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Arshi SS ~Anmol~ Thread 2 link posted pg 134 On 6 May '15 (Page 50)

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nice update.  nice story.  enjoyed reading

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Previous :  Chapter 7



Part 8:

All this time, Arnav sat quietly and listened whatever Khushi said. He never ever thought she will open her past before him too soon. He never thought she will be this frank. He looked at her face observing the expression. He can see the hurt, pain and fear, is it?! but why?' He thought. He felt surprised hearing about pity and sympathy. Is she thinking that I will marry her with pity? Oh hell no'


"What made you think I will marry you with pity or sympathy?" his voice is little serious.


Khushi looked at him and smiled little "Don't know... but I felt that" tension is clear in her voice and eyes.


"Not all our feelings and thoughts will be right Khushi. Sometimes our mind and our heart also cheat us with false hopes and wrong thoughts and feelings. Pity and sympathy are the last things I will show on you. I want to shower my friendship and my love on you. I love you Khushi. I never can pity you. In fact you know, I'm really glad that they got married to each other leaving you behind" Khushi looked at him shocked "Do you know why? If you got married to him, then how will I get you?" he asked with a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his lips.


"Please Arnav Ji... this is not a simple thing to smile. Why can't you understand the situation? I can't be a good wife to anyone. I can't be a good DIL to any house. If I get married and failed in my responsibilities, then what shall I answer to you, your parents and my family? I can't allow you to face problems with me in your life. Please Arnav Ji... try to understand the situation and think before taking any decision" she is serious


"I have already taken my decision" he is firm


Sighing deeply, she sat dejected with her head in her palms and her elbows are on table. She lifted her head little and looked sideways at him. He smiled at her and removed her hands from her head


"Khushi... whatever was happened, it's not your fault. Loving someone is never a mistake. If he can't reciprocate your love, or if he can't understand your need, or if he can't understand your love, or if he is unable to embrace pure love; then it's not your fault Khushi. It's not at all your fault. Which girl will take responsibility of her family when she is just 22? Which girl will accept whatever her family says when she is not ready to face the bad, if she is not perfect? Which girl will try to make understand one stubborn soul for his better life if she is not perfect? Which girl will think about others when she is in so much pain? Khushi... you were not at fault and you are not at fault. I'm not just attracted to your outer beauty or for" he said showing her body from top to bottom "your outer personality Khushi. I love you for what you are; I love you for your innocence, for your care, for your smile, for your pain... for your responsible nature, for your respect towards elders, for your obedience, for your straight forwardness, for your fighting spirit... I love you for everything Khushi. Oh god... why it's so difficult to get her in my life?" he raked his hand through his hair


"But..." she said in low voice




"What about your family? You all deserve best and first hand girl with fresh heart Arnav Ji"


"What? First hand? What's that?" asked Arnav confusedly


"Woh... first hand means... woh... I mean... the girl never loved anyone and who will love only you" said again in low voice by looking on the floor


Arnav didn't know how to react to her statement. He looked at her weirdly. Sighing deeply he said "Khushi you are not a product to say first hand and second hand. When we do our duties and fulfil responsibilities completely, sincerely, then nothing matters. When we both will live happily with each other, then nothing matters. The love, understanding and care what matters, nothing else Khushi. When we both can accept each other as our partners, when we both grow older with each other, when we both can make each other comfortable with us then this first hand and fresh heart doesn't matters Khushi. What all the matter is how we are living, how much we are into each other, nothing else Khushi" he tried one more time to make her understand.


"But isn't it a sin?"




"Isn't it... I mean... I... was... I..." she scared to ask Arnav about her doubt for which Bua Ji chided her for talking much


"What is it Khushi" asked Arnav patiently, still holding her hand in his. He is determined to clear her doubts and get her in his life


"Woh... please don't scold me or laugh at me for this. But these thoughts are eating me up" she said in low voice without looking at Arnav.


"Khushi... tell me what's bothering you" he patted her shoulder


"Isn't it a mistake to love more than one person? Is it possible to forget our first love? Isn't it a sin to forget that person and think about other? How can I feel same feelings with two people? Is love same for everyone? If I loved that person before, then how can I love another? If I will fall in love with... with... in future with... you... then wasn't I in love with that person in the past? I don't know Arnav Ji... but all these thoughts are eating my brain. When I asked Bua Ji all these... whatever she said, I felt like I understood. But when I'm talking with you, I'm feeling confused again. I'm feeling like I'm doing injustice to you. I'm feeling like you deserve best, but not me. Help me Arnav Ji... I really want to come out of this situation... please help me" she is so desperate to come out of this situation. In all these years, today she is feeling so helpless. She doesn't know why she is opening all her fears in front of him. She couldn't understand why and how can she feel so comfortable with him. She looked at him with so much of hope


Arnav looked at Khushi so surprisingly. He side hugged her and unable to control his overwhelming love towards this innocent Angel, he kissed her on her hair and tightened his hold on her hand


"Arnav Ji" Khushi looked at him with wide eyes, but she didn't feel any discomfort in his arms. In fact she felt secured


"I'm so happy to have you in my life Khushi. I'm so lucky to meet you. I love you... I can't lose you"


"Arnav Ji..." she said in a low voice


"You are so innocent and pure Khushi. I'm glad that I found you. I love you"


"But Arnav Ji..."


"Shh... I will clear all your doubts, okay? Listen... I will answer your questions one by one. Your first question "Isn't it a mistake to love more than one person?" No not at all... example, you love ALL your family members and friends. And when it comes to the MAN in your life, it depends on the situation. If you find you love other man than your man, then you should talk and clear the things with your man. We shouldn't cheat anyone Khushi. But loving other is not a mistake. And your second one "Is it possible to forget our first love?" the answer is definitely yes, it is possible to forget our first love but only when we get the pure love.


And next "Isn't it a sin to forget that person and think about other?" NO... it's not sin, because if you can't be with him then he is not for you. You both are not destined for each other. When he is not yours, then there is no use of thinking about him and wasting your life. And now, next one... "Is love same for everyone?" Yes, it is. Next one "If you loved that person before, then how can you love another?" because your heart wants another heart to share the love, happiness and pain inside yours. Next one "If you will fall in love with me in future then weren't you in love with that person in the past?" the answer for this is definitely you were in love.


And last one and most important one "How can you feel same feelings with two people?" and the answer is, love is related to our HEART, not our brain, and our heart doesn't have brain for its own. Our heart craves for love and care all the time. Other than this, our heart doesn't know anything. If it finds a person who can give it the love and care it waiting for, then it will lead you to that person. Sometimes, we won't get back the love we are waiting for; then our heart again starts its search for a loving heart. And when it's finds that heart, then it will lead you to that heart. It's not a mistake Khushi... it's just..." after that whatever he said reminded Khushi of Bua Ji's words - the same words, the same truth and the same reality. She looked at Arnav, who stopped explaining


"Bua Ji said the same" she whispered


"Because, it is the truth, it is the reality"




"Shh... don't... just think about what I and Bua Ji said and then decide"




"Khushi before we leave from here, I just want to talk like the person who came to your house to ask your hand. Can I?" getting nod from her he continued "Let me clear one thing, whatever is your past is I don't care about that. I love you and I need you in my life. IF you agree for this marriage then I will be the happiest person"


Khushi looked at him


"Please... give yourself a chance Khushi. You deserve happiness and I know we will be best couple and you will be happy in your life..." not getting any expression or reply from her, he said again sighing deeply "Fine, let's do one thing. As I can't lose you and as you can't marry any one by yourself, let's give a chance for this marriage and our relation. If you find you are not comfortable with me, then you can decide whether to stay with me or leave me. If you want to leave, then you will be free to go. I won't pull you back, okay?" Khushi can clearly hear the pain in his last words


"But what if I want to stay with you all my life? What if I need you in my life so badly?" she asked looking straight into his eyes. She decided what to do. She can see the hope, twinkle, surprise, shock, happiness, smile and fear in those eyes.


"" he asked doubtfully


"Yes, Arnav Ji... I decided I want to give a chance to my life... with YOU. Till now, nobody behaved this patiently with me. Till now, nobody make me feel wanted, till now nobody asked me to be in their life. Till now nobody had seen me as girl with wounded heart. When, you done all these, I don't want to lose you. I don't want to lose your friendship, support, care and... Love. I don't know I deserve your love or not, but for the first time I want to live for myself, I want to be selfish, I want to leave everything behind and move on. But I want to ask you one thing..."


"What is it Khushi... jaldi bolo" he became restless


"In future, if you want to... to... leave me..."


"That will never happen"


"Please let me continue... If you want to leave me or if you don't want me in your life, then please don't say the reason. Just ask me to go. I can't take one more rejection, from all people not from you. Please..."


He immediately hugged Khushi


"You talk a lot Khushi. That will never happen in our life. We will be together till our last breath. If I found you mistake, I will try to make you understand. If you find me in mistake, you point out. I'm not that bad to leave my wife in between, you can trust me in this. And I won't dare to leave you, because if I do that, think I'm a dead meat in next second in my dad and Dadi's hands. They will surely kill me. They love you a lot"


"Arnav Ji..."


"They knew about your past - only Dad and Dadi, don't worry, they are our side"




"Hush... chup... ek dam chup... bahut bolti ho Khushi tum. OMG... I can't believe this... you agreed for marriage... OMG... someone pinch me... I love you Khushi... I love you so much..." suddenly he became hyper making Khushi smiling at him


"Do you want to inform Bua Ji about this?" asked Arnav breaking the hug


Nodding her head Khushi took her mobile out. Before dialling the number Khushi looked at Arnav


"Don't worry... we can make this work. Trust me..." he side hugged her giving her much needed support.


Taking his support and leaning on him, Khushi dialled her house number


"HAI RE NANDA KISORE..." there was a squeal on other side which Arnav and Khushi heard as a response after hearing what Khushi said. Khushi kept her phone little away from her ear to lessen the damage for her eardrum.


"Titaliya... what I'm hearing is it true?" she is so excited to hear the news. They can hear Garima asking what the matter is and Bua Ji giving her the good news. Both Arnav and Khushi smiled at each other


"Yes Bua Ji" said Khushi


"Did you inform Arnav babua?"


"I'm here only Bua Ji... she said her decision first to me only..." he sounded proud making Khushi and Bua Ji smile and laugh.


"I'm so happy for you both. Arnav babua, do you want me to inform your parents or do you want to inform them? Let me know, once they know about your decision we need to talk about the wedding ASAP. I can't wait to see my titaliya to become a bride"


"My bride" said Arnav


"Ha... ha... your bride"


"First I will talk with dad and Dadi, Bua Ji. Then I will inform you and you can talk with them. Just please give me one more day. Please..."


"Sure, babua... take your time. For now, I will drop the call. I want to go to temple now. God bless you both"


"Bua Ji..." before they drop the call, Khushi called her Bua Ji with some hesitation in her voice. Arnav tightened hid hold on her palm sensing her fear.


"Don't worry titaliya... I won't leak the news to them till the wedding rituals starts. Anyway they left to Mumbai yesterday, as we know, they won't call us till we call them. So, don't worry about them, I will take care of that"


"Thank you Bua Ji. I will take your leave... convey my regards to Amma. Bye Bua Ji" with that they dropped the call



So, how is it? Will try to correct my mistakes ( If any ) in my next part. Please let me know, if you have any doubts or complaints... Smile


So, will wait for your comments and opinion... Embarrassed


Thank you for your wonderful support. Heart Day Dreaming



Next : Chapter 9


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awesome update...
loved the way arnav made khushi understand his love for her...
loved the way khushi accepted arnav into her life...
loved the update totally...

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Awesome dear

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wow nice story & arnav is so understanding loved it

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that was an awesome update.  a joyful.   arnav answering her questions were amazing.  well said answers.  keep going

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