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Arshi SS ~Anmol~ Thread 2 link posted pg 134 On 6 May '15 (Page 66)

Pdrover IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 February 2015 at 7:11pm | IP Logged
Great update
Arnav is so much in love, hope his mother does not create problems khushi in future

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AriyaLilyOrchid IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 February 2015 at 2:17am | IP Logged

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momai14 Goldie

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Posted: 26 February 2015 at 7:45am | IP Logged
loved the story... do pm me for next update..

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Happytwinkle IF-Sizzlerz

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Fabulous update
Loved it
Thanks for the pm

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Apeter Goldie

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Posted: 26 February 2015 at 2:33pm | IP Logged
Awesome update

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sanjana24 Senior Member

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Posted: 27 February 2015 at 3:23pm | IP Logged
Just started reading your story loved it
very different story
update soon and plzz pm me

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raki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 February 2015 at 8:25pm | IP Logged
Amazing update 

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..Sri.. IF-Dazzler

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Previous :  Chapter 9



Chapter 10 :

Arnav looked at Khushi with a satisfied look. When he lifted her sometime back, he really felt worried about her weight. But when he saw her eating comfortably, he felt satisfied. In fact he felt amused seeing that petite figure eating much, but he thanked God for letting Khushi eat tummyful unlike the girls who are figure conscious. In that figure conscious they are comfortably forgetting their health. It will surely affect their health in future. Arnav looked around to see some of those girls with too much make up and in covered skeleton forms. (A/N: NO offense to any particular person. If you are taking care of your health, then you are not the person here) He sighed seeing them and turned to his Khushi who is looking at him, with annoyed expression on her face.


"Khushi are you okay? Why are you looking annoyed?"


"Past few minutes, I'm calling you, but you aren't responding" her expression turned into concern "What's wrong Arnav Ji? Why are you looking disturbed? Are you okay? Why are you looking at everyone with sad face?" there is no doubt in her expression or voice, there is no sarcasm in her voice. She is just worried for Arnav.


She is worried for me' this thought itself brought smile on his face. He held Khushi's hand "Nothing Khushi... I'm perfectly fine; I'm just worried about their future. Look at them; they are not at all looking like the girls of their age. They are so thin. I don't understand why these girls this much conscious about their figure. I really feel pity on them"


"So, you pity on me?" she smiled


"Why would I?" he confused


"Because I too am a thin figure"


"But you are eating tummyful... and you are my Khushi, I'm here to take care of you. I will never ever let anything happen to you. If you won't take care of yourself, I myself will feed you with my own hands. I won't leave you Khushi. And I will never pity you, but I will love you" he said understanding her teasing


Khushi looked at the plate with little shyness in her eyes


"By the way Khushi... as you agreed for marriage, I want us to talk about ourselves and families. I want to tell you everything about me. I want to give a glimpse of my family. Is it okay with you?" he asked Khushi to divert her mind from the awkwardness of his before comment.


"I think you already knew about my family. Then it's my turn to know about yours" she said and he continued nodding his head


"First of all My Dadi... she is best in everything. She is my best friend. You know Khushi; she knows everything about me, each and every detail of mine. She even knows about my college girlfriends and their names. I never ever hid anything from her. Hey don't worry... I don't have any GF now" he said everything about his and his Dadi's relation. Khushi looked at him with adoration.


"And then, I don't think I should tell something about my dad, because as per my knowledge, he shares more with you than me. He loves you a lot... he always scolds me comparing with you" he pouted like a little child and frowned. Seeing his expression Khushi smiles at him "Haslo... haslo... you never knew how it feels when you get compared with others" he said and realised what he said. He cursed himself seeing her low casted glassy eyes. How can I say that to her? How can I remind her about her wound?' he thought.


"I'm sorry Khushi... I didn't mean to remind you all those. I'm really sorry... I just said in a flow. I didn't mean to... I'm sorry..." he held her hand


"It's okay Arnav Ji... don't worry, I'm fine. But you know I can understand very much how it felt. Sorry for being the reason for your pain"


"No Khushi..., don't be sorry, it's my pleasure to be compared with YOU and prove less than YOU. I felt proud when dad praised you. He never does that with anyone, not even me, Di, Akash or NK. He really adores you Khushi. That is the first time I wanted to meet you, I wanted to see you and I wanted to talk to you. I was really eager to meet you Khushi. When dad showed me one picture and asked about my opinion of marrying the girl in the picture - I really wanted to scream that I want to marry the girl named Khushi, not any other mere photo girl"


Khushi looked at him surprised


"Yes, Khushi... I may sound like a fool, but I wanted to marry the girl my dad used to praise each and every second. I wanted to marry the girl who is strong enough to face this cruel world. I loved you then, I love you now and I will love you always. I went to Dadi's room and said her everything about my wish to marry you and gave her the photo which my dad gave to me saying I don't want to marry her" Arnav smiled remembering that day "what a fool I'm? Dadi also said that only. I couldn't understand why she was calling me as fool. But after hearing what she said I knew that I'm indeed a fool. Because, she said the girl in that photo is none other than Khushi, my Khushi. I felt like... like... I reached Mount Everest peek, no..., more than that. I think I can't explain the happiness I felt at that moment. I hugged my Dadi and rushed to dad's room. I almost took his life by hugging him showing how happy I am with this proposal. Dad was so surprised to see my reaction. I... I... umm... Leave all the things now... but you can never know or understand how happy I am to be with you for my life Khushi. I really thanked god for giving this opportunity. I'm so lucky to have you Khushi. Thanks a lot for accepting me, thanks a lot for coming into my life. Thank you..." he whispered last thank you while holding her hand.


Khushi looked at him with tears in her eyes. She stood from her chair and went to Arnav and hugged him tightly "Nobody... literally nobody liked or loved me to this extent. Thank for everything... I want to live my life Arnav Ji... with you... beside me. I want to be happy with you... all my life. Please don't leave me..." she doesn't know why she said... but she said. One thing she is sure, she will be the happiest person in this world with this beautiful hearted man. She is feeling secured and contented when she is with him. Arnav was dumbstruck with her sudden hug, but he composed himself immediately understanding her need for a friend. He too hugged her tightly and made her sit on his lap. He caressed her back to sooth her. They both stayed in that position for some more time. Their trance is broken by Khushi's mobile ring. Khushi felt embarrassed for her condition. When she tried to get up from his lap he nodded his head in no and held her by her shoulder. He bends forward and took Khushi's mobile from other side of the table and gave to Khushi and motioned her to talk.


Nodding her head she answered the phone. It's call from her office about some office stuff. After talking she turned to Arnav "I'm fine now... Thank you...", nodding his head he let her sit on her chair.


"Remember Khushi... first of all, I'm your FRIEND, to whom you can go for anything, to whom you can ask anything and with whom you can do anything. Then only I'm your husband. You don't need to be embarrassed or uncomfortable with me. I know it will take time for you to accept me as your husband. Take your time; I will wait till my last. I will never ever force for anything you don't like. You are understands what I'm saying, aren't you?"

Khushi nodded her head feeling little shy. He continued saying to make her comfortable


"Hmm... where I'm...? Yeah... my family members... then the most important members - Mom and Anjali Di... Khushi... I'm not saying this to scare you, but I want you to prepare yourself to be strong. I promise, me, dad and Dadi will be with you all the time, okay...? Now about mom... she is very self-oriented. She can't digest anyone back answering her or ignoring her. She is very strong woman. She takes care of all the social organisations of dad's company, like old age homes, orphanages and some others. Actually dad started them for Dadi's wish. Till few years back Dadi used to go there and take care of them. Now Mom took the responsibility giving rest to Dadi. But by heart, she is very nice woman. Trust me... no need to be worried"

Khushi smiled at him understandingly.


"Hmm... Then comes to my sister... Anjali Raizada... she is critical to handle. You shouldn't be weak with her; otherwise she will make you dance for her every word, whether it is good or bad. We have to be strong with her. Including my cousins, we are four. Only Di is the girl and elder to all. Everybody pampered her more than needed.  Now, she became a hard nut to crack. My chachi - Manorama Raizada spoilt her completely with her pampering. Now, we are facing problem with that hard nut. Remaining all others are good and easy to handle.


And as you know, Manohar chachu is a government official. He never interested in business, so, he studied very well and completed his IAS and now he is in higher position in government ( A/N whatever position you want you can think. I didn't decide anything, because in future if I need some person from government then I will use him giving a position to him :P ) His two sons... Akash and NK. I think you already met Akash in the office. He preferred to work for dad and learn the work. And NK is working partner of mine. He completed his masters Photography and joined me. All the three - I mean chachu, Akash and NK are really good and soft people. Both Akash and NK are so excited to bring you home. As Akash is well known about you he wants to bring his friend to home ASAP. And NK is too excited to get you thinking he will get his crime partner. He is really planning things to turn you to his side to help him in his crazy antics. He is little childish. Hmmm... So... this is my family, I mean our family, crazy family. You will get know about their craziness once you enter the house. But don't worry... dad and Dadi's words are final in the house. Nobody talks against them. They are your side" said Arnav winking at Khushi making Khushi feel light.


"Thanks for informing about all. I will take care about my behaviour. Um... Arnav Ji... I..."


"Khushi... I hate stammering" he announced with a little frown


"I just want to tell you one thing. I don't know whether your family likes me or not. But I want to promise you one thing that I will try my best to be a good girl, good DIL. I promise you that I won't be the reason for any clashes in the family. All I need is... is... I mean... I need is..."


"ME... MY SUPPORT, umm? I know Khushi... don't worry, you will have me beside you in every second of your life."




"What do you mean by how?"


"Are you closing your business and join sir?" she asked innocently


"What the!! What made you think that?"


"Then how can you be beside me every second?"


"Khushi... come to the point... don't get me confuse"


"Woh... Arnav Ji... I want to work after marriage and... and... I want to help my family. Please..."


"Of course you can help your family Khushi, but what's the need to do job? And what's that to do with me closing my business?"


"There is a need for job, because Bua Ji won't accept the fact that I'm giving her your money. If I work then I can make her understand. So..."


"It's okay no problem. I can understand her feelings. Then tell me what you want to do? If you want, I will change my PA to other work" asked Arnav with so much hope in his eyes


"What? What's the need to change YOUR PA?"


"Then what do you work? I mean you have experience as PA only, right?"


"Ha... I agree with you. But when I'm having my job..." seeing Arnav's expression Khushi understood what he is thinking. Sighing deeply and said "Woh... Arnav Ji... I don't want to leave my present job..." she looked at her lap and whispered "Sorry..."


"Oh... so, you want to work with Dad... hmm... its okay Khushi... I just thought we may... fine... its okay... your wish... I will inform dad about this. He is planning to change your work to my office. I will talk with him. Don't worry..." he said masking his disappointment.


Khushi felt bad for Arnav, but she doesn't want to leave the fatherly figure and go. She doesn't know whether working with Aran after marriage is right or not but she wants to. They both sat there for sometime in silence in engrossed in their thoughts. Their trance broke with the ring of Arnav's mobile.


They both looked at each other and smiled before Arnav attend the call.


"Khushi... I need to be in office for sometime... can you come with me? I will drop you at your home after I finish my work. I just want to show you my work place. If you are comfortable then... can you...?" asked Arnav after finishing his call


She nodded her head and followed Arnav outside after paying the bill thinking How much he requests me for anything? Why can't he just order me like others? Why does he love me this much? Do I deserve his love?' her thoughts got disturbed with the bike engine sound


"I hopped the bike Arnav Ji... you can drive now" said Khushi giggling little after hopping the bike


"I was just worried about you, okay? I should be the one to make fun of you. Not you to make fun of me" said Arnav frowning like a child. Both looked at each other through the bike's mirror and burst out into laugh. Suddenly Arnav held Khushi's hand and kept it on his shoulder making Khushi gasp in surprise


"We can hold friends while riding bike, right? I just want to be sure, that you are with me on the bike and didn't fly away with the speed" he smirked seeing her mouth opening wide


"Arnav Ji... Awww..." she shouted with the sudden jerk of the bike with sudden increased speed. She immediately held Arnav's both shoulders in a tight grip.


"You know... riding a bike with GF or would be wife, is bliss" he winked at Khushi through the mirror and said "hold me tight Khushi... I'm here with you... Hold me tight" he said in such a tone which gave Khushi the relaxation, support and happiness which she needed most. Smiling at him she slides her hand on his stomach and held him tightly.


"Wow... Arnav... you are lucky man... enjoy the feel..." saying out loud with a bright smile, he increased the speed towards the office leaving Khushi lower her eyes in shyness.





Here, please understand that Khushi's trying to move on in her life. Don't think like that, when she loved one how she can feel all those feelings towards Arnav. But dearies... she left that person long back, she is not in love with that person and she is just scared to accept the new relations. Now as Arnav is trying to bring her out towards him, Khushi is trying the same. I hope I didn't confuse you all... Smile


Sorry for the late. Ouch


I can see the less response for the last update. If you have any doubts you can ask me, if you don't like anything you can say. I Will try to correct my mistakes ( If any ) in my next part. Smile Please let me know, if you have any doubts or complaints...


So, will wait for your comments and opinion... Embarrassed


Thank you for your wonderful support. I'm sooo overwhelmed with the awesome response... Love you deariesss Heart Day Dreaming



Next : Chapter 11


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