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Invitation to a different writing challenge (Part 22/page 82) (Page 28)

ankita_sidana IF-Dazzler

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Okk...I know this has been long waited. I hope I have not been that late. Really sorry if you had expected it earlier. But trust me this is the one of quick updates I have made. And i seriously hope it is worth the wait. If its not then am really sorry once again.

P.S. There had been a lot of enthusiasm in everyone what will be next. I simply dont know what you have expected but I think this part is dramatic...according to me. Maybe somethimg which none had thought about but I just wanted to add a twist. Hope you like it.

Vikas...thanks for asking me to write here. I know you trusted me a lot for this. Hope its up to your expectations.
If not a big sorry kaan pakadke.

The Tables Turned
"Yaar what is dis? Papa bhi naa. Entertainment vala newspaper padkar kya krunga me?" Raman shook his head irritated. "Excuseme...Can I borrow that business newspaper pls?" He asked the girl standing at the door of flat in front of theirs. Her back was facing him. Yeah sure. She handed the paper turning while he smile and mouthed a thanks. You?? She snatched back her paper. What are you doing here? Same can be my question too what are you doing here?

Wait a minute...this is bhalla uncle's home. Dont tell me you are...her words trailed off as she realised he is Mr n Mrs Bhalla's son Raman about whose return Appa was informing last night. So Maa was praising this girl Ishita for giving her sugar. Oh God why the hell did I drink that tea. Her father was so nice and she...he made a face looking at her from top to bottom. His parents are such a sweetheart but he...urghh. She stomped her foot and turned back to go to her home. But to her good fate or bad luck, while turning, she didnt realize the pot kept in the corridor was in her way. Her balance was lost and she shut her eyes at once. 

Raman was quick to grab her preventing the fall. She lied in the slanting position in his arms with her whole weight on him while he held her tightly with his hands on her waist and back. After few seconds, she opened her eyes realizing she was still in mid air with some protective arms around her. A brief eyelock followed as both got lost in a new world. I am I am sorry...she said composing herself after sometime as she got off his hold. Its okk...he looked anywhere but her. I hope it didnt hurt. There was a concern in his voice. No..she nodded in negative. You can take this paper and return after reading. She wondered what made those words come out of her mouth. Thnkew..he barely muttered. Ok..she said awkwardly..prolonging the time spent with him. Okk..he said as he smiled. A genuine smile for the first time since they met the previous day.

Both started moving towards their flats with a wierd fluttering in their hearts. A blush crept up on her face as she glanced a look backwards at his figure. He ran his hand through his hair and shook his head clearing the unnecessary thoughts from his mind. As she approached the door, Ruhi called her loudly. Ishima...Ishima pls come soon. See what have I made. Our drwaing. The voice brought Raman's steps to a halt and he turned back. Ishita too turned realizing it. My daughter...she said smiling on seeing his anxious expressions. Ohh...he smiled...her voice is lovely. He couldnt help but say. Ishita nodded..she is a lovely girl. Ishima...are you coming? Ruhi called again only for both to chukle. Gotta go...Ishita said. Raman just nodded and headed back to his home. The child surely had a wonderful voice. Just like Ruhi...Ruhi...the word stuck him. was Ruhi's. cant be hallicunation. He can recognize her voice. Its Ruhi only.

He turned and ran towards the door of opposite flat. Before Ishita could reach Ruhi's room, he flung open the door only to find his daughter sitting on the floor. She was busy with her painting colours as her full concentration was on drawing sheet and she never realized that her papa, the person she had loved the most stood there.

Raman cleared his eyes using both his hands vigorously to have a clear view of his daughter sitting there. Yess...he wanted..he wanted some time to digest the fact that his princess, whom he had been searching for past 1 year is finally now in front of his eyes. With slow steps, he started moving towards her as the flashbacks of the wonderful memories came to his mind. Ruhi's birth, her calling him papa first time, the games they played, every moment they shared. Tears ceased to leave his eyes while his jaw hurt due to continuos smiling. Ruhi...he spoke as he reached close to her and kept his trembling hand on her head fearing it was not a dream which could break any moment.

Ruhi heard a familiar voice calling her. Her heart skipped a beat at the thought of who it could be. She raised her head to see her worst fears and best wishes come true. Papa...she hardly muttered. Ishita had ran behind Raman calling him as she saw him sprang into her room. She didnt miss the look in his eyes on seeing her daughter. Her heart didnt want to beleive what her mind was telling her. The word Ruhi from his mouth and a silent tear escaped her eyes. And the last straw of her hopeless hope broke when Ruhi uttered the word PAPA. Her eyes widened with terror and a stream of tears made their way through them.

A smile crept up on Raman's face as he listened the word papa from her after a gap of one long year. In a second, she was in the most secured arms of the world, her father. He started showering kisses on his angel here and there holding her tightly. She too wrapped her arms lovingly around her father. Tears started flowing through his eyes but that smile never left his face. The feel of his princess in his arms was something he had longed for hell long now. 

Ruhi..beta are you alright? He just moved her face a bit apart so as to see her. She was still in his tight wrap. Hmm..she said wiping the tears off her father's face with her tiny little hands nodding her head gesturing him not to cry. Ishita realized this action was reserved for her or maybe it was for him and she was just a substitute.. she thought. Raman smiled and cleared his face. His daughter never changed. She still cant bear a single tear in his eyes. Papa missed you beta. He said nuzzling his nose on her upper bossom as he used to do to cheer her up whenever she was sad. I missed you too papa. She had promised her Ishima that she wont leave her but there was something in her heart that made her say those words before she could think anything. Ishita felt the world stopped for her hearing Ruhi say those words. The tears ceased and all I she could feel around her was emptiness.

Dont worry now papa will not let you go anywhere. Assuring his daughter, Raman made his way towards the door of the room holding her even more tightly if possible. Ishita was too dumb to react. He passed by her paving his path by almost pushing her aside and left not before giving an angry glare to her. Mr and Mrs Iyyer tried to call him but without paying any heed, he was out to his flat in fraction of seconds. Ishita fell to the ground in sitting position not knowing if it was due to the push or weakness of her knees. She got rooted to the spot and started looking at the four walls of her empty room.


Ishita...Ishita...get up. Crying Mrs. Iyyer tried to jerk her daughter who was not reacting to her calls or touches. Vishwa...its been five hours since Raman has taken Ruhi and Ishita is in same position. She is not budging. I cant see my daughter like this Vishwa. Please do something. Pls bring Ruhi back. Madhu..what can I do...asked a helpless father. I went to that house to have a talk but that Romi shut the door on my face and are not ready to open it. God knows what is going on in their mind. They are not listening to us. Even Omi is not picking up my calls. But Vishwa, Ishu...Ruhi?? What will we do now. Ishu cant live without Ruhi. We need to talk to them. Madhavi tried to explain while Mr. Iyyer nodded. Ishu..Ishu get up beta. We will get Ruhi back. No one will snatch her from you. He patted her shoulder. All Ishita could mutter was the word Ruhi as her parents looked helpless at such state of their daughter. They had never seen her like this. Not even when she was diagnosed infertile was she in such a trauma as she was now.

Is this the house of Mr. Vishwanathan Iyyer? The voice from living area made the couple shift their gaze there while Ishita never reacted. Inspector? They came outside shocked. can we help you? Asked a worried and confused Mr. Iyyer. We are here to take Miss Ishita Iyyer with us. We have her arrest warrant. Aiyo Vishwa...Madhavi looked at her husband horrified. Mr. Iyyer calmed her. But on what grounds? The business tycoon Raman Kumar Bhalla had complained against her. She had kidnapped his daughter one year back. We have direct calls from Comissioner. She wont be spared now. Policeman informed with a smirk to shattered parents. She has not kidnapped anyone. My daughter is innocent. I wont let you take her. Mrs. Iyyer shouted and stopped them at the door. Please get aside mam. Or we will have to take you along. You cant stop us. Mr. Iyyer made her get aside and with a heavy heart they gave them the entry to their daughter's room. Mam we are here to take you. Get up. Ishita sat still as if her eyes and ears were not functioning. With the help of a lady constable, they picked her up and dragged her to the police jeep followed by her parents who were continuosly crying that she is innocent. Ishita didnt react as if not in her senses. All anyone could hear her say was one word Ruhi. As they made her sit in the jeep ignoring the pleas of Mr. and Mrs. Iyyer, Raman saw the scene from his balcony. As the jeep drew away, the couple looked upward only to find Raman standing there, his arms across his chest and a smirk on his face.

Ishita was dragged inside the police station and pushed into the cell. She fell to the ground and got rooted to the spot mouthing Ruhi. 

-She looks so innocent and see..kidnapping a girl. 
-Who can expect this. 
-Raman Bhalla will not leave this girl now.
-Messed with the wrong man.
The voices of people reached her ears but she could never decipher them in her brain as her tounge stuck at Ruhi.

Yeh le...have it. The policeman almost threw the plate at floor. Ruhi...she muttered. Yahaan koi Ruhi nhi hai. Yeh khale. Saying so he left locking the cell behind him. But she never did.

The old parents tried their level best whatever was in their reach to get their daughter out but no one budged as it was Raman Kumar Bhalla on other side. Two days passed by and Ishita didnt shift a bit. They tried to take her statement but she never spoke. Her parents tried their level best to have a talk but all they could hear was Ruhi. The doors to Bhalla house were close for them and they didnt even have a hint of how Ruhi was in that house.

Oh gir gyi. The constable ran to her cell. Kuch khati peeti nhi 2 din se bhukhi hai. Chakkar khake gir gyi hogi. They tried to shake her but she was unconcious and her nose started bleeding. Oye Ambulance bulao. The inspector almost shouted.

She is in state of mental trauma. Lots of Stress. Her condition is getting critical as she is not responding to our treatment. What the hell was need to take her to the hospital? Doctor could have come there. Raman shouted on phone. Sir...she is really not well. Natak hai sab uska. Kuch khana peena nhi bimar hona hai. I tell you I want that Ishita Iyyer inside the jail as soon as possible. He cut the phone and turned back only to find Ruhi at the threshold of the room. The kid had tears in her eyes. Ruhi...he walked to her but she had already ran to her room crying. Ruhi...Raman ran behind her calling her. She rushed to her bed and lied down on her belly grabbing the pillow crying out loudly. Ruhi...Raman came and sat beside her stroking her back and hair.

On the other side, doctor informed Ishita's parents. She is not budging. It seems as if she only wants Ruhi, the name she is muttering in her non conscious state also. If you can please bring Ruhi over here, I think it can help us do something. What will we do now. Said a devastated Mr. Iyyer throwing himself on the chair behind. Bring Ruhi here. Said his wife. Madhu...what are you going to do? He was confused. Dont know...will do anything. Fight with them or plead to them but will bring Ruhi here at any cost. I will beg for my daughter's life. Mrs. Iyyer wiped the tears off her face and moved forward with a determination.

Off to Aruna Di now. It depends on you now di how you take it. Raman Ruhi convo is crucial now. Will like to know how and what you show Raman and family in front of Ruhi..I know you will do some amazing job. 
And yess...thanks to zami for this wonderful idea. Loved writing it. We can continue it in future also.

Waiting for your reviews.

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Nice one buddy.
Ishita's state was explained very nicely.
Even I imagined same.

sorry to remind.But you forget the point.Ruhi won't take food without Ishita.
Now waiting for next part.
Don't know what will happen next.

But Ishita's turmoil was clearly taken.
She is in life and death situation now and no one except Ruhi can save her and Ruhi can't be reached

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sulochana90 IF-Dazzler

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awesome update...
ishita is in serious pain
how can raman straight away do that? he should have atleast tried to now
now whats gonna happen
wont ruhi miss her i the same way when she realizes that her ishima iant with her?
eagerly waiting for the next update

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shravani_2311 IF-Rockerz

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ankita rula diya yar tu ne...
heart touching updte...
felt every pain of ishu...
happy fr raman nd ruhi bt fr ishu yar cant ahv right wrds hw i felt seeing sihu...
great updte...

waitng fr nxt...

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Read all the updates in a go..beautifully written by u people..story is very InterestingBig smileClap

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AllezJustine Senior Member

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Good update dear, but very sad you made me cry. Loved Raman and Ruhi's reunion.  But Ishita's pain was heart aching and very emotional.
Where the hell is that stupid Bala this was all his falt he needs to fix this.

Good job yaar

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sakshi.ekansh IF-Sizzlerz

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Ankita you brought tears to my eyes buddy. Ishita's state is expressed wonderfully and Raman's happiness was pretty evident with the words.

Ruhi... Think about her for once... She is the one who is in most of the dilemma. She is the one who has to make a choice when she can't and that too at such an tender age...

Let's see how our story continues.

Great job...

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usaonly IF-Stunnerz

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Wonderful update Ankita very emotional one the way you write can feel Ishu state of mine going through trauma.Suddenly turn of meeting for Raman and Ruhi made situation worst for Ishu her fear of loosing Ruhi come dead infront of her.Wondering in the past when they got Ruhi they must find the case of lost child and they adopt her cause Bala is the police so he must done all this formality for Ishu right. Hope Ruhi will clear Raman and Bhalla family that Ishu not Kidnaps her and bring her to hospital to save her Ishima.I trust Aru she will bring it on to higher level of this story.All of the writers here are wonderful writer . I really appreciate your talents and affords you put in this story. Thank you once again dear.ClapClapClap

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