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Arshi SS ~Anmol~ Thread 2 link posted pg 134 On 6 May '15 (Page 30)

umavie Groupbie

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Nice in one go...when are you going to update next??? Please update soon..

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amazing story...

just read all the 5 chap//

khushi is an innocent soul broken by her own family specially her own sis she is so soon she came to know ASR is her husband's boss changed her way of talking to him..
like the way Arnav took khushi's side.. hope in future he made khushi's sis shut n not allow her to demean khushi..

Arnav's family is too good they all like khushi.. the way Arnav told them what khushi said to them amazing..

he came to his dad office to talk to her.. finally the way he talked amazing... he want her to take decision for herseld  not for other.. like his approach the way he said why she should marry him..

eagerly looking forward for khushi's reply.. pl update it soon

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DancingParty  100 LIKESSS   Big smile

Broken Heart     Cry          56 COMMENTS   Confused  

Why like that? Do you feel I won't deserve your words? Hmm... anyway Thanks for liking my story. A BIIIGGG thanks to you all Big smile      Hug

Thanks for your understanding and waiting... Hope I didn't disappoint you all. 






Previous : Chapter 5



Part 6:





"Bua Ji... it's me Arnav, Khushi's boss's son and um... um... I came to see... I mean we our family came to your house for... for..." he felt little uncomfortable not knowing how to introduce himself


"I remember you babua. Tell me how are you? How is your family there?"


"We are fine Bua Ji. How are you and aunty?" he asked sighing in relax


"We are fine babua, just worried about titaliya. What's your decision babua? Did you decide?"


"I decided long back when I saw Khushi's photo for the first time Bua Ji. If I get married to any girl then it should be Khushi, otherwise no one" he is firm in his decision.


Bua Ji felt overwhelmed hearing his decision. She immediately said "Then I will call your parents and will discuss with them about marriage dates... and..." she was cut by Arnav's words


"Did you ask Khushi's opinion Bua Ji?" his question is straight


"She will accept with us babua. You don't worry; I will take care of her"


"That is not correct Bua Ji. This is her life, she has to take decision. How can you impose your likes on her? Sorry if I sound rude, but I can't see Khushi like this"


"But, after whatever happened in her life, I don't think she will agree with the marriage. So, for her own good, there is no way for us to force her marry you"


"Bua Ji... before you force her for marriage, I want you to give time to her. I don't want you or aunty to force her in this marriage. I want HER to take decision about OUR marriage. Till that, please don't talk with her about this marriage. I already talked with her about this and I tried to make her understand. So, for once, please don't force and please help me get her in my life. Believe me Bua Ji... I love Khushi. I need her in my life. I want her to accept me not because you all wanted; I want her to accept me because SHE wants to. Please Bua Ji... doesn't think otherwise, but I need your help in this. Please..." he is desperate to stop Bua Ji to push Khushi towards their marriage and affect her decision. Well impressed with his outburst Bua Ji promised him, not to force Khushi or talk with her about this marriage anymore.


She is very happy to get SIL like Arnav. She always wanted to get an understanding person for Khushi. Khushi is apple of her eye from the first day of her visit in this world. As she lost her husband before she gets any child with him, she considered Khushi as her own child. She even forced her brother to give Khushi to her by adoption; of course he didn't accept that. She used to fight with her brother and SIL for comparing Khushi with others. She shifted from Delhi to Lucknow to take care of Khushi. She became Khushi's support in each every second. Khushi shares every pain, happiness, success and thoughts with her Bua Ji.


Madhumathi felt so much pain seeing her Khushi going into her shell. She tried her best to bring her back to her original self. But she couldn't do that. But when she saw Khushi's eyes twinkle when Khushi saw Arnav, she got her hopes back. May be Arnav is the person, who can give my Titaliya deserved happiness' thought Bua Ji. She always knew Khushi will be a successful girl. But now as things got changed, she needed a support and a push towards her success, and now, she knew Arnav will be the only person who can give that required push, because after knowing about Khushi's past, he is still ready to spend his life with Khushi. He is not ready to lose her. He almost gave warning to her to not to interfere or force Khushi from now on. That is the minute; Bua Ji believed and trusted Arnav with her titaliya. Bua Ji closed her eyes, praying god for sending Arnav into Khushi life. She also prayed to let Khushi accept Arnav by herself as Arnav wanted. She sighed in content and went to do her daily routine works.




"Good Night... Don't think much... just relax and have a relaxed sleep. You had a hectic day hearing my blabbering. I don't want you strain your brain more. You can think and decide later. Good night"


Khushi smiled little reading message from Arnav. He knows me, he can understand me' thought Khushi. She is thinking about him. She is confused about him. She is confused about her own feelings. How can she feel same feelings with two people? If she loved that person before, then how can she love another? If she is falling in love with Arnav, then wasn't she in love with that person in the past? Is it possible to love more than one person? Is it possible to forget our first love? Is it possible to forget our loved ones? Isn't it a sin to forget that person and think about other?


Khushi's mind is a complete mess with all the thoughts of her past, present, mainly with the recollection of the discussion with Arnav. She couldn't understand what she wants to think. She couldn't understand why Arnav is asking about to think and take decision when she already said her decision. He is really typical. He will make me crazy for sure' she thought. She closed her eyes in helplessness. She wants someone, who can understand her and guide her towards the right path. She suddenly opened her eyes and smacked her head How can I forget Bua Ji?' she thought. She immediately took her phone and called her home




"Ab aap hi bataye Bua Ji... what should I do?" asked Khushi after telling everything happened in her office to her Bua


"Titaliya... Is Arnav babua is not good with you?"


"NO Bua Ji... he is such a caring person"


"Is he talking bad? Or accusing or insulting you for your past?"


"NO... he didn't. He just accepted me with all my past. He said, he wanted me in his life not my past"


"Do you think, he will break his promise towards you in future? Or do you think he won't be able to stand by your side when you needed?"


"No Bua Ji... I don't think he will not be able to do that. He is such a nice person Bua Ji"


"Then what is the problem Titaliya? Why are you so confused in this?"


"Bua Ji... woh... um... main... woh..."


"Tell me titaliya... what is eating your brain?"


"Bua Ji... Woh..." taking a long deep breath she poured her heart out with all the doubts and fears she has "Is it possible to love more than one person? Is it possible to forget our first love? Is it possible to forget our loved ones? Isn't it a sin to forget that person and think about other? How can I feel same feelings with two people? If I loved that person before, then how can I love another? If I will fall in love with Arnav, then wasn't I in love with that person in the past? I don't know Bua Ji... but all these thoughts are eating my brain" she took some time and said in a low voice "Please help me Bua Ji"

Bua Ji felt so much love towards her Titaliya. She knew how much her Gudiya went through.


"Bahut sochiti ho aur bolthi ho tum. But let me tell you one thing betia. Titaliya, love is related to our HEART, not our brain, and our heart doesn't have brain for its own. Our heart craves for love and care all the time. Other than this, our heart doesn't know anything. If it finds a person who can give it the love and care it waiting for, then it will lead you to that person. Sometimes, we won't get back the love we are waiting for; then our heart again starts its search for a loving heart. And when it's finds that heart, then it will lead you to that heart. It's not a mistake dear. You can love all your family members at a time; you can love as many as in your life. But for a man in your life, you have to use your brain here. We are humans dear, we have to commit to only one person. You can't love two men as your life partners at a time. You shouldn't cheat him, you shouldn't lie to him, when he trusts you in his life - you have to be truthful to him. If you can't be truthful, then you are unfit to be loved back. If you can't give the love he is craving for, then you are unfit to be loved. If you can't be with your life partner sincerely, then you are not allowed to be with them, you don't have any right to spoil their life and world. You shouldn't live with him when you are thinking about other man or when you are meeting other man. You don't have any right to cheat him. You should be punished for your mistake. You should think about your priorities, like who more important to you is. Then man, who is living to give you all the happiness or the man, who spoiled your happiness. The man, who is ready to wait for you throughout his life or the man, who couldn't gave you a chance to understand the things.


Titaliya, I'm not forcing you to agree for this marriage. I'm just saying you to think wisely. Don't pull the thread till it breaks dear. Generally, life won't give us second chance to live. I think you got a precious man as a second chance. Please think about it betiya, nor for us but for you and Arnav babua"


"Bua Ji..."


"Tell me one thing; do you still love that man?" Bua Ji felt irritated to pronounce his name


"NO... but I feel hurt Bua Ji"


"It happens dear. But do you really think wasting your life is good thing when he is living his life happily? And why can't you see desperateness of Arnav babua?"


"No Bua Ji... I'm not thinking about that man any more. I know it's not my fault loving him, but it's his fault when he couldn't grab that love. I too want to live my life happily Bua Ji, with the man who can love me back. But Bua Ji, don't you think Arnav Ji deserve best? Don't you think he deserve a pure heart for him? He is such a nice person with golden heart Bua Ji. I don't want to misuse his love. I don't want him to feel bad when someone says he is not a first love for his wife. I want him to be happy always Bua Ji. That is the reason, I'm worried about. I said yes to this marriage only for you and Amma. But in reality, I don't want to spoil his life Bua Ji"


"Titaliya, whatever you said now, it shows how good your heart is. How pure your heart is. Don't worry betia, everything will be fine. If you can't find your answers, just talk with Arnav babua once. Clear your doubts with him. Explain everything to him. Clear his doubts, if he has any. Talk with him betia, it helps. Don't waste your life or don't lose the person who loves you. You understand what I'm saying, right?"


"Yes, Bua Ji..., I will talk with Arnav Ji. Thanks for being with me Bua Ji. I need this support now. I will drop the call now Bua Ji. I will talk to you later"


"Sure Titaliya, bye, take care"


"Bye, Bua Ji... good night"


After that call Khushi thought about their talks again and again. But still she is feeling she is not correct for Arnav. She doesn't want Arnav to face any humiliation because of her. So, she decided to talk with him. Not seeing the time, she messaged him


"Can we talk tomorrow? I need a FRIEND now. Can you come? Please?"




As Arnav is a light sleeper and a business man, every time he wakes up from his sleep when his mobile beeps or rings. So, his sleep disturbed with the beep in him mobile. When he checked the mobile screen he sat up on the bed and looked at the time - 2.30 AM. He hurriedly opened the message and read


"Can we talk tomorrow? I need a FRIEND now. Can you come? Please?"


He felt something is not right with Khushi. The message on his phone at this time of hour is the proof to her worried self. He immediately called her. The call was answered in few rings


"Khushi... Are you okay?"


"Um..., I'm sorry for disturbing you Arnav Ji. Yeah, I'm okay"


"Then what's that message? What's wrong?"


"Nothing... I'm just thinking about our... and I talked with Bua Ji. Though I agree with whatever Bua Ji said, but I'm still confused about our... I mean... about our marriage. As I never took any decisions, I don't know about what to do. I thought it's better if I talk with you. And you also said you will be my friend, right? So, I... thought of... you know... I... I mean..."


Smiling at her innocence "It's okay Khushi... I understand what you are saying. Tell me at what time you want me to come?"


"Woh... um... I... I don't know" she said in low voice


Thinking for few minutes, Arnav said "Fine... tomorrow morning at 8 I will pick you from your house. Get ready; we will talk after having our breakfast. Is it okay with you?"


"Yes, I'm okay with that. But, you will be my friend, right?"


He chuckled and said "Yes, I'm coming there only as your FRIEND, not as the person who came to propose you for marriage. I will give my opinion thinking in both the sides. I promise, my opinions will be selfless and two sided. Happy?"


"Thank you Arnav Ji. Good night..."


"Good night Khushi... take care. Tomorrow morning 8, be ready"


"Sure... bye"


After that both slept with a small smile on their face.




"I think someone is going to meet someone" said Aran to his mother




"Yes, Amma. Can't you see how he is walking in air? He is walking like he has some springs in his feet"


Both Aran and Devyani sat on the living room couch whispering in each other's ears about Arnav who is coming down from his room full ready in his casuals.


"And I think today also there is no office"


"I'm sure, AR employees will breath today and will work relaxingly" both giggled at Aran's statement




Both stopped giggling and sat right hearing Arnav's voice


"Yes, Chote..."


"Today, Khushi won't come to office"


This is new information for both the mother and son


"What? But she didn't apply any leave. I thought she will be at office lately" said Aran


"Even that is her opinion, but not mine. So, be ready for her absence. She is not coming to office. I won't let her"


The duo looked at him with open mouthed


"What? Don't look at me like that. I got a chance to spend time with her, that too she only requested me for a talk. How can I miss this chance? I will make sure, we will talk for long and she will forget about office. I can't lose her at all. I will make sure, she will agree for this marriage"


"Chote... but you shouldn't force your opinion on her" Dadi is little serious


"If I want to force her, then by now our marriage date would be fixed. But I want HER opinion. And I will help her to clear her doubts and mind. Don't worry Dadi, I'm not that rude. I want her to think and take decision. I will help her in that. I will accept her decision whatever it may be. Okay, fine... I'm getting late. Bye Dadi... bye dad... and don't forget she won't come to office today. Bye..." he rushed to the door and came back to them and whispered "Please don't tell this to Mom and Di. I think they won't agree with this. Please..." he looked at them with hope. They nodded their heads in understanding.


"We are with you Chote... don't worry, we have a secret" said Dadi, patting her cheek.


"Thanks Dadi... thanks Dad... bye" Arnav rushed out to meet his girl.


I hope this is long enough. And a BIIIG SORRY for being late. I will try to give updates frequently from now on as this is the ONLY story I am writing

So, how is it? Will try to correct my mistakes ( If any ) in my next part. Please let me know, if you have any doubts or complaints... Smile


So, will wait for your comments and opinion... Embarrassed


Thank you for your wonderful support. Heart Day Dreaming

For the readers who don't know - I finished AKL two days back, I posted the last part too. Please check the notes.




Next : Chapter 7


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Arnav is very nice thinking about Khushi. I understand where Khushi is coming from. I guess there problem can be only solved by talking with each other. 

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hope dis conversation wil help khushi..loved it..
thnxx fr pm

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Arnav is so undrstnding am sure he wil help khushi to clear her confusion

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amazing,loved itSmile
There are not many guys like him

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