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Invitation to a different writing challenge (Part 22/page 82) (Page 65)

RomComFan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2015 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
What a beautiful update... I love it!

The way RKB handled Mrs. Chadran and Ishu was just beautiful... so nice to see the ISHRA flirting.

As for the last scene... what a way to end!Shocked

Can't wait for the next update- terrific job here.

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AllezJustine Senior Member

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Posted: 30 January 2015 at 7:22am | IP Logged
Great update yaar, truly unexpected. Lovedthe challenge.  Now that Subbu's Mom has told Mr. Iyer about the secret engagement curious on what will happen.
Looking forward for the next update
AllezJustine Senior Member

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Posted: 30 January 2015 at 7:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by crazy_neha

Hi new here really luv.ur concept was.superb as always

Waitin for.the next updt frm Nivi

Glad you liked the concept and really hope to do it another one
nividances IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 January 2015 at 6:27am | IP Logged

English translations are in blue.


Chennai Calling and Spilled Sugar

"Akka, please come na. Amma is quite unwell and she is asking only for you Akka."

"Ayyo Soumya! What happened so suddenly? I talked to Amma yesterday only and she was fine."

"She fell in the washroom this morning. There was some water on the floor and she didn't see so she slipped. Doctor said that it might be a broken hip that might have to be surgically replaced but he is still waiting for the x-ray results to come in. Ishu will handle the house Akka, you just come here."

"Okay Soumya. I will try to catch the train tonight itself if I can book the tickets, otherwise I will leave early tomorrow morning."

Madhavi rubbed her forehead with worry as she hung up the phone to end the second troubling call that she had received within the last hour. Glancing at the clock, she tried calling Ishita's cell phone for the fifth time, to disappointedly receive the same irritating message "This number is not available at this time. Please try again later."

"Where is she? They said they would be back by 7 but it's already past 9! Vishwa!"

Madhavi walked into the bedroom where her husband sat reading the newspaper and snatched it out of his hand. "Ayyo Vishwa! I'm so worried here and you are sitting enjoying the newspaper!"

Mr. Iyer looked at his wife and rolled his eyes a bit, as he was used to his wife overdramatizing even the smallest situations and getting worried for no reason. "What is it now Madhu? Why are you worried? Kabhi toh relax kar liya karo. Tumhari toh aadat hi bann gayi hai har baat par chinta karna. Let Ishita come home first and you can talk to her about it." ("What is it now Madhu? Why are you worried? Relax a bit. It's become habitual for you to worry over every little thing. Let Ishita come home first and you can talk to her about it.")

Before Madhavi could respond, the sound of the front door opening was heard and then a familiar voice high-pitched voice filled the air as Ruhi walked into the house screaming for her Paathi and Taatha.

"Paathi! Taatha! Where are you? I had so much fun with papa and Ishima today! We ate ice cream and went swimming and played on the playground and..."

Ruhi waltzed through the entire house singing out everything that she had done on the picnic that day. Mr. and Mrs. Iyer both walked out of the bedroom together to find Ruhi dancing around the living room and Ishita walking through the front door, struggling to bring in all the shopping bags of stuff that Ruhi had demanded to buy. Dropping the bags into a pile in one corner of the living room, Ishita pushed back some loose strands of hair from her face and tiredly walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

"Amma? Appa? I'm making coffee for myself. Should I make for you two as well?"

"Make a cup for me as well please." Raman answered Ishita's question, walking into the Iyer house and closing the front door behind him. He deposited yet another mountain of shopping bags into the pile that Ishita had already made and greeted both Mr. and Mrs. Iyer with a smile as he folded his hands respectfully.

"Namaste uncle, aunty."

Mr. Iyer smiled back and gestured Raman to take a seat on the sofa, while Madhavi nodded absent-mindedly and observed Ishita moving, or rather floating, around happily in the kitchen after hearing Raman's voice. As Raman and Mr. Iyer sat together to chat about Obama's recent visit to India on Republic Day, Madhavi joined Ishita in the kitchen. Speaking in a low whisper to her daughter, she asked Ishita to come into the bedroom to discuss something important. Ishita became worried at seeing the serious expression on her mother's face and turned the gas on low to heat up the milk for the coffee, as she followed her into the bedroom and closed the door softly.

"What's wrong Amma? Is everything okay?"

Madhavi thought for a moment, as she debated about which concerning matter to bring up with her daughter first. "Ishu, book a ticket to Chennai for me for tonight. Soumya called me just before you came and she informed me that your paathi might have broken her hip."

Ishita looked at her mother with shock for a brief moment, before she nodded and picked up her cell phone to call the travel agent. Meanwhile, Madhavi began gathering some clothes to pack into a small bag for her trip. Once Ishita had confirmed the ticket booking, she looked at her mother, who was still worried and mumbling something under her breath. Placing a soft hand on her mother's shoulder, Ishita hugged Madhavi.

"It's okay Amma. Paathi will be fine. You don't worry. I have confirmed your ticket; the train leaves in a little over one hour so you should get ready fast and I will drop you."

Ishita broke the embrace and turned to walk out of the room as she remembered that she had left the milk heating on the gas when Madhavi pulled her hand and stopped her.

"Ishu wait. There's one more thing I have to discuss."

"Amma, I left the milk on the gas so let me just make the coffee and then we can talk in the car when I drop you."

Reluctantly Madhavi nodded with agreement and finished her packing. "Okay, go."

Ishita ran out of the bedroom to find Mr. Iyer engrossed with the news on tv and Raman standing in the kitchen while Ruhi authoritatively stated out instructions to her father for how to make coffee.

"Okay papa, so paathi and Ishima like their coffee with two spoons of sugar but taatha cannot eat too much sweet so he only gets one spoon. Then you add the coffee powder into the cup and add the hot milk. And mix everything together until there are bubbles on top."

Raman tried to follow his daughter's instructions precisely as Ruhi kept a watchful eye on him while standing on a stool near the kitchen counter. He spilled some sugar on the counter as he spooned it into the cup and Ruhi scolded him.

"Arrey papa! What are you doing? You're making such a huge mess! Ishima is going to be so angry because she likes everything to be clean and precise."

Ishita rushed into the kitchen and caught the sugar container just as it was about to hit the floor and make a huge mess. "I'll finish it off Raman. You go and sit with Appa. I think you should stick to drinking coffee rather than making it."

Raman looked down at the ground embarrassed while Ruhi laughed at her father being kicked out of the kitchen and Mr. Iyer chuckled softly as he watched Raman dejectedly take a seat on the couch again. "It's okay Raman beta. Ishita is a bit of a control freak when it comes to cleanliness. She hates messes."

Raman smiled sheepishly as he heard Mr. Iyer's words and thought of his own bedroom in the apartment across that hall that had everything from clothes and office files to pens and shoes strewn across the floor and bed, making a mental note to clean up before Ishita saw the room. Handing off two coffee cups to Raman and her father in the living room, Ishita packed the remainder of the steaming liquid into a thermos for her mother to take onto the train.


Ishita adjusted the rearview mirror as she reversed the car out of the parking space and drove out onto the main road. Once they were comfortably cruising on the highway, Madhavi cleared her throat and broke the silence.

"Ishu, I got one other disturbing call this evening, before Soumya called me."

Ishita gave a brief glance to her mother and returned her concerned eyes to the road while nodding.

"What is it Amma? Who called?"

"Mrs. Chandran."

Ishita hit the brakes forcefully, as she saw the traffic light turn red, her heart beating fast from the name that her mother had just uttered.

"Ayyo Ishu! Pay attention to the road kanna! I will stop talking if it distracts you."

Ishita whipped her head to look at Madhavi and spoke softly, her voice laced with. "Sorry Amma. But what did Mrs. Chandran say?"

"That you were engaged." Madhavi gave a questioning look to her daughter, whose face was suddenly devoid of all color and looked completely white, as though she was a ghost. A few beeping horns sounded from behind as the traffic light had changed to green; Ishita hit the accelerator, again hearing a string of reprimanding words from her mother.

"Ishu? Did you meet her today kanna? Why would she say such a thing?"

Ishita took a deep breath before she revealed the entire truth to her mother, from the biting words that Mrs. Chandran had said to how Raman had stood up for her and announced himself as her fiance. Madhavi heard everything silently.

"Absolutely not Ishu! Your Appa may be friends with Mr. Bhalla and Raman too may be a good boy, but I will never agree to get you married into a Punjabi family. Even if I look past that, I can never forgive Santoshi for what she did all those years ago! So you can take the thought out of your head if you were even considering this proposal seriously."

Ishita attempted to reason with her mother for the rest of the car ride, citing how this marriage would give Ruhi the family that the girl deserved and also give her the official position of Ruhi's mother, but her mother would not hear any of it. As Ishita settled Madhavi in her seat on the train, the mother imparted a final warning to her daughter.

"Ishu, don't even think about going ahead with this proposal. I will never agree to it. I will ask around within our family while I'm in Chennai if they suggest any boys for you; a nice cultured Iyer boy is what you need, not some divorced Punjabi who has a loudmouth mother that has no manners or values." Madhavi finished with a scowl, a mixed expression of anger and disgust adorning her face.

Ishita merely exited the train compartment with a sad look, half-heartedly nodding her head to indicate that she understood her mother's words.

Returning with a heavy heart at seeing the sudden dismal turn of events, her mother's warning ringing in her ears, Ishita walked from the parking lot towards the apartment building with tears in her eyes. She was surprised to find Raman waiting for her on the bench right outside the building. Trying to be discreet, Ishita brushed her hands up against her eyes and wiped away the wetness, an action that didn't go unnoticed by Raman.

"Oh Madrasan, chinta mat karo tum. Sasur ji toh pat gaye hain aur raha savaal sassu ma ka? Unko Chennai se aane do, phir dekhte hain ki voh kaise nahin maanti hain." ("Oh Madrasan, don't you worry. I have already convinced my father-in-law and as for my mother-in-law? Let her come back from Chennai and we'll see how she doesn't agree.")

He flashed a confident smile while she looked at him with confusion. Grabbing Ishita's arm, Raman pulled her to sit on the bench and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"Your appa told me that Mrs. Chandran had called home earlier this evening and that your amma was worried about this. Once I explained the entire situation to him and asked for your hand in marriage, appa essentially melted like butter. The look on your face tells me though that amma didn't necessarily show the same enthusiasm?"

Ishita nodded as she looked down at her hands and played with her fingers.

"Don't worry about her Ishita. It's my job to convince her and I have five days to do it so leave it to me. But you just be ready with your idli-sambhar and frothy filter coffee tomorrow morning. The Bhallas are coming over for a South Indian breakfast." Raman winked and gave a bright smile.

Ishita felt her heart lifting as she saw Raman's positivity and confidence. Smiling genuinely, she gave him an encouraging nod as he explained his full plan to her for tomorrow morning.


I wrote this in a rush so forgive me if there are mistakes. Hope you enjoy it. All the best for the next part Ankita!

Heart Nivi

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Ishradivani Senior Member

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Posted: 31 January 2015 at 6:32am | IP Logged
Awesome update sakshi the entire way you took confession is absolutely raman listened to her n how he made subbus mom shut her mouth superb yaar. n when he told u already accepted me in ur heart I was feeling so peaceful lovely work n d last part u brought a excellent continuation for story sry for late reply

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nividances IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 January 2015 at 1:25pm | IP Logged
Updated my part on page 66. Hope you guys like it. Smile

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shravani_2311 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 January 2015 at 3:04pm | IP Logged
wow...such an amzng updte...
i loved raman's confdnce nd assuring ishu...

its very beautiful...

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usaonly IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 January 2015 at 3:40pm | IP Logged
Beautiful update Nivi love the confident Raman had for this marriage and he alredy convince Ishu's dad so next target is her Amma.Hope  Raman can wrap everything up in  5 days. He alredy start caring and concern for Ishu was grate sign. Thank you for the update story.Have a grate week ahead dear.Smile

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