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Invitation to a different writing challenge (Part 22/page 82) (Page 2)


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part 1.     IT WAS DESTINED

Scene starts with Ishita watching TV and she bear an silent expression not bothered about any thing and neither in terested in surrounding.It has been her situation since  three months .Her engagement was broken with the person whome she thought to be her life and shared 12 years or friend ship that is what they called.She was called barren and called many more just because her medical report said she can't conceive.

Every passing day became a hell for her every day she strived for a reason to survive and love from her people.Her parents tried all that is there in her hands but she lost her world she lost herself  in the battle.She don't know why she is living.She is a successful dentist  till her engagement broke up .Now knowing this everyone sympathized her but it is not what she wanted she wanted love.Which is what she lack .

She could hear her mobile ringing.She don't have any interest in taking that call but she know it might be emergency so she took it.

It is from her bala jeeju brother of man she should have been engaged if not for medical report.

Ishita "Jeeju boliyeh?"[Jeeju speak?]

Bala "Ishu urgent tumsey kuch kaam hain.Tum station aa sakthe hon?"[Ishu urgent work with you.Can you come to station?]

Ishita "Itney raath ko ?"[This late night?]

Bala "Han.Kuch urgent hain."[yes.Little emergency]

Ishita "Main aa rahen hun."[I am comming]

She not knowing what would be need of  a dentist in a police station leaves to station telling her mother.Her mother din't object for it either she knew Ishu needs distraction from being alone.

She reached police station and her jeeju was boss there  ACP of that locali.

Ishita "Jeeju aapney mujhey yahan kyon bulaaya?"[Why did you call me here?]

Bala was playing with a kid  hardly three years but thing puzzling was what is a kid doing in station at that odd time.

Bala "Thanks Ishu aaney key liyen.Mujhey help chahiyen." Pointing at the kid.[Thanks for coming.I need help]

Bala "Ishu humney kuch goondon ko pakada hain.But humey unkey pass yeh bachee miley hain."passing kids hand to Ishita's.[We arrested few goons.We found this kid with them]

Bala "Who log kehrahen hain kee yeh bachee unko miley hain aur isskey baarey mey kuch nahen patha."[They are saying they found this kid and knew nothing about her]

Ishita understood what is coming to her now.

Bala "Iss bachee ko main Akeley nahen chod saktha and ghar mey lekey jaonga tho meri maa mujhey maardegee.Please tum ussey apney saath ley jaa sakthee hon.You know  orphanage par fire accident huan hain so wahan bhej nahen saktha."[I can't leave this kid alone.If I take her to my home my mother will kill me.Then evene orphanage was dusted in fire accident.So please take her along with you]

Ishita  knew her jeeju can could have asked any one for help in his staff but he purposely choose her to distract her from her sorrows.She wanted to reject but she could'nt as she felt the tiny fingers of the kid in her hands.

Bala "Bass hum iss case solve karney thak.Please "[Till we solve the case]

Ishita "I will jeeju."

Bala "Then I will drop in your home."

Ishitatakes the kid in her arms.She could feel the warmth of kid to her body.She is just three years old and can hardly speak and definitely wont remember much about her parents.

Bala dropped them in house and leaves from there after explaining situation for Amma and Appa and they gladly accepted it as it will help Ishu atleast for few days.

Ishita made the kid to bath and changed her dress to newly brought ones.

Then  tried to speak to her.

Ishita "Beta tumhaara naam kyaa hain."Ishita spoke as slowly as possible and softly making her sit in her lap.Kid was no more crying in Ishita's presence which she could'nt stop in police station.[what us your name.]

Baby "Ruhi."

Ishita "Ruhi tumharey papa ka naam kya hain?"[Ruhi what is your fathers name]

Ruhi "Papa."

Ishita  just smiles at cuteness of girl.

Ishita "Tumhaarey mama ka naam?"

Ruhi "Mamma ."

Ishita smashing her own head realizing how a three year kid can know that many details.

Ishita "Tum kahan rehthee hon ."[Where do you live]

Ruhi don't know what to answer and Ishita stopped her question seeing her silent .Thens he made Ruhi sleep with her .Ruhi felt lot comfort near her and Ishita felt a new feeling arouse inside her with Ruhi beside her.


Raman was speaking in phone and was angry.

Raman "Ruhi key baarey mey kuch patha chala."[Did you got any info on Ruhi]

Person on other side.

"Bhai hum koshish kar rahen hain.Humney Ashok aur Shagun ko arrest kar liyan hain.But baath unsey aagey bahd chukee hain."[Bhai we are trying.We arrested Shagun and Ashok.But matter was no more over them]

Raman "Isska kyaa mathlab?Tum samajh nahen rahen hon sirf teen saal kee bachee hain teen saal."[What do you mean?You don't understand she is just three years old just three]

Raman "Ussko apna pariwaar key jaroori hain.She needs her family and who ek huftey pehley kidnap huin hain aur tum log kuch patha nahen kar payen hon.Neil  I will not leave any one if I din't get my kid.Main kissi ko nahen chodoonga."[She needs her family.She was kidnapped a week ago and you din't find anything about her.I will not leave any one of you if anything happens to her]

Neil "Bhai main poora koshish kar rahana hun.Shagun ney Ruhi kidnap honey ka dram jaroor kiyya hain aapsey paisey leney.But jabh thak hum uss goondon thak pahunchey who log bhag gayen  hain.Hum fir bhee koshish kar rahen hain."[We are trying our best.We tried to reach goons but they escaped before we reach]

Raman "You don't understand .Ruhi meri zindage hain.Shagun key dhokey key baad main usskey sahaarey jee rahan hun.Ussko kuch ho gayan tho main zindaa nahen rahoonga."[Ruhi is my life.I am just living for her.If any thing happens to her I can't live]

Neil "Bhai I know.Main issliyen personally yeh case ley rahan hun."[I know that is why I am taking case personally]

Then he cuts the call.Raman was completely broken and crying Ruhi is the only reason for his survival.

Raman Kumar Bhalla chairman of PSR Enterprise most successful business man in India.He led a happy life until he realized his wife is cheating him and she wanted nothing but his money.She tried all possible ways to have rights on property  but she failed in all ways.She got separated from Raman won Ruhi's case legally and then she made a kidnap drama and acted as if Ruhi is kidnapped to get money from Raman but it failed to with Ruhi gone  missing.

It has been a week since his daughter is missing she is her world and he tried all ways to find her.

Simmi  "Bhai kuch patah chala."[Any info?]

Raman's silence told her everything .

Romi "Bhain hum paper ya TV mey news detehy hain.Kuch information miljaaye."[Why can't we give ads on paper.We may get info]

Raman "Ruhi ki jaan ko risk ho sakthee hain.Mujhey bahuth dusgman hain unko Ruhi key baarey mey patha chaley tho .Who log Ruhi ko kcu kar saktey hain.Then I can't bear the thought.[It would keep Ruhi in risk.All my enemies will try to get her to get over me.It would be risky for Ruhi.]

He don't have any idea that her daughter is 3000km aways from him.He tried all possible ways to find her but she is not in same state and out of radar.

Then Bala also made minimal efforts to reunite Ruhi with her parents he acted selfish for her friend .

Ruhi from that day on stayed with Ishita it has been an year since it happened and Ruhi became integral part of Ishita .Ruhi is god given daughter for Ishita and Ishita is Ruhi's mother for Ruhi.

Ruhi learnt everything from Ishita.She was three year kid who could hardly speak when she met Ishita and now four year girl who speaks just like her god given mother.

Ruhi can hardly remember about her parents except for her fathers face .

Then on other side it was completely different scenario.Raman tried all ways to find Ruhi but because of Bala's partiality he never was able to know about his daughter.But he lived with only one dream to reunite with his daughter.

Then it starts again in channai.

Amma "Ishu tum ready hon car aagayen hogee.Hum abh nahen nikalengey tho plane miss hojayega."[Ishu are you ready car would have came.If we become any late we will miss the flight]

Ishita "Amma main ready hun bass meri Ruhi abhr thak satisfied nahen hain.Who tho mujshey abh thak dass sadiyan badal waaye hain."[I am set.But Ruhi is not satisfied.She made me change ten sarees by now]

Ruhi "Nahen .Mainey bola naa pink waala pehanna.Aapko pehanna padega."[I told you pink but you din't wear it.Wear it]

Ishita "Mera pass pink saree nahen hain."[I don't have pink]

Ruhi "THo blue."[Then blue]

Ishita "Already reject kar diyan hain tumney."[You already rejected it]

Ruhi then going on herself sets  as green plane saree for Ishita.This finally made her satisfied.

Appa "Ishu taxi aa gayen hain.Chalon."[Ishu taxi came .Lets leave]

Bala comes there to meet them.

Bala "Appa sabh set hain.Aapney sab kuch rakhiliyan naa."[Is everything set.Did you keep everything]

Appa "Han beta sab set hain."[Yub everything is set]

Bala "Theek hain Mihika bhee aajayege usskey exmas key baad."[Mihika will come after exams]

Appa "Theek hain."[ok]

Bala "Aap delhi jaaney key baad phona karnaa.Mera friend ney aapkey liyen gahr arrange kar diyan hain.Main teen din mey sabh formalities khatam kardoonga."[Call me after you reach delhi.My friend arranged for your house.I will finish formalities in three days]

They finally leave in Taxi as Appa got his lab transferred there and so he is shifting there for his job.It would be his last two years of service in study for cancer.

While Bhalla's shifted to Delhi ages back after they lost their daughter  in Srinagar.Raman was still there in Srinagar with hope his daughter will be found.

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I know I am not that a great writer but I made my effort for it.I hope you guys like it.
This game is awesom.It would really be challenging to continue what others left .With each new style comming to play eveyr part.
I just wish there is one more thread same way.I want to continue one story.
I started on base that Raman not any angey young man who hated her daughter but longed to be with his daughter.

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gr8 strt vikas...
i want to see hw stry turns wen other writers do it...

im at 3...

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That was Awsome Vikas, very interesting want to see how this plays out with other writers.
Please remember the story must run smoothly and coherently. 

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Originally posted by AllezJustine

That was Awsome Vikas, very interesting want to see how this plays out with other writers.
Please remember the story must run smoothly and coherently. 
darling first edit the title as first part posted.
Thanks for liking.
Actually planned a little more .But then I thought let other writer continue.
Now it depends on other whether he will show directly or give some ishita ruhi scenes and show few close encounters before they meet

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An awesome start to a stry vikas... 

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Great Idea

Edited by Rishmania - 26 December 2014 at 9:04am

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OK this is a new idea, something different. want to see what happens with so many different writers. I don't write but I will try to comment
First part was interesting totaly different than the begebibg of the real story. Good job with the twist

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