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Invitation to a different writing challenge (Part 22/page 82) (Page 48)

shivashna Groupbie

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Posted: 14 January 2015 at 3:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ankita_sidana

Superb update...loved itt
raman climbing pipe was so cute
and perfect ishra convo
i think next part gonna be romantic

Thanks :) 

AllezJustine Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2015 at 10:29am | IP Logged
Very interesting development. Did not expect that. You did a good job.
It was so funny when he mistakenly reached Mr and Mrs Iyar's balcony.  He is lucky Mrs.Iyer did not catch him.

Would love to see how this develops. Will Ishita accept the proposal or will he have to work hard.

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AllezJustine Senior Member

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Posted: 15 January 2015 at 9:54am | IP Logged
Hi everyone so the sext person to update was suppose to be Maya but she is not available I guess her exams are still on going therefore Vikas will be doing the next part as we start the second round.

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shivashna Groupbie

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Posted: 15 January 2015 at 10:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by AllezJustine

Very interesting development. Did not expect that. You did a good job.
It was so funny when he mistakenly reached Mr and Mrs Iyar's balcony.  He is lucky Mrs.Iyer did not catch him.

Would love to see how this develops. Will Ishita accept the proposal or will he have to work hard.

Thanks and yes eagerly waiting for the next update

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Posted: 15 January 2015 at 11:50am | IP Logged
Hey Hi buddies.
I am very happy  with the way this thread reached its sucess.
Zami started this thread with hope that there would be few interested to take up the challenge.
But this thread became a book mark .With 12 writers joining each giving competetion to others in making it more beautiful.

Now Maya who was supposed to be 12 th writer is not available because of her exam's and one of rule that each post should not take more than 4 days.Made me to sprang in.

I gut the oppertunity to make the starting post of this FF and I am pleased after hearing the positive responce it got.
I am happy that I was able to make  a proper base for the story to start.

I have bee waiting since then form my second turn and her I got it finally.

I can't stop myself from making this part a bit lengthy .I hope You like it.
I always wanted to show Raman Ruhi and Ishita bond and I git that chance myself.Then The dialogue Ruhi says it is Ishita I dreamt this for ages.So update became lengthy to bring it to there.

Then for all MDT reader.Yester day I figured out what is missing it is my feel.Now with this part I wrote I am as confident as before and am feeling as before .So will definitly make updates tommorow.

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Posted: 15 January 2015 at 11:52am | IP Logged
PART 12                 TOGETHER FOREVER

Scene starts in morning Raman just spent a sleepless night.It is not new for him to be awake all night.He had many this past year.But this night was different.To say very different he was happy in contrary .

He had is daughter the person whome he loved most in the world but he is not the only person who loves her to life.She found herself a mother who can got o any extent to keep her happy and who has love that can over power all the difficulties in world for her.

He was sitting ideally waiting for world to start moving his world .He was sitting in hall and watch struck 6.Then came milk man and news paper as if they were waiting outside for clock to hit 6.

He went and collected paper  and his mom just woke up collecting milk.

Mrs Bhalla "Tum soye nahen ?"

Raman checking head lines in paper but his eyes were observing the opposite door for her to come out.

Raman "Han maa neend nahen aa rahen thee."

Mrs Bhalla "Ruhi kahan hain?"

Raman "Ishita key pass so gayen  hain."

Mrs Bhalla could see the calmness in his son's face after so long.She knew he was'nt same even when they got Ruhi back but this calmness indicates everything is perfect to say better than perfect.

 Mrs Bhalla din't say anything but just left him same way.

Then he could hear a sound from opposite door and as expected it is Ishita who is doing her morning ritual with house.She looked angelic for him as the morning rays fall on her face.She understood that some strong gazes are upon her but she din't gave much as she felt  good to have them on her and not wanting to disturb them.

While she was about to leave Mrs Bhalla stopped her.

Mrs Bhalla "Ishita tum itney jaldee uth gayee."

Ishita gave her usual smile "Main hummesha jaldee he uththee hun."

Raman "Ruhi kyaa kar rahen hain?"

Ishita tried to avoid but can't keep her gaze away from him who proposed her in the strangest way a man could.

Ishita "Abh shaayad sooney kee naatak kar rahen hogee."

Mrs Bhalla confused and Raman don't know al the habits of his daughter as she went through lot of transformation this last year.

Ishita with a glowing smile on her face.

Ishita "Theek hain aap hee aakar dekhiyen aapkey Ruhi ka din suru kaisey hotha hain."

Ishita asked them to tip toe silently .

Raman "Isski kyaa jaroori hain."

Ishita "Drama queen ko subaha subaha nahaan pasand nahen hain.Hum kuch nahen karnegey tho usska din 11 bhjey shuru hoga.Aap he dekhiyen."

Then silently tiptoed to Ruhi's room and Ishita signed them to wait outside and take cover from curtain.

Ishita went inside as usual.

Ishita "Ruhi utho time hogayan hain.Saath bhaj gayan hain.Tumhey ready bhee hona hain."

Ruhi "Ishima 5 minutes."

Ishita "Theek hain main paanch minute mey aajaongee tum naastha mey kyaa khaogee bathaon."

Ruhi still closing her eyes "Corn flakes and chocolate milk shake."

Ishita "Theek hain dress nikaal dena main ready hokar aajaongee."

Ishita walked out of room and silently hid behind curtain along with Mrs Bhalla and Raman.Mr and Mrs Iyer are awoke and they see what is happening and just gives a smile as their daughter is back to normal.

Then they look inside and Ruhi slowly opening her eyes and confirming Ishita is not  there in room and jumped out of bed and slowly went and opened the cup board to select a dress for her Ishima.She selected a yellow colour dress and kept it outside and then tried to hear any foot steps and slowly slipped below the bed.

Raman and Mrs Bhalla are shocked to see this and Ishita is smiling at her daughter's cuteness.Raman is looking at his daughter and Ishita with awe .

Mrs Bhalla asks Ishita what is she doing.

Ishita whispers "Nautanki."

Ishita then goes inside and acts as if searching Ruhi and Raman and Mrs Bhalla are observing Ruhi's action.Ishita then acts as if coming out and she asks them to change position and Ishita then acts as if asking her parent as and as usual their answer is no.

Ishita then loudly says "Shaayad Bed key neechey chup gayee hogee."

Raman could see from distance then Ruhi came out of bed and went and hide beside the cupboard and it continued for few minutes and Ruhi is hiding and Ishita is enjoying the moment anh then Ruhi knew she can't run longer and was about to run to his fathers house.

She then bumped into Raman.

Ishita followed there.

Ruhi "Papa help me."

Ishita "Han main tumhey kidnap kar rahen hun aur tumhaarey papa bachaayengey tumhey."

Ruhi "Ishima aap kitney cruel hon.Koi chotey bachee ko itney subaha uthaathey hain kyaa aur who bhee itney subaha naahathy hain kyaa."

Mrs Bhalla was laughing at her Grand daughters cuteness "Bilkul baap pey gayee hain.Who bhee aisey hee kartha tha jab chotha thaa."

Ishita gives a surprised look at Raman who hides his face with his palm.

Raman "Ruhi ready ho jaon naa.Ruhi is a good girl right."

Ishita comes there and takes Ruhi to her arms as she was distracted by Raman.

Ruhi "Papa aap bhee unkey hee side ley rahen hon.Duniyan mey mujhey Akeley kardiyan ."

Everyone laughs at heavy dialogue coming out of her mouth.

Mrs Bhalla "Ishita main madad karoo."

Ishita "Nahen aunty yeh tho mera roz ka kaam hain.Isskey nautanki key bhina din kaisey jayega ."

Ishita took her to bathroom and made her do bath and Raman could hear cute conversation between Ishita and Ruhi.Ruhi is trying to distract Ishita but Ishita is well know for those tricks.

Then after few minutes Raman leaves to his house and gets ready and was eager to see how it is other side and was shocked to see Ruhi is sitting in their hall and watching TV .

Raman "Good morning Ruhi."

Ruhi "Good morning papa eyes still on TV."

Raman "Tum yahan kasiey aagayee.Tumhaari Ishima kyaa kar rahen  hain."

Ruhi "Papa wahan mujhey Ishima TV dekhney nahen degee main jab thak naastha na karoo.Issliyen yahan aagayen." Loking at door for sign of movement.

Raman "Tho khaakar aajaon naa."

Ruhi "Ishima ko aaney do who khilaayegee."

Same time Ishita sprang open the door with a bowl in her hand .She looked at Ruhi and came and sat beside her.

Ishita "Tho yahan aakar chupgayee tum."

Ruhi "Nahen main kyo chupoongi.Papa bol rahen they kee unhoney nayaa chanel lagaaya merey liyen tho dekney aaye.But yeh tho uss TV mey bhee hain." Keeping the remort away.

Raman was getting many shocks this day from her daughter .She is not the same girl he has seen yesterday morning or the time she came back to him.This new Ruhi is having lot of energy and she keeps on running and speaks like a TV anchor non stop and can tell lies as comfortable .

He has seen his daughter these days as moody less active and composed .But here he is seeig  her mischief side from the moment she woke up using everyone a her disposal for herself.

He loved her new look she has no one to stop.

He saw Ishita feeding their daughter and Ruhi telling some thing and Ishita listening patiently and same time feeding her .He could easily make that her appetite is triple than when he fed her.

His daughter loved him very much but she  was ot habited to this new house even though everyon are her won she felt is strange and stayed in her shell and not doing her mischief scared on what they mey say.

Ruhi ate her break fast and she went running to his parents and speaking with them doing masthi all aloud as if her chains just broke.

Ishita came and stood beside him "Kyaa dekh rahen hain?"

Raman "Bahuth badal gayee hain ek saal mey.Mujhey yaken nahen ho rahan hain kee yeh wohi Ruhi hain kissko mainey kal dekha."

Ishita gave a smile "Thoda darr gaye thee.Yeh ghar usskey liyen naya  thaa naa issliyen.Abh aadat bangayee hain aur main bhee hun naa.Koi break nahen lagaayegee."

Ishita "Pehley ek gahr mey ussko control karna mushkil thaa abh donon ghar mey harthal machaayegee." She has broad smile in her face.

Raman mobile rings same time and he goes aside to take the call.He kept both Ruhi and Ishita in his vision.

Raman "Han Neil bathaon.Itney subaha kyon phone kiyya?"

Neil "Bhai ek problem hain.Thoda urgent hain."

Raman still looking at Ishita who is happily seeing her daughter playing around.Every one in Bhalla's became her victims for one prank or other and she just silently hid behind Ishita.Whole house turned upside down with this new Ruhi.

Raman "Bathaon kyaa huan?"

Neil "Shagun ney Ruhi ka custody case re open karney kee  koshish kiyya?"

Raman "Permanent custody humey mile thee."

Neil "Bhai jaantha hun.But weekend rights usskey saath they.Aur who log yeh kehrahen hain kee Ruhi ko humney kidnap karwaakey Ruhi ko unsey milney nahen diyya.Ab custody key liyen reopen karwaaye."

Raman "Shit.Abh fir sey naya drama.Tho fir humey abh kyaa karnaa hain."

Neil "Bhai  judge hummarey favour mey thaa.Hum bass unko yeh prove karney kee Ruhi healthy environment mey hain aur khush hain main bakee manage kar loonga.Nahen tho case legal ho jaayega."

Raman looking at his daughter and Ishita .

Raman "Aaj hee appointment fix karon.Abh fir sey yeh drama suru hoga tho Ishita ko fir sey koi problem hojaayegee.Yeh baath kissey ko pathahoney sey pehley he khatam kardengey."

Neil "theek hain bhai ,Main abhee phone kartha hun."

Raman looks at her daughter and Ishita "It is my family.Main issey kuch nahen honey doonga."

Raman "Ishita I need a favour"

Ishita puzzled "Kyaa?"

Raman "Aj main Ruhi ko bahaar le jasaktha hun kyaa.Who aapko chodkey aayegee hee nahen."

Ishita gives him angry face not because he want to take Ruhi aways but she felt he taunted her by asking permission to take his daughter.

Ishita "Joke thaa?"

Raman "Aaapko jho accha laga wohi ley leejiyen.Bass kuch kaam hain Ruhi sey Akeley."

Ishita nods and she leaves as she got some call.

Neil informed Raman that he got appointment at 11.

Raman "Ruhi tum papa key saath aogee.Papa ko ek kaam hain.Papa ko patha nahen kasiey karnaa hain.Aur Ruhi jaisey smart person ke jaroori hain."

Ruhi  thinking for some time "Papa fir ice cream aur teddy bear."

Raman "Deal."

Ruhi runs and announces to Ishita "Ishima papa ko kuch kaam karna nahen aa rahan hain main jaakar help karoongi."

Ishita smiles and nods.Ishita then kisses Ruhi on her cheek before she left and Ruhi did same.Bidding bye she came to her father.

After few minutes Raman took all the papers Bala gave to him regarding Iyer's innocence and old custody papers.

Raman and Ruhi are in Judge's cabin and Raman and Neil were speaking to her and Ruhi was playing on other room her activities clearly visible from that room.

Raman "Ruhi kidnap huin thee but we are not involved in it."

Raman then giving her all papers about that case.

Judge "I can understand kee Ruhi kidnap nahen huin  hain hum iss case totally close kar saktey  hain but."

Raman "Not just.Humey Ruhi ka permanemt custody chahiyen.Cancelling weekend rights"

Judge "I can understand kee aap nahen chahthey kee Mrs Khanna aapkey beti key saath na rahen.But Bachey key liyen apney donon maa baap kee jaroori hothe hain."

Raman "I can understand  what you say.But Ruhi already change sey adjust kar nahen paaye abh Shagun key pass jaakar bahuth disturb ho jaayege.Aap Ruhi sey individually baath keejiyen aur usskey baad dcide keejiyen."

Judge agrees to this and goes to room where Ruhi is playing she closed the door to avoind Raman's interference.Raman is tensed he said to decide on Ruhi's words but she is kid after all.

Judge observes Ruhi closely and is sure her energy is beyond imagination.

Judge starts playing with her and shocked seing Ruhi's smartness as she very wel know everything on every game.

Ruhi then finally spoke "Yeh sabh games puraani hain."

Judge "Yeh sabh tumney kissney sikhaaya."

Ruhi "Ishima ney.Mama ney mujhey aur bhee sikhaaya hain."

Giving her illustration of what ever she knew.Judge was convinced by one thing  that she is not acting and she is not trained to do what said but to follow her will.Then finally  she came back to her cabin along with Ruhi.

Judge "Mr Bhalla.Ruhi is smart kid who bahuth active hain and she is speaking lot about her mother."

Raman is confused a bit.

Ruhi sprang to his lap and was listening praises on her giving a broad smile.

Judge "Aap keh rahen hain kee.Ruhi comfortable nahen hogee but she remembers her well."

Judge "I mean Shagun also needs time with her daughter.She misses her mother a lot."

Raman was confused on how Ruhi rememberd Shagun that much when she almost never spent time with her.

Judge "Ruhi tum apney Mama key pass jaogee naa."

Same time Shagun came there along with Ashok as Judge informed them prior.

Ruhi don't know both of them.

Shagun "Ruhi beta kasiey ho tum.I miss you a lot."

Ruhi looked confused at her.

Ruhi "Papa kaun hain yeh aunty."

Raman understood that Ruhi spoke whole along about Ishita.

Shagun "Main tumhaari mama hun."

Judge understood difference.

Judge "Ruhi beta tumhaary mama ka naam kyaa hain."

 Ruhi "Ishita .Ishima."

Raman then explaind her about Ishita and she now understood the matter.

Shagun left from there after insult.

Judge "Mr Bhalla Ruhi ko aap donon ke jaroori hain.She loves you both a lot.It would be better if both parents stay together."

Raman "Jaantha hun mam.Mera bhee wohi soch hain.

Raman leaves from there along with Ruhi and thinking about how everything changed.

Raman "Shaayad Ishita nahen hothee tho Ruhi ko  Shagun key pass bhejna padtha even after I know she had hand behind kidnap."

Raman "Ishita changed everything."

Raman then  looking at Ruhi who is eating ice cream says to himself "Ruhi tumhaarey Ishima aur Papa saath hongey.I will make sure tum hum donon key saath rahogee.Nahe merey pass anehn Ishita key pass .Hummarey pass.TOGETHER FOREVER"

Raman "Abh Ishita ko kissey bhee taraha manaana padega iss shaadi key liyen."

Raman looking at Ruhi smiling.

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SuryaIshraholic IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 January 2015 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
Readed al d updates...
Hats off u guys..
Al hav done fabulous wrk...
Love d story...
New mission 4 Raman. Excited

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Akshatha19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 January 2015 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
Raman was accepting himself and ishita both are two imp to Ruhi...
Morning seq was simple and sweet...
Raman observing ishita was so nice, ishita saying ruhi natakas was awesome...
Ruhi is such a cute baby wow her inacts was so sweet, the way making her ishita
 run around her...
Ruhi lines was so beautifully written... Ruhi energy is back with ishita...
i liked ur  explaintion about  ruhi changed behaviour full of smartness, 
talkativeness just awesome...
Raman lines i just loved "It is my family.Main issey kuch nahen honey doonga."
The title was apt to the story...

well done vikas ...
just loved it...

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