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Sadda Haq Season 2

Trust is everything!!! my first ts peep in!!! (Page 3)

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 7:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by newmoon18

It was nyc yr
I so luved it

Cnt wait for next
Update soon

Pm me

Keep smiling

Thanks a lot will sure pm u and will continue ASAP!!!!

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 7:56am | IP Logged update next part asap...

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continue soon...

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Wow manal its awesome your are such a good writter I suggest start a ff soon you are dam good I love ji tum zyaada detail mein nahi gayi short mein rajveer and maya convo dikhaya its a sign of brilliant writter I am totally impressed update asap waiting eagerely to read finally vardhan sir sab thik kar denge thanks for pm keeep smiling dear
Love yukta Smile

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Originally posted by ishamohan998 update next part asap...

Thanks will upadate soon:)
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Posted: 27 December 2014 at 2:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by angelicdeepti

continue soon...

Thank u will continue soon:)
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Originally posted by sandhirparsh

Wow manal its awesome your are such a good writter I suggest start a ff soon you are dam good I love ji tum zyaada detail mein nahi gayi short mein rajveer and maya convo dikhaya its a sign of brilliant writter I am totally impressed update asap waiting eagerely to read finally vardhan sir sab thik kar denge thanks for pm keeep smiling dear
Love yukta Smile

Thanks a lot and I have almost finished the last part of my ts and will update soon and in that part I have written it a bit long. And thanks a lot for appreciating my work so much am really glad that everyone are lkeing my work not sure for everyone but many of u are liking my work.
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hey guys!!! am back with the last part of my ts thank u all to read my ts and appreciate my work and bare with me love u all:)

Recap:vardhan sir calls the dream team next...

The dream team gathers there and...

Jiggy: Sir thank god u came otherwise what would have happend I know sir know u have come so u might remove some solution for randhir and sanyu.

Vardhan sir: stop this nonsense and come on the point and tell me each and everything what all happened after I left.

Parth: sir if u wanna know everything then one person is missing from whom u can get the most information.

Vardhan sir: then for whom are u waiting for call that person know right know.

Parth: OK sir just a sec.

(and parth calls that person and tells her to join them immediately)

And then after few min that person enters and that person is none other that our very own PRIYALI!!!!!

Vardhan sir: parth will u care to explain what a junior is doing here?

Parth: sir she is only the main person who can give u the most of the information u need.

Vardhan sir: what!!! but how plz tell fast we don't have much time!!!

Parth: sir after u left FITE the admin office told sanyukta to empty her hostel room inspite of u telling them to give her a week extension still they told that it is their head's order and she will have to empty her room. By evening she with the help of randhir were finding a P.G for her and at last the next day she got a P.G to stay. And next what happened priyali will tell.

Priyali: as she was staying in a P.G she needed money to survive so she had joined a coaching class. But she faced many challenge's like none of the student listening to her and making fun of her not attending her class and what not. But her worst experience of working started when rajvir entered. He made her life hell he used to tease her threaten her and also try insult her,but she was very stuborn she din't give up and continued with her work slowly slowly everyone started respecting her and she had also challenged the head of the classes that rajvir is not only capable of the 1st rank others can also get but only if u don't do partiality and treat them equally so the head told her to prove herself so she challenged him that I will beat rajvir in the exam and score better then him. And between this time of period also when she used to teach me he used to trouble us sometimes by troblng me and sometimes by spoiling my work and increasing them and once toh he had reached her P.G also to trouble us that toh randhir was there with us that's why we were safe otherwise... 
after that exams day came and I performed very well but I din't beat him in his score as his score was 2nd rank and mine was 6th rank. But still we worn and the head gave sanyu her check. And he also requested her to continue teaching there at his classes but sanyu refused as she had to come back to achieve her dreams. 

Sanyu came out of there but that rajvir dint still leave her life he too took admission in FITE unknown the fact that sanyu was also studying there and on the very first day they both came face to face and rajvir  on the spot decided to make sanyu's life hell and from that day on he kept on spreading rumors that sanyu and randhir are bullying the students and he made his target Monish and started brain washing his mind and he was successful in doing that and at last Monish left the college and also a letter behind him that says that cuz of sanyu he is leaving the college.

So this was it now u know the whole truth and u must have seen rajvir if not than u must have seen the guy who was smiling or I must say smirking his best seeing randhir sanyu being arrested!!!!

Vardhan sir: what the hell!!! so much happened behind my back and I don't even came to know!!!!

Parth: but sir now what shall we do?

Yoyo: ha ji sir ji jaldi se kuch kijiye na hume bilkul achaa nahi lagra hai ji mere doon khas dost jail mai hai voh bhi us gunnah ke liye jo unhone kiya bhi nahi!!!

Vardhan sir: OK OK wait,u guys leave as soon as I get some idea or plan I will  call u all as I will need everyone's help in it...

Everyone: OK sir (and every one left)

Vardhan sir: interesting very intresting!!!!

In Jail...

Randhir and sanyu were kept in the same cell but the cell was a partition one that means there were rods in between those two cells.

Randhir was moving around the cell from one corner to the other cursing that bloody rajvir!!!!

On the other hand sanyu was just sitting there and sobbing silently randhir for once noticed that and rushed towards her and as she was sitting near the partition rod randhir grabs her hand and says...

Randhir: sanyu plz don't cry u know na seeing u crying I also can't control my tears plz don't cry and he cups her face and tells her to look straight into his eyes she obeys him like an obedient 5 yrs old child.

He told her that she nid not to worry abt anything and just trust Vardhan Sir and our team they will definitely plan something for us!!!!

And while saying those words which were soothing her he joined his forehead with hers and sobbed a bit with her cuz he can't see his lady love in pain... 

After that sanyu took his hand in her and squeezed it abit and asked..

Sanyu: why are u crying? 

Randhir:cuz I can't see u crying now plz stop crying I can't see u like this.

sanyu was touched with his words and she told him to keep his face on the rod he did as she said and she immediately gave him a kiss on his checks first he was startled then he said...

 Randhir: yeh kis liye?

 Sanyu: mujhe itna pyar karne ke liye I LOVE YOU Randhir.

randhir was just admiring her angelic face when she was talking and confessing her love and then randhir to lighten the mood said...

Randhir: kisne kaha mai tumse pyar karta hu voh toh tum mujhpe Marti thi and tumne khud aake propose kiya toh usme mai kya kar sakta tumhari reputation ke liye ha kaha mene bas 

 (while saying all this he was trying hard to control his laughter) 

 Sanyu: achaa bachu tum mujhse pyar nahi karte? huh!!! fir yeh bolo mujhe kiss kyun kiya? 

randhir thought to be naughty as their cell was in the most corner of the police station and no1 used to come over there so randhir told...

 Randhir: voh toh mai abhi bhi kar sakta hu karu kya? 

Sanyu: not possible...

Randhir: nothing is impossible for Randhir Singh Shekhawat.

Sanyu: then prove it!!!

Randhir: challenge huh!!!!

Sanyu: yup sort of...

Randhir: OK so challenges accepted I love challenges baby... but more than challenges I love u sanyu...

Sanyu: love u too MCP but challenge isn't over yet!!!!

Randhir: yeh yeh I know and I don't back out at any cost!!

Sanyu: OK come on go and complete ur task!!!!

And randhir goes to the lock and examines it and he gets an idea he rushes to sanyu and asks her that is she having a clip she says yes and gives him her clip and he with the help of the clip and some tricks which he knew to unlock a lock worked and his cell opened and he slowly without making any noise went to sanyu's cell and unlocked her cell and entered her cell and again locked her cell so know both were in one cell while all this was happening sanyu was just looking at randhir with her mouth open in a perfect 0 he went near her and closed her mouth and went hell close to her and then...

Sanyu: wait w...what was that this how where when u did!!!!
(she was not able to frame her sentence properly)

Randhir: (he kept his fingure on her lips) shhh... not a single word first let me finish my task.

and he went near her and kissed her rozy lips very softly she too responded  they were enjoying each and every sec of it and after few sec they part apart for some oxygen and the sanyu's question session started...

Sanyu: what the!!!! mujhe laga kuch toh kaam hoga Jo tumse nahi hoga but tum toh haad hai yaar!!!

Randhir: mene toh pehle hi kaha that nothing is impossible for RSS tum hi nahi mani anyways achaa toh hua na we both together in a jail yeh experience phir kabhi nahi hoga so enjoy!!!!

Sanyu: but ek bath batao tum kya chor the FITE join karne se pehle?

Randhir: nahi but safety ke liye sikha tha agar kahi phas jau toh kaam aata and dekho aaj kaam aa gayaa na and he winked at her!!!

Sanyu: shut up aur ha abhi tumna aapne pair sidha rakho!!!

Randhir: kyun???

Sanyu: kitne sawal karte ho rakho na!!!!

(and he did as she said and when he did so sanyu kept her head on his lap he kissed her forehead she too gave him a peak on his lips and after few min she slept)

In FITE...

Vardhan sir thought a brilliant plan and calls the dream team and priyali along!!!!

Vardhan sir: OK guys I have got an idea!!!

And he tells the plan (u all will come to know in the end)

Parth: wow sir what an plan it was superb!!!!

Yoyo: waah sir ji aap toh chaah gaye ji kya plan hai waah!!!!

Sahil: but sir voh layinge kaha se 

Vardhan: mera ek dost police mai hai voh iska bandobas kar sakta hai!!!

toh phir set hai ji aaj shaam ko!!!!

Evening FITE!!!!

at evening all the juniors had gathered on the orders of Vardhan Sir.

Vardhan sir: OK so juniors I have called all of u here to introduce myself as I was not there when u all arrived so let me introduce myself am Vardhan Suryavanshi and let me make it clear I don't like students misbehaving and students who be late in everything especially in my class is that clear everyone?

All said in unision Yes Sir!!!!

Vardhan: OK so know enjoy ur party!!!

And Vardhan sir eyed priyali to do as he had told her to do.

So priyali went to the drinks corner and took two glasses of drink and mixed something in one of the glass. And went to rajvir!!!!

Priyali: Rajvir plz aap ek sec yaha ayenge? 

Rajvir: ohh hoo aaj itni izat kya baat hai?

Priyali: bohot zaruri baat hai mai aapse akele mai karna chati hu plz chaliye na!!!

Rajvir: ohhh challo theek hai challo

Priyali: voh na mujhe aapse kehna tha ki mai aapko bohit pasand karti hu voh din se jabse aapne coaching classes join kiya bas bolne ki himat nahi hui but aaj mai aapse bolti hu ki I LOVE U.

Rajvir: achaa toh prove kar!!!!

Piyali: mujhe laga tha aap nahi manoge is liye mai aapke liye yeh drink laye hu mene khud banaya!!!

(imagine any pulp juice)

Rajvir: achaa toh la manne de mai tujhe teri performance pe test karunga thek hai!!!!

And priyali gives him the drink and stupid rajvir drinks it unknown to the fact that what's going to happen with him after that.

Priyali: aree waah aap ne toh puri gatakli kaisa laga?

Rajvir: aree yeh tog ghanna badhiya se mannee likhe de de mai aapni maa ko bol diyunga maare liye bhi banna degi maari maa he he he!!!

And as their plan all the boys of the dream team were standing at a distance and keeping an eye on rajvir for the safety of Priyali and after he drank that pulp he was not in his senses so the boys came and caught hold of him and secretly took him to the lab where Vardhan sir was already present.

Yoyo: oh ji sir ji jaisa aapne kaha humne waisa hi kiya ab aage aap Jo bolo voh karinge!!!

There in the party!!!

Rajvir's chamcha's (RC).

RC 1: yaar ye rajvir bhai kahi dikhayi nahi dere kaha gaye?

RC 2: aree chod na yaar waise bhi pareshan ho gayaa hu mai unki baat mante-mante. Aaj party enjoy karte  hai.

RC 1: ha bhai tu shai keh raha hai Jo hoga kal dekh linge abhi party enjoy karte hai challo!!!!

And those chamcha's unknowing the fact where was rajvir were enjoying in the absence of him.

In the Lab...

Vardhan sir: OK so isse yaha rakhe band do aur sab hat jao yaha se!!!

everyone did as Vardhan told them to do...

(Vardhan had given him something which will force him to tell the truth that something u all will come to know in the end)

Vardhan sir: OK rajvir ab yeh batao kya randhir aur sanyukta ne juniors ki ragging ki?

Rajvir: nahi unhone toh juniors ko hath tak nahi lagaya sivaye mere kyunki mene randhir ke samne sanyukta ko galat kaha issi liye usne mujh par hath uthaya and mene iska faida uthaya and sab ko yeh bola ki randhir meri ranging karra tha...

and rajvir told everything what ever he did with the juniors.And Vardhan recorded everything...

Next morning...

In The Lab!!!!

Vardhan sir: so mai abhi police station jatta hu aur unko leke aata hu!!!

Parth: sir hum bhi chalinge aap ke sath!!!!

Vardhan sir: nahi mai jake aata hu tum log yaha rukho aur welcome ki tayari karro!!!

All agreed and went from there to do the prepations...

In the Police station!!!

Vardhan sir: Good morning inspector aaj mai aapne students ko lene aaya hu plz unhe bulaye!!!

Inspector: dekhiye mene aapko pehle bhi kaha tha abhi bhi keh raha hu aap inhe yaha se nahi leke jaa sakte aap plz jayeye!!!

Vardhan Sir: pehle aap yeh suniye phir boliye mujhe jane...

And he showed the recording to the inspector and the inspector apologized to Vardhan sir and told the constable to  go and bring them but Vardhan sir requested them that he would go and give them a surprise...

Vardhan reached to their cell and saw the two love bird sleeping sanyu on Randhir's lap and randhir's head supporting to the wall Vardhan sir just smiled looking at them!!!

Vardhan sir: constable plz yeh kholiye mujhe andar janna hai!!!

Vardhan sir entered the cell and went near them and slowly moved his hands on randhir and sanyu's head lovingly and shaked them a bit to wake them up and both got up with a jerk and was shocked to see Vardhan sir near them they asked him abt his arrival and how he came inside he told he will tell them everything once they reach FITE both were shocked as well as happy and both asked together 

Randhir and sanyu: sir hamari bail ho gayee?

Vardhan sir: ha ab challo aur abhi koi sawal pucha na toh tum logo ko yahi chod dunga aur inspector ko bolunga ki tumhe yaha hi rakhe for ur rest of ur life!!!!

Randhir and sanyu: nahi nahi sir hum aa rahe hai rukiye!!!!

And they came to the inspector and the inspector apologized to them for arresting them without any investigation.

Sanyu: no problem yeh toh aapka kaam tha.

Randhir: ha par agli baar plz pehle investigation kariye phir pakadiye aapki wajah se hamare future kharab ho jata agar Vardhan sir nahi hote toh pata nahi kya karte aap humara!!!!

Sanyu: randhir unhone mafi maangi na ab baas aur challo!!!!

Ek second inspector aap bhi chaliye hamare sath aapko asli mujrim se milwata hu mai.

And they along with the police enters FITE  all the juniors along with Maya are shocked but the dream team and the fourth year students along with Priyali are very happy to see them.

Vardhan enters the corridor with randhir and sayukta but Maya stops them and says...

Maya: what are u doing Vardhan they are supposed to be in jail right know and u are bringing them back to college would u explain what are u upto?

Vardhan: relax Maya I have proved the inspector that randhir and sanyukta are innocent and I will prove all of u also that to 2day itself 
And Vardhan goes to the cabin and announced that all the student of ME may gather in the saminar hall within 15 min let me make it clear that all the students should be there I want each and every student and especially juniors.

All gathered to the saminar hall exact in 15 min and there enters our one and only Vardhan sir with a smile of victory :)

S1 : wow yaar aaj Vardhan sir smile kar rahe hai kuch toh bohot hi badi baat hai Jo The Khadoos smile kar rahe  hai.

S2: ha yaar yeh Hitler ko mai pehli baar smile karte dekh raha hu.

Vardhan: so I know ki tum sab shocked ho mujhe smile karta hua dekh ke but isme mai kya kar sakta hu aaj mere dono bright students jinpe mai trust karta hu voh innocent sabit ho gaye hai aur unhone yeh bhi sabit kar diya ki yeh trustworthy hai aur mene inpe trust karke koi galti nahi ki.

Rajvir: sir aap kiski baat kar rahe ho?

Vardhan: plz may I know ur name?

Rajvir: mahara naam rajvir hai sir mane entrance exam mai 3rd rank score kiya tha.

Vardhan: mene tumse pucha ki tumne kitne rank score kiye exam mai? nahi na toh phir jitna pucha jaye utna hi jawab dena chahiye so rajvir voh do students jispe mai sabse zyada trust karta hu voh hai randhir aur sanyukta all were shocked to know that the students they were blaming for bullying are the most trusted students of the great Vardhan sir so one of the junior asked...

J: sir how can u trust them they are criminals they have bullied the juniors to an extent.

Vardhan: u r no1 to tell me whom should I trust and whom not.Jiggy plz can u call Monish and give me the phone.

Jiggy: sure sir just a sec (and jiggy dialed his number and gave it to Vardhan)

Vardhan: Monish there?

Monish: who's this? 

Vardhan: am Vardhan suryavanshi from FITE plz don't cut the call I want u too know the truth so be on hold and hear what has happened with u is all drama made by the person now after the recording I will play and i will reveal his name so don't disconnect the call and hear carefully.

Monish: ok!!!!

Vardhan: so everyone present here open ur ears and listen carefully. (and Vardhan plays the recording all are shocked to hear that recording even Maya.)

Vardhan: so know all of u know the truth and know I want to reveal the name of the owner of this voice his name is none other that rajvir who was talking to me fearlessly and shamelessly after doing all this drama. 

As rajvir was standing at the end he tried to escape but randhir caught him. and started beating him black and blue but he was been stopped by the police and the inspector told him to stay away from him as they will take care what to do to him and the police left along with rajvir.

Rajvir was jailed and he was punished for 16 years.15 yrs for ragging and 1 year for blaming others for his own deeds and giving wrong statement to the police.

At Evening!!!

All the dream team gathered along with Priyali to celebrate and yeh don't fortget Vardhan sir he was also along with them parting with his students but suddenly Maya entered and said randhir sanyukta come to my cabin right know all were shocked to see that why was Maya behaving like this but Vardhan knew what was Maya upto and told everyone to relax.

In Maya's cabin.

Maya: I just wanted to apologize to both of u for trusting that junior against u I hope u both accept my apology.

Sanyukta: ma'am we understand don't apologize its okay ma'am.

Randhir: yes ma'am sanyukta is right its okay.

Maya: OK now go and enjoy ur party go.

Sanyukta: ma'am u also come and join us na it will be fun.

Maya: sry but I can't join u guys I have lots of pending work to do u guys enjoy with Vardhan go.

Randhir: ma'am plz ma'am just for the sake of us plz ma'am 

Maya: OK OK come on let's go.

Three of them entered where all were parting. All gave an questioning look to Maya including Vardhan.

Maya: come on guys don't give such looks I am also a human being.

Randhir: yeh guys today Maya ma'am will also join us so come on let's party 

All started hooting for their victory of proving sandhir innocent.

All enjoyed a lot by dancing and playing silly games. At last they got tired and sat down and they dicided to just discuss something on random topic so everyone sat forming a circle then something clicked sanyukta's mind that how come rajvir revealed the truth that to by himself. Sanyukta asked everyone that... 

Sanyu: guys what u all did to reavel the truth that to from rajvir that to by himself how much ever i know rajvir he is not that kind of person who will reavel the truth all by himself so obvio u all must have did this so tell me how u all did this miracle?

Randhir: yeh I also wanted to know so plz tell fast na.

Vardhan sir: OK wait I will start so when u both were arrested I knew something is not right and u both can never trouble anyone without any reason so I called everyone who is present here except Maya to the lab and asked them everything what all happened in the absence of me so parth and Priyali told me everything abt u sanyukta that how u joined a coaching class and all... so after thinking a lot I made a plan and that plan was to make rajvir senseless and make him tell the truth so I first called up my friend who is in polie  and asked him if he would give me the potion which is used for the criminal that potion was a truth potion with that if u drink that u loose ur senses and u can't lie so I told my friend the whole case and he agreed to give me the truth potion and then I told Priyali to act as if she is in love with rajvir first she was abit scared but then she agreed for the sake of u guys and then I kept a party to introduce myself I had told Priyali to mix that potion in some pulp and after that offer it to rajvir and she did the same all the boys were keeping an eye on them as for the safety of Priyali and as he drank the pulp after some time he was out of his senses then the boys came and took rajvir to the lab secretly and then we tied him to a chair and then I asked him some questions and he told the truth and i recorded it and played it in front of the police thankfully his friends dint give a damn to him as to check where he is and left him when he was in need of them. 

So this was the plan,plan was mine but if ur friends wouldn't be there it was not possible to execute this plan. This was just possible because of the trust we had on both of u if we dint trust u we would have not tried to find out what was the truth so always remember never to break anyone's trust because making someone trust us takes ages but to break their trust it doesn't even take a sec.That's the reason everyone says Trust Is Everything so never break anyone's trust.

Sandhir: wow sir thanks alot for trusting us and we promise that we will never break ur trust.

Maya: three cheers for everyone hip hip!!!!

Everyone: hurray!!!!

Maya: hip hip!!!!

Everyone: hurray!!!!

Maya: hip hip!!!!

Everyone: hurray!!!!

Vardhan: okay so know everyone go to ur rooms and sleep and be ready for tomorrow cuz am back and the dream team will start working from tomorrow so be ready!!! good night and good luck everyone!!!

Maya: good night everyone!!!

Everyone: good night sir and ma'am.

After sometime everyone left for their rooms but only two were awake in the whole campus walking hand in hand in the corridor (u all very well know  whom am taking abt yeh u guessed it right our sandhir)

But but they were not alone who were spending some quality time with each other there were one more couple in the campus of FITE but no one knew abt those new love birds except our sandhir as they had a doubt which was clear as they saw them stealing glances at each other and holding hands secretly but they choose to keep it a secret.

And that couples name is none others that our Vardhan sir and Maya ma'am yes they were in an relationship from the past 2 months but din't reavel it anytime.

Sandhir and Varya these were the two best couple of all time of FITE.

And the next day all turned to be normal all who were taunting them and insulted them apologized both of them and days went peacefully and our couples bond also grew more strong  day by day and they lived happily ever after!!!!!

hey guys it has taken a lot of effort and time to write this part and I hope u all enjoyed reading this and plz plz plz when u read at least press the like button and comment I love reading ur comments.

Thanks a lot for bearing with me and reading my ts and those who liked and commented thanks for giving my ts ur presious time for reading love u all :)


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