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Invitation to a different writing challenge (Part 22/page 82) (Page 63)

nividances IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 January 2015 at 7:33pm | IP Logged
Waiting for the next update. Smile

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ankita_sidana IF-Dazzler

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Fab update part 15
Wonderful...loved cute ishraru scene
raman and ruhi saving ishita from sm's
loved itt
so wen is the contntn?

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sakshi.ekansh IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 16

Dark Past and a Bright Future... 


He was taking her holding her arm tightly as if would take her away from all the pains and hurt she had just suffered or suffered ever. Her lost self has told him that she was hurt. As if a broken mirror from her past has pierced her heart. As if she has seen something she never wants to see.. She was walking with him holding one of her arm from his one hand and one of Ruhi's palm with another. she was physically there but mentally had landed into her own life few days back..   


Laughter, music, gossips , hustle bustle was the sound of the day.. Iyers were running from here and there to check on the arrangements and Chandrans were observing each and every arrangement keenly.. Today was the day of marriage of their daughter Ishu.. The day all of them had dream of.. The day when her life was getting complete . She was going to merge her life with another person. She was going to step into another phase of her life.. 

Yes She knew she can never become a mother herself but she was going to become a wife of the person with whom she had already imagined her whole life. When she had told her life's biggest truth to Subbu when he proposed, she expected a heartbreak but indeed she got a support in return. The man said he cant lose her anyhow.. She kept a condition that she would marry him only if his whole family would be aware of the truth that she would never be able to conceive.. He said he has told everyone and everyone agreed.. She was shocked yet happy.


At the time of gatbandhan she thought to thank her mother-in-law for being so understanding.

She went to Mrs chandran and said

Ishita:- Amma.. I am very thankful to you.. Knowing my problem you have accepted me whole heartedly.. People like you are less these days.. I am really lucky to have a mother-in-law like you...

Mrs Candran:- Problem? Which problem are you talking about?

Ishita was taken aback first but later realized she was living in a misconception of her in laws knowing the truth about her..

She immediately called Subbu there..


Ishita:- Subbu.. Have you told Amma the truth of my medical conditions or not..


Subbu:- Ishu it is not the right time to talk about these things.. We are about to get married...


Ishita:- tell me the truth.. have you told the truth?


Mrs Chandran:- Whats all happening here?? Would someone tell me?


Ishita:- Amma.. Looking at the situation I understood you are in dark.. I would never want this relation to start on a lie.. The truth rather the bitter most truth of my life is..


She gulped down her saliva to speak the truth.. It wasn't easy for her to remember it again and again..


Ishita:- It is that I can never be a mother..


Silence was all around.. Subbu was looking guilty and Mrs. Chandran was dumbfounded. Ishita was sobbing and everybody else were just staring at them..


Ishita:- Its now up to you Amma.. You want to accept the relation or not..


Mrs Chandran:- Don't you dare to call me Amma.. I am not Amma for you.. You barren sin..


Mr. Iyer:- Mind your language Mrs Chandran..


Mrs. Chandran:- You mind your tongue.. You are a very witty person.. You were handing over your good for nothing daughter to us without even letting us know..


Mr. Iyer:- Subbu knew about it.. Ask him..


Mrs. Chandran:- I don't need to ask anything.. All I know is I don't want this girl to be near to my son in any of his life.. I want my family to get extended not just finished up with the social service for this girl..


Subbu:- I told you to stop Ishu.. You yourself broke our marriage...


Ishita:- Broke?? If you want to get married to me you would never have kept all this as a secret..


Subbu:- I knew Amma would never agree to this.. That's why I kept a secret.. but you never listen to me.. Now stay unmarried for life long..


Ishita:- excuse me.. what?? Lifelong.. You mean if you wouldn't marry me no other guy would marry me??


Subbu:- we were together for more than 12 years Ishu and that's why I thought to get married to you.. Otherwise would never marry a girl who cant conceive.. Am I looking stupid to you??


Ishita:-  Mr. Subbramaniam Chandran... Mind you.. You were not doing charity on me.. So don't you dare to put the blame on me..


Subbu:- Its your ego which would keep you unmarried for lifelong..


Mrs. Iyer:- Just shutup.. I promise today.. I will find another much better match for my Ishu.. You would regret your decision one day..


Subbu:- Which guy would not want to be a father? I was stupid as was going to marry her for the sake of the friendship we shared.. Everyone else isn't a stupid..


Ishita:- Enough... You have shown your real face today Mr. Chandran...I myself don't want to marry a guy who doesn't respect me... Will you please leave now..


Mrs Chandran:- Khot khudme hai aur ilzaam mere bte par.. mai bhi dekhti hoo iski shaadi kaise hoti hai??



They were  left there with the sounds of laughter turning into the sounds of whispers.. She was broken. Her trust was broken. And a life was still there for her to bear rest of the pain..


*Flashback Ends*


When they have reached the parking lot and he shook her she came back to reality from the past memories.. 


Raman:- Ishita... Kaun thi woh Aurat?? Tumhe pareshan kyu kar rahi thi.. Kahan khoyi ho ishita??

(Who was that woman and was she troubling you?? Where are you lost??)


She was still silent and her tears speaking that she is going through a tough time..  He thought to leave her alone for sometime.. He left her sitting on a bench and left with Ruhi to give her some alone time.. He knew it wasn't easy for her to share her pains with him as she might not be comfortable doing so.. or he isn't lucky enough to  create a level of comfort between them..

She was sitting in the park and recalling his words..

"She is my fiance.."

Why had he said that? It could create problem.. In her life.. in his life and in their daughter's life.. What if he was serious? What if he wants her to be his? And what if he comes to know about her reality and leave her.. Like the first one had left.. And what if he would accept her and his family wont?

She could not bear another heart break...

Heart break??? When did her heart got involved with him?? She was getting confused... She again drowned into a pool of thoughts..


He was going to get chocolates for Ruhi when he was stopped by the same woman and a man alongside.. He looked at them and held Ruhi tighter..


Mrs. Chandran:- I know you are not interested to listen to us but let me ask you one thing.. Has Ishita told you about her medical conditions?

Raman:- Medical conditions??

Mrs. Chandran:- See I told you.. The girl is a bloody ditcher..

 Raman:- Mind your language before I forget my manners..

Mrs. Chandran:- The girl you are going t marry is ditching you.. you are probably marrying her to get a son but she cant conceive.. its her truth.. and I know you would never want a barren girl in your life..

It took him two minutes to fully understand the meaning of her words... His silence gave her opportunity to speak further..

Mrs. Chandran:- I knew you would be shocked.. She did the same with my son.. I had fortunately come to know about her on the day of marriage. It was murugan's grace.. I rejected her right then.. how can someone marry his son to a woman who cant extend their family? She can never be a mother.. She is good for nothing thing..

Raman:- (shouted) First of all.. She is an human.. An breathing human not a commodity.. So better you mind your words.. and second what did you say? She can never be a mother... She is already a doting mother for my daughter.. She is a best mother one could ever have.. My daughter is not even her blood and yet she has given her life to her. But why am I explaining thngs to you.. Your words seems you are an orthodox.. You think I am marrying her coz I want a son from her.. It would happen in your family.. We marry girls to give them happiness and take love in return.. We are dependent on girls.. For us girls are the pillars of family not any wheat sack kept aside.. I am marrying her coz I truly want to.. and dare you say a word against MY ISHITA... you can leave..


Mrs Chandran:- ye sab kehne ki baat hoti hai.. Apne parivaar ko sach batake use shadi karke to dikhao..


Raman:- 5 days.. 5 days are there and I challenge you after 5 days I myself would come and give you our wedding card... And I mean it..


He left with Ruhi and Mrs Chandran stood there bemused..

He came and sat with her leaving Ruhi in crche making sure she is doing fine.. He kept his hand on her shoulder..

She instantly removed it.. He kept it again and received same reaction..

He held her shoulders and made her looked at him..

Raman:- Talk to me.. atleast now..

Ishita:- How dare you? How dare you to declare yourself as my fiance?? Did you ask me?

Raman:- I did ishita...

She lost words.. Yes he did asked her..

Ishita:- but I haven't replied..

Raman:- Do you think I would have waited for your reply at the time when someone is insulting you..

Ishita:- but that was not right..

Raman:- Whattt??

Ishita;- you even don't know the truth of my life.. how can I impose myself on you..

The words were enough for Raman to fall for her again.. She was pure.. She was honest..She could have easily hidden the truth but she did not..

She stated her side of the story.. he listened to her calmly.. it was important for her to unburden her pains.. When she finished he said

Raman:- I already know.. I met the lady and she told me..

Ishita looked at him in disbelief.. he knew her truth and still was there to console her.. was it his sympathy?

Raman:- I have told her another truth that now I want to tell you..

Ishita looked at him with her tears strained face and he held her close..

Raman:- I told them that you are already a mother to my daughter and that too the best mother of the world..

She started sobbing uncontrollably and he let her cry..

After few minutes she restrained herself and found the position she was in and was about to move when he said holding her back..

Raman:- but ek problem hai...

Ishita looked at him still in his arms..

Raman told her about the challenge he had taken and she was shocked..

Ishita:- But ye sab suddenly?? 5 days Raman and how?? Even I haven't thought for it..

Raman:- Thoughts are from brain but relations are from heart and your heart has accepted me.. Otherwise you would have never shared your pain with me..

He was right.. yes he was right.. There was no need to tell him her personal things but she did.. She has built a trust for him in her heart.. He has occupied a space next to Ruhi in her heart.. She smiled in return and he hugged her closer...

Raman:- remember one thing Ishita... For me you would always be the best mother my kid could ever have and a best wife I could ever think of... I don't want anything else my life.. Bolo.. kya dogi mera saath???

She smiled in return.. he has easily healed her pain and in return he wants her support.. She absent mindedly nodded and he smiled broad..

Raman:- now the movie of our life starts.. "Ye 5 din.". Waise madrasan.. koi idea hai ki hum in 5 dino me kaise patayenge sabko..

Ishita:- Hum nahi aap... I also want to look how well you do??

Raman:- Ek Punjabi ko challenge??

Ishita:- Hmm Ek Punjabi ko ek madrasan ka challenge.. But one thing.. Agar isse aapki ya Ruhi ki life me koi bhi problem aayegi to promise me you would stop this matter right there..

(if there is any kind of problem due to all this in your life promise me you would stop all this right there)

Raman:- meri itni parwaah aaye haaye mar jawaan..

(this much concern for me.. I cant believe that)

He teased her and saw her blushing..

Raman:- Waise problem to humari life me tab aayegi jab tum usme nahi hogi..

(problem would be when you would not be ther in our lives)

His words were enough for her to know he was serious about this relationship.. She has left everything on him and was waiting for her destiny to take a beautiful turn..

The three words to confirm love were yet to be spoken but the seed of a lifelong relationship has started to sprout..


Iyer House..

Phone rings..

Mrs Iyer:- Hello...

Mrs. Chandran:-  So madhavi.. you got another prey for your daughter...

Mrs Iyer:- Yenna.. What are you talking about?

Mrs Chandran:- Your so called daughter is engaged and you did not tell anyone..

Mrs Iyer:- Engaged???


I am so sorry people for the late update.. Had got sprain in my leg and these net issues i tell you.. I hope i did justice to it and is upto your expectations.. Gave a twist to it.. Looking forward how Nivi takes it forward.. Really sorry.. waiting for your reviews. Please press like and do comment.. 

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nice one buddy.
Ishita's emotional part well writen.

Raman finally convinced her for maarriage.
Mrs Chandran who ayee hee apney insult karwaaney jyada naehn  chahiyen.

Abh ussney ghar mey bhee bolkar ramanaur ishita ka kaam aasan kardiyan.

waiting for next part

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shravani_2311 IF-Rockerz

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Sakshi yar... Worth wait...
You potrayed ishu's part very well...

Nd i loved hw raman defended ishu's condition nd answer mrs.chandran...

She is already a mother to my daughter...and worlds best mother.. Heart touching dialouge...

Nd hw ishu shared her pain nd raman confidently said you accepted me trough your heart so you shared your past with me... This is suprb moment for me...

Nivi pls update fast yar...

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Ishradivani Senior Member

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Loved how raman imitated ruhi n ruhi  she is such a dramebaaz .totally loved how baap beti convinced ishima n raman was staring at ishu in d mrng n told her bahut achi lag rahi ho omg I was blushing thr n I had goosebumps at tat sentence.  Finally raman packed up performance to shut up subbus mom I m ruhis father n ishitas fiancee loved it totally. cant wait for next part update soonish n really sry for the very late reply kaan pakad ke sry

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sakshi.ekansh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2015 at 6:48am | IP Logged
So Sorry for the late update.. Updated on page 64..  Kaan pakad ke sorry deariees..

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sulochana90 IF-Dazzler

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amazing update waiting for the next

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