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Arshi SS ~Anmol~ Thread 2 link posted pg 134 On 6 May '15 (Page 18)

anjusr06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 January 2015 at 12:55am | IP Logged
amazing update..
she said decision is on him.. and later she oly said tat she cant marry him

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mahrusweety IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 January 2015 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
khushi's sisterAngryAngryAngry is sooo  idiot

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sutapasarbabhom IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 January 2015 at 1:45pm | IP Logged
Wonderful updt

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srain10 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 January 2015 at 5:29pm | IP Logged
Very nice update...

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deepikadhanu Senior Member

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
Awesome start mom. Lovely update. Urrgh I hate khushi sister. She is such a pain. She scolding khushi for not asking arnav to sit. Dumbo did she have any manner ah how to behave in front of stranger. Feel like slapping her. I love arnav my cutie pie. So sweet of him. Why the hell I am feeling sister lover is none other than khushi sister husband. :-P. Just a guess not sure. Waiting for next update. Post asap . I am waiting

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..Sri.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 January 2015 at 12:28am | IP Logged


Previous Chapter 2


Part 3:

"I had an affair. I loved someone. I can't marry you or anyone else."


It's surprised him. Here he, Arnav Singh Raizada, son of a billionaire, and he himself is a successful business man, her boss's son asking for her hand to marry and she being herself denying the offer?! It really surprised him. But he liked her frankness.


"So, you are not ready to marry anyone?"




"Then, why don't you marry your lover?"


"No, I can't"




"He is already married. He said I can't understand him as the girl he has chosen does. He wanted one matured girl in ALL forms for him. Then he left me. But trust me Arnav Ji... it's really difficult to forget our loved ones. He might not love me sincerely, but I loved him. I thought he will be my support whenever I needed him, whenever I'm scared. I thought he will support me whenever I face insults without my mistakes. But...but..." tears rolled on her cheeks. She couldn't understand why she is saying all these to Arnav. Maybe I can get a good friend in him' thought Khushi.

That was the time, he realised how difficult to leave our loved ones behind us. He realised that how difficult for him to lose this innocent soul and move on. That was the moment he realised his love - love at first sight - for her.


"Are you still in love with him?"


"No... I'm not a fool. I'm just hurt... badly..."


"Why did you say all these things to me?"


"I don't know... May be I need a friend. As you are hell bent to marry me, it is compulsory to say everything to you. I don't want you to take wrong decision and doubt or misunderstand me after our marriage. I can't take anymore humiliations"


"Hmm... so, you don't want to marry me. Okay... then what about your parents? Will they accept you rejecting me?" asked Arnav composing himself.


"Me? Rejecting you? It will never happen because they already decided if you like me this marriage will happen. They never gave me chance to talk or think or express my feelings"


"Are you sure... if I reje... If I say I don't want this marriage, and they will stop searching another groom for you?" he couldn't utter If I reject you'

Khushi shook her head slowly


"Then why should I back off from this marriage? As you said, it's really difficult to leave our loved ones and move on in life Khushi. I too can't do that" he said looking at her intently.


Khushi looked at his eyes to understand what he meant. This is the first time someone asking for her, for her presence in their life.


"Please Arnav Ji... don't waste your life on me. You deserve a perfect girl for you. I can't be a good wife for you or for anyone. Please marry someone else, who can understand you, who can give support to you, who can bring respect to your family. Please don't waste your life. Please..." she pleaded him.


Arnav couldn't see her like this. He couldn't see her in pain. For a moment he thought of giving her what she wants. So, controlling his emotions he decided.


"Let's move from here" he left the room towards the hall, Khushi followed him behind. Suddenly he turned back and asked


"Who is that fool?"


"Excuse me?"


"Who is that fool, who lost you?"


After a minute of silence she said "My Jeejaji - Abhinav"


It shocked him more. "He married your sister?" he asked in a whisper in completely shocked state


"Yes... They both married. So, here is the reason for my backing off. I don't want you take wrong decision"


Before he says anything, Khushi's mother and Bua Ji came inside the room. Garima took Khushi outside.


"Babua... I want to talk with you" Arnav nodded his head


"I think Khushi told you everything about Latha and damad Ji, didn't she?"


"Yes, she did"


"I'm not forcing you for anything babua. I'm just trying to say what Khushi is. She is not what we are seeing now. She was a bubbly, cheerful, intelligent, helping and easy taking girl. When we lost our brother, she was depressed. She stopped talking with us. She stopped living for her. She lived for us. Still, she is not talking with anyone. I'm sure it will take long time for her to adjust in your house. Till that, she needs you. You have to take care of the things in your house before your family regarding Khushi.


She needs one heart to understand her. She needs one support babua. She needs love, trust and lifelong support. She lost so many relations and things in her life. That's why she is scared to accept change in her life - scared of losing again. She lost confidence, she lost believe on herself, she lost trust on relations. If you are not sure about taking care of her or not trusting her please back off from the marriage babua. She can't take anymore. She needs to be relaxed. She can't take any more pain babua. I think you understand what I'm saying. Please think wisely before taking decision" with that Bua Ji left from there, leaving Arnav in his thoughts.




Everybody looked at Arnav, who is coming from the room. They are eager to know about Arnav's decision - as Khushi already said she is okay with her parents' choice - trusting Arnav to take a wise decision. Khushi sat there while her eyes on the floor


"Chote... what's your decision?" asked Nani


"I need time Nani" he turned to Bua Ji and continued "Bua Ji... I, myself will call you about this. I will inform you my decision. For now, I will take your leave. Bye Khushi..." he looked into Khushi eyes.


Khushi looked at Arnav and nodded her head. She felt something in her heart when she saw Arnav leaving from the room. I'm the person who asked him to back off from this marriage, then why am I feeling this pain in my heart? Why am I feeling sad when he is going?' thought Khushi. Tears formed in her eyes once again. When she is going inside after Raizadas left from their house, Latha stopped her.


"What did you talk with him?"


"I said what I should say"


"Don't act smart. You didn't say anything about Abhi and you, did you?" asked Latha


Khushi didn't answer anything. Understanding Khushi's answer, Latha lost her control "How can you Khushi? How can you say about Abhi and you? What if they remove him from his job? How can you do this?"


Khushi didn't answer anything and left to her room. After changing, she came out with her luggage


"Amma, Bua Ji... I'm going to Delhi. Take care of yourselves. I will call once I reach there."


"What? Here I'm talking with you and you are leaving from here? What kind of behaviour is this Khushi?" shouted Latha.


"Didi... I'm not in a mood to answer your silly questions. Don't irritate me"


"Bua Ji, Amma... did you listen her? You are saying that I'm not talking properly, but here she is giving me reckless answer to me - to her elder sister. Is this acceptable?" asked irritated Latha.


"Latha... stop over reacting. Just leave her alone." Said Bua Ji sternly making Latha and her husband gulp


Bua Ji turned to Khushi and asked "Khushi...! You are leaving? What about your lunch beta?"


"I'm not hungry Bua Ji. I will leave now." She took blessing from her Amma and Bua Ji and left to Delhi.




"I didn't expect this from you Chote. I thought you will accept this marriage. Khushi is really a nice girl" said Mr. Raizada, once his wife and daughter left to washroom before their lunch


"I agree with you Aran. What's wrong with you Arnav? Before talking with Khushi, you were so eager to marry her, then what's happened after that? Didn't she ready for marriage?" asked Nani


"Nani... she is not ready for the marriage. But she is still accepting this proposal"


Both Aran and Nani looked at him confusingly. Sighing deeply Arnav told them whatever Khushi said and Bua Ji said. Nani gasped in shock after hearing things


"What a fool he is. Poor girl..."


"But Aran... she is innocent. I liked her very much. As she already said that she is not in love anymore, and then can't we have her as our daughter in law?" asked Nani.


"I'm completely fine and eager to welcome her in our house Amma. But decision should be taken by Chote and Khushi. I don't want to force them in this as it's their life. If they both are ready to marry, then I'm the first person to be happy"


They stopped talking further with Aran's phone ring. Others also joined them after refreshing themselves. They had lunch and left for Delhi by road as Arnav's sister insisted them to. When, their cars moving, Arnav saw Khushi on the bus. Before he say anything or call her both their vehicles moved further. Seeing Khushi in the bus after nearly one hour from their meet made him surprised.





So, how is it?Feeling confused?Confused Tsk... me too... Unhappy I don't know what and how I wrote this update. Will try to correct my mistakes ( If any ) in my next part. Please let me know, if you have any doubts or complaints...


So, will wait for your comments and opinion... Embarrassed


Thank you for your wonderful support. Heart Day Dreaming




Next Chapter 4


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Javeria3991 IF-Rockerz

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awesome update 
I like buaji, she honestly told everything about khushi and showed her shattered heart which only Arnav can heal because he undertsand khushi like no one ver has. 
Update next chapter soon 

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