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Arshi SS ~Anmol~ Thread 2 link posted pg 134 On 6 May '15 (Page 122)

ashnitaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 April 2015 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
Awesome update. 
I can't wait for arnav's reaction on Khushi going away. 

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pup03 IF-Sizzlerz

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amazing update.. arnav is surely not gonna happy to be away from khushi for so long.. do update soon.. waiting to see arnav's reaction to khushi's leaving for lucknow.. loved the update.. 

thanks for pm Smile

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Please spare with typos...


Big smile  Day Dreaming

That was an awesome response... Thank you...

I hope next part will be in new thread... for that I need at least 13 pages of comments... lets see...


Previous : Chapter 16



Part 17 :

"Why am feeling like this? And why is my heart beating like this? And my cheeks? Why are my cheeks burning and why are they so red?" Khushi looked at the mirror and touched her cheeks "Hhh... am I blushing??" she questioned her image in the mirror "Of course you are Khushi... I think you became mad" she said in response to her question. "But what to do? When sir said that Arnav Ji will be mad knowing about my programme, I really felt shy. I don't know why but... I really felt..." Khushi smiled looking the mirror. Her cheeks turned into tomato red. Her heart rate is still in high. Suddenly she remembered that she didn't inform Arnav. She rushed to her cabin from washroom. She took the mobile out and dialled his number. But the call went unattended. Before she try one more time there is knock on her cabin. Keeping her mobile on her desk she asked the person to come. Its peon


"Khushi madam... sir is calling you"


Nodding her head Khushi took her note pad and mobile and left to Aran's cabin.


"Excuse me sir...may I come in?"


"Come in beta... I didn't call you for official meet. Come..."


Smiling little Khushi entered in the cabin. She was surprised to see all the Raizada women and her mother and Bua Ji there in Aran cabin. She smiled brightly and took blessings from Dadi and Akshaya. When she is about take blessings from Anjali, Anjali stopped Khushi and hugged her tightly. Both remained in each other embrace. Both felt unknown comfort with each other.


"How are you Khushi Ji?"


"Ji I'm fine... please call me just Khushi. I'm younger than you"


Next she acknowledged her family's presences by holding their hands.


"Akshaya did you inform Arnav to come here?"


"No... I didn't get him on phone" said Akshaya


"Me either" Aran said and turned to Khushi "Khushi beta, did you talk with Arnav?"


Khushi looked at floor and nodded her head in no. Her cheeks started getting the color.


"Dadi... see... my Chote's bride is blushing. Oh my God you are so beautiful..." Anjali hugged Khushi sideways and laughed loudly making Khushi bent her head as much as possible


For the first time, Akshaya too smiled seeing Khushi. Dadi, who is observing Akshaya thanked god for the change.


Both Garima and Bua Ji also thanked DM, seeing their daughter happy.


"Fine... stop teasing my DIL... Khushi... our wedding planner sent some people here. They need some of our opinions about engagement. So, that's why we all are waiting here" Aran called reception and asked the receptionist to send them. After entering they wished everyone. They handed over a bouquet a Khushi and wished her


"Congratulations madam. This is from our madam. Madam, Mr. Raizada..."


"Thank you... Mr. Raizada is busy with his work. You leave your wishes with us. We will convey him" said Khushi thanking them. She received Arnav's bouquet and went to Akshaya.


"Madam... this is for Arnav Ji. As he is not here, I took on behalf of him. I think, you are the right person to take his wishes" Khushi don't know why, but she said what she felt right


Everyone looked at Khushi surprisingly.


"First of all... it's not Madam... it's just Mom as Arnav calls me. Remember that... okay? And you are going to be his wife, so it's your right too... you did right"


Khushi smiled at her and took her blessings again. Aran, Dadi and Anjali looked at each other and smiled in relief. Garima and Bua Ji also felt relieved. After that small family scene, Khushi thanked the planners and went towards the couches and sat along with others.


"These three are caterer, beautician and event planner. As this Sunday is engagement, they want to ask some questions and your requirements. Make it clear whatever you all want and Khushi... feel free to order whatever you want"


Nodding her head Khushi looked at the three and smiled little.


Next hour and half went in discussions about all the feasts, deserts, and what cuisines to be prepared. Everyone from Raizada family told their requirements. And Anjali ordered beautician about what to do with Khushi and she warned the beautician to take care of her Bhabhi. Khushi smiled affectionately at Anjali and held her hand


"You are so nice" said Khushi leaving everyone surprised. Seeing their surprised faces Khushi stuttered "S...s...sorry... if I...I... hurt you, but I didn't mean to. I just felt like that and... And felt like saying. So... so... I... I... said it out loud... sorry" Khushi sat there looking at her hands which rested in her lap. Everyone looked at her more surprised. What is this girl?' that is the thought everyone has in their minds.


"Who said you hurt me? Why do you think like that? And thanks for your compliment" Anjali side hugged Khushi


Akshaya looked at Dadi who nodded her head in yes with a smile. Aran looked at everyone with pride and said "That is my Khushi betiya. She is so pure at heart"


Khushi looked at everyone and smiled shyly. The three planners too smiled little and Garima and Bua Ji folded their hands in praying.


After that the decorator disturbed them by asking about the decorations. All are discussing and talking. But Khushi sat there silently. Dadi notices this and asks her about this.


"Nothing Dadi Ji... I'm just listening whatever you all talking"


"Do you want anything special to decorate, in any special way and with any special color?"


"No Dadi Ji... I don't want anything"


All the Raizada-s noticed her hesitation. Dadi looked at Bua Ji and asked her with eyes. But Bua Ji nodded her head in no shrugging her shoulders.


"Don't hesitate to say ma'am. You can say whatever demands you have. We will make sure that your wish is fulfilled"


"No... Nothing is like that... just do whatever all the elders says"


"Khushi... tell me what you want" Aran is little sternly


"Woh... woh... sir... can... I mean... can we decide all these decorations and food after discussing with... with... Arnav... Ji..." when she finished the saying her voice became more inaudible. Everyone burst into loud laughter hearing Khushi's words making Khushi jump from her place. "I just want Arnav Ji to participate in every preparation, nothing else" Khushi said with tears in her eyes. Don't know why but khushi didn't like the way all the discussions are going without Arnav and she also didn't feel good when everyone laughed at her knowing her demand about Arnav to be here. She felt hurt


Every one... shocked to see Khushi on verge of crying.




"Don't worry Anjali betiya... sometimes she becomes sensitive... she became like this from her father's death. She misses him a lot. Sorry for her behaviour Bhabhi Ji" Bua Ji apologise to Akshaya, who felt bad for Khushi. Akshaya nodded her head in assurance.


In between Aran called Arnav but didn't get any response. Aran looked at Khushi and sighed deeply. Just then Khushi's phone rang. Khushi answered her call seeing Arnav's name.


"Ji Arnav Ji..."


"Khushi, did you called me?"


"Ji Arnav Ji... Actually I want to say about..." before she says anything Akshaya signalled her to ask Arnav to come to office. Noticing her head Khushi conveyed the message "Arnav Ji can you come to the office now? It's little important. Actually the wedding planner sent some planners here; we need your help here. So, can you come here please?"


Arnav sensed Khushi's sad voice "Khushi are you alright?"


"Ji Arnav Ji... I'm fine"


"I will be there in few minutes"


"Ji please... all our family members are here" she hinted him about the other people.


"Okay... I will be there" they disconnected the call


"Arnav Ji said he will be here in few minutes. I think we can wait now" Khushi said with a smile on her face.


Everyone felt relieved seeing her small smile.


While talking about some random things they waited for Arnav. After some minutes Arnav came rushed into the cabin. He looked around the cabin to see Khushi's face which adored with a beautiful smile with his arrival. Sighing in relief he sat on his father desk not having any place in real.


"So, what's going on here?" asked Arnav looking at his family, mostly his mother


"We are here to discuss about the preparations for this coming Sunday"


"Coming Sunday? What's so special that day?" asked Arnav with confusion.


Gasping loudly Khushi asked "Don't you know?" she looked at others with that same adorning shocked expression


"What?" Arnav looked at everyone


"Chote... this Sunday is... is..."


"Oh come on Di... stop your dramas now... tell me what's there"


"This Sunday is the day when we are going to announce our SIL's name officially" Akshaya said holding Khushi by her shoulders.


"OH god... why can't you all say things straight?" Arnav turned to the planners and commanded for answer "Don't you think you should answer my question?"


"Sir... woh... woh..."


"Leave them Chote... don't scare them. They are doing their work. This is Sunday is fixed as yours and Khushi's engagement."


"What?!!" Arnav almost shouted


"Yes, and all the preparations are for that only. We are just discussing about the decorations but yours to be wife wanted your presence here. She doesn't want to discuss or decide anything without you. That's why she sat sadly here"


Arnav looked at his mother who nodded her head with a smile and then at Khushi who smiled in happiness. There is no shyness, but there is content in her eyes there is happiness in her eyes. Arnav felt content seeing Khushi's smile.


"Fine then... let's discuss and decide." He asked peon to bring some chair and sat beside Khushi making her smile bigger.


After discussing all the decoration, colours, flowers and all Arnav suddenly asked "I and Khushi will come to your office after engagement. I want you to prepare all the designs ready. We will finalise one in that"


All the Raizada-s and Gupta-s looked at each other. Aran cleared his throat and said "Chote... woh... Khushi betiya is leaving for Lucknow tomorrow. She will come back on Saturday and after attending the engagement on Sunday, she will again leave to Lucknow by Monday morning. So, she won't be here before marriage. That's why we are discussing everything"


All the Raizadas are worried seeing his face becoming red. But Garima, Bua Ji worry scared by seeing his face.


Arnav turned to the planners and said in a controlled voice "Can you all please wait in lounge for few minutes? I need some time with my family. I will let you know about our next meeting. Now you all leave" after they all three went thanking god for giving them a chance to escape from ASR's anger, Arnav closed the door and asked his family and Khushi's family in controlling voice "Who gave permission to you all to allow Khushi to go to Lucknow?" everyone including Khushi looked at him shocked




"Answer me damn it... who gave you permission to take her away?" his anger is raising every second


"Arnav... watch your words... they requested us and we accepted. What's there?" Aran is equally angry with Arnav's behaviour


"She is MY fianc... you all should take MY permission" Arnav is not able to take the news of Khushi going away


"Arnav try to understand that she is not going anywhere. She will be back in one week" Dadi tried to make him understand the situation


"Then she will again goes there" Arnav is adamant in accepting


"For coming back to you as your bride. Why are you making this as issue?" Akshaya is angry on her son


Arnav looked at everyone and then at Khushi, who stood there with frightened expression. He came forward, held her hand and took her outside the cabin giving no ear to his family's words. Akshaya looked at Bua Ji with apologetic look. Before she says anything Bua Ji says "Don't worry, I can understand that he is very possessive about his people and things. We are not feeling bad. Let's wait for him to come back. I wish and hope Titaliya will be able to make him understand.




 That's all for now...

 Hope you guys enjoyed the update...

Thanks for your response... Hug




Requirements for next update: more than 100 likes and more than 8 pages of comments

I know I'm demanding... but it's my right... Approve Day Dreaming


Next : Chapter 18



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Superb update
Loved it
Thanks for the pm

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Excellent update!!!

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Aww beautiful update
Arnav is possesive of khushi cute 

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