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Invitation to a different writing challenge (Part 22/page 82) (Page 58)

Amaranthus Groupbie

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Posted: 20 January 2015 at 6:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by swathin

superb update
loved the progress of their relationship

thank you Smile

SuryaIshraholic IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 January 2015 at 6:42am | IP Logged
Superb updt..
Aww lov d ishra convo.. ND Raman sayng sorry 2 her..
Den gift.   ... Goosebumps.. Hehe
Hope now ishu started 2 feel smthng 4 him lol
ND Congo 4 cmpltng 100 posts
Thnx 4 pm
Amaranthus Groupbie

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Posted: 20 January 2015 at 6:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SuryaIshraholic

Superb updt..
Aww lov d ishra convo.. ND Raman sayng sorry 2 her..
Den gift.   ... Goosebumps.. Hehe
Hope now ishu started 2 feel smthng 4 him lol
ND Congo 4 cmpltng 100 posts
Thnx 4 pm

thank you so much dear glad u liked it Big smile Smile Wink
prachi_vrushan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2015 at 8:58am | IP Logged
awww this was cute
loved it
ishra convo was so beautiful
n then d gift
AllezJustine Senior Member

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Posted: 21 January 2015 at 9:37am | IP Logged
Nice update Ameera sorry for the late reply its my turn now and I will update tomorrow night because I have a big event to plan for in the morning. 
I apologies for being late

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Posted: 22 January 2015 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
here is Part 15

A Happy Little Family
Ishita sat in Ruhi's room thinking about what Raman Kumar Bhalla has said to her. He was really sincere in his apology and after hearing his explanation she felt bad for not trusting him, he is not as bad as she thought he was. She sighed, thinking how just a few hours ago she was really upset with him, and now she can't stop thinking about him. The way he held her hand gently and looked deep into her eyes.
A small hand shock her bringing her out of her thoughts "Ishimaa!" came Ruhi's annoyed voice and she turned to face her little daughter's frowning face "Haa Ruhi Beta" she said with a smile while Ruhi puffed "Ishimaa, I've been talking to you for a while." She then placed her little hands on her hips and continued "and you were not listening at all."
"I did baby." said Ishita although she did not hear anything, but she had gotten away with such things in the past and thought she could do it again.
"Okay what did I say?" asked Ruhi which took Ishita by surprise "You were saying.. mmm" she tried to think of something but she came up with nothing.
"Dekha Ishimaa you did not hear anything." Said Ruhi angrily folding her little arms on her chest and just turned away "Mein aap se kati ho" Ishita felt bad and a little bit embarrassed for making her daughter angry at her so she went and hugged her from behind "I'm sorry Ruhi Beta," she said "Abh batao what were you saying?" but her daughter would not budge "Aree baba I'm sorry na, Ishimaa ku maaf karo" she said again trying to win her daughter "I'm fully listening now see," she added kissing her check and Ruhi finally turned back to her "Theek hai Ishimaa. I forgive you, but you have to promise to accept." Said the little girl with a plan in mind "Accept what Beta?" asked a suspicious Ishita "just promise me, no questions." demanded Ruhi "Theek hai, Ruhi promise" a big smile shined on Ruhi's little face as she hugged her Ishimaa back and said with an excited voice "Guess what Papa planned for tomorrow?"
"I don't know baby, tell me." She said curiously "What did your Papa plan?"
"A picnic!" she yelled in excitement and jumped around.
"That is great" she said happy to see her daughter so excited "Ruhi with her Papa I'm sure you will enjoy it." She was feeling a little bit sad, because she will miss her daughter for the whole day. "I will miss you baby."
"But Ishimaa, you will also come." Said Ruhi with a smile
"No beta I can't." she tried to excuse herself but Ruhi cut her off saying "You promised Ishimaa, you have to come."
"No Ruhi, Papa planned this for you, wise Ishmaa has a lot of work to do." she said trying to convince her daughter, because she would feel uncomfortable.
"No Ishimaa you promised if you won't go then even I won't go" said Ruhi and continued with a sad face and voice "then Papa will be very sad, please Ishimaa maanjao."
"Haa Ishimaa, please maanjao Papa will just be so very sad." the voice came from the door and when she turned she saw Raman who stood there with a fake yet convincing sad expression on his face. She was not aware that he stood there for a while listening to the mother daughter conversation.
"Dekho Papa, Ishimaa doesn't want to go with us." She said running to her father who picked her up as she hid her face in his chest while he said dramatically "Why Ishimaa? Why!? Now you made Ruhi sad" she knew he was having fun on her expense but she couldn't help but laugh at the father and daughter due and their little drama and muttered "Nautanki" then she said surrendering to them "Okay I will go with you guys."
Raman and Ruhi both laughed and high fived each other in victory, then Ruhi ran to tell her grandparents about the picnic while Raman and Ishita stood there staring into each other's eyes "Thank you!" he whispered "Kise liye?" she asked lost in his eyes "for coming with us" he said in a husky voice without taking his eyes of hers then continued with a sincere smile "Ruhi would never have enjoyed herself without you." She didn't know what to say so she just smiled while he raised his hand to tuck away a lose strand of hair behind her ear.
"Ishita came help me with dinner." Her mother's voice came from the kitchen breaking their intimate moment, and their eye lock "I'll go now" he said and turned to leave before stopping at the door way and turned to her with a smile "see you tomorrow" she nodded positively and smiled back at him, he took two steps then stopped and turned again "Aur haa, you don't have to prepare anything I've arranged for everything."
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The next Ishita was astonished to see Ruhi up without her usual antics, and getting ready on her own. "She is really excited." Thought Ishita "Ishimaa you're not even ready, we will be late, get ready quickly." Shouted a very excited and annoyed Ruhi as she pulled her Ishimaa to the her bed room where she had prepared what she had chosen for her Ishimaa to wear on the picnic. It was the blue salwar suit that Raman had gifted her just yesterday.
"Ishimaa chaloo Papa is waiting" yelled Ruhi while dragging Ishita out of the Iyer house "Aree Bachaa, aren't you going to say goodbye to everyone." Said Ishita and then Ruhi ran to hug Mr. and Mrs. Iyer goodbye, then ran across the hall to the Bhallas and said goodbye to her grandparents, uncle, and aunts and came running back to her Ishimaa "Abe chalo na" she said impatiently and everyone laughed "Ja'o Putter Ruhi can't wait anymore" said Mrs. Bhalla and added "Raman is waiting downstairs." So she greeted everyone and went with Ruhi.
There next to his Mercedes car stood a different looking Raman Kumar Bhalla. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a T-shirt, he looked so young, and handsome thought Ishita to herself as she saw him. He had not notice her yet because he was speaking on his phone.
Ruhi ran to him yelling in excitement "Papa hum ready hai." Raman ended the call before turning to his daughter and kneeling to hug her "Good morning my princess." He said and gave her a kiss before his eyes caught sight of Ishita walking slowly towards them. She looked beautiful with her hair falling freely on her shoulders, simple makeup, simple jewelry; everything about her was simple yet breathtaking. He could not take his eyes off her. She couldn't see the expression in his eyes because he was wearing dark sunglasses, but she did not miss the smile that formed on his lips, he took off his glasses to have a better look and their eyes met. Were her eyes always this beautiful, he thought to himself. Did he always have these cute dimples, she thought to herself as they stared in each other's eyes.
"Papa, Ishima chalo na!" said Ruhi impatiently pulling both their arms, and that's only when the broke their eye lock. "Haa Beta let's go." He said and opened the back door for his daughter and seated her safely there. Then he opened the passenger side door for Ishita "Bahut achi lag rahi ho." He whispered close to her ear as she passed him to sit which made her blush; they exchanged a brief look before she lowered her gaze and sat inside the care.
"Papa music laga do." Demanded Ruhi and her father obliged happily, he played an old CD with all of Ruhi's favorite songs and they both started singing with each other which made Ishita smile. She remembered what Ruhi had told her last night, how excited she was. She told her how her father took her for a picnic or an outing every weekend. How they would sing together, play together, go swimming, or just go for lunch. He truly loved his daughter and never neglected her as she thought at first and from Ruhi's stories she realized that this was a father daughter special day or date as Ruhi called it "Ye meri aur Papa ka date hai" she chuckled as she remembered Ruhi's words. Why did he invite her then?, was he trying to tell her that she is also part of both their life. Was he really serious about his proposal? Does he really want them to be a family?
"Kiya hua, what are you thinking about?" his voice snapped her out of her thoughts and she shook her head "Kuch nahin" she and smiled.
The on their way they stopped at a restaurant to have breakfast as none of them ate breakfast. After that they went on their way to the park where they both played with Ruhi, she really made tired them out. For lunch they went to an amazing resort at the outskirts of Delhi.
"We could have made something for lunch instead of coming to this fancy hotel." She commented when they stopped at parking "Actually we aren't here only to eat" he said to her then turned to Ruhi "After lunch we are going swimming." Ruhi's eyes popped out of excitement and she started jumping around "Yay! Yay!" both Raman and Ishita laughed seeing her innocent happiness "Don't you think you are pushing it a little bit." She asked in a low voice and he smiled without taking his eyes of his daughter "maybe, but I missed so much time with my little girl." He seemed emotional as he continued "I just want to make it up to her." he turned away discreetly wiping a sole tear that escaped his eyes, but it did not go unnoticed by Ishita who found herself, holding his hand tightly. He turned to her and they shared a serene, content smile. "Papa Ishimaa chaloo na" said Ruhi breaking their eye lock again.
After lunch Raman and Ruhi went swimming while Ishita relaxed near the pool enjoying the view and every now and then Ruhi would shout to her, showing her some new move she learned from her father and she would wave to her and give her the thumps up. She had always dreamed of having her own family and today she feels like that dream she had given up on might just come true, a happy little family.
When they finally came out of the pool it was almost getting dark, she took Ruhi to change her clothes in the room Raman had booked for them while he went to his room to change. "When you get ready, go downstairs to the restaurant I'll make some work calls then join you guys." Said Raman after he led them to their rooms, she nodded positively and went with Ruhi who was now exhausted from all the fun she had. This was proving to be a perfect day.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
"Ruhi be carefull" yelled Ishita as Ruhi ran in front of her when they got of the elevator and she bumped into an older lady "Aree batamiz bachi why don't you look where you are going?" shouted the lady scolding Ruhi who stood there startled "I'm sorry aunty ji, bachi hai she was just excited" said Ishita politely apologizing while the lady turned to her scolding "why don't you keep an eye on your daughter?" and as soon as the lady turned to her, her face expression changed totally "tum!" said the older woman who was none other than Mrs. Chandran Subbu's mother. "Aunty aap yaha!" Ishita was surprised to see the older woman here "I'm here for a relative's wedding" said the once to be her mother in law and continued proudly "my cousin's son has come from the US to get married, but tell me what are you doing here?"
"We are here on a picnic" said Ishita "A picnic, we" said Subbu's mother surprised then she took a look at Ruhi who was hiding behind her Ishimaa "and who is this little girl." Ishita put her arm around Ruhi protectively said looking at her baby "she is my little girl."
"What? kiya bakwaz hai yeh?" said older woman "yeh kaise hogaya?" she asked with a suspicious look on her face.
"She is my daughter Ruhi" she said holding her head high and meeting the older woman's shocked eyes. "Ishimaa let's go" said Ruhi and Ishita held on to her even tighter "Okay aunty ji we should go now." She said and walked passed the older woman towards the restaurant, but Subbu's mother grabbed her arm and turned her around saying loudly "You can't possibly have a daughter; we both know that's impossible so how did this happen!" some people began to look their way and Ishita started to feel uncomfortable "Dekho aunty it's a long story and I don't have time now, please meri haath chor do." She was trying not to create a scene in this fancy place, but Subbu's mom was not letting her go.
"No I want to know now" she demanded "did you get married?" she asked "no, no, who in their right mind would marry you?" the mere thought of Ishita moving on with her life and getting married and settled before her Subbu was drivning her crazy.
"Leave my Ishimaa hand" said a visibly disturbed Ruhi and then tried to release Ishita's arm from the firm grip of the mean old woman "Ruhi it's okay beta" said Ishita calming her daughter down. "What a mannerless  child! You don't interfere when the elders speak."
"What's going on here?" Raman's voice came from nearby and everyone's attention turned to him and Ruhi ran to him "Papa dekho, ye aunty Ishimaa ku parishaan kara rah hai" said a teary Ruhi to her father who picked her up "Ishita are you okay?" he asked looking at her pale face, but she did not answer him. Subbu's mom's poisonous words hit her deep in the heart and brought back painful memories.
"Ishita!" he called her name and she finally turned to him
"Excuse me, please leave her arm" he demanded politely but strictly which surprised Subbu's mother "and who are you?" she asked without taking her hand off Ishita's arm and giving him a look from top to bottom.
"Tameez si bhaat kara raha ho, let go of her arm." The warning look in his eyes and the anger in his voice did the job as she released Ishita from her grip and Ishita took two steps and stood next to him.
"Look lady I don't know who you are and I don't care to know." Said Raman directing his speech to Subbu's mother, with a ruthless expression on his face "But if you ever speak to my daughter like that again, I will forget my manners and your age."  He warned her "And about your question" his arm went around Ishita's shoulder protectively while his other arm held Ruhi tightly to him "I'm Ruhi's father and Ishita's fianc." Saying that he took Ishita's hand and they left.

Not proof read, I'm sorry for being late, and I'm sorry if it is too long, and I'm sorry if it doesn't meet your expectations.
Just wanted to spice things up with one of our favorite Villains in the show. Hope you guys like it.

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nice post buddy.
who cares if you are late when you give such a beautiful post for compensation.
It was really nice.
Theya r yet to be married but they behave lik marrid .
vry family moment was too good.
Subbu's mom.No one knoiws her name wrote more than 20 storis still her name is a adverb only.
She deserves more from Raman.Raman's anger can do the real mess.
Subbu bhe hotha tho damm aatha,
No doubt they are already in love.
Waiting for next part.

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Wow wonderful update... 

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