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Saahil FF: Twist In The Tale *Chapter 2- PG 3* (Page 3)

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Day Dreamingwaiting

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Here is the next chapter...Hope you all will like it! 


As the sun rays pierced through the window, the dark room lit up with glowing sunlight. Someone's beautiful sleep was coming to an end. An annoyed tanveer moved a little in her sleep...well she was not annoyed but her face literally reflected that she was quite frustrated even in her deep sleep! Seems like not a beautiful sleep at all.
Tanveer flickered her eyes a little. She held her head with one hand and muttered- alllahhh...
Just then she tried to get up with one hand as her other hand was bandaged and hung on one side. 
Tanveer winced- ah...ouchh humare haat!
And Suddenly from no were Sunehri woke up from other side of tanveer and shouted excitedly- GOOD MORNING SASUMAAA!
Scaring the hell out of Tanveer as she screamed- Ahhh...kon..k..kon!
Sunehri bursts out laughing seeing Tanveer's horrified face and jumped out from the bed.
Hearing the sound of laughter Tanveer frowned.
Sunehri in between her laughter- OMG...Look at your face! You are looking as if you have seen a ghost...oopps you can't see! You are a blind mutt!
Sunehri started laughing again.
While Tanveer wishpered- Sanam...!
Tanveer immediately shouted in furry as realisation took place that it is Sanam who is sitting beside her- Sanaaam!! Tumm...tumm...Tum humare kamre me kya kar rahi ho? 
Sunehri who was trying to stop laughing said while giggling- Arre sirf kamre mein nahi...mein toh apki bed pe sogayi thi apke pass! 
Sunehri continued giggling. 
Tanveer in astonishment- kya? Humare bed...(gritting teeth) tumahri himat kese hui? Humare kamre mein aneki! Kisne ane diya tumhe !Ek baad yaad rakhlo sanam jada chalak banne ki koshish maat karo ! Humse bura koi nahi hoga ye tum bhi bohot achi tarah se jante ho! Bas ek bar...ek bar ye sare properties humare naam hojaye...phir tum dekhna! Jo khel tum humare saat shuru karne ki koshish rahi ho na woh shuru hone se pehle hi khatam ho jayega!
Tanveer smirked evily. 
Sunehri who by now stopped laughing and was watching Tanveer's face with sly smile- hmmm...khel? Not bad! Tumko...I mean Apko konsa khel khelna he sasuma? Kal wala? Woh jo app mujhepe chakku chalane wale the par ulta app pe chal gya! Ha? 
Sunehri starts giggling while Tanveer's eyes reflected anger!
Sunehri continued as she smirked- kahi esa na ho ki koi bhi khel... shuru hone se pehle woh khel hi palat jaye ! 
Tanveer furiously shouted- chup karo ladki! Aj kal tum kuch jada hi chad gayi ho! Jada bak bak maat karo...tumhara ye bakwas band karne me hume 2 min bhi nahi lagenge! 
Sunehri smirked- abhi keliya 2 min chodo...next 2 din tum iss bistar se nahi utt paoge!
Tanveer becomes confused a bit.
Sunehri continued smirking- kher chodo...subhah ki shuruwad ache bato se hona chahiya! Toh Sasu maa bataiya apke liya breakfast mein kya lau?
Tanveer in low dangerous voice- tum humare kamre mein kis liya aye the?
Sunehri in fake shock- arrre ha...mein toh batana bhul gayi! Actually mein yeha apke dekh bhal karne ayi thi raat ko...woh kya he na apki tabiyat toh wase thik he nahi aur kisi cheez ke liya kisika toh jarurat parti na toh mene socha kiu na mein apki kamre mein ruk jaun! Ha? Chaliya ab jaldi se fresh hojayiya , mein apke liya nashta lekar ati hu!
Sunehri quickly left the room humming some tune leaving a furious Tanveer behind.

Sunehri was walking through the corridor muttering to herself- uff finally uss pagal nawaban ki jail se bach ke agayi! Kitni ajeeb aurat...he! Yesterday she was trying to kill me and now she is threatening me ! Pata nahi age kya karege...bappa kaha phas gayi mein! Jaldi se jaldi apni kam khatam karu aur yeha se niqal paru apne pese lekar!
As she was talking to herself suddenly she bumped into someone. 
Sunehri looked up and saw Lateef looking at her with annoyed face. 
Lateef- uffo sanam! Dekh ke nahi chal sakti kya? Itni kya jaldi he!
Sunehri raised her one eye brow and looked at lateef curiously! 
Lateef with naughty smile continued- Ahil baba ki sapne mein khoyi hui ho? Hmmm?
Sunehri shocked as she angrily glared- What nonsense! Kuch bhi ha!
Sunehri walked away from there...while lateef became totally confused and asked herself- esa kya galat kehdi mene! ? Kher mein toh hui chui mui!
Sunehri went downstairs as she talked to herself angrily- kuch bhi sochte he yeha ki ghar ki log! Full on manhoos he saab! Ufff ab mujhe fresh bhi toh hona he...
Suddenly Sunehri looked around and realised she is at downstairs, she annoyingly put her hand on her head.
Sunehri- Bapppaaa! Jabse iss ghar mein ayi hu sabkuch ulat pulat horaha he! Mein niche kya karne agyai , Sanam ki kamra toh upar he, damn it!
Sunehri started to climb again when she again realised in Sanam's room she will meet Ahil again. 
Sunehri loudly spoke out- hayeee...mein bhi kitni bewakoof hu! Mein ye kese bhul gayi woh ajeeb insan Sanam ki kamre mein hoga...kya naam he? Ha Ahil! No no I should not be going there! Pata nahi konsi dil ki baat bolne ko kahega?! Mein yehi kisi kamre mein fresh hojati hu!
Sunehri quickly departed from there. 

Ahil Raza Ibrahim completely frustrated about something is walking through corridor. 
He then peeped into one room and looked inside as like searching someone. 
Ahil ran his hand through his hair completely frustrated! 
Ahil to himself- Oh gosh! Where the hell is Sanam? Kaha gayi woh...
Ahil started to walk down stairs when suddenly his eyes fell on Sanam who was silently coming out from a guest room.
Aahil's eyes widen- What is Sanam doing here!
Ahil quickly walked downstairs and started approaching towards Sanam who still hadn't seen Ahil and tip toing towards the kitchen. 
Ahil kept his hand on Sanam's shoulder which made Sanam scream loudly as she jerked away the hand and turned around completely scared. 
Ahil trying to comfort-Relax Relax ! Its me!
Sunehri looked at Ahil shocked as she started taking deep breath. 
Ahil continued- Relax!

Sunehri gave a sigh of relief as she said- ah...tumne toh mujhe dara diya tha! God...esa ate he koi? I was completely scared man!
Ahil cackles- Sorry! I didn't think that you will be so much scared! 
Sunehri rolled her eyes as she asked- What are you doing here?
Ahil's expression suddenly changed as he frowned- I think I should ask the same...what are you doing here?
Sunehri looked at Ahil nervously. 
Ahil continued- mene tumhe pura ghar mein dhunda...but I couldn't find you! Aur tum yeha! Ammi ki kamre mein bhi nahi thi tum!
Sunehri stammered as she tried to search an answer- woh...actually...woh...
Ahil - kya woh woh?
Sunehri- err...ha...fresh hone ayi thi mein yeha!
Ahil shocked- fresh? Yeha?
Sunehri blabber- ha...subhah utne ke baad log fresh nahi hote kya! 
Ahil frowns- baat fresh hone ki nahi! Tum yeha kiu ayi fresh hone keliya? Tumhe toh humare kamre mein ana chahiye tha!
Sunehri cursed herself- damn it! Ab iska kya jawab du? 
Ahil confused- Sanam? 
Sunehri replied- ha mein...errr...ha tumhari ammi keliya breakfast ready karna tha! Toh socha yeha se hi fresh hojatihu! Kitchen is also near na! 
Ahil worriedly- oh...
Sunehri thanked her bappa silently. 
Suddenly he realised Sanam was calling him tum which she never addresses him in this way.
Ahil asked shocked- Tum?
Sunehri gave a wierd look at ahil as she looked here and there and asked- kya mein?
Ahil smiled- mere matlab he...you never called me Tum! I mean aj achanak kya hogya! 
Sunehri annoyed- ha toh kya bulau? Tum hi toh bolungi!
Ahil grinned- no no... I mean achanak app se tum?
Sunehri looked at Ahil shocked..
Ahil diverted the topic and said- Anyways! Let's go to our room...
Sunehri startled- Now?
Ahil sheepishly- Yes Now! Come...
Ahil holds Sunehri's hands while Sunehri tried to pull them back.
Ahil looked at Sunehri confused .
Sunehri nervously grinned as she pulled out her hands from Ahil clutch- errrmm...Now? I mean...app...app jayeya! Mein baad mein ati hu!
Ahil with little irritation- Sanam please! Stop doing all these dramas! I know you are doing all these to irritate me...Now come to room! I have to discuss something with you! Aur tumne mujhe abhi bhi apni dil ki baat nahi boli!
Ahil winked at Sunehri who looked at him in horror.
Ahil held Sunehri's hand when she pulled it away forcefully and said hurriedly- Nahiii!
Ahil looked at Sunehri shocked as well as confused. 
Sunehri trying to cover up- I mean...mera matlab he...tum...mera matlab...app jayeya mein ati hu!
Sunehri smiled nervously at Ahil.
Ahil looked at Sunehri worriedly as he held her from both her arms rubbing it slightly from up and down. 
Sunehri started to feel awkward as she tried to shove away Ahil's hands from her arms.
Ahil noticed this and frowned- What happened? 
Sunehri quickly spoke as she removed Ahil's hands from her shoulder- Nothing!
Ahil confused- Are you sure? 
Sunehri grinned- yeah! Every thing is fine!
Ahil smiled and tried to hold her from her shoulders again when Sunehri prevented his hands by holding them. 
Sunehri smiled- app apne kamre mein jayeya, mein abhi ati hu!
Saying this she tried to walk away from there when suddenly Ahil said- Why are you acting as if I am touching you for the first time? 
Sunehri stopped at her tracks and turned around and saw Ahil staring at her thoughtfully.
Sunehri nervously- What? W...When! 
Ahil frowned as he walked towards her- Are you hiding something from me Sanam?
Sunehri stammers- W..hat..What will I hide from you?
Ahil worriedly- No really...you are acting so strange from last night!
Before Sunehri could say anything, Both of them heard a loud scream .
Ahil and Sunehri became shocked hearing the scream and looked upstairs. 
Ahil looked at Sunehri while Sunehri looked at Ahil quickly. 
Ahil confused- Isn't this voice of ammi?
Before Sunehri could react Ahil widen his eyes shocked and ran upstairs. 
While Sunehri decides to follow him but suddenly she halted and smirked to herself- Ek min...iska matlab mera chaal kamyab hua! Sunehri you are genius! 
Sunehri looked upwards and pouts as like kissing in air and winks- Thank You Bappa! 
A room with complete darkness but more then room it looks like warehouse filled with lots of boxes ,tools and old furniture. Just in between all these, a woman is showed who is tied up with a chair.
The woman don't seem to move, most likely unconscious. 
The sunlight penetrates through a small hole in the roof into the darkness and falls on the eyes of the woman.
Sanam flickers her eyelids. She slightly opens her eyes and closes it again.

(Background Music- Tere Galliyan)

Sanam looks like tired and weak...her face shows the trailing of tears...her eyes heavy and dried up!

O.. Yahin doobe din mere
Yahin hote hain savere
Yahin marna aur jeena
Yahin Mandir aur Madeena

Sanam opens her eyes again and tiredly looks upwards and stares for while and then closes again. She remembers the times when Ahil saved her numerous times.

Teri galliyan galliyan teri galliyan
Mujhko bhaave galliyan teri galliyan

Sanam opens her eyes widely and looks at her surroundings. She realises that she has been tied up with chair. She looks around and realises she is not in her home...she is locked up in some dark room. And suddenly she realises there is a cloth tied up in her mouth preventing her from making noise.

Teri galliyan galliyan teri galliyan
Yun hi tadpaave galliyan teri galliyan

Sanam tries to get rid of the rope which has tied her hands at her back with the chair. But its of no use as it is tightly tied up. Tears starts to flow down her cheeks as she continued struggling!

Aa.. aa.. aa..Aa.. aa.. aa..
Aa.. aa.. aa..Aa.. aa.. aa..

Sanam shuts her eyes tight as she cries silently...

Tu meri neendo me sota hai
Tu mere ashqo mein rota hai

Sanam opens her eyes and her tears continued flowing. She remembers the moments with Ahil in plot of dhabba which Ahil gifted her, She remembers Ahil telling her that he doesn't want to end the relationship.

Sargoshi si hai khayalon mein
Tu na ho phir bhi tu hota hai

Sanam tries to move from the chair and she realises she is completely tied up from body to toe...she feels restless and suffocated! She wails in the muffled voice.

Hai sila tu mere dard ka
Mere dil ki duaayein hain..

Sanam remembers Ahil confessing that he loves her in the kohinoor project party and to give him one more chance.

Teri galiyan... galliyan teri, galliyan..
Mujhko bhaavein galiyan, teri galiyan
Teri galiyan galiyaan teri galliyan..
Yuhin tadpaavein, galliyan teri, galliyan..

Sanam closes her eyes as the tears kept flowing. 
Sanam declares to herself in her mind- I Love You Ahil!


Sunehri is pacing in Sahil's room worriedly. 
Suddenly her phone started ringing...
She picked up the call- Hello!
Ahil smiles- Hello Sanam! My begum jaan! 
Sunehri rolls eyes- Yes!
Ahil- Hope you are not busy? 
Sunehri sheepishly- Nope! What happened? 
Ahil grins- I just wanted to inform you that my new business partner and his some clients will be coming home today to finalise a deal ! So I want you to prepare some tasty dishes for them for tonight dinner!
Sunehri shocked- Tasty Dishes? You mean cooking? ME?

P.S I couldnt explain or write clearly the Sanam tied up partOuch...So i prefer you all to imagine the scene of show where Sanam was shown tied up in warehouseLOL i think cvs showed it better.

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ShaitaanKiKhala IF-Stunnerz

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now everything is making me sadCryLOL
Anyway nice<3
Lovenarbhi IF-Sizzlerz

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Amazing... well written. Precap interesting, let us see what sunehri will do...

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JShukla IF-Dazzler

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something wrong with the like buttonDead
Until now its progressing in a manner similar to the serial.
Will Sunehri will order some food from outside for the dinner!
The Sanam tied up scene was really bad and you bet CVs did a good job with it.Angry I can never forget the images of Sanam tortured in that dungeon.
Lets see what mo0re slip ups happen with Sunehri now. Thanks God Aahil goes to office sometimes unlike the one in serial. All that huge mansion needs up keep and for that people need money and for that someone needs to earn.

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great nafs, these are things i was expecting from cv's..the precap looks interesting..will b waiting for ur update..

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