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Arshi SS ~Anmol~ Thread 2 link posted pg 134 On 6 May '15 (Page 112)

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awww... arnav going to her home to see  her.. lovely

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Thanks for the update.. The innocent of Khushi and Arnav's love n devotion for Khushi is what I love about it. Here Arnav comes to make her understand his mom's view point but table did turned, the one who feared is the one who defended Anjali.

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awesome update loved the way their relation is progressing and how he openly put anjis matter in front of kushi

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Superb update.  
Loved it. 

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Lovely update

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Lovely update ..

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Big smile  Day Dreaming

That was an awesome response... Thank you...

72 comments and 147 likes... OH MYYY GODDD...
this is first time I got this wonderful response... thank you dearies... love you all...
And I hope I will start new thread for next part. It's in your hands...

I don't know what I wrote... I know this is waste of time chapter... I'm just dragging the story. *Whispering* let me tell you one secret... I'm scared of writing wedding parts.Ouch That's why I'm draggingConfused. And I'm thinking to skip that part. I mean like They came-got married-went. That's all. But don't say this to anyone, Okay? this is secret between You and me only... shhh...


 Thank you for the awesome response. I hope I will get the same in future...  Hug


Previous : Chapter 15



Part 16 :

"Khushi tell about him..."

Khushi looked at Arnav with wide shocked eyes

"Whhho...?" Khushi is tensed about the answer. Her heart is beating in worry.

"Who else? Abinav..."

Khushi looked at Arnav with so much worry.

"What's there to tell about him? I already told you, right? Do you... do you have any... any doubt on me? Are you going to leave me???" tears for fear rolled on her cheeks

Arnav was dumbfounded after hearing Khushi's question. He never thought his question gives her that much fear. He immediately started clearing her mind

"No... No Khushi... I didn't mean in that way. As I'm entering in your life, I just want to know everything about negative characters of your life. I just want to know because I want to protect you from every evil. I never doubted you and will never do that Khushi. I completely trust you with my whole heart. Please don't ever think like that. You are so pure Khushi. Why would I doubt you when I knew you were not at mistake? I just want to know about him because, after our marriage, I have to deal with him directly. If I'm not wrong, he will definitely try to be nice with me. I just want to be careful..."


"Much..." Arnav smiled at her "Now, tell me"

"What you want to know about him?"

"anything and if possible everything like what his behaviour with your family, where he works, if you know who are his friends I mean what kind of friends he has..."

"Actually... he stopped working after their marriage. Thinking he will get our house and he can sell that property and can enjoy the money. He really tortured Bua Ji and Amma for that house. It's very big house Arnav Ji... very biiiggg... so many rooms... nearly... umm... hmm... hall, kitchen, dining, one two three four... haa 6 bedrooms, pooja room, store room... guest rooms. I think in total may be some 12 or 13 rooms. After Bau Ji departed it became really difficult for us financially. So, Bua Ji gave some rooms for rent. Whatever rent they are giving, it's enough for our family. But when my jiji and jija Ji came back to our house, it got difficult for us to maintain.

He successfully made all the tenants to vacate the house and after that nobody came for rent. Taking this as advantage, he pressurised Bua Ji and Amma to sell the house. He even forced my jiji to work after seeing me working and sending money to my family. But she couldn't. He also tried to know about my whereabouts to get my money. But thanks to Bua Ji, she never told about me. And after thinking Bua Ji talked with Amma, making sure he will hears their words. She said, the building is ancestral property. The person who would be responsible towards the family will get the right on the property. She also said, if he is not working then how she can prove the court that he is responsible where every neighbour knows about him. She also said if he does any small work, then she could manage. So, he thought and decided to do job till he gets the property. We never knew he will fall in trap that easily. But luckily it happened. After he joined in some company in Lucknow, they send him to Mumbai for work. He left there with my sister"

"Which company...?"

"I don't remember the name... I think... it's some construction company. That name itself some weird name... like A&D or D&A... I don't know..."

"It's A&D..."

"Oh you know about that company?"

"Yeah... in detail... A for Arnav and D for Dadi"

"Oh okay... WHATTT???" Khushi's widened with shock. Arnav chuckled seeing her expression.

"It means the company is..." Arnav nodded with a smile on his face "But sir, never told me that he has another company" Khushi said in low voice

"What the... why would dad say about that? It's MY company damn it... I built that company by my own. Dadi wants that company - a construction company. For her I built that"

"But yours is AR right?"

"Khushi... A&D is a sister company to AR."

"Oh okay... So, jeeja Ji is working for you. Did you see him before? Or did he know about you?"

"I never saw him... but I think he knew me. When I came to your house to see you, I saw him looking at me shocked. When your sister raised her voice, he took her inside. After that she came back and talked to me with so much respect. Yes, I'm sure... he knew me"

"It's good then... he won't try to mess with you. I can handle if he mess with me. I'm happy that he can't even look at you. Now I can relax..."

"I won't allow him to mess with you even Khushi, because you are MY wife, his BOSS's wife. Don't worry, I will deal with him. Okay... it's so late... I will leave now. We meet you tomorrow..." said arnav and thought 'Be careful Abhinav you have my eyes on you' "Okay I will leave now... bye"

"Bye... good night... take care"

"You too... Love you..."

"Like you..." said Khushi

"What?" Arnav asked

"You said, love you, right...? So, thought of saying that I like you..." said Khushi with a shy smile.

"Aww... Khushi... Thank you sweetheart... love you too... I will wait to hear this from you. Take care..., lock the door properly" with that he left from there but not before kissing her forehead

"Did you lock the door properly and safely?" Arnav asked Khushi from other side of the door.

"Yes, Arnav Ji..."

"Okay... bye..." they both bid their bye and good night. That night, they both slept in peace with content and satisfied smile on their faces.


"Khushi... OOO Khushi... open the door... how much you sleep? OO KHUSHIII"

Khushi got up from her bed with a jerk listening high volume voice

"Bua Ji???" Khushi said rubbing her eyes and shaking her head to clearing her sleepiness.

"OOO Khushi..."

"Uhh... Devi Mayya... Bua Ji..." she gasped and shouted back "AAYI BUA JI..." Khushi ran towards the door and opened the door

"Amma... Bua Ji...??? you here?" Khushi asked taking the luggage from their hands

"Leave it... you can't hold the bag. And if your would-be-husband knows that we make you lift this weight, I don't know what he will do. I want to live some more years... I don't want to take risk" Bua Ji said walking inside

"Kya? What are you saying Bua Ji?"

"Hey sankadevi, do you forget that there is a person to whom we will be answerable?"

"Bua Ji... you no need to answer anyone... you had right on me and you will have. No need to answer to anyone..." Khushi is serious.

"Hey... Khushi... your Bua Ji is teasing you"

"Hay re Nand kisore... what to do with this girl Garima...?

"She can't even understand the teasing... only God can save our Arnav babua..."

"Bua Ji..." Khushi made a face and pouted

"We are so happy for you Titaliya... stay happy always..." Bua Ji kissed on Khushi's forehead with moistened eyes

Khushi hugged Bua Ji "This all has happened only because of you and Amma, Bua Ji... if you both don't force me to accept this, I would never meet a wonderful person like Arnav Ji... he is so good hearted person Amma..."

"Thank you Devi Mayya... I'm so glad that you liked him Khushi. I don't have any tensions about you. Now, I can happily go to your Bau Ji..."


"Hay re Nand Kisore... what's wrong with you Garima... why are you talking like that? This is happy time..., don't talk all those things. We have to live long, you know why, because we have to carry our Titaliya's children. I still remember her saying she wants so many kids. How many Titaliya?"

"Bua Ji..."

"Tell me... haa... 6 kids... right?"

"Bua Ji..." Khushi ran from there

"Ohooo... shying..." both Garima and Bua Ji burst into loud laughter and sent silent prayer to DM


"Khushi... we came here to meet Raizada-s. We have to talk with them about the wedding date and all. Do you know the address?" Bua Ji said at the breakfast table

"No Bua Ji..."

"Then call Arnav babua and ask. When you go to office, we will go and meet them. Okay?"

"Okay Bua Ji... let me call Arnav Ji first..." Khushi dialled Arnav's number

"Good Morning... Missing me already?" said Arnav in teasing voice

"Good Morning Arnav Ji..." said Khushi in shy voice

"Tell me, missing me already?"

"Oh... Arnav Ji... I..." Bua Ji nudged Khushi in teasing "BUA JI..." Khushi said aloud

"What? Bua Ji came? When?" asked Arnav with so much happiness

"Um... today morning only. She came along with Amma. They came here to talk with sir and madam about wedding date. She asked me to call you to know about your address. Can you message me?"

"Khushi... I want to talk with Bua Ji... can I?"

"Of course... here..." she gave phone to Bua Ji "Arnav Ji wants to talk with you"

"Hello babua..."

"Namaste Bua Ji... How are you?"

"Live long babua... we are fine"

"Bua Ji... you and aunty get ready, I will come there in half an hour. I will take you to my house"

"No... babua... for that there is still time. For now, we will come on our way. You just say the address to Titaliya."

"Titaliya?? Who is that?" Arnav heard a loud laughter from other side of the phone

"Wohi... tumari Khushi..."

"Wow... great name Bua Ji... Titaliya... means... butterfly... I love that name..."

"Ha... ha... I know... the name or the person... I know whom you love most..." teased Bua Ji

Arnav blushed lightly and said "Bua Ji... I will message Khushi. If you need anything just give me a call... is Khushi coming with you?"

"No she won't come... she is going to office. I think you will meet her there anyway. Okay bye babua... we have lots of work to finish... please send me the address"

"Sure Bua Ji..." Arnav dropped the call and messaged Khushi his home address followed by some personal message


"Now the date is final. Next Sunday is engagement and after one month marriage and two days before marriage all the rituals. Good... so, can we go ahead with the preparations?"

"Ji bilkul... by the way... where do you want this marriage happen?" Garima asked Akshaya

"Wherever you are comfortable to do. If you are comfortable in Lucknow then make it there."

"But..." Bua Ji and Garima looked at each other

"Don't worry about our stay and all Madhumathi. We have our place to stay there and we will take care of our guests there. You no need to worry about that" Dadi said

"Ji... thank you... but won't it be difficult for Arnav babua and Aran Bhai sab? They will invite their business friends, right?"

"No problem about that Madhumathi Ji... anyway we will invite them to the reception party after the marriage. So, no business people will come there. Only very few close relatives will come there. May be in total some 50 or 60, what do you say Amma, Akshaya?" Aran said

"Yes, you are correct. Arnav wants this marriage to happen in peace. He thinks that if we call all the business people; he, Akash, NK or Aran can't enjoy the wedding. So, only few will come from our side. Don't worry... Sheesh Mahal is enough to accommodate our guest. You just get ready for your people. Everything will be fine" said Dadi patting Bua Ji's shoulder.

"If you say, then it's okay... if Shashi is here, he would have take care of everything. Now, only Titaliya has to check"


"Ha... Khushi..."

"Oh... that's so sweet pet name Bua Ji..." said Anjali.

"Okay then... we will leave now... we will come back again on this Sunday. We have to start the preparations"

"Why can't you stay here till Sunday?" Akshaya asked

"No... We have to go to our family god temple in lucknow, Khushi likes that temple very much." Said Garima

"Bhai sab... can we take Khushi with us? I'm sure she wants to pray to her favourite goddess. So, we will go now and will come back on Saturday. As she is the only one in our family who can talk with the caterers and all, we want her to be with us till the marriage ends. If she comes there, it will be helpful for us, and... And... Anyway she will get married and will leave us in one month... we want to spend this time with her. So, if you allow we want to take her with us" Garima and Bua Ji has tears in their eyes.

"Arey... Madhumathi Ji... she is your daughter you can take her whenever you want"

"No... No... When you all accepted her as part of your family, she belongs to you. We have to take permission from you. So..."

"Fine... you can take her with you and keep her with you till marriage" Akshaya said with a smile on her face. She is satisfied with Bua Ji and Garima's values and way of thinking.

"Thank you Bhabhi Ji... then we will leave now... Namaste" both Garima and Bua Ji took blessings from Dadi and left from there.


"What? Bua Ji... I can't come... I have so much work" Khushi said worriedly

"Don't worry, Titaliya, we already asked Aran Bhai sab. He is okay with that. He said he will talk with you about your work. Don't you want to pray to Devi Mayya before your engagement beitya?"

"Ha... I want Bua Ji... but work?"

"Don't worry betiya, your boss will come and will take with you. Okay? I will keep the call. If you can, come home early betiya. And ha... inform Arnav babua about your stay in Lucknow, okay...?"

"Okay Bua Ji..." Khushi took deep breath. She don't know why, but she don't want to go Lucknow... she wants to be here. Shaking her head she dialled Arnav's number

"Hello this is Arnav Singh Raizada. I can't attend your call now. Please leave your message" came the voice message

"Arnav Ji... I want to talk with you... please call me once you are free" Khushi left the message. She got busy in her work. After some minutes like half an hour, peon came there and informed about Aran's arrival and also informed that Aran wants to meet Khushi. Closing her work she took her note pad and left for Aran's cabin.

"Khushi beta I'm sure that you know about your elders' visit to our house. You Bua Ji might have told you about you are going to Lucknow tomorrow"

"Yes, sir... but I have so much work here"

"No problem... you can allot that work to someone else. Anyway I have to take new PA after your marriage. So, I want you to give your work to another girl"

"But I don't want to leave this job after my marriage" Khushi said in low voice looking at her lap

"But why?" even though he knew the reason, he asked like he didn't know

"I want to continue this job. I already told to Arnav Ji"

"Hmm... okay... We will talk about that later. For now, give your work to somebody. Did you inform Arnav about your lucknow stay?"

"No sir... I think he is in meeting. He is not answering calls"

"I'm sure... he will be mad after knowing about your programme. He can't stay away with you" said Aran looking at Khushi face

Khushi bent her head and blushed hearing her to-be-FIL teasing her.

"Right beta?" Aran tried little more teasing

Khushi ran from there smiling saying Excuse me sir' making Aran laugh loudly.


 That's all for now...

 Hope you guys enjoyed the update...

If you have any doubts, please tell me... I will clear your doubts in next update.


Thanks for your response... Hug




Requirements for next update: more than 100 likes and more than 8 pages of comments

I know I'm demanding... but it's my right... Approve Day Dreaming


Next :  Chapter 17



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