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Arshi SS ~Anmol~ Thread 2 link posted pg 134 On 6 May '15 (Page 13)

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54 COMMENTS AND 77 LIKES... Big smile  PartyDancing

Thank you so much... Hug Hug Hug

Love you all... Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming


Before starting the update, I request you to read this note


In this SS, Khushi Character is real. I mean someone very close to my heart - she is my Khushi. Most of her experiences are real. This is her life. (But her sister and Jeejaji are nice people unlike Latha and her husband). Remaining characters like Khushi's and Arnav's family are creative. MY OWN IMAGINATION. Some are my own experiences.


So, it's completely my own story. I didn't copy anywhere. IF you find any similarities to other stories, please let me know, I will delete it immediately.


Thank you so much for your wonderful support and response on previous parts. Hope you will enjoy the later parts.





Chapter 1



Part 2:


Everybody got another shock. Nobody expected Arnav to take Khushi's side, including Khushi. Khushi looked at him in disbelieve. She tried to understand what he meant. After hearing his support to Khushi, Latha fumed at Arnav not knowing who he is. When she tried to shout at him, her husband stopped her to further damage. She couldn't understand what is wrong with her husband, but still she stopped herself saying anything, and went inside with her husband.


"Why did you stop me? I could give him a nice lesson. How dare he question me? Who the hell is he think of himself?" asked Latha to her husband


"My Boss" he said calmly, making his wife rooted to the floor.


At the same time, in hall, everybody looked at Arnav, to know what he meant.


"What? I didn't say anything wrong. How much they want to know about me, like that only we want to know about her. In fact we have to make them understand what we are and we have to understand what they are. That is why I said everything. Aunty if you feel I'm wrong then sorry. I was just..."

He was stopped by buaji saying, "No... No... Beta... you are correct. You did nothing wrong. Please forgive us for her behaviour. Please take your tea and feel comfortable"


After some talks with each other, Devyani turned to Khushi and asked about her interests and likes. Khushi, who doesn't have any feeling, answered all the questions asked by all the Raizadas. Arnav is waiting for the moment when he can meet with her eyes. But it never happened. He felt happy, when his Dadi asked Khushi to look at him.


"Beta... Do you like my grandson? Did you even see him?" asked Devyani


Not getting any response from Khushi, Devyani said again "Look Khushi Beta... there is no need to feel shy or fear... without seeing him how can you marry him? Tell me. And without your wish, this marriage will never happen."


"What the...!!!? Dadi...!! How can you say that...? If she didn't see me, she can see me now, right? Then why are you saying this marriage will not happen?" said Arnav, without thinking what he is blabbering. Shock is the understatement for everyone, especially for Khushi. She really gets shocked by this so called Arnav's behaviour. She really didn't understand what is wrong with this guy. She immediately lifted her head to see this particular guy staring at her with a small smile on his lips, little bit fear in his eyes. He is looking handsome with his perfect toned body, Fair in colour, Expressive eyes, sharp nose, 6 feet height, she thought. He is looking really handsome.


She felt little uncomfortable when she heard everyone of this particular Raizada family started teasing him, but somewhere felt nice, funny.


"Sambhalo apne apko Chote... I knew you already liked Khushi betiya when I showed you her picture. But here I need HER opinion on you. If she isn't ready then this marriage won't happen at any cost" declared Mr. Raizada.


"Dad..." he is helpless. He looked at her with hopeful eyes. She can see the desperateness in his eyes. He wants to know about her opinion right there. He saw her looking around like observing others. And then she looked into his eyes as she wants to tell him something. He doesn't know how easily he can understand her mind. Maybe her eyes - they speak volumes' he thought. She saw him smiling little at her nodding his head slightly. She doesn't know whether he understood what she wants or not. But when she heard him next moment, she is shocked little bit and also surprised.


"I want to talk with Khushi alone" he declared looking at all the people in the room


Everybody looked at him surprisingly but next moment they composed themselves and agreed to him. Garima took Khushi and Arnav to Khushi's room and left the door half opened.


When Garima left from there, Arnav looked at the beauty in front of his eyes, fiddling with her sari end. She is looking tensed.


"Now you can say whatever you want. Nobody is here. You are free to talk with me. But one request, if it is your negative answer about this proposal, then please don't mention it. Somewhere it hurts."


She looked at him. He is serious. She sighed deeply. Showing him couch to sit, but he didn't.


"Here I'm not the person who has to take decision. It's you... if you like me this marriage will happen. If you don't like me it won't happen. Amma and Bua Ji already told that"


"What's that mean? What about your interest?"


"There is no question of MY interest in this world. I never had any interests in any. I used to follow their orders and likes. That's all"


"What? That's ridiculous"


But she didn't consider his comment. She continued...


"If u doesn't want this marriage to happen, then I'm perfectly ok with it. But if you want this to happen I want to tell you something. After listening what I'm going to say, decide that you will marry me or not. But it is not before that. I don't want you to take any wrong decision and regret later like me. You ever don't do that." said Khushi


"You are perfectly ok with it? Why, don't you want this marriage to happen? Don't you like me?"


Khushi's eyes welled up. Facing to the window, she turned her back to him, to control her tears. "I never said that. I'm talking about you."


"So, you like me right?" He asked with hope while a beautiful smile adoring his face.


"I like you or not, this is not important. We have to think about your life. Coz your life is valuable."


"I'm confused... I..."


Before he continues saying anything, room's half closed door opened widely. Khushi's sister came inside with coffee tray and gave to Khushi. Seeing Khushi is talking with Arnav while he is in standing position, she got angry and started shouting on Khushi forgetting surroundings and persons.

"What is this Khushi? You didn't ask him to sit at least? Is this your manners? At least you would have asked me about how to behave in this situation. But no you never ask anybody about anything. You are a manners less and senseless girl. At least try to behave yourself like me. Learn from me. Chi... You won't change." then she turns to Arnav and says with a sweet voice "Please sir, take your seat and make yourself comfortable. Sorry about my sisters behaviour. She never learns anything. She is worthless. Before taking decision please consider my words. Have coffee I will leave now" again she turned to Khushi and poked her head hardly and said "at least don't forget to give the coffee to guest." saying this she left the room murmuring 'manners less girl. Chi'


Arnav, who is watching all this drama, turns to Khushi to see the hurt. But for his surprise there is no such type of feeling on her face or in her body. He wants to know what she feels through her eyes. But he couldn't. He couldn't because she never looked into his eyes. She is intentionally avoiding eye contact with him. She started preparing coffee for him and asked him third time to sit. Now after listening Khushi's sister's taunts he sat. Seeing this Khushi smiles and says


"Oh!!! I think like other people, you want me to take taunts from others before you do anything."


He exactly understands what her meaning. With so much guilt he said "I'm sorry. I should have sat when u asked me to sit. Then it wouldn't have happened."


"Oh... Don't be. If you sit also I will get these taunts, for some other reason or without reason. Leave it and have your coffee. It is getting cold." she offered the coffee which he took calmly.


"Khushi, can I ask you something?"


Smiling very little Khushi said "You are the very first person asking permission from me... after I was born I think. Go on ask whatever you want."


"Is she your own sister?"


"Yeah, she is. But what made you ask like that?" asked Khushi little surprised


"Then how can she behave like this with you, that too, in front of a stranger? How can she scold you where there is no mistake of yours?" Khushi can hear pinch of anger in his voice


Khushi smiled sadly and said "May be this is new to you, but not for me. I used to it." Before he could ask more she said again "leave it Arnav Ji... Think about what I said earlier... that is important now."


"What Khushi"


"OH God... how can you this irresponsible Arnav Ji. I never expected this from you. how can you be this careless about your life?" she lost her control. Suddenly realising what she said, she turned other side in embarrassment "I'm sorry Arnav Ji. I was just... I..."


"Khushi... it's okay... you must be in some frustration. I can understand. Relax... I don't mind. In fact mujhe acha laga when you are scolding me - like my wife" said Arnav with little bit tease in his voice


Smiling little, shaking her head and sighing she continued saying in a relaxed state "As I said if u doesn't want this marriage to happen, then I'm perfectly ok with it. But if you want this to happen I want to tell you something. After listening what I'm going to say, decide whether you will marry me or not. Please Arnav Ji... this is important. I don't want you to take any wrong decision and regret later like me. You ever don't do that."


"I never regret when it comes to you Khushi. I'm ready for this marriage. My decision won't change. I want to spend my whole life with you and that's final."


"Don't decide everything now Arnav Ji... first you listen what I'm saying... Please..."


"Hmmm. Ok tell me what u want to say"


"I had an affair. I loved someone. I can't marry you or anyone else."




So, how is it?Smile


So, will wait for your comments and opinion... Embarrassed


Thank you for your wonderful support. Heart Day Dreaming




Next Chapter 3


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Amazing update
What khushi. Had an affair.?
Is she telling the truth?
Update soon

Happy new year. :)

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Awesome update

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Wonderful updateLOL

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Interesting concept

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Amazing update. Happy New Year. darling.

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Looks like Arnav is totally flat on her,
but what is this,
Why has Khushi become like this,
that she's not being hurt by what others say to her!!!
Can't wait for you to clear everything!!!
Take Care!!

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