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Arshi SS ~Anmol~ Thread 2 link posted pg 134 On 6 May '15 (Page 103)

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Beautiful update
He convince all for the first
and half month date
Why he disconnected the phone
It was awesome dear
Thanks for your pm

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hi di.. m your regular reader from fb..
i saw your post about not posting on fb.. so i came here to read it... though i am reading a lot of ffs on arshi .. but i never knew this is your id..
so plz add me in your pm list ... so dat i cn read your ffs..

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awesome update
plz add me in your pm list

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Next one...
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 As I'm getting less response in FB, I stopped posting my work there. So, if you want me to continue here then make sure I will get more than 100 likes and 8-9 pages of comments. Otherwise, the story will be stopped. Sorry if I sounded rude, but it's my right to get good response.

Most of all of you guessed correctly about Arnav cutting the call... Thanks for that...


 Thank you for the awesome response. I hope I will get the same in future...  Hug


Previous : Chapter 14



Part 15 :

She couldn't understand why she is feeling disturbed

She couldn't understand why Arnav not talking with her is hurting her much.

She couldn't understand why she is feeling low.

She couldn't understand why her tears are not stopping.

She couldn't understand why she wants her Bau Ji to be with her in that minute.

She couldn't understand why she is feeling sad

She couldn't understand why making jilebi is not helping her to feel relaxed

She wiped her tears so many times to clear her vision. But nothing helped. She switched off the stove and took the plate full of jilebies and sat on the couch in living room. She started eating while crying. She was about to call her Bua Ji to talk, the door bell rang. She looked at the time to see night 11. Fear gripped her mind thinking who it might be. She went to the door and asked

"Who is there?"

"It's me..." said Arnav

"Arnav Ji!!!!"

"Yes, Khushi... it's me... open the door" he couldn't control his eagerness to see her face, her face which is reddened with shyness. He smiled little thinking about her expressions. But when the door got open his smile got erased from his face. He saw the red face, but not with shyness, but with continuous crying... Crying?' thought Arnav.

"Khushi... are you okay? Why are you crying?" Arnav asked urgently

Khushi hugged Arnav immediately and cried her heart out

Panic gripped his heart. He led Khushi inside the house by closing the door while hugging her tightly.

"Khushi what's wrong? Why are you crying? Tell me damn it... you are scaring me now"

"I'm scared..." said Khushi hiding her face in his chest

"What? You are scared about what?"


"WHAT?? You are scared of ME?!" Arnav was surprised to hear that. "What made you feel like that?"

"You disconnected the call. I thought you were angry on me for saying those words. I'm sorry Arnav Ji... I did mean to hurt you by telling my feelings. I'm sorry. I won't do that again. I was just... felt like sharing with you... I'm sorry..." she cried her heart out making Arnav go numb with her confession.

It took some time for Arnav to control his mind and feelings. It took some time for Arnav to understand what's just happened. He looked at Khushi, who is hiding her face in his chest and crying her heart out.


"I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I won't say anything again... I'm sorry..."

"Shh... Khushi... I'm not angry on you. What made you think that?"

"Then why did you cut the call?" she looked at him with tearful and innocent look

"Hmm... I just want to be with you when you say those words. I wanted to see you directly when you say those words. I wanted to see your cheeks going red when you say those words. I wanted to know how you will look when you blush. That's why I came here directly. Sorry, I think I could have told you. I'm sorry Khushi..."

"You wanted to be with me? That's why you cut the call!?"

Arnav nodded his head looking at her face

"You wanted to be with me? ME?" her eyes widened when she said those words. Seeing Arnav again nodding his head, a small smile adored Khushi's face which slowly grew bigger. "You came here to spend your time with ME!" she is happy, in fact more than happy, but she couldn't say why. She smiled looking at him without wiping her tears. Her eyes are still glistering with tears. Arnav looked at her lovingly and wiped the tears.

"I don't like when you cry Khushi. I want you to smile all the time. You shouldn't cry like this. I want you to be brave, strong and happy. If you wouldn't get the response you want from others, you have to fight for that. If you want me to react to your words and if I wouldn't, then you have to question me, you have to fight for your right. You are my wife Khushi. Though our marriage was not yet happen, I feel like we are already married. We are husband and wife. So, it's your right to question me and take whatever you want from me. Please Khushi, I can't see you like this. I came here to hear your confession and see you blush, but you are crying?" he pouted little trying to divert her mind.

Looking at his pouted lips and sulked face, she felt an urge to touch his face. She slowly lifted her hand and cupped his face. Arnav looked at Khushi surprisingly, but stopped saying anything seeing her lost look. He waited for her to come out of her trance. He didn't say anything, allowing her to do whatever she wanted to. He stood there like a statue with a thudding heart seeing her observing expressions. Khushi touched his cheeks, forehead, hair, eye brows, eyes, nose and chin. She stopped for just one or two seconds near his lips making Arnav gulp with the tension. Then she looked into his eyes and whispered

"You look beautiful..."

Arnav raised his eyebrows and whispered back "Excuse me!" not getting any answer he called her



"Khushi..." this time little louder


"Khushi... I'm a man I think" he said with a little smile

"Ji...?" she is confused

"You said I'm looking beautiful'. I think men should be called as handsome" his teasing is clear in his voice. Slowly Khushi's mind registered what she said and caught his teasing. Slowly her cheeks gained the colour for what Arnav came to Khushi's house.

"Oh... God... This is the sight to wait for. You look beautiful Khushi. This colour suits you."

Khushi looked at him with question in her eyes.

Arnav rubbed her cheeks with his thumb sending shivers to Khushi's spine. Khushi looked away from his eyes, not able to see the intensity of his eyes. The colour on her cheeks darkened while she smiles shyly, looking down

"Why are you blushing Khushi?" Arnav just wanted Khushi to feel comfortable and share her inner feelings with him. "Tell me Khushi, what are you thinking?" he bent his head and brushed his lips on her cheeks lightly and said "Are you thinking that I will do this?"

Khushi's eyes widened with the touch of his lips. She looked at him with frightened eyes but seeing the love in his eyes she immediately got relaxed and smiled shyly one more time.

"I can live just looking at your reddened face. Look at your face, how beautiful you are. I'm so lucky to have you in my life Khushi, thanks for coming into my life"

"I should thank you Arnav Ji. I'm the lucky one here to get an amazing person like you in my life. After knowing my past, still you are ready to get married to me. Who will do that? I never ever knew that I'm will be blessed with a person like you. I'm the lucky one. Thank you Arnav Ji... thanks for everything"


"Yes Arnav Ji... frankly speaking, I never ever thought I will talk with you like this. When sir proposed our marriage to me, I was really shocked. I never wanted any man in my life, because whatever happened to me in past, I think I won't deserve any pure love. I felt like marrying another man will be a sin. I might have cheating them. I thought I was... I mean... I..."

"Shh... Khushi... No need to say anything. Now, as you accepted me as future part of your life, I don't think what you thought in your past is important. The important thing is we are together now and will be together forever"

"I know Arnav Ji... but I want to get out of this. I want to tell you all the things. I know I already told you, but... but there is something it's eating me. I don't know what to do. I just want to be with you. I just want to feel you warmth around me. I just want to feel your pure love without any hesitation, without any guilt"

"There nothing to feel guilty Khushi... you are"

"You know what Arnav Ji..." Khushi said without hearing what Arnav is saying. Arnav looked at her and readied himself to hear whatever she says. Khushi continues "You know what Arnav Ji... before you came to my life; I thought I can't move on in my life. I thought I can't accept anyone in my life. But after spending time with you, I understood what I'm missing in my life. I understood what life is. Most importantly I understood what love is. I never thought one can love me this much. I never thought I will be this lucky. Today after coming home, I thought about whatever happened today and before. I never felt this hurt hearing I'm trapping someone"


"No Arnav Ji... let me speak. I never felt this hurt. I was hurt not because they accused me, I was hurt because they questioned your and sir's capability or intelligence or awareness whatever it is, indirectly. I was hurt because I'm the reason for that"

"I don't understand what you are saying Khushi"

"They said I trapped you and sir for this marriage. Isn't it obvious that accusing me, is accusing your strength indirectly? Aren't they questioning your capability of guessing the intentions of the person like me? I felt really hurt about this thought. Sorry, Arnav Ji... I will never let this happen. I will prove myself to be worth of your family and you."

"Khushi... relax... the world will say anything, but we shouldn't give any importance to them. If we do, they will hunt us till the end. They will never ever leave us in peace. So, relax... I, Dad, Dadi and... and... Di and... and... Ma trusts you. You don't need to prove yourself to anyone. Just relax and be yourself"

"Hmm... but you know Arnav Ji... after thinking all these, I felt a different feeling. I questioned myself that why accusing you indirectly, is affecting me this much. I questioned myself that why your dignity and respect matters to me? And then when I think about the time we spent together, I felt a different happiness in my heart. I don't know how to say, but... I felt different. I'm feeling happy ... I'm feeling light heart-ed and I'm feeling different whenever I'm with you. My heart is beating fast... I feel like something... I don't know what to say and how to think... but then I thought... I think... I... I started to like you..." she confessed with a small smile on her face which brought a big smile on Arnav's face

"YOU... like... ME...?" Arnav asked with so much happiness and love

Khushi slowly nodded her head looking at her feet with a small smile on her face. a slight pink colour started adorning her cheeks.

"Khushi look at me and say one more time" Arnav knew, she can't do that. But still he tried. As guessed she shook her head in denial. "Oh come on Khushi... you already said that two times, now it's time to say looking into my eyes"

Khushi hid her face in Arnav's chest by holding her shirt with both her hands. Arnav laughed out loudly seeing the adorable girl in his arms. He hugged her tightly and rested his head. They stayed like that for some more time, feeling each other. Arnav is the first one to come out of the bliss and said

"Khushi... I want to say one thing to you about Di..."

Khushi looked at Arnav's tensed face and nodded her head as asking him to continue

Arnav made Khushi sit relaxed, went to kitchen and brought some water and some jilebies. He kept them on the tea-poy and held Khushi hands.

"Khushi... whatever I'm saying is Mom's feelings, not mine, Dad's or Dadi's. Just completely are my Mom's feelings. Before I start saying, I request you to try to understand my Mom's fears, please..."

Khushi nodded her head in confusion.

"Khushi... Mom is worried about Di." He saw the confusion in Khushi's face replaced with concern.

"What? Is Anjali Ji okay? Is she alright?"

"Yes, she is alright, don't worry... mom is worried about her future after... after our marriage"

Khushi's face again held confusion

Sighing deeply Arnav continued "Di is divorced Khushi... her husband cheated on her. After marrying Di, he maintained several relationships with other women. When we caught him red handed he said he married Di for our money. Di was depressed. She couldn't take the news that her husband cheated on her. She was deeply in love with her husband. It took two years for her to become normal. We admitted her in hospital to take psychiatrist's help. She was there in hospital for almost 10 months. Now, Mom is worried about Di's future. She is thinking that I may insult Di and send her out of the house after getting married to..."


"WHAT THE!!!" Arnav looked at Khushi shockingly

"How can you think about that Arnav Ji? Do you know how it feels when we got cheated by our loved ones? I know... I know how it feels... so, don't dare to think about hurting or sending Anjali Ji out of the house. I will never allow that. She will stay with me how much time she wants. If anyone tries to harm her, they have to cross me before they reach her, mind it" Khushi is not in a state to see or understand Arnav's expression or feelings. She is really feeling angry thinking someone throwing Anjali out of house. She couldn't take that thought itself. So, she vent out her anger on poor Arnav. she can feel the pain Anjali went through. Tears of anger and pain rolled Khushi's eyes.

Shock is the little word for the feeling Arnav feeling now. But still, he looked at Khushi's anger filled eyes and felt an immense satisfaction to have this girl in his life.

"Khushi... relax... I didn't say I will throw Di out... it's my Mom's fear. She is thinking that after marrying... You... I will change and"

"She doesn't know about me. So, her fears are justified. But what about you Arnav Ji... you know me, right? Do you think that I will and I can do that?" she is still in angry mode. There is a feeling of hurt in her eyes.

"No Khushi... I never have any doubts about you. I know what you are... that's why I defended you in front of Mom" Arnav cupped Khushi's face and said "I said... MY Khushi can never do that to anyone leave alone MY sister. I said MY Khushi is an angel. I said... MY Khushi is pure innocent heart-ed who only knows to give love to her family. I know about Khushi... I know well about you" Arnav moved forward and kissed her forehead thanking the God - for bringing this angel to this world, his father - for asking her to marry him, Khushi's father - for upbringing her with wonderful values. "Thank you for coming into my life Khushi. I love you..."

"Sorry for shouting at you Arnav Ji... I was just feeling bad about Anjali Ji. I can understand her pain" said Khushi

Arnav nodded his head understanding her words.

"Khushi tell me about him..."

Khushi looked at Arnav with wide shocked eyes


Generally, I will start new thread after 130 pages. So, can I expect new thread for next chapter...Wink Let's see the love you have for this story will make this possible or not... LOL Big smile  Tongue


If you have any doubts you can ask me, if you don't like anything you can say. I Will try to correct my mistakes ( If any ) in my next part. Smile Please let me know, if you have any doubts or complaints...


So, will wait for your comments and opinion... Embarrassed


Thank you for your wonderful support. I'm sooo overwhelmed with the awesome response... Love you deariesss Heart Day Dreaming



Next : Chapter 16



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Awesome update...
Khushi explained her feelings very well... 
Continue soon... 

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Lovely chapter...
Mujhe bhi la do koi itna cute sa loving sa arnav.. Embarrassed
He is adorably cute.. Plz continue soon!
Thanks for pm Smile

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