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Arshi SS ~Anmol~ Thread 2 link posted pg 134 On 6 May '15 (Page 24)

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Only read the CS so far and it sounds intriguing.. :D
I am definitely on board with this story... <3

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Thanks for your understanding... Hope I won't disappoint you all. I know some readers are complaining the update being short, next time onwards I will try to give long ones. I'm not sure about this update. Just wrote it in hurry.







Previous Chapter 4



Part 5:

"I already said my opinion Arnav Ji... if you are okay with this, then I'm ready for marriage"


 "I'm not asking about what your family's decision. I'm asking YOUR opinion and decision about this marriage, because Khushi... I need YOUR decision. For me YOUR opinion is important, not your family's. I need YOU to take decision about YOUR life, not others. I just want YOUR opinion on ME and decision on OUR marriage proposal. If you don't like me or not wanted to marry... then... then..." he gulped hard "I will back off from this proposal"


"What about your interest in this marriage? You said you can't back off!"


"Yes, I can't do this. But here more than my interest or my feelings, YOU are important to me. YOUR opinion on me and on this proposal is important to me. If you are not ready to this, I promise you... you will never see me again in your life"


"Arnav Ji..."


"I can understand your situation Khushi. But do you really think whatever you are doing is correct? Here I'm not saying you are doing wrong, but Khushi... wasting your life for the person who doesn't love you or doesn't deserve you, is not correct. He is living his life happily, then why shouldn't you do that? And you said you do not love him anymore, then what's wrong living your life happily? Why can't you move on? I know it's difficult to move on. But Khushi when your family want to marry you off, do you really think, you family will be happy seeing you like this?"


She nodded her head in no, while lowering her head


"Then... why can't you marry?"


Khushi looked at him with unreadable expression on her face. Seeing her expressionless face Arnav felt helpless. He stood from his seat and paced in the room running his hand in his hair in frustration he said "I don't know how to make you understand what I want to say. Khushi... when your family wanted to marry you off and when they will get you marry for sure to any man, why can't you marry me? Don't you like me? Do you want time? Please say something Khushi..." he sat with a thud in defeat


"I never say I won't marry you" said Khushi


"I know... but that is not important. I need you opinion about me, whether you like me or not. Whether you like me enough to share your life with me or not, whether you trust me enough to live with me or not... I want YOUR opinion Khushi. I don't want you to agree for this marriage because of your family. If you need time to think, I will wait"


"You don't have to..."


"But I WANT to..." said Arnav.


Khushi looked at him. Sighing deeply and said "Arnav Ji... I'm not used to take decisions in my life. From my childhood, my family never allowed me to take decisions. They took all the decisions behalf of me. Now, when you are asking me to take decision..." she nodded her head in no "I don't know..."


"But this is the time to change the tradition. You said, you don't love him anymore"


"Yes, I don't"


"Don't you like me Khushi?"


"I don't know Arnav Ji... I don't want to give false hopes to you. But I should say, when I met you in my house, I found a friend in you, a very good friend which I needed most. I'm sure... I like you, but it's not love. And I don't think this like is enough for us to be husband and wife. I don't want you to feel bad in your life"


"For God sake, stop thinking about others Khushi. For once, just for once think about YOU, YOUR HAPPINESS. Don't you want to be happy in your life? Do you want to stay like this, alone, without love and care, without a person whom you can say yours? Tell me Khushi..." he is frustrated


"Yes... I want to be happy in my life. But why are you shouting at me like this? What's wrong I did? Why are you frustrated? Why are you angry on me?" she shouted back at him while tears forming in her eyes.


"Why can't you understand this small thing Khushi...?"


"Yes, I can't understand, because I never had a chance to understand others. I never had a chance to think what others feel. I never had a chance to see what others feel. I can't understand... I just can't..." she cried bursting out her pain.


Arnav stood routed in his place seeing her crying.


"Khushi..." he whispered and sat on the chair next to her "Khushi... I'm sorry... I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sorry Khushi... I'm really sorry... shh... please don't cry... please Khushi" he sat there seeing her not knowing what to do exactly and how to remove her pain. When he found her sobs come down he said in a soft soothing voice "You may say I'm selfish here. Yes, I agree with you that I'm selfish... and I want to be selfish when it's come to you, because I don't want to lose you. I want you in my life, beside me. I need you in my life. I need your support in my each step. May be you can ask, why all these? But Khushi I don't have answer to that. When I saw your photo, I felt like you are my life, I felt like without you I'm incomplete. I can't say what I exactly feel for you, but Khushi..., I can't lose you Khushi. I never felt like this before. I worked and working with so many girls, but I never felt this with any of those girls. I just want to be with you. That's all matters to me. When you said, you don't want to marry me..."


"Not you... anyone..."


"Okay... okay... when you said you don't want to marry anyone... I felt like my world came upside down. Please Khushi... think once... I will never hurt you. I will keep you happy as much I can. I will give you whatever you want. Think Khushi... if you marry another person, then what if he harasses you knowing your past? What if..."


She stopped him saying with a small smile on her face "Are you scaring me?" she felt amazed seeing him, making her agree for their marriage; seeing him desperate for her. She felt wanted for the second time in her life, of course both the times the reason is this the same man in front of her who is hell bent on making her agree.


Seeing her small smile, Arnav felt relieved and said "What to do Khushi? You didn't give any other chance to me to make you agree for this marriage" he also smiled. He took her hands in his and continued saying "Khushi... I'm not saying or forcing you to love me. I will never do that. You said I'm trying to scare you, right? No Khushi, I didn't mean to, but I'm serious about that. When your family want you to be get married, they definitely will select one damn man for you. And as you said to me, I'm sure you will say about your past to him also. Then what if he takes advantage of your situation and harasses you Khushi? I can't see you in pain Khushi. I want you to be happy and I want to be the reason for your happiness"


Khushi looked at him as trying to understand his point.


"You may ask me the same question about me, but what you don't know is, Khushi I can't hurt my own heart, can I? Khushi... I know... you can't love anyone for now. But Khushi... when you should marry someone, then why can't I be that someone? I will promise you Khushi, I won't force you in anything as a husband. I will wait for you to be comfortable in our relation. I will wait for you to accept this relation. If it takes life time also, I'm ready to wait for you till my last breath. I just want you in my life. Can't you accept me as your friend at least? Can't we start our life as friends? You may say that no friends will marry to other, but Khushi I can't lose you for others. I love you Khushi... I need you in my life. Please think once. I won't force you and I won't ask you to change yourself. In fact you no need to change, I love the way you are Khushi. I want you to take decision at least now; it's your life Khushi. Please... you understand what I'm trying to say, right?"


Khushi nodded her head while happy tears rolling her eyes. She couldn't believe that one person is ready to wait for HER till his last breath. He is asking her not to change for him. She felt like wanted all over again.


"Khushi...?" said Arnav with tension seeing her tears. He wiped her tears "I'm sorry Khushi... I never wanted to make you cry. I didn't mean to interfere in your decisions or whatever it may be. I'm sorry Khushi... fine... if you don't want to marry me... I will back off... you will not see me again... okay? Now stop crying please..."


"You are the first person, who is asking me in their life, who is ready to wait for me till the end, who wants MY opinion. Thank you Arnav Ji... thanks for giving me this much importance. Thanks for seeing me like a girl, a girl with heart. Thank you so much... Just give me one day... I will tell you my opinion. I needed time to come to one decision as it's new to me" both smiled. "Thank you once again. It's a lot to me. You can't even guess how much happiness you gave me today. Thank you Arnav Ji..."


"Thank God... I'm so happy to know that Khushi. Take how much time you want to think, no hurries. I won't force... but just be sure; you won't take any decision in any hurry. You should be clear about your decision. Okay? Don't let anyone to influence your decision, not your family not others not even me. I want YOU to think and take decision. If you have any doubts on me or any questions about anything, you can call me at any time. Okay...? Here is my card"


Khushi nodded her head


"Fine then... I will leave now. You carry on with your work"


"What? You are leaving? Sir said you will stay here till he comes, then?"


"Khushi... I have a business to run, did you forget that?"


"No... But..."


"Don't worry... I will leave once dad comes here. He is on the way; he left a message to me. You go and do your work" smiling at him, she left from there.


Arnav sat there with a satisfied heart. He looked at Khushi who is doing her work from the glass partition from the cabin. He has a content smile on his face.


"I think you finished your work here, didn't you?" asked Aran after entering into his cabin. He is happy to see his son smiling looking at Khushi lovingly


"Hey... dad... welcome back... yeah, I finished my work... just waiting for the result" said Arnav looking at Khushi and continued "Fine dad, I will leave now... will meet you at home... bye for now..."


"Bye..." just in few seconds Aran called "Arnav?" When Arnav turned back he signalled him towards Khushi's cabin. "You should inform her before leaving, if you want her to be your wife. She deserves"


Arnav hugged his dad tightly "Thank you dad, for understanding" Aran patted his back.


Arnav went to Khushi cabin and knocked the door.


"Bye Khushi... I'm leaving for office now. Just remember, you can call me at any time and you have a friend here. Take care... bye... see you..." he left form there.



So, how is it? Will try to correct my mistakes ( If any ) in my next part. Please let me know, if you have any doubts or complaints... Smile


So, will wait for your comments and opinion... Embarrassed


Thank you for your wonderful support. Heart Day Dreaming




Next Chapter 6


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amazing update 

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Wonderful dear
Hope khushi agree

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Awesome...Arnav-Khushi conversation...hayeee...he made her feel wanted...

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Aweaome aweaome awesome ... loving this
thnx for pm

lik not working

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Wonderful update
Loved it
Thanks for the pm

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