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Invitation to a different writing challenge (Part 22/page 82) (Page 36)

Aru.Divan IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by prachi_vrushan

nice update
Thanks a lot Prachi ...

Aru.Divan IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by RaYaKapoor

Hey Aruna!
That was an amazing update ya! The RuMan bond was indeed very endearing to read! Loved it! Thanks for the wonderful part

Hey Priya .. Good to see you here...
Thanks a lot .. So glad you loved it and really happy to see your comment here Big smile..
You're most welcome and It is my pleasure Embarrassed
Aru.Divan IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by usaonly

Wonderful update glad you put back emotion for Ruman. Raman feel bad cause he lost her for one year and get her back he want to make up for what he lost all this time so he doesn't want to leave her even for a second again.Ruhi love for Raman always different cause he was taking care of her since she was born so the bond are stronger cause it buit for so many years.And Ruhi love for Ishima will be different cause she never receive a mother love from her own mom so the kind of attraction like that and during she lost her dad she got Her Ishima love to fill in. Raman doesn't think the other way around if Ishu family not takecare of Ruhi from beginning if she stay with the wrong family what will happen to her. Hope someone put scent to Raman and he let Ruhi meet Ishima. Waiting for Nikki she is wonderful writer too hope to see more progress to Ishita side.Thumbs UpThumbs Up
Thanks a lot Jum ..
Such a lovely review Big smile.. Good to hear from you every time ..
As you said the person updating next is a lovely writer.. Waiting for her update eagerly..

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Aru.Divan IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by pri12

awsome...loved it

Thanks a lot Big smile
Aru.Divan IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by rnarayan

Lovely updates, creating a good story 
Thanks a lot Big smile
sakshi.ekansh IF-Sizzlerz

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hey nikki. waiting for the update... :) :)
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 Okay Guys...Finally updating..!! I am so sorry for tha late update...I was posting it in afternoon only..but due to some net issue my part just got deleted...I can only now manage to write this piece...I don't know to what extent it made sense to you...But trust me...I have written it in only 1 hour...and to be frank it's not upto my it have turned out to be something which i hadn't expected..!! So if you didn't liked it at first place...I won't feel bad..!! I am so sorry Aruna di and Ankita di...may be i hadn't kept the same level of this OS...which u both had expected from me...!! Cry

"Papa Loves Ruhi...But Ruhi Loves Ishima..."

Next morning everyone was busy in their daily chorus whereas Raman and Ruhi were having their breakfast. Throughout the morning Raman was not leaving Ruhi even for a minute.  He knew that something was still bothering her. He assumed it to be the sudden change of events...But he was still to be known to the reality...

He was deeply engrossed in his thoughts thinking hard about last few days when suddenly his phone buzzed bringing him back. He got up and instructs Ruhi to finish her breakfast and made his way towards his room. Once entering in his room he closed the door and received the call.

"Hello...Kaam ho gaya na...I want her behind the bars again as soon as possible...Do you get that..!." Raman uttered on the phone in one breath.

"Bhai...Wo actually...aapko yehi batana Ishita ji ko permanent bail mill gayi hai...Aur unn par se saare charges bhi hatt gaye hai..." Pathak, his lawyer, replied from other side.

His anger rose up hearing about Ishita's freedom and he shouted "What the hell Pathak...yeh sab kaise huya...maine pehle bhi tujhe kaha tha...Uss Ishita Iyer ko bail kisi halat mein nahi milni chahiye ...Usne meri beti ko mujhse ek saal tak alag rakha hai...I won't spare her at any cost... ... "

"Bhai...meri baat toh suniye wo kisi ne..." Before even he can complete Raman interrupted him and said angrily "...Pathak kuch bhi kar...I want her behind the bars again..."

"Bhai please meri baat suniye... Ab hamare haath mein kuch nahi hai...Ishita Iyer ko innocent prove kar diya hai court ne..."

"Yeh sab kaise huya ...Sirf isliye because she was suffering from some mental trauma...sab bakwaas hai...she is just faking..." Raman said

"nahi bhai...Main abhi bhi police station mein hee hu...Wo mujhe bol rahe hai ki unki family ne proofs submit karwaye hai..aur unko bail mill gayi..."

" Ek kaam dhang se nahi hota tum logo se" With that he disconnected the call and stormed out of his room. He was about to leave house when Toshiji stopped him and asked with concern "Raman..Ki Huya Puttar...Abi toh tu thik tha...phir itna gussa kis baat pe hai...Kiska Phone aaya tha..."

Raman sighed and narrated his conversation with his lawyer. Everyone was shocked when Mr.Bhalla enquired "Lekin Puttar...Iss case mein toh bail nahi milna chahiye...phir kaise Ishita ko chodh sakte hai..."

"Yehi toh mere bhi samajh nahi aa raha hai papa...Bina kisi proof ke usko bail mill hee nahi sakti...par kuch bhi ho...mai Ishita ko itni asaani se nahi jaane dunga..."Raman said while sitting on the sofa and thinking hard about the matter when they heard the sound of their door bell.

Romi got up and opened the door. There was standing a man probably in his mid-thirties and was asking for Raman. Without any second thoughts Romi welcomed him inside and offered him the seat while he asked looking towards Raman "Raman Bhalla..."

"Yes...But you.." Raman asked him but left his sentence in mid to let him complete.

"Umm..Hello...I am ACP Bala Chandran from chennai..." He introduced himself while everyone was confused with his sudden visit.

"Actually..i know mujhe yaha aise nahi aana chahiye tha...But mai aapse Ruhi ke case ke baare mein baat karne aaya tha..." As soon as he completed his sentence Raman stood up and asked Romi to take Ruhi inside.

While going into room Ruhi smiled at Bala while he returned it well. This was not gone unnoticed by Raman. His anger grew but not wanting to worsen the situation he said calmly "Aap Ruhi ko kaise jante hai..." Raman asked again settling himself in front of him.

"...Ek saal pehle Humne kuch gundo ko pakda tha Chennai mein...unhee logo ke pas se hume Ruhi milli thi.." He said with a serious face.

"Chennai mein...Lekin hamari bachhi ko toh Ishita ne..." Toshiji interrupted but before she could complete Bala again said but this time with anger dripping in his voice "Kya aapke paas koi proof hai ki Ishita Iyer ne hee aapki beti ko kidnap kara...Bina proofs ke aap kisi pe bhi ilzaam kaise laga sakte hai.."

"Dekhiye MR.Bala...hamari bachhi unke ghar mein milli hai...itne time se mere hee ghar ke saamne meri bachhi reh rahi thi,...But these people never let us know about it...Mai pichle ek saal se pagalo ki tarah apni bachhi ko dhund raha hu..." Raman stood up and shouted in anger. By the time Mr. and Mrs. Iyer too reached there and were hearing the conversation standing at Bhalla's door.

Bala too stood up and said Please Mr. Bhalla.. Let me complete first...Mai yaha sirf aapki help karne aaya tha,...Jisse aap real kidnappers tak pouch sake...And sabse pehli baat...aap Ishita Iyer ko arrest kaise karwa sakte hai jabki aapke pas koi proofs hee nahi hai unke against..."

"Mere pas proof hai...usne meri beti ko ek saal tak apne paas rakha...Aur she have no legal documents as proof of keeping my daughter with her...And that is more than enough to prove what kind of person she is...She is just a Bloody kidnapper for us...jisne meri beti ko mujhse dhur kara..." Raman uttered

Bala couldn't take this more as he was trying to prove Ishita innocent but they were not listening to him so he blurted out everything in anger and said "Mr. Raman Bhalla...Agar aapko itni hee chinta hai apni beti ki..toh why didn't you tried even for once to find her...aapki beti Chennai mein milli hume...Unn gundo ke pas...They didn't told us anything about it...But we have understood that they have kidnapped her...Aur rahi baat Ishita Iyer ki...Toh she was just acting on my instructions..."

"What do you mean..." Raman asked confusingly while he continued and said "I have asked her to keep Ruhi with her till the time we can found about her whereabouts. Aur ab agar mujh par bhi aapko vishwas nahi hai...So here are the papers related to this case...'

Bala handed him the case papers and said "Yeh hai wo documents jismein clearly mentioned hai ki jab tak Ruhi ke parents nahi milte...till that time Ruhi will live with her and will be entirely Ishita's responsibility."

Everyone was shocked after knowing the reality but still couldn't believe it to be the truth so Mrs. Bhalla said "Yeh kaise ho sakta hai ...aur aap kyu aaye hai unki safaai dene..."

"Kyuki ..mai bhi unki family ka ek part hu...mere hee kehne par wo Ruhi ko rakhne k eliye ready huy the...And as far as I know...aap log bhi Iyer's ko bohot pehle se jante hai...aur phir bhi aap logo ne unn par shak kiya,...And Mr. Raman Bhalla...aapne ek baar bhi kisi par aisa ilzaam lagane se pehle nahi socha...Wo bhi uss insaan par jisne aapki beti ko apni beti ki tarah rakha...Wo chahti toh mana kar sakti thi...aur kisi orphanage mein de sakte the hum usse..."

"Bala..." Mr. Iyer called him while entering the house with his wife and continued "Bala...rehnedo..."

This time Mrs. Iyer spoke up "nahi vishwa...bohot sun liya humne...aur bohot suna liya inn logo ne... inhone ne...meri innocent beti par itta ganda ilzaam lagaya...aap jante kya hai Ishu ke bare mein..."

Mr. Iyer tried his best to stop her but she won't budge and continued "Haan..honge aap log Ruhi ki family...par ab Ruhi hamare family ka bhi ek part hai...beti hai wo meri Ishu ki...Meri Ishu ne Ek sagi maa se bhi jyada pyaar diya hai Ruhi ko...Aaj agar Ruhi aap sabke saamne hai...aur thik hai toh wo meri Ishu ki wajah se...aur aapne ussi par..."

This time Mr. Iyer stopped her and literally dragged her out of the house when Bala said "Dekhiye Mr. Bhalla...mai yaha sirf aapko sach bataane aaya tha...ismein Iyer's ki galti nahi hai...aur aapse request karne aaya Ishita ko Ruhi ki jarurat hai...Ishita ki mental state bigadti ja rahi hai...aur wo sirf Ruhi ko bula rahi least out of humanity ek baar Ruhi ko milne dijiye usse..."

After saying so Bala left from there while Mr.Bhalla was about to call Bala when Raman stopped him and angrily muttered "nahi...Mai nahi manta yeh sab...Meri beti uss aurat se nahi milegi..."

"lekin Raman.." Mrs. Bhalla tried something to say when he stopped her and said "nahi maa...Maine ek baar keh diya na...Ruhi usse nahi milegi..ab iss bare mein Ruhi ke saamne koi baat nahi karega..."

And he left from there angrily towards Ruhi's room. He sat near Ruhi on her bed and made her sit on his lap and hugged her tightly as if she would get separated in another minute. Ruhi too hugged him tightly and after some time she separated a little and saw tears flowing down from his eyes.

She got tensed and asked "papa...aap ro kyu rahe ho..aapko kisi ne data kya..."

He smiled listening to her childish talks and said "Meri Rooh jab tak mere saath hai...kiski himmat jo Papa ko daate..."

"Toh phir aap ro kyu rahe ho..." She asked with concern and wiped his tears with her small hands.

He held both of her hands and kissed them. Then he said "Ruhi...Please Papa ko ek promise aap papa se kabhi dhur nahi jaoge...chahe kuch bhi ho jaye..papa ko akele nahi chodoge na..."

"Mai aapko kabhi chod ke nahi jaaungi...Ruhi Promise..." She smiled showing her teeth and hugged him while he too reciprocated the hug. After sometime both got separated when Raman's eyes caught something. He picked Ruhi's drawing book and said "Rooh...yeh aapne banaya hai...aap toh bohot achhi drawing karne lage ho..."

"Haan papa...mai aur Ishima roz drawing karte the saath mein..." She said while smiling. Raman noticed the spark on her face. He noted whenever Ruhi talks about that lady her eyes twinkled with infinite happiness...

"Aur aapko pta hai Papa...Ishima roz mujhe aapki tarah sone se pehle stories bhi sunati thi...Aur Ishima..." She continued telling about her Ishima where as Raman landed in his own thoughts listening to his daughter's talks...probably which starts with her Ishima...and with her Ishima..

Somewhere he knew that Ishita was innocent...but he is not ready to accept it anyway...He love Ruhi more than his life...and at any cost he will not share her with anyone...neither with that lady who too loved her nor he was ready to accept that. He tried to divert her mind with Ishita's talks and asked "Achha Ruhi...aapki drawing toh bohot hee beautiful hai..ab btao toh aapne banaya kya hai..."

She gave a toothy smile to him to whom he chuckled, while she said "Dekho...Yeh ho aap Papa..." She then again pointed to another sketch near the previous one and said "Yeh hai aapki Ruhi...matlab mai..." She then moved to third sketch and said "Aur Yeh hai.,." She suddenly stopped to which he looked at her in confusion and asked "Kaun hai yeh Ruhi..."

She looked at him and with a little voice she uttered "Ruhi ki Ishimaa..."

Raman became numb hearing her. He didn't expect this answer from her. Probably he has understood one thing...That now he is not alone important in her life...He knew...Ruhi is his life...But now Ruhi's life revolves around her Ishima...

He stood up when Ruhi called him again "Papa..."

Without turning around she said "Papa...maine aapko promise kiya mai kabhi aapse dhur nahi jaungi...Par..Papa I miss Ishima a lot...Kya mai unse ek baar mil sakti hu,..."

Raman closed her eyes as he heard her saying. He didn't wanted to let that Ishita snatch her away from him...he decided to find some other way to handle this situation and to let her understand. He turned around and while kissing Ruhi on her cheeks he said.. "Thik hai Ruhi...Tum apni ishima se milne ja sakti ho...Okay...but sirf thodi der..."

Ruhi nodded and said "Papa...Agar mai Ishima ke pas gayi toh aap mujhe chod ke toh nahi chale jaoge na...pehle ki tarah..."

Raman looked at her with all the love in his eyes. He smiled and said "Ruhi...abhi jaise Rooh ne Papa ko promise wo kabhi unhe chodke nahi jayegi..Waise he Papa bhi promise karte papa apni rooh ko apne se dhur nahi hone denge..." He said and also continued "Achha chalo...aisa karte hai Ruhi ke saath uske papa bhi Ishima ke pas chalenge...Thik hai..."

She got excited and kissed him on both of his cheeks while she ran away to tell her daadi and daadu that she is going to meet her Ishima. Raman sat there still in his thoughts and muttered "Chahe kuch bhi ho...Koi bhi sach mujhse meri Ruhi dhur nahi kar sakta...uski Ishima bhi nahi..."

In evening Raman and Ruhi entered Iyer's house. Everyone was shocked seeing Raman with her but didn't utter a word. They head towards Ishita's room. Raman stood at the door as Ruhi walked to her ishima. She saw her pale face and sat down on the bed which she holds her one land and said "Ishima..."

note- not proof read..!! 

Criticisms are accepted..!! Sorry if it was not on your expectations..!! 

P.s. i actuallt forgot to mention one more thing..!! With this post I have turned into an IF- Dazzler..!! Yippee...!! Party


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Nikki !!! lovely update and don't ever say it was not up to the mark Angry ..
Awww the scene when Ruhi shared with Raman ! So beautiful , you have taken it to a new level.. Emotional and conveyed beautifully n very realistic !!
You know I can go on and on but will limit myself to this LOL LOL ..
Thanks for this one Embarrassed

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