed some time. He smiled at her and pushed her little towards the house. After stepping some feet Khushi turned and came back to Arnav and said "thank you so much everything Arnav Ji. This is best day in my life. I never ever will forget this day till my last. Thank you so much for entering into my life. I'm so happy today... I can't tell you how much happy I'm feeling today. Just give me some time to come to you as you wanted, just some time... please..." she held his hands


"Hush... don't... I know Khushi... take your time. There is no urgency, I will and I can wait for you. I just want us to be comfortable with each other. BTW... I think I can understand how much happy you are today, with the way you filled your happy stomach" he winked at her making the atmosphere light.


"Huh... stomach...? Oh god... bye Arnav Ji... I'm feeling hungry again... I want to eat something, otherwise I will die... bye Arnav Ji..." she waved her head


"What the!!!" he is shocked now.


Khushi smiled her heart out seeing horrible expression on his face.


"Don't worry Arnav Ji... I'm just kidding. I'm not hungry..."


He sighed in relief


"For now..." she finished her sentence with a mischievous glint in her eyes


"Unbelievable man..." he smiled with her "Okay bye... take care... lock the doors tight and call me if you need anything, okay? But Khushi seriously, please avoid eating anything tonight. You already had a lot, umm?"


Nodding her head she said "I will try Arnav Ji... bye good night..." she walked towards her house. Arnav stayed there till she entered the house, locked from inside and looked from the window to wave her hand for him. Waving his hand he left from there.


After some time like 15 minutes, Khushi heard her door bell rang. Thinking who it might be Khushi opened the door, for her surprise to see Arnav at the door.


"Arnav Ji... what's wrong? Why did you come back?"


"Woh... as you are happy today... I thought... you want to..." he forwarded his hand, which is having a box containing chane' in it towards her.


Surprised by his gesture, Khushi felt immense happy in her heart. She took the box from his hand


"Thank you..." she whispered.


"Good night... take care..." he came forward and kissed her forehead and left from there. Khushi locked the door securely and went inside the house smiling with so much happiness.




I think this is long enough of the day events. OH GOD... I wrote 4 chapters for one day events? Hmm... this is not me... not at all... I hope you enjoyed the update. So, here ends their first day together. I don't want to make this story as long as AKL. I just want this as short as JA ( At least I can try, right? Tongue)

If you have any doubts you can ask me, if you don't like anything you can say. I Will try to correct my mistakes ( If any ) in my next part. Smile Please let me know, if you have any doubts or complaints...


So, will wait for your comments and opinion... Embarrassed


Thank you for your wonderful support. I'm sooo overwhelmed with the awesome response... Love you deariesss Heart Day Dreaming



Next : Chapter 12


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Loved their first date..
Khushi is so care free..
Continue soon

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wonderful update

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Love makes ur lyf ..blissful...
awesome update

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